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Later that night when the men arrived at the house, Anne answered the

"Hi, Hank," she beamed, her big gray eyes sparkling with excitement as
she threw her arms around the big trucker. "Shit, it's been a long time
since I've seen you."

"Hello, Anne," he smiled, kissing her wide open lips. "Frank couldn't
come, but this is Troy Webster, an old friend of mine."

"Hi, Troy," she said in a warm voice as she led them into the living
room. "And this is my daughter, Jolyne."

The cute little blonde was curled up on a sofa with most of her bare
thighs exposed under her short skirt. She looked so naughty, yet
innocent with big blue eyes, dimpled cheeks and long blonde hair falling
down below her shoulders.

Troy, who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties,
instantly noticed how the youngster's soft full lips looked as if they'd
been purposely designed to suck cocks. There was a sensuously teasing
look in her eyes that sent chills racing up and down Troy's spine.

When the introductions were completed, Troy sat down next to Jolyne on a
sofa while Hank joined Anne on another couch that was facing theirs.
Studying the man's appearance, Jolyne decided he was about forty-five.

"Hank's a dear old friend of mine," Anne said to her daughter. "And I've
sure missed his nice big cock."

They all laughed when the pretty brunette reached over and lightly
rubbed the trucker's crotch.

"How long as it been since you've seen him?" Jolyne asked her mother.

"Over six months," she sighed. "And I was wearing the fuckin' rag."

"Oh, how horrible," the little blonde giggled.

"Not really," laughed Anne. "I spent the night suckin' him off, but,
baby, tonight he's gonna take me into that bedroom and fuck the shit out
of me."

Troy was a bit shocked by the way Anne was talking in front of her young

"How old are you?" the man turned to Jolyne.

"Old enough to be a hot little piece of ass." Trying to put on that she
was quite worldly, the youngster was inwardly shaking like a leaf. The
girl had practically no experience in sex. She'd just lost her cherry
this afternoon, and other than sucking her dad's prick, that was the sum
total of her sex life. Not wanting the men to know how little she knew
about sex, she boldly kidded with them, leading them to believe she was
quite an experienced broad.

From the conversation going on in the room, it was obvious that her
mother intended to fuck Hank, and Jolyne hoped Troy was planning to
screw her. She had taken an instant liking to the man, and she was
anxious to feel his cock stuffed up between her legs.

"Oh, God," she suddenly heard her mother giggling from across the room.
"Look at this gorgeous boner."

Glancing over, Jolyne was shocked to see her mother stroking the big
hard prick that was sticking up through Hank's open fly. As startled as
the youngster was, she was fascinated by the big purple cockhead that
was poking out of her mother's clenched fist. There was something about
the sight of a man's naked prick that really excited her.

"Isn't it a beauty," Anne giggled, leaning over and lightly flicking the
big shiny bulb with the tip of her tongue.

"It sure is," laughed Jolyne, pretending that she'd been around plenty
of stiff pricks.

"Hey!" called her mother. "Why don't you pull Troy's out so we can all
get a look at his?"

Jolyne was dying to get her hands on the man's cock, but she felt
embarrassed to reach for his dick while everyone was watching her.

"Come on," Anne urged her, "Let's see how the guy's hung."

With three pairs of eyes watching, and not wanting to seem naive, Jolyne
had no choice but to lower his zipper. Her hands were shaking with
excitement as she slowly opened his fly and reached in. Surprised that
he wasn't wearing shorts, she could hardly believe it when her fingers
made instant contact with the bare flesh of his hot meaty shaft.

"Pull it out," giggled her mother. "We all want to see it."

No longer feeling so shy, Jolyne gently grasped the hot piece of male
flesh in her hand and slowly drew it from the confines of his pants.

A delicious excitement rippled through her loins when she felt his hot
cock swelling and throbbing in her fingers. She could feel the veins
pulsating against her closed palm like the beat of a heart. Clinging
tightly to his rapidly growing cock, Jolyne felt that heavenly tingling
sensation between her legs. Thrilled by the feel of it, the little
blonde began unconsciously stroking the swelling prick she was holding.

She could feel the man's body trembling with excitement when his
throbbing prick reached its full hardness. The youngster was thrilled by
the feel of his soft cock-skin stretched so tautly over his steel-hard

Jolyne's pussy was itching and burning with desire when the man put his
arm around her and drew the girl into his arms. With her body pressed
against his, the youngster was vaguely aware of Troy's hand creeping up
the bare flesh at the back of her thighs. Not wearing any panties,
Jolyne began trembling with anticipation when she felt him cup her soft
bare ass in his hand, drawing her warm little body up more tightly
against him.

Heavenly little tremors were streaking through her loins. Still
clutching and stroking his hard shaft, the youngster pressed her soft
open lips against his mouth. Probing lightly between his lips with her
moist little tongue, it slipped through to entwine sensuously with his.
With their tongues swirling around together in the warmth of his mouth,
Jolyne continued passionately stroking his throbbing boner. The pretty
little blonde was getting more aroused than she'd ever been in her life.
Having had her first fuck this afternoon, she could hardly wait for Troy
to fuck her.

When Troy momentarily released the trembling girl from his embrace,
Jolyne saw that her mother had dropped to her knees in front of the
other sofa and was noisily sucking on Hank's cock. Watching her mother's
lips working up and down over the man's lipstick-stained boner seemed to
further arouse the youngster. Staring at Hank's big stiff prick buried
in her mom's mouth, the cute little blonde was getting hornier by the
second. Knowing that her father had taught her to be an expert
cock-sucker, she suddenly had a wild desire to demonstrate her talent to

Tearing herself loose from his arms, she quickly lowered her mouth down
over the man's lust-bloated cockhead. She was more than pleased with the
slightly randy taste of his cock, and she found it extremely
stimulating. The feel of the smooth purple skin of his cockhead against
her tongue as it swirled around his sensitive knob was enough to blow
her mind. Wrapping her full baby-soft lips around his big bulb, she
began sensually swirling her little tongue around the sensitive
underside of his throbbing shaft. Jolyne couldn't get over how much she
was enjoying the taste of his prick.

"Please take your clothes off," she whispered, momentarily removing her
mouth from his cock. "I want to see your balls, too."

Needing no further urging, Troy quickly stood up and disrobed while
Jolyne took off her dress, displaying her delicious nakedness. Sitting
back down on the sofa with her, Troy stared at the young girl's
cherry-hard nipples standing out erectly from her cute young tits.
Reaching out and touching her turgid titty buds, he felt them quiver
like taut steel springs. Gathering the naked youngster into his arms,
Troy began gently squeezing and fondling her luscious tits.

Jolyne was squirming with passion as her hot cunt juices began flowing
out of her lusting slit.

"Oh, Troy, that feels so good," she whispered, feeling his hot mouth and
thick wet tongue working over her quivering tits.

Lowering his face, the man began licking and bathing her soft little
tummy and navel with his swirling tongue. Then gently spreading her soft
smooth thighs, he moved his face up between her trembling legs.

"Oooooooooh, shit!" she gasped, lurching wildly when she first felt his
hot wet tongue come in contact with her juicy, sensitive cunt lips.
Feeling his tongue swirling deliciously around in her quivering pussy,
she involuntarily lifted her hips, grinding her juice-drenched cunt
against his slavering mouth.

Clutching frantically at the cushions, she bit her lips to keep from
shrieking out with ecstasy. Ever since her dad had taught her the joys
of oral sex, the cute blonde thoroughly loved a wild tongue-fuck.
Floating on a rolling sea of passion, Jolyne was vaguely aware of Hank's
heavy breathing and the slurping sounds of her mother's mouth sucking
noisily on his cock from across the room. The erotic sounds from the
other couple only added fire to Jolyne's excitement. The youngster was
suddenly lifted to an even higher plane of rapture when Troy's tongue
suddenly started attacking her sensitive clitty.

"That's it!" she sobbed. "That's it, baby! Oh, suck me good! Suck! Suck!

With her beautiful blonde head thrown back, her sweet young mouth gaping
open, her big blue eyes half closed with passion, Jolyne was grinding
her foaming slit against his slurping mouth. Her soft warm thighs were
locked against his face as he swirled his tongue against her hard,
quivering clit.

Hank and Jolyne's mother sat silently on the other sofa watching her. A
thin string of jizz was hanging out of the corner of Anne's lips from
the hot load of cum she'd just finished sucking out of Hank's cock.

"God!" whispered the woman. "He's sure giving her a wild tongue-fuck!"

"Holy shit!" laughed Hank. "That guy can sure eat pussy!"

"Christ," Anne giggled, licking her sperm-soaked lips. "I'd sure like
him to eat me out like that."

Jolyne was now screaming madly, grabbing at Troy's head and pushing his
face deeper into her sex-crazed hole.

"Suck, baby, suck!" she squealed. "I'm coming, honey! For Christ's sake,
don't stop! I'm coming! I'm commmmmiiiiinnngg!"

Jolyne writhed and lurched and trembled long after her shattering orgasm
first enveloped her. It was a full five minutes before the exhausted
youngster was able to sit up.

"Oh, Troy," she whispered. "That felt so fuckin' good."

"Jesus," laughed Anne from the other sofa. "That guy can really eat

"You're not shittin'," giggled Jolyne, resting her head on Troy's
shoulder. "That was the neatest fuckin' thing that's ever happened to

"Hey, Troy," Hank called out. "Anne would like you to eat her."

"Send her over," grinned Troy, wiping his juice-smeared face with the
back of his hand. "There's nothin' tastes better than a variety of

"Oh, good," giggled Anne, bouncing across the room. "Here comes my

"Wait a minute, Mom," laughed Jolyne, clutching at Troy. "I wanta give
him a blow-job first."

"Go suck Hank off," Anne grinned. "He's almost hard again."

Looking over at the older trucker, Jolyne suddenly wondered how his cock
would taste. Getting up, she walked across the room to where Hank was
sitting on the edge of the couch and dropped to her knees on the floor
in front of him.

"Wanta nice juicy blowjob from a hot little kid?" she whispered to him.

"Shit, yes," he panted, his prick once more as hard as steel as he
stared at the youngster's cute little dimpled face.

As always, a wild ripple of excitement streaked through her hot little
cunt as she gazed at a big cock and balls only inches in front of her
eyes. Taking the thick, meaty shaft in her hand, Jolyne slipped his big
shiny cockhead into her eager mouth. She was once more excited by the
delicious musky taste of his fleshy cock. Sucking passionately on the
man's dick, Jolyne reached down beneath it and began caressing his big
hairy balls. The meaty weight and the soft crinkly skin of his nut-sac
felt so thrilling to her touch. She sucked deeply on his big knob for a
few moments, and then removing it from her mouth, she ran her tongue up
and down the entire underside of his throbbing shaft.

Jolyne could feel his big muscular body trembling with rapture as her
talented lips and tongue teased his rigid cock. Alternating between
sucking his knob and licking his shaft, she continued gently caressing
and fondling his balls. She could feel him lurch when she delicately
probed his sensitive asshole with her finger.

"D'ya like that?" she whispered, momentarily removing her lips from his
thick boner.

"Shit, yes," he panted.

"Good," she teased. "Am I gonna get a big mouthful of nice hot jizz?"
"Christ, yes!" he gasped. "Just keep suckin'!"

Hearing Troy slobbering on her mother's slippery cunt on the other sofa
had an extremely erotic effect on Jolyne, causing her to suck deeper and
harder on Hank's thick, meaty prick. God, how the cute little blonde
loved the taste and texture of a man's hard prick in her mouth.

Almost out of his mind from the thrill of Jolyne's baby-soft lips
sucking on his cock, Hank began thrusting his hips up and down on the
couch, pumping his throbbing boner in and out of the youngster's
slurping mouth. The feel of a man's hard meat sliding back and forth
between her slippery lips was one of the most thrilling things that
could happen to Jolyne.

The youngster wasn't prepared for it when Hank suddenly tensed up.
Without warning, he gave a violent lurch, shooting a thick stream of hot
cum into her mouth. Unprepared for the sudden gush of delicious jizz,
she wasn't able to swallow fast enough to keep some of the sperm from
running out of her mouth. Jolyne didn't stop sucking and swallowing
until she'd drawn the last drop from his rapidly shrinking dick.

When she finally released his limp prick from her mouth, she glanced
over at Troy and her mother. He was sitting on the couch with a
horrendous hard-on, and she was slumped back completely exhausted. It
was very obvious that Troy had just finished tongue fucking her to a
wild orgasm.

"Troy," the youngster called across the room to him. "I wanta be

"Okay," he grinned as the little dimpled blonde stood up and led him
into her bedroom.

As they lay facing each other on the bed, Jolyne began slowly sliding
the skin back and forth over his stiff shaft. Staring at the big dick
she was stroking, she was thrilled by the sinewy bumps and thick veins
pulsing just beneath his tightly stretched cockskin. The thought of his
cock rubbing against her sensitive cunt walls sent a hot stream of pussy
juice gushing out from between her legs.

Unable to control her insatiable lust any longer, she quickly got up
and, facing the man on her knees, she straddled his loins. Bracing her
hands on his chest, Jolyne began slowly lowering her hot slick pussy
down toward his erect shaft.

"Oh, Troy," she whispered, when she felt his hard knob brushing against
her slippery slit. The youngster's soft sweet body quivered with
excitement as she felt his throbbing cockhead opening her slippery
cuntlips as it slipped through her tight little hole. As his big knob
slowly sank up into her cunt, she began trembling from the heavenly
pleasure, feeling the gnarly bumps on his hard shaft rubbing against the
sensitive tissues of her hotly grasping cuntal walls. When the beautiful
big prick was fully buried up in her quivering belly, she sat perfectly
still on his deeply embedded boner, enjoying the feel of it pushing out
against the squeezing walls of her young pussy. It was hard to believe
that she'd been a virgin when she got out of bed this morning.

The glorious sensations increased as she began sliding her cunt up and
down over his thrilling rod.

"That's it, baby!" Troy panted. "Fuck me good, you little darling!"

Crazed by the feel of his big dick plowing in and out of her hot
dripping twat, Jolyne began bouncing faster and faster on his prick. The
intense pleasure increased with every thrust of his cock into the
sucking hotness of her cute little teen-aged slit.

"Oh, baby!" she squealed with joy as she increased the tempo. "It's so
good, honey! I love it! I love it!"

Writhing in ecstasy, Jolyne knew she would soon be climaxing around his
spurting cock, and later she'd have an orgasm with Hank, and another
with Troy.

She was right. The two well-fucked men didn't leave until after

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