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“Daniel, Camryn’s here!” the yelling voice muffled from its journey up the stairwell and through my closed bedroom door.

I had told my mom to steer her and Corey away if they came over or called for me. For a week it had worked, but the last time she talked them away, she said it would be the last; if we had a fight, I should act more mature and at least let them talk to me. I would be spending two weeks alone soon so making up with them would be best done sooner than later she stated.

My parents were leaving in two days on an anniversary vacation, if I needed anything while they were gone, Camryn and Corey’s parents were my contact.

I now kind of wished I had just played like nothing happened from the start. After several days, I realized that Corey would probably be her stupid little self and feel bad and blurt everything to Camryn in exchange for comfort. Realizing that, I never wanted to see either one of them again; I was so incredibly embarrassed. I hated my dick, I wanted to get rid of it, it got me in so much trouble.

I heard soft knocking on my door.

“Just go in, he won’t open it for you!” I heard my mom yell up the stairs. I had dreaded the coming moment for several days. But it felt kind of good though, at least it would get over with, no more waiting, no more looking the other way and avoiding them at all costs coming home from my other friend’s house. When she yells at me now, then it will be over with and I can live out the rest of my summer without worrying.

My bedroom door slowly opened. Now that whole theory crumbled. I wanted to wait more. I didn’t want to face this. I pushed my pillow over my face. I wish I flipped over earlier. My stomach faced straight up; I hope she wasn’t in a punching mood. I laid perfectly still as if maybe my motionless body would be invisible.

There was silence after I heard the door shut and lock. Then my bed shifted as if someone was climbing onto it. My body tensed every muscle as I felt a body drop onto me. My pillow was pushed away and I stared up to Camryn.

“After a week of you mysteriously getting ill every time I call or see you come home from somebody else’s house, you sure do look well enough now.”

“What do you want?” I asked coldly. I knew I was in for it. She could obviously see that I wasn’t up for games.

“I knew you didn’t put lotion in me about an hour afterwards. I got scared that maybe it would cause a rash or something in there so I went into the bathroom and squeezed some of it out. It didn’t look like lotion and I have seen a picture or two of similar stuff. Corey told me everything that happened after two days and your mom said you were sick. Corey was really scared about you.”

“So you hate me now?”

“If I did, would I be on top of you?”

“I don’t know, you could have a knife to my side that I can’t feel.”

She giggled a little.

“I was angry at first,” she consoled, “but that night when I laid awake in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then I dreamt about it; by morning, I forgave you. Then when Corey told me everything she did to you, she was so sad, she said that she thought that you wanted to be first with me, but she stole that. She wouldn’t stop crying. That only made me think more about you.”

I looked to her confused. I couldn’t figure out if this was a test or a joke.

“You know that I like you, you should have told me you liked me,” she said.

“You already knew, why else did you always tease me in the worst ways. You don’t know what that does to me.” She looked at me silently. “I wanted to leave you before all this; do you know what it’s like to see something like you every day; something so perfect, that plays with and teases you all the time, and for some reason in your mind, you just know you can never have her; I was going crazy.” She was silent for a little longer.

“Why can’t you ever have me?”

“I don’t know, because you knew that I liked you, but you never acted on it, I was your game, nothing that you could take seriously.”

Something struck her, and struck her hard. Her eyes started welling up. After a few tears speckled my face, she put her head down into my sheets beside my ear.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “I didn’t know.”

Her crying was very conflicting. I had always wanted to be there for her and comfort her tears, but now, she was crying because of me; I was the source of her tears.

“Do you still like me?” she muffled into my mattress.

“I don’t have a choice, I tried not liking you but it’s impossible, you’re a necessity; you can’t just forget to breathe or not like doing it, it’s what makes life, life.”

She pulled her head up to my face.

“I’m not ready yet, but I can lick you until you get off, my friends told me how.”

“I don’t want you to do anything if you don’t want to, otherwise I’ll hate myself for letting you do it.”

“I can do it, just for you, because I really really like you.” She was scared; she would do almost anything I asked her to. I did not think she honestly wanted to do that to me out of love more then out of a pitiful forgiveness.

“Please, just kiss me,” I requested.

Immediately, she pushed her lips into mine. Our mouths shifted together. Not more than two minutes into our session, I felt her smile as my penis grew under her. I guessed that she was back in her teasing mood because she began gently rocking her hips into it. I did not know if she considered it teasing, but to my mind and what I really wanted her to do to me, it was torture.

Her jeans ground into my khaki shorts. Her covered vagina was dry humping my covered penis. She lifted her chest up a bit resting her weight on her elbows, but still held her lips locked to mine. With her new angle, she drove her hips into mine even harder and faster. I was moaning, my humming lips sent shivers into her body. Her hips gyrated a bit.

She too then started humming into me. Each of the breaths pulsing from her nose came with a groan. My locked away shaft holding firm to her pelvis’s pole dancing was beginning to get to her.

What our clothes took away in physical stimulus, my mind added with interest. This perfect girl, who I had loved since I was nine, was riding my pants, kissing my mouth, and liking every second of it.

I had never cummed in my clothes before but then again, I had never been dry humped before, let alone by the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Her hips had rode up some and were now directly stimulating the covered head of my penis. Her vaginal opening being four pieces of fabric away from the tip of my dick sent me over the hill. I opened my mouth as I began squirting cum into my boxers. Her eyes stared into mine; she had to see the excitement I was going through.

Her mouth opened as well and she plunged her tongue into me. She licked my tongue in mid orgasm. I had never felt a power that strong; my orgasm was more intense than any one I had ever given myself.

Finally, my cum stopped spilling and her humping began over-stimulating me. I began cringing at the sensations, it started to hurt. She slowly stopped pushing into me and just sucked on my tongue. I licked back into her mouth and pushed my hand below her belly to hopefully finish her off.

Her moaning continued louder into my mouth.

I pushed her up and she gave. We rolled over and switched positions. I shifted my weight to one side and pushed the palm of my hand between her legs. She grunted under the pressure.

I ground my hand up and down into her jeans. She was dropping her hips down into my mattress and pulling back up in a slow steady motion; she was humping my hand. Her legs spread wider and wider, her breathing puffed louder and louder. Her tipped head stared straight into my eyes as I was fixated on her crotch. I could feel her heated vision scanning my pupils, watching them expand as I absorbed her body.

Her legs kept spreading; she was never wide enough to suit herself. Her hips were bouncing under my hand. She was releasing broken moans through her trembling vocal chords. I turned from her crotch and gazed into her face. She smiled so big at me. Then her face completely changed. She looked panicked, distressed, anxious.

Her mouth became a silent O as all her weight dropped into her pelvis; her head rose. Her entire body went stiff. Her eyes bulged out and shot down to my kindling hand. She panted in and out of her wide open mouth.

She was so hot like this. It was like she was just receiving the biggest, most enjoyable surprise of her life. I reacted with pushing my fingers down and cupping her mound. I squeezed it in pulses as I kept grinding up and down. Her breath only quickened. Her eyes stared down at herself. She was completely silent. She was in shock.

I was driving myself crazy with it. I wanted to see under her clothes so badly. She was cumming a millimeter from my hand and her little cotton underwear and jeans wear catching all her girl juice. The cloth stopped me from probing her with my fingers to examine her body, inspect what was happening inside her.

Camryn’s over excited, stiff body draped my bed with her spasming withdrawal. She slowly settled down. She was glistening in sweat. I ran my hand up her pants and under her shirt. Her burning hot tummy was pumping in and out. I dropped my head to her neck and blew some cool air into the perspiration.

She rolled her head with a moan. For maybe five minutes, I massaged her calming belly and released gentle puffs of coldness onto her neck. Her sporadic twitches of pleasure made it impossible to stop what I was doing.

I wanted to press my hand down her body, down inside her panties, cup her soft throbbing mound and collect all the liquid I could from her. I moved slowly down to her belt line. I moved gently, not wanting to offend her. She wore the biggest smile.

“Camryn, you’re mother wants you home now!” my mom yelled up the stairs.

The most depressing sigh she had in her entire body escaped Camryn’s lips. My finger tip just made contact with the frayed end of a belt loop on her pants.

“I’m so sorry.” She began pushing up. “Thank you for everything. I hope you can come over sometime soon.” She grinned and got off the bed leaving me exhausted but wanting more. “Oh, and when you see Corey, tell her that now that she’s been your first, you wouldn’t have it any other way; otherwise, she’ll cry for days and bug the hell out of me. Just do whatever she wants and it will be a gift to me.”

I smiled to her as she opened my bedroom door to leave.

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Dude that was fukin awsome your the best writer i've read so far


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... sound of enjoyment....
I liked it.


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Fantastic you have serious telent!


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..ohhh wet pussy

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