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The following Monday evening, Jolyne's mother, Anne Crawford, quietly
unlocked the front door and escorted the man into the house. It was
almost midnight and she didn't want to wake up Jolyne who was asleep in
her room.

Once they were in the house, the man stepped behind Anne and pulled her
body back toward him.

"Oh, Sam," she giggled, rubbing her hot ass back against the hard bulge
in his pants. "It feels like you're ready to fuck."

"I sure am," Sam grinned, moving his hands up over her tits. "Let's go
into your room and have a little party."

"That's what I intend to do," she whispered. "Why do you think I brought
you home with me?"

Unknown to the couple, Jolyne was wide awake in bed and could hear every
word they were saying.

"Gee, Sam," Ann whispered as they walked hand in hand toward her room.
"I just can't wait to feel your nice big cock in me."

"And I can't wait to get it in you," he grinned, opening the door for

The moment they were inside, the eager couple began quickly disrobing
under the warm glow of the bedside lamp.

Jolyne was so used to her mother bringing men home that she hardly paid
any attention to the sound of their fucking that came through the thin
wall separating their rooms. The youngster usually slept right through
it, but being in an extremely horny mood after the weekend with her
father, she decided to slip out into the darkness of the hall and watch
the couple.

Tiptoeing down by her mother's partially open door, she peeked in and
saw the naked couple standing in the center of the room.

"Shit, you're beautiful," she heard Sam whisper to her mother as she
stood facing him under the soft glow of the light.

"And so is your nice hard cock," giggled Anne, tenderly stroking the big
thick prick that was thrusting up from between his muscular legs.

Without saying another word, Sam roughly grabbed Jolyne's mother and
pulled her down on the bed with him. Putting her arms around him, Anne
began writhing her hot wet pussy against his naked body. She could feel
his thick fat prick burning against her tummy as he pulled her even

"Oh, Sam," she whispered "I'm so horny for this big hard cock of yours."

Lying beside him on the bed, Anne moved her head down and rested her
face on his stomach, her nose nestled in the thick pubic hair just above
the base of his throbbing shaft. Tenderly taking his hard boner in her
hand, she began teasing the foreskin up and down over his
super-sensitive cockhead.

"D-ya like that?" she whispered, feeling the man's body quivering with

Still expertly stroking her new lover's prick, she rubbed his big meaty
cock against her cheek. The man was panting with lust as the horny slut
slowly and expertly teased his magnificent shaft of hard male meat.

His body gave a wild lurch when her tongue snaked out, flicking lightly
against his cockhead. Anne continued this erotic teasing for several
moments, darting her tongue around his cock like the fluttering wings of
a hundred butterflies.

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped when she suddenly opened her mouth and
enveloped his entire cockhead with her soft, sucking lips. "That's

"I know," she slurped, momentarily removing his delicious big knob from
her mouth. "I just love sucking sweet big cocks."

Sam had always enjoyed a good blow-job, and the feel of her lips around
his prick was driving him wild.

"Jesus!" he gasped. "That sure feels good."

"Just hang on," she giggled. "I'm the world's best cock- sucker when I'm
in the mood, and, baby, I'm sure in the mood tonight."

From the way the man's cock was jerking, Anne could tell that he was
almost ready to shoot his wad, but she wanted to postpone it so she
could perform a lot of other naughty things on him.

Removing his cockhead from her mouth, Anne decided to give his throbbing
shaft a hot juicy spit bath. She ran her slobbering mouth up and down
the length of his lurching dong, teasing and licking every inch of it.
When his shaft was completely saturated with her saliva, she lowered her
mouth and began hungrily licking his balls.

The texture of the hairy crinkly skin around his nut-sac felt extremely
erotic against her tongue and lips. Sucking gently, the dark-haired
beauty took his balls into her mouth, one at a time. The man was
lurching violently as she sucked and swirled his nuts around in her hot,
wet mouth. Licking far beneath his balls, she began teasing her tongue
around his sensitive asshole.

"My God!" he roared when he felt her tongue tickling his quivering

"D'ya like that?" she giggled as her tongue moved wetly around the right
ring of his rectum.

"Fuck, yes!" he panted, thoroughly enjoying what the beautiful woman was
doing to him. Knowing that she'd temporarily postponed his climax, Anne
raised her head and once more sucked his magnificent cockhead into her
mouth. Starting slowly, she began pumping her ovaled lips up and down
over his thick, hard dick.

"Oh, my God!" he sobbed, digging his fingers into the sheet.

Standing by the door in her nightie, Jolyne was getting more excited by
the moment. Having spent most of yesterday sucking off her father, she
could almost feel this man's thick prick in her own mouth. Watching her
mother's lips obscenely sucking on that beautiful big cock was making
the youngster's hot little cunt leak with passion.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" Sam sobbed as Jolyne watched her mother's
mouth moving salaciously up and down over his prick.

Anne loved the feel and taste of any hard cock slithering across her
tongue, but she'd never enjoyed one more than Sam's big tasty boner.

"Ooooooooh, God," Sam moaned as Anne's beautiful face began frantically
bobbing up and down, her lips sucking deeply with each upward stroke.

From the way Sam was tossing and jerking on the bed, Anne knew he was
about to shoot his load, and she was fully prepared for it when his cock
exploded a hot stream of cum into her waiting mouth.

"Oh, shit!" the man roared. "I'm coming, coming!"

The thick, rich jizz was gushing and squirting out of his cockhead in
what seemed to be a never-ending stream. No matter how fast the horny
slut sucked and swallowed, his cum was oozing out from between her
prick-squeezing lips and dribbling down over her chin. Anne didn't
release his shaft from her mouth until Sam fell back exhausted on the

Watching the erotic scene, little Jolyne almost had a climax as she
watched the slippery string of delicious-looking jizz dripping from the
corners of her mother's sperm-soaked lips.

"God, that was neat," she heard the man sigh.

Jolyne was about to slip back to her room when she heard her mother say,
"Shit, baby, if you think that was neat, wait'll we start fuckin."

Hearing these words, the youngster decided to stay and watch them fuck.
She and her dad had been sucking on each other for years, but she'd
never seen a fuck.

"How can I fuck with a limp prick?" she heard the man ask.

"Don't worry," giggled her mother. "It won't take me long to pump you up

The horny slut was glad that Sam had shot his first batch into her
mouth, because now he would be able to give her a good long fuck when he
got his next hard-on. Anne knew from experience that the second fuck was
always the longest and best.

As Jolyne watched her mother fondle and lick the man's limp prick, it
became hard as steel again within ten or fifteen minutes.

"Sam," whispered Anne, throwing herself back on the bed and lewdly
spreading her soft thighs. "Now just fuck me silly."

"Oh, God," he panted, heaving his big muscular frame over her soft naked

With their tongues entwined in a hot deep kiss, Sam could feel Anne's
fingers seeking his cock that was squeezed deliciously between their
bellies. A wild shudder rippled through his loins when her soft fingers
closed around his rigid cock.

"God, that's a nice hard prick," she whispered, sliding her body up and
nuzzling the sensitive head of his boner against the wet furry opening
of her slippery slit.

Moving slowly back and forth, Sam let the underside of his shaft rub
against the hot juicy wetness of her open furrow.

"Now, baby!' she panted. "Put it in me, honey! Fuck me, darling, fuck

Still grasping his cock and unable to wait any longer, Anne stuffed his
hard prick up into her juicy hot cunt.

"Oooooooh, baby!" she panted, feeling the man's big prick stretching the
tingling tissues of her passion-slickened fuckhole. "That feels so
shittin' good!"

As an experienced cocksman, Sam began thrusting deeper and harder with
each plunge, every stroke more powerful than the last.

"Eeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!" Anne squealed with joy.

Carried away by his burning lust, Sam suddenly lost control of himself
and his powerful cock was pounding into her with a fury, bouncing her
sweet ass all over the bed.

"That's it, baby!" Anne squealed, clutching at the cheeks of his ass.
"Pound me with that big hard cock! Just fuck the shit out of me!"

"Okay, honey!" he panted. "If that's what you want, I'll fuck the shit
out of your hot little cunt!"

Watching, and listening to the wildly screwing couple on the bed, Jolyne
was becoming more aroused by the second. She had never seen or heard
anything so erotic in her life.

"Take this... and this... and this!" the half-crazed man was shouting as
he slammed his boner harder and deeper into her smoldering cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she screamed, grasping the cheeks of his ass and pulling him
even more violently into her. "Fuck me, baby, fuck!"

The feel of his super-hard prick slashing wildly into her fuck-tunnel
was driving the hot-assed slut crazy. This was one of the best fucks
she'd had in a long time.

"Oh, Sam!" she cried, screwing her cunt up tighter around the base of
his slashing shaft. "I love it! I love it!"

Grasping him securely around the shoulders, the raven-haired beauty
began throwing her hips up to meet every stroke of his cock. The open
lips of her frothy cunt were grasping and sucking around the base of his
thick shaft, trying desperately to get even more of it into her horny

"Oh, Sam!" she panted, excitedly nibbling on his ear. "It's so good,
honey! Oh, Christ, how I love your big cock!"

It seemed to the man that his dick was swelling bigger and bigger as it
slithered smoothly against the hot fleshy ridges of her squeezing cunt
walls. It felt as if his big blood-bloated knob would explode from the
exquisite ecstasy.

Whirling through this thundering storm of passion, Anne could feel her
hot cunt juices boiling all around his plunging shaft. Completely
fascinated by the obscene slurping sounds of his thick wet boner pumping
in and out of her slippery hole, she wrapped her arms and legs tighter
around him, writhing her clinging cuntlips around his magnificent prick.
Her big erect nipples were burning with excitement as they rubbed
against the bare flesh of his heaving chest.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed, feeling his throbbing dick pounding into her
slippery slit while his big lusty balls pounded against her squirming

Anne was completely consumed by the glorious feeling of his massive
prick plowing into the very depths of her sucking fuckhole. She could
feel his thick shaft pressing out against every tingling nerve of her
stretched cunt walls. The sex-crazed woman had enjoyed plenty of cocks
in her life, but none had ever satisfied her more than this one.

Watching them, Jolyne had unconsciously pulled up the hem of her nightie
and was wildly rubbing her little erect clitty. She'd never seen
anything that had ever aroused her as much as watching Sam's
juice-slickened shaft fucking in and out between her mother's slippery
pussylips. The rapture on both of their flushed faces seemed to excite
Jolyne even more. She tried to imagine how a prick would feel fucking in
and out of her own hot little cunt.

"Oh, God, Sam!" she heard her mother sob as she covered his lips with
her hot open mouth. "I've never been fucked like this in my life."

The lusty person answered by driving his prick deeper and harder into
her lurching belly, building to an ecstasy that her cock-ravished cunt
could hardly stand.

"Harder!" Anne shouted, clutching at his asscheeks to pull him deeper
into her sex-crazed pussy. "Harder, baby, harder!"

Aware of nothing but the rapture that was flowing through her body, Anne
was unconsciously fingering his puckered asshole.

"Christ, baby!" she shrieked her probing finger accidentally pressing
against the tight rubbery ring of his shitter. "Don't stop, baby! Don't
ever stop!"

The man let out a lusty roar when the tip of Anne's middle finger
inadvertently slipped into the tight opening of his asshole.

Lurching wildly, Sam drilled his huge boner deeper into the aroused
bitch's cunt.

Wanting him to fuck even harder, Anne plunged the full length of her
middle finger up his ass.

Completely crazed by the embedded finger swirling against his prostate,
Sam was soon fucking her like a wild bull.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she screamed into his ear. "Don't stop, baby! I'm
almost there! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

The insanely fucking slut was barely clinging to her senses as the
intense pleasure was rocketing her toward her inevitable climax. She
didn't think she could stand much more of this unbelievable rapture as
every taut nerve in her body was virtually screaming from the delicious

"Oh, shit!" she shrieked, feeling his white-hot sperm gushing into her
cunt at the same moment her own lurching orgasm engulfed her. "I'm
coming, honey! I'm coming! Keep squirtin', baby! I'm coming,

When the writhing couple collapsed on the bed, Jolyne turned and fled up
the hall. She was shaking like a leaf when she entered the privacy of
her own room. The young girl's mind was filled with wild visions of
Sam's cock. She could clearly see it plunging in and out of her mother's
hot sucking pussy.

Spreading out on her back in bed, Jolyne felt her cunt itching and
flowing as it never had before. Knowing she had to relieve herself, the
aroused youngster frantically pulled her nightie up to her chin and
plunged a finger into the slippery hotness of her dripping slit.

"Oh, Sam," she whispered, visualizing his big hard cock as she began
thrusting her finger in and out of her steaming hot pussy. "Fuck me,
Sam, fuck me good!"

For the first time in her life, Jolyne was dying to be fucked. She
didn't give a shit who the guy was, but she wanted to feel a hard prick
in her pussy.

"Yes, honey," she panted, squeezing and twisting her hard nipples with
the fingers of her free hand while she continued masturbating with the
other. "Fuck me harder, honey! Give me that big hard prick!"

Completely crazed with lust, she spread her naked thighs wide apart,
pretending that a man was between them, wildly plunging his hard boner
in and out of her hot, sucking cunt. She visualized a handsome man above
her as he eagerly fucked his stiff prick into her writhing pussy.

"That's it, honey!" she squealed, writhing her hot slippery slit around
her plunging finger. "Fuck me good, honey! I want a nice big cunt-full
of your cock juice! Oh, baby, how I love that big hard prick of yours!"

Squirming hysterically on the bed, she could vividly feel a cock
plunging in and out of her juice-slickened hole. She could clearly see
her cunt juices glistening on the full length of a slippery cock that
she could feel pounding into the depths of her fuckhole.

"Bite my tits!" she suddenly squealed, viciously pinching her own
tingling nipples. "Bite 'em, honey, bite 'em! Make me come, you
beautiful big fucker!"

God, how good it felt to be screwed by this imaginary cock. It felt so
big and hard, and she could hardly wait to feel the thick hot cum
gushing up into her gasping pussy.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she squealed, bringing herself closer and closer to
a bell-ringing orgasm. "Oh, baby, how I love that big cock!"

She suddenly realized how much she needed to be fucked. The youngster
didn't give a shit who it would be as long as he had a hard cock.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" she squealed as her hot cunt began climaxing
all around her deeply embedded finger. "Fuck it to me, honey! Fill me
with jizz!"

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