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It's fun to be king! His mistress supplies him with two, young teen temptresses.
[b] Sophisticated Sins by Will Buster

His throbbing cock was lodged deep inside his frisky, young mistress. He was kneeling in back of her slamming his rod all the way into her clenching pussy. The middle aged king gave it to the young concubine extremely hard and fast. It was obvious to Eloise that her Lord relished her wet, firm tightness. The young harlot energetically enveloped his stroking penis with her juicy love hole. If it was true that the king loved to sport inside his latest conquest, than it was also true the Eloise thrived on that full feeling that the royal meat was so fond of providing. They fucked like a pair of dogs rutting in some dark and filthy alley. He loved the way she trembled and quivered all over his intruding shaft. Her open, mushy cunt was sopping with his previous injection of lust and now he was filling her body with a fullness that she couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Eloise cried out loud again, begging for more of his deep thrusts. Her shapely rump bucked straight back to engulf every inch of his firm, driving manhood. Her golden hair swirled and fell over her bare shoulders as her horny sovereign frantically pummeled her pussy in an eager frenzy. The king was desperate for another blissful explosion inside her vortex of responsive carnality. Eloise was his whore. He owned her as surely as he owned his horse or his palace or his crown. However, pretty, young Eloise was so much more exciting and pleasurable to be with than his other possessions.

Of course, Eloise knew why he was fucking her love hole with so much ferocity. It was because of the special treat she’d supplied him the night before. Eloise knew that her lusty lord needed variety. He was addicted to innocent looking young maidens and their special lust that only a newly inflamed and seduced virgin can provide. Last evening the petite brunette had been no exception.


The new wench’s name was Jennifer and she’d been placed in the monarch’s bed ahead of time, so that she could greet the great man in the depths of his expensive and comfortable bed. The youthful wench was completely naked and ripe for the taking. Needless to say, the grinning king had pulled her slender legs apart and pushed his bearded face and tasting tongue between the delicate and opened folds of her wet, tender labia. He found young Jennifer’s cunt to be a delicious honey pot of fresh, tangy oozing lust. He sucked and drank her greedily until her cries and whimpers became too enticing to ignore.

As he slowly licked Jennifer’s seeping crotch, Eloise greedily sucked his hard prick, satisfying his needs long enough so he could lick and suck his new plaything into a responding slut. When his experienced fingers slid into Jennifer’s little box she moaned with delight as his kisses moved over her belly and proceeded to energize her stiffening nipples. Jennifer tasted of all things young and clean. Her fragrant body was soft, warm and so perfectly smooth. When he reached her mouth, he sank his tongue far in to taste and let his tongue dance with hers. All this time Eloise engulfed his cock with her swishing mouth and caressing lips as she cared for his deepest needs while he explored his youthful, new lover.

Eloise had already instructed Jennifer as to what she should say. When passion became extremely fiery like a red hot furnace inside her newly aroused cunt, Jennifer was to speak very dirty to him. When the youngster wantonly sported with her monarch on the bed with the satin sheets, Eloise showed the new slut how to squeeze her vaginal opening and present her rectum for his royal highnesses explorations. After all, even though the young whore was inexperienced, there was no reason why the girl couldn’t learn those special, fancy tricks quickly. If Jennifer was fortunate, she might be able to fuck her way into the king’s favor just like Eloise had already done.

Jennifer’s white skin was now flushed with her racing blood lust and innocent shame. Her cunt seemed to simmer and itch with new desire that the older man had now engendered in side her lunging groin. Jennifer cried out as her first climax rippled through her flat belly. “Oh my lord! Push your cock into my body! I need you in me! Please! Hurry! I want you!”

Eloise gently guided the king’s member to that tiny fuck hole and gradually slipped it inside that soft, pink slit. Jennifer was so wet that the large penis didn’t have much trouble slipping inside her tight clutching paradise.

Eloise crooned, “Now take her my sweet master! Take pleasure from her tiny cunt and fuck her hard! Turn this girl into a fully functional woman. Yes! All the way! Oh yes! Pierce her maidenhead and fuck her hard! I can see her blood coming out of her little fuck hole now! What a little angel she is! Now faster my lord! Fill her with your rich seed! Oh yes! Give it to her harder! Make her yours!”

His kiss muffled any words Jennifer might have said. Her brown hair was now a mess and her soft, blue eyes were practically closed as she reveled in her first, frantic fuck. Eloise raised Jennifer’s legs so that her cunt was more fully and deeply accessed. The thumping and squishing of his manhood slamming into Jennifer’s clenching sheath were making Eloise yearn for him to fuck her to. She got behind him and snuck her face down until she was able to lick his bouncing balls and taste the young girl’s wet lust.

Again and again, his tool discovered the wonders of Jennifer’s newly pillaged sex. He thrust into the little slit all the way inside until he was vigorously banging against her cervix, thinking of the little red head he’d fully enjoyed the month before. Jennifer was even more delectable though with her slender legs and enticing whimpers. The new whore bucked up suddenly and screamed as her body convulsed from a mind searing burst of intense vaginal bliss. She rocked and writhed, begging him to keep impaling her tender flesh. “Yes lord! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my baby pussy! Yes! Eloise said you need me so take me and fill me with your love! Yyyyeeesss! Harder! Just fuck me!”

The monarch suddenly gasped in the thrill of consummation. His large cock twitched and plunged even beyond the entrance to Jennifer’s newly conquered womb. His growl of triumph drowned out Jennifer’s squeal as he pumped and poured his creamy fluids into his hot, little bed mate. Again and again his body jerked as he kept filling her with the pleasant flow of orgasm.

Of course, that was only the beginning. Eloise soon sucked her monarch hard and this time, Eloise rode her lord while Jennifer sat on his face so he could taste the tang of this freshly corrupted wench. His hands cupped her little jutting tits and Jennifer was overwhelmed with electrifying sensations that shot into her from her pinched nipples to her clit that he was gently teething and nipping. His tongue slithered deep into her sloppy cunt. Eloise just kept on sliding up and down on him, squeezing him with a vast carnal array of vaginal delights. She strained and twisted on him in the ways she knew he loved. Eloise was pure whore at this moment and her sex drive was dramatically increased from the knowledge that she’d assisted her king in corrupting another youthful virgin. She also knew that when the youngster left his bed in a day or two or even three, he would increase the frequency and severity of his coupling with his precious Eloise. His appetite would be stimulated and he would enjoy her own body even more. After all if he was happy, her position was much more certain. She’d grown used to the luxury of fine clothes and excellent food. She enjoyed the favor and the power she now had at court. If she had to bring a sweet young thing to his bed once and awhile, it was a small price to pay to stay in the warmth of his favor.


All that evening, the orgy went on. His royal highness enjoyed every part of Jennifer for long, delicious hours. Eloise helped the young, brand new slut gulp and swallow his surging cum as she noisily sucked and slurped on the royal fuck meat. Later with a generous amount of lubricant, Eloise held Jennifer’s legs apart so that he could push his cock deep into her cramping anus. The girl screamed into the pillow with that initial pain but soon she got used to his very slow and gentle thrusting until at last she begged to have her ass fucked hard and fast.

Eloise made sure that the king’s cock was properly lubricated and ever so slowly and carefully, Jennifer felt her shit hole gradually opened and relaxed for the royal entrance. Her squeals and moans of anal pain only encouraged the monarch to force himself further into her writhing rectum until at last his prick was buried to the balls inside that hot tightness. While he did her clamping rectum, Eloise was sitting atop Jennifer’s bare back so she could kiss him and let him either fondle or suckle on her nice large tits. She whispered, “Do you like your little Jennifer? Isn’t it thrilling to use her holes for your pleasure?”

He just murmured his moan of approval and then he soon jolted another load of spunk into Jennifer’s tiny orifice. After that he ordered the two completely naked women to lie side by side together on the now, soiled bed. The king moved from one to the other in unrestrained missionary glory. He sucked wiggling toes and clutched tits both pert and plush depending on which female he was impaling. Again and again, he switched as if trying to compare which one was better or tighter or more wanton. With a sudden cry he released more of his lust into Jennifer and then both women greedily sucked his cock back to primordial hardness. Whatever he wanted, he was eagerly granted during the next hours and the two sluts pleased their royal master well.


Once again, Eloise was alone with the king and her body sizzled with the memory of the previous night’s romp. She expertly moved her hips in just the right way and her fingers guided him back to her anus. With a powerful and vicious thrust he made the hot bitch scream as he plowed into her little cavity all the way to the balls. “Ooooooo! God! God! You’re so big in my ass! Yes! Ooooo! Oooooo! Ram me! If you fill me again, you can have Jennifer again tonight!”
His anal thrusts became much harder and quicker in response to her tempting offer.
“Oooo! You bastard! That’s what you want! You want to fuck that helpless little wench again and again! Oooooo! Yes! Yes! Fuck my shit! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhhh!”

He sped up as he thought about the delights he would have that evening with gentle little Jennifer. He asked, “Do you have any other little foxy treats for me, you wild little whore?”

Her face was pushed into the pillow with the power of his anal impacts and his body weight. She groaned, “Oh yes! She has a fair haired sister who is but a year older. Would you like to take both sisters at once? Ooooo! Fuck! God!”

Eloise’s body quaked with a surge and ripple of an extremely powerful orgasm. She loved getting brutally fucked in her wriggling ass although it had taken her quite some time to get used to it. She was a bit surprised when he pulled out of her and re-entered her cunt.

“Fuck bitch! Fuck it like you want it!” He growled as his cock drilled her aching pussy hole. He was now lying on top of her bare and writhing body. The young whore responded by moving her silky smooth legs around his humping middle. She locked her slender ankles together and strained hard on him, forcing him to the max!

She yelled, “Fuck a baby into my womb! Fill me with seed! Fuck me like a filthy whore! Yes! Ooooo! My lord! Yes! I’m gonna give you two sisters to fuck tonight! You can keep them naked in your bed all week! They’ll satiate the needs of your body! I’ll teach them a lot of filthy little tricks! Aaaaahhhhh! Please! I want it harder! Fuck me hard and fast! Hard and fast! Yes! Yes! Yes! I adore you!”

The thought of enjoying two young, fresh virginal bodies with Eloise as the tutor was too much and he exploded his lust into Eloise’s cock, crammed fuck hole! His ecstasy seemed to last for precious minutes while his seed surged deep into his horny mistress’s pussy. The lively blonde’s wet, tight cunt vigorously sucked and milked his cock until his balls were finally bone dry.

She knew he’d have to rest awhile and perhaps sleep until supper time. This was his birthday and she’d made sure that he was given a birthday present that he would not soon forget. The lascivious whore would give him the two, sin stained sisters for him to revel inside for the next few long days and delectable nights.


Elyse turned out to be a yellow haired beauty with pert, jutting little breasts and a moist groin. Her pussy was a pliant, soft sheath perfectly small and firm to encompass the large royal cock.

When the king finally got to his bed, he was greeted by his three lovely harlots, Jennifer, Elyse and of course his beautiful Eloise. He wanted to use Elyse a lot this night so he relieved his initial passions inside Eloise. His experienced lover spread her legs apart and had each girl hold her by the ankles so that her loving monarch could impale her full and deep. The sisters watched in admiration as he slowly shoved his long member all the way into the older woman’s cramping pussy hole. Eloise cried out with obvious passion as she reached her first quick orgasm. Eloise loved to be fucked by this strong, middle aged man. He knew how to pleasure women. His cock was addicted to the special delights that only an experienced and juicy cunt can possibly provide. He rammed harder and harder as that fiery itch engulfed his balls and cock tip. Breath taking minutes went by as the king buried and re-buried his prick into his wanton whore, time after electrifying time. At last, with a groan he shot his warm essence into Eloise and then the king lay back so Jennifer and is long time whore could suck him hard with an enchanting double blow job.

Then he gazed at Elyse with glowing eyes. “I will take you next, you sweet girl. Are you still a maiden?”

Elyse blushed partly because of the question and mostly because she was totally bare from head to toe. “I am, your majesty. Jennifer told me what I must do. I hope I will bring you many delights.”

It wasn’t long before he put her to the test. He guided the young virgin on to his face and he noisily sucked and ate her cunt while the other two kept sucking his cock with salacious, slurping sucks. His prick tingled and itched as those soft lips and tongues played exciting tricks on his swollen meat. From time to time, Eloise gave the new wench some instructions, but for the most part it was oral cock work, done to perfection.

Elyse tasted divine. Her tangy, musky scent was driving him wild. His fingers entered her pussy and anus while he nibbled and sucked on her swelling clit. Elyse was grinding her groin on to him while she squealed and gasped from newly aroused passions. Then it was time for the moment of truth. He had to shove his stimulated manhood all the way into this whimpering virgin that was responding to his exploratory touch.

He soon had need of the lush, yellow haired sister. With strong hands, the king pulled Elyse onto her back and mounted the fair haired nymph. Instantly the other two women grabbed Elyse’s slender ankles and held her back so far that the youngster thought she was being folded in half. There was a sharp pain as her king slammed deep into her fresh cunt splitting her maidenhead into the past. He was heedless of her screams of pain and joy as he pounded much harder and faster into her bleeding, shuddering snatch. Her virginity had been a little thicker than most of the others he’d taken and he’d really had to slam into her to get the job done. The monarch couldn’t believe how hot and wet Elyse’s little twat was. She was tighter than Jennifer, if that was possible. Soon the young harlot was squeezing and contracting on his thrusting rod in obvious response. Yes, he would enjoy every delectable inch of this new plaything. He would fuck her mouth and both of her little holes until she was chuck full of his spermy fluids. This very thrilling thought triggered his spasming prick into a cascade of lust that poured into his new conquest. With a loud growl, he reveled in the ecstasy of every shuddering spasm that jetted his essence into the young harlot.

Elyse squealed in primordial bliss as her own climax occurred just a few moments after his. “Yes! Oh my lord! Fuck me more! Fill me to the brim! Eloise told me you would fill me with delight! Please your majesty, fuck me more!”

Her tits were practically being crushed by his powerful hands as he squeezed them hard during his rushing fulfillment. With desperate urgency, he kept fucking this new playmate fast and hard and to his pleasure he was able to keep himself hard. He lunged into Elyse again and again while Jennifer moved onto her sister’s heaving chest so he could fondle and kiss her. Eloise held back Elyse’s legs at the ankles to insure the king could plow deep and hard into the young blonde’s tiny pussy. Elyse moaned from the spasming sex pains and the newly found delights of unrestrained fucking. He pounded climax into her young body time after time and each was punctuated by her high pitched screams of sheer rapture. It was so delightful to be kissing and feeling up one sister while fucking the other. This was something the king was finding very bewitching. It had been a fortunate day when he’d acquired the depraved services of Eloise De Frontinac.


It was very dark in his chamber. He’d been sleeping for hours and he guessed it must be early morning. What had woken him was his aching and itching prick. It was as hard as a rock and he needed to relieve that amorous itch by sliding it inside one of his sensual mistresses. He felt around and recognized Elyse by the shape of her small tits.

Elyse woke to a demanding kiss. His tongue slipped into her sour mouth. She’d sucked him to completion just a few hours before and she could still taste his seed that he’d pumped down her gagging throat. Her anus was sore although in a pleasant way after he’d fucked his warm squirting gushes up her aching shitter. Her cunt still stung from the three amazing fuckings he’d given her between the times he’d taken Eloise and her pretty sister, Jennifer.

Instinctively she moved her legs apart and guided his manhood to her sore slit. In spite of her discomfort, she wanted to be fucked and enjoyed once more. Then he was in her and she arched her back to engulf him with her writhing body. He felt her desire and his vicious thrusts spurred them both on. This little fox was exciting, new and so different. She fucked like some little animal with no restraint or decency. She’d been a shy virgin just hours before and now she was a cock craving whore who had to have pleasure. Again and again, he buried his cock to the hilt until at last, her whimpers and vaginal contractions drove him over the edge and once again, he refilled her mushy cunt hole. It was at that moment he made his decision. He would not send these two sisters away like the others. He would keep them and Eloise. He would enjoy their young, energetic bodies for years to come and if Eloise didn’t like it, she could be sent to a convent to repent her vile wickedness. Each squeal and quiver that Elyse made convinced him that he had to keep the two sin sisters and that is how the French king ended up with three pregnant mistresses.

It’s fun to be king!

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