Chapter 2

As Mary slowly lowered her dripping slit toward Ken’s pulsing shaft he reached down to hold his prick steady for her. “I’ll take care of that, Kenny,” Mary said, reaching down to intercept his reach and shifting it to her left breast. “Why don’t you play with my tits? They’re feeling left out right now.”
“Ok,” Ken agreed, lifting his left hand to play with her other tit as he fondled the first one, enjoying the feel of the younger girl’s soft breasts as her nipples popped erect under his manipulations. Somehow he suspected that he’d bit off more than he expected when he agreed to do everything to Mary that Isabella’s brother had done to her in the magazine, but for now he figured he’d just lie back and enjoy the ride until his sister was ready to tell him everything he’d agreed to.
As Ken played with Mary’s wonderful tits his sister continued to lower her tight dripping slit until it touched the tip of his drooling cock. “Now the fun really begins,” Mary said with a grin as she reached down to hold her brother’s seven inch cock steady. With a deep breath the young teen dropped her cunt about an inch to force Ken’s hard shaft between her pussy lips and into her hungry fuck hole.
“Oh God,” Mary groaned as she held her brother’s cock just inside her cunt lips, “I really need this fuck, and your prick feels so good in my pussy.”
“You think it feels good, sis?” Ken moaned, “your cunt can’t feel half as good as my cock right now. The way your fuck hole is massaging my shaft I could cum before I’m all the way in your hole. Maybe you should stop teasing me and really go for it.”
“I’ll think about it,” Mary said as she dropped her hips another half inch and watched her brother’s reaction as a wave of pleasure rolled through her stretched fuck hole.
Ken couldn’t take his eyes off Mary’s slit as it slid slowly down his prick, not even the his sister’s tits shifting and under his fingers was enough to shift his gaze from the mating of his shaft and her hole. Slowly Mary lowered herself toward his hips as Ken’s cock vanished into her belly, one inch, two inches, two and a half inches of excruciating pleasure as Mary’s fuck hole massaged his throbbing penis. His cock head was buried almost three inches into Mary’s cunt when it hit the barrier.
“What the hell?” Ken gasped as he tried to understand what was happening. Before he could say or do anything more Mary lifted herself up about an inch from her brother’s stomach and took a deep breath before she slammed her pussy down with her full weight.
For a second Ken thought the barrier in Mary’s cunt was going to hold against his sister’s best efforts to destroy it, then he felt something give and watched as his shaft disappeared in one stroke as Mary opened her mouth a let out a scream of pain loud enough to rattle the windows.
“Mary, are you alright?” Ken asked, holding his sister steady as her body waved unsteadily above her brother’s naked body.
“I will be,” Mary groaned as she tried to catch her breath. “Do you have any idea how much it hurts when a girl pops her cherry like that?”
“I have an idea now,” Ken said with a brief chuckle that made his sister give him another grin even as she sucked in a gasp of pain. “But how did you still have a cherry to bust after last night?”
“You mean after Mark popped my cherry and fucked me like crazy?” Mary asked with a chuckle as she rested her sore pussy against her brother’s groin.
“Yes,” Ken admitted. “That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out.”
“Obviously you have no idea what kind of a joke Mark is among us girls,” Mary said as she gave her brother a grin.
“I guess not,” Ken admitted as he watched the pain lines slowly ease from his sisters cute face. “I always thought he was a real animal the way he fucks just about every girl he can get his hands on.”
“The truth is that Mark’s a wimp and a liar,” Mary said as she her fuck tunnel started massaging the full length of her brother’s embedded cock. “He’s such a wimp that if a girl flashed her tits he’d turn and run screaming in panic. But he doesn’t want you guys to know how big a wimp he is so he makes up some really hot stories to make everyone think he’s fucking every girl he can catch.”
“So he didn’t fuck you last night?” Ken asked in a daze as he looked down at his groin. As he watched Mary lifted her hips up a fraction of an inch and he could see the red blood from her broken cherry on his exposed cock shaft.
“Why would I let Mark fuck me last night when I already knew I wanted you to pop my cherry big brother,” Mary asked with a exasperated sigh as she pushed her long blonde hair back from her shoulders. “I swear, you’re almost a big a wimp as Mark is.”
“What do you mean I’m a wimp,” Ken asked as he reached up to play with Mary’s upturned tits again.
“Look at it from my perspective, Ken,” Mary said as she rocking her pussy on her brother’s groin, Ken could see that the pain lines were gone from her face and he hoped it wouldn’t be too long before his thirteen year old sister was fucking him like a mad girl. “Every day you rushed home from school to lock yourself in your room and jack off to your magazines - and all the time you had two hot horny sister just waiting for you to get up the nerve to shove your beautiful cock into their tight wet cunts.”
“I guess it is pretty stupid,” Ken admitted, “and wimpy as well. But what do you mean two sisters? You don’t mean Dannie wants to fuck me too, she’s only eleven.”
“Kenny, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was nine,” Mary informed her brother. “And if I knew what fucking was before then I would have wanted to fuck you even earlier.”
“I never knew,” Ken said with a bemused shake of his head.
“And if you had known you would have tried to talk me out of it because you think that’s your job as a big brother,” Mary said slowly raised and lowered her hips a couple inches. “That’s why I knew I had to trick you into fucking me today.”
“So you had this all planed out?” Ken groaned in pleasure as he watched his prick slide in and out of his sister’s fuck hole every time she raised her body.
“I sure did,” Mary said with another one of her impish grins. “I had today planed since before Mark asked me out to the movie. I knew he wouldn’t do anything to me, and I also knew that he’d brag about fucking me the next day. So after you left for school this morning I hid my bike in the backyard and got Dannie to cover for me. Then I spent the whole day in your bed, reading your magazines and masturbating until I was so horny I couldn’t wait for you to get home.”
“That’s why I could smell you even before you came into the room,” Ken said. “I thought it was all in my imagination and when you did enter the room I didn’t want to open my eyes and spoil the illusion that you were giving me a blow job.”
“Good,” Mary said with a nod that made her tit’s bounce in Ken’s hands, “than my plan worked even better than I expected. I knew I had to get you so horny you couldn’t object to fucking me, and that’s just what happened.”
Mary was fucking Ken for real now, lifting her hips off his body until just the tip of his cock was wedged in her pussy mouth and then ramming her whole body down with enough force to make the bed squeak as her fuck hole swallowed his whole shaft until he could feel her cervix against the tip of his prick. “Does this mean that I’ll be fucking Dannie too?” Ken asked as he shifted his hands down to grasp his sister’s wide hips when they were bounced away from her tits.
“Eventually,” Mary gasped as she tried to catch her breath and pick up the pace of her fucking at the same time. “But for now she agreed to let me have you to myself for the next month or so, but after that you better fuck that little girl’s cunt off big brother.”
“Mary,” Ken said as he tried to catch his sister’s blue eyes in his gaze, “if she’s half as horny as you are I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.”
Ken could feel the cum building up in his balls again and he knew that in spite of what Mary had said earlier she had no intention of letting him shoot his baby juice deep in her belly. No matter how much he daydreamed about seeing his sister’s flat belly swelling up with his baby he knew Mary wasn’t about to do it for real so he decided to warn her before it was too late. “I’m gonna cum, sis,” Ken groaned as Mary slammed her cunt down and rubbed her groin against his until he couldn’t tell where his brown pubic hair ended and her blonde hair started.
“Good,” Mary said as she used the muscles of her fuck tunnel to hold his cock deep inside her pussy as they started milking his pole for it’s cream. “Cum inside me big brother, nice and deep.”
“But,” Ken cried as Mary bent down to press her tits against his chest as she grabbed his head and tried to hold it steady so she could kiss him. “If I cum inside you I could get you pregnant.”
“I know that silly,” Mary said as she held her brother’s head still so she could gaze deeply into his brown eyes. “I love you, Ken, and I can’t think of any better way to prove it than to have your baby growing inside me. Besides, you promised to do everything Isabella’s brother did to her and he came inside her cunt, remember?”
“Yes,” Ken groaned, So this was why Mary wanted him to promise to do everything to her that Isabella’s brother did to her. Somehow he suspected there was more to come, but right now all he could think of was how sexy his thirteen year old sister would look with the big belly from his baby.
“Here I cum, sis,” Ken yelled as he felt his balls clamp tight as they shoot his baby juice through his shaft and deep into Mary’s body. Even as Ken’s cum splashed into her womb Mary leaned forward to clamp her mouth over her brother’s lips and force her tongue into his mouth. Ken was caught by surprise but managed to recover quickly enough to shove his own tongue past his sister’s teeth before she pulled away.
Mary lay on top of Ken for several minutes until his prick wilted to the point that her cunt muscles couldn’t hold it in her fuck tunnel any longer and then she roll off to the side and cuddle up against her big brother. “So Kenny,” she said as she ran her fingers enticingly across the older boys chest, “do you think we made our first baby while we were kissing there?”
“Our first baby?” Ken asked slowly.
“That’s right,” Mary said with a seductive smile as Ken turned to look at her, “I plan to have at least three babies by the time I graduate from high school. I’d like to have one a year but mom and dad would really get suspicious if that happened.”
“There going to suspect something with this baby,” Ken said, reaching down to rub Mary’s flat belly. “What happens when they find out you’re pregnant and I’m the father?”
“Don’t worry, Kenny, you’ll still be the good boy,” Mary said. “Just as soon as I know I’m pregnant I’m going to start fucking every boy I can get my hands on. Most of the guys at school are to dumb to count so they’ll all think they’re the father. Fuck, I may even give Mark Williams the pussy he already claims he had. I’d like to see what kind of story he comes up with to cover my pregnancy since he said he already fucked me. But promise you won’t be jealous? Because no matter how many guys I fuck, your cock is the only one I really want in my pussy.”
“I’ll try and remember that,” Ken sighed. “So, what do you want to do next? There must be at least a dozen positions he fucked her in in the magazine.”
“It’s getting a little late to try a different position now,” Mary said thoughtfully. “Even if this is mom’s night to bring home dinner we need to clean up so she and dad don’t find the stains on your bed - or smell the wild sex on our bodies.”
“Good point,” Ken admitted.
“Besides, thought you might want to get a better idea of what you promised me.”
“What do you mean, sis?” Ken asked, feeling suddenly trapped by his own words.
“Let me show you,” Mary said as she jumped out of bed and ran over to her pile of clothes. “You haven’t seen the newest issue of your magazine, have you?”
“No,” Ken said hesitantly, “Randy was sold out by the time I got to him last week, but he did promise to try and track one down for me.”
“The reason Randy sold out was because I bought the copy he was holding for you,” Mary said as she grabbed the magazine from under her pile of clothes, “and I made him promise not to tell you that I had it. But now I think it’s time for you to see it.”
Ken sat up on the edge of his bed and took the magazine Mary held out for him. On the cover he could see a facial shot of Isabella blotting out most of the page, and under her blazing smile was the caption Isabella, nine months later. Fumbling through the magazine Ken managed to get to the centerfold where he found a two page spread of Isabella sprawled across a leather couch with her legs spread wide open to display her hairless pussy while she patted her engorged belly with one hand and squeezed one milk filled tit with the other one so a stream of milk was headed right toward the camera.
“Oh my God,” Ken groaned as he looked at the picture and realized that this was what Mary had in mind when she had him make his promise.
“What do you think big brother?” Mary asked as she stroked her flat belly and squeezed one of her perky tits, “will I be that big nine months from now?”
“I don’t know,” Ken gulped, “but I think we’re both going to love making it happen.


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