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This is a work of fiction.
Richard scoured the message boards; he was on the hunt for a couple that would be potentially interested in swapping incestual partners. He was a single dad with a son, James who was just turning 15 in a couple weeks, and a seventeen year old daughter who was every bit as gorgeous as her mother, Sarah. Early on, Richard had encouraged incestual behavior between the two siblings and between Sarah and himself. James wasn’t at all opposed to fucking his big sister, who was much more attractive than girls that he could typically get at school. Sarah, on the other hand was a bit reluctant at first, but soon eased in with every time her father and little brother fucked her.
Sarah walked out of her bedroom completely nude, her tan body captured perfectly in the morning light. Richard looked up from the monitor for a second to admire her naked form, and then proceeded to click on a link to a couple with a boy around ten and a daughter around his son’s age. He sent the parents a private message expressing his interest in their children, and even included a couple photos of his son and daughter from his personal collection. As he clicked send, he looked down as his daughter slowly crawled over towards his crotch. She petted his dick that was forming a bulge down the leg of his shorts. It was fairly average in size, but Sarah loved to play with it.
He told her to go grab her brother, and he returned his focus to the screen. The couple had responded and replied and showed pictures of their children. He scrutinized the pictures over and over again. The daughter’s name was Abby and she had matured very early from the look of the photos. She had full breasts and a large mound of hair. The boy, Josh, on the other hand wasn’t very mature at all, his dick was barely four inches hard, if that and he looked extremely timid in the picture. As the messages online went back and forth, they made the arrangements, thankfully the couple only lived on the other side of town. They planned to meet at a Happy Burger, a children’s burger place midway across town. As the final arrangements were made, Richard turned to face his daughter and son who were busy making out the sofa nearby.
He walked over towards the pair and removed his clothing, his dick springing forth. Sarah took a break from James’ mouth and put her mouth to work on her father’s dick. James smiled as she bent on all fours and invited his dick into her welcoming cunt. His dick wasn’t much smaller than his dad’s and he proceeded to pound her warm hairless cunt. Sarah let out muffled moans slowed only because of the cock being shoved into her throat. Sarah took both of the members out of her, and reversed roles. Her dad preferred cumming into her pussy; it was a sign of dominance over his son. James understood and released inside his big sis’s mouth, and the cum dripped slowly outside of her mouth, and soon thereafter, his dad shot streams of hot semen into her young fuckhole. She smiled as both of them laid beside her, kissing every inch of her used body.

Richard and his family met Josh and Abby’s family at Happy Burger promptly at 3PM. Abby’s parents were the opposite of Richard. As Richard was well built and looked young for his age, her parents had severe weight conditions and the father was balding. Both however, were sweating profusely for some inexplicable reason. Richard’s children looked back at him with looks of worry and concern. Either way, without much in the way of a greeting, they snatched the other’s kids and put them into their cars and sped off. Richard glanced at two children sitting in the back of his Jeep. He offered a weak smile to reassure them, but they looked nervous and somber. As they pulled into the driveway, he couldn’t help but wonder how his kids were doing with the other couple.
James and Sarah piled into the backseat with the mother, who had just introduced herself as Janie. The father looked back at Sarah’s chest and offered his hand.
“The name’s Frank,” he said, smiling.
“I’m Sarah and this is James.” At this point, Janie began to rub at James’ dick. He looked slightly grossed out by the large woman rubbing it.
“Oooh! You are much bigger than Joshy. We will have so much fun, hunny,” she said, smiling eerily.
“I’m sure we will,” he said, nervously.
“Now feel Momma’s nice fat pussy, baby,” she said, grabbing his hand and forcing him to touch her. He feigned enjoyment and began to touch himself a little. She slapped his hand away and told him that would have to wait until she was ready. While this was going on, the father was adjusting his mirror to get a better look at Sarah’s crotch, as she wasn’t wearing any underwear as per the request of Frank’s email.
Richard set his keys on the counter and looked at the kids who were awkwardly lying together on the couch. He told them they could get naked if they really wanted, and they began to strip each other.
“Do you guys want some juice or liquor or something?” The two of them shook their heads no as Richard poured himself a screwdriver. He sipped it and asked for Abby to come take his clothes off for him. She walked over to Richard, her tits bouncing with every step. He admired her mound of hair. Once his cock fell out of his pants, she smiled when she saw it.
“That’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” she said without missing a beat.
“Bigger than your daddy’s?” Both her and her brother let out muffled laughs.
“Daddy isn’t very big. I think Momma said he was only a few inches big. That’s why she started touching Joshy so much.
“Oh really,” Richard said, feigning interest.
“Now we are going to make a little movie with you two, is that ok?” The pair nodded in approval. Richard took them down into his basement where his little home production company was located.
Frank pulled his car into the garage of the apartment building where the family lived. The foursome strode towards the elevator. Frank must have grabbed Sarah’s ass about four times along the way. Once in the elevator, Janie pushed the four and the doors slid shut. Frank grabbed hold of Sarah and forced his tongue down into her throat and Janie pushed James’ hands down her pants and he began to finger her. Both kids looked at each other in discomfort but succumbed to the parent’s wishes.
Once the doors opened, the evidence of the forced sex was absent and the group marched onward to Apartment 411. Once through the doors, Frank reached into his pockets with one hand, and removed with sweat on his forehead with the other. From the pocket he procured a ball gag and forced it onto Sarah’s face, with only muffled sounds of resistance. He ripped her clothes off, and told his wife to suck on his dick. She coated it with a large amount of saliva, and easily accommodated his small member inside her mouth. James almost broke a smile when he saw the size of his dick. After his cock had been thoroughly sucked and slicked down by Janie, he rammed it as far as he could up Sarah’s virgin ass. Her eyes bugged slightly, but the size of his cock made it easier. Janie stood up and watched for a short while as Frank fucked the shit out of Sarah’s tight ass. She then glanced at James’ stiffening cock contained within his jeans. She strutted over to him and removed his pants and began blowing him getting her ruby lipstick all over his shaft. Despite her figure, she could be quite sexy in the way she eyed him as his cock was being covered by her warm saliva. As he was still a fairly young boy, he just burst into her mouth. She sucked and sucked until all the hot cum from his balls was in her stomach, she took his prick out of her mouth and smiled and patted him on the head and took him into what would be Josh’s room. Frank had long since finished and he and Sarah were up on the bunk on top of Josh’s.
“That’s a good girl,” Frank said, lovingly stroking her back. Sarah was obviously sore but she was slightly smiling, she sort of liked feeling used. Frank climbed down from the bed, creaking the bed to the point where Sarah thought it almost broke on the spot. He stood next to his wife, who was still licking the cum off of her lips. “Now you kids have had a long day, myself and Janie are going to rest up ourselves, expect us back in a few hours to wake you up a little.” With that, they both vacated the room. James looked at Sarah, and she climbed down the bed and gave him a big kiss.
“James, as nervous as I was at first, I think I’m starting to like this. I mean yeah he’s kind of gross, but it was kind of hot when he started getting forceful, maybe I’m weird…”
“No, it’s fine. I thought that Janie was kind of gross, but she gives almost as good of head as you do.”
“Aww, really?”
“Yeah, definitely.” Sarah gave James another kiss, this one with more tongue, climbed up the bunk bed and they both drifted to sleep.
Richard began strapping Abby into a device he made out of a high chair. The chair part was tilted back, giving whoever they wanted easy access to her tiny cunt. The high chair also had another steps leading to her head as well. Richard told Josh to press the red button on the camera set up on a tripod across from them. He pulled out his cock and covered it in Vaseline, because her pussy was barely even damp. He began thrusting his dick in and out of her, making her cry with mixed pleasure and pain. He smiled and lovingly rubbed her tits. He ordered Josh to the other side, and she began to slurp on her little brother’s even smaller dick. She must have been really good at it, because Josh could barely last before pulling out for a second. He placed his cock back in and she started back up on it. Richard kept on grinding his hips into her small ones. He heard her squeal and saw her arch her back as she had her first orgasm. He smirked and continued fucking her tight little hole. Josh couldn’t take much more, and pulled his dick out and only a couple drops of liquid squirted out.
“Your cock is so much better than daddy’s,” she said, grinning big, “Now cum in me.”
Glad to obey, he filled her pussy with string after string of hot semen. She moaned again going into another orgasm. When he pulled out, the cum was dripping slowly out. Richard walked towards the camera and turned it off. “You two can take a break if you want, Daddy needs to recharge,” he said smiling.

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we never changed kids, but my wife's friend's son was at our place. He was 13 years old and could be found sitting on my wife;s knee at any given time. We were all sitting in the family room My wife & Her Mom Robby & Myself watching TV when Robby stood up My wife took out His cock & started sucking it tell He blew His load in Her mouth to my surprise then Gramma took a turn Robby has a small cock so taking it Her mouth was no problem . My wife told me to fuck Him in the ass at the same time ,Later I found out His Mom & Dad did Him all the time He was sweet

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I cant beleve I am saying this but wright some more I have to find out if the boy has a fuck with the fat woman I am a fat admiror , and there just is not enough of it out there.


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Semper Fi !!!


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You are One SICK FUCK!!!!


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