“You awake, man?”

Brian jumped and looked over to see his manager staring at him across the checkout counter. “Yeah, sorry. Slow day.”

Brian had been jolted out of his thoughts, contemplating his life yet again. For the past five years, he had worked at FilmWorld, a small movie store in the mall near where he went to college. He got the job his sophomore year to help pay for his education, and two years after graduating still worked there, at 23, as he could not find a job with his engineering degree. Through all of his life, Brian had always valued his education. He studied hard throughout high school and ended up graduating salutatorian. He worked even harder in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.96 GPA. And now what? He was an assistant manager at a damn movie store! Lot of good that studying did! He only had a couple girlfriends throughout his life, not getting too far with either before they left. He always figured when he graduated college and got a real job, the women would come flocking to him. But that clearly didn’t happen. Not that he could really blame the girls. Brian knew he wasn’t the most attractive guy around. He had always been a pretty doofy looking guy. He had no body definition, as he had spent all of his time studying, and on the occasion he had spare time, would watch movies. Unfortunately, girls aren’t drawn to movie aficionados as much as they are drawn to guys with great bods. Recently, Brian had tried to fix this. He began working out a couple months earlier, started growing out his hair (it was now about four inches long and a mess, as he couldn’t figure out how to style it). He also got new glasses with thinner lenses and overhauled his wardrobe (with help from his sister). Unfortunately, while at work he was still forced to wear the required khaki pants and maroon “FilmWorld” polo shirt, complete with nametag. Boy did that make him feel attractive.

“I think I’m gonna grab some lunch,” his manager told him. “Can you handle this place on your own for a bit?”

Brian looked down the length of the store. There were about thirty people, most of which would probably just browse and buy nothing, something that drove him insane. Like the old man in the western section. That guy will be there forever and probably walk out with nothing. Or the group of high school skaters. They’d browse the extreme titles forever, and at best would try to steal something. Or the mom with her young daughter in the family section. The kid will want every movie there, with her mom eventually getting pissed off and leaving with nothing. Brian had seen all these situations before having worked at the store for five years now. Usually, when someone walked in the store, he could figure out whether they were going to buy something or not.

“Yeah, no problem,” Brian responded, looking back to his manager. “I’d be surprised if a quarter of these people ended up buying anything.”

His manager laughed. “Hopefully not, as we could definitely use the business,” he said. Then, looking down the length of the store, added, “But you’re probably right. Oh well, I’ll see you in fifteen.”

And with that, his manager walked out of the store towards the food court, briefly waving to Brian behind him.


George slowly continued down the western section. The western section was at the far end of one row, with the other side of the row being the adult films. George had his practice down to an art by now – start slowly going down the rows, section by section, making it look like he is browsing everything, that way when he gets to the adult film section, he wouldn’t look like a pervert, he could pretend he was just browsing like he had every other section. George had become somewhat of a softcore porn addict at the age of 67. His wife had passed away from lung cancer five years earlier. They had kept up a decent sex life until the last six months of her life. Hence, when she was gone, George had trouble looking for sexual relief. George was well aware that, with his grey hair and wrinkled, slightly sagging skin, he was not likely to be getting any new girls. A few months after his wife’s death, he had been in a movie store, accidentally walked into the adult film section, and decided to give it a try. Watching it, he had the first satisfying orgasm since his wife had passed away. Soon, he was visiting various movie stores looking for more porn (unfortunately, mainstream stores didn’t have hardcore porn, otherwise he would have been buying that).

Unfortunately for George, at the moment he couldn’t move on to the adult film section, as there was a black high school couple looking through the titles and laughing. Not wanting to get caught by them, George was stuck looking through the westerns until they moved on.


Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn (or Anthony, Brett, Phillip, and Turner as there real names were, but no one, not even their parents, used those anymore) were indeed busy looking through the latest skating DVDs out, as well as other stunt videos. There was a new Tony Hawk video out, that Bend and Turn were interested in, but Ace and Flip were more focused on a new extreme stunt video, promising lots of injuries on the front. The four were arguing back and forth as, between the four of them, they could afford one of them, but obviously couldn’t decide which. A few customers walked by and gave them an awkward glance, but they generally moved on pretty quickly, ignoring these boys as rebellious teens. Unbeknownst to these boys though, a group of middle school girls on the other side of the store were checking them out and dreaming about them.

As much as they tried to look different, the four boys looked eerily similar. They all had baggy pants on, sagging halfway down their asses. They all had different pants, with Ace and Bend wearing baggy jeans and Flip and Turn wearing slightly different colored khakis, but all four wore them the same way. They also all had oversized T-shirts on, some advertising skate companies, others advertising low end sports drinks. Ace and Flip had long hair, Ace’s tied back in a pony tail going halfway down his back, Flip’s nearly the same length, but not tied in anyway and was thus all around his face. Bend’s hair was about six inches long, also not styled at all and thus dropping in his eyes. Turn’s hair was only about an inch long and gelled back. Ace and Turn were slightly older, both being 16 and in tenth grade while Bend and Flip were 15 and in ninth grade at the same school.


Beth had just bought her daughter, Alyssa, a toy as a result of her great first grade report card. She came into FilmWorld to buy a movie for herself to watch, as she didn’t get to see many movies as a single mother. Unfortunately, Alyssa had run straight to the Family section, and was picking up movie after movie and showing it to her mother. Beth kept trying to tell her she had just got a new toy, and thus was not getting a movie too, but Alyssa wouldn’t listen, and as much as Beth tried to move into the drama section, she was stuck in the family section.

Seven and a half years ago, Beth thought she was with the love of her life, having gone out with her boyfriend for the past three years. However, when she unexpectedly got pregnant, he disappeared faster than Beth believed possible. Disconcerted, Beth swore off men and raised her daughter on her own. And now here she was, 33 and stuck in the family section of a movie store with her seven year old daughter. However, while Beth may have sworn off men, men had not sworn off her. A couple yards down, on the opposite side of her row, a man was checking her body out at that very moment.


Quince and Sha’dasia were seniors in high school, with Quince 18 and Sha’dasia 17, soon to be 18. They had been together for over two years now, and had opened up all aspects of their relationships, especially sexually. As such they were currently looking through the adult films in the store trying to pick one out that might introduce something new for them. Each time they picked one up, they critiqued the cover, laughing at how fake the girls were, or the faces they were making, not to mention the titles and subtitles for many of them. They were taking their sweet time, enjoying every moment there, not knowing they were holding George up from feeding his porn addiction.


Over in the comedy section, Mary, Andy, and Brit were checking out Ace, Bend, Flip and Turn on the other side of the store. They had seen them walking outside a few stores down, and followed them into FilmWorld. They didn’t want to be too obvious, so they went to the opposite side of the store, but there was no mistaking what they were doing, as they pointed and giggled watching the four skaters on the other side of the store, discussing how dreamy they were, occasionally making comments too loud, but then catching themselves and quieting down again. The three girls were in 8th grade and, while they had been interested in boys for the past couple years, only Brit had even kissed a boy yet. Mary and Andy always attributed this to the fact that Brit was the oldest, at 14. Mary and Andy were still 13. While this may have been true, it is more likely that Brit got the first kiss because, besides being the oldest chronologically, she was also the oldest physically, and thus attracted more boys. Brit at 5’6” stood about four inches over Mary, who was four inches above Andy. She also wore a 36C bra already. Mary had just moved up to a 34B, having been a 34A for the past two years. Meanwhile, Andy had not really developed much yet. She had not gotten her period yet, while Mary got hers over a year ago, and Brit got hers nearly a year before Mary. Andy wore a 32A bra, though she really had no reason to wear a bra at all, as she didn’t even have tiny mounds coming out of her chest. While Brit had been the only one to kiss a boy, the three girls, who had been best friends since first grade, had practiced on each other starting in fifth grade, so they all had kissing experience, though none had more than that.


Mike, who had come in looking for a new action movie to distract him from his sad home life, now had a new mission. He was looking for the opportunity to approach the beautiful woman a few rows down from him. Yes, she had a daughter, which generally would be a turn off to him, but at the moment, Mike didn’t care, her mom was hot. She looked to be about 27, which meant to Mike that he wasn’t going to have much of a chance at 35. Eight years, though not a huge difference, can seem like a lot. Especially when he does nothing but work in a cubicle writing computer code all day. Not the most exciting lifestyle to sell a girl on. At least he was making good money at $75,000 a year. Even with the money though, he still lived alone in an apartment. After spending his days writing code, Mike spent his nights watching movies and playing video games on his ridiculous home theater system – the best that money could buy.

But Mike wasn’t thinking of his own life. Rather, he was getting rather annoyed at the woman’s daughter, constantly asking for movies, distracting her mother, and giving Mike no chance to approach her. But Mike wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. He was sure that eventually the opportunity to talk to her would present itself.


Jack and Pam came into the store looking for various movies for themselves and their families. Jack and Pam were brother and sister who had both grown up in the area. Pam, the older one at 46 currently, had gone to college a couple hours away and met a local who ended up being her future husband. She moved in with him after college, leaving her old family behind. Jack, 44 at the moment, had gone to the local college, and married his high school sweetheart. Both Jack and Pam went on to have their own families. Pam currently had three kids: a girl at 19, a girl at 16, and a boy at 15. Jack had two kids: a boy at 18 and a girl at 15. This was the first time in about a year that Pam’s family had come to visit, and the rest of both of their families were at Jack’s house. Pam and Jack came out to get movies to pass some time at home, as well as catch up with each other without their families around.

Jack and Pam were both very astute people, and were currently enjoying the various situations in the store. They were laughing about the high school couple browsing the adult section. They were laughing about the old man who wanted to go to the adult section, but obviously didn’t want to be there at the same time as the high school couple. They were laughing at the middle schoolers ogling the skater boys from across the store. They were laughing about the man clearly wanting to approach the mother of an energetic and somewhat demanding young girl. And there were a few other customers they were enjoying analyzing. Jack and Pam had long since forgotten about the movies they had initially come in to look for and were now discussing each of the situations in turn, and how they either used to be like some of them, hoped they were never like other, and, in George’s case, hope never to be that desperate.



Brian had zoned out yet again. It was really going to be one of those days, he thought. He looked up to see who had spoken, out of habit asking, “How can I help you?”

“Exciting job, huh?” a young woman replied. Brian was amazed when he looked up, amazed that he had somehow not seen this girl come in. Looking back at him, leaning on the counter, was a very attractive girl, he was guessing about 21 or 22. She had long dirty blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, eyes that were a mix of blue and green, a small nose that was lightly freckled, and a big smile on her face. She was wearing a slightly baggy T-shirt that hid the size of her breasts, but that didn’t stop Brian from trying to judge at a quick glance, though he found his attempt unsuccessful.

“I’m sorry?” Brian asked, not having heard her.

“I said ‘Exciting job, huh?’ You look enthralled here,” the girl went on sarcastically. “Staring off into the store, wishing you were somewhere else. I can’t say I don’t do the same sometimes.”

“Oh yeah,” Brian answered, continuing, “Really exciting. But I bet you haven’t been working retail for five years now.”

The girl smirked, telling Brian, “Not yet, but I’m getting there, I’ve sold clothes for a solid three years now paying my way through college.”

Brian smirked back. “Well, if you want my advice – quit. Quit now. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting away your life working retail two years after graduating.” Brian suddenly realized he was throwing away his chances with this attractive girl, who seemed to be quite open with him, so he quickly added, very sarcastically, “Not that I’d know anything about that….”

The girl laughed, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Thanks for the advice, maybe I will! In the meantime, I need this for a class, so you think you could ring it up?”

Brian recognized the end of the conversation, and was cursing himself for having said way too much. The girl was holding out her DVD along with her credit card, ready for payment. Brian grabbed both, looking at the card before the DVD, and seeing her name was Rose. Trying to continue the conversation, thinking he might still be able to get this girl’s number, Brian said, “Rose, huh?”

Rose looked at him, then at his nametag, and smiled, replying, “Yes, Brian. So –”

Before Rose could get any further, both she and Brian heard a brief bang come from out in the mall hallways, both turning their heads to look out the store.


Frank had brought his kids, fraternal 12 year old twins named Evan and Erin, to the mall to get some new clothes. They had just come out of one store after an unsuccessful search, and decided to get some lunch before continuing. They were walking towards the food court when they heard a bang – the same bang Brian and Rose heard. They stopped in their tracks, staring forward where the sound had come from. They couldn’t see anything, but there was an intersection shortly ahead of them so it probably was around one of those corners. They were about to start walking again when a man ran across the intersection with a handgun over his head.

Without thinking, Frank grabbed his kids and pulled them in the store they were walking by, which happened to be FilmWorld. He saw an employee at the checkout desk talking to a young girl. He told his kids to go to the back of the store while he went to talk to the employee. The kids ran to the back with terrified looks on their faces, causing all the patrons in the store (most of which had not heard the bang) to look at them.

Frank hadn’t noticed the other patrons paying attention and went to the checkout desk, interrupting the conversation the employee was having. “Are you in charge here?” Frank asked, a little more loudly than he intended.

Brian, caught completely off guard by this man running into his store and approaching him replied, “For the moment, yeah.” By this point the whole store was paying attention to this conversation.

“There’s a man with a gun in the mall!” Frank exclaimed, again much louder than intended.

The store immediately went into a frenzy. Customers were screaming, some were just standing in shock, others started to run towards the entrance of the store.

“Oh my god,” one of the middle school girls screamed.

“I gotta find my wife,” a man yelled running out of the store.

“Woah,” one of the skaters said, standing stock still.

Many other exclamations were heard going around the store, which were temporarily stymied by the sound of brief rapid gunfire out of the store, much louder than the initial bang.

“Christ,” Frank said under his breath, “there must be more than one of them.” He had realized the handgun he had seen before couldn’t have produced the rapid gunfire he had just heard.

Screaming ensued as the customers now heard the actual gunfire. Some customers continued running out the front of the store while most, including Frank, headed towards the back of the store. Rose was looking at Brian, wondering what he was going to do. Brian was in shock. He knew he was the only employee in the store, so he was responsible for the customers in his store. He started to walk around the other side of the check out counter when he stopped short hearing a shout coming from outside.

“Lockdown your stores!” Brian heard the instructions come from outside the store and down a bit. Then he saw the security officer who had announced it running quickly by, shouting instructions to the stores as he went. “Lockdown your stores!” he repeated, continuing, “Close your gates! Customers go to the back of the stores!”

That was all Brian heard as the security officer ran past. As soon as he was gone, Brian regained his composure and ran forward, grabbed the gate at the front of the store, pulled it down and locked it. He then turned around and shouted, “Everyone to the back of the store!”

All the customers not already at the back headed to the back, some running, some walking. Brian and Rose headed back as well, being the last ones to get back there.

There was screaming and crying in the back, and some customers with blank looks on their faces, obviously still in a state of shock. Brian was trying to figure out what to do next, but couldn’t get a handle on the situation with all the shouting.

“We’re gonna die!” Sha’dasia screamed.

“Yeah,” her boyfriend announced angrily, “There’s nothing to hide behind back here!”

Brian turned around. The guy was right. The store was organized in long aisles running lengthwise to the store. Maybe two or three people could hide at the end of each of the two aisles, but there were far more than six people back there. He looked back at the crowd of customers in the back, and then saw the door to the employee room in the back. The room wasn’t huge, but it would be plenty of room for all these people. Brian reached in his pocket and pulled out his key and, turning to Rose, handed her the key and quietly told her, “Go unlock the back room and get all the people inside.”

She took the key, looked up at him with a worried look on her face, and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I have to make sure there’s no one else in the store,” he replied to her, then turning to the crowd yelled, “Listen up!”

Very abruptly, all the customers turned to look at him. The screaming stopped, though some were still crying. “This is Rose,” Brian announced, putting his hand on her shoulder, “She’s going to open the back room. After she opens the door, I want everyone to go inside and find a seat against a wall.”

With that, Brian looked at Rose and nodded. She understood, returned the nod, and quickly walked to the back door. The rest of the customers had already crowded around her by the time she had unlocked and started to open the door. She pulled the door open, and then held it open as everyone besides Brian rushed inside. She watched as Brian ran up and down each aisle, briefly checking behind the checkout counter. When he got back to Rose, he told her to go in. She did, and he followed closing the door behind him.

When Brian turned around from closing the door, he surveyed his surroundings. The room was about 18 feet by 10 feet. There was a desk, a safe, and a small fridge against the wall at the opposite end from the door. There were also a bunch of boxes of DVDs stacked against the wall bordering the store. The two other walls were empty. There wasn’t much room, but more than enough for everyone to sit or stand in, everyone being the twenty people, including Brian that were in there.

The scene was quite crowded. Against the wall opposite the door, at the end near the desk, George, the old man, was standing looking over the scene. Next to him, Beth was sitting cross legged with her daughter Alyssa on her lap. Mike, who had been checking out Beth, had taken the opportunity to sit next to her. Quince was sitting next to him with Sha’dasia right next to him leaning her head on his shoulder. Next to them stood the four skaters, Ace, Bend, Flip and Turn. Jack and Pam were next to them, standing in the corner directly opposite the door. Frank and his twins, Evan and Erin were all sitting on the floor against the wall adjacent the door. Mary, Andy, and Brit, the three middle school girls had sat down against the boxes, almost directly across from the skaters, and were leaning against each other. Rose and Brian were standing by the door looking at them all.

George was stoic, not having anything to say, feeling slightly embarrassed that he had come into the store for porn and now his life may be in danger because of it.

Beth had a straight face, though tears were slowly rolling down her face. She was petting her daughter’s head. Alyssa was crying, not so much because she knew what was going on, but because all the adults seemed to be really scared, which in turn scared her.

Mike was staring at Beth, impressed with how straight a face this young looking mother was keeping, despite obviously being scared for her own and her daughter’s life.

Quince, who had initially looked furious outside in the store, now looked completely calm, staring at the box opposite him, running his hand over Sha’dasia’s head on his shoulders. Sha’dasia was still lightly crying on his shoulder, occasionally sniffling.

Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn looked to be taking it best of the group, whispering amongst themselves, occasionally smiling, though being very careful not to laugh, knowing the others probably would not like that.

Jack and Pam were talking amongst themselves. Both looked really worried, but kept talking and looking around at all the others in the room.

Frank was sitting on the wall staring off into space wondering what would come of this whole situation. Meanwhile, next to him, his daughter Erin was crying pretty loudly, and her twin brother Evan next to her was clearly trying not to cry, wiping his eyes every now and then and holding his breath on and off so as to not whimper.

Mary, Andy, and Brit were not looking at anything; they were huddled in a tight group, leaning against and hugging each other, all lightly sobbing.

Brian and Rose both took the whole situation in. After thoroughly surveying it, Brian looked to Rose and nodded towards the end of the room. They headed towards the other end of the room, and stood next to the boxes near the desk end of the room.

Brian and Rose stood against the boxes looking at the other people, not talking or showing any form of emotion. After a couple minutes, the crying lightened up, and the room had quieted down. Noticing that the room had calmed down, Jack looked over at Brian and asked across the room, “So what happens now?”

Brian looked to Jack, and realized he was expected to be the leader still. This type of situation had definitely not been part of his job training, so he wasn’t entirely sure, but he had a few guesses. “Well,” Brian began, “when the situation ends, security will make an announcement over the mall’s speaker system that everything is fine and to open the gates. While we will be able to hear it in here, I have no idea how long that’s going to be.”

“So you have no idea how long we’ll be here?” Jack repeated. Brian just shook his head in response. “Well, we might be in here for a long time then, and I suggest we all sit down, get comfortable, and get to know each other.”

By this point, everyone in the room was watching and listening to Jack. After this last comment, a few (Beth, Mike, Quince, Frank, Brian, and Rose) showed their agreement by nodding their heads. Everyone else just stared.

“Well,” Jack started after about half a minute, “since no one disagrees, I guess I’ll start. My name’s Jack, I’m 44 and I’m a science professor at the community college.” Finishing, Jack looked at his sister next to him.

“I’m Pam and I’m 46. I actually live a couple hours away and am just in town to visit my brother,” she said, nodding towards Jack on that last comment. She then continued, “Guess I picked a bad day to visit.” This drew a couple short, nervous laughs from a few people.

Frank spoke next. “My name’s Frank, I’m 42, and these are my kids Evan and Erin. I brought them to look for clothes while their mother was at work.” Evan and Erin just stared out at everyone.

Across the way, Beth asked, “How old are they?”

“Twelve,” Evan and Erin said in unison. They looked at each other and smiled at their synchronous answer. Then they looked at Beth and together said, “We’re twins.” This also drew a few laughs as the kids spoke together.

Next going around the room was Mary, Andy, and Brit. Not sure what to say, Mary just said, “I’m Mary.”

“I’m Andy,” the next girl added.

“And I’m Brit,” the last girl stated. Realizing the rest of the group was still looking at them, Brit decided to add, “We’re all in eighth grade.”

Rose was after the girls, and seeing they didn’t have any more to say jumped in with, “I’m Rose. I’m 20 and a junior in college. I came here today to pick up a movie I need to write about for a class assignment due tomorrow. I’m guessing I won’t get to be doing that now.” That last comment drew a few snickers from the crowd.

Next up was Brian. “I’m Brian. I’m 23. Obviously, I work here, have for five years now. The manager left for lunch not five minutes before this whole incident started. Lucky me.” Again, a couple snickers came from the crowd.

George was up next, but wasn’t sure what to say. “My name’s George. I’m retired and was just looking for a movie to kill time today.” Jack and Pam looked at each other and smiled, remembering him trying to get into the adult section, but kept their thoughts to themselves.

Beth followed. “I’m Beth, 33, and this is my seven-year-old daughter Alyssa. We came to the mall today to get a toy because Alyssa just got a really could report card in first grade, didn’t you, baby?” Alyssa just sat on her mom’s lap and nodded, a bit embarrassed at the attention.

Mike then introduced himself, and had his speech all planned out. “I’m Mike, 35. I’m a computer scientist by day, single guy by night. I was just looking for a movie to pass the night away.” Mike looked over at Beth to see if she caught on when he slipped the word “single” in his intro, but she didn’t react. Dejected, Mike just looked next to him.

“I’m Quince, and this is my girlfriend Sha’dasia,” he said, patting Sha’dasia’s head, which was still on his shoulder. “We’re seniors in high school and can’t wait til it’s done.” Sha’dasia smiled at this.

There was then a small pause as the four skaters apparently didn’t catch on that it was their turn. Everyone was looking at them, and Jack eventually asked, “And you are?”

The replies came in single syllables.





Again, everyone was looking at them, waiting for more to be said. Eventually Jack spoke up again. “That’s it?”

“Yeah,” Bend replied.

“Well, how old are you? What do you d–”

But Jack was cut off before he could finish. A scream echoed in from outside, followed by a couple gunshots. For the next couple minutes, there was sporadic gunfire and screaming. When it let up, the group, which had started to look a bit better after the introductions, was back to looking scared. After a minute or so of silence, Jack looked up again about to talk, but before he could think of something to say, more screams and gunfire were heard.

It all let up after another couple minutes, and the room returned to silence. Jack didn’t try to talk this time. No one did. Brian decided it was time to sit down and sat dejected against the boxes behind him. Rose followed suit, sitting close to him. George took the opportunity to sit in the chair at the desk, as no one else appeared to want it. Finally, the four skates slid down the wall to the floor.

Slowly, people started to talk. Jack and Pam were whispering amongst themselves. The four skaters were talking to each other. Mary, Andy, and Brit began talking to each other.

Brian looked around the room and took it all in. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

He meant for it to go unheard, but Rose was too close and the room was too quiet for her to miss it. “What’s up?” she asked.

“This sucks,” Brian answered. “What if we die here? I have done nothing with my life.”

“I’m sure you have,” Rose replied, trying to cheer him up.

Brian leaned his head back against the boxes. “Nope. I’ve worked her for five years. I barely talk to my family. No real close friends anymore. I mean….” He paused for a second, realizing what he was about to say. After a couple of seconds of thought, he figured there was no reason not to say it here. He continued, “Shit, I’m still a virgin. I could die a virgin today. How pathetic is that?”

Rose saw the depressed look on his face. Rose couldn’t really relate. She was still close with her family, had a few really good close friends, and, while not with a guy at the moment, had a couple meaningful relationships in the past which produced quality sex. But she felt really bad for the guy. Brian seemed like a really nice, good guy, he shouldn’t have to end like this, if it was in fact going to end here. She knew she couldn’t help with his first two problems, but she thought she might be able to fix the latter.

“What if I could help you with that last issue?” Rose added, after a long pause. Brian, who had briefly forgotten what he had said, looked over at her. Rose smiled at him seductively. Suddenly Brian remembered what he had said and his eyes went wide. Rose chuckled and leaned in, gave him a brief peck on the lips, and then hugged him, climbing on his lap to do so. It was at this point that Brian realized that Rose had a skirt on. Not a short one, but a long, loose skirt. She was facing Brian with one leg kneeling on either side of his legs with her skirt covering her legs.

With the room as quiet as it was, the new movement caught everyone’s attention. They didn’t know what was going on, it just looked like Rose had known Brian for a while and was looking for some comfort. Eventually people looked away and talked amongst themselves again.

Meanwhile, Brian was beginning to get hard in his pants, and Rose could feel it against her mound. With her right hand, she reached down and under her skirt. While no one else could see where her hand went, George, from the desk chair, could see perfectly as her hand slid beneath her skirt, and he began to get excited at what might happen. With her hand, Rose slowly unzipped Brian’s pants, making as little noise as possible. She then had to back up a little, and maneuvered her hand around to pull Brian’s hard cock out the hole in his boxers, and then out his fly. When her hand first touched him, Brian gasped quietly. Rose had his cock out, hidden underneath her skirt. She looked into his eyes, and he stared back into hers. She then moved her hips up, and using the same hand that was holding his cock, slid her panties to the side, and slipped the head of his cock into her cunt. Brian leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Slowly, she started to lower herself onto him.

While they were being exceptionally quiet, the movement again drew people’s attention, and this time there was little mistaking what they were doing, as Rose began moving up and down on Brian’s lap. The only two who didn’t see it were Alyssa, who was facing the opposite direction lying against her mom, and Sha’dasia, who had her eyes closed leaning on Quince’s shoulder. Even though all the rest of the people saw what was going on, no one commented on it. They just watched, almost entranced by the situation. They all felt that this could be their last moments in life, and had no will to stop what may be the last act of these two young people’s lives.

Rose and Brian were becoming more and more ignorant of the people around them as they continued fucking. What started out completely quiet slowly grew. The moans that were initially held in were no longer held back, and as their tempo increased, the light slapping of Rose landing on Brian’s legs could be heard as well. The sounds eventually caught the attention of Alyssa, who turned around and looked. At seven years old, she had no idea what was going on and asked her mom, “What are they doing?”

Her mom thought for a second, then responded, “They’re just playing a game, dear.”

Alyssa, who had been crying and worried since she heard the loud bangs and people screaming, smiled and looked up at her mom and said, “Can I play, too?”

Beth just smiled back at her daughter and said, “Sure.” She then started bouncing Alyssa on her lap, as if that was all that Rose and Brian were doing.

Meanwhile, Alyssa’s comments had led Sha’dasia to finally open her eyes. What she saw was a room full of people watching a couple of college age students obviously having sex, though nothing could really be seen. She turned to Quince and was about to say something when rapid gunfire rang out, followed by more screaming heard through the walls. This led to more whimpers of fear in the room, and Rose and Brian stopped fucking to look around, and realized many people were looking at them.

“Fuck this!” Sha’dasia exclaimed. She then pulled Quince off the wall, twisted him around and pushed him onto his back on the floor. “If this is the end,” Sha’dasia said, “then I’m going out fucking too!”

With that, she grabbed Quince’s baggy jeans and boxers and pulled them off and threw them against the wall. Quince’s black cock was bare for all to see. It was pointing straight up at his head and was nearly ten inches long and almost two inches in diameter. There were audible gasps heard round the room as people first saw it. The middle school girls just stared in awe, as it was the first penis they had seen. Beth’s eyes were locked on it, as she had many men before, but never one that big, and she wondered what it would be like. Meanwhile, Pam nudged Jack and said, “Bet you wish yours was that large,” to which Jack just responded, “How do you know it’s not?”

In the meantime, Sha’dasia had stood up and peeled her own tight jeans off, as well as the tiny black G-string she was wearing. She then straddled Quince, grabbed his cock, aimed it at her hole, and dropped herself on all ten inches at once. Quince moaned loudly, not holding anything back, and started thrusting his hips up into Sha’dasia as she started bouncing on top of him.

While everyone else was just staring in awe at what was going on in front of them, Rose took the silence as a sign of acceptance. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing that she was not wearing a bra and exposing her 34B breasts and tiny nipples. She then pulled up off of Brian’s dick and pulled her skirt and panties down to her knees, then leaned back, kicked them the rest of the way off, along with her sandals, and laid back, completely naked. The way she was laying, her head was about a foot away from George’s chair and her feet were right next to Brit, who was still sitting against the boxes on the wall. Rose then looked at Brian, smiled, and nodded her head for him to come over to her.

Brian took this sight in, this beautiful 20 year old girl, completely naked in front of a bunch of strangers, her tiny nipples rock hard, her pubic hair shaved into a neat triangle pointing at her slit, wanting him to fuck her. He needed no further urging, not caring how many people were watching. He pulled his shoes and socks off, tossing them aside, then proceeded to unbutton his pants, pulled them down with his boxers, exposing his cock to the rest of the room. If he hadn’t been so focused on Rose, he would have felt embarrassed, as his cock was just under seven inches long and just over an inch in diameter – a far cry from Quince’s. But that was the last thing on his mind right now. He yanked his shirt over his head, and then, being fully naked, crawled over Rose’s body. As soon as he was lined up, Rose reached for Brian’s cock and guided it into her cunt. She then laid back and let Brian do all the work. Brian complied, thrusting hard enough into her to jiggle her average-sized breasts every time.

While Brian and Rose had gotten ready, Sha’dasia had grabbed Quince’s shirt, pulled it over his head, and tossed it to the side. She had then reached up and pulled her own shirt over her head, then reached behind and unhooked and slid off her black lace bra (which matched her G-string), and threw those to the side (which happened to land on Mike). Sha’dasia was now fully exposing her 38DD breasts and huge nipples to everyone in the room, and they were bouncing all over the place as she violently fucked her boyfriend.

With the two young couples now naked and fucking on the floor, the rest of the people were starting to react. George, having a perfect view of Brian and Rose at his feet, was horny as hell, but tried to hide it. He sat in the chair and brought one hand down to try and cover the bulge in his pants. However, he couldn’t keep his hand still and was slowly rubbing the head of his prick through his pants.

Alyssa meanwhile did not understand what was going on, and had never even seen a penis before. As such, she got up and sat down near Brian’s hips and watched his penis sink into Rose. She was silent in curiosity. Her mom probably would have stopped her, but Beth was transfixed by Quince’s large cock. She had not moved, barely even breathed, since it had been revealed, and was now staring as Sha’dasia raised and lowered herself, taking the whole length into her. Mike, who was sitting next to her, was still in awe as he watched these young guys fuck around him.

Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn had huddled closer together and were whispering amongst themselves and pointing at the various couples and laughing at jokes that only they heard.

Jack, sitting next to them, was slowly fidgeting. He hadn’t been sitting in the most comfortable way to get an erection in, and his dick was now pointing down his leg, hooked down there by his pants, which was slightly painful. He didn’t want to fix it or draw attention to it though, as his sister was sitting right next to him. Pam was looking back and forth between the couples fucking and the various people around the room and how they were reacting.

Frank, meanwhile, was dumbstruck. He knew that he shouldn’t be watching this scene, and his twins, Evan and Erin, really shouldn’t be. But he couldn’t think of a way to stop it, and, he had to admit to himself, he was enjoying it. While he had a healthy sex life at home with his wife, she wasn’t quite the looker that these two girls were. Evan and Erin were just staring at the two couples. While they obviously knew the differences between guys and girls, they didn’t know too much about sex, as their parents had kept them rather sheltered. Unfortunately, that just increased their curiosity at what was going on around them now.

Finally, there was Mary, Andy, and Brit. Brit was on the end, with Rose and Brian’s feet within arms reach of her on one side and Quince’s head a couple feet away in front of her and to her right. Her body was frozen in place, looking back and forth between the two. Andy was on the other end, the farthest away, and was now smiling watching the display. Always being mistaken for younger than she was because of her looks (while she was 13, she was often mistaken for 11, sometimes even 10), this whole situation made her feel older than she was, and she was latching onto the sensation. Mary was inbetween the two and staring at where Quince and Sha’dasia’s hips met, as she was perfectly aligned to see Sha’dasia’s hairy cunt repeatedly devouring Quince’s oversized cock. Mary couldn’t tear her eyes away from it, and was getting incredibly aroused. Without realizing what she was doing, she had unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand inside her panties and was rubbing her barely fuzz-covered pussy.

Andy was the only one who noticed Mary’s hand, as everyone else in the room was too busy fucking or watching the fucking. The girls had all practiced kissing on each other, but had not done anything more. At the moment though, Andy, emboldened by her sense of adultness due to her surroundings, suddenly decided she could do more. She leaned towards Mary, reached for Mary’s face and turned it towards her own, and kissed her. Mary’s eyes initially went wide, shocked by the kiss, but her body had taken over her mind and she immediately kissed back, pushing her tongue into Andy’s mouth. Andy then twisted her whole body to face Mary and reached forward and cupped one of her small boobs. The touch was like electricity to Mary, who pulled her one hand out of her pants, reached around, and pulled Andy’s head tighter to her own. Andy took advantage of her friend’s now vacant pants and slipped her other hand where Mary’s just was, touching her friend’s vagina for the first time. Andy immediately noticed that Mary’s pussy felt different from her own, Mary was soaking wet down there, and there seemed to be a lot more skin down there, but she just put that off to Mary being more physically mature than herself (after all, she did not have hair down there yet, not that Mary had much - heck, she hadn’t even had her first period yet, while Mary had hers over a year ago). Without knowing she did so, Andy flicked Mary’s clit, which set Mary off. Mary leaned her head back and screamed loudly.

All heads in the room suddenly turned to Mary and Andy. Even Brian, Rose, Quince, and Sha’dasia momentarily stopped fucking and turned around to see what the sound was. Every one stared in shock as Mary continued moaning. Andy, loving the attention, continued to rub Mary’s pussy, which kept Mary moaning, and kept getting Andy’s hand wetter. When Brit saw all this, she was shocked at first, but then immediately felt left out. She turned her body, and reached around Mary grabbing both her boobs from behind while pushing Andy’s hand that was still up there away. Andy took advantage of her free hand and straightened Mary’s legs towards her. She then reached up and tried to pull Mary’s pants and panties down with one hand. That being unsuccessful, she let go of Mary’s pussy and grabbed the pants and panties with both hands and pulled them down. As soon as Andy’s hand was gone, Mary had dropped both of her hands down to her own pussy and started up where Andy left off.

Due to the other couples fucking (as they had started again, though Quince and Sha’dasia were both trying to watch the girls while doing so), most people did not have a clear view of Mary with her pants off. Pam, however, had a very clear view and sucked in a breath when she saw Mary’s exposed cunt. This was not so much because she was turned on by it, but moreover because she was shocked by what she saw. Mary’s clit was sticking out between her lips and was easily three quarters of an inch long, maybe even an inch! While Mary’s hands quickly went straight to her clit, blocking Pam’s view, this also led to another sight – Mary’s already soaked cunt was giving out tiny squirts with every stroke of her clit! Pam had always been a light squirter, but only during climax, not during continual stimulation. The thoughts of how good it must feel to have such a large clit and squirt so much was what ended up turning Pam on.

After tossing Mary’s pants aside, Andy began to take her own clothes off, throwing them all to the side. While she was stripping, Brit had reached under Mary’s shirt and pulled it over her head, along with her bra, leaving Mary completely naked, and clearly horny as she was still moaning and stroking her own clit. Brit then returned to reaching around and fondling Mary’s now-naked tits.

When Andy finished stripping, she decided to take things a bit further, and crawled up Mary’s legs, pushed her hands aside, and buried her face in her friend’s pussy. She started kissing Mary’s outer lips, then brought her hands up, spread her friend’s lips, and took Mary’s clit into her mouth and started sucking. This set Mary off again, and she threw her head back and screamed as she climaxed for the second time. While she did this, such a powerful squirt came out of her cunt that Andy jumped back, and those that could see witnessed a powerful stream of female cum squirt out of this 13 year old nearly five feet. After it quickly faded, Andy smiled, and returned her head between her friend’s legs.

Meanwhile, Mary’s scream had drawn the attention of everyone in the room. Literally everyone turned to look at her, including Beth, whose gaze was drawn away from Quince’s cock for the first time since it was first exposed. After the brief show, the two couples returned to their fucking, while most everyone else’s eyes remained on the middle school girls. Alyssa was the only one not staring, as she was still more interested in the penis she was watching go into Rose. George was now clearly stroking his cock through his pants watching the young girls, not trying to hide his actions anymore. The four skaters were carefully watching the girls, occasionally laughing as if this was funny or normal to them, but it was obvious they were entranced by the scene. Jack was still fidgeting with his cock uncomfortable in his pants, aware of nothing besides the uncomfortable feeling in his pants and the sex all around him. Pam was staring at Mary, astounded by her ability to squirt more than most full grown women. Next to her, Frank was staring at Andy. He was enthralled by the young girl who, while he was told was two grades older than his daughter, looked a year or two younger, and was clearly less physically mature, yet was eating her friend’s pussy like it was Thanksgiving dinner. Though she was lying down now, when she had stood and stripped, Frank had seen that Andy had not developed any pubic hair yet, and was completely flat-chested, with no noticeable mounds, but had tiny pink nipples (that were sticking out). Evan and Erin were sitting next to him staring at the naked girls in a state of complete shock, unable to believe what they were seeing.

Finally there was Mike. While initially staring at Mary when she screamed, he quickly drew his attention to Beth. Judging by the look on her face and her deep breathing, Mike quickly determined that she was as horny as him, if not more. He decided that this was his chance to make a move, if he was going to make a move at all. Looking at Beth’s face, he gently placed his hand on her thigh. Apparently she was more zoned out than Mike had initially thought, as she just continued staring at the young girl in the corner, completely ignorant of his gaze and his hand. To make his presence known, Mike lightly squeezed her thigh, still looking at her face. Beth jumped at this sudden feeling. She turned her head and saw Mike staring at her, his intentions clear on his face. For nearly ten seconds, Beth just sat there staring at him, still lost in horniness. Then, very suddenly, she reached out and grabbed Mike’s head and pulled it to her own. She closed her eyes and started kissing Mike, her first kiss since Alyssa’s dad had left before she was born. While initially shocked, Mike quickly started kissing back, and reached around and pulled Beth closer to him while they kissed.

Kissing quickly turned to more as, judging by the ferocity with which Beth had kissed him, Mike assumed she was open to much more. Still kissing her, Mike slid his hands down her back and then up under her shirt. Not wasting anytime, he pulled the edges up and Beth immediately complied, raising her arms while kissing him, and then pulling her head back to allow him to pull the shirt over her head. As soon as she was free of the shirt, she reached behind her and unhooked her very plain bra and tossed it to the side, exposing her full 36C tits, that, despite having some light sag to them (that happens with a kid after all), held up very well and were much more perky than most 33 year old women’s tits. As soon as the bra was out of her hand, she grabbed Mike’s head again and pulled it straight to her tits. Needing no more encouragement, Mike devoured her tits, taking the inch long nipples into his mouth and sucking and nibbling on them, which he meant to be gentle, but was so carried away he nibbled harder than intended. Luckily, Beth was loving every second of it, with her head back and eyes closed, lightly moaning while holding Mike’s head tightly in her tits.

While this new couple went mostly unwatched, as between Rose and Brian, Quince and Sha’dasia, and Mary, Andy and Brit, people had more interesting sites, it did not go unnoticed. Pam saw this occur and realized that they had now made it okay for the rest of the adults to get involved, as prior to them, only the teens had been engaging in the sex acts. Around this time, she also noticed her brother’s fidgeting, while he was watching the various acts around him. Realizing what was bothering him, Pam came to the conclusion that given the situation, taboos were nonexistent, and decided that she would help her brother out. Reaching down to Jack’s crotch, Pam started unbuckling his belt and whispered in his ear, “Need help with that?”

Jack, who was desperate for release, momentarily forgot all about his need and turned his head to see his sister smiling at him while she was unbuckling his belt. Jack was completely shocked by his sister’s actions. He had never even thought about hooking up with his sister, and here she was reaching into his pants! The last time he had seen her naked was nearly 35 years ago when she was ten and they played the old ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ game. Under normal circumstances, Jack probably would have backed away from such advances from his sister, but these were not normal circumstances. Of course, Pam would not have made such advances under normal circumstances, but here they were, surrounded by sex, and both were caught in the moment. As such, after a few seconds of shock, Jack smiled, nodded, and whispered back, “And I bet you need help too….”

Jack then reached down and started unbuttoning his sister’s pants. By this time, Pam had Jack’s dick out of his pants and was jerking him off. She was actually surprised how large Jack was, at eight inches long and a little over an inch and a three-quarters wide. Last time she had seen it, it was barely three inches long! Jack soon had Pam’s pants open and was trying to slip his hand in her black panties, but was having trouble with the angle. Noticing this, Pam leaned back against the wall and lifted her hips off the ground. Jack, catching on immediately, pulled her pants and panties down to mid thigh level, and was surprised to find her cunt shaved. Not wasting any time though, he slid his hand down to rub her puffy lips and slid a couple fingers between them.

While Jack and Pam were subtly masturbating each other, Evan happened to look over and see what they were doing. Evan and Erin had been raised in a very sheltered household, and he and his sister had never seen each other naked, not even as young kids as their mother always bathed them separately. They had not learned anything about sex as they had been home-schooled and didn’t have any close friends to tell them about it. Up until now, Evan had never had thoughts of incest, let alone know what it meant. Hell, he had never even masturbated before! But right now, surrounded by sex, he was suddenly hornier than he had ever been before. Seeing what Jack and Pam were doing, and knowing that they were brother and sister, he wanted to do the same. Not thinking much about it, Evan nudged his sister, who was still staring at Andy eating Mary out. When she felt the nudge she turned towards her brother. Evan just pointed over towards Jack and Pam. Erin looked over and saw the two playing with each other’s private parts. She was shocked and just stared. She didn’t think brothers and sisters should be doing that!

While Erin was looking over there, Evan had reached over and slid his hand down his sister’s sweatpants. She jumped at the violation, but didn’t stop Evan, she just looked down at his hand down her pants. Evan, trying to imitate Jack and Pam, grabbed Erin’s hand with his free hand and put it on his pants over his penis. Erin was in a trance-like state. She understood what Evan was trying to do, and she started to unbuckle his jeans like Jack’s pants were, showing no emotion on her face. Soon, Evan’s pubescent erection was out of his pants, being almost five inches long and about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. When Erin dropped her hands to touch this small erection, Evan had no idea what he was in for. He had never touched himself down there other than to wash it or to peee, let alone had someone else touch him there. Erin grabbed it around the base and immediately slid her hand up, like she saw Pam doing to Jack, but as soon as she touched the head of his penis, Evan gasped loudly and shot cum out all over his shirt, pants, and Erin’s hand, having his first orgasm of his life.

Frank, who had still been staring at Andy’s tiny ass while she ate Mary out, turned and looked at his son when he heard him gasp. At first he wasn’t sure what was going on, but as he followed his gaze down, he saw his daughter’s cum-covered hand on her brother’s dick. Without thinking, he grabbed Erin’s wrist and pulled it away telling her harshly, “You can’t do that!”

Erin had apparently come out of her trance when she saw her brother cum. She was now immensely curious about her brother and got mad at her dad for pulling her away from him, immediately looking at him angrily and asking, a little louder than she meant to, “Why not?”

Frank immediately answered, “He’s your brother! Family shouldn’t be doing that to each other.”

Erin immediately got a smirk on her face, pointed to Jack and Pam, and said, “They are!”

Frank turned, and was surprised to see Pam with her pants half down and her brother’s hand buried between her legs, and her hand jerking off her brother. Pam had overheard the conversation and was looking over at Frank. “Sorry,” she began, smiling at him, “There’s too much going on here, I couldn’t help myself! You might as well let them explore here, everyone else is.”

Frank took the moment to look around the room, which he hadn’t done in awhile, being caught up in Andy’s small body. He saw the three eighth grade girls, two of which were naked, all over each other. Past that he saw Brian slowly pumping in and out of Rose while kissing her, along with seven year old Alyssa sitting next to them watching. Behind them George was sitting in his chair flagrantly rubbing his dick through his pants watching the scenes in front of him unfold. In the corner beside him, he saw Mike’s head buried in Alyssa’s mom’s chest, and Beth’s hands now working at taking Mike’s pants off. Just before them, he saw Sha’dasia still riding Quince maniacally, with both moaning quite loudly now. The four 15 and 16 year old skaters next to them were the only ones in the room, besides himself, that were not doing anything sexual, though they were no longer laughing. They were all looking back and forth at the different sex scenes before them in awe. In the corner in front of them, next to Frank, he again saw Jack and Pam playing with each other.

Frank then turned and looked back at his twins, only to find them both naked now. Evan was a skinny kid and his body was mostly hairless. His skinny dick was still hard despite having just cum and was surrounded by light fuzz. Erin had turned and was now facing her brother, playing with his small testicles with both hands. Erin had peach fuzz around her slit that was very similar to her brother’s. She had tiny little mounds on her chest with very puffy cone-shaped nipples that her brother was currently playing with.

Frank didn’t know what to do. He realized there was no point in stopping them, and some part of him thought that it was better they explore with each other than the other people in the room, so maybe it was a good thing. Frank, however, had no idea what to do with himself, so he pulled his knees up to his chest and sank his head down on top of them.

Pam saw this and felt a pang of sorrow for the man. She didn’t want him to feel bad, and she partially blamed herself, as the twins had used her and Jack as justification for what they were doing, which Frank did not seem to be okay with, but had no control over. She knew she couldn’t stop anything now, but she wanted to help, and could only think of one way to do so. She leaned over to her brother and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind.” Jack looked back at her with a look of confusion on his face, but Pam had already drawn her hands away from his cock and had reached down to pull her shirt over her head. She then reached behind her and took her bra off, exposing her 40D tits that, while sagging noticeably, still looked great for a 46 year old woman who had three kids. Pam then put a hand on Frank’s head, causing him to lift his head and look at her. She just said, “Come here,” and pulled Frank’s head into her tits. Frank, now numb with confusion and lost in thought, just did as he was told and allowed himself to be pulled into this stranger’s tits while her brother still fingered her. He sucked on the large nipples, over an inch long and more than half an inch wide, in front of him, becoming oblivious to everything else.

Meanwhile, the rest of the room was becoming quite eventful. Mary had screamed out in orgasm for the fourth time as Brit played with her tits and Andy ate her out. No one had paid attention after the first, but her friends had kept going. After this fourth one however, Mary fainted in exhaustion. Brit, who had been behind her, gently laid her back on the ground while Andy finally pulled her head away from her friend’s cunt, revealing a huge puddle on the floor from all of Mary’s cum. Andy’s face was also completely soaked, and she tried to wipe some of it off as she sat up. When she stopped wiping and looked forward, she saw Brit, still fully clothed, on the other end of Mary looking at her. Seeing this, Andy crawled over Mary to Brit and leaned in to kiss her. Brit let her, tasting Mary’s pussy juice in Andy’s mouth. As Andy kissed Brit, she reached over and started unbuttoning her pants.

Over in the far corner, Mike was now standing with his shirt off and pants around his ankles and Beth, still shirtless but with her pants on, was leaning forward to take his dick in her mouth. Mike’s dick was standing straight out in front of him, and was a little shorter than Brian’s at a bit over six and a half inches, but wider than Brian at about an inch and a half wide. When Beth leaned forward, she took all of Mike in her mouth at once. Mike, feeling the tip of his prick tickling the back of her throat, was not prepared for her to take him all at once, and couldn’t hold back. He moaned and shot his cum straight down her throat. Beth, caught off guard by the sudden cumming, gagged on the cum and pulled her head off his dick coughing. While the first couple spurts had gone down her throat, she had pulled her head off while he was still cumming and thus took a spurt to her cheek, then to her forehead, one in her eye, and then a smaller one that just jumped on one of her tits before Mike was done. After recovering, Beth, who had not been satisfied and was still extremely horny, leaned forward and took Mike’s shrinking dick into her mouth, intent on getting him erect again and feeling him inside of her.

A few feet away from them, Rose was now moaning loudly as Brian increased his tempo. Besides speeding up his hips, Brian was also kissing the side of Rose’s neck as she moaned and had brought one hand up to a breast and was squeezing and flicking a nipple. Brian was close to the edge, but was trying his best to hold out until Rose came. He didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly, Rose leaned her head back more than it already was and screamed, drawing the attention of a few others as it was so loud. As she did so, her cunt contracted on Brian’s dick so tightly that he could barely move out. While she was so tight, Brian thrust once more as far into her as he could, leaned his head back, and moaned loudly as he shot load after load of cum deep inside Rose. Rose, feeling this, launched into a deeper orgasm, leading to her whole body shaking and her cunt tightening even more on Brian’s dick. This simultaneous motion of tightening while shaking continued to milk Brian for all he was worth, until he collapsed on top of her. As Rose’s body slowly stopped convulsing, she looked up at Brian and kissed him briefly. She then tried to sit up, which Brian caught onto and got off of her, his dick making a slimy pop as it slipped out of her. He moved over to the boxes and leaned back against it. As soon as he had gotten off of her, Rose sat up, and as soon as she did, a large wad of cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor. She then backed up against the boxes next to Brian, leaned her head on his shoulder and held her knees up against her chest with her feet on the ground, exposing her cum-leaking pussy to any who happened to see. Brian, assuming the same position, put his arm around her and took in the surrounding scene.

Next to them, they saw Brit, now naked, with Andy sucking on her friend’s 36c boobs (which, Rose noted, were larger than her own). Past them, they saw Evan and Erin facing each other and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Then there was Jack, Pam, and Frank. Jack now had his shoes, socks, and pants off, Pam was completely naked, but Frank was fully clothed still. Jack had his hand buried between his sister’s legs while Frank had his hands on the side of Pam’s tits while he sucked them. Pam had her eyes closed and had one hand jerking off Jack and the other holding the back of Frank’s head in her tits. Past them, the four skater boys were sitting completely still, taking in all of the surrounding scenery. Two of them, Ace and Flip, now had their hands down their pants. Next to them, Sha’dasia was currently moaning in her second orgasm while Quince, who had not cum yet, was getting closer to that point. Not far from them, Beth, who had successfully gotten Mike hard again, had turned around and pulled off the rest of her clothes and Mike was now fucking her doggy-style with his cum dripping down her face and tit. At the desk next to them, George was still shamelessly rubbing his dick through his pants taking in all the scenery.

Finally, where Rose and Brian had been on the floor fucking, Alyssa was sitting there, looking at the puddle of Brian’s cum that had leaked out of Rose. While Brian and Rose were watching, Alyssa reached forward and lightly touched the puddle then raised her finger, creating a string of cum connecting her finger to the cum a few inches below. She continued raising her finger until the string broke and dripped. At this, Alyssa started laughing and repeated the action. Then again. And again. Alyssa was having a lot of fun playing with the cum, but also, as Rose was noticing, was starting to make a mess, getting drips of cum on her clothes.

Rose and Brian had been watching this whole ordeal. Brian didn’t know what to do about it, though was intrigued by this little girl playing with his cum. Rose, who saw the kid surrounded by sex, also didn’t think there was anything wrong with the situation, but also didn’t think her mother would appreciate having her kid’s clothes covered in cum. As such, Rose crawled forward to the girl and trying to be friendly, asked her what her name was.

Alyssa stopped playing with the cum and looked up at the naked 20 year old in front of her and answered, “Alyssa.”

“Alyssa, huh? That’s a nice name! My name’s Rose. I should probably tell you that you shouldn’t be playing with that,” Rose said, pointing to the puddle of cum.

Alyssa looked down at it, with one finger still touching it and both hands covered in drips of it. She asked, “What is it?”

Rose looked at the puddle, then around the room, and finally back at the girl, and figured there was no reason to lie. “It’s called cum,” Rose replied.

“It’s fun!” Alyssa announced with a big smile.

Rose couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes,” she began, “I guess it can be!”

Alyssa then lost her smile and asked, “Then why shouldn’t I play with it?”

Rose, stating the reasons she thought of before pointed to Alyssa’s clothes and said, “Well, you are making a mess of your clothes with it.”

Alyssa looked down at herself and saw the small drips of cum on her shirt and pants. She then got a big smile and immediately reached down and grabbed the sides of her shirt with her semi cum-covered hands and started to pull it up, but had trouble getting it over her head.

Rose was taken aback by this sudden action. She hadn’t meant to get the girl to take her clothes off, just to stop playing with the cum. She quickly thought about it, and realized, with over half the people in the room at least half naked already, she saw no harm in a seven year old taking her clothes off as well, so after the moment of thought, she told Alyssa to let go of her shirt and that she would help.

Alyssa immediately let go of the shirt and just held her arms up. Rose grabbed the shirt and pulled it off the young girl, exposing her tiny nipples that were less than a third of an inch wide. As soon as the shirt came off, Alyssa stood up. Rose then reached forward and untied and took off both shoes, followed by her tiny white socks with flowers on them. She then unbuckled and pulled down the girl’s pants, exposing flower printed underwear. After Alyssa stepped out of her pants, Rose pulled down the flowery underwear, and Alyssa stepped out of those as well, exposing the young girl’s tiny, hairless slit and tiny bum.

Alyssa quickly sat down and started playing with the puddle of cum again, though the puddle was much smaller now. Rose took the young girl’s clothes, and brought them back to where she had been sitting next to Brian, placed the clothes next to her on the pile that had hers and Brian’s clothes already, and then cuddled back up to Brian in the same position she was in before, knees up, cunt exposed. She briefly looked over at Brian and said, “I wasn’t expecting that!”

Brian looked back at her, lightly laughed and answered, “I can’t say I did either! But at least she’s having fun!” Brian then leaned his head in and kissed Rose. They sat there kissing for awhile when Brian suddenly jerked his head back, feeling someone touching his semi-limp dick.

Brian looked down and saw Alyssa holding his penis in her small hands and she looked up at him and asked, “What is this?”

Brian, not knowing what to do, just kept looking at the naked little girl holding his penis and only managed to say, “Uhhhhhh….”

Next to Brian, Rose was giggling, and jumped in the conversation. “That’s a penis,” she told Alyssa. “Boys have penises while girls like you and me have vaginas. Penises make the cum you were playing with!”

“Ohhhh!” Alyssa said, smiling over at Rose. Then she looked down at Rose’s exposed cunt and the small amounts of cum still leaking out of it. She reached over and swiped some of the cum off Rose’s cunt and said, “Do you make cum too?”

Rose shivered at the touch, but tried to remain calm. “No,” she began, “That’s just more of Brian’s cum that he put in me. There’s much more inside.”

Alyssa, who had been rubbing the cum she swiped off between her fingers looked back at Rose’s cunt and smiled. Suddenly, she leaned in and pulled Rose’s lips apart and tried to look inside, causing Rose to gasp again. While looking, Alyssa asked, “Can I get some of it?”

Rose lightly grabbed Alyssa’s wrists and pulled her away from her pussy. “I’m sorry, Alyssa,” she said, “It’s stuck up in there.”

Alyssa frowned for a bit, then she looked back at Brian, smiled, and grabbed his penis again while asking Rose, “Can he make more for me?”

Brian’s body jerked at the touch, and he looked over to see Rose looking at him. Brian shook his head to say no, and Rose passed on the message. “Sorry again, Alyssa,” she told her, continuing, “Boys can only make so much cum, and Brian put all of his in me.” Brian and Rose watched as Alyssa pouted and looked down. She almost looked as though she was going to cry.

At this point, Brian looked past Alyssa and happened to see Beth and Mike. Beth was still on her hands and knees, though she had one hand behind her pulling one ass cheek to the side to expose her asshole to Mike. Brian noticed that her face was covered in cum. He nudged Rose and nodded in the direction of Beth and Mike, just in time to see Mike pull out of Beth’s pussy and enter her ass. At first, Rose was a bit confused as to why Brian was pointing this out to her, wondering if he wanted to fuck her in the ass, but just as she was thinking that, she saw a glob of cum drip off Beth’s chin and onto the floor.

Rose smiled and leaned into Alyssa and whispered, “There’s some cum on your mom, maybe you can go play with that.”

Alyssa turned and looked at her mom for the first time since she began watching Brian and Rose. She saw her mom naked and getting fucked in the ass. If she had known what fucking was, she might have been disgusted, but she didn’t think this was unusual. She had seen her mom naked many times before, as they sometimes took showers together, though she had never seen her mom in that position while naked. Alyssa saw the cum on her mom’s face and thought it would be fine to go and play with it.

Mike was on his knees fucking Beth’s ass. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had never fucked a girl in the ass, and couldn’t believe how tight it was. He had his eyes closed and was focused on the feeling. As good as it felt, he was not anywhere near cumming as he had just shot a load earlier all over Beth’s face.

Beth was in heaven. She had not had sex since Alyssa’s dad left her. They used to have a very healthy sex life, and Beth loved it in the ass. After he left, though, Beth ignored her needs and focused on her daughter. She occasionally masturbated, but only used her hand, and only on her pussy, she hadn’t felt a dick in her ass in seven years and was now savoring every moment of it. She had her eyes closed and was moaning loudly. She had brought one hand down to rub her clit and was thus balancing on one arm.

Beth was getting even louder as Mike picked up his tempo and she increased the speed of her hand on her clit. She was on the verge of orgasm when she suddenly felt something touch her face. Her body jumped and she nearly fell on her side, luckily she got the hand that was on her clit down in time to catch herself. Beth opened her eyes (as did Mike who felt the sudden movement) to see her daughter playing with Mike’s cum that she just swiped off her face. Alyssa looked up to see her mom, her eyes now open, though one had cum in its lashes. “Can I play with the cum?” she asked her mom.

Mike had no idea what to do here. He was worried Beth was going to flip out that her daughter, which he immediately noticed was naked, was asking to play with his cum on her face. As such, he just stayed still, a bit scared, his dick slowly going limp in Beth’s ass.

Beth was shocked at her daughter’s question. She opened her mouth about to tell her daughter no, when she noticed her daughter was naked. Suddenly, she remembered that she was naked too, and that a man she had just met had his dick in her ass! She also noticed her daughter already had tiny drips of cum around her body, and that her hands were soaked. Alyssa was giggling and still playing with the cum she just swiped off her mom’s face as she waited for an answer.

Not knowing what to say immediately, Beth tried to delay by looking around the room. She saw Quince and Sha’dasia still going at it; the four skaters staring all over the room; Jack, Pam and Frank all over each other in the corner; Evan and Erin still exploring each other’s bodies; Mary passed out in a puddle of her own juices; Andy, who now had her face buried in Brit’s hairy cunt; Brian and Rose, clearly recently finished, now watching her; and George, who was shamelessly staring at her and her daughter while rubbing his cock through his pants.

Far from being disgusted, Beth was actually turned on by everything, especially the old man who was clearly getting off watching her and her daughter. Beth then realized her body had just been close to orgasm before Alyssa had touched her and that her body still wanted more. Finally, she had an answer for her daughter. “Sure Alyssa,” she began, “Just let me get in a better position.” She then turned around and told Mike to sit down.

Mike, who had been scared and getting limp up until that point, was shocked to hear this mom tell her daughter it was okay to play with his cum on her face, let alone that she was going to ‘get in a better position’ for her daughter to play with it! Mike immediately got turned on at this and his near limp dick suddenly spasmed and hardened in Beth’s ass (which she felt and smiled at). Remembering her directions, Mike pulled his dick out of her ass and sat against the wall next to him with his legs out in front of him.

Seeing him sitting, Beth noticed that his dick was covered in a light yellow-ish slime with a couple brown spots. While she had seen this before on Alyssa’s dad when he had fucked her in the ass, Beth was suddenly drawn to do something she’d never done before. She leaned in and licked up the side of Mike’s slimy dick.

Mike’s dick got completely hard after that. He hadn’t looked down and hadn’t noticed his disgusting slimy dick until Beth leaned into lick it. Seeing her lick her ass slime off his cock was the hottest think Mike had ever seen. This girl was dirty!

Beth, suddenly remembering what she was doing, looked up at Mike and smiled seeing the complete look of shock on his face. She then sat up, turned around, and tried to lower her ass onto his dick. Needing both hands for balance, she didn’t do a very good job. Luckily Mike caught on, and grabbed his dick, aligned it with Beth’s asshole, and let her lower herself on it. Beth slowly started riding up and down on Mike’s dick, the entire front of her body exposed to everyone, her tits bouncing each time she did, with cum still dripping down her face, and a little on one tit. Beth then told her daughter, “Now you can play with the cum.”

“Yay!” exclaimed Alyssa, jumping forward and sitting across Mike’s legs looking at her mom. Alyssa was curious to see the tiny glob of cum on her mom’s boob. She reached forward and swiped the glob off, flicking her mom’s nipple by mistake, causing her mom to gasp. Alyssa then rubbed the glob of cum on her own chest, giggling as she did so.

As Alyssa was doing this, Mike took his hand that he grabbed his dick with and slid it around to Beth’s mouth, which gladly accepted it. Beth sucked hard on Mike’s fingers, getting all of her anal slime off. When she was done, Mike started rubbing the cum on Beth’s face towards her mouth, feeding her his own cum.

Alyssa rubbed the cum on her body til there was nothing left to play with. She looked up at her mom only to see all the cum gone. Alyssa was really sad and asked her mom, “Can I have more cum?”

Beth suddenly realized that she had just eaten all the cum she had meant for her daughter to play with. She turned her head so she could just barely see Mike. Mike, assuming the question was whether he was ready to cum, shook his head in the negative. “I’m sorry, Alyssa,” she told her daughter, “You’ll have to wait a bit.”

Tears started forming at Alyssa’s eyes, and she asked, “Why can’t I have more cum?”

Beth was a bit taken aback by her daughter’s reaction – she was basically begging for cum! Beth wasn’t thinking too hard about it though, as she was enjoying the feeling of her body riding up and down on Mike’s dick. Eventually she started to say, “Maybe–”

“You want cum?”

Alyssa, Beth and Mike turned their heads to see who had said that (as did Brian, Rose and George, who were all watching this odd scene play out). They saw Sha’dasia staring back at them, still bouncing on Quince’s cock, her big black breasts bouncing wildly. Quince was also staring up at her a bit shocked.

“Yes!” screamed Alyssa. Sha’dasia looked to Beth, who just nodded her approval.

“Alright,” Sha’dasia replied, slowing down her tempo as she had just come down from her fourth orgasm while riding Quince. “Come over here, girly,” she continued, “Stand right here.” She said pointing just to the side of Quince’s head.

Alyssa did as Sha’dasia said, standing right near Quince’s head, asking, “Like this?”

“Perfect,” Sha’dasia replied, smiling. “Just wait there a moment.” Sha’dasia then rapidly picked up her tempo on Quince. While Sha’dasia had orgasmed four times while riding him, Quince had yet to cum, but she knew he was now close. As Quince started to moan loudly, Sha’dasia pulled her body up and off his cock for the first time since they had started fucking. Quince’s cock came out with a loud pop, and a moan from Sha’dasia as she felt her body empty. Beth gasped as she saw Quince’s full cock again, as it was still as large as when she first saw it, but now there were massive veins sticking out the sides of all ten inches of it. She could only imagine what those would feel like in her cunt.

Meanwhile, Sha’dasia grabbed Quince’s arms and pulled him into a sitting position in front of her. She then whispered into his ear, “Kneel in front of the girly.” While Quince had obviously been following the conversation and knew what was coming, his eyes still went wide when he heard his girlfriend tell him to kneel naked in front of a naked little girl. He was quick to follow orders and was soon kneeling in front of Alyssa with his ten inch cock pointing out in front of him, and up little bit, aimed at her chin but about six inches away. Sha’dasia then came over, grabbed his cock, and told Alyssa to take a step forward.

As Alyssa followed these directions, Sha’dasia aimed the cock lower and Alyssa stepped right into it. Sha’dasia then started rubbing the head of Quince’s cock over Alysssa’s torso. As it slipped over her tiny nipples, Alyssa giggled. After about half a minute of this, Alyssa asked, “Can I hold it?”

Sha’dasia said, “Sure,” and let go of the cock as Alyssa’s tiny hands grabbed Quince’s cock. Quince groaned as he felt the tiny hands that, together, could barely reach around his cock. He also noticed that Alyssa’s arms were barely longer than his cock was, and that her arms were skinnier than his cock. Alyssa had initially grabbed the shaft, like Sha’dasia had done, but she soon realized it was easier to hold the head, so she put both hands on the head of Quince’s cock and rubbed it back and forth over both her nipples. She giggled a lot and said, “This tickles!”

Sha’dasia smiled and told her, “If you think that tickles, you’ll love this!” And with that, she lowered her head and took one of Quince’s balls in her mouth. Quince had been trying to hold back as long as he could, and was very close to the edge with Alyssa’ hands rubbing his cock head all over her, but as soon as Sha’dasia started sucking on a ball he was gone. He erupted straight into the top of Alyssa’s chest nearly screaming in ecstasy. The first spurt came out so hard that some of the cum ricocheted off her chest in all directions, getting a little on Alyssa’s chin, a little on Sha’dasia’s head, a little fell near Beth, who was still ass-fucking herself on Mike, and some splattered near Brit and Andy, who barely noticed as they were so busy with each other.

As soon as that first spurt came out, Alyssa went from giggling to giddy laughter. She began jumping up and down as she was finally getting some cum to play with. She started jumping up and down while holding the cock head against her torso. This had the unintended effect of both rubbing the cock head with her tiny hands as she jumped and also rubbing the front along her body as she jumped. This was too much for Quince, he began screaming, getting louder with each spurt, though each spurt sent less cum with less force onto Alyssa. This went on for nearly a minute until Quince was not spurting cum anymore, though still yelling in a mix of pleasure and pain. Sha’dasia, who had been laughing through the whole thing, finally ended it by stopping Alyssa’s jumping with her hand, and with her other hand pulled Quince’s softening cock away from her, saying, “I think you’re going to kill him if you do that much longer!”

As soon as Sha’dasia had pulled Quince’s cock away, he collapsed against her, completely exhausted. When he moved out of the way, the scene awaiting the rest of the room was amazing. A seven year old girl was standing naked in the middle of the room, smiling and laughing, her Torso covered with thick white cum dripping down her body with one big streak in the middle where his cock had been rubbing up and down against her as she was jumping, with a bunch of splatters of cum all around her on the floor. The sheer amount of cum looked like it had cum from two or three different men, which just made it all the more astonishing that it was just Quince. The scene did not last too long however, as Alyssa soon began rubbing the cum around her body and playing with it, pulling strings off her body and stretching some between her fingers.

Beth had been watching this scene and, far from being revolted as she would have been in any other situation, was turned on and actually somewhat jealous. Rather than paying attention to her daughter at all during this interaction, she returned her attention to where it had been before Mike had distracted her – Quince’s cock. When she saw her daughter grab the ten inch cock, she was so jealous and turned on that she brought both her hands to her cunt, slipping three fingers inside her with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Her pace continued to speed up until she saw Quince cumming on her daughter, at which point she closed her eyes and screamed in orgasm.

While Mike had initially been watching Alyssa, intrigued by this situation, he directed his attention back at Beth as he felt something slide into her cunt through the membrane separating that from his dick in her ass. He then realized how turned on this woman was getting watching her daughter get a cumbath and was more amazed by that then the little girl actually getting covered. He felt her tempo increase and, when she lifted up and arched her back in orgasm, Mike started quickly and forcefully shoving his cock up her ass, still going strong and having plenty left before cumming again.

As soon as Sha’dasia had gotten off of Quince to jerk him off, Andy had pulled her head out of Brit’s cunt to watch. She had brought Brit to two orgasms and was on her way to the third when she stopped. While Andy was very curious to see this big black cock cum, Brit couldn’t care less. She tried to lean in to kiss Andy, but Andy shrugged her off, completely focused on watching Sha’dasia, Quince, and Alyssa. Brit took the hint that Andy wasn’t interested, but was none-the-less in search of more sexual relief. She looked over and saw Mary still passed out on the floor and got an idea. Brit crawled over to Mary, then literally crawled over Mary, lowering her face to Mary’s soaking slit while she lowered her own cunt onto Mary’s face. She ran her tongue down her friend’s slit, lightly flicking Mary’s engorged clit that was sticking through her lips. As soon as she did, she felt Mary’s body flinch under her, then gasped as she felt a tongue flick her own clit. Her lick had awoken Mary, who couldn’t have been any happier to awake with a pussy over her face. She immediately started licking it, and soon reached up and, placed her hands on Brit’s ass cheeks, pulling her hips closer to her face, which had the added effect of spreading Brit’s ass cheeks and exposing her tiny anus to anyone who was watching.

George had been watching the whole room. He had watched as Alyssa played with the cum, then asked what Brian’s cock was, then went over to her mom, who switched ass-fucking positions to give her daughter access to her, then Sha’dasia jerking Quince off all over Alyssa, then Brit crawling over Mary. The whole time he had tried to remain somewhat subtle, keeping his clothes on and only rubbing his cock head through his pants. This all went to hell as Mary pulled apart Brit’s ass cheeks, exposing her tight asshole pointed straight at him. While George had always fantasized about anal sex and watched lots of porn featuring it, his wife had never let him do it, so he had never done it. He could only imagine how tight it was and how good it would feel, and Brit’s tiny rosebud was too much for him to handle. “Fuck this,” he announced while staring at Brit’s asshole.

Sha’dasia heard George state this, looked up, and followed the path of his eyes, turning her head to see Brit’s tiny asshole. She didn’t see the big deal, as to her it was just another asshole and assumed George was just a perverted old man who liked little girls. She turned back around to look at George again, but as she did her eyes went wide and she muttered, “Holy shit….”

George had his pants around his ankles and was jerking off. But it wasn’t the mere sight of this that had entranced Sha’dasia, it was his cock. George’s cock, while only about six and a quarter inches long, was just over two and half inches wide with massive veins sticking out the sides and a bulbous head that was slightly wider than the shaft. The old man’s sack was also very large, nearly twice the size of Quince’s and hung deep between his legs.

Sha’dasia stared at this for awhile and decided she needed to try this cock out, ignoring the fact that it was on an old man. She lightly pushed Quince off of her and called out, “Hey old man, get over here!”

George, who had still been staring at Brit’s asshole, turned his head to see Sha’dasia staring at him. He just looked back at her, a bit confused, wondering if she was talking to him. She quickly confirmed this by making a “come here” gesture with her finger. George saw this hot black chick with huge tits and big hips gesture him over and his mind was blown! Why did this teenage girl want him? He didn’t know, but he also wasn’t going to waste anytime questioning it. He quickly pulled off his shoes, and stepped out of his pants and briefs around his ankles, pulled his shirt over his head, and walked over to Sha’dasia completely naked.

Sha’dasia briefly looked at the rest of this old man’s body and wished he had kept his shirt on, as his stomach stuck out and hung down a bit and he had light skin sag all over. But she kept returning her gaze to his cock and getting the urge to feel its width in her. When the old man got to her, she moved aside, patted the ground behind her and said, “Lay down.”

George needed no further instructions. He said nothing and laid down on the ground where she asked, which happened to be less than three feet away from Brit and Mary eating each other out, something George didn’t mind at all.

Sha’dasia wasted no time. As soon as George was on the ground, she climbed on top of him, her back to George’s face, and lowered her wet cunt onto his wide cock. She took him to the base in one quick stroke, going down much easier than she expected. While the veins felt amazing against her cunt walls as she started fucking him, the width was not as much more than Quince as she thought it would be. After about thirty seconds of this, she decided this was not what she wanted, but got another idea.

George meanwhile had held his breath while Sha’dasia lowered herself upon him. While he quickly noted that she was not nearly as tight as his wife had been, this was still the first sex he’d had since she passed away five years ago and he was going to enjoy it, so he closed his eyes and focused on the moist vagina sliding up and down his dick. He didn’t have much time to enjoy it though, as he soon felt his dick pop out of the vagina as it was lifted completely off of him. He opened his eyes to see Sha’dasia leaning behind her on one hand, grabbing his cock with another, shifting her hips forward a bit, and aiming his cock at her ass.

While Quince had fucked Sha’dasia in the ass a few times, those times were few and far between. While Quince enjoyed it, Sha’dasia didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t take his whole dick in her ass, she could take just over half of it, and as she had only had sex with Quince up to this point (though they’d been fucking for three years now), she’d never had a cock to the hilt in her ass. She was determined to do so now!

She started to lightly push her ass down on George’s dick, but was not getting anywhere. His fat dick head was too big to slide into her ass easily, but, again, Sha’dasia was determined. Knowing it might hurt a little, she changed technique. She stopped pushing down, but held George’s cock right at her asshole. She tried to force her asshole open as much as she could by pushing out like she had to shit, and while doing this thrust her body down on the cock. George’s dick head slipped into Sha’dasia’s ass, her anus tightening around his shaft as the head popped in. This caused a scream from Sha’dasia, as she felt her asshole stretched to its limits, as well as a loud moan from George feeling his dick slip into the first asshole it had ever entered.

The screams, which earlier would have attracted attention, went mostly unnoticed as they were becoming commonplace in the room. Jack, Pam, and Frank paid no attention, Jack now with his head between Pam’s legs as Frank continued to suck her tits. Evan and Erin were still rubbing each other’s bodies next to them, though they were now noticeably closer to each other. Brit and Mary were too involved eating each other to notice anything, though Andy was paying close attention. Brian and Rose were watching, but only because they had been from the beginning. They were starting to get turned on and were starting to rub their hands over each others’ bodies. Beth and Mike were both more focused on each other and Alyssa, who was still happily playing with Quince’s cum. Quince, however, was watching in shock as his girlfriend was first demanding to fuck a man nearly four times her age, and was now taking him in her ass. Finally, the four skaters had been watching intently the whole time, Ace and Flip speeding up their hands in their pants while Turn joined in and slid his hand down his pants. Bend was the only one still not stroking himself.

After allowing her ass a few seconds to adjust to the size of the dick in her ass, which was thankfully quite wet as it just came out of her cunt, she started to lower herself down the shaft. She had to do this in phases as her ass was being stretched to new extents with each inch George’s cock went in deeper. First, she just went down a couple inches and pulled up until just the head was in her. Then she went back down taking another inch, then back up, then another inch, then back up, until she was sitting on George with his entire dick up her ass. The first time she took it all in, she just sat on it enjoying the sensation of being so filled. Then she slowly started rising and falling on his dick, all the while George was moaning, trying to keep his eyes open staring at the back of this high school-aged black chick who was lowering her ass on his dick.

Quince, who had been sitting in the middle of the floor watching this whole seen, suddenly smiled watching his girlfriend taking this dick. He decided to get up and move over to the side of the room to find a more relaxing, comfortable position to sit in. As he was walking over to the wall though, he felt a hand tightly grasp his wrist. He looked over to see Beth, still bouncing on Mike, staring at him with one hand on his wrist. When he turned to look at her, she said, between gasps, “Fuck…me….”

Quince quickly looked over this chick with another guy’s dick in her asshole asking him to fuck her at the same time. He had never participated in group sex, let alone with some thirty plus year old white folks. He looked at her and responded, “I’d like to, but I don’t quite think I’m ready to, if you know what I mean,” quickly glancing down at his mostly limp dick with that last part.

Rather than responding, Beth jerked Quince’s hand hard towards her. This action caught Quince off guard causing him to stumble towards her and Mike, making a big step over Mike’s legs with one of his own so as to not fall on him. He ended up with one leg on either side of Mike’s facing Beth, who wasted no time leaning forward and immediately taking Quince’s entire limp dick, which was about six inches long now and barely an inch and a half in diameter, in her mouth.

Quince’s cock immediately jerked to attention and started to grow. As it did, Beth had to let more and more of it outside her mouth, but not before sucking off all of Sha’dasia’s cunt juice that was still on it. Soon enough, Beth only had half of Quince’s dick, now returned to its full size, in her mouth. When she realized she had gotten it fully erect, she slowly pulled her mouth off of it. When the head finally escaped her mouth, it quickly jerked upwards and lightly hit her nose. Beth just looked up at Quince’s face and said, “Now...fuck…me!” While saying this, she stopped bounching on Mike’s cock, brought one hand to her cunt and used two fingers to spread her lips to show her open and willing cunt to the black teen.

Quince looked down in shock at this mom who so desperately wanted him to fuck her that she had sucked his recently-fucked limp dick to full strength. The feeling had been amazing, as Sha’dasia had never done anything like that before. Looking down, he saw Beth’s pink cunthole awaiting his cock, and past that Mike’s balls, but not his dick which was entirely in Beth’s ass. Quince briefly had some conflicting thoughts, wanting to fuck this bitch, but not wanting to put his dick so near another man’s. However, he quickly resigned these thoughts and wondered when he’d ever get this opportunity again. So, without responding to Beth’s request, he got down on his knees, spread on either side of Mike’s, and gently pressed his cock against her hole, asking her, “You ready for this?”

Beth just stared down in wonder at the large black cock about to enter her and nodded in the affirmative. Then, without further ado, both Quince and Beth watched as he shoved his cock as far as he could into her, which, as she was not as accustomed to fucking such a large object like Sha’dasia was, was only about eight inches. As soon as Quince’s dick entered, there were three screams – Quince at the tightness of Beth’s cunt, Beth at the pain and pleasure of such a large dick entering her cunt, and Mike, who had been watching in wonder this whole time, disappointed that he was not going to have Beth to himself, but those thoughts suddenly gone as he felt, through the thin membrane separating Beth’s cunt and ass, Quince’s huge cock enter and fill Beth’s cunt. The feeling was more than he could have imagined and completely caught him by surprise. Soon enough, Quince began fucking Beth, pounding her so hard that she was lifting a couple inches up on Mike’s dick, only to go back down those two inches as Quince pulled back. All three continued moaning, all eyes closed, and Beth quickly approaching an orgasm.

Flip had watched this whole show and was now ready to get involved, as he and his friends were the only people not in some way fucking anyone. He looked around the room checking his options. Pam, Beth, and Sha’dasia were obviously in use. Rose appeared too attached to Brian to pay any attention to him. Erin and Andy he decided looked too young, so his eyes eventually stopped on Mary and Brit eating each other out. He whispered to his friends, “Watch this!”

With that, Flip stood up and stripped, showing off his skinny, non-muscular body and it’s nearly seven-inch long, just over an inch-wide dick. As soon as he was naked, he started walking towards Mary and Brit. Suddenly, he felt a hand wrap around his dick and heard someone say, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Flip abruptly stopped walking, looked down, and followed the hand that was on his dick over to Sha’dasia. When his eyes met her face, he found her looking back at him. She took her hand off his dick and brought it down to her cunt, spreading her inner and outer lips and exposing her cunt hole, much as Beth had done a couple minutes earlier. With her hole exposed, she looked to Flip and said, “Why don’t you put that thing in here?”

Flip looked down at the black cunt spread in front of him and replied, “Fuck yeah!” His initial plan was to walk over and shove his dick in Brit while she was on top of Mary, but seeing this black girl who was older than him and with huge tits spreading her cunt for him was even better in his eyes, he didn’t even care that she had some old guy’s fat dick in her ass already. He stepped over the old man’s legs with one of his, got on his knees, aimed his dick at Sha’dasia’s cunt, which she was still holding open, and without thinking twice, shoved his dick in her to the hilt.

Sha’dasia had watched as Beth had sucked off her boyfriend and then shoved his dick in her pussy while already having one in her ass, and was intrigued by the concept of taking one in each hole. She saw the opportunity as Flip was walking by, and took advantage of it. She was amazed at the feeling as she felt Flip’s dick push against George’s through the membrane separating her ass and her cunt and moaned as he pushed in quickly and repeatedly. Having fucked Quince so many times with his much thicker dick, she barely felt Flip’s width in her, but the rubbing of his cock against the membrane was a completely new feeling that she was loving. She was getting hotter and hornier by the second, and soon wanted more. After about a minute of getting fucked by Flip, she turned her head to his friends and asked, “What are you guys waiting for? Get over here!”

Ace, Bend, and Turn had zoned out, watching in awe as Flip had started fucking Sha’dasia. They were snapped back to what was going on by her comment to them. While not sure what she was planning, Ace and Turn didn’t need to be told twice. They both got up, stripped down, and were next to Sha’dasia in no time. Both had cocks about six inches long, though Ace’s was about an inch and a half thick while Turn’s was only about an inch wide, about the same width as Flip’s. Sha’dasia dragged Ace around to the far side of her, since he had gotten to her first, and positioned Turn on her near side. She took each of their cocks in a hand and started alternating sucking them off.

After another half minute or so of this, Sha’dasia had realized that Bend still hadn’t come over. She kept jerking off Ace and turn and turned her head to see Bend still sitting against the wall, frowning and fully clothed still. At this point, she wanted every cock she could get and was desperate to get this last guy. She looked straight at him and said, “You know, you’re invited to this party too!”

Bend just looked at her and responded, “You won’t want me.”

“What?!?” Sha’dasia exclaimed, continuing, “Do you see me here? I want every cock I can get my hands on!”

“Well,” Bend replied, “you won’t want mine.”

“Fuck that!” Sha’dasia answered nearly screaming it. “Get your cock over here so I can play with that damn thing!”

Bend was taken aback by this, and finely caved. “Fine, I’ll get it over there, but you won’t want it.”

And with that he stood up, pulled off his shirt, shoes, and socks, and then finally dropped his pants. Suddenly, Sha’dasia realized why Bend had been shy in getting his cock out – it was tiny! His erection was barely four inches long and just short of three-quarters of an inch wide, clearly uncircumcised as the foreskin completely covered his tiny head. It was even smaller than Evan’s! Below his cock were two tiny hairless testicles. Either this boy shaved or he hadn’t hit puberty yet, the latter appearing most likely. Ace, Flip, and Turn who had heard his conversation with Sha’dasia and had watched him strip in curiosity started laughing as soon as they saw it. Sha’dasia, though, far from being turned off, was even more curious about it and unconsciously whispered aloud, “Oh my god! I want to try that!”

While it had been just a whisper, the comment was loud enough for all the guys to hear, and it caused all of them to stop laughing, and Flip even stopped fucking her as they all just stared in wonder at Sha’dasia as she was mesmerized by the tiny cock. Bend, who had been fully expecting rejection, was by far the most shocked of them all, just standing there with his pants and boxers around his ankles staring at Sha’dasia who was staring at his cock.

Sha’dasia eventually stopped staring and took in her situation. The way she was currently set up, there was no way she could take this extra cock, and also realized Flip had not restarted fucking her, still in shock as to her apparent desire for Bend’s small cock. Sha’dasia caught his eye and said, “What’s wrong with you? Keep fucking me!” Flip immediately broke out of his funk and started pounding her cunt again. Sha’dasia then looked at Ace and Turn standing on either side of her and told them both to get on their knees. Then she turned to Bend. “I’m gonna lay back. When I do, I want you to step over my head and shove that cute dick of yours as far into my mouth as possible!”

Sha’dasia then proceeded to lay back on George, her head almost directly on top of his, and left her mouth wide open. As soon as she did, Bend stepped out of his pants, stepped over Sha’dasia’s head, got on his knees, leaned forward a bit, aimed his dick into Sha’dasia’s mouth, and pushed forward. Sha’dasia lifted her head in response and soon had the entire four inches easily in her mouth. However, she was not satisfied with just that, and, with some fancy tongue work and use of her lower lip, she sucked his two tiny balls into her mouth as well. Then, instead of having him thrust into her mouth or moving her head along his cock, she just kept his hips in place and used her tongue and some well-timed sucking action to try and get him off, pulling his foreskin on and off his head with her tongue. Whenever she needed to breath, she stopped her sucking and tonguing and inhaled deeply through her nose.

George had been completely surprised when Sha’dasia had pulled Flip over to fuck her, and even more so when she got the other boys involved. Earlier in his life, he may have been turned off by this, but right now, he didn’t care how many dicks were around him, just that he was fucking this hot black teen slut in the ass and she was begging to be abused by every cock she could find. George thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Sha’dasia laying back on him with his fat cock up her ass while feeling Flip’s cock in her cunt, her body shaking as she jerked off the two boys on either side, and her mouth shut as she sucked Bend’s tiny cock. While earlier he had held back some in fear of scaring the girl, George no longer had any worries about that. He started thrusting his hips up into hers harder and reached around and grabbed Sha’dasia’s immense tits and mauled them with his hands. While playing with them, he noticed that her nipples had to be sticking out at least an inch, and that if he flicked them hard enough, her whole body would make a small shake, and it would make Bend gasp, as she would suck in sharply every time they were flicked, which felt great to Bend.

Sha’dasia meanwhile was in heaven. She had cocks of all shapes and sizes everywhere she could take one and absolutely loved it! She quickly reached orgasm when her nipples were first flicked, combined with the feelings in her cunt, ass, and mouth. After that, she maintained a near-constant orgasmic state as she continued fucking, sucking, and jerking.

Meanwhile, Quince had watched what Sha’dasia was doing while fucking Beth and was completely turned on by it. When she had laid back on George and took the tiny cock in her mouth, he had to look away. He looked at Beth’s face, as she had her eyes closed and was moaning and bouncing on his cock as well as Mike’s. He suddenly leaned in and kissed her, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth while bringing a hand up to fondle her bouncing tits. When he did this, Beth immediately opened her eyes wide at the shock of this new action, but quickly got into it, and started moaning into Quince’s mouth and massaging his tongue with hers.

Meanwhile, Brian and Rose had been watching both the scene with Sha’dasia and Beth go down. They had been sitting against the wall leaning against each other, with Brian having his arm around Rose. When Quince kissed Beth, Brian realized how horny he had become again, and he leaned over and kissed Rose. Rose had been dying for more action, and was actually far hornier than Brian, but didn’t want to act on it as she didn’t want him to think she was a slut, as she was really starting to like the guy. After only a few seconds of kissing, she reached over and put her hand on his cock, desperate to get more action. She didn’t rub his cock at all, she just held it in her hand. After nearly half a minute of this, he stopped kissing her and just looked at Rose. Rose, in response, just spread her legs, exposing her cunt, which still had some of his cum dripping out of it from when he had fucked her before. Brian just smiled at this invitation, shifted his body in front of hers, aimed his cock at her cunt, and started lightly fucking her. He leaned his body forward and put his head on her shoulder and slowly thrust his hips repeatedly forward.

From this position, Rose could see the rest of the room while she was getting fucked. She looked at Sha’dasia on top of George and Beth on top of Mike. She had never really thought about anal sex before, and actually refused to do so with one of her ex-boyfriends (which was part of the reason he became an ex). However, now, watching these other girls get fucked in the ass and enjoy it so much, she had become curious. She made up her mind to try it, turned her head to Brian’s, and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to fuck my ass?”

Brian immediately stopped fucking her and leaned back a little, staring at her face a couple inches in front of his, his eyebrows raised in surprise. “Can I?” he asked. Rose just smiled and nodded in response.

Brian pulled out and was starting to back up off of her, but Rose lightly grabbed his wrist, and pulled him so that their faces met and she could kiss him. After the kiss, she looked at him and whispered, “Just… be gentle. I’ve never done this before.” As soon as she finished saying this and without looking to see Brian’s reaction (which looked similar to his reaction when she asked if he wanted to fuck her ass, but with even more shock), she moved to the side of Brian and got on her hands and knees. In the direction she was facing, she could see Beth if she turned her head to the left, and Sha’dasia to the right, but just wall if she looked forward. Brian quickly got behind Rose and looked down at her tiny asshole pointing at him. He lightly grabbed his cock, which, having just come from Rose’s cunt, was covered in both her cunt juice and his cum, and pressed it lightly against the hole. Rose pushed back lightly and soon the head of his cock was in her ass. Brian had kept pushing, but Rose jolted forward a bit. Brian, catching on, stopped pushing and just waited for Rose to adjust to his cock. After a few seconds, she lightly pushed back, and Brian took it as a sign to push forward. After about an inch more went in, she jolted forward and Brian stopped pushing. This process continued until Brian’s nearly seven inch dick was buried to the hilt in her ass. Once he was in all the way, he waited for Rose to fully adjust to it. When she leaned forward a bit, he started pulling out and pushing back in, making small strokes at first but gradually increasing until just his head was inside and then he buried himself again to the hilt. After a few full strokes, Brian reached down and cupped Rose’s tits hanging below her. He lightly played with them and rubbed her nipples. When he did, Rose realized how sensual that feeling was, but wasn’t feeling the sensual feeling in her ass, which was still hurting a little. In an effort to change that, she brought one of her hands down to her cunt and rubbed her clit while Brian fucked her ass and played with her tits. This continued for a couple minutes as Rose was rising to a climax, which she hit abruptly, moaning loudly. When she did, she dropped her hand from her cunt, and realized she was now getting pleasure from her ass, so she put her hand back on the ground and just enjoyed the pleasure of Brian fucking her ass.

While all of this was going on, Andy was starting to feel left out. After pulling away from Andy to watch Quince cum all over Alyssa, she watched entranced by the following series of events, Sha’dasia taking the old man’s fat cock in her ass, as well as the four skaters, Quince pounding into Beth as she rode Mike, and Brian fucking Rose’s ass. Andy had been really disappointed when Sha’dasia got the four skater guys on her, as she really wanted to try taking a cock. She turned around, only to see Brit on top of Mary eating each other out. In fact, as she turned around, Mary had just had another orgasm, squirting cum into Brit’s hair that was hanging down over her hear buried in Mary’s cunt.

If she was more secure about herself, she might have tried to take one of the skaters away from Sha’dasia, maybe even more than one. Unfortunately, being underdeveloped for her age, she was scared of being turned down for looking like a ten-year-old girl. In fact, that’s why she had taken such an active role in the sexual activities in the first place, eating out first Mary, then Brit. She thought if she acted older, than she might be thought of as older than she looked. At the moment though, it seemed that no one was thinking of her in any way, old or not. Andy took a look around the room, looking for something, or someone, she could do. Brian was fucking Rose in the ass. Beth still had Mike’s cock in her ass while Quince pounded her. Sha’dasia was quivering on top of George who was still mauling her tits as she took his cock in her ass, Flip’s in her cunt, Ace and Turn’s in her hands, and Bend’s in her mouth. Alyssa was now sitting in the middle of the room, rubbing Quince’s thick cum on her body and stretching out strings of it, occasionally tasting some. Jack had long since taken both his and his sister’s clothes off, and was now fingering her with one hand, kissing her on the mouth, and had one hand cupping the top of one of her ass cheeks. Pam was naked, still holding Frank’s head in her tits as he obediently sucked her nipples. Evan and Erin, meanwhile, had started copying the moves of Jack and Pam, and were now kissing each other as Evan fingered Erin as she jerked him off.

Andy was about to give up, when her eyes went back to Frank sucking on Pam’s tits. He was still fully clothed! Not only was he the only one fully clothed, he was the only one with any clothes on at all! Andy immediately made up her mind, ignoring the vast age difference between the man and herself, and crawled over to him. She untied his shoes, then pulled them off, along with his socks. Then she moved up and unbuckled his belt.

Frank felt it as someone took off his shoes, and then moved up to his pants, but he was completely zoned out. He had not recovered from the shock of seeing his kids fondling each other, and was still oblivious to everything that was going on by sucking on the breasts that he was being held in. When he felt his pants and boxers being pulled down, without thinking he lifted his hips off the ground, putting his bare ass on the floor when they reached his thighs. He didn’t pay any attention to who was pulling them off, he just accepted that they were being pulled off while he sucked Pam’s tits, which she was still holding his head against.

When Andy had pulled off his pants, Frank’s dick stood straight up, just over six and a half inches long and about an inch and a half wide. However, what Andy noticed more than that was how hairy he was. His dick was surrounded by a forest of thick black hair and his balls were barely visible through the hair covering them. While some girls may have been turned off by the amount of pubic hair Frank had, Andy smiled in satisfaction. To her, pubic hair was a sign of maturity, something she had not developed yet, but desired. As such, she was looking forward to playing with the dick surrounded by the most pubic hair in the room, which she thought made her more mature.

Rather than reaching out to touch it, Andy put her hands on the floor on either side of Frank’s hips and lowered her head to his dick, immediately sucking in his cock head. Frank felt this and lightly gasped into Pam’s nipple, which he was currently sucking on. Andy swirled her tongue around the cock head, exploring every inch of it with her tongue, especially enjoying running her tongue around the area that connected the shaft to the head. After a minute of this, Andy started lowering her head on the dick. She had actually practiced sucking off a carrot before (she felt immature physically, so she tried to practice being mature sexually, she also lost her virginity to a carrot as well), so she had some level of experience, but never on the real thing. She was able to get about five and a half inches in her mouth, but was unable to get that last inch without setting off her gag reflex, though that didn’t stop her from trying.

Andy soon got bored of sucking Frank’s cock and wanted more. She pulled her mouth off his dick, and looked up at Frank. He was still sucking on Pam’s tits and had his shirt on, both of which annoyed Andy. He hadn’t even looked at her yet! She wanted his full attention, and she wanted him naked. She decided to solve both these problems in one action. She moved up and sat across Frank’s thighs and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled up. As she did this, it forced Frank’s head away from Pam’s tits, though his shirt was over his head before he got a chance to see who was pulling his shirt off. He just resigned himself to having his shirt pulled off. He straightened up with his arms up, his shirt being pulled over them and his head. With one last strong pull, Andy had his shirt over his head and off his arms. Frank suddenly got his first glimpse of the person stripping him as well as the person who had just sucked on his dick and was shocked to see Andy, who looked all of 11, maybe even 10 years old, sitting naked across his legs smiling at him. Frank was frozen, unblinking, mouth hanging open, staring at the naked young girl on him.

Andy, for her part, was fully enjoying the shock on Frank’s face. While he was staring, she looked up his body, from his slightly hairy stomach, which hid his well-defined abs, to his incredibly hairy chest, which hid his well-defined pecs, up to the look of shock on his face. She leaned forward and but her hands at the bottom of his stomach, sliding her hands up through his hair and over his muscles, feeling how strong this man really was. She slid her hands over his abs, over his chest, and up to his shoulders. She then looked up into his eyes again, only to see him still staring in shock. She slid her hands up the side of his neck, onto his cheeks, and leaned in to kiss him. She lightly brought her lips to his mouth and kissed his upper lip. She kissed the lip a few times, but only to feel nothing in return from Frank. She pulled back with a mix of disappointment and anger on her face to see that Frank was still staring in shock at her. She actually smiled at this, as she took it to mean he was in lust and shock. However, he needed to recover if she was to do anything with him. “Kiss me,” she ordered, looking straight into his eyes. The voice seemed to jolt Frank out of his funk, at least to some extent. Andy leaned in to kiss Frank again, and was pleased to feel him kissing her back, even brushing his tongue along her lips. Andy responded by sticking her much smaller tongue into his mouth, allowing the two tongues to dance in his mouth.

Frank was still in shock. While hearing the girl’s voice had driven a response from him, it was not because he was jolted out of his state of shock. Rather, Frank was still deep in shock and had no idea what to do. Thus, when Andy had told him to kiss him, he simply followed directions. His mind was still trying to process what was going on. This young girl, who looked younger than his daughter, was naked, on him, and he was naked, and she clearly wanted to engage in sexual activities with him! Frank would never admit it, but he was more attracted to this young girl than any other woman he had ever been with. Since she first stripped down and ate her friend in front of him, showing off her hairless and tiny cunt lips and tiny asshole to his hungry eyes, he had been entranced with her. Frank lost his virginity when he was eighteen, and had only slept with two other girls before getting married, and had never slept with someone other than his wife since. Though he and his wife still had a decent sex life, it was nothing exceptional. Also, his house had always been very conservative, so he had not seen his daughter naked since she was four. This young girl on him was completely forbidden to him, someone he in no way should be involved with, but both of these, combined with how different a girl she was to anything he had ever had before, only furthered his inner desires for her. However, Frank was not thinking about any of this – it was all subconscious. He was merely focusing on kissing the girl as she had told him to.

After a few minutes, Andy pulled back from the kiss, smiling at Frank, who was just staring back at her. She was enjoying his shock. She slid her body up on his legs, until his dick was pressing up against her stomach and her cunt was over his hairy balls. She giggled as the coarse hair tickled her naturally hairless cunt. Andy looked down at his dick pointing up her stomach. She brought a hand over and pressed it tight into her stomach, which caused a couple spasms in it, which she enjoyed. She then looked up at Frank again and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you!” There was no response from Frank, he just kept staring at her face. Andy giggled at his shock. She then looked down and raised her hips up a bit, leaned forward, and pushed his dick lightly between her young cunt lips. She paused here to look back up at Frank, only to be disappointed that he was still staring at her face, rather than their soon to be conjoined genitals. “Watch,” she ordered. Andy watched as his eyes looked down to where his dick was pressing into the young girl’s cunt, with no change in his shocked expression as he did so. Andy giggled at her control over this man. But she didn’t giggle for long, she wanted to fuck him!

Andy lowered her eyes to her own cunt, but realized she couldn’t see much, so she just looked back up at Frank’s face. Then, with her eyes on Frank, she slammed her body all the way down on his dick. This hurt far more than Andy expected, as Frank’s dick was much wider than the carrots she had practiced with. However, she made it through the pain without ever closing her eyes, as she wanted to watch Frank, which paid off in the end, as she watched his eyes go wide as she slammed her body down on them. She slowly started lifting her body and lowering it on his dick, as she did this, Frank slowly lifted his head to look this young girl in the face again. Frank was staring in shock, but if he could have noticed details, he would’ve noticed that, while smiling, the young girl had a couple tears going down her face from the pain of having real sex for the first time, especially when she was so young and tight. However, Andy did not care about the pain, she wanted to be mature and to have sex, so she continued sliding up and down Frank’s dick, which was getting less and less uncomfortable as she went. After some time had passed, she was actually beginning to get pleasure from it. As this change came on, she leaned in and kissed Frank again, who kissed back without being ordered to this time. If Frank had been more aware of what was going on, he would’ve tasted the salty tears at the corner of Andy’s lips. Andy, meanwhile, grabbed both of Frank’s hand and placed them on her tiny ass cheeks as she kissed him and rode his cock. Her ass cheeks were actually much smaller than his hands, so she had to bring his palms slightly on her sides while Frank curled his fingers into the crack of her ass, lightly brushing her tiny anus. Andy and Frank continued fucking while he grabbed her ass and she kissed him.

Meanwhile, changes had occurred directly around Andy and Frank. As soon as Frank had been pulled away from Pam’s tits, Jack took full advantage of the opportunity of having his sister to himself. He pulled her body down lightly until she had room to lie down and spread her legs. Then he wasted no time positioning himself between her legs, aiming his dick at her very wet cunt and pounding it straight in as far as he could go, drawing moans from both siblings.

Evan and Erin heard these moans from Jack and Pam and looked to see what they were doing. They were shocked not only to see Jack’s penis inside his sister’s vagina, but also to see a young girl that looked younger than Erin bouncing on their now-naked dad’s dick. Both were happy to see that their dad was finally having fun like everyone else in the room! However, they quickly moved on and focused on Pam and Jack. They watched in astonishment as Jack’s dick (which seemed very large to them, though not as large as others in the room) started to slide in and out of his sister’s pussy.

Erin was the first to break from her entrancement of the scene before them, and tapped her brother’s shoulder to get his attention. Evan slowly turned his head away to face his sister. Erin just looked at him and nodded. Understanding it completely, Evan was even more shocked at this nod than from watching Jack and Pam. He froze momentarily, but soon got on his knees and backed up, allowing Erin room to lie down, which she actually did parallel to Pam’s body on the other side of her dad. As soon as she spread her legs like Pam’s, Evan positioned himself above her, aiming the tip of his skinny dick at her tight hole. Having not seen Jack enter Pam initially, he wasn’t sure what to do here. With Evan pausing, Erin soon took control, grabbed her brother’s penis, and slowly pushed it into her. When about an inch was in, she let go, reached around and grabbed her brother’s ass, and pulled it slowly down onto her until his whole penis was inside her and they could both feel each other’s light fuzz of pubic hair tickling the other.

If Erin had known more about sex, she probably would’ve been surprised that taking her first penis, or object of any kind, into her vagina didn’t hurt at all. The reason for this was that there was already a sizable hole in her hymen, and Evan’s dick being so skinny, it slid through without problem, nor with tearing the rest of her hymen. She did, however, feel some light agitation as he began thrusting up and down into her, as his dick rubbed against her hymen, slowly stretching it. However, she barely felt this pain as she was focused entirely on how good his dick felt in her.

Evan, on the other hand, was astounded immediately at the incredible feelings he was getting from his dick as soon as he had pushed it into his sister’s pussy. In fact, had he not cum earlier, he definitely would have shot off as soon as he entered her. As it was, he was still very close to cumming again, though, having cum for the first time in his life earlier, he didn’t know that. He just felt a feeling build and naturally thrust his hips quicker and quicker into his sister. In less than a minute from when he started, he pushed his dick as hard as he could into his sister and felt as his 12 year old cum erupted from his dick into his twin sister’s pussy, moaning while it happened.

Erin, meanwhile, had very little idea what was going on. She had no idea there was even such a thing as cum before her brother exploded on her hand earlier. If she had not seen that, she would have guessed that the feeling inside her was her brother peeing in her! However, she wasn’t really worrying about what was happening inside her, she just felt her insides suddenly fill with a deep warmth, and suddenly felt like she herself was going to pee! Not wanting to pee in front of all these people, she tried to hold it in. Unfortunately for her, her brother, being so young, remained hard after he came, and soon began thrusting into her again. She didn’t understand why, but suddenly she had to pee even more. As the feeling grew, she tried to squeeze her legs together, but her brother was in the way. When that didn’t work, she tried twisting her hips back and forth trying to hold it in. Finally, after she thought she could take it no longer, she tried to push up against her brother’s chest, trying to push him out of her. However, as she pushed up, Evan thrust one last time down and in before stopping with Erin’s hands against his chest. That last thrust was enough to send Erin over the edge! She screamed out loudly as her body began trembling violently and she felt what she thought was pee explode out of her, but was actually her own sex juices from the first orgasm of her life, which ended up being a very strong orgasm as she had tried to hold it back for so long.

Evan, hearing the scream and watching his sister’s body tremble as well as feeling an explosion of wetness around his dick, thought he had somehow hurt her, and was suddenly really worried. He watched as she continued shaking for about half a minute. The convulsions started to slow down, and eventually stopped. After her body stopped, Erin took a few deep breaths and then opened her eyes to see her brother’s worried face looking down at her. Evan, thinking he had hurt his sister, whispered, “Sorry.”

Erin smiled and pulled her brother closer down on top of her and whispered back, “Don’t be! That was the best feeling I ever had in my life!” Evan smiled, and was thankful that he had not hurt his sister. He kissed his sister on the lips, then let his body weight rest on his sister, lying on top of her and resting with her, both in an unbeknownst post-orgasmic bliss.

While Evan and Erin calmed down, Erin’s scream, had various effects around the room, as all heads (except Mary and Brit) had turned to her due to the volume of her scream, and continued watching as she obviously had a very intense orgasm.

First, right next to Erin, her dad and Andy had turned their heads to watch as soon as they heard the scream. Andy didn’t let up in her riding, and was enjoying the scene. Frank, however, had frozen and watched the whole scene until they stopped fucking and laid on top of each other. As he saw them laying there, he suddenly realized that his son must have cum in his daughter and became fearful about her getting pregnant! Then he realized he was fucking a young girl that he might be getting pregnant!

Despite this fear, Andy suddenly felt his dick bulge inside of her, leading her to believe he was turned on by what he saw (which he was, though only subconsciously). As such, Andy sped up bouncing on his dick. Frank suddenly turned to Andy, and grabbed her sides, trying to stop her, stating, “We can’t do this!”

Andy, not liking being forced to stop, started shifting her hips back and forth so she was still moving his dick inside her and asked, “Why?”

Frank could have lowered his hands to his hips and stopped Andy completely from riding him, but he left his hands on her sides while she continued shifting her hips while they talked. “I could get you pregnant.”

Andy just laughed in response to this, which confused Frank enough that his grip on her sides loosened and she began fully bouncing on him again as she responded, “You can’t get me pregnant! I haven’t had my period yet!”

Frank was shocked by this last comment, though he really should not have been. A girl who barely looked eleven was fucking him, she clearly wasn’t physically mature, why should she have had her period yet? In his mind though, Frank clearly got turned on, despite how hard he tried to deny it. Somehow, he had developed an attraction for young girls. Perhaps it came from his never having been with one or having seen one when he was that age, or not having any sexual experience with girls until he was 18, or his limited sexual experience, or perhaps it was a subconscious attraction to his daughter. Whatever the reason for it, his attraction, conscious or not, was clearly there, and this girl saying she had not gotten her period yet was too much for him. Without warning, he suddenly exploded in Andy, experiencing the most intense orgasm he had ever felt.

Andy had been building up slowly, and had gotten increasingly turned on watched Evan and Erin. Frank’s cum filling her insides up set her off, and, rather than moaning, she leaned forward and hugged Frank, burying her face in his neck, lightly biting him to keep back from screaming. As she came down, she felt Frank’s cum leaking out of her around his dick, and she pulled her head away from his neck a bit and rested it on his shoulder, resting one hand down near Frank’s ass, the other on his opposite shoulder. Frank, not knowing what else to do, put an arm around the young girl on his shoulder, and leaned his head against hers on his shoulder. The two remained in this position for some time to come.

Meanwhile, next to Frank and Andy, Jack and Pam had also heard Erin’s scream and turned to watch her, though Jack didn’t slow down pounding into his sister while they looked aside. He watched as Erin convulsed on the ground in orgasm, wondering to himself what it would have been like to fuck his sister at their age. While he had never done anything with his sister since the ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ when she was ten and he was eight, that didn’t stop him from thinking about her as he was going through puberty. He hadn’t seen naked boobs until he was 14, and didn’t get his first blowjob and lose his virginity until he was 16, yet here were two twins losing their virginity to each other at 12! He was not only very jealous of them, but also turned on, and began pounding harder as he watched Erin convulse in orgasm.

Pam, on the other hand, could barely see the two kids from where she was laying, but that didn’t stop her from trying. While Erin was completely obscured from her view with Frank and Andy in the way, she could still see Evan, and watched as his body shook from the force of Erin’s orgasm. She then watched Evan lean down to, she assumed, kiss his sister, then saw the top of his body as he lay on top of her. This sight, combined with the increasingly hard thrusts from her brother, served to make Pam wetter. She laughed lightly at the thought of the two kids, announcing to her brother, “I think we created a couple of monsters!”

Jack momentarily paused when he heard this, realizing what she was saying. Those kids were copying them! Evan and Erin wouldn’t have fucked if they hadn’t! The thought turned Jack on, making his dick twitch in Pam’s cunt (which did not go unnoticed by Pam). Jack responded, “Lucky them!” He then resumed his thrusts with increased speed.

Jack was quickly reaching orgasm, but didn’t want to do so alone, so he started a trick he learned from his wife: he began thrusting in circular directions into Pam’s cunt, first thrusting against the right wall of her cunt, then against the top, then the left, then the bottom, then the right, and so on. Pam had not been expecting this, and the attention to all sides (especially when he was trying to thrust against her bottom) soon had her quickly approaching orgasm. After going around the cycle a few times, Jack felt himself ready to burst, thrust one last time pushing as hard as he could against the bottom of her cunt as he began spurting inside his sister. This last thrust set Pam off as well, so that she began her orgasm simultaneously with her brother, and both continued to get off as Jack continued to shoot off inside her, each burst getting Pam to a higher level of orgasm, making her cunt continue to tighten around her brother’s dick.

As Jack came down, so did Pam. After both had calmed down a bit, Jack, who had closed his eyes upon orgasm, opened his eyes to see his sister’s face below him smiling and staring back up. Pam whispered, “Well, that was fun!”

Jack laughed and responded, “Sure was! We waited way too long for that!” Pam just smiled back. Jack then laid his head down on his sister’s shoulder, much as Evan had done to Erin, and calmly laid on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him.

The last two people who really took note of Erin’s scream were Ace and Turn, who were still getting handjobs from Sha’dasia. Sha’dasia had really stopped focusing on the hand jobs by this time, focusing most her effort on the small dick and balls in her mouth, as well as shifting her hips to get as much pleasure as possible from the dick in her cunt, as well as the fat one in her ass. However, Sha’dasia noticed as both Ace and Turn stared at Erin as she screamed out in orgasm, and then realized she had practically forgotten about them. She immediately resolved to fix that problem, knowing she wasn’t the solution. She did a quick glance around the room with her eyes, and suddenly gave a small laugh while having Bend’s dick and balls in her mouth, causing him to moan from the vibrations. She pulled her head off of his dick for a bit, and let go of Ace and Turn’s dick with her hands, patting each one on the stomach to get their attention and motioning them to bend and listen to her. They both bent in, and Sha’dasia began whispering to them. As she whispered, they began to smile, and briefly looked towards Mary and Brit, still eating each other out. Sha’dasia soon motioned for them to go with a nod of her head, and she watched as the two boys headed over to the two young girls. While still watching, she leaned in and took Bend’s dick and balls back in her mouth, this time grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him into her face, while still keeping the corner of her eye on Ace and Turn. Bend, while enjoying the sensations on his dick, was curious as to what his two friends were doing, and continued to watch what they were doing, as did Flip.

Ace and Turn had quietly walked over to Mary and Brit, Ace to the side with Mary’s young cunt, Turn to the side with Brit’s. Mary and Brit were completely engrossed in eating each other out, and actually had their eyes closed, so they didn’t know what was going on other than that each one was approaching another orgasm, as they’d both gotten each other off multiple times already. Ace sat on the ground in a puddle of Mary’s juices, spread his legs to either side of her, and aimed his dick towards her pussy hole, which was just visible below Brit’s head. Turn kneeled with slightly spread legs to get his dick at the same height as Brit’s pussy hole, which was visible just above Mary’s head. Both boys just sat there for more than a few seconds, waiting to follow the last step of the instructions they got from Sha’dasia.

Soon, both Mary and Brit began to moan around each other’s cunts. This was the sign. Ace and Turn looked at each other and smiled. The girls’ moans were increasing. Turn raised one hand, still holding his dick aimed at Brit’s pussy. He held three fingers up in the one hand. Then two. Then one. And when he lowered the last finger, both he and Ace shoved their dicks into their respective girls, taking both their virginities at the same instant. Both boys shoved in as far as they could and held their dicks inside the girls, enjoying the feeling of being inside their first pussies. The girls, however, immediately went over the edge and screamed out from an orgasm resulting from both pleasure and pain. As the girls’ screams lowered and they began breathing heavy and gasping for air, both boys began thrusting in and out of the girls, which extended the girls’ orgasms.

As the girls came down, they both tried to dive back into each other’s cunts. Mary was the first to do so, and she just tried to lick around the dick that was going into Brit’s pussy. She found it inconvenient, and didn’t like it as much, but didn’t think about doing anything to change it, she just accepted. When Brit tried to go back to licking Mary, she quickly got frustrated with the dick that was preventing her from gaining full access to her friend’s pussy. Unlike Mary though, she wasn’t willing to accept being blocked from her new favorite thing in the world. Without thinking twice, Brit grabbed Ace’s dick while he was thrusting out, pulled it all the way out, aimed it lower, and, with the help of Ace thrusting forward, shoved it, into Mary’s virgin ass. Mary screamed out in shock as she felt something penetrate her ass for the first time. Brit, in the meantime, dove immediately back into Mary’s sopping wet cunt, not noticing the blood from Mary’s torn hymen. Feeling Brit back on her cunt, Mary slowly calmed down, and began to adjust to the dick thrusting into her ass, and soon was actually enjoying it.

Turn, in the meantime, had no idea what had happened. He had been thrusting into Brit while enjoying Mary licking the cunt around his dick when all the sudden she stopped and began screaming. He had stopped thrusting when Mary screamed, but as she continued breathing, he decided to not worry about her and begin thrusting again. Eventually though, Mary wanted to go back to licking Brit’s pussy, and decided she would return the favor provided to her. Following the example exactly, she grabbed Turn’s dick as he was thrusting out, pulled it all the way out, aimed it at Brit’s asshole, and shoved it in, with the assistance of Turn thrusting forwards. As soon as Turn entered Brit’s anal cavity, she screamed much as Mary did, only she screamed directly into Mary’s cunt, rather than pulling her head away. This, combined with the thrusting in her ass, sent Mary off into yet another orgasm, during which she clenched her ass so tight that she stopped Ace mid thrust, as she became so tight he could not push in or out at all. The tightness around his dick nearly sent Ace off, but he didn’t want this experience to end yet, so he stopped moving, closed his eyes, bit his lip, and didn’t move for nearly a minute, trying successfully to hold back his orgasm.

Meanwhile, Turn watched all of this and suddenly understood why Mary had screamed earlier. He paused briefly when he heard Brit scream, but soon smiled and started thrusting hard into her ass. Soon, she got used to the feeling, and began focusing on Mary’s cunt again. Mary was coming down from her orgasm as she felt Brit begin on her again. She opened her eyes and was about to begin licking Brit again when she saw the blood from her broken hymen dripping out. Mary paused for a second, momentarily disgusted, but then her sex drive overwhelmed her and she not only dove back into Brit’s cunt, but actually licked the path of virgin blood that was leaking from it. After this, Brit and Mary continued to eat each other out while Turn and Ace continued to thrust into their respective asses.

Elsewhere in the room, Beth was moaning out in orgasm as she rode Mike’s cock in her ass while Quince continued pounding his huge dick into her cunt, which had by now adapted to the size of it. It was her second orgasm while riding them like this, and Mike and Quince were still going strong, having each cum once already. As she came down, she felt her pussy walls stretched out and now easily adapting to the thick cock now in it. She had long since forgotten about everything else in the world and was focused solely on getting the sexual pleasure she had so long denied herself. After riding Mike’s cock in her ass for a little longer, she decided she wanted more.

She very suddenly stopped riding, and told Quince to wait a second. She then pulled herself up and back, letting Mike’s hard dick pop out of her ass. As she backed her hips up, she guided Quince forward with her hips, never letting him slip out of her. When she got to where she wanted to be, she leaned forward, resting her body on Quince, and reached down to grab Mike’s dick. She stayed there for a few moments, during which Quince met Mike’s eyes for the first time since they began fucking the same girl, and they exchanged looks of confusion. Then, without warning, Beth took a deep breath, pushed Mike’s dick right next to Quince’s, eliciting a “What the fuck!?” from both of them. But before they had time to say anything more, Beth pushed her hips down while trying to pull Mike’s dick up into her, and she forced his dick in her cunt below Quince’s. When she got Mike’s dick as far in her as she thought she could, which left about an inch and a half outside her cunt, she stopped and just absorbed the feeling of the two cocks in the same hole. During this break, Quince and Mike again looked at each other, though very briefly. This time, they quickly and awkwardly looked away as soon as their eyes met, both having never touched another man’s dick before, let alone with their own dick. Neither knew what to do with the situation. That quickly end though as Beth announced, “What are you waiting for? Fuck me!”

Mike immediately snapped his head towards the back of hers and began thrusting into her, willing to do just about whatever he was told. He was surprised at how good it felt, and soon began thrusting his hips up quickly.

Quince, who wasn’t as willing as Mike was at the start, was also surprised at how good it felt as Mike’s cock moved up and down in the same hole he was in. Focusing on the feeling, Quince blocked everything else from his mind, and began thrusting into Beth. At first, he thrust at the same time as Mike, but found this didn’t provide much pleasure, so he changed to thrust opposite Mike, so that as Mike pulled out, he pushed in, and vice versa. This provided not only more sensation as the cocks rubbed against each other, but also allowed each dick to go in deeper, as they both were not up there at the same time.

Beth enjoyed feeling completely filled with both cocks inside the same hole. The feeling was great when Mike began thrusting, and she quickly began breathing deeply and gasping for air. When Quince began moving at the same time, it actually did not feel as good to her, and she calmed down a bit. However, when Quince changed his pace to be opposite Mike’s, the opposite motion on the front and back walls of her cunt brought her quickly towards an orgasm. The motion against each other in such a tight space was also bringing Mike and Quince to orgasm as well, both forgetting their initial disgust to the idea.

It did not take long for Beth to throw her head back and scream out in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Quince felt a couple squirts on the top of his dick, and took it as a sign to speed up, despite the fact that Beth’s cunt had tightened around both dicks as she orgasmed. Mike felt Quince speed up and followed suit. The combined added speed extended Beth’s orgasm for some time. Eventually, her screams lowered, and she slowly came down from her orgasm, though Mike and Quince were quickly approaching their own inside of her. In fact, not half a minute after she came down, Mike began moaning and Quince announced, “I’m gonna cum!” However, his words were followed by someone else’s:

“I want more!”

The words were ignored by Mike and Quince, who were literally on the brink of orgasm, but they were heard by Beth. She looked ahead to see her daughter, whom she had completely forgotten about during the course of her activities with Mike, and later Quince. Alyssa was sitting naked not far in front of her, smiling at her mom while watching her take two penises in her vagina. Alyssa, who had stayed mostly quiet for quite some time while playing with Quince’s cum that he had earlier sprayed on her, now had very little left. There were traces of some left over and dried on her, but most had spread out over a large wet spot on the floor, and Alyssa wanted more to play with.

However, that was not the thought that entered Beth’s mind when she saw her daughter. Rather, she realized what she was doing for the first time during this whole affair, realized there were two dicks in her about to cum, and, reminded by her child in front of her, suddenly remembered that neither had protection, and that she hadn’t used birth control in years.

Beth started to pull up off the two dicks, but it was too late. Quince screamed, “Yessss!” while Mike moaned louder, and both guys shot their first squirt of cum into Beth’s cunt at the same time. Before another shot could get off though, Beth had pulled herself up, and pulled both dicks towards her daughter. Mike and Quince were equally shocked at the sudden cold air on their dicks, but moved their bodies to follow the direction their dicks were pulled. When they were aimed at Alyssa, Beth jerked their dicks and milked them for all they were worth. This was all done fast enough that the third and all subsequent squirts were landing on Alyssa, who was laughing and enjoying the cum shower. Both men, having cum once before, shot smaller loads than they had before. However, Quince’s, which was still as thick as it was before, coated Alyssa’s hair in white, while Mike’s while not as thick, shot mostly into Alyssa’s neck and face, one shot even landing in her laughing mouth, which just made Alyssa laugh harder.

When both men finished cumming, Beth let go, backed up against the wall, and leaned back in a daze. Mike and Quince quickly followed suit, one sitting on either side of Beth. All had different thoughts running through their heads.

Quince was shocked that he had allowed another man’s dick to touch his, even if it was inside a vagina, even more shocked that he had enjoyed it, and yet more shocked that the woman he was fucking pulled him out of her so he could cum on her 7 year old daughter.

Mike, while feeling some of the same shock Quince was feeling, was more amazed by the woman he had just finished fucking. She seemed like a shy, caring mother when they had come into the room, only to find her to be a wild sex fiend ever since. His thoughts were solely focused on how to hook up with this woman if and when they got out of this room.

Beth, meanwhile, was worried and trying to put together what just happened. Two men just came in her, albeit briefly, and she was completely unprotected. What should she do if and when she got out of this? Alyssa has wanted another brother or sister for a couple years now, but this is not how she planned on getting her one. She also couldn’t afford one right now. Should she get a morning-after pill just in case? Or should she let Alyssa have the sibling she has wanted? But then who would the father be? Obviously, she would know when the baby was born – dark-skinned baby would be Quince’s, light-skinned baby would be Mike’s. All of these questions, and many more, ran through Beth’s mind as she was left Beth in her own little world against the wall.

This spectacle did not go unnoticed in the room.

Brian had been fucking Rose’s ass for awhile now. He had felt himself on the verge of cumming a couple of times already, but always slowed down when he felt it, as he wanted to cum at the same time as Rose, who, while finding pleasure in her ass, was not getting to the point of orgasm from it since that first orgasm where she had rubbed her clit to get off. They both had turned their heads to look at Beth when they heard her scream in orgasm. However, it wasn’t until she had come down from the climax and subsequently pulled off of the two guys that they realized she had had both dicks in her vagina. Shocked as they both were, they continued to watch as she jerked both men off on her daughter. Brian felt himself get very turned on watching this, and knew he was not going to be able to hold back this time. He slowed down to hold it off as long as he could while simultaneously bringing a hand down to her clit, quickly rubbing circles around it and tweaking it back and forth.

Rose had a lot of built up pleasure, and this attention to her clit was just what she needed to get off. Almost immediately upon contact, she began orgasming, and both she and Brian heard a quick squirt from her cunt splash on the floor. Brian, not realizing she was going to climax that quickly upon his touch, tried to speed up his thrusts to cum at the same time she was. He felt her ass clench when she hit her peak, and was feeling it loosen up again as he kept thrusting. Finally, as Rose was almost completely recovered, he began moaning, knowing he was about to cum in her ass.

But Rose had different plans.

As soon as she heard Brian moan, Rose pulled forward, and heard Brian’s dick pop out of her ass. Brian was in shock, and completely confused, but Rose quickly turned around and guided him the couple steps over to where Alyssa was sitting. She was facing the opposite direction, but Rose didn’t care, and she started furiously pumping Brian’s dick with her hand. Within seconds, Brian was cumming on the young girl’s back and hair.

When Alyssa felt the first shot hit her, she turned her head a bit to see what it was, and saw Brian’s dick shooting more cum on her. She immediately screamed, “Yay!” and quickly turned her head back around and bent it down, allowing his cum to hit her back and the back of her neck better.

Brian ended up shooting a large load of cum on the girl, larger than either Quince or Mike had shot on her, though his cum was less thick than either of theirs and was dripping down her back. He knelt in the same place for a bit after his last spurt, rollicking mentally in the intensity of the orgasm he had just experienced. When he finally felt well enough to move again, he just muttered aloud the word, “Christ!”

Rose laughed as she heard that, and pulled him back towards the wall they had been sitting against earlier. They both assumed the same positions they had before Rose had allowed Brian to fuck her ass: backs against the stacks of cardboard boxes, knees up, leaning into each other, Rose’s head on Brian’s shoulder. “Fun, huh?” Rose asked.

“That was incredible!” Brian replied, quickly adding, “You are incredible!” He pulled his head up to look down at her as he said that last line.

Rose raised her head to look at him and replied, “You’re not too bad yourself!” She then leaned up to kiss him briefly. After the kiss, she whispered, “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

“I’d like that,” was all that Brian could say. Rose then smiled and laid her head on his shoulder again, and he laid his head against hers, and the both of them watched the rest of the room.

At nearly the same time Brian was shooting his cum on Alyssa, Sha’dasia was screaming from yet another orgasm from the thick cock in her ass, the young cock in her cunt, and the tiny cock and balls in her mouth. Her scream around the cock in her mouth sent vibrations through Bend’s genitals, and he quickly gasped out, “I’m… gonna… cum!”

Sha’dasia, who had seen the prior incidents, immediately pulled her mouth off him and said, “Not here you don’t!”

Bend looked down at her shocked. He had no idea why she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth, after seeming to be so excited about everything sexual. But what he saw when he looked at her was Sha’dasia smiling up at him, followed by a quick twist of her head towards Alyssa. Bend looked over, and, understanding completely, smiled back at her, then stood up and quickly ran the few steps over to Alyssa, just in time to shoot cum on to the side of her head and shoulder. Bend’s cum was very loose, and quickly dripped down the side of her face and from her shoulder down her arm. What his cum lacked in thickness though, he made up for in quantity, completely covering the young girl’s shoulder and arm, and even some of her chest on that side.

Sha’dasia was watching Bend jerk off on the young giggling girl when she realized she wasn’t feeling any movement in her pussy or ass anymore. She looked down to see Flip, who had been fucking her pussy, staring open-mouthed at his friend cumming on the little girl. Sha’dasia laughed and called to him, “What are you waiting for?”

Flip quickly looked back at her, and Sha’dasia was smiling back at him, just like she had been smiling at Bend. And just like she had done with Bend, she twisted her head in the direction of Alyssa. Flip got a huge smile on his face and immediately pulled out and ran over to the front of the little girl. However, not on the edge of orgasm like those before him had been, he just stood there and jerked off, keeping his dick keeping it aimed at Alyssa’s face, who was now laughing and cheering so loud that everyone was staring at her.

Meanwhile, Sha’dasia had clenched her ass, and started raising and lowering her ass onto George’s thick cock while Flip tried to jerk off on Alyssa. As she felt the cock start to stiffen in her ass, she stopped moving and, staring up at the ceiling, asked, “You ready, old man?”

George just smiled below her and responded, “I think so.”

Sha’dasia pulled herself up, creating a very loud and squishy pop as the old man’s cock came out of her ass. As George got up to head over to the young girl, Sha’dasia took a seat cross-legged in the middle of the floor and brought one hand down to her cunt while the other went up to her enormous tits as she watched the little girl get a cum shower.

George, having looked over and seen everyone else cum on Alyssa, knew he wanted to as well. When would he ever have an opportunity to do something like this ever again? Probably never, so he planned to make the most of it. As he got to the girl, he pushed Flip, who was finally on the verge of cumming, towards her far side of her saying, “Sorry, this spot’s mine, kid!” George then knelt in front of her and took his thick cock in hand. Flip, who had been shocked at being pushed, but was too close to orgasm to argue, began shooting cum onto the hair and shoulder of the young girl, covering the opposite side his friend did. Flip’s cum, however, was thicker and whiter than Bend’s, and very slowly dripped down the girl’s arm.

Moments after Flip had started cumming, George had also. George aimed his first couple spurts at the young girl’s chest, covering one nipple in very thick, very white cum, while just missing the other. He then aimed lower, shooting the rest of his cum towards the young girl’s slit and the top of her thighs. George’s cum was so thick that most of it stuck wherever it hit, not dripping at all, and the few drips that did happen came in chunks, not in droplets. George also was shooting a lot, laying an immense load of cum on the young girl.

Having seen their two friends go over to the girl, and getting sick of being ignored by the two girls whose asses they were fucking, despite enjoying the feeling of it, Ace and Turn pulled out and walked over to Alyssa too, without the least reaction from Mary and Brit. With Bend still standing at one side, Flip cumming on the other, and George pouring cum all over the front of the cheering youngster, the two boys stood side by side angled at the girl’s back and began jerking off.

Ace, getting immensely turned on by the whole situation, was quickly approaching orgasm. As he shot his first load into the girl’s hair, Bend stepped back and away from the young girl, giving Ace more room. Ace took advantage of the room, and inched around to the side of the girl, constantly shooting into the girl’s hair, enjoying the thought of his cum stuck in her hair.

As Ace stepped aside, Turn centered himself on the young girl’s back, and kneeled. Then, feeling himself get close, he took a page from the book of George and aimed at the young girl’s tiny butt. His first shot just missed her butt crack, but he quickly adjusted, and the next shot hit directly at the top of her crack and dripped down inside. Alyssa clearly did not expect this, and the combination of the shock and the ticklish feeling it created caused Alyssa to jerk her butt up and laugh, which inadvertently caused her stomach to lightly hit George’s cock, which was still cumming in front of her. The result of this was a small wad of cum, one of the last to leave George’s cock, to shoot into the girl’s tiny navel. Turn quickly adjusted as Alyssa moved up, and shot cum on both the girl’s butt cheeks, which proceeded to drip down the back of her thighs.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the room, things had been heating up for awhile. Andy had long since pulled her head back from Frank’s shoulder, kissed him briefly, smiled at him (which he did not return, just sat there in shock), pulled herself back, lowered her body on his legs, and took Frank’s limp dick into her mouth.

Pam watched as Andy did all this, and decided to copy her exactly on her brother Jack, the only difference being that Jack, having also seen what Andy did, and knowing what was coming, got turned on enough to have a semi-stiff cock by the time Pam took it in her mouth.

Erin and Evan continued their pattern of following Pam and Jack, and Erin did exactly what Pam, and in turn Andy, had just done, only to Evan. The major difference here was that by the time Erin got Evan’s little dick in her mouth, it was as hard as it gets, through a combination of never going fully limp and getting aroused quickly from seeing everyone else.

The three girls had been sucking on their partners’ dicks for many minutes before Andy heard Beth’s scream and turned around to see her jerk Mike and Quince’s cocks onto the young girl. Afterwards, she had turned around and returned to sucking Frank’s now rock hard dick. The other two girls had no idea what was going on with Alyssa, as they were focused on sucking their partners’ dicks and facing the opposite direction, so they couldn’t see it. The three guys, however, had a full view of it all. Jack didn’t pay much attention to it, focusing more on his sexy though mature sister sucking him off. Frank, however, couldn’t help but imagine adding his cum to the collection of the rest of the cum on the young girl, making him both hotter and harder. Evan also got turned on watching it, though he was imaging cumming on his sister rather than the young girl who actually was getting it.

Andy felt Frank’s cock jerk and stiffen in her mouth at one point, though she did nothing special to make it happen, which confused her. She hadn’t sped up her movements, she wasn’t using her tongue, his cock just suddenly spasmed. Andy looked up, and saw Frank staring at something past her. She pulled her mouth off and turned around, and saw Flip, Ace, Turn, and George cumming on Alyssa from all sides, while Bend was only a couple steps away, clearly having just finished. Andy briefly forgot about Frank and watched as the skaters and George covered the girl in cum, and saw as Alyssa jerked up and bumped into the old man’s cock.

Andy watched the scene play out. After Alyssa bumped into George’s cock, the old man twitched, shot out one last spurt, and his body slumped onto his knees, apparently completely exhausted. The three skaters continued cumming, each reacting differently as they got towards the end of their orgasm. Flip was breathing heavily, gasping for air as he finished. Ace had been moaning while he had been shooting cum all over the girl, quieting down as he finished. Turn, meanwhile, was half laughing, half moaning as he came all over the young girl’s butt and the back of her thighs.

The three boys finished cumming at nearly the same time. When all three were done, they smiled at each other, and, with Bend, walked back to where they had initially been sitting when they first came into the room, only this time they sat there completely naked. They quickly began whispering to each other and laughing, also like they were doing when they first entered the room.

After the four skaters walked away, George finally got up and walked over to the chair he had been sitting in earlier, and sat down and leaned back in the chair, completely exhausted. Sha’dasia also got up and went over to Quince, sitting across his lap and kissing him. As George and Sha’dasia moved away, Alyssa got up, jumped around happily for a bit, and laughed as the cum dripped down or off of her.

When Andy saw everyone clear away from Alyssa, she finally turned back around to Frank, who was still staring at Alyssa, who was now standing and rubbing the cum around her. Seeing this, Andy just smiled, stood up, grabbed his hand, and tried to pull him up. Frank felt the pressure and looked to his arm and saw Andy pulling his arm. He maintained the same near-emotionless look of shock on his face that he had while staring at Alyssa. However, he did not have the effort to argue or resist, so he just stood up and followed as Andy dragged him over to Alyssa. When she got there, she got on her knees in front of him and started sucking his dick again.

Pam saw Andy and Frank get up, and pulled her head off her brother’s dick so she could turn around to see where they were going. What she saw was Andy sucking Frank’s dick in front of Alyssa, who was happily dancing while covered in cum. With the amount of cum on the girl, she made the assumption, and correctly so, that probably every other guy in the room had shot their load on her, and that Andy was going to have Frank do the same. Having seen that, Pam turned around and looked at her brother. She said nothing, but just raised her eyebrows in question towards him. In response, Jack smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Pam then smiled back, pulled up Jack, and brought him over next to Frank, aiming at Alyssa, and got on her knees in front of him to suck him off.

Moments later, Evan and Erin had assumed an identical position next to Jack and Pam, continuing to copy whatever they did.

The three females continued to suck their respective guys off for awhile, the whole time with Alyssa dancing and cheering behind them, constantly asking for more cum. The guys were all torn between watching the female sucking them off or the tiny girl dancing in cum.

Evan could not take all the action for long. Despite being the last guy to get over there, he was the first one to get off. Erin had been sucking him hard and fast, and was shocked to suddenly feel a squirt in her mouth. She immediately pulled away in a combination of shock and intent, but brought her hand up to keep jerking him off. Evan’s second spurt hit Erin’s neck, but after that, she had it aimed at Alyssa, and Evan’s watery cum landed all over the young girl’s stomach and hips, quickly dripping down her legs. This elicited further cheers from Alyssa.

Pam heard and saw Evan get off, and tried to get Jack off soon after. She suddenly started using her tongue on Jack’s cock, which she had hitherto held back from doing. She ran her tongue up and down the sides of the shaft while still sucking him, then ran her tongue around the area where the shaft meets the head, eventually focusing heavily on the underside of the cock head. Jack was already approaching orgasm, and the tongue brought him off quick. As Pam felt his cock stiffen more in her mouth, she immediately pulled off and began rapidly jerking her brother’s cock in the direction of the young girl. Alyssa caught on that he was about to shoot cum, so she stood in front of him. Mere seconds after she took her position, Jack began shooting all over the girl’s torso, completely covering her chest, including both nipples. His load was probably the thickest besides George’s, and stuck mostly to her chest, slowly dripping down.

Andy had seen the two other guys get off before Frank and became a bit angry that she was taking the longest to get her guy off. Trying to make up for it, she tried to speed up and take Frank deeper. Her head began rapidly moving back and forth on Frank’s dick, with it hitting the back of her throat every time she took him in. Feeling his dick hit the back of her throat, Frank looked down at the girl who was sucking him off for the first time since coming over. He was astounded that this girl who could possibly pass as an eleven year old was taking his dick to the point that she was making gagging sounds almost every time he went in. The sight of that, combined with the feeling, quickly brought him to orgasm, which, unfortunately for Andy, occurred when he was as deep in her mouth as he could go. The first spurt went straight down Andy’s throat, forcing her to pull off his dick and start gagging and coughing. Frank, meanwhile, took matters into his own hands for the first time. He grabbed his dick and aimed it directly at Alyssa’s face as quickly as he could. From mere inches away, he shot cum over her forehead, her closed eyes, her nose, and even her mouth.

When Frank finished cumming, he realized what he had just done, given a seven year old girl a facial, and immediately got disgusted with himself. He quickly went back to the wall where he had been sitting before, and slumped down against it. Much to his surprise, he soon felt Andy sit on his lap again and wrap her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. Pam and Jack were sitting next to each other on one side of Andy and Frank while Evan and Erin were, of course, sitting the same way on the other side.

This left everyone sitting except Alyssa, who was jumping and laughing and cheering and just having the time of her life being covered in cum, as well as Mary and Brit, who were still eating each other out. However, Brit soon noticed how quiet it was without any moaning or screaming (save for that coming from Alyssa), and noticed everyone else had stopped, and some of the people were staring at them while they finished up. Brit felt herself blush (though no one could tell as her face was already so red from all the sexual activity) and got off Mary and moved towards the wall they had been sitting against, with Mary quickly following suit.

With everyone sitting around and stopping all sexual activity (although still naked), everyone was able to see the results of their activity. There were a few small drips of male and female cum where Brian and Rose had been. There was a small puddle of female cum and a few shots of male cum off to the side around Beth. There were tiny splashes all around where Sha’dasia had taken Quince, as well as the other five guys. There was only a very tine puddle around Pam and Jack, nothing visible around Andy and Frank, and a long line of female cum around Evan and Erin. Then there was an enormous puddle where Mary had been, and a smaller one not far away where Brit’s pussy had been over Mary’s face. Finally, of course, there was the area towards the middle, a little closer to the side with Beth and Brian, where Alyssa was and had been, where there were many puddles and drips of cum all around.

Everyone had been sitting around for a couple minutes watching Alyssa play around while covered in cum, saying absolutely nothing, when they suddenly heard the following:

“Attention all mall patrons and employees. The situation that arose has been neutralized. We would like to thank you for your cooperation. We ask for your patience for just a little longer. In about five minutes, we expect to be ready to open the gates to the stores and allow all patrons to exit the mall. Employees are asked to stay until given the okay from security to leave. Again, an announcement will be made in about five minutes to open the gates to the stores. Please wait for this announcement to do so.”

This announcement drew shock out of all people in the room. All had long since forgotten about the shooting, having gotten lost in their lust and sexual frenzy. There was a brief moment of shock that passed over the room, broken by someone screaming, “Oh my god!”

All heads turned towards Beth, who was the one who screamed it. The scream was followed by a burst of movement as she rushed from where she was sitting to her daughter. Alyssa, who had stopped dancing to stare at the ceiling where she thought the announcement had come from, was still covered head-to-toe in cum. The rest of the room watched as Beth began licking her daughter’s face, trying to lap all the cum off.

Pam was the first to recognize what was going on. They all had to leave in five minutes, yet this woman’s seven year old daughter was covered in cum. Pam immediately rushed over, grabbed the young girl’s arm, and began licking the cum off of it. Sha’dasia quickly came over to lick off the other arm, though her desire was more to taste the mixture of all the cum rather than clean off the girl. Erin soon followed Pam, and Andy followed her, and each of the young girls went to the back of Alyssa and began licking off the back of her legs.

The other three girls took a little more time to think it over. Rose looked at Brian, who was staring in shock at the group of women licking the young girl. She actually came to like this guy, who had paid strict attention to her in this room during this whole ordeal when there were so many other females he could have hooked up with. She was now stuck between wanting to stay exclusive to him and not gross him out, but also help clean the girl and prevent trouble from bringing a seven year old girl covered in cum out into the mall. Dong so would involve licking the cum of many different men, as well as licking the body of a young girl. She decided it was more important to clean the girl before the store gate had to be opened, and whispered to him, “I guess I have to help, though I hope it is only your cum I’m tasting!” With that, she kissed Brian’s cheek, and went up and leaned over Erin and Andy to lick Alyssa’s back, which coincidentally had been where Brian had cum on her. Brian was blown away by Rose’s comment and began to get turned on thinking that she wanted to taste his cum.

Finally, there was Mary and Brit. These two girls had discovered a deeper interest in each other than they ever would have had this situation never occurred. Boys didn’t seem to matter to them anymore, and licking up cum seemed disgusting to them. They had watched their friend Andy go over, which surprised them, as they had completely missed what she had been doing with Frank, and they still thought she was the least mature of the three. They waited to go over until Rose did, as she was the last female besides them to do so. After Rose did though, they looked at each other, each waiting for the other to take the lead. Eventually, Brit shrugged her shoulders, and crawled over. She may not like guys, but that didn’t have to stop her from enjoying this. So Brit actually squeezed below and in front of Beth and began licking the cum off of Alyssa’s young hips and slit. Mary came over, and found room to get at the front of one of Alyssa’s legs, and worked her way up to share at licking the slit Brit was working on. While all the girls were licking Alyssa, she began laughing, giggling, and twitching, screaming out how much it tickled her.

The guys had just been sitting and watching in shock and awe as seven females of various ages licked their collective cum off of a seven year old girl. Brian was the one to break the shock. He had been watching, and since he had heard Rose’s comment, had been getting turned on. He soon looked down and realized that he was getting hard again. However, given that the situation was now ending, he was suddenly embarrassed by being naked in front of the crowd (though no one was really looking at him). Thus, he went over to his clothes that were thrown towards the corner and began getting dressed again. His movements attracted the attention of all the other guys in the room, and soon they were all getting dressed, while watching as the females licked various parts of the young girl, trying to get all the cum off of her, the whole while Alyssa still laughing and screaming about how much it tickled.

One by one, the girls backed off, until Beth was the only one still by her daughter, who was now covered in saliva rather than cum, with the exception of the girl’s hair. As the other females began getting dressed, Beth started rubbing her hands over her daughter’s body, trying to wipe off or rub in the saliva and whatever remnants of cum were still left over until Alyssa was practically dry. She then grabbed her daughter’s clothes and began dressing her, doing her underwear, pants, socks, and shoes first. Then she maneuvered some way to get the girl’s shirt over her head while holding her hair straight up, so little to no cum from the hair got on the shirt. However, once the shirt was on, she still had to hold the hair up, as letting it go would have gotten the shirt covered in cum. Brian saw the dilemma, and went looked through the stacks of boxes behind him, dug through one, and turned around holding a promotional baseball cap one of the movie companies had sent. He went up to give it to Beth, but instead of taking it, she just molded her daughter’s hair into a bun on top of her head, asking Brian to put the cap on over it. Brian pulled the cap on, which was way too big for the girl’s small head, thus allowing her cum-matted hair to fit inside it. Beth then thanked Brian and turned around to get dressed, only to see Mike holding her clothes for her. She smiled, and grabbed an article of clothing at a time and soon got dressed herself.

During this whole time, the only words spoken had been between Brian and Beth about the hat. No one else knew what to say, not even those that knew each other, like Quince and Sha’dasia, Mary and Brit, or Jack and Pam. As Beth, finished putting her shoes on, Brian finally walked over to the door of the back room they had occupied for so long. Rose followed him. He stopped at the door, and turned to look at Rose, who gave him a loving smile. Brian returned the smile, then turned to face the door again. With his hand on the handle, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. As he let it out, he opened his eyes and said, “Well, here we go!”

The second the door was opened, a cold breeze rushed into the back room, making Brian and Rose briefly shiver. When they stepped out, they were surprised at how fresh the air smelt. While in the back room, no one had noticed how hot the room had gotten, nor how much the smell of sweat and sex had permeated the room, though everyone noticed it the second they got out.

With people still walking out from the back room, the next announcement came on:

“All stores should now open their gates. Patrons should walk to the nearest exit. Employees please stay in your stores until asked to leave.”

Brian, hearing this, walked to the front of the store. He saw a couple stores across the hall already opening their gates. Following suit, Brian pulled out his key, unlocked the gate, and pulled it up.

Then he watched as everyone left, looking a little worse for wear from the incident with lots of disheveled hair, wrinkled clothing, and flushed faces.

He watched as Quince and Sha’dasia, the first to leave, put their arms around each other and walked away smiling.

He watched as Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn, walked out heading the opposite direction, the whole group laughing and giving each other a good shove every now and then.

He watched as Evan, Erin, and Andy left smiling, hearing Andy say, “We should hang out sometime!” Shortly behind them Frank followed, moving slowly and staring at Andy..

He watched as, at the same time, Mary and Brit left holding hands and heading in the opposite direction of Andy. He saw Andy turn around and look back at them, giving a big smile, but Mary and Brit didn’t turn to see it. He then saw Andy notice Frank staring at her, and gave him a wave, which he returned, though his expression of shock didn’t change.

He watched as George walked out right after Mary and Brit with a huge smile on his face, staring at them as he went.

He watched as Jack and Pam walked out whispering to each other and smiling, apparently acting like nothing unusual had happened.

He watched as Alyssa left, with Beth holding one of her hands and Mike holding the other. Alyssa started skipping in the hall, causing Mike and Beth to look at her, then each other, and they just smiled at each other.

Finally, it was just Brian and Rose. He turned to see her at the register and walked over to her. She turned around and gave him a torn piece of receipt paper with her number on it. “You know, you’re a pretty cool guy. Call me sometime!” Without waiting for a response, she began to walk out.

Brian looked down at the number and smiled. Then something on the counter caught his eye. “Rose!”

She turned around, about five feet outside the entrance to the store. Brian grabbed what was on the counter and tossed it to her. Rose caught it and looked down as he called out, “Here’s the DVD for your class! And I’ll definitely be calling you!”

Rose looked back at Brian and smiled, giving him a short wave before turning to leave. Barely was she out of sight before another announcement came on:

“All patrons should be leaving the mall now. Employees will be asked to leave as soon as the patrons have been cleared out.”

Brian heard this, but was more focused on Rose in his mind. All of the sudden, his smile changed to a frown and muttered, “Oh shit!”

Brian put Rose’s number in his pocket and ran to the backroom, unlocked it, went in, and came out carrying a couple jackets and some keys. As he was walking to the front of the store, his manager walked in.

“Interesting day, huh, Brian?” he asked. “Guess I picked a bad time for lunch. How’d everything go here?” Brian had just reached him as he finished speaking, and handed his manager his jacket and keys from the back room. His manager, a bit surprised said, “Trying to get out of here, huh?”

Brian tried to reply to all the questions, in no particular order. “Just thought I’d save you the time of getting it. But yeah, everything went fine here. Pretty boring really.” A small smile crept over his face as he finished saying that.

“Yeah?” his manager replied. Before Brian had time to reply, another announcement came on:

“All employees should lock their stores and leave the mall at this time. Repeat, all employees should lock their stores and leave the mall at this time.”

“Guess it’s time to go,” Brian’s manager said after the announcement ended.

“Yep,” replied Brian. And with that the two walked out, pulled down the gate, and locked it, then walked off in opposite directions.

“See ya tomorrow, Brian,” his manager called out.

“Yeah, see ya,” he replied, wondering what his manager would have said if he had actually gone into the backroom.

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most break rooms have security cameras. the manager is in for a surprise

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Hi Storygal, don't know if you still monitor your posts, just wanted to say , wow, just fucking wow!! It all flowed, literally , how you kept it all together was magical, quite the most phenomenal post I've ever read , the only bit I didn't like was the Alyssa character, it was too much for me , no mother would do that, but under those circumstances ! Once again wow, wish you'd post more. Thanks Luvsalik xx

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I read this years ago, I was probably 17 years old, but it remains the best story I've ever read. Great job, StoryGal. All your stuff is great.

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