Kid swapping builds up toward an orgy
Chapter five

Later that night Destiny went home with Brad and June and Tommy stayed behind with Erica and Robert. “That was a good performance you gave tonight,” Robert said. “I especially liked the end where you ate your cum out of her pussy.”
“Yes, that was super hot,” Erica agreed.
“Have you ever eaten cum right from the source?” Robert asked.
“From a cock? Well, yes, I guess so. I mean my Dad likes to do that and a couple of times I sucked him while he sucked me.”
“I bet you liked it too,” Robert said. “I bet you liked the taste of cock in your mouth, just like you enjoyed eating your own cum from Destiny tonight.”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“We’re gonna have fun with him, baby,” Robert said.
“Uh-huh. You’ll get some cock.”
“And some cock sucking.”
“Why don’t we all go to bed right now so we can get started?”
“You two go ahead. I have to do some bathroom stuff. I’ll join you in a few minutes.”
“Just you and me bud,” Robert said, grinning. He scooped Tommy up off the couch and Tommy instinctively put his arm around Robert’s neck. Robert ran his hands up over Tommy’s tight little ass as he carried him to the bedroom and just as they entered he kissed him on the lips. Tommy’s willing tongue joined with Robert’s as Robert lay him down on the bed and he lifted his hips as the older man pulled his shorts down and then stood up to remove his own clothes.
“Let me see that little cock now,” Robert said, grasping it in his hand and squeezing lightly. He stroked the young boy’s cock and cupped his balls. The small purplish head was right in front of him, and Robert took it into his mouth. “You like this, don’t’ you? Like getting your cock sucked.”
“Uh-huh. I like it all, but that’s probably my favorite.”
“And I bet you’ll turn out to be a good little cock sucker too.”
“I’ll try.”
“Oh, I bet you will,” Robert said and dove back down on Tommy’s growing cock. He felt it getting bigger in his mouth and sucked hard on the sides, slathering his tongue around the sides and head as he pulled back, and opening his mouth to take it all in as he went down. Tommy’s entire cock slid easily into Robert’s mouth, and he made loud sucking noises with his lips and deep moans deep in his chest as he sucked the young boy’s cock.
Tommy put his hands behind the older man’s head as his cock disappeared into his mouth. Tommy pushed his hips, fucking Robert’s mouth with the full length of his cock and watching the lips surround him and engulf him. It felt good to be fucking his face and when Robert gently caressed his tight balls, it felt even better. He closed his eyes and gave himself over to the lustful pleasure of having a man old enough to be his father sucking his cock and wanting to swallow his cum.
“Feels good,” he said softly. “I like the way you suck my cock. I’m almost ready to cum.”
“Not without me,” Erica’s voice sounded from the doorway. “So, I leave you two alone for two minutes and when I come back you’ve got a little boy’s cock buried in your mouth.”
“You can have some too,” Robert said, grinning at his wife’s false accusatory tone. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked at Tommy, spread-eagled on the bed with his hard cock waving wetly in the air. Robert was stroking it slowly, keeping it hard.
“How do you like it, Tommy? You like getting your cock sucked by a man?”
“Uh-huh. He sucks it really good. It’s just about to cum.”
“Let me have a taste of it, baby,” she said, lying down beside her husband. She had only her panties and bra on now, and he unfastened her bra from behind as she took the young cock into her mouth. She looked directly into his eyes as she sucked his cock and when her breasts came free, she rubbed those against his legs as she continued to suck him deeply into her mouth. She licked her lips and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, pointing it toward Robert, who immediately wolfed it back down his throat.
“He’s a good cock sucker, isn’t he?” she said throatily. “He just loves to suck little boy cocks and get his mouth filled up with cum. Are you gonna cum for him now?”
“Uh-huh. Oh, yeah, here it cums now.” Tommy gritted his teeth, threw his head back and his cum burst out of his cock. Robert took it all, slowing his sucking action and fastening his lips tight around the pumping shaft. Tommy’s hips bucked as he emptied his hot load into the older man’s mouth.
Erica smiled as her husband swallowed the young boy’s cum, and when he had finished, she kissed him, sending her tongue into his mouth to get the final hot dregs. Seeing this prompted one final jerk of Tommy’s cock, and the wet drops splattered onto Erica’s cheek. Robert cleaned them off and fed them to his horny wife.
“Um, I think I’m gonna like staying here with you two,” Tommy said.
“Yes, we have plenty more in store for you tonight,” Robert said.

Chapter six
Destiny sat in the back seat as Brad and June drove home. She could see Brad looking at her in the rear view mirror, and she put a hand under her translucent blouse and toyed with her titty nipples. She licked her lips as their eyes met in the rear view mirror, and when June noticed how often he was glancing in the mirror, she turned around. Destiny had her legs spread apart and her pussy was making a wet spot on her tight shorts.
“Looks good, sweetheart. We really loved your little performance with Tommy tonight.”
“Yes,” Brad said. “You really sucked him off good.”
“I like to eat pussy, too,” Destiny said as June continued looking at her between the seats. She rubbed her hand between her legs to emphasize the point.
“So do I, darling, so do I.”
Brad opened the door for Destiny and she bounded in and plopped down on the sofa. Brad went to sit beside her and she climbed into his lap, sitting sideways to him and putting one arm around his neck. “You’re nice,” she said, and when June sat on the other side of her, she added, “and so are you.”
“You’re a sexy little girl,” June said.
“Thank you. Do you wanna see me dance? I can do a strip tease.”
“That would be marvelous. Let me put on some music,” Brad said.
“Not that hip-hop,” she said. “Something slow and smooth.”
He selected a piece with a steady techno beat and some background female vocals—mood music it was labeled, and Destiny nodded her approval. She slid onto her improvised dance floor and began gyrating to the music, waving her hands back and forth in the air and bending sideways. She squatted down and stretched her legs out horizontally, giving him a birds-eye view of her snatch through her tight fitting shorts.
She leaned forward and then got back up, slowly removing her sparkly blue top. She tossed it aside, leaving only her tiny little bra covering her nipples. The straps were elastic and she toyed with them and fingered her budding breasts through the soft material. Then she shimmied her hips and unbuttoned her shorts one button at a time, swirling around with each succeeding unbuttoning. She held onto the shorts and pulled them down. They were so tight she had trouble getting them over her slender hips, but finally she stepped out of them. Her miniscule panties matched her tiny bra and she danced up close to Brad.
He spread his legs and she stepped between them, turning her back to him and cuddling up against his chest. She put her hands on his thighs and pushed her butt against him. He put his hands on her breasts under her top and felt her hardening nipples but almost no swelling of breast tissue. She lifted her arms over her head and he hooked his fingers under the shimmery top and pulled it over her head. It tangled in her hair and she took it from him and worked it loose, flipping her platinum hair against her smooth back, over her shoulders, and brushed her fingrs lightly against her breast nipples. Her hair came down almost to her butt and Bill moved his hands down to her waist, his fingers pulling at her waistband until her panties came off in his hands and she stepped out of them.
June knelt down in front of her as she nestled her tiny ass against Brad’s stiffening cock. She ran her fingers up Destiny’s legs and over her husband’s hands as he caressed her stomach. She felt the wetness already dripping from the young girl’s snatch and slid a finger just inside, feeling for the tight pussy opening with a practiced finger.
“Oooooh, that feels good,” Destiny said as June fondled her juicy cunt.
June removed her finger and held it up to her nose, sniffing at the moistened member. Destiny watched her as she sucked her finger into her mouth, closing her eyes and savoring the sweet taste of young pussy. She removed the finger and smiled at the young girl. “Tastes good,” she said, “good and sweet.”
June put her hands behind Destiny’s back and took one of her tiny breasts into her mouth, sucking on it slowly and tenderly, loving the feel of it in her mouth. She soon switched her attention to the other breast and nipped at the nipple as she kissed it. Destiny was squirming with delight as June suckled on her breasts while Brad massaged her lower belly and teased at the entrance to her pussy while his cock was pressing into her ass cheeks.
She turned to face him and put both arms around his neck. Her scent was in his nostrils and her touch was delicate and inviting, and Bill kissed her, feeling her soft lips clinging to his. Her tongue brushed against his lips and blood rushed to his head. “God, you are a sexy little thing,” he breathed, cupping her ass cheeks in his hands and pulling her against him. “I’m gonna love fucking you.”
“And I’m going to love eating that delicious young pussy of yours,” June said.
“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Brad said, picking her up in his arms. Her legs went around his waist as he lifted her, and her arms went around his neck. She clung to him like a little love doll, and Brad’s head was pounding with thoughts of fucking her.
He laid her out on the bed and she spread her legs wide as he crawled between them. She locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his back as his hard cock creased the slit between her legs. He could feel her already wet pussy rubbing against him as he put his lips against hers. She instantly wriggled her tongue inside his mouth and caressed his back and neck as he kissed her deeply. Both were panting with lust as they pulled away from the kiss. He moved his lips over her body, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her chest, and both nipples. He toyed with her young breasts, teasing the nipples into erection and sucking hard on the surrounding tissue.
“One day these will grow into beautiful breasts,” he said, “but I love them little like this, just soft skin and hard nipples.” He sucked and licked on them until they started to turn red and Destiny was squirming with pleasure and running her fingers through his hair.
“Ummmm,” she moaned. “It feels good when you kiss my titties. You really love them, don’t you? You both do.”
“They’re delicious baby,” he said, snuggling close to her chest. He licked them tenderly and worked his way down, taking little nips out of her smooth stomach and spreading her legs apart as he zeroed in on his target: her smooth pussy. His tongue went into her belly button and his fingers clutched her taut hips and firm thighs. Her hairless pussy was wet and gleaming and he kissed it before licking it up and down, running his tongue inside her moist slit and tasting its wonderful sweetness.
Her legs were wide apart now, and he put his hands under her ass and lifted her off the bed to get a better angle on her pussy. She thrust her hips at him and he spread her lips with his tongue, brushing them aside until he latched onto her nubile clit. She gave a sigh as he rolled it between his lips and slurped passionately at the fount of her femaleness. His nose was buried in her pussy and his tongue was dancing all over her engorged clit and his hands were massaging her sweet young ass cheeks.
Brad licked his lips as he came up for a breath and savored the smell and taste of the young girl. She was moaning and writhing in his hands and her sweet young pussy was wet and willing. He licked the groove once more and then moved down to lick her asshole as he gripped her cheeks in his strong hands. She pulled at his head to drive his tongue deeper inside her and Brad knew she was loving the attention he was giving her ass. It was now wet with his saliva and he moved one hand and pushed a finger inside her.
He felt the resistance of her powerful ass muscle and waited, holding his finger just inside her until the sphincter relaxed. She moved her hips in rhythm against his finger and it slid inside, past the ‘O’ ring and deep inside her ass. She cried out but pushed her hips so he went in deeper, all the way to the hilt.
“Yes,” she hissed, “fuck my asshole. Oh, I love that feeling.”
Brad grinned at the lustful young girl impaled by his finger and loving it. He locked his lips back onto her swollen clit and began licking and sucking it furiously as he plunged his finger deep into her asshole and supported her with his other hand. She was gyrating and thrusting her hips and making animal sounds deep in her throat when June straddled her body and began licking her pussy while Brad ate her asshole.
“You taste great, baby,” she said as she nuzzled her face inside the sweet young cunt and locked her lips onto the pulsating clit.
Brad spread Destiny’s legs as he supported her hips in his hands. She was elevated off the bed and June was on top of her in the 69 position as she ate her pussy. She looked into her husband’s eyes as she ate the little girl’s hairless pussy. Brad moved his face forward a little and June removed her lips from the spread apart pussy and kissed him. Her tongue was dripping with pussy juice as she shoved it into her husband’s mouth and his was redolent with the taste of her asshole.
June felt small fingers toying with her pussy and she looked back at the young girl spread across the bed, her platinum hair splayed all around her beautiful face and her fingers working their way inside June’s pussy. “You like the taste of pussy?” she asked.
“Uh-huh. I like pussy and I like cum. I eat my Mommy’s pussy all the time, and I swallow my Daddy’s cum.”
“You’re a good little girl. I want to eat your pussy until you cum in my mouth, but why don’t you suck on Brad while I eat you?”
Brad smiled at this suggestion as he remembered seeing her eat Tommy’s little cock earlier. He loved the idea of cumming in her hot little mouth as he ran his fingers through her soft silky hair and his wife ate her pussy.
He climbed off the bed and pulled Destiny toward the edge, her hair cascading down onto the floor as he tweaked her nipples and kissed her breasts. June cupped the young girl’s ass and lifted her hips slightly so she could get a better angle on her pussy while Brad ran his fingers over her cheeks as he began to put his cock inside her mouth. Her face was upside down to him as her neck rested on the edge of the mattress and he slowly pushed his hard cock into her mouth until his balls were grazing against her nose and forehead. She closed her eyes as he began fucking her face.
June licked up and down the eleven year old girl’s slit and engulfed her tiny clit, wrapping her lips around it and sucking it in and out of her mouth like a lifesaver. She drilled one finger and then two into the gaping pussy opening as she lashed her tongue against the swollen clit.
Brad watched his wife eating Destiny’s pussy and each thrust of his cock took him deeper into the little girl’s mouth. He could feel the muscle of her throat resisting him, but at this upside down angle it was looser than normal and soon he was penetrating her all the way to the root of his rock hard shaft. He looked lovingly at her nubile form stretched out on the bed, her slim young body writhing in sexual ecstasy as both he and his wife fucked her.
He was fucking all the way into her mouth now and down her throat and his balls were slapping against her face. He could hear the wet sounds of his wife’s tongue lapping at her cunt juices and licking her little clit and Destiny was like a little toy in their hands, both of them pounding into her with complete abandon. “I’m about to cum,” he said.
“I want you to cum in her pussy,” June said, “so I can eat it out of her.” She moved her face from the little pussy and shifted Destiny so her head was back on the bed. Brad moved to between her legs.
He eased his cock against her outer pussy lips and they parted cleanly with all the lubrication they had received from his wife’s pussy eating. Pushing slowly, he got the head inside her and then shoved a little at a time until almost all of his cock was buried inside the tight little eleven year old pussy. It gripped his cock like a pair of velvet pliers, conforming to his shape and squeezing it just enough. He started fucking her and she looked right into his eyes, her platinum hair splayed out behind her.
“Ummm, yes. Fuck me. I love your cock inside me.” She lifted her legs and moved her hips to accommodate his big cock in her tiny pussy. “It feels so good. So fucking good.” She closed her eyes and lolled her head back and forth as he started fucking her harder.
Every thrust squeezed on his cock and Brad knew he wouldn’t last long if he kept this up. He lowered her legs and lifted her, turning her over and raising her onto her knees. Her skinny little ass was so cute in front of him that he slapped it, raising small red marks. She wriggled it from side to side and he ran his fingers all over the succulent cheeks. He held his cock in his hand to guide it into her tight-stretched pussy, and she moved her ass toward him as he entered her.
Both his hands gripped her slim waist as he fucked into her from behind, making loud slapping sounds as his sweaty body pounded into her pre-teen pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he fucked her, her hair cascading onto the bed in pale blond rivulets. “Put your finger in my asshole,” she said in a breathless rasp.
Brad pulled back and put a finger in his mouth to lubricate it, and then spread her cheeks wide to get a good view of his target. Her cute little asshole gaped at him. His cock was till buried deep inside her hot young pussy as he pushed his index finger into her tight bung hole. It slid all the way in and he started fucking her again with his finger drilling into her asshole with every stroke his cock made into her tight pussy.
“God, you are a hot young babe,” he hissed between clenched teeth. “You’re gonna make me cum.”
June was playing with her own pussy while her husband was fucking the young kid swap girl they had brought home with them, and she had worked herself up to just about cumming herself. She teased her fingers over her enlarged clit as Brad fucked Destiny and jammed his finger into her asshole.
“That’s it,” Brad shouted, and he started cumming. He slammed into Destiny’s little pussy from the rear, his cock exploding with the intensity as white hot cum flew out of his cock and disappeared inside her grasping little pussy. He clenched his teeth and shouted with each burst from his overheated cock and dug the fingers of his free hand into her hip while he kept the finger of his other hand buried in her asshole.
Rivers of cum filled the tight pussy to overflowing and white trails were drizzling down her tender thighs as Brad slowed his motions. His head was dizzy from the exertion, and sweat was dripping from his face as the warm glow of his orgasm spread up through his overheated body.
He pulled his cock out of her pussy, the shaft coated with his own cum, and Destiny rolled onto her back, her legs spread wide as June again put her head between them and began licking the cum off the soft belly and thighs. She held a leg in each hand, pushing them apart as she stuck her tongue inside the gushing pussy and ate her husband’s cum out of it. She moved her head slowly and sensuously, gathering every drop into her hot mouth.
Brad had moved back to Destiny’s head and put his shrinking cock into her mouth. Her sweet lips closed over his cum-drenched cock and she sucked all his cum from the shaft and tasted her own pussy mixed with it. Brad ran his fingers through her hair as she sucked his cock dry of cum.
June raised her head, her mouth dripping cum, and opened her lips to show a mouthful still inside. She opened her arms and Brad and Destiny both crawled toward her. She kissed first one and then the other, sharing the hot pussy and cum mixture with her husband and the young girl they had both just ravished.
“Tastes good,” Destiny said. “I love the taste of cum. And the taste of pussy.”
“You’re a little sweetheart,” Brad said.
“A sweet little pussy,” June said.

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