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They rape them, torture them and blackmail them, but it is not only the male of the family that do it.
He caught me. I was more than petrified he swore he would tell mum that he had caught me giving a blowjob to one of the boys from my college if I didn’t obey him.

I caught my mum kissing another man yesterday and I knew exactly hat I wanted from her, god this is going to be so much fun.

I hate her so much, she treats me like shit, I wonder what she would feel if I made her eat her own shit off my dick, I laughed at all the things I would do to her in the coming weeks.


I walked into the bathroom knowing my daughter would be there; this is her first day of slave training and I intend to make her suffer. I watched her shower, rubbing the soap around her 34D size breast, I wanted as the jumped at contact and how the glistened in the shower water. I could feel my groin tighten at all the tasks I could do with her, but I have to pace myself, i don't want to make all this go away too quickly. I slowly and quietly slid out my clothes and placed them neatly on the tiled ground and walked casually into the shower. She turned around in shock and looked at me in immediate fear, i smirked and said against her ear

"Turn around and continue!" she looked at me in fear and said

"Dad could you please get out!" I stepped closer to her and cornered her into the wall and watched as the water rolled down the valley of her breast, she covered up herself from my view. I laughed and turned her round pushing her against the wall and gently stroked her bum. It was nice and firm and tender in all the right places, i smiled as she began to cry. I let my hand wander up her body as i massaged her breast in a gentle manner, she cried hardened and stammered out

"Please dad not this!" I smirked and began kissing her neck and whispered

"Shut up you whore, do as i say or regret ever crossing me!" she shut up immediately, i laughed and turned her around to face me, she shook in fear as i looked at every aspect of her teenage body. She was 18 and legal to have sex but her mother was dead set against, till this day she think her daughter has had no sexual experience, i laughed and said slightly amused by her babyish antics

"Don't cry you will enjoy some of it!"

I slowly reached for her breast and began massaging them again in a teasing manner, she cringed at my touch so I flicked her nipples and leaned forward licking the sides of her face, she shivered as I did this so I went lower and began kissing and licking her breast, she cried harder as I took a nipple into my mouth and began sucking them and biting them, I laughed and used one hand to reach down below and pinched her clit, she groaned in agony and said breathlessly

“Please stop!” I laughed and slowly plunged my finger into her hole, nice and tight, I pumped my fingers fast, I continued in a fast and rough pass until I heard her let out a strangled moan and collapsed to the floor, I laughed and said

“Keep your mouth shut!” and I walked out listening to her cry her eyes out

Chapter Two - Mum's Turn

Everyone had gone out and it was only me and my mum, I smirked at the thought. I knew she was anxious about what I wanted to do about the situation. I walked through the halls of my house and saw that she was in the kitchen fixing lunch. I walked behind my mum and she still did not notice my presence. I was taller than her now; being 19 gives you great height. I watched as she cut the cucumber she had in her hand and saw that it wouldn’t be a good idea to fuck her since she had a knife in her hand. I smirked and said kindly

“I’ll cut that for you mum!” she jumped slightly startled and smiled in thanks. I took the knife from her and smirked at her, she looked slightly confused so I pressed the knife against her shirt and said pressing my body against hers

“Time to redeem yourself mum!” I cut through her shirt forcefully and watched as she began to panic. I looked at her form in lust. Massive breast, she was slim and had a beautiful body with nice full hips. I ripped away her bra and dropped the knife and hiked her skirt and carried her onto the desktop

“Please, I beg you anything else but this!?” It angered me, she wanted to fuck another man but not me, I dragged her down by her hair and dragged her along the hitched floor and went to a draw where the wooden spoon was kept, and I continued to drag her into the front room and said

“Stand up and touch your toes!?” she shook her head, I frowned at her disobedience and slapped her face, she dropped to the floor in mere shock, I laughed and began pulling away the rest of her clothes leaving her pitiful and naked on the floor. I walked out the room to the kitchen where the duck tape was kept and grabbed a rope and walked back into the front room to see her still crying. I rolled my eyes and knelt down and forcefully grabbed her head and held her still so I could put the duck tape on her mouth, her eyes widened in fear as I did so, I slowly took the rope and tied it around her neck and then pulled her hands behind her back and used the same rope to tied her hands, she began to cry and mumbled things that I couldn’t hear. I looked at her body in wonder and began playing with her breast; she stilled quickly and watched as I played with her body in delight. I slowly bent down and began sucking on them, she made a small noise, and I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to her. I continued sucking on each nipple with pure force until they began pure red, I laughed and began nibbling at them watching her squirm beneath me made me laugh; she looked like a stupid whore. I watched bit into her left nipple violently and watched as I teeth marks embedded into her skin. I could feel my groin grow hard. I began to take off my clothes and watched as her eyes widened as she saw my member shine with all its glory in her face. I looked over her body and sat in-between her legs and slowly slipped my fingers into her cunt, she groaned so I pushed harder making sure she knew who was in control. I began finger fucking her at a furious pace, she was backing and moaning, I could feel all her scented liquid grace their presence on my finger tips. I slowly positioned my self at her entrance and pushed with all my might, I wanted her to feel pain more than pleasure. I laughed as I saw her eyes widen and heard her scream into the gag. I pushed as far as possible and sighed at the pleasure of her walls wrapping around my cock. I shoved all the way into her until my public hair touched her own, I pulled back all the way, groaning in pleasure and slammed back into her, she groaned and stilled due to the sudden pain. I kept going for an hour and she was weeping because I forced her to have three orgasms, I untied her and said still lying over her

“Now mother give me the same kiss you were giving your lover!? she seemed hesitant so I position myself skilfully into her entrance and pushed, she groaned and nodded, I slowly moved the duck-tape and leaned forward and began kissing her, she reluctantly kissed back and gasp as I pulled away giving her one more good fucking. She lay there like a dead doll and looked away from me, I smirked and stiffened when I felt myself wanting to come, I quickly pulled out of her and stood over her face and said

“Here I come mum!? She screeched as I exploded on her face

Chapter Three - Melanie's Turn

It was midnight and everyone was sleeping except me. I laughed at what I was going to do. I have been watching my sister for months now and now I finally had the courage and leverage to do what I wanted with her. I especially wanted to fuck her mouth. I walked quietly into her room and turned off her lamp light and stood at her beside. I threw of my pyjamas and started to feel out my 16 year old sister’s form. I instantly hit the jackpot, my hand were on her breast and they felt so beautiful and soft, I snickered and stuck my finger in her mouth to see if her mouth was open as usual when she slept, I smirked hen I got my answer. I Slowly positioned my dick for her mouth and pushed in hearing her let out an chocked gasp, I could feel her try to resist my chock and I could tell she was scared but that didn’t matter, I relentlessly fucked her mouth in fury and anger hoping she was hating this and hurting, I groaned in pleasure as I fucked her mouth, the sensation was wonderful to a 13 year old boy like me. I didn’t stop and I didn’t want to. She began smacking my thigh at an attempt for me to stop, I smirked and began fondling her breast in a violent was and felt her nipples grow erect under my touch. I laughed and said

“Sis, if you don’t stop, I’m going to tell the whole school you gave your couch heads!”
she began chocking, I pushed my five inch cock further and felt her squirm, I let her breathe for air and said

“Were not finished continue!” she hesitantly did so, but she knew she had no choice. She gave me the best blow job ever and didn’t stop, she licked, sucked and moaned like a professional, I played with her breast which were a B size and said

“You are my sex slave and you have to do what I said before I spread the pictures of what you did!” she began to cry and sniff, I laughed and felt myself about to come, I grabbed her hair and pushed her forward, making her gag and shot my load down her throat; I held her in place and said

“Drink all of it!” she did so and collapsed on the bed. I walked out of the room and laughing silently making sure not to wake the house.

The morning

Mum’s View

I can’t believe he did that to me. He humiliated me and raped me; his mother. I cried throughout the night silently praying that my husband wouldn’t find out. He seemed to out of it, so he could hear my cries. I laid there whilst my son fucked me and I knew it wouldn’t b the end of it, the only problem was did I want it to stop. It appalled me to know what he had done to me, it made me feel disgusted, he wanted to see my tears and see my cry and the worst thing was he came off on it

Naomi's View

My own dad abused my body like i was nothing, I can't believe he is doing this to me, i haven't done anything to deserve it, i hate him for what he is doing and he is enjoying it. When i saw his dick i wanted to fainted, it was big and thick and it looked like it had a pulse and was breathing. I cringed at the memory of it. What will I do now?

Melanie's View

I laid in my bed sobbing. I knew he hated me but not so much that he would blackmail me and make me feel like a cheap whore. His penis was big for his age though. I cringed as I licked my lips could still taste his cum on my tongue; it was gross. What would I do now, I knew I couldn't snitch and I knew the he would snitch the first chance he could get.

I sat wide awake at home by myself. I didn’t want to be on my own. Well I wasn’t but it’s not like I can go to talk my younger brother and sister and I didn’t want to go no where near dad. I quietly watched TV trying to forget what happened last week, it made me sick and it seemed that he was enjoying it. I jumped when I heard

“Melanie, I’ve been thinking of you!” I began o shake in fear as he took of his belt and laid it on the centre table. He smirked and walked in front of me blocking my view of the T.V and looked me over. I was only wearing a plain white T-shirt and jogging bottoms; he smirked and pulled me up by my hair. I winded at the force he applied and jumped when h hugged me close. I stood rigid not knowing what he was planning until I felt his hand snake down the back of my trouser and to the hem of my underwear. In quick movements he pushed me down swiping the lower half of my clothing. I covered my vagina in embarrassment and humiliation and he laughed and said

“Lie on the floor and open your legs!” I didn’t respond, I could feel tear fall from my eyes as he watched my body hungrily. I watched as he took his belt up and dragged me onto my knees and without warning lashed the belt across my back, luckily my clothes were still on because it didn’t hurt too much, he seemed to notice this and began wrestling of my top, I cried in horror as he began whipping me across my back not caring about marks or scaring, I screamed me he applied more forced behind his belt and whacked me firmly across the back, I fell to the floor trembling in pain, he watched me for a while and plied apart my legs and lowered his mouth to my pussy and began licking me. I could feel his wet tongue stroke my clit in a menacing manner, I shuddered which seemed to excite him and gasped when he used his teeth to pull at my clit, I could feel myself beginning to cum and cried in horror as my body betrayed me. He began sucking harder making my body moan and shake with uncontrolled pleasure, he suddenly probed my insides with his tongue and fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, I was gasping and panting trying to regain some self control when he grabbed my breast and began pinching them until I screamed out in an unwanted frenzy of pleasure, he stood back and watched me orgasm, he laughed and pulled down his trousers and said

“Your turn now!” I gaped when I saw how big and erect his dick was. It was at least eight inches and was thick. I moved back trying to escape him. He dragged me by my hair threw me in a seated position on the sofa and jumped on top of the sofa still standing and as I gasped he force his member into my mouth. I gagged at the taste and the feel of it. It felt that it was throbbing in my mouth. I began panicking when he thrust his hip forward blocking my air to breathe. He laughed and continued at a slow pace. He pushed his cock in and out in a slow torturous pace. I smacked his thighs trying to tell him to get away from me when he stopped and said

“For that, I will fuck your face!” he began going faster hitting the back of my throat each time, I could hear him grunt in satisfaction as he forced him self down my throat. I widened my eyes as I felt myself growing dizzy and he must have noticed this because he pulled back enough so I could breathe. I thanked god that he did this, I felt like I was going to vomit until I heard him say,

“Swallow it all!” and his member forced its way down my throat distributing my dad’s sperm down my throat.

I cried as my little brother towered above me smiling happily. It was sick what he was doing and he knew it. I watched him in disgust as he mumbled things to himself. I was ashamed of my predicament. My own little brother beat me up and tied me to his bed naked and spread like a fucking eagle and he was laughing about it. I watched as he sat besides me and said laying his sweaty hand on my left breast.

“This is going to be fun sis, for me anyways!” He grabbed my tits with violence and began weighing my breast like they were melons in the supermarket. I watched him play with me with sick pleasure and out of nowhere he took a table tennis bat and started whacking my nipples without subtleness, I winced at contact and began to feel my nipples grow numb. He laughed and got up and removed his clothing and went under his bed to get something. It took out red and black wires which had large metal clips at the end. I gasped and he laughed and began using the wires to bind my breast tight together. I winced at his brutality and watched as he took one of the metal ends and opened it widely. I tensed awaiting the pain to come and it certainly did, I screamed in agony and began to cry. He laughed and watched as my nipple began to bruise and bleed and did the same with the other. He climbed on the bed and began spitting on my breast, hacking up flem as he went along. I cried in disgust as he did this. He was having fun degrading me. He then showed me his dick which I had to admit was big for his age. He was at least five inches but it was slightly thick but not too much. He then slid his cock in-between my breast and began fucking me. I cried as he said

“I am your master and you have to do what I say, like a dog!” he began speeding up and I could feel my breast were on fire; he began grunting and saying

“Yh that’s it’s you fucking dog, so nice and firm!” he then let out a yell and exploded his cum all over my face, he laughed and said

“This is far from over!” I shivered in fear at his words and lay helplessly as he removed the bounds. I watched as he walked to his camcorder and pressed the stop button. I gasped in terror ad forgetting about what he could do to me and ran off the bed and tackled him to the ground. He growled and grabbed my neck, I quickly panicked as I began to find it harder to breathe, and he smirked and took a handful of my hair and yanked me forward taking a possessive hold on my lips and kissed me. I gasped as he did so and began weeping again when he let go of my throat and pushed me to the ground and jumped back on top of me with an animalistic look on his face. He then ran his hands along my body scratching at my breast making sure blood was seen. I cried and watched as him suck on my nipples with fierce passion and say

“Never do that again, since you disobeyed me you will get a punishment!” I cried

“I beg you, Kevin please let me go, I swear, I wont tell!” he lust laughed and out of nowhere I felt something slip into my vagina, I squirmed at the rough motions and watched as Kevin continued moving his finger in and out. I hissed when he placed a second finger and laughed at me and said

“It’s only going to get better!” he then when faster and I tensed and let out a gasp when I felt another finger enter. I went into panic mode; I knew what he was going to do

“Pleased, don’t, I will obey you I swear!”

“Shut up!” Without mercy he added the fourth and I cried as I felt my vagina grew moist to lessen the pain. He then began laughing insanely and said

“Look sister this is where all the pleasure comes in!” I scream when his fist when in, I arched my back in agony and panted as the pain seemed to increase. I couldn’t handle it. I could the black dots appearing in my vision and all I felt was numbness and felt darkness envelope me.

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