After that, we had sex practically every day.

I guessed that the similarities to her mother would extend to her reactions when I kissed, licked, sucked and fucked her certain ways. I was wrong.

When her mother came, she would moan, long and loud, from deep in her chest. Incoherent babbling, some growling. It was very sexy, and if I had already cum, it was guaranteed to get me ready for more. She was also a squirter, and there was nothing sexier to me then actually getting to feel her warm pussy juices coat the area around my cock when she was coming really hard. While I enjoyed it immensely, she only started to squirt when she was on her third or fourth orgasm. Her first orgasm would take at least 45 minutes to achieve (I didn't mind), and we'd be somewhere around the 2 hour mark by the time we got to the third, so we weren't always able to get to that point.

My daughter, on the other hand, usually came in about 15 minutes. Her subsequent orgasms took less and less time. As for the sounds she made when she came...well, I'm surprised no one ever called the police to report a murder when we were fucking. I was especially delighted to learn that she was also a squirter. Like her mother, she didn't start to squirt until her third or fourth orgasm, but that was usually half an hour in, and I always looked forward to it.

I hadn't forgotten the fact that she was my daughter, and it still bothered me sometimes, but she always seemed to be able to sense it when I was feeling guilty, and would always reassure me that this was what she wanted, and that she was loving every minute of it.

I know that the fact that I was her father was part of the attraction for her. While we had sex, especially when I was really pounding into her doggie-style, she loved to say things like "Yeah, daddy, give it to me good, daddy! Fuck your little girl's pussy hard, daddy!"

I have to be honest, that was a definite turn on for me, too. I liked to play with the concept, ask her "Is this what my baby girl wants?" as I rubbed the head of my cock across her lips, then slide into her as she said "mm-hmm" turning it into a moan.

She quickly became very orally fixated, and we'd sometimes spend evenings with her langorously sucking on my cock until her jaw was numb. At first, I felt guilty about it, and when I mentioned it to her, she said, "Daddy, I love the feel of your hard cock in your mouth. I only wish you were soft more often, I'd love to feel you harden in my mouth. The way you fill my whole mouth....MMMMMMM!" She took me into her mouth then, sucked on me for a minute, then continued, "I love running my tongue all around your hard cock. The way you practically leak precum. You taste so good. I love feeling you twitch in my mouth. When you're so hard that you're throbbing. Oh god." Then she took me in her mouth again. I never felt guilty about it again.

She wasn't the only one that was orally fixated. The smell of her young pussy was intoxicating. The taste was heavenly, and I got as much of both as I could possibly get. Unfortunately, if I made her cum the first time with my dick, I couldn't get her off again with my mouth (believe me, I tried), and if I made her cum the first time with my mouth, she was way too sensitive for me to continue licking her to her second orgasm. So if I wanted her to squirt into my mouth, she'd have to take matters into her owns hands, so to speak. And I did enjoy having her squirt into my mouth.

It wasn't just her attitude at home that changed after we started having sex regularly. She also started coming home from school talking about new friends she was making. It wasn't unusual for her to come home 2 or 3 hours after school had let out, and tell me about how she hung out at so-and-so's house.

Around the time she entered high school, I got the feeling she wanted to invite friends over to our house, but was apprehensive about the clothes-free zone we had going on. I was going to broach the subject with her one afternoon, when in she walked with 3 friends. I tried to cover myself up with my hands, but my daughter said "Daddy, it's ok. I told them about the clothes thing, and they're fine with it."

I looked over at her friends, and they were already, timidly, undressing.

The first one to get introduced was a blonde, about 5'3", her name was Elizabeth, but she liked to be called Liz. She had wavy blonde hair, cut to the middle of her back. She didn't shave her pubic area at all, but unlike my daughter, her pubic hair was darker than her head hair, and she had a large light brown triangle of hair at her groin. Her breasts were a pert B, and she had small nipples, which had hardened as soon as she took her bra off. She was 15. She smiled nervously at me, and glanced quickly at my hard cock. When I noticed that she glanced at my cock, it made it twitch, and she blushed furiously.

The next to get introduced was 14 year old Maryjane, or MJ, as she prefered to be called. She had straight black hair, which she parted down the middle, it reached to just below her shoulders. I was surprised to see that she had no pubic hair, then realized that she probably shaved it all off. She'd have to have shaved that very morning to look as smooth as she did. She had small A-cup breasts, with surprisingly large nipples. She was 5'1", and unlike Liz, she openly stared at my cock, hungrily licked her lips, then looked at my face as she shook my hand, with a devilish grin on her face.

The last friend was Stephanie. Not Steph, not Stephie, not Stevie, Stephanie. She was 5'3", like Liz, but she was more heavy-set. She was what today would be called a "thick girl." She was 15, too and I was surprised to see that her breasts were even bigger than my daughter's, only by a cup size, but that still made her DDD. Her nipples were also bigger than any of the other girls, and she had very large areola. Her dark brown pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and she had thick legs. She had wide hips, and I could tell she had a big butt. She also had surprisingly small feet, with adorable little toes. I wouldn't normally notice that but they were unusually small, and oddly attractive. Unlike either of her friends, she shook my hand before looking at my cock, and neither glanced quickly or stared hungrily. She just sort of acknowledged it, much like I'd been acknowledging (while making mental notes of) their bodies.

The four of them then went upstairs to my daughter's room. I continued watching tv and could occassionally hear them burst out in fits of giggles. My hand was drawn to my cock every time I thought of those four naked young girls upstairs. I didn't want to masturbate, though. Seeing those girls had turned me on more than I normally am, and I knew it'd be a big load when I finally got relief, and I planned on giving it all to my daughter. So I idly stroked my cock while switching channels, and then I felt it.

I could sense that someone was watching me. I could still hear the girls upstairs, some of them, at least, so I didn't know who was playing voyeur. Then I heard my daughter yell "You get lost, Liz?"

That was quickly followed by a small gasp, and then the sound of running footsteps on the stairs. I smiled to myself and shook my head in wonderment. I wondered if mine was the first cock Liz had seen. Would she even know what do with it?

The look on MJ's face had suggested that she would know exactly what to do with my cock, had probably done it dozens of times before, and really wanted to do it again.

Stephanie was a bit of a mystery. Her nonchalance at my cock made me think she was used to such things, but unlike MJ, she didn't seem like the type of girl who'd already had much experience with sex.

I got caught up in a tv program and soon forgot about the 4 naked girls upstairs. It was almost two hours later when I heard them all coming down the stairs, and I admired the view I had from the couch of these 4 beautiful naked girls as they descended the stairs.

I stood up to say goodbye, and my daughter's three friends looked at me with varying degrees of embarassment. I approached Liz first, and said, "It was very nice to meet you."

"You, too." She responded.

Then I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "You don't have to be ashamed about wanting to look, it's completely natural." She colored, slightly.

Then I turned to MJ, "It was very nice to meet you."

"Mmm, likewise," she purred as she made a show of looking me up and down.

I gave her a hug and wasn't too surprised too feel her hand on my ass. I gave her a playful grin and said "Watch your hands, young lady." And winked at her. She smiled and feigned innocence.

I turned towards Stephanie and again repeated "It was very nice to meet you."

She smiled as she said, "You, too."

Then I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "I'm glad my daughter has a friend like you."

Although I'd barely talked to any of them, Stephanie seemed really grounded, and I think that's what prompted me to say that to her. She returned the hug and when we pulled apart, I saw that she was beaming.

The girls then took their time putting on their clothes, teasing each other with "Those are my panties!" and "Well, this isn't my bra, I'd be swimming in it." And things like that. My daughter threw on a really loose shirt she keeps by the door in case she ever needs to answer it, and walked them outside.

When she came back in a few minutes later, she immediately took the shirt off, bounded onto the couch with me and asked, "What do you think?"

"Um, they seem like really nice girls. I'm glad you're making friends."

"Me, too. They thought you were really cool, the way you didn't stare at their breasts and stuff." She squinted at me playfully, "But I'm guessing you got as much of a look as you wanted, huh?"

I pretended to be offended by her insinuation, but couldn't stop myself from smiling. "They were all very attractive." I admitted.

She smiled and said, "You wanna fuck me pretty bad right now, don't you?" She then looked pointedly at my literally throbbing dick.

Having re-adopted my hippie outlook, and successfully gotten my daughter thinking the same way, I wasn't worried that she was jealous, so I smiled wickedly and crawled on top of her.

"While I wouldn't mind taking any of those girls to bed, my cock is throbbing because now that they're gone, I get you all to myself."

She smiled up at me and we started kissing. I turned her head to the left and began kissing, sucking and licking her neck. I'd noticed that she loved it when I ran my tongue from her collar bone to her ear, it made her shiver with delight, so I did it over and over. Then I worked my way down her body and began kissing her breasts.

I half kissed/half sucked my way from her left breast to her right. Taking my time, making lines on her bosom with my tongue. As I got lower and lower, I skipped her nipples, letting her feel my breath on them, but denying her my tongue. I couldn't help but wonder what her friends' reaction would be if I did it to them.

Would Liz just accept my teasing? Too timid to even ask me to just suck her nipples?

I thought of MJ's hungry looks at my cock, and thought she might demand that I stop teasing and just suck those nipples deep into my mouth. Then I thought of her hand on my ass and imagined her grabbing my head and trying to force me to suck on her swollen nubs.

Then I thought of Stephanie's huge breasts, but try as I might, I couldn't think of what her reaction would be. The fact that it was a mystery just turned me on more and I started teasing my daughter a little more aggressively.

I pressed my body against her's, making sure she felt my hardness against her leg. I let my tongue dart out and briefly make contact with one of her nipples. Then I continued to kiss across her chest to her other breast. I barely licked her other nipple, too. She was getting pretty good at teasing, too, and I knew that if I kept this up much longer, she'd make me pay for it later. I started to rub my tongue in concentric circles, starting at her outer areola. I was soon touching her nipple on all sides with my tongue, then I opened my mouth wide and started sucking. Her hands, which had been above her head grasped the sides of my head, keeping me at her breast, letting me know what she wanted.

I'd worked my right leg between hers, and she was frantically humping up and down on the couch, rubbing her pussy against my thigh. I let go of her left nipple, covered it with my hand, and began to squeeze gently as I worked my mouth over to her other nipple. After a few minutes of frantic sucking, I let go of that nipple too, and repositioned myself between her legs. Her hands quickly found my erection and placed it against her lips. I pressed her breasts together so that her nipples were right next to each other, then I started licking them both at the same time. She went wild and tried to pull me into her with her legs. I held her breasts like that long enough to take both her nipples into my mouth and start sucking. Then, once I was able to support myself against the couch, rather than against her chest, I started to let my dick slowly enter her.

She was moaning like mad, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she came. I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing she came so quickly from having her nipples sucked because this wasn't the most comfortable position for me. While I loved being inside her and having her nipples in my mouth, I had to be bent practically double to get into this position since she was so much shorter than me. I abandoned the long slow strokes once I was sure we were both lubricated enough that I wouldn't hurt her when I started ramming it into her. I started sucking on her breasts harder and harder as I pistoned in and out of her. I was fucking her so hard her whole body was shaking each time I thrust into her, and the couch was making a slow trek towards the kitchen.

I closed my eyes when I felt her start to come. Time ceased to exist as I tried to prolong her orgasm. I wouldn't let myself abandon the rhythm that had caused her this joy, so I concentrated on keeping my lower body pounding into her, my mouth sustained it's suction on her breasts, my tongue continued to frantically race back and forth across her nipples.

I honestly don't know how long her orgasm lasted, but the couch was halfway to the kitchen when I slowed my thrusts. I let her nipples fall from my mouth and placed my hands on them, gently kneading her nipples with my palms, knowing how sore they must be. I gradually slowed my thrusts and soon felt the after-orgasm spasms from her pussy that I'd come to know and love.

I wasn't shocked to discover, as I straightened up, that my back hurt. I slowly pulled all of the way out of her and then lay on the couch next to her. My dick was still throbbing and I wanted her on it, but I thought I'd let her enjoy her post-orgasmic bliss for a bit. I closed my eyes and must've drifted off for a few minutes because the next thing I knew, my daughter's mouth was engulfing my cock. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and smiled up at me, I knew she was thinking "I knew that'd wake you up!" it was written all over her face. She then started to kiss the head of my dick. She planted light kisses at my hole, then worked her way down with kisses on the underside of my cock until she was kissing my balls. She gently sucked one of my balls into her mouth, massaged it with her tongue, then gave the other one the same treatment. She worked her way back up the underside of my dick with her tongue and when she reached the tip, she paused for a second. Then her head went back down, this time with my dick in her mouth.

As I said before, she was very orally fixated and had gotten very good at sucking my dick as a result. I could tell it would be a big load once I finally came, and I wanted to make sure she swallowed all of it. Unfortunately, the reason I don't mind fucking for long periods of time is because it usually takes me a while to come. So, I grabbed her shoulders and started gently pulling her up towards me. I wanted to see her bounce on me for a while, that never failed to bring me to the edge. Seeing her small body move up and down, watching my cock disappear into her pussy, her DDs bouncing up and down.

As I got closer and closer to cumming, I told her that I wanted her to swallow my load. She grinned at me, but didn't climb off. So this is how I was going to have to pay for the teasing I gave her breasts. As I got closer and closer, I started pleading with her but all she did was grin more widely.

"That wasn't very nice how you teased me earlier." She chided.

I groaned, but could do nothing to stop the cum about to erupt from me. Then my daughter did something she'd never done before. I was about to cum when she pulled all the way off of me, grabbed my cock at the base and squeezed. I still felt the pleasure of orgasm, but I didn't cum. I looked down at her hand and saw that her fingers were all lined up on the underside of my cock, preventing me from unleashing my cum. After about 10 seconds, my mini-orgasm ended, my cock stopped twitching futilely, still trying to release my cum. After another minute, she slowly let go of my cock and we both watched as just one small drop of cum appeared at the tip. She wiped it off with a finger and sucked it as she climbed back on me.

She did this to me 3 more times before she finally took me in her mouth. I don't think I've ever cum that hard. While the mini-orgasms had felt good. The fact that she wasn't letting me actually cum had built up even more pressure in my balls. When I finally did cum, she swallowed eagerly and I thought I'd never stop cumming. When my cum had stopped shooting out of my cock and was merely dribbling out, she started working her tongue on me, sucking on just the head and I felt as if my orgasm hadn't stopped. I finally had to beg her to stop.

She climbed back onto the couch with me and smiled widely at me. I looked at her through half-closed eyes and smiled as best as I could back at her. She then laid her head on my shoulder and we both just lay there.

After I'd recovered, I asked her where she'd learned that and her grin came back.

"Did you like it?" She asked eagerly.

I gave her a deadpan look.

She smiled big. "Stephanie told me. I wasn't sure I'd get it right, but I really wanted to try."

"I see. Does Stephanie know about me and you?"

She hesitated, then admitted that she had told Stephanie. She quickly reassured me that Stephanie wouldn't tell anyone, but I was starting to get worried.

"Believe me, daddy. If I thought she would tell anyone, I would never have told her."

I tried to pretend to be convinced, but some of my worry must have showed on my face because she quickly continued.

"I tested her. For months I was telling her things about me, they weren't true but they could've been, and she didn't know. And I waited and waited, she never told anyone, daddy. These were really embarassing things, too! Things that if people had heard, I'd be teased about, but she kept her word about not telling anyone."

I started to relax a little.

"I'll feel a lot better if I can have a private talk with her some time this week."

"Before or after you fuck her?" She asked.


"Daddy, she really likes you, she told me outside. And after what I told her about how you were with me the first time, she wants you to be her first, too."

The idea was definitely intriguing, but I knew that I'd have to have a serious discussion with Stephanie about me and my daughter before I did anything with her. Still, my cock quickly hardened as I thought of Stephanie again, those big breasts, the huge nipples, that voluptuous body. And something really special about her. I didn't think the talk would last too long, and I wondered how my daughter would feel watching me fuck her friend.

I'd soon find out.

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