Horny Loving Brother

Part 2

Chapter 3

Little Sister Joins The Fun

“Are you sure you have everything?” Ken’s mother asked as she set her suitcase down and reached up to pat her dark blonde hair in place for the third time in as many minutes.
“I’m sure, mom,” Ken said with an exasperated sigh. “We have a weeks worth of dinners stored in the freezer so all we have to do is put one in the fridge to thaw during the day and then pop in the microwave when it’s time for dinner. If we forget to switch something to the fridge I have more than enough money to order take out for a couple meals - and you already said we can order pizza for tonight.”
“Yes, that’s right,” Mrs. Jamison said distractedly as she checked her purse for her plane ticket and then looked wildly around the room until she spotted her car keys on the mail table next to the front door and picked them up with one quick swoop of her hand. “Now your father will be back from his business trip on Wednesday and I’ll be back on Saturday.”
“And if anything happens we should contact Mrs. Smith next door for help,” Ken finished for her as he picked up her suitcase and handed it to her. “And she’ll check in on us every night just to be sure.”
“Good,” Mrs. Jamison said as she set her suitcase down again and held her arms out to hug Mary. “Now you young lady,” she said as she held her thirteen year old daughter at arms length, “I expect you to hit the books while I’m gone. You need to make up for that last report card, and you only have a month to do it.”
“Yes mother,” Mary sighed as she pulled out of her mother’s grasp with an exasperated sigh. “I’ll do my best.”
“I’m sure you will,” Mrs. Jamison said as she turned to her youngest daughter. “Now Dannie, I expect you to obey your brother while your father and I are gone. Remember, he’s in charge.”
“Yes mother,” the eleven year old girl said, nodding hard enough to make her reddish blonde pigtails on either side of her head bounce around.
“You better hurry, mom,” Ken said as he handed picked up her bag and handed it to her again. “You barely have enough time to get to the airport and check in.”
“I know,” Mrs. Jamison said as she took her bag and headed for the door again. “But I’m sure I’m missing something.”
“You always feel that way,” Ken said in exasperation, “and you’ve never missed anything. If you actually do miss something I’m sure it’s a small thing and if you really need it we can send it to you - or you can buy a new one when you get to Miami.”
“You’re right, Ken,” his mother said as she bent down to kiss his forehead. “Now you take good care of your sisters. Promise?”
“I promise,” Ken said with a sigh. “Now get moving.”
“Yes master,” Mrs. Jamison said as she breezed through the front door and off to her car. She stopped and turned to wave to her children before she opened her door and tossed her suitcase in the back seat. Ken and the girls continued to wave until their mother’s car was down the street and out of sight before they walked back into the house and closed the door behind them.
“Finally,” Dannie sighed as she reached up to pull the scrounges holding her braids with so much force it looked like she was going to pull her hair out. “If I had to put up my good little girl act one more minute I would have screamed.”
“If it bothers you that much why do you keep it up?” Mary asked.
“Very simple dear sister,” Dannie said as the three siblings walked into the living room where Mary and Ken sat together in the love seat while their sister sat down in one of the easy chairs. “By keeping up the act I manage to get away with murder. You noticed how mom focused on your grades, right? Well my grades are worse than yours but she didn’t say anything to me because I’m still her little girl. I figure I can keep up the act until my belly starts growing.”
“What?” Ken said as he almost slid off the love seat in surprise.
“Oh come on you two,” Dannie said, giving her brother and sister a crooked smile. “The two of you make enough noise every afternoon to wake the dead. The way Ken’s bed squeaks when you’re fucking it’s pretty obvious what you’ve been up to for the last month - and that’s not counting the moans, groans, and screams of pleasure. Do you have any idea how lucky you are that I’ve kept mom and dad busy on the other side of the house whenever they get home early? Or how lucky you are that mom and dad are both heavy sleepers so they didn’t wake up whenever Mary would sneak into your room to fuck you through the night? Let me tell you, I’ve frigged myself to sleep every night for the past month. And now that I’ve given the two of you a month alone, it’s my turn to get my cherry popped and fuck Kenny like crazy.”
“We were wondering when you would want to join us,” Kenny said as he recovered from his earlier shock. “I thought it would take a little longer to join us, but Mary was sure you’d be ready to start fucking while mom and dad were gone on their business trips.”
“Oh, I’m ready to fuck alright,” Dannie said, giving her siblings another crooked grin as she reached up to unbutton the first button of her blouse, she could see the mound in Ken’s pants as she reached for the second button. “My goal is to have Ken fuck me in every room in the house before dad gets home on Wednesday, and I figure we may as well start here in the living room.”
“I love your imagination, sis,” Ken said as he rubbed the lump in his pants, “but I think better wait a while - just in case mom comes back for something she forgot.”
“How long is a while,” Dannie asked sulkily.
“Another half-hour,” Ken said as he glanced at his watch. “After that we should be safe because mom would miss her flight for sure if she came back after that.”
“Ok,” Dannie pouted. “I’ll wait a half-hour to have my cherry popped and my cunt fucked, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself in the meantime.” As Mary and Ken watched Dannie lifted her blouse and training bra up to her neck so she had free access to flat tits and nipples.
“Do you like what you see, Kenny?” Dannie asked as she massaged her breasts and pulled on her erect nipples when they popped erect. “Just think, another half-hour and their all yours.”
“I know,” Ken said with his eyes glued to his eleven year old sister’s underdeveloped tits as she pulled them out from her chest by her nipples. He stroked his cock through his pants and tried to imagine how tight his Dannie’s fuck tunnel would be when it was wrapped around his seven inch prick.
“If you like the first act you’re going to love the second act,” Dannie said with a grin as she lifted her puffy white skirt above her waist so Mary and Ken could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. With her brother and sister’s eyes locked on her hairless cunny Dannie ran her fingers along her slit and tickled the hood at the top of her slit with every stroke until her clit popped out of it’s hiding place.
“Oooohhhh,” Dannie moaned softly as she played with her tits and pussy, building toward her first orgasm. Just watching her little sister play with herself made Mary so horny she had to reach under her blouse and skirt to play with herself as well. Trapped in the same room with his two horny sisters Ken tried to wait out the half-hour he said they’d have to wait, but as Mary and Dannie built toward their third screaming orgasm he decided to throw caution to the wind.
“Long enough,” Ken said as he jumped up from the love seat and started tearing his clothes off.
“Oh goody,” Dannie said as she bounced out of her lounge chair to scatter her own clothes all around the living room. “Does this mean I’m finally going to loose my fucking cherry?”
“It sure does,” Kenny said with a chuckle, “but before I take your cherry I have to taste that bald little cunny of yours.”
“Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun,” Dannie said as she sat back down in the chair and scooted her bald pussy to the edge of the cushion and opened her thighs so Ken could reach her bald slit as he knelt between her legs and kissed her erect clit.
“Beautiful,” Ken muttered as he gave his sister’s cunt a long loving look. He grinned at the way Dannie body shivered as his breath passed over her pussy lips. “You liked that didn’t you?”
“I sure did,” Dannie gasped. “If it feels this good now I can’t wait to get your cock in my fuck tunnel.”
“Soon, Dannie,” Ken said as he licked his sister’s slit, “very soon.”
“Oh good,” the virgin said as she clamped her thighs around her brother’s head as he sucked on her clit. “Mary, why don’t you get over here so I can play with your tits?”
“Sounds good to me, sis,” Mary said as she pushed herself off the love seat and went to join her siblings.
“So Mary,” Dannie said with a moan of pleasure as she reached up to play with her older sister’s naked tits, “are you pregnant yet? I noticed that you were still using the tampons two weeks ago but I wasn’t sure if you needed them or if you were just tossing them so mom wouldn’t suspect anything.”
“No,” Mary said with a long sigh as her nipples popped erect under Dannie’s fingers. “Kenny hasn’t knocked me up yet, but let me tell you, we’re enjoying every single minute we spend trying to put that baby in my belly.”
“In that case,” Dannie said with a sly smile, “maybe Kenny will mange to knock both of us up by the time dad gets home on Wednesday.”
“I’d like that,” Mary said with a groan of pleasure as Ken reached up to slide two fingers between her pussy lips without taking his mouth away from Dannie’s cunt.
“Are you sure you’re ready to get knocked up, Dannie?” Ken asked as he pulled his mouth away from the girl’s pussy and licked her juices off his lips. “I didn’t even know you were already having periods.”
“My periods started over a year ago,” Dannie said, licking Mary’s juices from the fingers Kenny offered her. “They started just after my tenth birthday and they’ve been regular for the last six months. Right Mary?”
“She’s telling you the truth, Ken,” Mary admitted, “we have our periods at the same time, which means we’re both entering the fertile time of our month so you really could knock us both up by the time dad gets home.”
“I like that idea,” Ken said with a grin as he looked from one sister to the other.
“So do I,” Mary said with a broad grin of her own. “Just think, Dannie, if Kenny does the job right our children could be born on the same day and we could even raise them as twins.”
“Wouldn’t that blow mom and dad’s minds,” Dannie chuckled. “When they find out that we’re pregnant they’ll hit the roof and may even kick us out of the house.”
“I don’t think they’ll go that far,” Mary said with a slight frown that disappeared when Ken slid two fingers into her wet pussy. “But they may think about it for a while.”
“And how do we keep them from finding out that Kenny’s the father?” Dannie asked.
“My plan is to start fucking guys from school as soon as I know I’m knocked up,” Mary said. “I figure one of the boys will be stupid enough to think that he’s the father if I can get them to fuck me soon enough.”
“I’m still not sure if I like the idea of you fucking other guys,” Ken said as he stroked Dannie’s slit with one hand and finger fucked Mary with the other. “But I like the idea of mom and dad finding out the truth even less. At the very least dad will kick me out of the house - if he doesn’t kill me when he finds out.”
“You know, Kenny,” Dannie said as her brother played with her slit, “if you don’t fuck me soon you may not have to worry about mom and dad - but you will have to worry about me.”
“Ok, ok,” Ken said with a chuckle as he took his fingers out of Mary’s cunt and licked them clean. “So, where do you want to loose your cherry?”
“Right here,” Dannie said, giving Kenny a toothy grin.
“I know you want me to fuck you in the living room,” Ken sighed, “I mean do you want me to fuck you on the floor, the couch, or what?”
“I’m serous, Kenny,” Dannie said as her brother stood up so she could get a good look at his erect seven inch cock. “I want you to pop my cherry right here in dad’s favorite chair. Just think of how horny we’ll both get every time we see him sitting here watching TV when we know that he’s sitting on the very spot where you popped my cherry.”
“I like the way you think, sis,” Kenny said as he slid the head of his cock up and down his little sister’s bald slit to coat it with her juices before he held it tight against her fuck hole as he prepared to pop her cherry. “Are you ready for this?”
“I sure am, big brother,” Dannie said as she bit her lip in anticipation of the pain she knew was coming.
“No you’re not,” Mary said suddenly.
“What do you mean I’m not ready?” Dannie asked as she glared at her older sister. “I’m wet, horny, and ready to get knocked up by my brother. What am I missing?”
“The mess you’re going to make on dad’s seat cushion when Kenny pops your cherry,” Mary pointed out. “Ken, you remember the mess we made on your sheets when you popped my cherry, right?”
“I sure do,” Ken admitted thoughtfully, “we ended up throwing them out and replacing them with a new set from the linen closet.”
“Exactly,” Mary said, “but even though mom and dad didn’t notice the missing sheets they will notice a missing cushion.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Dannie admitted. “Any ideas?”
“Of course, I’ll be right back,” Mary said as she ran out of the living room, Ken watched her naked ass as it bounced invitingly with each step. When Mary returned a couple minutes later she had an old towel in her arm.
“This should do the trick,” Mary said as she returned to the easy chair. “We just bunch this up under your butt and when Ken pops your cherry it’ll soak up the blood instead of the cushion. And mom and dad will never notice this old towel missing from the linen closet.”
“I have an even better idea,” Ken said as Dannie lifted her ass so Mary could slip the towel between her and the cushion. “This towel isn’t the only old item in the linen closet. If we take a few minutes to clean it out mom and dad will thank us for throwing out the old linens.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Dannie said as she set her ass down on the old towel, once again ready for Ken to pop her cherry.
“Are you ready now, sis?” Ken asked as he rubbed the head of his cock along her dripping slit again.
“I sure am, Kenny,” Dannie said, giving her brother a brave grin as she locked her legs behind her brother’s ass. “Now pop my damn cherry and fuck me like you mean to knock me up.”
“Oh, trust me Dannie, I plan to knock up both you and Mary. I can hardly wait to see both your bellies swelling with my babies.” Ken said as he gave his eleven year old sister a big smile and started to move forward.

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