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I always liked watching my step dad fuck my mom,but today was different.
Yesterday was like any other day at our house, Mom and Dad watching T.V. and me playing my X-Box. It was around 9:00 PM when I heard a knock at my open door. It was my step Dad, Keith. " Hey it's time for bed, remember you have school tomorrow" he said. Being Sunday night we all went to bed a little early. "Oh by the way your Mom is leaving early in the morning to visit your Grandmother for the week," then speaking softly he said, "It's party time". A smile came across my face as we gave each other a high 5. Nothing ever really happend when Mom left other times, but at 15 1/2 years old my step and I got along great. He would let me stay up later ,we would go out to eat, ya know things like that. As he left the room, I was thinking, man he's gonna nail Mom tonight. I've seen it before, (I would always spy on them when i heard them fucking) him pounding her hard, even doing her in the ass a couple times.
I would usually wait about 20 minutes after they closed their door, before I would venture down the hall to their room. I would wear my boxer shorts for easy axcess. But as I opened my door, I heard them talking a little louder than usual. It sounded like they were arguing. Then the door opened and lite up the hall. I jumped back into my room.I heard him say ,"yea what ever" and slamed the door. I've heard them argue before, but tonight I was ready for a good show of her getting her pussy fucked hard! CRAP!! Oh well there will be other nights.
I woke up about 4:39 in the morning, I heard a door close. Must be Mom leaving, and heard the car drive off. Even that early in the morning I didn't feel to tired so I just laid there. I was naked and horny, thinking about the other times, seeing my Mom on top of Keith fucking him fast and hard. I started to stroke my cock which was at full attention. I could hear Keith getting ready for work . My door was open and I could see the light coming from my parents room. As I'am playing with my self , I thought I heard Keith talking! So I listened. I couldn't make out what was being said. Not thinking about dressing I snuck down the hall. With caution I peeked into the room .There was Keith standing in front of the mirror totally naked! My jaw dropped, he was stroking his hard long cock. Just looking at him my cock jumped and began to rise. Of course his cock is much larger than mine, but i had not usually seen it in all it's glory. It was always in Moms pussy or mouth. Keith had hardly any fat on him and no hair except a little above his cock.
His cock with it's bulging veins was about 8 inches from what i could guess, with the top 2 inches bent sightly to the left and a larde purple head at the tip. My cock was really throbbing now, with pre cum dripping on the floor. I ever thought I would be this turned on just looking at him! He walked into the closet and I could hear him moving things around. While he was out of sight, I took the chance to stroke my cock. God it felt good, my knees almost buckled under the feeling.
Keith came back out with his cock leading the way, he had what looked like a large flashlight, he un-screwed the top and I saw a pussy ! I've heard about those things but never had seen one. My heart was reallly pounding now! I was afraid i was gonna drop my load any second! he started to rub it on his cock, getting it wet with his pre-cum. And he had plenty of cum. He sat on the edge of the bed and slid it over his cock. His head went back and he started to stroke his cock! It was a hot site, seeing his glisening body and his shiny cum covered cock sliding in and out of the thing. My mind was swimming, I could barely stand. I didn't want to cum right there, it would be a mess to clean up .
Then all of a sudden Keith started to lift his hips off the bed. He was gonna cum! He sank that thing all the way down on his shaft. He was groaning and moaning, and grabbed the toy with both hands and let out a yell. His body stiffened, he was unloading into the pussy. From my point of view he must have squirted about 5 or 6 times before he pulled it off his cock, and he shot a few more streems of sperm into the air as he grabbed his cock with his fist!
I was going nuts. After a few minutes, Keith got up and went into the shower. I looked at the bed and saw the pussy lying near the edge. I thought, I would love to have that pussy now! Cum flowing out of the lips and a couple of stray shots on the out side. Keith was known for long showers, 15 or 20 minutes. Now's my chance. I snuck into his room with my fat 6 1/2 in purple cock. Listening for keith, I knelt down near the pussy and all the cum. I could smell the the cum that was once in his balls. My hands shaking, I put my finger in the pussy hole. It was wet and warm from his cock. I just had to taste it. I pulled out my finger with cum all over it and stuck it in my mouth! It tasted sweet and warm. By now my cock is just pouring cum out and I'am not even touching it.
Just as I was starting to stand up I turned and bumped into Keith! He was naked and wet. He cock was hard and rubbed onto my hard cock! All I could say was "SHIT"! "Did it taste good?" He asked. I couldn't say a thing. Not saying anything else he led me to the head of the bed and sat me down. My cock pointing up , he got the pussy toy and put it on the tip of my cock. The cum from his balls was flowing out onto my cock, still warm and clumpy. With a smile on his face seeing how scared I was , he pushed the pussy on to my cock. I about fainted with the smooth feel and warm cum surrounding my cock. He started stroking it. I went wild and shot my load fast and hard, I didnt think it was gonna end!
Leaving my cock in the pussy, Keith sat next to me "well did I say it's party time or what", "and we still have 5 more days before your Mom comes home"


2009-02-28 11:46:34
wow! Took me back to my first time jerkingoff. Spyed on my 26yr
old step brother and saw him jerkin off. Tryed it myself and woo boy liked it alot but didnt cum half as much as him.


2009-01-06 11:03:01
Great story. Would love to know what happened next. I enjoy peeping as well.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-10 02:03:18
Yes it would be a great turn on for a male to be able to autofellatio, selfsuck, or as others kno it


2007-11-12 20:32:12
wow that was amazin - i love all the voyeurism stuff - no good vids of it tho! x


2007-07-24 05:26:39
I don't know, Ask a female.Might turn on some and turn off others....sea

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