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[b] I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. when my older sister Lyn came in and sat down on the couch next to me. She was wearing her string bikini. She said she was going out to the pool and asked if I wanted to join her. My sister is a beautiful young woman of 21. She is about 6' and weighs about 110 pounds. Her hair falls just past her shoulders and is a deep auburn colour. Her figure is slim with small hips and 36C cups tits. I have fantsized about her many times.
I told her I would get my shorts on and join her in a few minutes. I walked down the hallway to my room and quickly shed my jeans and underwear and threw on some shorts. I strolled out to the pool as my sister dove off the diving board into the water. She quickly swam down to the shallow end and climbed out o the pool.She looked so hot in the sun with her wet bikini and tan skin.I swallowed and sat down on one of the loungers as my sister laid down on the other. She asked me to rub some lotion on her back. I complied.
As I sat next to her on her lounger my dick got hard just looking at her teardrop shaped ass in it's tiny confinement. I squirted a fair amount of lotion om my hands and started to massage it into her back starting at her shoulders. I slowly moved down .As I got to where her straps were she put her hand sorund her back and untied the straps. I gently started my massage again. My dick was fully erect now as I massaged my sister 's back and slowly went down her legs.I gently slid up her legs and started to massage some lotion into her sweet ass. As i continued my massage i slid my hand to her inner thighs, she opend her legs a few inches. I thought about trying to get her arouse and would as if by accident brush my fingers across her pussy. I knew it was shaven clean as I could plainly see the crease slightly in the folds of her pussy lips. She shifted slightly opening her legs another few inches.
I adjuted my dick a bit and continued on her other thigh again brushing my fingers across her pussy. she reached around and tied her bikini back up and rolled over asking me to do her front. I started at he legs and slowly started to massage lotion on to them. As I slid upto her inner thighs her eyes closed and she spread her legs about 4 inches for me.Feeling emblodened I stopped massaging her thighs and rubbed my hand up and down her pussy. Her eyes closed tighter and she bit her lower lip. I knew I had her now. I slowly ran my hand up her stomach and up under her bikini cups and exposed her beatiful tits. She didn't stop me when I started to massage and play with her nipples. I leaned over and started to lick and suck on her nipples as my hand went down the front of her bikini bottoms to rest on her sweet shaven pussy. She let out a soft moan. As I flicked my tougue over her now erect nipples I slid a finger deep inside of my sisters snatch.
She again moand and pulled my head harder against her chest. I took as much of her breast as I could in my mouth and ran my tongue all over it.She moaned louder as I slid a second finger into her snatch. I smiled in my mind as i finger fucked my older sister. A chance encounter not many guys get.. I was determined to drive her over the edge. As I continued my onslaught of her breasts I pushed her bikini bottoms down and off , I climbed above her on the lounger and smiled down at her as her eyes opened. She knew what was about to happen and she was waiting and willing. I lowered my shorts and lowered my body down upon her guiding my rock hard member to her steaming fuckhole. She positioned her self and grabbed the head of my cock and help me to find the entrande of her pussy. I slid my member slowly, just the head first. My sister started with a gasp.did I mention I have ten liong fat inches. Lyn moaned as I slid badk and forth forging ahead and inch a thrustuntil I was deep inside her and then pulling out again until just the head remained embedded then thrusting iside her snatch.
Now it was my turn to moan aas I felt my sister cunt muscles tighten around my prick. She was starting her descent into ecstasy. I pounded harder and faster as her impending orgasm came crashing through her body. As her body convulsed under me I felt my own orgasm approaching rapidly. As swiftly as I could I withdrew my self from her snatch and re positioned my self at her mouth. With a quick nudge she opened her eyes and mouth and I stuffed my cock into her mouth. She gagged at first but got the idea quickly and after just a few seconds of sucking I blew my load dee[p down her throat. i removed myself from her mouth and sat down on the other lounger spent and satisfied. My sister was totally trashed as she lay there trying to regain some semblence of cotrol over her body. Her brerathing was still heavy and ragged as I gaezed upon her naked form.I hoped that soon i would be there again. How son I was going to find out,the NEXT Night.....

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2010-04-26 17:28:38
never write a story again without a dictionary and a good editor you can't just type it out then post it without rereading it and going through a good editor use some common sense please


2007-08-01 13:45:46
WTF! 110 at 6'. well i seee how you could have sex in a lawn chair now. It would have broke banging a normal girl.


2007-07-29 16:46:56
more !!!


2007-07-27 15:45:05

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