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Son makes mom proud
The Wedding Crashers

This story is purely fiction and is only meant for erotic reading.

Brad and Christy’s big day was fast approaching. Twenty- two yr old Brad and twenty-one yr old Christy had been engaged about 6 months. They had both vowed to save themselves for each other, and their parents really respected that. In fact, both sets of parents were extremely proud of their youngsters for that decision. Brad was tall and lean, good tan, brown buzz cut, muscular and athletic. Christy was petite, tan, a brunette with beautiful medium sized perky breasts.

But as time grew near, Brad’s mom Diane began to think about losing her son, and even more about her son losing his innocence and his virginity. She often found herself saying to herself “she’s not good enough for him.” Ironically enough, Christy’s mom Susan also began to think of her daughter the same way. The thought of her baby girl losing her innocence, and even more, wondering would he be all that she needs? Can he satisfy her? And give her children?

One afternoon Diane and Susan were sitting back looking through some magazines for wedding ideas when they struck a conversation about both of their children being virgins. They expressed their pride, and then Susan got a little quiet. Diane asked her what was on her mind. She said “nothing, it’s nothing, I shouldn’t bring it up.”

Diane insisted she share whatever she was thinking. Susan could look Diane in the face to ask this, but she shyly and kinda stuttering, asked “Have you seen Brad since he’s grown up?” Diane was confused. “What do you mean?” I mean, have you SEEN him, like, do think he will be able to satisfy Christy? “I mean with him being a virgin, will he know what to do?” “Christy’s dad and I have wondered about that. We want to make sure our daughter will be happy.”

Diane thought for a moment. “I’m sure his dad has talked to him, but now that you mentioned it, I’ve not seen him in a few years, well, not like that.” Diane began to form images in her head of what her son might look like naked. She started to get very aroused. She looked at Susan and said “You’ve brought up a good point. We need to figure out a way to see him and make sure he’s ready.” “We?” Susan said. “Well, will you help me?” said Diane. “We both want to know, right?” “Right!” said Susan.

So they began to think about how they’d do it. Brad would only be staying over at his parents house the night before the wedding, so they would have to do something then. Susan talked to her husband about it, and Diane mentioned it to Brad’s father. They all agreed it needed to be done, but they knew Brad would not show them willingly. They new he would most likely come home drunk from his batchelor party. They would make sure he was out cold, then take him upstairs to his parents’ bed, since it was larger.

Sure enough he came home pretty wasted. He seemed a little surprised that Christy’s parents were still there but he didn’t dwell on it. He sat down, and his dad handed him another drink. That was all it took. After that beer his dad tried to wake him, he was out. The dads dragged him up the stairs and laid him down on his parents’ bed. They decided to bind his wrists and ankles to the bedposts…they knew it was the only way to get what they wanted from him.

They knew it’d be morning probably before he’d wake up and they wanted him alert. Sure enough the next morning all four parents were awakened by Brad’s yelling from his room. His dad ran in and told him to calm down. Once Brad realized he was really okay, he calmed down, but obviously asking for his dad to loose him. His dad began to explain to him why he was bound. As he did, his mom and Christy’s parents entered the room. The dads were wearing boxers and wife beaters, and the mom’s were in their night gowns.

Brad began to beg and plead with his dad for another way, but his dad insisted they had decided what they were going to do. His mom’s curiosity would be satisfied, and Christy’s mom and dad would know that Brad is “right” for their daughter.

His dad began to cut his boxers. Brad began to shake and his face turned red as his private parts were about to be exposed for the first time. He was exclaiming, please dad, no, please, don’t…but it was too late. The boxers were gone. His young virgin penis was in plain view of his parents and hers.

He was semi-hard. His dad knew he probably needed to pee, so he got a cup, handed to Brad’s mom. Dad told Brad to lean over and pee. Brad was glad to release it..he needed to go bad. His mom held his penis to the cup as he peed. When he finished and rolled back over on his back, his penis was almost fully erect from the attention. Diane and Susan examined him closely, taking turns fondling his balls, and his penis. They squeezed his shaft, checking it for firmness and solidity.

They commented to each other about his trimmed up pubic hair and show soft and smooth his skin was, yet how firm and hard his cock was. They knew then that we would do fine with his new bride. At this point Brad lay there stunned as his mom and mother in law to be were pulling and tugging at his unused package. And he was powerless to do anything but lay there and take it.

It wasn’t long before the two moms were discussing the idea of tasting it. Brad began to beg them not to, pleading with them that he had saved himself for Christy. They understood that but the “test” wasn’t over. They needed to make sure he could perform for his new bride. Brad yelled and squirmed as his mom lowered her eager mouth down onto his throbbing shaft. His eyes got big as he saw his penis disappear into his mother’s warm wet mouth. Their eyes met. She smiled…he looked back in horror. As she began to suck him he began to moan. Susan said “I think he likes it Diane!” They both smiled and she continued to suck her son’s cock. Then she pulled off and motioned for Susan. She too went down on him. She was thrilled at being able to exam and test her son in law’s sexual abilities before her daughter would have him.

After a short time of oral sex and edging the poor boy several times, Susan and Diane both pulled their gowns off, revealing their naked mature bodies. Brad didn’t want to admit it, but he was so sexually aroused by the site of those two mature bodies he couldn’t hardly keep from cumming. He watched helplessly as his mom straddled his body, and lowered herself onto his rock hard virgin penis.

And for the first time he felt himself enter a woman’s body. She rode him slowly and passionately, as Susan fondled and rubbed his balls, and even teased his butt hole a little bit. Brad was squirming so badly. This was more sexual pleasure than his body was used to.

As the moms suspected, it wasn’t long before Brad began to yell, I’m gonna cum! With that pronouncement, his mom quickly raised herself off, and she and Susan both grabbed his penis and stroked until his cum began to flow like a milky river. Gush after gush after gush, as the moms faces and were splattered. Diane finished stroking her son until he was done. Then she kissed him, and told him she thought he was ready to take care of his new bride.

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2013-04-10 02:42:44
This is a fucked up story. It needs to be removed from the web,

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2009-08-02 14:27:01
Great little story! Like what they did with the virgin brads christian cock & how his own mom sucked him.. Is Christy's virgin christian pussy going to be next ?


2007-07-13 00:25:19
What the hell kind of loser is still a virgin before marriage, but one of those Christian lunatic mutherfuckers. I hate them but liked your story. It was short but good. 7/10.


2007-07-13 00:23:47
I don't really know what to say, except, "What in the hell......"


2007-07-11 15:51:37
Republicans, gotta be...

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