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The one class a horny teenage boy likes.

'Fuck' Will thought. He raised a fist at his alarm clock and struck hard, stopping the beeping. 9 minutes later the sound happened again. He repeated the process until he decided to look up. "Oh FUCK" He yelled out.

It was 8:00! Shit, the bus comes in 10 minutes! He jumped out of bed and changed clothes as fast as he could putting on boxers, and a dark blue tee shirt. He wore blue jean shorts and quickly put on his shoes. He ran out the door grabbing his bookbag and his spare key and ran out the door.

"Son of a bitch!" He screamed out crankily. It was pouring rain. 'What the hell man' he thought. He ran as fast as he could and just barely made it to the bus-stop, walking behind Lydia.

She had her hair in a ponytail as usual. She had on khaki capris, pink thong sandals, and a pink polo on. She had a big bag on her left arm, holding her books. She was such a sexy thing. Will wisely put his hand in his pocket and felt no hole. He put the key in and wrapped his arms around Lydia.

"Hey" He said in her ear, "You wore me out."

Will put his back against the wall of the bus in the seat, Lydia in his arms. She pulled his head down and whispered "I barely made the bus."

He laughed "Me too." He smiled and so did she. She closed her eyes, and they met in a kiss. The kissed on the bus the whole way to school, not caring who saw.

Only a few times Will would get brave on the bus. He would cup her breast in his hand and squeeze it gently. He would sometimes, after that, go down to her pussy and rub through the fabric. He felt the heat of her snatch and wanted to fuck her again, right there. However, anytime he stopped and looked. He didn't see anyone looking over.

When the bus stopped at the school Will groaned. Both were still wet from the rain. The slickness of their skin was a major turn-on for both. Will had an obvious erection when they stood up and Lydia had a nice moist spot on her capris. The rain water covered it up easily.

They walked out of the bus. They held hands as they walked to the middle of the school. Four buildings, one for freshmen, one for sophmores, one for juniors, one for seniors. Behind each was a building used not for academics. The freshman buiding had the lunch room, the sophmmors had the gym, and behind that the football field with the track around it, the juniors had the band room, and the seniors had the baseball diamond.

They both kissed goodbye and walked to their classes.

Will thought about Lydia the whole day. His friends asked him what was on his mind and he replied with something other than Lydia. The day was slow. But the time came when Will had World History class. He was more than excited.

'Oh what the hell is this?' He thought when he walked in. "Hey, whats going on?" He asked his teacher. The seats had been rearranged, nobody in the same spot as yesterday.

"Seat change. Lydia told me how you helped her yesterday so I sat you next to her."

'Yes!' He thought hapily. He saw her and she waved sexily to him. He raised an eyebrow and walked to his seat, grinning like an idiot.

She leaned over to his desk and whispered "Look at my waist." He looked and saw the side of a g-string, turning him on majorly.

He leaned in now. He blew gently in her ear, making her shudder. She rubbed her hand up her neck and through her hair. He leaned in and told her "Ask him to go to the bathroom." Will had an idea.

She had a puzzled look but did. He nodded and she went out, slowly. WIll walked up and asked the same. "I just sent Lydia out!"

"I'm gonna pee my pants! Please!" He said, feeling embarassed. He didn't care, he had to meet up with her.

"Fine. Don't take forever" He warned.

Will ran out the door and nearly slipped. He jumped down the flight of stairs, and then the second hurting himself. He shook it off and saw Lydia slowly walking down the hallway.

"Took you long enough" She said with a smile.

He chuckled and kissed her. They ran through the sophmore building and to the back, Will leading her, holding her hand.

They ran fast through the rain, making it to the football field. To the left and right of the field, there were bleachers, perfect to hide. They saw a couple at the end of one just kissing in the rain.

He began kissing her hard in the pouring rain now, enjoying the cool drops of water at the same time. Lydia pulled away soon, and pulled her capris higher up her knees so they wouldn't get wet and dropped to her now uncovered knees.

She unbuttoned his pants gleefully and stroked his dick, making it harder than it was before.

"I thought about your cock all day" She said to him. She went down his cock a few inches and sucked, and began bobbing.

He moved her hair out of her face and began using his hand to move her up and down. "I thought about you all day. Feel of your pussy. Mmm" He moaned.

She continued sucking him off hard in the rain. She knew how to deepthroat well. She sucked for a long time and would pull off. She used her hand to rub the tip of his cock, and would go down again.

He began bucking his hips now, feeling his cum about to shoot. She began stroking him hard and fast and he erupted. "Oh fuck!" He cried. She caught all of his cum on her hand and sucked and swallowed the last bit out of him.

She pulled down her capris and thong and put them under the bleachers, careful not spilling the cum.

Will couldn't have been more confused, or pleased. He felt incredible but wondered why she was holding his cum. He watched her shuffle around.

"Fuck me. I don't usually do this, But, I like you Will. Stick in here" She pointed at her now bare ass.

His eyes widened. He looked at the couple to his left, both were moaning. They were having sex in the rain he saw. It was very erotic, and it turned him on. His cock sprang to life. She lubed his erect dick now, with his cum.

He let her cover his cock slowly with his cum enjoying it. She turned and kissed him. She stuck her ass out, and said "Go in."

He didn't need to be told twice. He sucked a finger and slowly put it in her ass, feeling the tightness. Her ass began to accept it and he inserted another finger slowly pushing in. The tightness was incredible.

"Ohh" She moaned. He used his other hand to finger her clit. She used her own hand as well as he began finger fucking her in two places.

"Mmm, baby... I like it in my ass!" She moaned out. He went faster and faster never stoppping. His arms began to get weak, but he was in luck. She began calling his name, moaning loudly. Her pussy tightened, and he felt a rush of her fluid. His hand soaked. "Ohh fuck!" She cried.

He waited for her orgasm to stop before her began pushing in her ass. His fingers stretched it, but not as far as his cock did. He went in and stretched her out. She yelped a little and he waited until she told him to go.

He began rocking at a steady pace, fucking her tight ass. It was like his dick was being squeezed by his hand. He liked it. The warmth of it unreal. He went faster when she moaned. "Oh please.. Quicker!"

He went fast now, the rain soaking them. He fucked her harder now as she thrust back. The couple next to them now screamed together whenever a crash of thunder came.

"Oh shit!! Will Pull my fucking hair again, you know I fucking love it!" She screamed through the thunder. Will yanked and kissed her neck. "Oh yeah baby!" She would cry out. He let go as he switched positions. Lydia pouted but took him back easily.

His chest against her back now, he pumped as fast as possible. She began moaning out constantly, being sent off the edge into another orgasm. The sounds sent Will off the edge as well. "Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!" All four voices yelled. WIll knew the other couple had finished as well.

Will leaned on the back of the bleachers. He was out of Lydia now and she leaned on his chest.

He whispered how amazing she was as she kissed him during the middle of it. He felt incredible, his balls drained this beautiful girl on top of him was like heaven.

When Lydia cleaned up so did Will. When both were satisfied they put on their clothes as the pounding of rain eased to a quiet shower. They began walking slowly holding hands in the cool rain, But were stopped by two "Hey"s from behind them.

"You're not going to tell are you?" Asked the guy. He was the one who was with that girl.

"No. We both have something to put on each of us. Let's keep this a secret, shall we?" Will told them.

"Thank you.. This was our first" Said the girl. She smiled as the teen kissed her.

"Glad to be there to enjoy it with you" Lydia said through a giggle. The couple smiled, the guys arm over the girls shoulder. They walked up to the school slowly.

Will put his arm around Lydia's shoulder and walked her up to the school slowly. Stealing kisses from eachother playfully.

When they got to the room they had about five minutes of class left. The teacher was more pissed than ever. Neither could hide their amusement. They laughed when he asked why their clothes were wet. They both got twice the homework as the rest of the class and detention. Neither cared though. This had been the best day of their lives.

Part 3? You Decide.

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