Chapter 4

“Do it, Kenny,” Dannie said, gritting her teeth in anticipation of the coming pain.
“Don’t worry, sis,” Ken said as held the head of his cock tight against his little sister’s tight slit, ready to push it into her fuck hole and through her hymen. “I know you’re a virgin so I’ll try and take it easy so it doesn’t hurt too much.”
“Really,” Dannie asked as she watched her brother shove the head of Ken’s prick push through her cunt lips. She could feel her fuck hole stretching around the hard intruder, in spite of the slight pain she felt, there was enough pleasure that she couldn’t stop her hips from jumping up from the towel under her ass to swallow another half-inch of her brother’s shaft.
“I’m sure Ken will try to control himself,” Mary teased her sister, “but you’re hornier than I was when he popped my cherry and I had to take it all in one quick thrust.”
“It sure did,” Mary said with a comforting smile, “I screamed so loud it made the windows rattle, but it felt so fuckin’ good to have Kenny’s cock in my pussy I couldn’t stop fucking him no matter how much it hurt. And after a few strokes it didn’t hurt at all, and it hasn’t hurt since.”
“If it feels that good than I don’t care how much it’s going to hurt,” Dannie looked Kenny in the eye and gave him the lustiest smile she could manage as her brother forced another inch of his prick into her tight fuck hole until the head reached her hymen. “Do it, Kenny, push through that thing and fuck me.”
“Ok, Dannie,” Ken said, his face full of lust, “you asked for it.”
Ken backed away from Dannie’s cherry for a second and then slammed forward so fast she didn’t have a chance to brace herself. With one quick thrust Kenny smashed through his sister’s hymen and buried his cock in her fuck hole with enough force to make his balls bounce off his sister’s tight little ass as she let out a scream that was easily a match for the one Mary let out when her cherry was popped.
As Kenny waited for Dannie to get use to his hard cock in her fuck tunnel Mary reached down to play with her sister’s flat tits. “Relax sis,” she said as she kneaded the other girl’s breasts until her nipples popped erect under her manipulations. “Your cherry’s gone, the pain’s gone, and pretty soon all you’re going to feel is the pleasure of Kenny’s cock sliding in and out of your fuck tunnel until he shoots you so full of baby juice he’ll knock you up in one shot.”
“You think so?” Dannie asked weakly as she started rotating her hips, the pain from her torn hymen was still there, but her fuck tunnel was so full of cock it was quickly fading to a shadow of a memory as her sensitive cunt walls sent jolts of pleasure rushing to her head.
“Well that’s what it was like for me,” Mary said. “A couple minutes after I lost my cherry I was riding Ken so hard I thought I was going to hit the ceiling every time we bounced off the mattress.”
“And I thought I was going to crash through the mattress to the floor every time she slammed her cunt down on my shaft,” Kenny chuckled as Dannie’s fuck tunnel started squeezing the full length of his cock, he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before his eleven year old sister wasn’t just ready for a good hard fuck, but demanding one. “Dannie, it doesn’t seem fair to Mary that she has to stand there and watch the fun without getting something for herself, why don’t you suck those beautiful little titties of hers.”
“Sounds good to me,” Dannie said. “Come on, Mary, lean down here so I can suck on your nipples while Kenny and I fuck. You can pretend it’s you’re breast feeding your baby.”
“Oh,” Mary said with a shiver as she leaned over Dannie so her sister could reach her tits, “just thinking about it makes me so horny I almost want to steal Ken’s cock away from you.”
“I hope you know better than to try,” Dannie warned her sister with a quick laugh.
“After a month of having Kenny’s cock all to myself I think I know better than to come between a horny girl’s cunt and the hard prick she wants sliding into her fuck tunnel,” Mary chuckled as Dannie sucked on her nipple. “But I still want to fuck him a few times before dad gets home on Wednesday.”
“Oh, you can have him a few times before than,” Dannie promised, “but not until I’m done.”
“Hey,” Ken said as he started sliding his cock in and out of his sister’s deflowered pussy, “don’t I have a say in who I fuck?”
“Sure you do,” Dannie said with a gasp of pleasure as Ken’s shaft rubbed the sensitive walls of her fuck tunnel. “Just remember that you can be outvoted two to one who you get to fuck.”
“I’ll remember that,” Ken said as he slammed his cock deep into Dannie’s cunt, he could feel the walls of his sister’s fuck hole quivering around his shaft and he knew she was ready to start fucking for real. “How are you doing, sis? Does your pussy still hurt from losing your cherry?”
“No,” Dannie managed to gasp as she switched to Mary’s other nipple. “In fact I think I’m ready to take everything you can give me big brother.”
“Maybe, maybe not,” Kenny teased his sister as he pulled all but the head of his cock out of Dannie’s cunt. Ken could feel Dannie’s heels beating against his back as she tried to pull him back in her fuck hole but he managed to hold back for a few seconds until his sister was trying to thrust her whole body toward him. “Let’s see what you can take,” Ken said as he finally relented and thrust his shaft as deep as it would go in Dannie’s fuck tunnel. When his groin bounced off Dannie’s he thought he felt the head of his cock bounce off something and wondered if he’d actually managed to reach his sister’s cervix.
“Did you feel that, Dannie?” Kenny asked as the younger girl sucked Mary’s nipples. Dannie mumbled an answer without pulling her lips away from her sister’s tits. “I think I hit your cervix, that’s about as deep as I can go. Just think, when I cum I’ll be right up against your womb and that’s where all my baby juice is gonna go.” Ken felt Dannie’s fuck tunnel tighten around his shaft and a muffled scream escaped his sister’s mouth as her lips clamped down hard enough on Mary’s nipples for a groan of pain and pleasure to escape from the older girl’s lips.
“Nice orgasm, sis,” Ken chuckled as Dannie’s cunt opened enough for him to slide his cock in and out of her fuck hole again. “I bet I can make you cum two more times before I cum.”
“What are you going to bet, Ken?” Mary moaned as Dannie worked squeezed her tits while she sucked hungrily on the older girl’s nipples.
“I don’t know,” Kenny said with a grin as he slammed into Dannie hard enough to hit her cervix again, “why don’t you suggest something?”
“Ok,” Mary said, “if you can make Dannie come two more times before you shoot your load she gets to sleep with you tonight, and if you cum before then I get to sleep with you tonight.”
“Sounds good to me,” Kenny said as he picked up his pace, “either way I win.”
“You got that right,” Dannie said as she pushed Mary’s tits away and looked her brother straight in the eye, “but if I want to win the bet I better make sure cum sooner than you think you will.” Even as she spoke Dannie started slamming her hips up to meet Ken thrust for thrust, grasping his shaft hard with her cunt muscles every time her brother pulled out of her fuck tunnel. “Feel that, Kenny? My tight little fuck hole is going to make sure I win that bet, maybe even before I cum again.”
“Not gonna happen, sis,” Ken groaned through gritted teeth as he fought the cum building in his balls. “I’m gonna make you cum two more times if it kills me.”
Dannie could feel her cunt starting to vibrate every time Kenny slammed his shaft into the depths of her fuck tunnel and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she had another orgasm, but she was still sure she’d get her brother to shoot his load before she came twice. “I can feel it, Dannie,” Ken said giving his little sister a big grin as he slid his cock all the way in and rotated his hips to give his shaft a twist in her pussy. “You’re about to cum again aren’t you?”
“Yes,” Dannie screamed as a burst of sexual energy overwhelmed her and slammed through her body from her cunt to her brain and back again until it felt like she was floating on a sea of orgasmic energy. Slowly the waves rolling over her body and Dannie became aware of Kenny’s cock still sliding in and out of her fuck hole.
“That’s one,” Ken gasped as sweat rolled off his face and chest to drop onto Dannie’s tits and belly as he fucked his sister. He could feel his balls jumping in their sacks, ready to fire a full load of baby juice into his sister’s fertile womb, but he was still determined to make her cum one more time before he shot his load.
“You’re not going to make it big brother,” Dannie gasped as she stroked Kenny’s penis with the muscles of her fuck tunnel. “I’m going to make you cum before I do. I’m going to make you shoot off such a large load of cum you’ll keep me pregnant for the next ten years.”
“Oh God,” Ken gasped as his prick jumped in Dannie’s pussy and he shot his first load of cum into the girl’s eleven year old womb. As the first was splashed against Dannie’s cervix her fuck tunnel clamped around her brother’s prick and milked the cum from the shaft as she climaxed again.
“Who won?” Mary asked as Ken and Dannie snuggled together on the easy chair. “It looked like you both came at the same time.”
“We did,” Kenny sighed. “I don’t know who won, or if anyone won. How do we decide who I sleep with tonight?”
“I have an idea,” Dannie snickered, “why don’t we all sleep together?”
“Sounds like fun,” Mary said.
“It sure does,” Ken agreed, “but none of our beds are large enough for all three of us to sleep together. They’re barely large enough for two of us to sleep together.”
“I know that,” Dannie snapped, “but mom and dad’s bed is large enough for all three of us to sleep together comfortably.”
“That’s for sure,” Mary laughed, “and it’s one more of the rooms you wanted to fuck in while they’re gone. I think it sounds like a great idea.”
“Sounds like I’d be outvoted even if I didn’t agree with you guys,” Ken said with a laugh of his own. “Mom and dad’s bed it is, but where do you want to fuck in the meantime?”

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2015-02-21 11:52:43
Damn if you incest....


2009-06-17 03:05:57
you idiot redneck you are not suppost to be proud of that and just be glad your great grandmother is infertal


2009-03-27 17:09:53
about inbreeding in real life: the chances of deformity or retardation are increased but not a huge problem. most usual problems are with weakened immune systems especially over several generations. inbreed grand and greatgrandkids can have little resistance to normal bacteria like people with AIDS.


2008-03-06 15:14:22
Lovely, our inbreeding has not seem to affected the children.


2008-02-16 18:04:43
the fear of inbreeding is over rated some new research confirms that 3rd cuisons have healthier children because there more compatable and i suspect even closier releatives are safer then suspected

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