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Chapter four: My 1st Marriage.
Over last few weeks before Pam died we had got friendly with the new family that moved in next door. They were a family of three a mother and daughter who’s Names were Janie, Emma and the fathers name was Bill although I never saw much of him as he always seemed to be working or watching television.
Janie was about five foot four inches tall, About 126lbs, black hair, blue eyes, with an hour glass figure, about thirty one years old and every time I had seen her she was always dressed in short skirts, low cut tops.
I must admit I fancied the pants off Emma from the first time I saw her, she was about she was about five foot tall, about 130lbs, very dark brown hair, brown eyes, a nice sexy figure.

It was month or so after Pam’s funeral, that I realised I must get on with my life. As Emma and I got on well together I started taking Emma out bowling, ice skating, dancing, swimming and any thing else we fancied doing. . Over the next few months Emma and became close friends, and slowly developing into a relationship. I had to be careful what I did as she was still under the age of consent, not only that but she made it quite clear that I would not get my cock inside her. So I was careful that things never got out of control. I kept our relationship to kisses and cuddles as much as I wanted to fuck her ass off.
Emma started to confide in me about her home life which in some funny sort of way brought us closer together. She told me she was born when her mum was only fifteen years old and how her mum was forced to marry her father when she was sixteen because of the disgrace it brought on her mothers parents and that her father never had much time for her mum. That was another reason why she wouldn’t let me fuck her.

For my seventeenth birthday I arranged a little party for a few of my closest friends and their girlfriends at my house. I had booked a small disco and ordered food and drink from caterers for the party.
I had already asked Emma to come son I Thought I better invite Bill and Janie because the party would go on late. Janie said “ I would love to come, but Bill can‘t be there because he is away for the weekend”

On the night of the party every one had arrived except for Jane and Emma, And when they did arrive it was if Janie was a celebrity guest, as every stopped what they were doing to turn and look at her as she entered into the room.
Emma looked beautiful, elegant and gorgeous how she was dressed and Janie she looked sexy in her mini, mini skirt, Low cut top, and stockings and suspenders.
Janie walked over to me, put her arms around me and pulled me up against her and gave me a birthday kiss full on the lips. The smell of her perfume combined with the feel of her body caused my cock to stir inside my pants.
When Janie moved away from me my cock was beginning to get an erection, and I was sure that Jane had noticed.
When Janie had moved away Emma came up to me and said “my turn”
Emma must have watched her mother as she put her arms around me pushed her body against me and kissed me on the lips only difference was I responded by kissing her back. As we broke from the kiss she whispered “one day your going to make me yours”

During the evening when Emma and I danced she held me tightly pushing her body up against that and me causing me to get sexually aroused.
On one occasion when Janie danced with me she put her hands on my bum pulling my semi erect cock up against her pussy and she started swivelling her hips. If it hadn’t been for self-control I would have climaxed in my pants.
The party went well and by about eleven pm every one was gone home except for Janie and Emma.
As we sat and talked Emma said she was tired and was going home to bed.
Janie said “Ok, See you in the morning, I’m going to help Ted tidy up a bit then I’ll be home”
I got up and walked Emma to the side door where I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. As our kiss got more passionate she pressed her pussy up against my growing cock. Reaching down between us I pulled the hem of her skirt up and rubbed her pussy.
“Mmmmmmm don’t stop I like it” she said as I pulled my hand away remembering her age.
“One day soon I will make love to you, when you are of age” I said.
We kissed again and said goodnight.
Then I watched her sexy figure as she walked the short distance across the drives, stepping over the low wall, upon reaching her side door she turned and blew me a kiss.

I returned to lounge and we soon had it tidy, put all the furniture back in place, Janie then said she was just going to pop home to make sure Emma was in bed and ok, and she would come back to help me with the kitchen.

By the time Janie returned I had most of it done and I was upstairs in the toilet and had just finished having a pee and I had only just put my cock away when Janie walked into the bathroom “I need this, it must be the cold night air” Janie said lifting her skirt up, pulling down her panties and sat down on the toilet and started to pee.
I just stood and watched, as I never had seen a woman pee before, the effect that had me was to make cock stiffen up inside my pants. I was only arms length away from Janie reached out and pulled me closer undone my zipper, getting my semi-hard cock out and started to sucking and licking it.

With Janie doing that I just couldn’t help as and myself I pulled Janie up on her feet, she was about to pull her Panties up when I pulled her to me and kissing her I picked her up in my arms, carried her into the bedroom laid her on the bed leaving her panties on the toilet floor. Before she had chance to say or do anything I dropped my trousers and pants I said “you have been asking for this all night”
She just nodded, staring at my huge cock standing out proud.
She opened her legs as wide as could to reveal her dripping wet pussy. She said” yes fuck me. And fuck me hard and rough.
I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs and lowered my mouth onto her pussy and sucked licked and poked my tongue into her hole and sucked out her juices. Reaching up to her blouse I ripped it open pulling off the entire buttons in doing so, Pushing her bra up over her tits before I lay down on top of her taking a nipple in my mouth and licking first one nipple then the other. My cock must have been just in the right place because I felt my cock head touch her wet hole. Giving one push upwards and my cock entered into her wet pussy. As I was so aroused I was a bit rough and it made her give out a little yelps of joy as my cock stretched her as I pushed it in as far as it would go.
I rammed my cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could and that soon brought her to a shuddering orgasm that seem to last for at least five minutes. I carried on pumping my cock into her and as her orgasm was dieing down I shot my load of sperm deep into her.

“Christ how did you learn to fuck like that? Now fuck me from behind”. As my cock was still semi hard I let her kneel up and pulled her down to the end of the bed with just her knees on the mattress. Standing on the floor between her legs I pushed my cock back into her dripping pussy that was a mixture of hers and mine cum. Holding onto her hips I pushed my cock in and out as slowly at first then getting faster and harder, I could feel my ball sac hitting her clitoris. This brought her to another body shaking orgasm that caused her to fall forward making my cock come out of her pussy.
Turning her over and lifting her legs in the air and pulling back down to the end of the bed with me standing I pushed my cock back into her. My cock was going so far up her I could feel the entrance to her womb and I could look down and watch my cock pounding into her. I reached behind and on the dressing table was a hand mirror and by holding it at an angle I told her if she looked into the mirror she could watch my cock as I fucked her. Where she was so tight round the base of my cock, on its outward journey it would pull the loose skin just inside her vagina out with it.
She lifted her head and as she watched she said “The size of your cock is pulling my pussy’s insides out”
This was too much for her to stand and another orgasm made her pussy squeeze my cock and then I couldn’t hold back anymore and another load of my cum shot into her pussy.
With my cock still inside her Janie Said “that was fantastic I’ve never had so many orgasms as that when making love before.
We mustn’t let Emma find out as she loves you and I know you love her.
With that she got dressed went out of the house and we never spoke of it again.

I went to sleep that night contented but feeling guilty because of the way I felt about Emma, as Janie was right I was in love with her.
With some of the money Pam had left me I paid for a course of driving lessons and in six weeks I had passed my driving test. The day after passing my test I bought myself a brand you Mini car for the sum of nine hundred pounds, including tax and insurance.
Emma’s mother and father were never home much lately, I would drive Emma to school and pick her up after school as Janie had got a job at the same company bill worked for. Emma would have her tea with me then do her revision for her A Level Exams after that we would kiss and cuddle up together, sometimes it would get rather heated but I managed to keep it under control.
Then two days before Emma’s sixteenth birthday which was a Friday Janie came round to see me and to ask me a favour.
She told me that Bill had been voted the salesman of the year award and as his reward it was a two-week holiday in Norway for two and they had to fly out that afternoon. That’s funny I thought because I knew that the company bill worked for had their head office in Norway. She carried onto say that they hadn’t told Emma yet and asked me if I would look after Emma for the two weeks as she was nearly sixteen and wouldn‘t be any bother. Janie carried onto say that Emma’s grandmother who lived in London was going to look after her but she has been taken into hospital and that they had no one else they trusted to ask.
It all seemed a bit strange and sudden to me, but what else could I say? I had to say yes. With that she gave me the keys to the house and a letter for Emma explaining to her all about it and where her birthday presents was and some money for food and her pocket money then she went off in a taxi.
I know Emma was hoping for a sixteenth birthday party so I got on to a few friends and Asked them to lay on a surprise party for Emma at the bowling ally And I would pay for it all.
Emma was coming out of school early that day, as her exam that she was sitting would be over by 2.00pm. As soon as Emma saw me in the car she raced over jumped into the car all exited saying she had no more exams, as today’s was the last one.

I gave her the letter and when she read it a big sad grin came over her face. She said “That’s typical of them, one of my most important birthdays and they go off to Norway, well at least that gives us some time together as I’ve haven’t got any more exams”
Once we got home to my place she went to her house and packed her clothes, toiletries and by the look of the suitcase anything else she wanted. Once back in my house, running up stairs she shouted out, “can I have a bath”? Before I could reply “ thank you” she shouted down.

I followed her upstairs so I could get changed into my shorts and take my shirt off as it was one of those hot sticky evening’s. I went down to prepare a salad for tea while she was in the bath. When she came down all she had on was a gymslip skirt that barely covered her bum, a blouse with no bra on and panties on, which I could plainly see when she bent over.

After we had tea we she laid with her head on my lap with her legs stretched out on the settee. After a while she suggested going upstairs to my room as when she used the mirror after getting out of the bath it was cooler in there.
I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs laying her on the bed. Emma turned onto her side as I lay down beside her and we restarted our kissing and before long our kisses became more and more passionate. I had slipped my hand my under her blouse and was running my fingertips up and down her spine and that was sending little shivers through body. When I stopped
She said “I like that please carry on”
I was getting more aroused by the minute so I let my hand roam downwards to her bum, lifting her skirt I started to caress her very gently. I rolled her onto her back and seductively undid the buttons of her blouse, then pulling the material apart I got my first look at her nicely rounded breasts, just the right size for my hands to caress. Leaning over her I took first one nipple in my mouth and sucked while my fingers was teasing the other and every so often changing over until both nipples stood out, this brought sighs of pleasure from Emma’s lips.
Then Emma said “please darling make love to me”
“All in good time my sweetheart” I replied.
I slowly moved my hand down over her tummy over her skirt down to her inner thighs and started stroking them up and down with my fingertips, occasionally letting my fingers stroke up over her panties pressing slightly into the slit of her pussy.
I moved into a kneeling position beside her and undid the buttons on her gym skirt, as I took hold of the waistband to remove it she lifted her bum to make easy for me.
I spent a few moments to look at her young body with curves in all the right places lying on the bed before me in just her panties that hid her mound of Venus.
Emma had pulled my shorts and pants down to my knees and she was trying to remove them so I gave her a helping hand. When she saw the size of my cock she seemed quite taken back by its size as it was rock hard. She took hold of it in her small hand and started running her hand up and down the length. I had started sucking and kissing her breasts working my way towards her nipples; more sighs and gasps came from her lips as I worked my way down over her tummy until I reached her belly button. Then I took hold of her panties and started pulling them down over her hips At the same time as I was kissing the area between her belly button and the waistband of her panties which brought little moans from her. I carried on pulling them down over her legs over her feet and tossed them away.
Once again I stopped to admire the figure of this beautiful girl that I was about to turn from a girl into womanhood. I looked down her hairless virgin pussy oozing out her love juices I lowered my head and licking the juices that had leaked from her pussy without my tongue penetrating the lips of her pussy. As I teased her pussy lips with my tongue they began to part and I could see the darkish pink entrance into her vagina. Still kneeling, I moved between her legs and putting my hands under the cheeks of her bum I lifted her bum up so I could get my tongue into her virgin pussy, my fingers at the same time was teasing her clitoris. After a few minutes of this She started to buck herself up onto my fingers and tongue, I guessed she was close to an orgasm so I pushed a finger into the mouth of her vagina by doing that her breathing got heavy. My tongue was now licking her clitoris and my finger was sliding into her pussy. This brought her to her first orgasm as her juices gushed out.
She put her arms up around me and pulled me down onto her, our mouths met and we kissed passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. When my cock touched her vagina entrance she instinctively lifted her hips so my cock could begin it’s upward journey her. I slowly inched my cock upwards until I was pressing against her hymen, then with a quick sharp thrust my cock broke through. She was so sexually aroused that she never felt her hymen break she never flinched or cried out, all that came from her was the moans of pleasure I was giving her. As I lay on top of her she wrapped her arms around me holding me as tight as she could. With each slow thrust of my cock into her she would thrust her hips upwards.
As I pumped my cock in and out of her slowly I was nibbling her ear lobe, and with one hand I had one her nipples between my finger and thumb and rolling it backwards and forwards. “Is that nice” I asked?
“O yes, it feels like my pussy is about to explode” she said
I could feel her already tight pussy getting tighter as I thrust into her faster and harder. Just before her orgasm began she intertwined her legs round mine causing my cock to enter a little further as I could feel the entrance to her cervix. As her orgasm exploded through her it brought further moans and groans from her just before our lips met as we kissed and our tongues searching each other’s mouths. My climax began seconds after hers began. As I pumped load after load of my sperm into her she held me so tight.
As we lay there joined together I asked her if I had hurt her.
“No it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had, although my pussy feels a little sore” she said giving me a kiss between each word.
“I should have pulled out of you as I climaxed” I said
It’s ok because I’ve been on the pill since I was fifteen, as I didn’t want to take any chances and end up like mum.
While we had been talking I had been slowly withdrawing my cock a little way and then sliding it back into her wet pussy.
“Ted how many times can a woman have an orgasm during love making” Emma Asked
“I’m not sure but I know it’s more times than a man” I replied
“Well don’t stop what you’re doing because I think I’m about to orgasm again” she said
I speeded up a bit, as I knew I wasn’t far from climaxing myself as I had that familiar feeling of my cock head swelling.
“O yes Its coming its coming” she said as she lifted her bum as the orgasm caused her pussy muscles to tighten onto my cock as I climaxed as well.
We must have fallen asleep with my cock still up Emma’s pussy, because we where woken up by a violent thunderstorm. We got off the bed and stood at the window naked, watching the lightening and the rain lashing down. I stood behind Emma with my arms around her playing with her nipples.
As the thunderstorm died away we went and had a bath together. Once in the bath we soaped each other’s bodies pay special attention to each other’s sensitive places.
When we got out of the bath and gone back into the bedroom Emma told me her pussy was itching and needed her clitoris rubbed again. She was standing in front of the mirror combing her hair. I knelt on the floor in front of her and spread her legs wide and putting my tongue into her slit, it soon found her clitoris. As I licked her pussy her juices ran down my tongue into my throat. “O she tasted so good”
With the tongue-lashing I was giving her clitoris her legs began buckle from under her, I turned her round so she could sit on the end of the bed. Still Kneeling on the floor and with her legs in the air I moved back between her legs poking my tongue into her pussy and licking her sensitive clit,
Soon she was moaning “o yes don’t stop harder, harder”
At that point she grabbed the back of my head pulling it towards her pussy.
A big “agggggggggggggggha” came from her lips as her body began to convulse into another orgasm.
With that as I got up she pulled me forward and as she still had her legs in the air my hard cock went full force into her that took her by surprise. I learnt from that experience That Emma could tighten and relax her pussy muscles at will because as I tried to pull out she clenched her muscles to stop me and by her doing this I was soon shooting my cum into her.
We crawled up the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We awoke Saturday morning about 10.00 am with the sun shining, and it was Emma’s birthday. So as I promised the week before I would take her shopping to buy some new clothes as her birthday present but I also had to lose her for half an hour in town as I was buying her a special present as well. So once in town I left Emma in the capable hands of a female friend who worked in a boutique. Told Emma to buy what ever she wanted and I would pay when I returned. I went off to get Emma a surprise present. When I returned to the boutique half an hour later Emma had chosen all the clothes she wanted and all I had to do was pay.
On the way home I told Emma that I had a bowling match that night and we would celebrate her birthday after by going out for a meal in a restaurant just to throw her off scent about there being a party for her.
The party went on till 11pm and we all had a good time, and as it was a lovely clear warm night I suggested to Emma we go the scenic route home along the east cliffs as it was one of our favourite walks. I still had not given her last present as I had it kept until we were alone. When we arrived at the shelter where had sat in the past and cuddled as moon shone in on us and we could hear the waves breaking against the cliffs below. We went in and we sat down, I put my arm around her and producing from my jacket pocket a little box with an engagement ring in, Passing Emma the box and as she opened it I asked her to marry me. She was speechless for a few moments before saying yes.
“What about mum and dad” she said
“We will cross that bridge when they return” I replied
I took the ring a slid it onto Emma’s finger.
We kissed very passionately for a few minutes before I slid my hand up her thigh. Upon reaching her panties and pulling them to one side I inserted a finger into her wet pussy and teasing her clit. With my finger in her pussy and my thumb rubbing her clit it wasn’t long before she started to cum.
When her orgasm had finished she stood up bent over with her hands on the seat She said “go on get your cock inside me”
I lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down, she stepped out of them spreading her legs allowing my cock access to her already swollen pussy lips.
I guided my cock into her wet vagina and so she so could feel every stroke I pumped my cock in an out of her pussy slowly.
This soon got Emma so aroused that she burst into another orgasm just as I shot my cum into her.

When we got home and went to bed that night we made love again only this time the foreplay was long and sensuous as we spent the next two hours exploring every inch of each others bodies with our hands, mouths and tongues. By the end of that time Emma’s pussy was running love juices like a little stream and my cock was so hard it ached.
I rolled over between Emma’s legs and as I laid down on top of Emma my cock found its own way into her vagina entrance. I was very slow and deliberate as I pushed my cock deep onto her so she would feel my cock stretch her tight pussy muscles. Once my cock was all the way in and pressing against her cervix we started kissing each other with short little kiss’s that grew into a longer kiss’s as we went on. Until our mouths was joined in one continuous kiss. With my cock buried deep inside her the base of my cock was grinding up against her clitoris. Emma gave an upward thrust of her hips causing my cock head to push into her cervix, she broke of from our kiss and gave out a little scream and then carried on kissing. She carried on thrusting her hips upwards; my cock was beginning to swell as he once again broke off the kiss only this time
She said “I cumming I cumming”
“I know, so am I” I replied, as the Feeling her pussy going into spasms had made me cum at the same time.
Yes I know I can feel you’re hot cum shooting into me” She replied.
When our orgasms was over, keeping my cock in Emma I rolled over so she was on top.
We kissed good night and that’s how we went off to sleep as when we awoke in the morning my cock was hard and still inside Emma.
Emma started raising her bum up and down making my cock slide in an out of her pussy.
“O yes I going to make myself cum on your cock” she said as she speeded up
I was just about to cum myself when she Said “yes I’m cumming” just as my cock exploded into her and I felt her pussy tighten its grip on my cock.

When we got out of bed all she wore was her panties and every chance she got she would tease my cock. I thought right you teasing minx; I’ll get my own back. I caught her in the kitchen bending, she never knew I had crept up behind her until I pulled her panties to one side and pushed a finger into her moist pussy.
“Right you little minx I’m going to teach you a lesson” I said playfully lifting her up and sitting her on the kitchen table. Pushing her backwards gently I grabbed hold of her panties pulling them from under her bum down her legs and off exposing her tight pussy and her cute bum hole for me to have pleasure with.
I dropped my shorts to the floor and kicked them off out of the way.
With her legs pined backwards I lowered my head between her legs and licked the skin that joined her bum hole to her pussy letting my tongue glide over her pussy hole and tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue.
When her pussy was dribbling with love juices. I took my hard cock in my hand and I rubbed it against her vagina to get it wet then sliding my cock down until it touched her bum hole. This made her squirm, as I knew she liked that. By doing that a few times it made her pussy lips open voluntarily. Then aiming my cock at her open pussy I kept ramming my cock all the way in and out hard and fast. Reaching underneath her to her bum that was wet with her juices I pushed a finger into her bum hole. Combined with my cock fucking her pussy it wasn’t long before her body shook with the force of her orgasm.“You cum in me now please” she said
“Yes I said but your going to suck my cock off” I replied
“Mmmmm yes please” she answered jumping of the table and leading me into the lounge and pushed me into a chair.
Kneeling down she took my cock in her hand and started licking my cock head, as her hand slid gently up and down my shaft, as her hand got to the top she opened her mouth and sucked and each time she took more of my cock into her mouth. Her other hand was playing with my balls. Eventually she had most of the length of my cock sliding down her throat. With all the teasing she had done it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. I told Emma I was about to cum expecting her to finish me off by hand but no she sucked me deeper down her throat as my cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
Out of curiosity I asked Emma how she had learnt how to suck a man off.
“From dads Fiesta Magazines he’s got loads of them, when no one was around I would sneak a couple into my room read them then put them back. That’s how I know so much about sex” she replied.

For the rest of the two weeks before Janie and bill returned it was much the same making love when and where ever we could.
To cut a lot of the every day boring bits out, Bill and Jane agreed to us getting married as long as we waited a year and they also let Emma move in with me.
Bill got promoted and they had to move to London.
Emma and I got married a week after her seventeenth birthday.
Emma’s grandmother died about a year after we got married and left Emma £48.000.
Emma and I with the help of my accountant decided that we would buy another house to rent it out. So our income was looking good and that meant I still did not need a full time job. We had a wonderful fours year together before Emma was taken from me in tragic circumstances.
Emma was out shopping with her best friend Susanne, they where looking in a boutique window when a youth of eighteen lost control of his car, it mounted the pavement hitting Emma and Susanne killing both girls died in hospital later that day. (The following court case made national newspapers, as he was the first driver in the country to be charged for unlawful killing using a motor vehicle)
My solicitor took charge of all the legal stuff about applying from his insurance company for compensation.
The BASTARD got off as he had rich parents with plenty of money.
Janie and bill offered to help pay for the funeral, I told them it was ok as we both had life insurance which was more than enough to pay for every thing.
Jane came down from London to help with all the arrangements for the funeral as bill was in Denmark on business and couldn’t get back until the day of the funeral.
After the funeral Janie decided to stay on for a while, as bill had to fly back out to Denmark. After staying for two weeks she went back home to bill who had returned from Denmark.

I will end this chapter here as even after all these years it still hurts losing the girl I love.
I have dedicated this chapter to Emma, as I am sure she would have loved to share our story if she were still alive.


2008-02-01 15:30:40
Good story, sorry the wife was killed,but should take up with the mother and get her pregnut.


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hot video


2007-07-25 10:58:22
should have left the story with the possibility of more encounters with mom.


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Didn't get psst about the 7th paragraph. I dislike reading something that is so poorly written even though the content is good. You should go back to reread, rewrite, and take into consideration that you have to use the correct grammar, the correct punctuation, and correct English. It's easy to do. With the two other readers, they seem to think that as long as there are blowjobs and fucking in a story that it makes for a good story. It takes more than that. I gave it a 4/10. A rewrite would get a 9 or a 10.


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damn that was a good story but you need to get back with mom so she can stay happy 10/10

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