I woke up the next morning feeling alittle sore from the first time at the gloryholes.
I woke up the next morning feeling alittle sore from the first time at the gloryholes. I felt my ass and could actually still feel alittle cum dripping from it. “God I can’t wait to get back there?I thought to myself as I smiled. I got up and took a shower then walked down stairs. As I got something to eat in the kitchen I found a note from my brother saying he was at baseball practice and would be home later. Perfect I thought as I got ready to walk to the park. I opened the front door and suddenly was greeted with a ton of rain. “Shit?I said as I ran back into the house.
Since I couldn’t go the gloryholes today I decided to look up some porn online. I got on the computer and was looking at some stories when I came across some on bestiality. I had heard of it and had read a few stories but never really gotten into it however today was different. As I started reading one of them I started getting really turned on and began jacking off. After awhile my dog Jack walked in the room. By that time I was so horny that I basically tackled Jack to the ground and began stroking his sheath. His cock came out and I started to suck it. I was really moaning as his cock grew in my mouth and decided I wanted that thing in my butt. I stripped out of my clothes and got on my hands and knees.
“Come on Jack?I said looking over my shoulder as he walked up and jumped onto my back. He began thrusting wildly at my hole but couldn’t find it so I reached behind myself and guided him into my hole. “Oh shit that’s good?I moaned as he began thrusting in and out at an incredible pace. At first it hurt like hell because I was still somewhat new to being fucked and he was thrusting way to hard for me but after a few minutes it started to feel incredible. “Oh yeah. Fuck me Jack! Fuck me!?I screamed as he pummeled my asshole faster and faster.
My eyes were closed and I was focused solely on the fucking my ass was getting so that probably explains why I didn’t hear the door opening or sense the person walking into the room. A second later however I felt a penis being thrust into my face and was surprised to see my brother standing in front of me with his pants at his feet and his cock in his hand.
“Open up?he said and I started swallowing his cock while Jack continued fucking my ass harder and harder. After a few minutes I could begin to feel Jack’s knot starting to enter me. I screamed out in pain as it stretched my tight asshole to new limits. Tim wasn’t going to let me get away with not sucking his cock for much longer and he grabbed my head and forced it down on his dick once again. As the pain subsided in my ass I started to moan as both cocks fucked me thoroughly. After another minute Jack began whimpering and soon I felt him explode in my ass. I groaned onto Tim’s dick which set him off and soon I was being filled at both ends by erupting dicks. After a minute or so both stopped and Tim pulled out. However Jack was still stuck and it took a full 10 minutes before he could pull off.
During that time I explained everything that had happened to Tim. Even the beginning and how I sucked him off while he slept. He admitted that he’d been curious about trying this kind of stuff but had been too afraid to say anything. When Jack finally pulled out we made our plans for returning to the gloryholes.

The next day we woke up around 10 made breakfast and took a shower making sure to clean our asses really well since we knew they'd be getting alot of action. Then we headed down to the park and went into the bathroom. Luckily no one was in at the time so me and kyle set up shop in the middle stall. While they waited they read all the graffiti on the wall. They saw alot of phone numbers with alittle writing included mostly saying their cock size or for a good time to call. Kyle decided to write down as many numbers as he could realizing it meant more cocks. After about 20 minutes the boys were getting pretty impatient and were about to get up and leave when they heard the door open. The boys nearly jumped with excitement but remained quite not knowing who was there or if they would come into the stalls.
A mid 30s 6' guy walked into the bathroom about ready to piss himself. Right as he was about to go upto the urinals though he noticed the middle stall was occupied and smiled to himself assuming one of the usual old guys was setting up shop in the gloryhole stall. He decided to piss in the left stall and maybe catch a quick bj afterward since he hadn't gotten off for a few days. He opened up the door, unzipped and hauled out his impressive 8 incher and started pissing into the toilet.
The boys had been waiting quietly and patiently hoping the guy would come into one of the stalls and when he did they both immediately went hard as a rock. Both of them were trying to peak into the guys stall so they could get a glimpse of his cock and when they saw it in his hand they both gasped at its size.
The guy had been looking at the gloryhole through the corner of his eye hoping to see someone checking him out but when he saw 2 young boys faces and heard their childish gasps he almost came on the spot since he knew they couldn't have been much older than 13. As much as he knew he shouldn't he couldn't help himself and turned and placed his cock at the entrance of hole and pushed it in hoping to maybe feel the kids hands on his cock.
The boys were hypnotized by the cock pointed straight at their faces. It was a full minute before Kyle realized they were just sitting there and immediately jammed his face all the way down onto the guys rock hard cock loving the moan that escaped the guys mouth. As kyle began bobbing his head up and down the mans 8 inch cut cock timmy started getting jealous so he grabbed to cock and pulled it out of Kyle's mouth so that he could get a taste of it.
The guy on the other side was going crazy. He had originally just been hoping to get sucked off be some old fag and now he was getting sucked off by 2 little kids who were fighting over his cock! He was beginning to think he had died and gone to heaven but one of the boys deepthroating him brought him back to life and made him realize he was about to cum as he began fucking little timmy's throat hard and fast hearing im gag and choke all over it.
Kyle could tell the man was about to cum as he started thrusting faster and he could see the big cock swelling. As much as he wanted to push Timmy aside and take the huge load he decided to be a good brother and let his brother swallow the first one.
As the man shouted out "I'm cumming" and filled the child's mouth suddenly the door opened. Kyle froze and began to worry but the man and Timmy were too caught up and Timmy just swallowed down all of the hot sticky cum being shot into his mouth.
2 huge black guys had just walked into the bathroom to take a piss when they heard some guy yell he was cumming and heard someone struggling to swallow the huge load. They smiled to each other thinking they knew what was going on and waited for the guy to zip up and embarrassedly run out of the bathroom. After he left each of the black guys took a stall next to the middle one with the boys and stuck their cocks through the gloryhole interested to see which cock the old fag jumped for first.
As timmy finished savoring the creamy load in his mouth he noticed kyles worried look and realized 2 other men had walked in. They heard both doors next to them open and were about to book it when suddenly 2 huge black cocks were thrust in to their stall. Neither boy had seen a black cock and neither knew cocks could get as big as these 2. One of them was over 9 inches and the other was 10 and both were as black as night. Kyle smiled over at a dumbstruck Timmy who was brought back to earth and smiled back. Kyle decided to grab the 10 incher on the left and was delighted to hear the man call out to his friend. "Damn son this guy has small ass hands but they are definitely skilled as he moaned to his cock being stroked. Timmy not wanting to be outdone began licking the head of the 9 incher in front of his face. "Wait a second man. Are you still getting jerked off over there?" "Naw man. This little sluts trying to swallow my whole cock but he's having a hard time." "Then who the fuck is sucking mine man?"
Both of the thugs were really interested now so they peaked over the walls and looked down to see 2 buck naked little boys struggling to deepthroat their respective cocks. "Holy shit man it wasn't an old fag it was 2 young slut!" one of them gasped as they saw the children savoring there massive cocks. "How old are you kids?" asked the other thug. Kyle took his lips off his cock for a few seconds to say "I'm 14 and my brothers 11. Are we doing well?" "Fuck man ya you guys are." replied the thug as he reached down and began fucking little kyle's fully stretched mouth.
Timmy was loving the 9 incher filling his mouth but he realized he needed it deep in his ass knowing it would feel incredible. The black guy on the right watched as little Timmy pulled his head off the huge cock turned around began pushing his ass onto the gigantic cock he was previously deepthroating.
"Holy shit man! Are you seeing this? This fucking preteen is fucking himself on my ass!" "Damn man ya I see that! Oh shit I think my kids gonna do it too!"
The boys had started fucking themselves on the huge cocks they had previously been devouring and they couldn't have been any hornier. They looked at each other with huge grins on there faces that soon turned to gasps and moans and the thugs began fucking them faster and faster.
The black guys really wanted to make it last but the little boys holes were just way too tight and it was clear the kids were trying to milk their cocks.
"You fucking sluts are gonna make me blast!" yelled the thug with the 10 incher as Kyle jumped off the cock and quickly turned around to deepthroat the whole thing right as he began shooting massive amounts of cum into the little tykes mouth.
"Holy shit man thats so hot! Fuck your gonna make me cum too!" yelled the other guy as Timmy shoved his ass all the way back onto the huge cock in his ass and took the huge load of cum deep in his shithole.
The thugs pulled out and watched as Kyle turned Timmy around and began eating the huge load of cum out of his ass while Timmy moaned aloud. "Fuck man these sluts are incredible!" "Hey would you guys like us to find you some more big cocks like ours?"
"Really? Could you? That'd be great! Our dad isn't going to be home til later tonight so we could all go back to our house." replied Kyle as he licked his lips clean of cum. "Sounds great I'll give my gang a call" said the bigger thug as they all walked out of the bathroom.

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I love glory holes. Sucked my first dozen cocks at least without ever seeing who it was. It was a month before I let a man join me and I sat on his cock after sucking him hard then bent over and sucked a fat black cock in front of me.

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was at a movie teather which had 2 glory had a c and the other a p.c was taken so i stared sucking a cock in one label p. to my suprise he stared peeing in my mouth, i swallow all of thinking is was cum, than i realize what happen, another dick appeared,said what the hell let him pee in me also. i end up sucking p out of 5 guys.end up lovtng the tasre of pee.

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Can't wait till the gang arrives!

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Can't wait till the gang arrives!

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