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This is a story about a 26 year old girl named Sashe and what happens to her in a days time...
Tuesday morning, Sashe woke to a faint whisper coming from inside the bedroom. Rock, (Sashe's man) was on the talking on the phone in code. Sashe knew what he was talking about, being with him for so long she got used to his language. One of his boys were on his way over with some good (something to smoke), not thinking anything Sashe goes back to sleep. She was so tired from the fucking she got from Rock the night before.Sashe was awaken again by a knock on the front door, Rock wasn't in the bed so she knew he would answer the door if he was home. There was a second knock at the door, Sashe heard the door open and Rocks voice and another mans voice, so she got up to see who it was, it was Rocks best friend Jerry. He knew Jerry all his life they were like brothers, Sashe knew him since she was 6 years old, so they were all close. So Sashe goes back in the room to put some clothes on. As she is in the room changing, she heard someone walking down the hall, she shuts the door quickly hoping that it wasn't Jerry that saw her. She put her usual outfit on (snug shorts that show her pussy and a tank top). She left the room to use the bathroom, she didn't hear noones voice. So she went to take a piss and clean her pussy off from wild fucking the night before. Before she sat on the toilet the door opens and its Jerry with his hard dick sticking out of his pants. Shashe yells "shut the door get out" and tries to shut the door but Jerry stops it with his hand. Jerry says "Rock went to the store c'mon girl let me feel that pussy around this dick, hurry up before he gets back". Sashe just stood there frozen not knowing what to say. She finaly said "you better get out before I tell Rock and he gone fuck you up." Jerry said "no, i been wanting to fuck you for a long time, i cant tkae it, I saw you in your room naked while i was walking down the hallway, I want you, i want you now". SO Jerry grabbed Sashe by the hair and arms and turns her around with her shorts still down to her knees, and takes his cock and jams it in her pussy. HE starts pounding her pussy real hard, faster, and harder. At the same time she is saying "stop, no " he was saying in her ear " you better not tell rock or im going to tell him you are cheating on him". So she is fighting him back trying not to enjoy the fucking she was getting, she could not stop herself from cumming, all at the same time Jerry came all in her pussy and quickly pulls his dick out and put it back in his pants. He told Sashe not to say a word and left out of the bathroom. Sashe just stood there thinking about what just happend. It was only about 10 mins just enough time for Rock to come back home.

Rock comes home he goes to the kitchen where he left his boy Jerry, which had a perfect view of the bathroom and the bedroom Sashe was in. Sashe was in the bathroom thinking what should she do, she started cleaning up the piss and cum that was on the bathroom floor. She heard Rock come home her mind was all boggled not knowing whay to say or do. She calls Rock into the bathroom he comes in and shuts the door, shes looking at him trying to test the waters to see if he suspected anything. SO she just said "Jerry tried to come in here and fuck me" Rock said "did you let him, cause is you did we are over". SHe stood there and said "NO, i told him if he dont leave i was going to tell you, so he left out the bathroom"( she lied so he would not leave her) and i stayed in here until just now. "Okay" he said. He told her to get ready they were going shopping and to smoke.

Sashe throws on a mini skirt with some blue thongs and a wrap around top that just covered her tits, with the thought of what happend with Jerry she really could not get herself together. Rock yelled to her to come on. SO they all left , Jerry got in his car and we got in ours. First we went to the mini mart to get some blunts and then to the grocery store to get some food for the night. As they were walking in the store they see Rocks other boy named Cris. Cris called out "what up cuz?" "what up Sashe?" Rock said what you doing in here? some quick shopping Cris replied. Rock told Cris to holla afterwards cause he got some smoke. So Sashe and Rock finished their shopping. When they went to the car they saw Cris in the car next to them, Cris Said "i know where we can go smoke" so Sashe and Rock gets in the car and follows him to a little cut up the street from the market. They pulled into the spot, park their cars, so they could not be seen from the road. Rock got out then Cris got his car they stood in front of the cars and started talking.


2009-08-24 17:04:31
I Liked the story. It seemed plausible enough. I like the sound of the writer also. Sex stories are sex stories: adverse criticisms are misplaced. If you have a chance to have some fornication with anyone you don`t start by saying "How literary are you?". Please tell us more, dogsdiva26, and make it just as hot, please.


2009-06-20 01:49:31
Seriously, what was that? And that's just part one, oh god. I can definitely pass on the rest


2008-02-18 12:40:09


2008-02-02 01:27:03
that was a lil rough, but at least u tried, how bout the people who complained write a story, ans well tell them how badly theres sucked


2007-09-30 16:56:52
Some "ture" stories are obviously fiction. But some have a ring of truth to them and this one does. Yes dogsdiva26 is not a writer; she struggles with language. but she is a young woman who was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend's friend, tried to fight it off, failed, got fucked, sort of liked it despite the fact it was in fact a rape, and then lied about it to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend. As an unschooled sharing of a traumatic event in her life, it felt authentic, and the idea of Jerry fucking her into cooperation and enjoyment with his bold action does have a certain sick but erotic charm. You other readers are far to hard on Sasha. Sasha, nice story, thanks for sharing, and I hope you find a way to fuck Jerry up but good.

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