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The best way there is to take out the laundry.
I`ve always been adicted to jacking off. From the age of six or seven, I can remeber humbing the bed until I shot this clear liquid. Just to young for cum I guess. But at the age of fourteen, things went to the next level. It all started when my mom had me do some chours around the house. Make my bed,take out the trash and do the laundry.

One day, I came home from school and just had to jack myself. Now I should tell you that my cock is a very good size. Even at that age. I was about nine inches and I learned how to keep myself totaly shaved. And when i jerk, I produce huge gobs of precum. I can fill a shot glass in no time. And I can edge for hours before I shoot. And when I do, Huge strings of rope cum all over. So I just shot a huge load and I ended up falling asleep. I woke to my moms voice saying "Joey ,are you home?" I yelled out yes but I forgot to start the laundry. I grabbed the basket and started down the stairs. My mom stopped me and said "So you hav`nt started washing yet." Sorry mom, I`ll start right now. So she said "that`s ok, You can do my work clothes to". With that said ,I followed her up stairs into the bathroom. She closed the door and sat on the toilet. She asked me "Joey, can you help me get undressed, I`m so tired from the comute home. Me and mom are very close. In fact, I`ve often helped her get dressed to go otu. Helped her with her makeup. And even painted her toe and finger nails. And she has the prettiest feet. Many jack session I have thought about sucking on them.

So I helped her take off her high heels. Then rubbed her feet alittle. She was moaning, telling me it felt so good. Her feet were warm and sweaty. My nine incher was wide awake and starting to like precum. Then she had me help her take her panyhose off. She rolled them down alittle. Just above the knee, And I rolled them the rest of the way. Her bare feet were resting in my lap. She started wiggling her toes which made my cock stir in my pants. She lifted her feet off and told me to wait outside th door for the rst of her clothes.

Sha handed then to me ,closed the door and went into the shower. So I headed down stairs to put then in the wash lkie I always do. When I picked up her panty hose, they were still warm from her and they had a wonderful perfume smell. My cock sprang out of my shorts. all rock hard and ready to go. But when I started sniffing the crotch part, I noticed they were very damp. Kind off like pee moist but goowy to. When I touched it with my finger it stuck to it like precum and I could make long strings with it.

I was in heaven. I could not belive my moms pussy cum was on my fingers. I started jacking with my free hand. Then I put the crotch to my mouth and started licking the cum off the pantyhose. I would squeeze my cockhead and a nice belch off precum would shoot out and make a puddle on the floor. I was eating those hose like a wild man. And jacking off like a jack hammer. My mom was still in the shower so I just keep licking away. Then I stuck the foot part of the hose in my mouth, and tasted all her foot sweat from the day.

Then I dug out the main course. Mom`s sweet soiled panties. They were white cotton and very damp. Again, not with pee, but clear like cum. She must be constantly rubbing herself to be so full of her it. There was even more clear honey soaked in these panties. I had long strings of clear gold just hanging from my cock as I started to lick the crotch. It tasted wonderful. And smelled even better. I was jacking nice and slow. Taking the gobs of precum and rubbing my shaved balls then back up to the head. I wanted to eat her pussy for real. I`ve only got a few glances now and then when I help her get dressed. A few times when she has stepped out of the shower also. She is totaly shaved. And has large hanging labia. Maybe about four inches or so. And the prettiest feet you can imagine. About a size seven. Always painted toes. I make sure of that.

Iwas so close to cumming by now. The panties were drenched from my mouth and I was rubbing them all over my dick so they were full of my cum as well. Then I grabbed her purple thong. It was the best tasting of them all. I sucked the thin part that rested between her ass cheeks. It was a mix of pussy,ass and perfume. I could not hold back any longer. I pulled the thong out of my mout and wrapped it around my cock. Just about three or four jerks, The first jet shot out. Long,Long ropes of spug shot out of my cockhead. I think six or seven. All over the front of the washer. As I finished, I could her my mom getting out of the shower. I rushed to put the clothes in the wash. I used her panties to clean up the mess.

The next day, I waited for my mom to cum home so I could wash her clothes as soon as she got home. She walked in the house all flustered from her commute from work. Mom, Is every thing ok? I asked. She said Yes, It was just a long day and a very long drive. She sat down on the couch all tired and I sat next to her. She was trying to kick off her high hells. I asked her if she needed any help .Please Joey help mommy with her shoes, she said. With that, I plopped on the floor at her feet and took of her heels. I was in heaven. As I pulled them off,Her feet were nice and sweaty. Not to much of a smell. More perfume then foot smell. I got them both off when she said, Rub Them Joey!!!! Mommy needs to relax. So thats what I did. Started to give her a nice foot massage.

I was realy rubbing them hard then softly. Kneeding the soles then moving up to her toes. She had her eyes closed and was moanig alittle. All the while, I had a nice shot right up her skirt. Her white panties were soaked. I mean you could see the outline of her lips and her butthole. She spread her legs allitle more. i moved my hands up the back of her calfs. And had both of her feet resting in my lap. She was wiggling her toes. And my cock was rock hard and getting wet.

She kept moaning and saying, Keep it up Joey, Mommy luvs it. Her skirt started to ride up her waist alittle bit. Now her Sweet Soiled Panties were just about exposed. She opened her legs even more. I was going nuts. Here`s my hot mom, Her pretty feet in my lap. Skirt just about all the way off. And me rubbing her calves and working my way to her thighs. I started to get real bold and tried pushing her knees up to her chest to see what would happen. She did it for me no problem. Now her elbows were behind her knees with her legs spread wide. My mom was in this sought of trance. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning, Nice Joey, Keep rubbing mommy.

I got up on my knnes and went back to rubbing the soles of her feet. I had this huge bulge and even bigger wet spot from my dripping cock. I wanted to take it out so bad and jack but I did`nt want to go to far. I just kept rubbing her feet and both of her legs over and over again. This latest for about twenty minutes or so. Then all of a sudden, she opened her eyesand said ,Thank you baby, I think I btter get in the shower and start supper. With that she stood up and went into the bathroom. I followed and she closed the door in frint of me. She held her hand out and handed me her blouse,skirt and bra to be washed. Then she blew me away when she said, Joey, Don`t Forget these. She handed me her Sweet Soiled Panties. Have Fun With Them Honey. I was floored. Some how she knew what I did with them. But How? They were soaked with her cum. Still warm and dripping with her juice.

You can masturbate with them if you want. she said. I know how you enjoy my panties. Be with you in a sec. With that said, she stepped into the shower and turned the water on. My nine incher was on fire. Not only did she give me her panties to jack with. But she wanted me to wank while she was showering. I jumped on her bed and tore my pants off. Just as I grabbed my boner, I pushed a small stream of precum onto my stomach. I placed the dripping panties in my mouth. They tasted like candy. A mix of cunt cream, sweat,ass and her fav perfume. Hy god, I was jacking and moaning so load, I think the neighbors heard me. And all the while, my mom was in the shower humming away.

My cock was streaming precum like a faucet. Just when I was ready to blow, the shower shut off and I heard my mother step out. How`s it going in there Joey She said. There was know way I could answer her. I was so close to shooting, I just let out a huge moan. The first jet spurted out and almost hit my face. It landed on the pillow next to me. Then five or six jets after shot on my chest and belly. It seamed like it took forever to stop cumming. My mom opened the door alittle and just abut looked in. How are you honey she said. You can use my panties to clean up. I`m going to get supper started. Mom, I said, How did you know I liked to do this type of thing. Will talk at supper baby. Right now get cleaned up and I will call you when its ready.

About twenty minutes went by and she called me. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen. She made hambugers and fries. So we started eating and then I asked her. Mom, You know I did that sort of thing. Yes dear. She said. I kinda figured out how you won`t do a wash till I get home. And you want my clothes as soon as I get home. And the way you take my panties in your hand and don`t put them with the other clothes. Wow mom, you figured all that out. Ya baby. Your mom has been around the block a few times. So what I would do because my drive home is so long, I would rub myself all the way home to get my panties real juicy for you. Really mom, Like how would you do it. Then she started to show me. I would put my leg up like this. She pushed her chair back and put her leg up on the table and her robe opened . She was wearing a smokin hot pair of white cotton panties.

My dick sprang to life. Instant hardness with bead of cum at the tip. Her other bare foot she placed in my lap. Hold my foot baby so mommy can show you. I luv mom`s feet to begin with. I heald her pretty ped while she rubbed the front of her panties. See Joey, all the way home, I would rub myself like this so you could have some juicy panties to play with. Then some times I would put in a finger or two. She showed me what she ment. Sticking her hand in her shorts and moving her honey around. And then stuck two fingers in and pulled them out. Then Joey, see how wet they are. Ya is all I could say. Then I would just wipe them on my panties for you.

Needless to say, I was ready to pass out. Here is my smokin hot mom, Fucking her self in front of me while I hold her pretty little foot wiggling in my lap. I needed to jack off and I needed to right then and there. But today was differnt Joey. What was ma, I asked. While I was getting my panties ready for you, I was thinking how you would be jerking your cock with my Sweet Soiled panties probaly in your mouth. I got so turned on that I Came all over the car seat and really drenched them for you. I bet you noticed they were extra wet this time. Ya ma, I said. They even had some really gooey fluid in them. Ya Joey, I know. When I cum really hard, Myvagina produces really thick clear cum. I bet it tasted really good. God ma, It was the best.

You know Joey, If I keep this up.I`ll have another nice pair of panties for you. Sur ma, that sounds nice. So with that, She continued rubbing her self while I watched. It was awsome. Her head tilted back. Her legs spread, and her hand rubbing her panties then dipping inside. I think I can get three maybe four fingers in Joey. Ma, this is so hot.

She was just getting ready to dip her hand in again, when the phone rang. We both jumped up and she went to answer it. Hello she said. Joey, I have to take this call, Can we finish later. Sur ma, I said. Can you hold one second, she told the person on the phone. She put the phone down and stepped out of her panties. Go play with these baby. They should hold you over for a while. I`ll go to your room later. Ok Mom. And then I ran to my room and just about swallowed her Sweet Soiled Panties for the third time that day.

So begins me and my mom`s relationship togther. And the up cumming stories, I will tell you about how she wathes me jack, I watch herfinger her self(4 fingers then Fist). I go down on her. She sucks,swallows and deep throats me. Even some anal. Me to her. And then her to me. I luv things in my ass.

So Stay Tuned....................................

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