the concept of a kid swap club is introduced
Chapter one

“How about Brad and June? They’ve got a cute little kid,” Robert said.
“Tommy? Yeah, he’s cute. How old is he now?” Erica said.
“Ten, I think.”
“A year younger than Destiny. Do you think he’s getting hard-ons yet?”
“He’d be just about the right age to start. We can ask Brad and June when they come over next Saturday.”
“Uh-huh. Good idea. I’m starting to like this little club of ours, this kid-swapping club.”
“Me too. I wasn’t sure at first, but it sure keeps me horny all the time, just thinking about all those young kids we get to fuck.”
“Mmm-hmmmm. It’s making me wet right now,” Erica said, reaching a hand between her legs. “I’d like to have a big party some time. You know, a kid party where all the kids are there and we can fuck them all at the same time.”
“And they can fuck each other.”
“Yes, lots of kid fucking.”
“Ummm, sounds good, really good. We’ll have to work on that one,” Robert said.

* * * * *

Bill was on his way to bed and the door to Stacy’s room was cracked open. He pushed it open and stepped inside. The nightlight gave a soft glow to her bed, and Bill sat down and looked at his daughter. The blanket was loosely wrapped around her, one foot and both arms sticking out. Her stomach and belly button showed between her white cotton panties and silky slip-on top. He reached to straighten the covers, but his hand lingered over her soft stomach.
As his fingers felt her soft, resilient flesh, she made a sighing sound and shifted her position slightly, exposing more of her inviting belly. Bill grew bolder with his strokes and he even rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her legs fall apart as he explored the crevice between them. He could feel her getting wet and he looked at her face, but her eyes remained closed. The blanket had completely fallen off her body now, and she stretched as she turned onto her back. He could see her nipples pressing against the soft cotton top with its spaghetti straps, and he eased them off her shoulders and slipped the fingers of one hand inside her loose fitting top.
He pinched one nipple gently between his fingertips, feeling the softness of her still tiny breasts. They barely filled his hands, the perfect size to play with. Stacy moaned a little and brought her hands up toward her face, leaving one strap behind as her arm slipped through its wide opening. Bill manipulated her burgeoning breast between his fingers and leaned close, getting a whiff of her delicate little-girl smell. He continued to tweak first one nipple and then the other, and finally, overcome with his growing lust, he took one into his mouth, suckling on it like a little babe. Stacy groaned in her sleep as her father licked and sucked on her little breast, and her top slid down as both arms were now free of the slip top.
Bill kissed his way down his daughter’s body, sending his hands over her smooth belly and legs, and he began nestling himself between her thighs. Her legs were wide open now and he kissed her pussy through her panties, which had grown wet as he continued to work on her with his mouth.
He could smell the musky pussy smell of her young pussy, and looking up at her one last time, he slowly peeled her panties down over her hips, to her knees, and finally over her ankles. She raised one leg at a time to allow him to remove them, and then he settled in between her legs, not knowing if she was still sleeping, half asleep, or pretending to be asleep, not knowing how she’d react if she woke up to find her father eating her pussy, and so overcome with lust for his daughter that he no longer even cared. He just wanted all of her and he with her legs spread out invitingly in front of him, achieving that goal was a certainty.
He raised her legs and ran his hands up and down her smooth thighs, kissing the insides of her legs and squeezing her butt cheeks in his strong hands. She wriggled her hips and he ran his tongue up and down her slit. It was wet with desire, and he slid his tongue inside it, then up and down over her swollen clit as he began to eat her pussy in earnest.
“God, what a sweet tasting pussy you’ve got,” he mumbled, unable to contain himself.
“Ummmmm,” she moaned and he still didn’t know if it was a sleep or conscious reaction, but when her fingers went into his hair and pulled him closer, forcing his tongue deeper inside her, he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.
His tongue found her little clit and he rolled it between his lips, kissed and sucked on it, and lapped hungrily at it as he lifted her legs higher so he could get complete access to her smooth skin and the treasures just below her waist. She was groaning now and pressing her pussy lips tight against him as she squirmed on the bed and pulled his head deep inside her pussy.
“Oh, yesssss,” she hissed as he continued eating her pussy, and Bill saw her head lolling from side to side. He licked even harder, trying to make her cum in his mouth and the way her hips were gyrating, that wasn’t going to be long.
His hands were all over her ass, lifting it completely off the bed, and his tongue was swirling around her swollen clit. He plunged a finger inside her slippery pussy and she groaned as his knuckle ground against her and he wriggled his finger inside her sopping pussy. He attacked her pussy even more vigorously and his finger slid out and went between her ass cheeks. Without even thinking, he slid it inside her asshole, sending it all the way in with one smooth thrust.
Stacy was bucking against her father now, her pussy locked against his face and her ass speared on his finger. He could tell she was on the verge of cumming, so he kept his lips locked tight on her.
Her whimpers escalated into cries and her hips were moving furiously. “Oh God, Daddy,” she blurted out. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your mouth. Eat me Daddy. Eat my pussy,” and the words were like sweet music to his ears. She locked her hands into his hair and held him tight against her throbbing pussy as her orgasm raced through her, sending her body skyrocketing up and down on the bed with his lips and hands all over her luscious young body.
Gradually the jolts lessened and she opened her eyes and looked right at him. “That was good Daddy,” she said softly. “I loved cumming in your mouth.”
“Oh, my little angel,” he said. “I didn’t know you were awake, and I guess I sort of . . .”
“Shhh,” she said. “You don’t have to apologize. I loved it and I’ve been wanting you to do it for a long, long time.”
“Oh my baby,” he said, laying his head against her smooth stomach as she twirled her fingers in her hair.
“I left my door open on purpose, and hoped you’d see me lying here, waiting for you.”
“How long have you been planning this?” he asked.
“Since before my birthday.”
“Before your birthday? That was, um, five months ago.”
“Yeah. I decided if I was going to be a teenager, I was going to have some fun.”
“Some sexy fun.”
“Yes, very sexy. Can I eat you now, Daddy?” she asked.
Bill rolled onto his back, his cock still standing at attention as his daughter brushed her long chestnut hair back from her face and knelt over him. He gripped the base of his cock in one hand, holding it steady for her as she lowered herself toward it. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the shaft and moved them slowly up and down and then she held it still and kissed the head, rolling her tongue all around it and squeezing the base.
She took the head into her mouth and looked up at her father through lust soaked eyes. “It tastes good,” she breathed. “Your cock tastes sooo good.” She lowered her lips, snaking them down his hard cock, only stopping when it pressed against the back of her throat. She held still for a minute and then opened her throat and went even deeper down on it, but she stopped just as she was about to gag.
“Ummmm, baby, that feels good,” he said. “So fucking good.” His hips thrust upward at her, almost of their own volition, as he started to mouth fuck his young daughter. She held her fingers firmly around the base of his cock so as he fucked her, his cock slid in and out of her little fist and then plunged deep into her mouth. Her free hand cradled his balls as he thrust upward into her mouth and her tongue was lashing against the underside of his stiff cock.
She looked deep into his eyes as his cock disappeared into her mouth, and low moaning sounds came from deep within her as she gobbled down her father’s hard cock. She played with his tight balls and gripped his shaft, squeezing it hard as she tried to take it all the way down her throat. She slurped harder and made loud sucking sounds, and Bill started jerk as he felt the tingling start at the base of his spine. He knew he was going to cum as his daughter sucked him off.
He snaked his fingers into her hair and started fucking her face as his orgasm built in intensity. He could feel it lurking just beneath the surface and he watched Stacy’s warm red lips clinging to his cock and he wanted to cum right in her mouth, wanted to watch her swallow his cum, and then the dam burst and the first hot sticky load flew out of his cock head.
Stacy felt the warm liquid bathing her mouth and she clamped her lips tight and gripped the base of his shaft in both hands, milking it into her mouth. She felt three eruptions, each accompanied by a groan from her father, and then two more, smaller ones, and she held her mouth tight against him, feeling his cock enlarge inside her mouth as it spurted its hot contents into her furiously sucking mouth. She lapped her tongue gently against the head of his cock, and he writhed in anguished ecstasy, pulling her slightly away from the over sensitized organ.
Just as her lips left his cock head, another load of cum shot out, hitting her on the chin and dribbling slowly downward. She licked her lips and swallowed. “Yummy,” she said. “Your cum tastes good.” She was on her knees and Bill pulled her up beside him. She snuggled against his chest and he rubbed her little breasts between his fingers. “You are such a sweetheart,” he said, “a sweet cock sucking sweetheart.”
“Oh, yes, Daddy,” she said, crushing her lips against his. His cum still clung to her chin and he licked it off before he kissed her and then he tasted his cum in her mouth, and his tongue searched for every drop of it still remaining.

Chapter two

Bill got the message on his hotlist that a couple wanted to swap their daughter for a night. He thought about how much he’d been enjoying fucking Stacy, and decided he’d like to fuck another young girl as well, and Stacy had been dropping not so subtle hints that she wanted to have sex with another girl, and this would give her that opportunity, though with a woman instead of a girl. And he’d get some fresh, young pussy too.
He uploaded some naked photos of him and some of Stacy, some singles and some together, but not having sex, and sent the reply. One he particularly liked was of them French kissing. The next day he received a message that Robert and Erica would love to swap their daughter Destiny for a night. They all agreed to meet first, and Bill suggested a nearby fast-food restaurant, and the initial meeting was set for the following Saturday afternoon at two.
“Here’s your chance,” he said to Stacy, “to get some pussy for you.”
“Wow,” Stacy said. “And we’ll meet both the parents and the daughter?”
“Uh-huh, and after the initial swap, who knows, maybe we’ll all get together. We’re supposed to meet them Saturday at the Burger Box at two, so wear something extra sexy.”
“Um, I have my tight shorts from last year, and my little miniskirt, and the see-through blouse that you like, and that clingy top. What do you think, Daddy, which would be best?”
“You decide, but you can model whatever you pick for me before we go.”
“I think the miniskirt and the clingy top. I’m gonna go put them on right now.”

* * * * *

They met Erica and Robert with their daughter Destiny at the Burger Box. Destiny was almost two years younger than Stacy, but her long platinum-blond hair and slim legs that she emphasized by wearing skin tight, butt hugging white shorts showed off her tanned skin, and her top was a light blue almost see-through with little sparkling dots spaced strategically. Her tiny bikini type bra was clearly visible beneath the top, though it was evident she really didn’t need it, but had worn it so her sexy nipples wouldn’t be completely on display in public since her top was so transparent. She and Stacy sat together and chatted in high pitched tones while Bill talked to Erica and Robert.
Robert had on a slinky T that clung to his trim upper body, and tight fitting jeans. They were so tight Bill could see the outline of his cock. Erica had on a tight miniskirt that was a pale yellow, and a low cut sleeveless orange top that buttoned up the front. She had left the top couple of buttons undone and the tail of it hovered just over her exposed belly button. Her tan skin and shoulder length blond hair echoed her daughter’s paler hair and deeper tan. When she leaned forward, Bill could see she wasn’t wearing a bra by the flashes of flesh she gave him. He could almost see her nipples, and she smiled as she saw him looking down her top, looking right into his eyes.
“So, how long have you been doing this, uh, kid thing?” Bill asked.
“Oh, about six months now,” Erica said. “We really like it. We had been doing it with Destiny for a couple of months before we found out about the club.”
“It’s really hot,” Robert said. “We’ve had girls and boys, mostly singles but a couple of doubles.”
“Wow. So, were the doubles two girls?”
“A boy and a girl, both times. We really loved that,” Erica said, licking her lips and smiling at Bill. “But we wouldn’t be opposed to two girls, or two boys.” She looked at Robert, who nodded his approval. “You’re pretty new to this, aren’t you?”
“My first time. I just started with Stacy a couple of months ago, and she’s been wanting to have another girl to play with, and so I thought . . .”
“Oh, we’ll take care of her,” Erica said. “We’ll make sure she gets lots of, um, motherly love.”
“I’m sure she’ll love that.”
“And fatherly love as well,” Robert said, rubbing the outline of his cock through his jeans.
“You two look like a pretty hot couple,” Bill said, repositioning his own cock.
“We like it all ways,” Robert said. “The young ones are fun, but we also swing with adults. We both go both ways.” He looked Bill right in the eye as he said this, and Bill knew what he meant and his temperature went up as he thought about it. He’d never been with a man before, not since junior high jack off sessions at least, but it sent his pulse up to hear Robert talk so frankly about it and see him playing with his cock through his pants while he said it.
“I bet you’d like that,” Erica said. She leaned over and kissed her husband on the lips. He put a hand on her bare thigh and they held the kiss for a moment. When she straightened back up, Bill noticed a third button on her blouse was undone. She leaned toward him and this time one nipple was completely exposed to his view. “Why don’t just the three of us get together some time after this kid swap and we’ll both rake you over the coals?”
“Sounds great,” he said. “I’d love to get to know you both better. A lot better.”
“If it goes good with the kids, maybe next weekend. Or, if it really goes well, maybe all of us could do something. Maybe kids in one room, adults in the other, or who knows? Maybe even all together.”
“Now you’re talking,” Bill said. “I’ll be ready, and I’m sure Stacy will be too.”
“We’ll see,” Robert said, “but it sounds promising. And actually we were planning on having a kid party sometime soon. You remember,” he said to Erica, “we talked about it with Brad and June and their son Tommy, and with Robert and Stacy, hey, it’s starting to sound like a full house.”
“One step at a time, though honey,” Erica said. “I’m sure Robert wants to enjoy Destiny all to himself first, just like we want to do everything with Stacy. Looks like the girls are getting on pretty good.”
They all looked over at the teenager and the pre-teen. They were giggling and touching each other and putting their arms around each other and even kissing each other on the cheek.
“Yes, it certainly does,” Bill said.
They left the restaurant with each other’s daughters, Destiny hanging onto Bill’s arm and Stacy holding hands with both Erica and Robert. The girls looked over their shoulders and nodded goodbye to each other.
As Destiny rode home with Bill, she twisted in her seat so she could see his face and his body. She curled one leg beneath her, an action which spread her legs apart for him to see. Her shorts were tight and very short, riding up into the crevice of he pussy and Bill’s eyes strayed to the outline of her pussy lips. “You like that, don’t you?” she said, following his gaze. “You like to see my little pussy.”
“Yes, it’s very cute. I can’t wait to taste it.”
Destiny rubbed one hand between her legs, watching his expression as her fingers traced her pussy through her shorts. “Can you see my panties?” she asked, pulling the fabric even tighter. “They’re pink, and they’re wet right now.”
Bill thought he could see a slighter darker patch beneath her white shorts, and as she rubbed her pussy it became clearer as her panties started to soak through her cunt-hugging shorts. “Yes, baby,” he said. “And it’s making me hot, making it hard to concentrate on driving.”
She undid her seat belt and leaned over toward him, putting her hand on his bulging cock. She rubbed it up and down through his pants as he drove and sweat began beading on his forehead. “You’re a hot little number,” he said.
She unzipped his pants and reached a hand inside, finding her way beneath his briefs until her fingers were clawing at his bare cock. She moved her fingers around, trying to jack him off, but she could only move it a small amount in the confines of his pants. “I wanna taste you too,” she said, her eyes half closed with lust. She leaned over further, undid the closure on his pants and wriggled them down over his hips as he stopped at a red light.
Her fingers were now completely around his throbbing cock and she ran her tongue over her lips. She looked at the swollen head and then looked up at him. He looked down and their eyes locked for an instant before he had to look back at the road. She put her lips around the head, sucking it tightly into her mouth. Her tongue pressed against his shaft as she closed her lips around it, sucking it slowly into her oral cavity. He groaned as the horny young girl began sucking his cock as he drove. Shivers ran up and down his spine and his hips moved uncontrollably as the delicious sensations overtook him.
“God, honey, you’re just about to make me cum right here on the highway. I don’t want to have an accident, so you better back off a little. We’ll be home soon, and then you can suck on it all you want.”
“I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and returning her fingers to his cock as she lay her head in his lap, her long platinum hair cascading over his legs.
“You’re just about the cutest girl who’s ever sucked my cock,” he said, “and the youngest. You’re eleven, aren’t you?”
“Uh-huh, and that’s about how many cocks I’ve sucked too.”

* * * * *

When they arrived at Bill’s house, he opened the door for her and she sprang out into his arms. He picked her up and whirled her around and she clung to him as he carried her into the house. She was already peeling off her shorts as he closed and locked the door. Her tiny panties were wet and she tossed them off too. Her see-through top soon joined the pile. She lay back against the sofa and her hands roamed over her own tender body, teasing at her nipples, rubbing her smooth belly, and tracing the wet slit of her pussy.
Bill picked her up again and carried her to the bedroom, her arms around his neck and her lips kissing the hollow of his neck as he placed her on the bed and shed his own clothes. He pumped his cock as he walked toward her, and her eyes were glued to it. “You sit here,” she said, “and let me kneel down on the floor so I can finish what I started in the car.”
She grinned at him as she spread his legs. The fingers of one hand massaged his balls while she gripped his cock tightly in the other, stroking it tenderly and bringing her lips close to it. She flicked her tongue against the head and watched it tremble in her hand. When her lips closed around him, Bill felt like he was instantly going to cum. He put his hands in her long blond hair and caressed her cheeks as she took his cock into her mouth. “God, you suck cock like a pro,” he said, his voice barely a whisper as her sweet young lips sent him into ecstasy, “A real young, sweet cock sucking pro.”
She swirled her lips around his cock while twisting the shaft in her grip and moving it up and down, producing multiple sensations with her push-pull, twisting and sucking motions, all the while tickling her fingers around his swollen balls. His cock went deeper and deeper into her mouth and she lashed it with her tongue as she moved her head up and down. Her lips touched her fingers and she looked up into Bill’s eyes as she slowly took her fingers away and opened her mouth to take the last inch of his cock down her throat.
He felt it slide past her tight throat muscle and the feeling as she took him all the way down to the root of his cock in her hot, sweet eleven year old mouth and looked adoringly into his eyes sent shivers of sweat racing through his body. He started to tremble uncontrollably and his hips moved automatically, fucking his cock all the way down her throat as she knelt before him in absolute cock worship.
“I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum right in your mouth.”
She held onto him, her hands clutching at his hips as he drilled his cock deep inside her and his cum started spurting directly down her young throat. She didn’t gag, but she did ease back a bit so some of his cum washed into her mouth and onto her tongue and she could breathe again as she drained his balls. Her eyes were closed and she made little moaning sounds that complemented the squishing sounds of cum filling her mouth. Bill let out loud grunts as he came time after time, each shot feeling like electricity was shooting from his balls up the shaft of his cock, out the head and into Destiny’s loving mouth.
Her lips remained tight around his cock as she slurped every drop he had into her mouth. His hands ran feverishly through her silky soft hair, over her cheeks and down her neck and throat as he emptied himself completely into her. She slowed the motions of her mouth and tongue as the head of his cock became over sensitized, but she remained locked onto him, sucking the last bit of semen out of him like his cock was a soda straw.
Finally he let out a deep sigh and she released his cock, her lips wet and her cheeks flushed red from the effects of sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. She opened her mouth to reveal she hadn’t swallowed all of it, and rose from her kneeling position to stand between his outspread legs. His arms went around her and she trickled her fingers down his back as their lips met and his cum passed from her mouth to his. He stretched his tongue to its limit and she flicked hers against it as he scrabbled to siphon his cum from her mouth into his.
She put her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. “You really liked that, didn’t you? You liked the way I sucked your cock.”
“Oh, baby, it was the greatest. You are one super cock sucker, the best I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot.”
“Your cock’s been in a lot of mouths, hasn’t it?”
“Oh, yeah, lots.”
“And your mouth’s been on a few too, I bet.”
“Well, not really.”
“You’d like it, though, I can tell. I love watching a man suck cock almost as much as I love sucking cock.”
“Well, I must admit I have thought about it.”
“I knew it. I know you’ll be a good cock sucker. I can’t wait to see you with my Dad. He loves sucking cock.”
“I learned how to suck cock from my Dad.”
“Well, you learned your lesson well. You’re a good little girl.”
“A good little cock sucking girl?”
“ “You taste good,” she said. “I love the taste of cum, and I love the way you licked it out of my mouth. My Daddy likes that too.”
“Does he?”
“Uh-huh. Some of the other Dads aren’t so keen on it, but my Daddy likes the taste of cum. I think you and him would get along good.”
“What other good things does he do?”
“I like to watch him suck cock. That’s one of my favorites, especially if I get a taste too.”
Bill absorbed this piece of information and let it ferment inside his mind. He’d never had another man suck his cock, but he had thought about it, and he had heard that men were the best cock suckers. Only a man knows how to suck another man’s cock, he’d heard, and it sounded reasonable. And tempting.
“Yes, I think I’d like to try that,” he said, and Destiny smiled as she cuddled against him.
“It’s the best,” she said. “Cock and pussy together.”

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