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A young girl takes on a well paid job, not realising what would be expected of her.
Wendy was a broke student looking for a bit of part time work. She had replied to ads in the local paper and had made a few bucks waiting tables at the local pizzeria for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the hours didn’t suit her college work and her grades had slipped.
She picked up the paper first thing on Tuesday morning, as she had done for the previous 6 weeks hoping to find the right job. She searched the ads quickly and the only job offering flexible working hours was as an assistant to a manager just out of town. The ad wasn’t very uninformative. There were no clues as to what the company did or what her role would be. But the hours and rates of pay looked good so she gave the number a call.

“Hello, Pam West speaking.” A well spoken lady answered.

“Oh, erm hello, I’m phoning about the job in the local paper, erm, as an assistant.” Wendy said nervously.

“Oh, my, that was quick, I’m very impressed. The advertisement only went in last night. You are really on the ball! I’m Miss West and I am the manager here. May I ask your name and a few personal details please young lady?” Miss West said in a polite, confident voice.

“Yes of course.” Replied Wendy, trying to match the manner in which Miss West spoke. “My name is Wendy Elliot and I live on the West side of town, just 15 minutes from your business.”

“Can I have your age, height, dress size and hair colour please Wendy?”

Wendy couldn’t figure out why that was important but quickly replied; “I’m 19 years old, about 5’7”, a size 10 and I have long brown hair Miss West.”

“Great!” Pam West replied. “Can you come over this evening around 7 PM?”

Wendy was shocked. She had an interview already and the job paid three times what she was used to!

“Yes, of course I can. See you at 7.” Wendy couldn’t reply fast enough.

“Good.” Miss West said as she put down the receiver.

Wendy went off to college after the phone call and tried to put the job out of her mind so she could concentrate properly. She was a clever girl from a good family. She still lived with her mom and dad. She had several close friends that she had known since school but wasn’t allowed to have them over during the week. She had just started to discover the joys of weekends, alcohol and boys. That was why she was so desperate for a job, so she could afford the nights out. She was allowed out till 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights but had to be home alone by curfew, no questions! She had been late by 10 minutes once and had been allowed to forget it.

After college she got home quickly to tell her mom she had an interview. She had some food then took a shower and got dressed in to a smart dark pinstriped skirt suit.

She drove her moms car to the address and rang the bell at the reception desk inside. There was only one car in the car park and the office block was very quiet.

“Hello Wendy, come on up to the second floor, room 5.” Miss Wests voice sounded over the intercom.

Wendy climbed the stairs eagerly in her suit and two inch heels.
She knocked on door 5 and entered as she heard a voice beckon her in.

The office was a large, stylish space. A desk sat in the centre of the room facing the door. Miss West, dressed in a similar black suit to Wendy, called her in and asked her to stand in front of the desk.

“Thank you for coming Wendy. Lets make this as brief as possible. Can you work for me between the hours of 7 and 10 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays?”

“Erm, yes, I can do those hours. What would I be expected to do?” Wendy asked nervously.

“I pay good rates. If you agree to work for me I can pay you four times more then any other employer in town would pay a student.” Miss West avoided Wendys question.

“Wow that sounds great!” Wendy couldn’t get over the fact she had pretty much got the job and she was going to be paid big bucks for it. There weren’t many jobs she wouldn’t do for such good pay. She would be able to afford to go out every weekend with no worries of money.
The offer made Wendy blinkered to what the job actually involved.

The pair of them discussed money and Miss West concluded that she would pay 4.5 times what Wendy was earning in the pizzeria! Wendy screamed in delight.

“Yes! Yes!” She screamed “I will take the job!”

Wendy started to calm down as she noticed Miss West was watching intently at her delight. Wendy guessed Miss West must have been around 35. She was taller and slimmer then Wendy and looked very intelligent.

“Now Wendy.” Miss West said firmly. “We have agreed your pay and you are happy to work for me. We must now get down to your job requirements and what I expect you to do. As seen as I didn’t tell you I need you to work tonight, I will pay you double time if you stay till 10.” Wendy didn’t need to answer, the grin on her face showed she was willing.

“My staff finish here at six, so we are alone. There are certain things I want you to do which you might be nervous about doing. But I think the money I pay you will make up for any uncertainty you have about doing those things. When I ask you to do something I expect you to do it immediately without questioning me. Is that understood Wendy?”

Wendy was just coming back to earth from thinking about all the money she was going to earn. “Yes Miss West, I understand.” She said, now slightly nervous. “What would you like me to do?”

“Wendy, I would like you remove your clothes please.”

“Excuse me!” Screeched Wendy.

“Wendy. Let me explain.” Miss West said calmly. “I hire young attractive girls, like you. I find them very sexy. There is nobody else here to see you. You don’t need to tell anybody about it. It is strictly between you and me. I pay good money and there are lots of girls willing to take your place. Leave now if you don’t want to stay.”

Wendy was dumbstruck. What could she do!? Could she afford to turn down this amount of money? She would be nervous about being naked in front of another woman. There again, she didn’t know her so nobody else would ever find out. The money was the deciding factor.

“OK.” Wendy said quietly.

“Good. Then please continue. Remove your clothes and place them on the chair over there.” Miss West pointed to an arm chair in the corner. “You can leave those shoes on though. I like those!”

Nervously, slowly Wendy began to un button her suit jacket. She laid it gently on to the chair. Miss West watched closely.

Next her blouse. Wendy used her left hand to undo each button and subconsciously used her right to keep the blouse in place to cover her availing chest. Miss West smiled at her shyness.
She slid the blouse off her body to reveal her bra covered pert breasts. Her skin was golden. She was in good shape, her tummy hard and flat. She kept her bra on as she unbuttoned her skirt. She wiggled out of the fitted skirt and slid it down over her bum and showed her toned thighs. She was wearing a thong which showed her bum cheeks off. Miss West asked for a twirl from her new employee. Wendy obliged reluctantly.

“Very nice Wendy. You look great. Now carry on as I instructed please and get the rest of those garments off!”

Wendy did as she was told. This was the most any woman had seen of her. She felt embarrassed and ashamed. The money drove her on.

She unclasped her bra and allowed the cups to fall from her 34B breasts. She quickly put the bra on the pile of clothes she had made and cupped her breasts in an attempt to keep herself covered. She knew it was useless. She knew she now had to remove her panties. She allowed herself to be exposed to this stranger and pushed her fingers under her waist band to pull her thong down. She acted slowly, trying to delay the inevitable. Her thong reached her ankles and she stepped out of it cautiously.

“Stand up straight and put your hands behind your back so I can see you Wendy.” She did as her boss told her. “Wendy, I gave you an instruction. When I do can you please do it and say ‘Yes Miss West, anything for you.’

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy said as she stood in the middle of the office, feeling very silly and embarrassed.

She knew this was weird and that Miss West obviously had some weird fetish thing going on. But Wendy thought as long as I’m not getting hurt and nobody finds out about it, this sick woman can perv over me all she wants!

“Good girl Wendy, that’s it. Now come closer. Sit in front of me on my desk.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy walked to the desk and sat in front of Miss West. The two women were only two feet apart now. Wendy sat with her knees together, slightly to one side trying to hide her secret parts. Her hands were behind her still. Miss West was sat close to the desk with her legs either side of Wendys.

“Wendy from now on when you arrive here for work I want you to remove your clothes and stand in the middle of the office and wait for my instructions.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

“Wendy, put your feet on my thighs so I can see your vagina.”

Wendy blushed, feeling very uncomfortable but trying not to hesitate.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” She answered again as she lifted her feet from the floor. As she did Miss West opened her own legs further so Wendy was forced to open her legs as wide as she could.

“You smell nice Wendy. I can smell your sent!”

“Thank you Miss West, it’s for you.” Wendy grew in confidence almost liking the thought of turning this woman on.
“Now Wendy can you just fill in this form to give your consent to working for me please.” She handed Wendy a clip board with two pages of questions on and a space for her signature at the bottom.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Wendy began to fill out the forms with her legs wide apart, her vagina on full display for this woman she had just met.

“Tomorrow when you come to me Wendy I want that pussy bald. Do you understand!?”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Wendy had trimmed her pussy just a few days ago. There was very little growth there anyway she thought.

She completed the forms and put it to one side.

“Good girl Wendy.” Said Miss West. “I bet you like being naked Wendy with your vagina exposed. Now stand up, face the TV and put your hands behind your back.

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

She stood up and faced the large plasma TV mounted on the wall.

Miss West went to her top draw and pulled out a large piece of silk. She carefully folded it and walked to Wendy.
“Wendy, I am going to put this in your mouth. You will accept it like a good little girl and keep it in your mouth. From now on when I give you an instruction you may nod your head. Understood?”

Wendy nodded with nervous anticipation. The silk rag was shoved deep into her mouth. She found it hard to breathe at first until she got used to it. It filled her mouth so much she couldn’t move her tongue or swallow properly. She definitely couldn’t speak.
Miss West appeared behind Wendy whilst she was still coming to terms with the obstruction in her mouth. She took another piece of silk and tied it around Wendys head and eyes, blindfolding her. Wendy struggled slightly at the shock but Miss West calmed her with soft hands on her bare shoulders.

Wendy was panicking slightly. She could deal with been looked at but didn’t know what to expect now. She listened intently as she heard noises around her. She heard Miss Wests footsteps and cupboard doors opening and closing.

Suddenly she felt soft hands on her shoulders again. Miss West left her hands on Wendys shoulders as the teenagers heart pounded. As she calmed she removed Wendys blindfold and took her wrists in her hands. As Wendy adjusted to the light again she was shocked to see a video camera facing her, set up on a tripod next to the TV. She couldn’t speak and as she tried to show her rejection to the camera she noticed the TV was now on. As the video faded in she could see a young girl blindfolded as she had been. She was confused and scared. This job was supposed to be a secret between her and Miss West! She tried to struggle free from Miss Wests grip but to no avail. As she studied the TV again she began to moan at what she saw. The girl on the video was a cute blonde girl. She was blindfolded and had the same silk rag in her mouth as Wendy had. Behind her stood a woman dressed in a short silk lacy dress with high heels and a costume mask covering her face. The girl in the video looked distressed and as the masked lady removed the girls blindfold her arms were hoisted aloft and pulled high above her head. Wendy realised that the girl must be one of Miss Wests previous employees and that her fate was the same as the girls in the video. Miss West must lure young girls with money and film them tied up she thought. As Wendy tried to understand what was happening her wrists were hand cuffed and pulled above her head.

It was very uncomfortable. She wanted to scream and be let free but her gag prevented this.

The girl on the video now had her legs spread open with a long metal bar with cuffs on either end. The masked woman allowed her hands to roam the young girls body.
As Wendy watched she struggled and as she did she caught a glimpse of Miss West. She was wearing the same clothes and mask to hide her identity from anybody viewing the video. As she continued to watch the video Miss West knelt at her feet and began to fasten her into her spreader bar.

Wendy continued to watch the girl and discovered her own fate as it was played out on the cute blonde first!

Miss West finished fastening the spreader bar to hold Wendys feet apart. She stood in front of Wendy, her hands on her waist.

“Wendy, do you see what is happening? Young Chloe there on the video was my last employee. I am going to do to you what I do to Chloe and maybe more. Is that ok Wendy? Do you want me to carry on?!

Wendy shook her head vigorously and moaned as loud as she could. Saliva from her gagged mouth leaked onto her chin and tears ran down her face.

“Good” Whispered Miss West; “Just the way I like it! You have signed the forms Wendy. You have no choice! And now I have a video of you to show around town if I wish!” She laughed in Wendys face. “Just relax and enjoy, there’s a good little girl!”

Facing Wendy and with her back to the camera Miss West removed her mask, dropped to her knees and began to kiss Wendys thighs. She kissed her softly and slowly, enjoying the taste of the young girls skin. She used her lips and her tongue and left dabs of saliva on Wendys bronzed legs. She moved slowly closer to Wendys sex. She kissed around her pubic mound and up to her belly button and back down again. Miss West stuck her tongue out as far as she could and softly touched Wendys labia. She shuddered as the tingle on her vagina made her insides warm. She didn’t enjoy the predicament she was in, but she couldn’t help but enjoy the feelings Miss West was inflicting on her so tenderly.

Miss West continued to probe her private area. She ran her tongue along the length of each labium several times, then pushed her face closer to Wendys vagina as she parted her pussy lips with her tongue. Wendy was wet. As her lips parted her sex juices escaped her and flowed onto Miss West waiting tongue. She took a moment to swallow the juices down and continued to lap at Wendys young vagina. She pushed her face hard into her vagina, tongued her hole, sucked her lips and caressed her clitoris. Wendy was in no position to stop this. She was bound and unable to talk. She was getting paid big bucks, being pleasured by an attractive lady and figured if this is what it takes then this is what it takes! She began to allow herself to enjoy it. She rocked her hips back and forth and grinded her pussy into Miss Wests face. Miss West felt the change in Wendys actions and it turned her on. She thought maybe she had found an employee who would come back, who she could use as a sex pet to amuse herself and her friends!

Suddenly Wendy began to boil inside. Her loins fired and an uncontrollable sensation rocked her body. She came hard on Miss Wests face, bucking as she did. Miss West grabbed Wendys bum and pulled her private parts into her face so she could continue probing and tasting Wendy as she came. Juices flowed from Wendy. What Miss West couldn’t lap up fast enough trailed down the inside of Wendys legs. Miss West ran her hands through this escaping wetness and massaged it back into Wendys legs. She was so sensitive and overwhelmed that Wendy would have collapsed in a heap on the floor if it were not for her being tied to the ceiling. As she took control of herself she focused on the TV screen again. The young girl was untied at the legs and her gag was removed, she only had the cuffs on her wrists remaining. Although there was no sound from the TV, it was clear the girl was shouting and some what distressed. As her wrists were released she ran, sobbing, out of shot from the camera. Miss West realising Wendy was watching took the opportunity to talk to her. She removed Wendys gag and asked if she wanted to run too.

“No Miss West, anything for you!” She replied.

Miss West gasped a sigh of relief and said; “There’s a good little girl Wendy. You know your place already. Now I am going to untie you, I will then watch you get dressed and you can leave. Your 3 hours are almost up.”

“Thank you Miss West.”

Wendy couldn’t believe the three hours had past already. She must have enjoyed it more than she thought she decided.

As she was untied Miss West spoke to her softly. “Now Wendy, I have enjoyed our first encounter. I would like you to work for me. I hope you will be here at 7 tomorrow night.
If you decide to return remember I want that vagina bald! You may wear smart clothes as you have done tonight but no panties please. I don’t think young girls should wear them! Now before you decide whether or not to take this job I must tell you that tonight was mild. From now on, if you are in this office you are mine and will do as I say. I have the right to do anything to you and I have the right to make you do anything to me. I also have the right to have friends and other employees in the office at the same time as you. It will all be recorded on video camera but this will not be shown to anyone unless you betray me. Do you understand and do you want the job?”

“Yes Miss West I understand and yes Miss West I want the job!” Wendy decided in an instant. She had never climaxed like that before and she was getting paid extremely well. She also liked the perverseness of the whole situation! Being some rich woman’s play thing! It turned her on!

“Good, now let’s get you dressed!”

To be continued.

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Some great stuff here. I loved the touch of having Wendy watch a video of what happened to the girl before her. Kinky and very awesome.


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Very sexy, very hot ... I've added this to my favourites list, and I'm looking forward to reading the other chapters - but first I'm going to reread the part where Wendy gets tied up and taken, but this time with my panties off and vibrator in, so I can really get in the mood!!

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