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Being bored I walked back up to my room and crawled onto my bed and tried to get some sleep. Dozing off and on I waited for someone to come and uncuff my hands. It was close to two hours before DeJuan came home with my mom and his buddies. Walking out of my room I saw that his friends were taking some furniture that was in my mom's place and taking it down stairs to the basement. My mom was carrying some light stuff.

DeJuan kinda of jumped up the stairs to stand right in front of me. Taking his hand he lifted my chin up so I was looking at him. "Did you miss me little April?" He asked em.

Nodding my head I replied,"Yeah, I was scared being tied up like this with no one here."

"Sssshhh baby girl. You don't have to be afraid here. I won't let anything bad happen to this fine piece of ass." He told me as he patted my ass. As he groped my ass he leaned down and kissed me hard on my lips. His tounge invaded my mouth as his other hand went down and played with my nipples. While his tounge was in my mouth I started to suck on it.

Putting my "slut" collar on me he also added a dog leash to it, he lead me down stairs to watch as his buddies and my mom brought in stuff from my old place. We sat on the couch with my kneeing on it, with my face in his crotch. Uncuffing me, had me free his big black cock and blow him. Whenever my mom would go by he would tell her I sucked cock better then she did. Hearing that made me feel all proud and I would suck even harder to prove him right.

When they finished bringing in the first load DeJuan had my mom bend over the coffee table and they pulled down her shorts. Without even playing with her first they just entered her from behind. Each one would fuck her as hard as they could for five or ten minutes before cumming in her snatch. With her pussy full of black baby juice DeJuan made her put her panties and shorts back on to help hold it inside.

That night my mom and DeJuan slept in the master bedroom. For a good hour all I heard was her moaning and whimpering. That night I slept very badly. Tossing and turning as I dreamt of getting fucked like I did that day. When I woke up the next morning I decided just to wear my thongs to breakfast. Walking downstairs DeJuan told me my mom had allready left for work.

As I ate my ceral DeJuan asked me this" April, My vacation is over and I want to know if you wanna stay here or go to work with me?"

"What would I do at your work?" I asked him inbetween bites.

"Go around say hi to all my friends there, and if your good maybe take some modeling shots."

My eyes lite up when I heard about the modleing shots. "Do you think I could be a model?" I asked him

"It all depends if you are nice enough to my friends and you do what they say when they take your pictures." He replied.

So after breakfast we went up to my room to find me a very nice outfit to wear. It consisted of a blue halter top that showed off my cleavage very well, no bra underneath it, a pair of daisy dukes that my ass was peaking out of it, and some sandles. Going to the bathroom he put my hair into two pigtails on either side.

Driving over to the photo studio he kept on saying I would be a great model for him and his buddies at the shop. When we arrived he turned to me and asked," April are you willing to do anything to become a high class model?"

"Yes anything." I told him.

Smiling back at me he said, "Good cause I know of a website we are wanting to make and you could be the featured model. It is called "LITTLE FARM GIRL' . Are you wanting to be that farm girl April?"

"Yeah I can do that."

Going into the studio we passed by a front desk with a white older lady talking on the phone. Going back to the stages DeJuan introduced me to two othe black men and told them I was gonna be the little farm girl. The older of the two stepped closer to me and reached out to pull my top open. Looking down inside he smiled and said i had some great tits. The younger one went behind me and rubbed my ass. Asking me if I was wearing any panties I told him no in which he said good and he pulled up my daisy dukes even higher.

We were lead over to a set that was made up too look like a barn. DeJuan came up behind me and ground his cock into my ass as he told me this."Now April we are gonna give you a sign to hold up to show the title of the film then you gonna donce some then strip ok."

"Yeah that is ok." I said feeling nervouse.

"Good and when your naked we want you to rub your pussy some, get it nice and ready. then Max will come on the set for you to fuck."

"Do I have to have sex DeJuan?" I asked him

"Yes you do if you want to me a model." He told me.

I whimpered a bit but DeJuan just spanked my ass lightly. Going infront of the camera I was given a sign to hold up. After the flimed me holding it I put it down and sat on some hay.
The older guy asked some questions to get to know who I was. I told the camera I was April and I was 13 and I love sex with black men. After the questions were over someone put on some music.

Standing up I started to sway to the beat. Running my hands up and down my body. Grinding and shaking my ass. Bending over with my ass towards the camera I ran my hand up my inner thigh and across my daisy duke clad slit. Sinking to my knees I crawled so I was facing them. Pulling my shirt up I exposed my titties while the shirt was over my face. Removeing my shirt I started to play with my titties. Trying to pull my nipples up high enough so I could suck on them. Laying on my back I lifted my legs staright up in the air and removed my shorts.

The camera guy came in real close to my pussy as I rubbed it. Inserting just the tip of my finger in it I let out a small moan. As I played with myself I saw them In the corner of my eye bring over a small bench with some straps on it. DeJuan came on scene and lifted me up and carried em to the bench. Having me bend over it he attaced my wrist by some lether straps to the front of it. In my mouth he put some metal things to keep my mouth open wide.

When I was tied down in place the older guy yelled for Max. Max was no guy but a big german shepard. Going behind me he started to sniff and lick my pussy. Tears formed in my eyes as I was being eaten out by a dog. MY first time getting my pussy licked was by a dog. His tounge was so rough on my pussy.

After a bit his head pulled away then I felt him climb ontop of me. Feeling his dog dick stab for my pussy made me cry even harder. Some one was behind me and helped Max find my pussy and then he started to hump me fast. In and out he went. As he used me as his bitch I felt something huge go inside of me. I found out later Max knotted me. That is when he turned around and we were ass to ass. While me and max were stuck together DeJuan came infront of me and forced his cock into my wide open mouth.

I concentrated on sucking the cock so I would not have to deal with the dog cumming inside of me. My head was bobbing up and down as i swirled my tounge. Doing my best not to gag as I swallowed DeJuan's cock head. To my relief max did not stay hard for a long time after he came in me and soon he was able to pull himself free. Before I had a chance to make DeJuan cum he pulled out. Untieing my hands he lead me over to a shower stall.

The camera man followed us over and watched as DeJuan tied my hands above my head and used a hose to clean me off and inside my pussy. When I was clean the camera guy left and with DeJuan's help me get dressed. Heading out the door DeJuan asked me this, "Do you want your school friends to see this tape? If not we are gonna come back next week to make some more."

Knowing I was defeated I agreed and we went home.

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2011-05-10 20:09:58
I love dog cock. I let my brother's dog fuck me when I come home from school. His long, skinny cock goes in my cunt so deep. It is true, dog's fuck faster then guys. That dog makes me cum so much..whew. They shoot lots more tooo.


2009-06-24 08:54:38
well i have to say that it needed to be longer and better written,and i dont think she needed and dog to fuck her tigt little pussy with all that huge black cock waiting for some little white pussy

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2008-01-25 14:19:50
we had a big dog, half boxer, half lab. i always wanted to see my wife get fucked by him. one day we were out in the back yard, his big red cock came out and i could see she wanted him. i told her i'd help him get his cock into her and totake him into the house, take her clothes off and get on her hands and knees and i would help get his cock into her. he did and before i knew it he knotted her. his knot was huge but he got it in.she said it was wonderful, we'll do it again today.


2007-08-30 21:32:07
i really like your stories. i do however wish they were a little longer and more deive. this one in particular is lacking.

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