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But none of us could have ever guessed just how things turned out. I could not have made this up if I had to. Life is grand and I’m so fucking happy.
My Little Lady Jade: Part 4

Before I get back into our story, I want to explain more about Jade’s sister Dani. I know some people might question her willingness to allow her little sister to be in a serious relationship with a man my age. Also, Dani is Jade’s legal guardian, so in reality she is a nineteen year old single mother with a thirteen year old daughter. She had to grow up fast and because of that, she has become a very intelligent and complex person to know and understand.

I admired Dani from the beginning when I saw how protective she is towards Jade. She consistently monitored most of the instant messages and emails between us. In the beginning she was very concerned because of my age and her doubts as to my true motives. What was clear to her was she knew that Jade was quickly growing to like me and she looked forward to talking with me. To this day, Dani often reminds me that for the most part, I’m the only thing Jade talks about every day.

Jade was clearly happy, so Dani agreed to give me a chance to prove myself harmless. I welcomed her scrutiny then, and I still welcome it today. If she thinks for a moment that I am using or hurting Jade in any way, it would all come to an abrupt and permanent end. She has made that perfectly clear to me more than once. Also, Jade has made it very clear that she’s with me by her own choice. That’s the only way it can work.

To sum it up…Dani sees that Jade and I truly love each other and nobody is being hurt. All that matters to Dani, is knowing that her sister is happy. As long as Jade wants me as her boyfriend, then there’s nothing that needs to change. I think most of Dani’s lingering doubts were erased after their visit last month. She sees that what Jade and I have is as pure and real as it gets. Anybody who tries to convince her otherwise will get nowhere.

Now back to our story….

It’s only been two weeks since Jade was here, but it seems like forever. Now that I’ve had her in my home I was even more anxious to have her with me forever. It’s all I think about every day and I won’t be content until I have her back.

I had been thinking of different ways to make it work, but it seemed as though we would have to wait. Jade wanted to be here as much as I wanted her to be and it was making us crazy. I started making plans to travel to Massachusetts to spend a week or two, but it wasn’t coming together as easily as I had hoped. As things would turn out, I wouldn’t need to go anywhere.

I was well aware that Jade’s family was struggling with their finances for a while now and it wasn’t getting any better. Her mother is unable to work and Dani spends most of her time taking care of her and Jade. Their brother Chris works but he’s been trying to save his money get a place with his girlfriend of two years. They were all living in a large house and the rent and utility bills were just too high to keep up with. They were tired of being broke every month and they agreed that something had to change. Chris then made it clear that he was getting his own place in a month so now Dani, Jade and their mother were left looking for a new home.

Their mother had been spending a lot of time with her sister, and her sister offered to let her move in, but she only had one spare room. She agreed to move in, so now Jade and Dani were going to be on their own again. They had been on their own before so they knew they would be OK. Jade receives a small check each month, so if Dani can find a job, they could make it work. They started looking for an affordable apartment.

When the girls were visiting me last month, I hinted to them that I would love to have them move in, but I left it at that. I didn’t want to seem too eager or too pushy. They knew the offer stood, but it would have to be up to Dani. Actually, my wish is to have Jade with me, but because of her age, it only made sense that Dani would have to be here too. I still liked the thought of both of them living with me. I was just glad they knew it was an option and it was nice to just dream about them returning to stay.

I started to wonder about Dani’s boyfriend Brian. I thought it would make sense if he helped the girls find a place to live. I figured the likely scenario would be the three of them living together to make things easier. In reality, the situation would help bring their relationship to an end.

Jade informed me that Brian had just broke up with Dani. She wasn’t telling me the details, so I asked Dani about it. It turned out that Brian didn’t think he was getting enough time (which really meant sex) from Dani. He thought that Dani was spending way too much time with Jade, and not enough with him. He knew from the beginning that Jade would always come first regardless of what he feels. It’s no different than having a girlfriend who has a child….you can’t expect the mom to choose her boyfriend over her child. It’s just selfish to think like that. Anyway, the girls were truly on their own now.

Now I wondered if Dani might be considering my offer, but I also know she is proud to the point of being stubborn, so I decided to remind her that I’d love to have her and Jade come to live with me and I called her to discuss their situation. After some gentle coaxing, I managed to get her to agree to at least think about moving into my home. We agreed that it could go sour because we really don’t know each other as well as we should before such a big decision is made. But considering the circumstances, it was at least worth thinking about it regardless of the risks.

The thought of all of this happening so fast both excited and frightened me. If she agreed to come, my life will change dramatically and in a hurry. I’ve been on my own for years and I value my independence. On the other hand, it would be wonderful to have two gorgeous ladies living with me, especially one being the girl I’m madly in love with. I’ve always said that change is good, but would this be too big of a change? Only time will tell.

Three days later, I was chatting with Jade and I could tell she was hiding something from me. It took me nearly two hours, but I finally broke her. Dani had agreed to bring Jade back to Michigan so they could both live with me. Jade was so happy I could feel it. I was thrilled myself and I felt like the luckiest man alive. Ten minutes later, I had to ask myself….”what the hell did I just get myself into?”

What will my neighbors think? What will my family think? For the most part, I had managed to keep the truth from my family for obvious reasons. The only one who visits me is my brother Derek, and he didn’t show up when they were here. I knew if he had showed up, he would have been puzzled at best. But I also knew he would like meeting the girls…especially Dani. Derek knows that I have an online friend named Jade, and I’ve told him that I was in love with her, but I had to lie and tell him she was nineteen. Now that I know the girls are coming to stay, I have concocted a somewhat believable story to make everything work.

This might sound silly, but it’s the best I could come up with…and if Derek doesn’t believe it, then oh well…Jade will still be with me and that’s all I need to know. So here’s my story….I tell Derek that it turns out that Jade was tricking me all along and she’s only thirteen. She basically stole Dani’s identity and had me convinced she was really nineteen. Dani caught onto what Jade was doing, and she made Jade confess and apologize to me. During all of this, Dani and I became friends and I still maintained my friendship with Jade. So now I have them both as friends and they are in a tough situation, so I agreed to let them move in with me. Not bad, huh? As crazy as it sounds, it might just work.

My neighbors certainly noticed the girls when they were here, but I had no obligation to explain anything to them. All they need to know for now is that I have two cuties moving in. I know the guys on the block won’t mind it at all. Their wives might not like it, but who cares? Not me.

Dani needed some time to arrange things, so the actual move will be in a week or more.

As all of this was happening, there was big news in Jade’s life. She finally tracked her real father down on the internet. Things were rough between her mother and father when she was born so he decided to leave them both alone.

Now that Jade found his email address, she wrote him a letter to see if he wanted to talk with her. He responded with a short but pleasant letter inviting her to spend a weekend at his home with his wife and two young sons. After a few brief instant message conversations, she agreed to go. She had a nice visit, but it was cut short after Jade felt homesick for her sister Sam.

After her visit, Jade left it up to her father to continue their relationship. Well, it’s now been two weeks and she hasn’t heard from him at all. Apparently he has no interest in getting to know his daughter. Jade has never known him, so she’s OK knowing that he has no interest in having her in his life. Something might happen in the future, but for now she has accepted it as it is. If he changes his mind, he knows how to contact her. She’s leaving it up to him.

Although I was hoping that her father would try to make things right, I was also worried that he wouldn’t accept our relationship. Jade had hinted to him that she was involved with a much older man, but they never had time to discuss it any further. I was proud that she wasn’t going to hide it from him. She assured me that if he couldn’t accept us, then she would tell him goodbye. I had mixed feelings about it, but she was serious. Our relationship would come first. I guess for me, it’s best the way things happened. At least now I don’t have to worry about dealing with an angry father trying to protect his daughter. It could have been ugly.

Now that moving day is near, Dani wanted to be clear on a few different things. First, she made it clear that she will find a job to help out with groceries and the utility bills. I expected this from her and although I can easily support them, I agreed to let her help as much as she wants to. That’s just another example of the kind of people they are….full of pride and dignity.

Next came the topic of what the actual living arrangements will be. Dani informed me that Jade had told her that we had sex during their first visit. Well, she already knew it, but she still preferred to just not know the specifics. She actually has a very sensible idea of how she expects things to be once they move in.

For appearances sake, we will each have our own bedroom. But in reality, Jade will be sharing my bed unless we have company. We need to approach this whole thing with caution and common sense if we want it to last. It will take some getting used to, but I’m confident we can pull it off without any problems. I live a rather private life anyways, so we will be left alone for the most part.

The big day is finally here and I barely slept for three nights from the anticipation of seeing my Jade again. Dani was right when she predicted that I would see them sooner than I thought. But none of us could have ever guessed just how things turned out. I could not have made this up if I had to. Life is grand and I’m so fucking happy. (That’s only the second time I used “fuck”…can you recall the first time?)

I sat at my window like an anxious puppy watching for his master to come home. Up pulled Dani’s light blue Corolla with a small U-Haul trailer attached. The car had barely stopped when Jade jumped out and sprinted to my front door. She practically broke the door down and met me just inside the foyer. She was in such a hurry, she tripped and fell on me, nearly bringing us both to the floor. She was here less than ten seconds and she already had me laughing with her silly, youthful exuberance. We peppered each others faces with kisses, just as we did when she left a few weeks ago. It was so nice to feel her soft skin and her warm breath on my face again. And then her eyes…her sexy deep dark brown eyes…looking into her eyes made me want her in my bed…like right now. My honey was back and this time I get to keep her! God was it wonderful to hold her again.

My dog Quasi was making it known that he was just as thrilled to see Jade again. What a scene….Jade is on my lap and Quasi is doing his best to join her but he only made it half way up. They both weigh about eighty five pounds, but Jade managed to hold her spot while Quasi took turns wetting our faces with his sloppy wet tongue. I guess you might say we are a “family” now?

Just like our first meeting, Jade looked so pretty and even more sexy. She stood up and did a quick twirl for me. She knows I love to look at her body and she’s always eager to please me. She was wearing a pair of snug fitting low rise jeans and a tight red t-shirt that showed just an inch of her sexy belly. Nothing flashy, she’s just hot no matter what she wears.

Dani then walked in and showed the loving side of herself that she used to keep hidden from me. She eagerly approached me with a big hug and a warm kiss on the cheek. It was not at all sexual, but it took me by surprise and told me that she truly liked me. I saw it during their first visit, but now I see that it’s genuine. Not only did I want to be close to her, it was the only way things could work out with Jade and me. It’s just nice that it all happened so naturally. It could not be faked, it had to be real and now it is.

After the girls finished unloading their suitcases and some small belongings, Dani left to return the trailer to the local rental store. As soon as the door closed, Jade was straddling me and we locked in a deep passionate kiss. I really missed feeling her tongue in my mouth. I’ll never grow tired of kissing her.

Over the few weeks since her first visit, whenever we chatted about the sex we had, Jade kept telling me how eager she was to feel me in her mouth again. I never had any doubts that I’d love licking her pussy, but she wasn’t sure how much she would like going down on me because it was all new to her. Well, lucky for me, she absolutely loved it and she wanted to get better at pleasing me. I knew she had been thinking about this since she left.

We knew we only hade a short time before Dani returned, so Jade wasted no time at opening my pants. This would be our first time doing this in my wheelchair and it added to the excitement. She took my limp cock in her mouth and sucked lightly until be both felt it grow to a full erection.

I really wanted to taste Jade's sweet pussy once again, but this was all about her wanting to make me feel good. She wasn’t to sure of her actions but that didn’t stop her. She was very playful as she took my rod out and ran her wet tongue up and down the shaft, pausing at the tip to swirl a few times. Then she took more then half of me back in but had to stop. Her gag reflex was stopping her from going any further. I could see she was somewhat frustrated but she could tell I was enjoying her motions. She continued her oral embrace for more than ten minutes and it was bringing me close to an orgasm every minute or so….not quite there, but close enough to drive me crazy.

The next time she went downward, I held her head and told her I was ready to cum. She started sucking harder. My moans told her I was close and she took me in as deep as her throat would allow and held still as my cum released into her mouth. Her tongue kept moving around my shaft, the sensation blew my mind. As soon as I stopped squirting, she raised her head, and with one deliberate swallow, her mouth was empty.

Now she slid my wet cock back into her mouth until we felt it go half limp again. We loved the intimate feeling and didn’t want it to end. It had to end though as we heard Dani pull into the driveway. I barely managed to get zipped up before Dani walked in. She couldn’t help but notice I was out of breath. She gave us a second look and shook her head as if to say “couldn’t you guys wait?” Apparently Jade couldn’t.

Once I knew for certain that the girls were coming to live with me, I told my brother Derek the story that I had made up. I could tell he wasn’t entirely buying it, but it didn’t really matter. At least he would be able to explain it to his wife Penny.

Penny and I have never got along and we almost never speak to each other. I still have to worry about her becoming suspicious though. She might try to make trouble if she ever caught on to what was really going on. Not that it matters, it’s just best not to “rattle her chain”.

Of course, Derek was eager to meet my new friends and he was on his way over. Actually, Jade often commented that she wanted to meet him too. She is so warm and charming, I know he’ll love her. Dani didn’t care either way but I was anxious to watch Derek’s expression when he sees how hot she is. I also know for certain that he likes young girls too, but he’s still “in the closet” as most men are.

A few minutes later Derek pulled up and parked in the street. I was quite surprised when Jade stepped out on the front porch to be the first to greet him. She wrote “HI! Mr. Derek” on her board and he responded with a big smile and a quick hug. As I predicted, his eyes did a quick twice over to survey Jade from head to toe. He doesn’t get out much so I knew he was going to soak it all up the best he could. But that’s not at all unusual. Men look at Jade everywhere she goes. Its only human nature to admire a pretty girl of any age.

Dani stood in the living room as Derek entered. She was looking fine in her cut-off denim shorts and a sexy black tank top that showed her firm breasts and more than enough cleavage. The look on his face said one thing….”God Damn!”. I introduced them and Dani offered her hand. I guess he should have wore sunglasses because his eyes were literally popping out as he surveyed Dani from head to toe. I actually felt embarrassed for him. He managed to spit out a few words of greeting, but it was just funny to see how he was reacting. It was not as noticeable to the girls, but I know his heart was working overtime. This might all sound exaggerated, but then you’ve never seen Dani.

This would be our first real test. Jade would have to keep her distance from me and I had to do the same. It was quite obvious to me that it wouldn’t take long for Derek to see what was really going on, but we would still do our best to hide it as long as we could. I know he’ll find the truth sooner or later, and when he does I really believe he will understand and accept it as it is. I hate to have to lie and hide from him, but it’s just the way things need to be for now.

I figured Derek would have to leave soon because his wife keeps him on a tight leash, especially when she knows there are girls around. I was right…he was here for barely thirty minutes when he had to leave. Now that Penny allowed him here to meet my new friends, it was likely the last we would see of him for a while. He’s pussy whipped bigtime.

It was only 9:30, but we were all tired so after we had some cake and ice cream, we decided it was time for bed. I don’t need to tell you how anxious we were to lay in my bed together again. The short time we were apart seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t wait to feel Jade’s flesh pressed against mine again… I couldn’t wait to feel her weight on top of me….I couldn’t wait to taste her…and of course, we both couldn’t wait to try make love again. We had talked about it and we both knew we would try again tonight.

I had showered just before the girls arrived so I just got undressed and got in bed while Jade went off to take her shower. I heard Dani giggling as she told Jade to move over. Apparently Dani jumped into the shower also. Now is there anything wrong with two sisters sharing a shower together? Of course not, but I was tempted to get up and go peek just to make sure they were “behaving”. No, bad idea. I still couldn’t help but wonder if they were in fact being intimate. That feeling quickly faded as I heard the water shut off and Dani talking about what kind of things they would be needing for their rooms. I figured they were off to the bed together.

Jade totally shocked me by walking into my room stark naked. She just hopped into my bed. She crawled on top of me and I loved the feel of her wet hair tickling my face and chest as we kissed. I let my hands explore every part of her freshly cleansed flesh. She slowly crept forward to allow my tongue to taste her nipples…then her belly and finally her sweet pussy. We normally prefer to move more slowly, but we were both entirely caught up in our heated passion.

I kissed and licked her pussy and she was wet within seconds. I knew Jade wanted to try putting me inside of her, but I held onto her to keep her sitting on my face. We are both so much into pleasing each other and I just wanted to feel her body react like it does when she reaches an orgasm. This time she came much faster than usual. Before I knew it she tensed up completely as she had her orgasm. As she came down from her ecstasy, she rolled off of me and we both laughed at how fast everything had just happened. I guess that’s what being apart for two weeks can do.

Now that our built up energy was released, we slowed things down by just holding, touching and kissing each other. It’s moments like this that I love gazing into Jade’s beautiful brown eyes. Her expressions can say so much it’s just amazing to see.

We knew what was coming next. I quietly asked her “are you ready?” I was expecting a smile, but instead her face was almost void of expression. I knew she was once again scared about her potential emotional and physical pain. She managed a slight smile, but I think it was just to try to put my mind at ease. I felt her fear but she was not going to let it stop this from happening. She was ready….we were ready.

She brought her face to my crotch and took me in her mouth to get me hard. The frenzied pace from a half hour ago was now reduced to very deliberate, gentle and caring touching. The passion was still present, but the mood was far more subdued and intimate. We both wanted this to work more than anything.

Jade held my cock in her hand as she positioned herself over it. She rubbed her pussy on it to help her get wet again. I watched her face to see how she was feeling. She looked calm and relaxed. She carefully held me as she lowered herself. It was going to happen this time. The head slipped in and she brought more weight down until I was nearly half way inside of her. She stopped for a moment and then she gingerly raised and lowered herself to help take more of me in. I could see her face tense from pain but she continued until I was completely inside of her.

I reached under her thighs to help with the movement, but her face told me she was hurting. We laid still while I stayed fully inside of her. She appeared to be ok, so once again she tried moving up and down on me, but the pain was to much for her to continue. Again, she rested on top of me. This felt incredible. As long as she was Ok staying still, then it was beautiful just like we were. Our orgasms could wait. This was all we needed right now.

Jade leaned forward so we could kiss. I sucked her slippery tongue into my mouth while she slowly slid it in and out. We took turns doing this and it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Our bodies had become as one in the most intimate way possible. Our souls had become one. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was beautiful beyond deion.

After several bliss filled minutes, I finally went limp and slipped out of her. Jade stayed on top of me and nestled her precious face on my neck. Even though Jade’s body wasn’t yet ready to have full intercourse, there was nothing to be sad about….there was no reason to be disappointed…everything that just happened was nothing short of wonderful. We spent the rest of the night in a more loving embrace than ever before.

Morning came and we woke to begin the first day of our new life together. We both sensed the same feeling without saying a single word. Our dream has come true.

We spent a couple of days just getting things in order. They had brought some bedside tables and a television, some lamps and pictures for the bare walls, and a stereo. And of course, they brought enough clothes to fill every closet in the house. I had ordered a new bed for Jade’s room to keep up the appearance that nothing is going on. By the time everything was in place, my once half empty home had become vibrant and full of life…just like it should be.

Now we had some serious business to tend to. I had already scheduled a visit to the local health clinic so we could both be tested for STD’s. Dani and Jade both take this very seriously, as we all should. Their mother is HIV positive, which puts them at a higher risk of contracting it too. We got the results a about a week later and everything came back as expected. We were both perfectly healthy. It was foolish that we waited until now to be tested, but now it’s done and we have nothing to worry about.

I soon began to noticed that Dani was spending a lot of time on her phone. Brian wanted another chance. He realized that his jealousy had ruined a good thing for no reason. I had worried about something like this happening. If Dani decides to return to Massachusetts to be with him, then Jade would have to leave too. I talked with Dani about it and she assured me that she wasn’t going anywhere. If Brian wanted her back, he would have to come to Michigan.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the idea, but I told Dani that he could move in if he really wanted to. He already knew that Jade and I were lovers, so we didn’t have to worry about him causing a problem. I preferred things the way they are, but I wanted Dani to be as happy as her little sister was, so I agreed to let him come. He was here three days later, but only time would tell if it would all work out.

This was my first time meeting Brian, and we hit it off from the start. He has a great sense of humor and he was treating Dani with the respect she deserves. I took it upon myself to remind him how lucky he was that he was getting a second chance with Dani. Of course he readily agreed. He’s a lucky guy….we’re both lucky guys.

Brian had a surprise in store. He asked Dani to go on a two week cruise with him. She was thrilled about going, but she was also worried about leaving Jade for so long. They’ve never been apart for more that a couple days before. Brian and I were trying to convince her to go, but it was Jade that was successful. She assured Dani that as long as she had me, then she’ll be just fine. Jade wasn’t joking either, I could tell she really meant it and that made me feel great. They set sail that weekend and now I had my sweetheart all to myself for two whole weeks!

Since her first night back, Jade and I were enjoying sex together nearly every night but we had yet to try intercourse again. We have plenty of fun being creative with performing oral on each other. We also like to pleasure each other with our hands or watch each other masturbate. As a way of preparing her for our next attempt, I began using a finger to ready her vagina for the real thing without so much pain.

Now that we were spending our first night totally alone, I had a surprise of my own in store. I had bought a full size air mattress so we could sleep in my back yard. Jade and I share a fascination for the night sky so I knew she would like my idea.

It was a cool night and the sky was perfectly clear with a sliver of a crescent moon to brighten things up just enough. My yard has an ivy covered privacy fence so we were not worried about being discovered by the neighbors. We both knew tonight was going to be special.

We headed out just before the sun was setting. Jade helped me get onto the mattress and then helped me remove my clothes until I was down to just my tighty whities. She stood in front of me and slid her shorts off and removed her top, leaving her clad in a pair of regular yellow panties. Seeing Jade standing there with the soft light of dusk illuminating her petite, sexy body was pure beauty to behold.

Everything was so calm and peaceful. Jade crawled next to me and draped herself over my body. The warmth from our flesh was enhanced by the cool night air. We rolled around, taking turns on top of each other while our mouths stayed locked in a deeply passionate kiss. We were running our hands all over each other, and we playfully rubbed and teased each other through our underwear.

Now she stood back up at the foot of the mattress and seductively slid her underwear off to reveal her naked body for me to admire. Jade now has just a trace of pubic hair and the mounds around her pink nipples are more pronounced. It’s a real treat to see these changes as her sexy young body matures towards full womanhood. I adore the young female form, but I have no doubts that my sexual attraction for her will never fade. I’m in love with my friend Jade, not her body.

Jade is so much into her own body and she knows I love watching her touch herself. She kneeled down with one leg on either side of my chest and began rubbing her pussy just a foot in front of my face. She would stop at times to spread her pink lips as she continued tickling her clit with her other hand. My instinctive urges told me to pull her to my face to taste her, but I resisted. I left it up to her, if she wanted to bring herself to an orgasm, then I’ll just enjoy the view.

That’s exactly what she did. She stayed on her knees as she lay backwards on top of me. She supported her weight on her left elbow while her other hand continued to deliver it’s magic to her wet pussy. My view was incredible. Even though her crotch was just inches from my face, I kept looking beyond it to watch her belly and chest began to rise and fall as her breathing became deeper and faster. And I couldn’t help but watch her face as she neared her state of pure ecstasy. I don’t mean to focus on her inability to vocalize her joy, but there is no mistaken it….she was entirely consumed with raw sexual pleasure. Again, her absence of voice is extremely erotic to witness. It’s a part of Jade that is truly special to me. It’s simply beautiful.

With a few final deep breaths, she brought herself to orgasm as I watched her juices oozing over fingers and drip onto my chest. She doesn’t always ejaculate like that, but it’s wonderful to see it when she does. I know that her clit becomes too sensitive to touch right after she cums, but I still wanted to taste her. I pulled her to my face and I licked all around her slit and I entered her with my probing tongue as she rested. Jade just relaxed where she was while she stared into the star-filled sky as she enjoyed the warm caresses of my mouth. I actually think she could have stayed like this until she drifted to sleep.

After several minutes, we laid along side of each other watching the stars slowly passing by. Our bodies were touching and we each had one leg wrapped with around each others as we held hands. The only word that comes to mind is “romantic”. It was by far the most romantic night we’ve yet to share.

The moment my mind began to wander towards wanting to make love to Jade, she reacted as though I said it out loud. She rolled onto her side and I did the same so we were face to face. It always awes me to look into her dark eyes. They are so deep and inviting, it brings me a sense of inner peace that’s impossible to describe.

We started to softly kiss each other as our tongues playfully darted out to meet just at the tips. As we went into a deeper kiss, she slid her hand into my briefs and rubbed me until I was hard. As she sat up and slid my underwear off, she gazed at my hard-on with a content smile on her face. She leaned in and teased it with light kisses along the entire length, causing it to twitch with pleasure. Then she licked on it from top to bottom until it glistened with wetness. Next she held it straight up and took it into her mouth and teased the head with her wet lips and swirling tongue.

Jade then sat up to look at me and I knew she was ready. Just like before, she squatted over me and rubbed my cock on her pussy until she was wet enough. She guided it to her opening and took the tip in much easier than before. She slowly lowered herself and I watched her face again to see her expressions. After just a brief wince, she smiled and let it slide all the way in with a final but slow effort. I was all the way in and she was smiling with pleasure. The pain was gone, and now it was the way we wanted it to be.

Without hesitating, Jade began to move up and down on my shaft with a slow and cautious pace. As she continued, I could feel her getting wetter and it was becoming much easier on her. After a minute or so, she began to quicken the pace and was taking me in as far as it could go. Our first time was wonderful, but it was so much nicer to know that she was enjoying it as she should.

I wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible but we both knew I would be cumming before very long. Now that my mind was freed from my concern for her pain, I could fully enjoy just how good she felt on me.

Within moments I was ready. Jade began moving at a pace that was not frenzied, but just right to bring me over the edge. My legs went rigid with spasms as I came inside of Jade for the very first time. She slowed her movement to enhance the sensations perfectly. My cock pulsed with each release of cum until it was over. The best part was we never broke eye contact during the entire time. The physical pleasures are terrific, but our lovemaking goes well beyond that. It’s all about two souls becoming one. The emotional pleasure is what making love is all about. Without that it’s just cheap, meaningless sex.

Now that Jade was enjoying our love making without any discomfort, she stayed on top of me to keep me inside of her. Just like the other time, the emotional pleasure was too good to let it end it so soon. She kept moving just enough to maintain the sensations for both of us. We both simply loved the ultimate sense of being entirely connected by both mind and body.

She then began to move faster and more deliberately. I could read her expression clearly…she wanted to experience her first orgasm with me inside of her.

I got up onto my one elbow so I could reach her pussy with my other hand. I wanted to help her by rubbing on her clit while she pumped. This was the first time I got a good look at our melding body parts. The sight of her pussy sliding up and down on my wet cock enhanced the feeling of being truly united. The physical beauty matched the emotional beauty perfectly. Everything that was happening was like nothing I’ve ever known before. This is exactly how making love was meant to be.

After I rubbed her for a while, Jade pulled my hand away from her crotch. This meant that she was feeling enough to cum without my help. Every thing we were doing was new, so we were learning as we went.

It was all coming together. Our eyes met again as her breathing and moving grew to a hurried pace. She reached for both of my hands and held them as tightly as she could. I could feel her muscles squeezing on my cock as her orgasm took over. She fell forward and buried her face on my neck while her entire body tensed with raw sexual bliss. All at once her body became motionless. I whispered her name into her ear but she couldn’t respond. She had actually passed out from the intensity of her orgasm. For a few brief moments, my joy turned to fear. I’ve never seen anybody pass out before so I didn’t know what to expect. Her breathing never slowed so I figured she would be OK. It only lasted maybe twenty seconds but it seemed like forever. I was relieved when finally she moved her face next to mine and softly kissed my cheek. She was OK.

After several minutes of absorbing the beauty of what finally happened, we pulled the comforter over our naked bodies and cuddled until we drifted off to sleep feeling closer than we ever felt before. I didn’t think we could get any closer, but tonight we did.

We spent the next day just being lazy together. Regardless of how much we had talked online, and regardless of the time we’ve already shared in my home, we were still getting to know more about our daily living habits. Jade followed me around like a puppy. She wanted to watch me shave…she wanted to see how much peanut butter I put on my PBJ’s…and she wanted to sit by me when I did my treadmill exercise. She wanted to know everything about me and I loved it.

Jade also likes doing things for me, but she assured me that I better not get lazy or spoiled. She saw me struggling with the vacuum cord getting tangled under my tires when I vacuumed. Instead of taking over for me, she simply stayed behind me to manage the cord instead. It’s the little things like that, which I will never get tired of.

Today would be a day to remember forever. I was lying in bed watching TV, and I noticed Jade was in the bathroom longer than usual. When she returned, I could see she was uneasy. Her eyes showed a worried expression. She just came over to me and sat down with her face about a foot from mine, her eyes were wide and it looked as though she was at a loss for words. I could see her trembling slightly as she signed she needed to get to a store right away. She signed I need “pads” now.

Jade had begun her first period. I know she was kind of scared, but for some reason I felt joy. I smiled and hugged her and told her that there is nothing to worry about, but I knew there may be. We have never used any type of measures to protect against her becoming pregnant. I put that out of my mind for now. My Little Lady Jade was changing into a woman before my eyes. Jade was still concerned, but she managed to smile as I told her to help me into my chair.

On the way out she handed me the phone. She had to tell her big sister the news. Well, I had to tell her. It was actually quite comical. I interrupted their romantic cruise ship dinner to tell Dani that her little sister was menstruating. Dani repeated the news to Brian, and whoever else was within earshot. Not at all your typical dining room conversation. I handed the phone to Jade so Dani could offer a few words to help comfort her. We were all excited for Jade, but she was still uneasy. After all, she was the one with blood coming from her vagina. She moved from worry to laughter at least five times before we got to the store. What a moment to remember.

This brought two thoughts to mind. First, Jade was now able to get pregnant. Second, if she did in fact become pregnant that would devastate our relationship we had worked so hard to achieve. How could that be explained to my neighbors, my family or her doctors? Everything could be over. So we agreed not to have intercourse until we figured out a solution.

Jade told me that she had already talked with Dani about birth control and she said she preferred to use the pill. I wasn’t at all familiar with the laws, but Jade had already researched them a few months ago. All I needed to do was take her to a clinic and if they ask, I tell them I am her uncle and she’s been living with. We went the next day and I was surprised at how simple the process was. All she had to do was a quick visit to a doctor, and tell them she was “thinking” of sex. The doctor turned to me and asked how could I let my “niece” become sexually active at her age. I simple replied that she is a young woman and I’d rather her be protected then accidentally become a 14 year old mother. That was simple, they wrote the preion and we were done.

Now that things have settled down, we spent the rest of our first week alone just hanging out together. We made several trips to the local malls to buy some clothes and did some grocery shopping as well. I really enjoy the simple things we do together. Jade’s charm and charisma is never-ending. And of course she’s always surprising me with her spontaneous panty and nipple flashes she treats me to when we are out in public. She says I’m just a dirty old man, but she also says I’m HER dirty old man. I can’t argue either point.

We’re down to the last week before Dani and Brian return and we’ve planned a trip to the beach. Jade absolutely loves the beach so I bought a specially designed wheelchair that has very wide tires so they don’t sink into the sand. It was still way too hard for me to push myself so she had to do most of the pushing for me. I really don’t like the feeling of being somewhat helpless, but I know that Jade feels wonderful whenever she can help me. It’s just how she is….always caring and helpful for anybody.

We spread our blanket in a semi-secluded area so we would have some privacy. Jade pulled her t-shirt off and she was wearing the pink bikini that Dani bought for her when they were here last month. I had forgotten just how hot she looked in it. The fabric was so thin I could easily see the shape of her puffy nipples and the firm little mounds that surround them. Next she seductively unzipped her jeans and slid them off. Just like always, I was awestruck by her raw beauty. The bottoms left very little to the imagination. The crotch was so small it barely hid the fleshy mound that surrounded her slit. Seeing her so exposed in public gave me mixed feelings. I adore her beauty, but I guess I’m selfish here…it’s a “for my eyes only” kind of thing. But I guess I need to learn to share.

Now it was my turn to be so helpful. I generously offered to oil her sexy body down at least once every ten minutes. Even though this was an expected sight on a beach, I still used caution to not do it when people were near. That way I was free to let my oiled hands slip inside her bikini top and bottoms.

Jade was lying on her back so I squirted a generous amount of oil onto her tight belly. Nobody was near, so I slid my slippery fingers under her top to play with her nipples. It always amazes me how fast they get hard when I touch them. I finished oiling her shoulders and arms before moving back to her tummy.

I moved further down and massaged the warm oil all over her legs and paid special attention to her thighs…especially her inner thighs. Jade spread her legs slightly as to invite me do more. I was hesitant, but after a look around to be certain nobody could see what I was doing, I slid my hand in from the top and was treated to yet another one of Jade’s surprises. She had shaved what little pubic hair she had. My oily fingers slipped over her bald mound and it felt incredible. I tickled her clit and slid a finger in just enough to get her wanting more…but then I stopped just to tease her. She knew her time would come before the day was over.

Next it was her turn. She oiled me down from head to toe and it was so relaxing she nearly put me to sleep. I turned onto my side to face her and this created an opportunity for her to get riskier than I had. The only other people near us were behind me so they couldn’t see what Jade was doing with her hands. She filled her palm with oil and slipped it into my shorts. She then used her other hand to pull them down just enough to allow my cock to be freed. I was hard in an instant and the sight of her oily hand sliding up and down on it in the bright sunshine was very erotic. She kept stopping just long enough to let me get half limp, and then she would resume her pumping to get me up again. Jade then signed that she wanted to go down on me, but I had to tell her not to. That would be too obvious and too risky. She was having a lot of fun playing with my cock and that’s as far as it went.

We ate a light lunch and played backgammon for nearly two hours before we noticed we were almost the only people there. We had talked about wanting to try fooling around in the lake, so we figured we’d give it a try.

I got back into my beach chair and we went into the water until it was just above my waist. The few people that were there were paying us no attention so we felt safe to try what we had planned. Jade is an accomplished swimmer so she has excellent breath control which would prove to be very useful now.

I turned so my back was towards the other people so they could not see what Jade was doing in front of me. She knelt down in front of me and she was just tall enough to keep her head above the water. She pulled my shorts down to my knees and started fondling me. Next she went through a series of deep breaths to prepare herself for what she was about to attempt.

Now that she was ready, she went under and took me into her mouth while she continued pumping me. When she needed air, she came up but never stopped stroking. She soon had established a cycle. She would go under to suck on my cock for about fifteen seconds….then come up for air as she resumed her hand job for a few seconds and then she’d go back under to take me into her mouth again.

This is where it got trickier. We both wanted me to cum in her mouth so timing was critical. As I felt I was nearing my orgasm, I told her to stay up and just use her hand until I tell her I was ready. It worked perfectly. She went back under and my cock slid into her mouth just as I started to cum. She stayed under longer as she made sure I was done before she came back up for the final time. I had to laugh…I never thought it could work as well as it had…and on the very first attempt…absolutely amazing.

According to our plan, it was her turn now. I got myself stiff again as Jade turned away from me and sat on my lap. She pulled her bottoms to the side and pulled my dick between her thighs to get ready to put it inside of her. She stood up just enough to aim my rod to her hole and slowly sat back down until it was buried in her tight pussy.

Now that she was more visible, she had to keep her movement to a minimum to not attract attention. For the most part she just wiggled her bum and repeatedly squeezed her legs together to increase the pleasure she felt from my cock being inside of her.

I was hugging her tightly from behind and then I slid my hand into her bikini to massage her clit to help her reach her orgasm. I’ve never done this before, but because my face was so near her ear, I started whispering to her. Every once in a while I’d whisper “I love you my Jade….it was spoken with care and love. Very softly…”I love you my sweet Jade”

Jade’s orgasms normally take her breath away…and as you should recall, she’s even passed out before. My concern was it might draw unwanted attention if she gets carried away in her pleasure. When I felt she was close, I whispered “relax sweetie…breath slow and deep and relax” A moment later she started to cum and it was great…having her in my lap with one arm around her belly and my other hand on her pussy and my penis inside of her, I was able to feel all of her muscles tighten as she climaxed. She did lose her breath, but not to the point that would be noticeable.

When it was over, her body went limp in my lap. Again I laughed from the joy and surprise from what we just did. Only now did the true beauty of it all hit me. My Jade was in my arms and we were making love while the sun was low in the sky beyond the subtle ripples of the lake’s surface. She was leaning back with her wet hair against my face as I softly caressed her neck with warm kisses. The beauty and serenity of it was breathtaking. I’ll never think of the term “A day at the beach” the same way again.

A few days later Dani and Brian returned from their cruise. Within a week Brian had used his father’s business connections to get a decent paying job just twenty minutes from my home. Although it was getting difficult for all of us because my house is too small for four people, considering I only have one bathroom. We all got along fine, but it was just hard to find time for either couple to freely enjoy having sex without the others hearing. Also, both Jade and Dani like to lounge around in their underwear, and it’s not so easy to do that with both of us guys there.

We were looking into finding a larger house to share, but it’s hard to find one that’s as wheelchair friendly as my current house. We had just about given up when a whole new option came to mind. It was pure luck….the rental house two doors down had become available. It was exactly like my house so it would suit Dani and Brian perfectly. They signed a lease and they would be moving in a week.

We had decided that Jade would for the most part stay with me unless somebody became suspicious. With her spending time between the two houses, nobody would really even know for certain where she was sleeping anyways. And if we were asked, we would simply say that Jade has taken on the duties as my personal helper and housekeeper. In reality, my neighbors don’t pay enough attention to know who was where anyways. We really saw no reason not to try it.

Brian had to return to Massachusetts for a day to take care of his personal business. This would be my last night with both girls in my home and it would turn out to be a night to remember.

As I wrote about before, Jade and Dani started being sexually intimate with each other a few years ago. After Jade and I met, she told me they still were intimate, but not nearly as often. I had no problem with Jade being with Dani, but she said she still felt like she was cheating on me. I assured her that I thought what they shared was wonderful and I told her I didn’t look at it as cheating. I would feel differently if it was just some other girl, but it wasn’t…it was her sister and it’s a beautiful thing as far as I’m concerned.

Jade and I had talked about it several times and I had to admit to her that it is every man’s dream to have a threesome…especially with two beautiful women. She understood, but we both agreed that it would not be a good idea as it would only complicate things. I would always look at Dani differently and Jade would probably become jealous or resentful seeing me have sex with Dani. Besides, Dani had told me in a previous conversation that it would never happen. She assumed that I had been thinking about it and she was right, it had crossed my mind more than a few times. She knows how men think so she wanted to be clear about it.

So later that evening the three of us were watching TV together. Jade and Dani were on the sofa and I was Sitting at my desk nearby. As usual, Jade was racing through the channels when she paused on a soft core cable movie that was showing two women in bed together. Just for laughs, she left it on for a few minutes. The girls in the movie were moaning and groaning like animals while they were eating each other and inserting unreasonably large sex toys into each others pussies.

The girls thought it was ridiculous and Dani made it clear to me that it was nothing like that in real life. Jade had told me most about what her and Dani do together, as you should recall, but I still often wondered exactly what goes on now that time was passing. Out of curiosity, I asked them how long it had been since they were intimate with each other, and Jade told me it was more than two months ago. I figured with Dani being in on the conversation this time, I would be daring and ask her what they do to each other when in bed. Jade started laughing and signing but I couldn’t follow what she was saying, so Dani relayed for me. She was joking about letting me watch them make love together.

Regardless if she meant it or not, I told them that I would watch whatever they felt comfortable with. Dani grinned at me and said “ok…watch this” and she slid next to Jade and started a full mouth kiss on her. Jades reaction showed that she was uncomfortable and she was hesitant to respond like she would have if they were alone.

Dani backed off for a moment and I let Jade know that I was comfortable with seeing them kiss, so she turned her body towards her big sister and invited her to try again. Now it was obvious they both felt safer. As their open mouths met again, their hands began caressing each others bodies. Nothing more than rubbing shoulders and waists, but they were both responding as the kissing became more intense and passionate.

I didn’t notice at first because I was trying not to look stupid by gawking, but Jade had slid her hands under Dani’s shirt. She was mostly rubbing her sides and back, but she teasingly held her bra covered breasts a few times. All the while, their mouths never separated.

Now that things were getting heated, this time it was Dani who wasn’t quite certain if she wanted to continue. Of course I wanted them to feel comfortable so I reminded Dani that I’ve seen Jade naked so why not start there. Jade was never at all shy about being nude, so she casually stripped down to just her cute baby blue boy short panties. She got back on the sofa and leaned back as she held her arms out to invite Dani to embrace her. They locked into another sexy kiss before Dani moved down and teased her by licking and lightly kissing Jades chest, nipples and her cute little belly. She continued her journey until her face was in Jade’s crotch. Her sexy lips danced around Jade’s inner thighs and she gently placed them on her pussy, but over her panties.

I was entirely enrapt in what I was witnessing, but I wanted them to have more room to move so I suggested we all move to the bedroom. Dani sat upright, and I could see her mind was at work. Before she got up she said she would have to set some rules. Uh oh I thought… Rules. “ Rule 1: I can not touch Jade or herself during their love making, rule 2: I can not touch myself, rule 3: I would have to leave if told to, rule 4: I would not be allowed to see Dani’s crotch, rule 5: I would have to watch from where she tells me to sit.”

I willingly agreed, and off they went to the bedroom. Dani stopped and asked me to wait a minute before I entered. She called me and I went in to see them both on the bed and Dani was down to her bra and panties. They were both laying on there sides facing me with Jade in front. I was told where to park my chair, it was about two feet from the side of the bed. I laughed and said “damn I got the best seat in the house.”

Dani picked thing up by kissing a licking all over Jade’s neck while her hands roamed over every inch of her near naked body. Her hand found the lacy hem of Jade’s underwear and she slid it in to feel her wet mound. She rubbed her briefly before pulling her onto her back. Dani moved in to kiss her and they both reached down together to slid jade’s panties down her legs until they were far enough for her to finish removing them with her own feet. Every time I see her nude body is special but this was entirely different than anything I’ve felt before. I was watching my girlfriend make love with a beautiful woman and it was incredible.

Dani went back down to taste the bare flesh of her crotch, but she stayed off of her pussy for now. Next she rose to her hands and knees and Jade reached her arms around Dani’s neck and pulled her down so they could kiss again. Jade often mentioned how much they liked each others mouths and now I was seeing it for myself. Everything they were doing was coming from their love for each other. There was nothing kinky or cheap about it….not at all like the trashy movie that started this wonderful night.

While they kissed, Jade was feeling Dani’s sides and back and she unhooked her bra but Dani reached to keep it from falling. She was enjoying what she was doing to her sister, but she was still hesitant to let me see her breasts. She spoke up to remind us that she has a boyfriend now and she was not sure if she should allow me to see her naked. I knew she wasn’t shy about her body, she was struggling with how Brian might feel. She knew that I had already seen her semi-nude modeling photos, but this was different. I just stayed quiet and left it all up to them to decide what would happen next.

She took a deep breath to calm herself as she let her bra fall to reveal her perfect breasts. Regardless of the pictures I had seen, I was still struck by her incredibly sexy body. Seeing her in person and watching her with Jade was beyond deion. It was a struggle, but I somehow fought off any sexual ideas and I simply appreciated the raw beauty before me. Yes, they were in a way doing this for me, but it really had nothing to do with me…I wanted them both to get lost pleasure they were sharing as if I wasn’t even there.

Jade then sat up to roll Dani onto her back. They locked eyes as Jade reached into her sister’s panties to excite her pussy. They kissed for a moment before Dani took over again. She edged her way towards Jade’s legs as she gently spread them just enough to place her mouth at her pink slit. I could see her tongue press in between Jade’s excited lips. It was done with slow but long licks. She was extending her little sister’s pleasure. Jade began rocking her hips into her sister, indicating to Dani to move on. I watched as Dani moved to Jades clit and just kept circling it with her tongue and occasionally flicking over it. Jade’s breathing picked up to an almost frenzied pace and she moved her own hands to her pussy to try and to peak with her fingers. Dani would have none of that. She held Jade’s wrists on her belly just as her orgasm hit. It was incredable to see Jade’s body arch and spasm during these moments. It was totally different than how I witness her during our love making. Dani sat up, I could see her face glistening with Jade’s juice, she leaned up and kissed her to share the sweet taste between them.

Jade was eager to bring the same pleasures to Dani, but she knew Dani had set the rule of not letting me see her pussy. She positioned herself so I could only see her from the side. She bent her knees and put her feet flat on the bed. Jade crawled between them but did not remove her panties, instead just pulled them to the side as she embraced Dani’s pussy with her wet tongue. Dani began to moan softly while her body responded to what her little sister was doing to her. I could see Jade bring her hands up to her sister’s pubic region and with her thumbs, massaged in circles around the slit area. Even though I could not see Dani’s pussy, I could tell what was going on, I had a perfect side angle view, and it was purely erotic. Dani’s breathing got deeper and faster as I watched her bosom heaving with the rhythm. I was looking down Dani’s incredible body and seeing Jade’s pretty face bringing her to a pleasure I could only imagine.

As Dani neared her orgasm Jade pushed one of her thumbs inside and began wiggling it back and forth while her tongue danced on her clit. I watched Dani’s toes curl as a wave of pleasure exploded through her. Her orgasm was intense and she let out a series of loud moans and her body shuttered as she called out that she loved Jade. Then a few moments later her body went limp. Just as I had hoped, I actually think she forgot I was there and she allowed herself to get lost in her sensual pleasures. I don’t think I’ll ever again witness anything so wonderful.

Just as her sister did, Jade moved up to kiss Dani to share the flavor she liked so much. She knew I would like it, so she got up and came to sit in my lap, then she slid her tongue into my mouth. I could taste both Dani’s and Jade’s juices mixed in this sensual kiss. God was that sexy!

Dani got up, walked over to us and kissed Jade once more. She then turned and kissed me while her tongue pushed it’s way between my lips. I was totally shocked, but I kept my senses enough to realize that I could taste the same sexy flavor of both of their juices mixed in my very happy mouth. I was speechless…my smile and stupid nervous giggle said it all…I was simply happy.

As wonderful as tonight was, we all knew it was probably the only time it was going to happen. It was just a way of the three of us strengthening our friendship. It wasn’t going to be a “recreational” thing just to get us excited. I’m perfectly content if it never happens again. It was by far the most intimate thing I’ve ever experienced without actually being a part of it.

Jade was still on my lap and she was teasing me with a bunch of short but sexy kisses. Dani could see where this was leading so she grabbed her night robe and gave us both a quick kiss as she left to go to her new home.

After seeing the two of them together, of course we were more than ready to continue on our own. I was doing my best to make it to my bed, but Jade was refusing to co-operate. She was glued to my lap so I had to push my chair while she did her best to distract me by licking the parts of my neck that she knows drives me crazy. Once I finally made it, she jumped onto our bed and signed “would you hurry up please?” Just my girl being a brat.

I was barely on the bed and she was pulling my clothes off already. Once she had my shirt off she straddled my chest facing my legs as she started removing my pants and underwear at the same time. This caused her to fall forward and her cute little ass was right in my face. I couldn’t resist…I reached and pulled her to my face and firmly planted my mouth on her hot pussy.

Judging by her hip movements, I could tell she was liking what I was doing to her. She slowed down and let her body rest on mine while my lips stayed fastened to her slit. Because she is so short, this put her face right over my cock and she started sucking and pulling on it at the same time. We stayed like this for a few short minutes and then she rolled off of me before either one of us came. This was just a spontaneous act of excitement.

Jade then lay down next to me but facing away. I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her tight to my body. She raised her leg and reached behind her to help guide me into her. We’ve never done it like this before and I was quite surprised at how well it was working. I’m only able to move me upper body, but doing so was causing my hips to rock enough to bring us both pleasure from the movement. And even though Jade is so small, she’s full of endless energy and she more than makes up for what I can’t do. She was rocking her hips and her little bum fit perfectly into my crotch to allow plenty of penetration.

As good as this was, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to achieve an orgasm. Just then Jade increased her grinding and she got me there in less than another minute. Soon after, she slowed down and relaxed into a gentle, easy, rocking rhythm. I reached around to caress her clit while we stayed locked together. My fingers matched the relaxed pace of her hips. My other hand took turns tenderly rubbing her belly and playing with her stiff nipples. Her body trembled as I felt my hand become drenched from her excitement. She turned her head back to kiss me as her orgasm ran through her. After her pleasure subsided, we lay motionless but still connected. Even after I was mostly limp, I remained in her tight grip. Now that we were both completely content, I covered us with the sheet and we stayed like we were to cuddle together.

Suddenly and without warning, we had company. Quasi came trotting in and just as he’s not supposed to do, he jumped onto our bed and tried to wedge himself between us. I normally don’t allow this, but it was somehow different now. Jade has managed to totally spoil him with her constant affection and he loves her in return. I couldn’t bring myself to telling him to get off. After a minute of tail wagging and “Quasi kisses”, he settled at our feet as though he knew this was his new place. Before long, the three of us were fast asleep.

The End

To My Little Lady Jade… I’ll love you forever.
To My Sexi Stud Muffin ... You are my world.


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