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An introduction into a new life
Where It All Began 2

For the next half hour we lay that way, just resting, then Ted pushed more tightly against me, pressing his half hard cock between the cheeks of my ass. I know I should have felt debased, guilt or something but what I was feeling was a euphoria I had not known, or at least could not remember knowing. I reached behind me and gripped his cock, it jumped in my hand, growing in size and strength, “Relax, Jim, I am in no hurry and I want you to enjoy this,” he said, though he did not remove my hand. I turned, facing him; his lips moved to my nipples, sucking them…flicking them with his tongue…nipping at them gently with his teeth. My cock grew hard, pressed against his stomach, then his mouth traveled down my stomach teasing the head of my cock and traveling to my balls. His tongue danced around my balls and flicked across my tight asshole, pushing against it as though seeking entrance. He spread my legs wider, then the cheeks of my ass and attacked my hole with his tongue. No one had ever tongued my ass before and the thought of what was happening along with the warm feeling was maddening. I reached for my rigid cock, “Don’t touch it Jim, allow me to please you, relax and enjoy.”

I couldn’t relax, the head of my cock was threatening to explode and I was getting itchy in my asshole. As though he knew what I was thinking he slowly worked a finger into the little bud and pressed it deep; it was not painful, just something I was not used to. He worked his finger around, loosening my hole, relaxing the muscular ring; then he joined the first finger with a second, now there was a bit of discomfort, but not so much I wanted him to stop. His fingers slipped from my hole and returned a few seconds later, this time slipping in with little resistance as he began fucking my asshole with his fingers. I was reaching a level of ecstasy I had not known before and began pushing back against his fingers, trying to pull them deeper into my body. Leaving his fingers in my hole he moved up my body, “Jim, I am going to do something that may be a bit painful but if you just go with the flow you will enjoy it.” My eyes were closed, concentrating on the pleasure my body was feeling when there was pressure around my left nipple, as the pressure increased a sharp pain replaced the feeling of pressure. I looked down and could see a small clamp attached to my nipple as he began attaching the other. At first the pain was uncomfortable but the pain became warm, pleasant and quite erotic.

Once again he removed his fingers then returned with more lubricant and spread it around and inside my hole then began slipping a third finger into my stretching asshole. Now the pain in my ass was a little more intense as he pushed the three fingers deeper, and my cock was harder still. “Are you ready?” he asked and though fear crept in, anticipation rolled over me along with a feeling of desire I could not explain…I nodded and he rolled me onto my stomach and pushed my legs apart. Laying on my stomach applied pressure on the clamps bringing the pain to a higher level and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. He applied still more of the cool gel to my ass and began rubbing the head of his cock across my asshole; at that point I was struck by a guilt and desire to jump up and run, but I pushed that feeling aside. He pressed the head of his cock against my well lubed asshole then pushed gently, “Relax, press against my cock like you are trying to take a dump.” I lifted my ass slightly a pushed as though emptying my gut, then like a bolt of lightening he popped into my hole.

Pain shot through my asshole, like someone had stuck a match inside my ass, it burned and a part of me wanted him to stop…the other part of me begged to be entered. I shoved my face into the mattress and bellowed as he forced still more of his cock pressed deeper, the pain and pressure increasing with each inch of his cock. When about half his cock was in my ass he stopped and allowed my asshole to relax; after a couple of minutes he pressed on. As inch after inch invaded my ass I began to feel very full and my stomach began to cramp, the pain had gone from sharp to a dull cramping pain; I felt like I needed to take a dump and wanted to tell him but was having trouble forming words. He pulled back a couple of inches then pressed back again, the cramping was decreasing and a warm pleasure was beginning. I groaned both in pain and pleasure, I was rushing through feelings that were alien to me, yet so pleasurable that stopping was not an option.

He began moving in and out of my asshole slowly and I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid back and forth, increasing his speed only slightly. He shivered and I knew he was fighting the urge to explode in my ass. He pulled his cock out slowly and I whimpered at the absence of it in my ass, “Don’t stop, please,” I begged. He pushed back inside me, this time with much more ease then lay on my back and began fucking me. The movement of his cock in my ass was wonderful; gone was the pain, only a warm pleasant pressure that still cramped my stomach a bit. I wanted to cum so bad I thought I was going to pass out from the pressure but I could not even touch my throbbing cock. “Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast, I want to feel every inch of your hard cock buried in my asshole,” I cried. “Your ass is so fucking tight, my balls are about to explode,” he whispered as he kissed my neck. His motions became jerky and he began pushing faster, harder and deeper into my tortured ass. He lifted himself from my back, grabbed my shoulders for leverage and began slamming into my freshly opened asshole. His cock seemed to grow as he groaned loudly, “I’m coming, AWWWWWWWWW!!” then flooded my ass with cum. He collapsed on my back and lay there sweating. He lay there as his cock slowly grew soft and slipped from my asshole; his warm cum dribbled from my asshole over my balls and onto the bed.

As he rolled from me and lay on his back I rolled onto mine and grabbed my cock, before I could stroke it the first time he rolled over and onto his knees, “Fuck me Jim, it’s your turn.” I was not about to argue at this point; I used some of the KY and spread it onto and into his asshole. My cock was about to burst as I slipped it into his clenched hole and pressed forward. He only groaned as I pushed into his tight hole; I was certain I was not the first to be in this place but it was still tight and hot. I was in such a state that I could not have held back if I had been fucking a virgin; I pushed my cock deep into his asshole, all the way until I bottomed out with still a couple of inches outside his warm receptacle. I began moving back and forth as slowly as my excited body could but soon got caught up in the pleasure of another man’s ass and began fucking him wildly. Suddenly the last two inches disappeared into his butt and he groaned loudly, I stopped. “Don’t stop, keep pushing deep. My god, I have never had anyone that deep in my ass before…fuck me,” he moaned. I slammed my cock back into his hole and began fucking him furiously. Just as I was about to cum he began shaking and pushed his ass back to meet my thrusts and babbled on. I had never climaxed like this before, it was like every nerve in my body was wrapped around my cock and I exploded in his asshole. This time we both collapsed on the bed and lay there for a very long time.


2009-08-06 10:27:23
I want it in my ass like that soon, and I'm not sure how to get it. Fuck me, please.


2008-03-18 06:03:29
The penis, it can be anywhere...


2008-02-13 01:18:26
how do you connect with someone here


2008-01-19 17:07:43
You get a taste of what a cock is like in your mouth and is is so velvet and smooth and exciting you really enjoy what you are doing. Then you want to do it over again.


2008-01-17 01:35:23
im not even gay and this made me so fucking horny

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