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My daughters help out their girlfriend’s baby.
Daughters Breast Milk

Alyssa and Zelda are my sixteen-year-old twin daughters. Two children were all my wife and I ever wanted so when we knew it was twins we picked out our names. We decided on A to Z. If it were to be one or two boys it would have been Allen and Zachary. The first one born became Alyssa and of course the last one became Zelda. Last being only three minutes later.

My wife died in a car accident when the girls were twelve years old. She hit her head hard on the steering wheel and was pronounced brain dead. She was an avid supporter of organ donors so the doctors kept her alive another day and sent out the word about a thirty-one year old woman having just died and not from any disease. Thanks to the organ donor network many people were able to live better lives from her death.

Naturally my daughters feel that helping a fellow person is one of the best things you can do. So it was not a real surprise when my daughters said that they needed to start producing mother’s milk to help out a friend.

Then came the explanation. Judy a girlfriend of theirs got pregnant at fifteen. She is due in a month and has been told that she cannot breastfeed. However breastfeeding is exactly what the newborn baby will need.

Breastfeeding protects the baby from gastrointestinal trouble, respiratory problems, and ear infections. It can protect the baby from developing allergies, childhood leukemia, developing type 1 diabetes, and obesity and osteoporosis later in life. Breastfeeding may even boost the child's intelligence.

They each needed forty dollars to join the La Leche League International for a year and they needed some shots to make them lactate. They also needed to start taking calcium supplements. The recommendation for nursing women is 1,000 milligrams per day.

Of course the first thing I did was try to look it up on the Internet. Forced lactating took me to sight with women squirting milk from their nipples. That certainly brought back memories of my wife breastfeeding the girls.

They said that four other girls were going to help out too. So I said yes and started handing out money. The girls sent out checks to join the La Leche League International, bought calcium supplements, and got their shots from their doctor.

That Friday when I came home there was a house full of girls. Normally I liked seeing the girls. They were developing very well too. However this time when I walked in I saw seven topless girls wearing just their panties. I think I jumped more than they did. It was the first meeting of the “Judy’s Baby Breastfeeding Club!”

Once my shock was over and the girls made me a drink I calmed down. A strong rum and coke will do it every time.

Alyssa and Zelda explained that the girls were all spending the weekend and that they had all had their shots. So it was time to see if they could induce their mother’s milk. If it came in early it was okay because they could give the extra milk to the La Leche League to hand out to other mothers in need. It was unlikely that Judy’s baby would need all six “Wet Nurses.”

So anyway I sat there surrounded by seven sixteen-year-old topless girls. Judy’s belly was huge being eight months and one week along. She was due in just three weeks. She was topless with the other girls for moral support but also because she was finding clothes uncomfortable. I remember when I wife did that too. It was all too familiar to me.

The other six girls were just topless so that they could play with each other’s nipples to toughen them up. Plus as I soon found out they were sucking on each other’s nipples too trying to induce milk. I watched Alyssa and Zelda latch onto the other four girl’s nipples together. They were quite a pair. Once again I was reminded of them nursing at the same time on their mother’s nipples. They always seemed to be hungry at the same time.

Sylvia, one of the other girls saw me watching my daughters suck on a nice set of tits. She sat across my lap and held her tit up to my lips. Sylvia told me to suck as hard and as long as I wanted too. If it became too much for her she said that she would let me know and sit the other way so that I could have her other breast. Wow what an offer. Sylvia wrapped an arm around me and pulled my lips to her nipple. I hadn’t sucked a nipple this nice in a long time. It was fantastic. I sucked, then I’d take a sip of my drink, and then suck some more. After a good ten minutes she asked to change sides so I released her. She stood up, adjusted her panties, and sat back down on the other knee this time. But not before showing me her ass. She had a skimpy little pink string running down the crack of her ass. She had a great ass. She sat back down and she must have felt my hard cock. Then she slipped her other nipple into my mouth and wrapped her arm around my neck. I closed my eyes and dreamed about my wife. I could not fight the erection and soon it was thumping from all the blood flowing into it. The pressure was building and I cum. Sylvia must have noticed but never said a word. However she did cuddle me closer until my heart slowed to normal.

When Sylvia finally got up she looked down at the spot in my pants and said, “Oh I’m so sorry! Your sucking gave me an orgasm! Let me help you clean it up!” Then she took me to the bathroom.

I said, “Thank you Sylvia! You didn’t need to do that!”

Sylvia said, “Yes I did! You really did give me an orgasm! In fact you gave me two that’s why I was squirming and caused your climax!”

I went into my bedroom and changed before coming back out. The girls requested a pizza so I ordered a big sheet pizza and suggested that the girls stay out of sight when it was delivered.

Dawn was the next girl to sit on my lap and offer me her breast to suck. Her breast was smaller but firmer and her nipples were harder too. Knowing what I had done to Sylvia I tried to stimulate Dawn sexually. She cuddled me into her bosom and closed her eyes as I started to suck. I heard her moaning softly. It was kind of a hum with my ear right up her chest. Her fingers tightened in my hair. Then I asked her to change sides. Soon after I gave her a second orgasm from me sucking her nipple, the doorbell rang and the girls ran. Well not Judy but she tried to waddle faster than she had before.

I got the door, paid the boy, and took the pizza. As soon as I closed the door the girls were all over the pizza. The box was taken into the dinning room and my daughters got everyone soda to drink, paper plates, and napkins. Judy really was eating for two. She ate more pizza than I did.

As we ate, the conversation centered around me. Sylvia and Dawn both told the other girls how I had given each of them two orgasms. They said that I had a very nice way of sucking that was different than the way the girls sucked.

Just as soon as I finished eating Alyssa handed me another rum and coke and sat in my lap. She hasn’t done that for several years. She wiggled her ass until my semi-hard cock was in position against her panty-covered pussy, then she pulled my lips to her breast. Alyssa looked so much like her mother that I almost forgot that she was my daughter. As I sucked on the one breast I started massaging the other one. The hand around her waist crept down to her hip and ass cheek involuntarily. The longer I sucked the more Alyssa wiggled. I was making my cock throb against her pussy and she could feel it. I opened my eyes to see her hand slipping into her panties. This nursing thing was becoming too sexual but I couldn’t stop and neither could she. Soon Alyssa was breathing harder and moaning out loud. The other girls were giggling politely as they watched us.

Sylvia whispered, “She’s there!”

Dawn whispered, “Been there, done that!”

Zelda whispered, “I’m next! Trudy, you and Bridget will have go later!”

Bridget whispered, “Why do I always have to be last?”

Then Judy whispered, “Hey girls! I want a turn too you know!”

Right then Alyssa had her first orgasm. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and said in a normal voice, “Wait your turn girls! He still owes me one!” Alyssa got up, turned around, and patted my hard cock. Then she rearranged my cock and sat back down making sure that it was nestled nicely against her panty-covered pussy. Alyssa then offered me her other breast. She said, “Daddy cum with me this time!”

I certainly did cum with her and this time I didn’t care who knew it either. Zelda, Trudy, and Bridget got their nipples sucked and received their two orgasms. Then it was Judy’s turn.

Judy said, “Since I’m already pregnant you can’t do me any harm!” She stood me up, dropped my pants, dropped my underwear, and then sat me back down but in a straight back wooden chair. Judy then faced me, straddled me, and sat on my cock while all six girls watched. It was the first pussy that I had had in probably two years. She was very wet from watching all of the other girls receiving orgasms.

Judy said, “I didn’t get those hormone shots but I’m still horny, so fuck me big boy! You can suck my nipples too if you want too!”

That’s when it struck me. The girls had taken hormone shots to bring on their milk. It was playing havoc with their overactive sexual desires. No wonder they were in their panties, sitting on my cock, and letting me suck their breasts!

I asked, “Did the doctor say anything about side effects from those shots?”

Alyssa said, “Yes! He said that it might enhance our sex drive!”

Zelda said, “We’ve always had an over active sex drive ever since we hit puberty so it shouldn’t matter very much!”

I tried to reason with them by saying, “Look I really shouldn’t be here with seven sexy teenage girls in just their panties!”

Judy said, “I’m not wearing any panties!” Then of course everyone laughed.

Trudy said, “He thinks were sexy!”

I continued, “And I shouldn’t be here fucking Judy!”

Judy said, “That’s okay I’ll fuck you!”

I said, “That’s not what I meant! You’re only sixteen and you’re pregnant!”

Judy laughed and said, “How do you think I got pregnant?”

Sylvia said, “Besides we are all sixteen and we can fuck anyone we want too!”

Dawn said, “None of are virgins anyway!”

Alyssa and Zelda gasped as the truth leaked out. I looked at them and started to say something as Judy grabbed me hard and forced a tit into my mouth as she had her orgasm and I filled her with my cum.

Judy said, “Oh that was nice! His cock was perfect! He gets a ten from me!”

Once I recovered some and Judy had gotten off from me I asked Alyssa and Zelda about their sex lives.

Alyssa said, “Well daddy about eight months and one week ago the seven of us were at a party!”

Zelda said, “It was a drinking party and we had a little bit too much to drink!”

Alyssa said, “Then the boys that we were with wanted to have sex!”

Zelda said, “No one had any condoms either!”

Alyssa said, “So we girls decided to play Russian Roulette and have unprotected sex!”

Zelda said, “Judy lost!”

Alyssa said, “We all lost our virginities on that day!”

Zelda said, “There were nine boys so I let two of them fuck me!”

Alyssa said, “I couldn’t let her outdo me so I let two of the boys fuck me too!”

Zelda said, “Judy let Billy Peterson fuck her twice!”

Alyssa said, “We think it was that second time that got her!”

Zelda said, “That’s why we all want to help her out in any way we can!”

Dawn said, “You see it could have been any one of us that got knocked up!”

Bridget said, “Or all of us!”

Trudy said, “You can fuck Judy all you want because she can’t get pregnant again!”

Thinking back now I should have kept my big mouth shut, “I had a vasectomy after the girls were born! I can’t get anyone pregnant!”

I didn’t even know that I was hard until Alyssa sat on cock facing me and offered me her tit to suck. I couldn’t stop. It felt so wonderful. It was even better than being in Judy’s pussy. Again all I could think about was my wife. The memory was strong, my cock was hard, and my will power was non-existent. I came for the last time that night in my oldest daughter’s pussy.

It was way past bedtime when I asked about the sleeping arrangements.

Alyssa smiled and said, “Sylvia and Dawn get my bed!”

Zelda said, “Trudy and Bridget get my bed!”

Judy said, “I get the spare bedroom all to myself! It’s closer to the bathroom!”

I looked at my daughters and asked, “What about you two?”

Alyssa and Zelda said together, “With you! Of course!”

I picked up my clothes and headed to my bedroom. I would shower in the morning. Right now I was exhausted. After I got in bed all seven girls came in. This time they weren’t even wearing their panties. Each girl kissed me on my lips and on my cock head. I in turn kissed their lips, both nipples, and then I kissed their pussies.

The last one to get her pussy kissed was Zelda then she just sat on my hard cock and rode herself to an orgasm. I’m not even sure I was awake for the grand finale.

Saturday morning started out pretty early. Sylvia and Dawn gave me breakfast in bed. Trudy and Bridget gave me a bath and did a very nice job of washing me. Judy took me to the living room and sat me in my chair. Alyssa handed me a cup of coffee and Zelda handed me the morning newspaper. I knew that something was up so I just waited.

Finally Sylvia said, “Since Judy, Alyssa, and Zelda all got to ride your cock yesterday it’s our turn! Pick one of us!”

I said, “Well I don’t really want to choose so what if I take you in the order that you are standing in. I’ll start with Sylvia, Dawn, Trudy, and then Bridget!”

Bridget said, “Why do I always have to be last?”

I laughed and said to Bridget, “Sweetie every time I cum it takes longer for me to cum again. I promise you that my cock will be in your cute little pussy longer than the other three girls! Time me if you don’t believe me!”

Needless to say that got me excited. None of us had even bothered to put on underwear that morning so we were all naked. Sylvia sat across my lap with my cock slipped into her pussy, leaned in close to offer me her breast, and let me read my morning paper. As I sucked she fidgeted around because one on my fingers was tickling her clit. When she had an orgasm I had her trade sides and did it again. I did not cum because I didn’t feel the need too. Sylvia was not too disappointed because she got to cum twice.

Dawn took Sylvia’s place then Trudy took her place. I had been watching the clock to make sure that each girl got a minute or two longer than the previous girl had. I cum in Trudy. Then it was lunchtime. I could tell that Bridget was getting excited about it finally being her turn.

I said, “Well Bridget suppose you and I just make love like two adults. All of this sitting on my lap has been very nice and when Zelda took care of herself on top of me last night I think I fell asleep. What I really need is an old fashion love making session that will knock your socks off and send both of us to the moon!”

Bridget said, “Like in the movies?”

I replied, “Yes! Just like in the movies! What do you say?”

Bridget said, “Okay! Whatever you want!”

So I took her hand and said to the other girls, “You’ll each get your turn too! So why don’t you clean up, wash the dishes, and suck somebody’s tit!”

I took Bridget to my bedroom, closed and locked the door. I pulled her to me and kissed her like I had kissed my wife. I let my hands roam from her shoulders down her back and rest on her ass drawing her to me as I explored her mouth. Bridget moved her hands to my ass and pulled me closer. In a minute or two I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. As I laid her out I kissed her mouth, her cheek, and her ear. I kissed her neck, both breasts, and her belly. Then I kissed her pubic mound, probed her vagina, and found her to be dripping wet. This little girl was more aroused sexually than she had ever been in her life. I positioned myself between her legs, opened up her outer lips, and kissed her womanly hole. I licked her juices and then went directly to her clitoris. As I sucked on her clit my fingers were working on her sensitive nipples. She had an orgasm. From her response it was a good one too. I then kissed my way up her quivering body until my cock slipped into her pussy and my tongue slipped into her mouth. I fucked both holes. We climaxed together as if it had been rehearsed. Then I cuddled Bridget into my side, said thank you, and kissed her again as I held a tit.

Finally I asked, “Was it okay?”

Bridget said, “Was it ever! That was wonderful! It was everything I had ever dreamed of! It was much better than in the movies! It was nothing like what Tom did that night Judy got pregnant!”

I asked, “Was that the only time you had sex?”

Bridget said, “Yes! After Judy got pregnant none of us wanted to take the chance until now! But you had a vasectomy so it’s okay!”

I said, “So I’m just the second guy to make love to any of you?”

Bridget said, “Well Alyssa and Zelda each let two of the boys fuck them but none of us ever made love like this before! We didn’t even get to cum! The boys were too excited!”

I asked, “So you enjoyed yourself and it lasted long enough too?”

Bridget said, “Oh God yes! I enjoyed it! I don’t think I’ll ever let a ‘boy’ just fuck me again! He’s going to have to earn it and give me this kind of reward too!”

I said, “All of you girls deserve a young man that cares enough about you to use protection and see to it that you cum too!”

Bridget said, “You should talk to the boys!”

I said maybe I should talk to you girls instead!”

I took Bridget out into the living room with the other girls and let her tell them all about our lovemaking session. I could see that the other girls were jealous.

So I said, “Okay girls! Calm down! I promise that I will ‘make love’ to each one of you, before you leave tomorrow night! But first I want to talk to you about sex!”

Judy patted her belly and asked, “Don’t you think you’re a little late?”

I laughed and said, “Well I think that there is a difference between fucking and making love!”

Bridget said, “I’ll say!”

I continued, “I’m under the impression that you girls put out for those boys and took your chances!”

Judy said, “And I lost!”

I continued, “Yes you did! Was it worth it?”

Judy said, “Not really! I had more fun sitting on your cock last night than I had with Billy Peterson!”

I continued, “That’s what I mean! When the boys fucked you it was as if they were jerking off inside your body! You gave them something very precious, your virginity! They didn’t care if you got pregnant or not! They didn’t care if you even enjoyed it or not! And they certainly didn’t try to please you! Did they even say thank you afterwards?”

All of the girls were shaking their heads ‘no’ as I looked around.

Bridget said, “You made sure that I enjoyed it and more than once! When we were done you thanked me and then kissed me and held me close! It was so romantic!”

The rest of Saturday and Sunday I spaced the girls out to give them the very best sex possible from me. I went in reverse order and made love to Trudy, Dawn, and Sylvia next. I saved my daughters to last just in case I didn’t get to them. I knew that I would be making love to them every evening even if I hadn’t told them yet.

Alyssa was the last girl to go into my bed for her lovemaking. I had saved the best to last. Zelda had been very good but I knew that Alyssa would be phenomenal. As I got to work I noticed little things that separated Alyssa from all of the other girls even her twin sister Zelda. Her mouth watered more, her lips were softer, and her tongue worked much better than any other in my mouth. Her nipples reacted to my palm rubbing over them as I fondled her breasts. They got harder and longer than the other nipples had. Her tummy was so flat and toned that I couldn’t stop looking at it. Her pubic mound was magnificent. I kissed it, I ran my fingers over the short hairs, and I admired it closely. Then there was her slit! Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy. They were so nice to slip my hand over. From there I inserted a finger into her lips, slipped it into her moist hole to get it wet, and then I started to slowly attack her clit.

Alyssa slowly went out of her mind. I prolonged her relief for as long as I could. I built her up more than the other girls and then allowed her to reach her orgasm. When I saw how much it had exhausted her I just had to do it one more time. Then I got between her legs and slipped my cock into her just as slowly as I could too. I fucked Alyssa in slow motion. I only moved fast enough to keep my cock hard but not fast enough to make myself cum. I enjoyed this so much I couldn’t believe it. It was incredible. However like everything else it had to come to an end. I filled Alyssa with more cum than I had put in any two of the other girls. I was exhausted myself. We lay there for a long time.

Finally Zelda came in and woke us up Monday morning for breakfast. Zelda was dressed and slapped Alyssa on her ass and sent her to take a shower. She looked me and grabbed my cock, pulling me toward my bathroom.

Before I could say a word Zelda said, “Oh no you don’t! Take a shower alone! We don’t have eleven more hours for you to make love to Alyssa! Now get in there!” I too got a slap on the ass.

At breakfast Zelda said, “None of us girls started lactating yet but we agreed to come back here every day after school to keep trying!”

I was looking forward to helping them too.

The End
Daughters Breast Milk


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