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Another Noc
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Camryn pulled her body back, sticking her bare butt into the air. She was in a cat’s pouncing stance; her knees bent under her belly as her spine sloped down into her head. Her eyes were closed; she was taking in the entire feeling of the warm sun, the most gentle breeze, the faint smell of chlorine from her pool. On the sun chair on her back patio, her naked fourteen year old body was an orgasm to the touch.

I was her fifteen year old neighbor, I was like her older brother, an older brother who she had the biggest crush on and showed no mercy for on my raging hormones. Her entire family was weekend nudists as they said. They roamed their house nude from time to time lacking any embarrassment. Father, mother, Camryn, and her little sister Corey, all did it; I was frequently very uncomfortable around them in their nudity, and mostly avoided them during it.

Camryn’s parents were both at work and with her little sister sleeping in, I was alone with this perfect girl on the patio under the afternoon sun. It was not even one week after school let out for the summer. She was completely naked as I massaged her with the suntan lotion; I cowered in my swimming trunks. I had the biggest boner I could remember ever having. I had to get it down; swimming trunks did not hide erections well. At least I didn’t let her talk me into not even wearing those.

Her butt cheeks were sticking straight into my hips as I massaged back from directly behind her. Her cheeks were spread wide; her butt hole was right there. I had to jack off now before she looked back and noticed.

“Get real good inside my crack, last time it somehow got burned and I don’t want that to happen again.” She teased me like this so much. I didn’t know if she just liked the tease or if she actually wanted me to flip her over and stick my dick into her. Now would be the best time to jack off.

Her firm and motionless backside was still resting on her bent legs as her face pressed into the chair. She was a bit tired. I would have come later but she asked me to come over so early in the afternoon.

I pulled my swimming trunks down my legs some to let my penis and testicles free. I squirt a large amount of lotion onto my right hand and silently set the bottle back down. I scooped some lotion from my hand and began rubbing it up and down her butt crack.

Stroking my dick with my dominant left hand was so incredibly amazing as my right’s fingers gently caressed my neighbor’s ass. I was going to cum in seconds at this rate. Oh well, I needed to get rid of this erection. I looked around for a place to guide my sperm, a place Camryn wouldn’t find it.

My index finger grazed her butthole; she sighed timidly as it opened a little. No way, she would feel it; I would get in so much trouble. I stopped caring, I was seconds from ejaculation, I had little to no judgment making ability.

I pulled my dick down and pushed the head onto her butthole. The hole tightened at first, then loosened back up into a little opening; almost like she was getting ready to push something out, but wasn’t really.

I popped. A stream of my cum spilled from my shaft and into her butthole. She bounced in a moan. I grabbed her hips to hold her in place so my cum would rain over her back. Line after line of my sperm pounded into her rectum. My penis was pulsing madly. Camryn was groaning.

I was getting scared, I needed to stop soon, she was getting ready to look back. Finally, I squirted my last shot. I ripped up at my trunks and picked up the suntan lotion.

Looking back to me, “Oh my gosh, what did you just do.”

I stared in fear at her, holding the bottle of lotion in my hand.

“You don’t need to squirt that stuff inside me, I don’t get burned there.”

I looked a little relieved, did she really believe that that was what I did.

“That stuff must get extremely hot sitting in the sun; it’s so warm inside me. You put a lot in there. Strangely though, your jokes always do seem to make me happier than I would’ve thought. Your fingers holding me there when you did that seemed so soft, I never noticed that before.”

She smiled at me and pulled herself forward to lay down flat. I love people having their own individual minds; if you don’t understand something, create a story that fits; Camryn’s rapid imagination filled in my alibi. My heart rate started to slow.

Corey, Camryn’s twelve year old sister broke through the back patio door completely nude in a mad rush. Oh shit.

“Camryn, do you know what he just did to you?”

“I know, it was surprisingly the most amazing feeling, but I told him not to do it again.”

“That wasn’t lo—“

“Corey,” I butted in as fast as I could, “follow me real quick, I got a present for you and it’s super cool.”

I got off the chair from behind Camryn and grabbed Corey, picking her up, and took her into the house. I brought her up the stairs and into her bedroom, closing the door behind me.

“I’ll do anything, anything in the world if you please just don’t tell anyone, especially Camryn what I did. Please.” I made the most pathetic face I possibly could.

“Camryn likes you a whole bunch and when she finds out, she won’t anymore and then only I will like you, so you and me can be best friends.” I thought as fast as I could. I knew they both liked me and sometimes fought about who was a better friend, but this was too far.

“If Camryn doesn’t like me though, then I might not be allowed over here anymore, because she might tell your parents and I’ll get in lots of trouble.” She stopped and thought. Thank goodness.

“If you stop treating me like a little kid, and play with me more like you do with Camryn, I’ll be quiet.”


“And! And you have to do to me what you just did to Camryn, because she said it felt really good and that’s what big kids do in movies and you have to treat me like a big kid now.”

I had to think about this. Camryn’s body was amazing, Corey’s, well, she was a little young, and at most, she was cute. She was skin tight, with no breasts at all; Camryn had the most perfect buds with her little bulge covered in silky hairs. Corey stood before me with a slit, just a small slit.

“But I want you to do it in this hole instead since I think it will feel even better,” she said pressing her finger into her tiny slit. I cringed. “Fine then, I’m going to tell on you.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll do it. I’m just putting it on the outside and spurting in; I’m not going inside you since I didn’t do it with Camryn.” I was not about to lose my virginity to the girl of my dreams’ little sister, that was the girl of my dreams gift.

“I don’t want you to go inside me, that’s sex, and I’m too young.”

“I thought you wanted to be a big kid.” I did not know why I said that, I just wanted to be a smart ass I guess, but I wish I would had thought first.

“Have you ever had sex?”

“No,” I responded quickly.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes,” a little slower and shyer

“With my sister?”

“Are we going to hurry up and do this or what?”

“You can put it inside me I guess. You have to start treating me like my sister right.”

“I never put it inside your sister, if I did it to you, then that would be treating you better than her.” I regretted what I said as soon as I dotted the period to the sentence. Corey smiled.

“Ok, we better start now, I’ll get on top and you just squirt up inside me. Finally; I pulled my shorts down my legs and laid down on her bed.

Corey climbed on top of me.

“You have to get hard.”

I wanted this over so fast. I looked at the little body above me and tried my best to imagine it was Camryn’s. It was her naked body. I was on her bed. She was about to take me. My dick needed no more. It wasn’t hard to age the little girl’s body a few years into her sister’s.

“You still have lots of lotion on it too so it’s already slippery.”

I blushed. Sure, she had no problem with being naked or seeing someone else naked, but I, I did have a problem. I had just begun getting used to seeing their family naked, still not so much for Camryn though, but I myself being naked before them was not something I cared for.

I reached down and grabbed my penis. I started stroking it.

“Aren’t you going to up it up to my slit?”

“I will when I’m about to go.” She began sounding suspicious. I didn’t want to take any chances. “I’m going to close my eyes and use my imagination to make this go faster. So when I push my penis up, you move over it real quick, is that alright.”

“That’s perfect.” Good. If I missed, it would be her fault and meanwhile, I could get my mind off her hovering over my naked body and leering into my face.

I slid my hand up and down over my well lubricated dick. Camryn’s body was covering my mind. She was in the deck chair masturbating, I pulled my head over her the eight foot wooden fence; I watched her - a particularly prominent fantasy I would kill a person to have come true. I silently jumped the fence naked while stroking myself.

Her fingers rubbed the insides of her body, breaking through her mound. Her budding breasts were panting. Her other arm laid over her eyes blocking the sun. Her perfect belly was growing and shrinking at an increasing rate. She was breathing harder.

Stroking my shaft, I climbed over her in the greatest stealth. Her fingers began pounding with amazing speed into herself. I was as close to orgasming. She was moaning loud, unaware of anybody around. Then she began screaming. Her hips beat down into the chair, her chest pounded up. She withdrew her fingers just for me to enter her. I pressed my dick up and push myself into her just as I was about to cum.

It felt almost too real; no, it felt too real. I was cumming inside her and I could feel the tightest, wettest walls of what I assumed were from a vagina gripping and taking in all my sperm. When Camryn was suppose to move her arm and open her eyes to greet me in a make out session, I instead opened my eyes to find her little sister Corey in tears with her body pressed all the way around my dick onto my hips.

I was cumming inside of her, my sperm pounded into her virgin girl hole. She was so freaking tight, it was unreal. I never even really thought that my penis could fit inside her tiny female crack. I was inside of her. I felt her pulsing vagina melt into my shaft, three hundred and sixty degrees, base to tip.

Every organ in her body fought to push back where they were before I slammed them away. I felt it all. My cum shot even deeper and farther inside her body and plastered a liquid mold of her reproductive organ.

My pounding cum died quickly. Twice so quickly had milked me dry. I still put a lot into her though.

Her little face was blood red, her eyes poured tears from them as she bit her bottom lip in the most pain I had ever seen someone in. She had dropped and drove her body onto my dick when I pushed it up. I did not want her screaming and crying in pain.

I pulled my hand from under her and grabbed her body with both my arms and pulled her down to me. I clutched her into me.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok. Please don’t cry, everything is alright.” I didn’t know how to comfort her. I said everything I could think of to make her feel better. I compressed her tiny naked body into mine hoping I could squeeze the pain from her. “Everything will be fine, it’s all over, you just fell, accidents happen.”

Her crying then became audible. “I’m sorry, I didn’t fall, I did it on purpose.” I didn’t care right now. I had to get her to be quiet.

“Please don’t cry, I don’t care, it will all feel better in a minute, just please don’t cry.” My words seemed to have brought comfort to her. Her crying died back into silent tears and sniffles.

Minutes passed. My dick shriveled from her aching slit. She was calming down. My pubic area felt covered in warm fluids. She was silent now.

“Why did you do it?” I asked her.

“Are you mad at me?”

“I don’t know.” She stole my virginity. I wanted to save myself for Camryn. Why was this happening? Why did she have to do that?

“I’m really really sorry.”

“I have to leave now, I’m hungry.” I wanted to get away, go home, think by myself.

“I’ll make you some food.” New tears were growing in her eyes.

“No, you’re too tired.”

“No I’m not, please, I’ll make you whatever you want.” She was breathing harder.

“I’m sorry; I just need to be alone right now, that’s all.”

I pulled her body from me. She appeared to sense that obeying was the best chance she had. She moved with my muscles and climbed off me. My pelvis was covered in blood and cum, so was between her legs. I would have asked her if she was alright but I was drained; she appeared well enough.

I sat up and pulled my swimming trunks back to my hips.

“I’ll be back, it’s ok.” I turned from her tearing face and walked out of her room. I went downstairs, slipped on my sandals and threw my shirt on.

I left the house not knowing if I would be back. Things didn’t feel right anymore.

e.l. hanes


2008-01-23 21:06:27
almost as good as Noc 9/10


2007-12-03 00:42:43
good story cant wait to read the rest of the series


2007-11-08 02:04:46
Why would you want to imagine an older version of Corey??? young girls in stroies need to be deflowered. That is the greatest part of sex.


2007-10-21 21:56:24
Nicely done. You wrote a story wih morals...kinda. I'm impressed. I'd say 7/10.


2007-09-04 07:39:00

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