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sorry i havent written in like forever but i have been a little busy in life but now everything has setlled down sooo...
sorry guys, have not written in a while, i wrote out the whole part two a while ago but when i said to save it it deleted it instead and never posted so... anyways i am going to try my hardest to make sure i spell things right this time, never been a big fan of paragraphs but i will try my best because thats what you want. i guess i will start where i left off from.

"mary kate?" said adam. "yeah i am over here" replied mary kate. mary kate was in her bedroom changing into something a little less wet. "can i come in yet?" asked adam. "jeez give me a friggin minute will you? i am changing." "what?? why are you changing? we are just going to..." mary kate walked out of her room and it became apparent to adam that she had lied to him.. a lot. she was no innocent little virgin girl... she was a full grown woman, and she knew how to do some crazy stuff.

mary kate walked over to him and said "not so innocent am i?" "yeah right you are totally innocent, not!" mary kate was wearing white stockings with a plaid mini skirt and a white t-shirt that was a little wet still. her tiny little body looked supermodel like quality being dressed this way. her eyes were sparkling and beautiful. she rushed over to adam and bent down to unzip his pants, while doing so she said " i like to make people think i am innocent but i lead a double life that no-one else even knows about." adam said " yeah no kidding, its super hot though, now that i know your super naughty and all. you wanna go into the bedroom or suck my cock out in the hall?" "good point you make there adam" the two went into her bedroom and closed the door, once inside the real fun began.

the door shut and mary kate took adam and threw him on the bed ripping off each others clothes once adam was fully nude mary kate took a look at his giant cock standing straight up and looking right at her. "wow thats a big cock adam, what the hell do you feed this thing?" "spinach, thats mini popeye right there." "he looks it, hes friggin huge!" "why dont you give popeye a little kiss? " "i think ill do more than that" said mary kate. she then thrust her whole head down and sucked the entire 8 inch cock into her throat. adam was thrown into a world of pleasure, moaning and slurping mary kate proceeded to suck on his cock with porn star quality. using her throat muscles to massage the shaft of his cock while using her tongue to lick his balls a little. after a while adam felt a growing sensation in his balls and knew what came next. apparently so did mary kate. she shoved her head down all the way taking in every inch and allowed his cum to go all the way down her throat and inside of her. when he finished she got up and said "my turn!!" he turned her over and started to undress her with trembling fingers, she was so hot and sexy he couldnt contain himself anymore. he reached up and took her shirt off and saw that she was wearing a training bra that was very small, she looked like she did not even need it yet. he thought it was just another layer separating him from a nice flat chest and newly budding breast's so he quickly disposed of the bra and took a peek into the awesomeness that was Mary Kate's chest, and it was awesome indeed. it was better than his wildest dreams. he was looking at a pair of newly formed young breasts on a girl he thought was very innocent but really very naughty little 12 y/o.

he could barely contain his joy as he went to work on her very sensitive aureola sucking and caressing them. than a thought struck him, he asked mary kate " are you a virgin?" "well i guess technically i am not because a long time ago i found out about sex on my own with my computer and i started to masturbate a lot and one day i found my mom's vibrator and i broke my own hymen but other than that i am a virgin, is that ok?" "thats fine its actually what i prefer i don't want to make you bleed all over your bed." "oh well ok then, you know what i want to do?" "no what?" said adam. "i want to have you fuck me right now." adam went gaga over this one, he actually fainted right there and then for about five minutes he was out cold, mary kate had a little fun here. she got the opportunity to tie him up so he wouldnt be able to do anything about what she was going to do to him. when he woke up all he saw was a naked mary kate with a pink vibrator playing with herself while watching him, when she saw he was awake she went over to him and sat on his face, it was now that he realised that he was tied up and couldnt move at all. she forced her pussy onto his lips and he started to lick and suck as she had done to him previously.

she pulled off before she could come, her tight little hairless pussy dripping with wetness, she looked over at adam and said " now you are my slave, you shall do as i say and never disobey me, do you understand?" "yes master" replied adam. "good now that thats over i want you to fuck my tight little pussy and my ass today and i want you to come in both holes got it?" "wait a second i cant do that youll get pregnant." said adam. " dont worry about it ive been taking some of my mothers birth control pills for a while now. i knew this day would come." "well i still dont like the idea, you can still get pregnant even while on birth control." "dont worry about it you big worry wort, it will be fine, i wont get pregnant. " "i still dont like the idea though." "well thats to bad cuz guess what? your the one tied up and cant move, im not so i can do this, and with that she lowered herself slowly on to his cock, moaning a little at the same time while her tight pussy made room for the new invader, once she was all the way down and adam was throughly enjoying himself they started the real fucking, her pussy was so tight and so wet it felt... it felt... it felt no other than fucking AMAZING.

after a while mary kate said she was about to come and adam was almost there to, she told him to come with her, a few second later both were screaming in ecstasy as there bodies molded together in a beautiful piece of cumming artwork. adam sprayed his cum inside of her filling her tight little pussy to the brim until it seeped out with her pussy juices around his cock. mary kate was the first to recover, she got up off his giant cock and said " do you want to fuck my tight ass too? " "of course i do mary kate, i have always wanted to fuck a girls anus before, have you ever been fucked in the ass?" "no have you?" " well of course not im a guy." said adam. " whats that supposed to mean? that girls are the only ones that get fucked in the ass? the male g-spot is in the ass, a lot of guys love having shit shoved up there ass." "well not me, ive never had anything up my ass before, and it going to stay that way." " oh really? we'll see about that one, remember how you are the one tied up?" he looked at her with pleading eyes. she positioned the pink vibrator over his ass hole and gave it a little prod, he started to try and reason with her. " please no i was only kidding before i dont want to fuck you in the ass, i dont want anything in my ass!" " well like i said before who is the one tied up? and gagged?" that last one kind of made him stop, gagged? what was she talking about, then out of no where she pulled out a ball gag and fixed it to his mouth, he couldnt speak anymore, he was totally helpless to do anything anymore. she put some lube on the vibrator and put it up his ass a little letting it slide in and out, just a little to loosen up his butt hole, the whole while she was rubbing her clit with her other hand letting little moans of extreme pleasure out. he meanwhile was in a world of hurt. not being able to move and helpless, she meanwhile was having a lot of fun, her clit was a little swollen and felt great to rub. so good she almost came about 3 times. she started to lean over to lick his cock again while shoving the vibrator up his ass. then when the vibrator was fully shoved up his ass and he was in intense pain and intense pleasure she hopped up and left the vibrator in his butt still buzzing, she took the bottle of lube and lubed up her finger and then slowly put it on her little anus hole, then with a shaking hand she stuck her finger inside and started finger fucking her own ass.

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2013-06-06 10:32:53
Take the criticism and use it to get better, but I REALLY like how the story has progressed. The only other suggestion I would make is to work more on details.

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2013-02-18 21:50:11
you have the worst continuity ever

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2008-08-17 21:32:25
very hot, i liked the "ending"

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2008-08-05 03:06:18
this was a great story i enjoyed it.


2007-07-29 17:27:24
this was a fine story I enjoyed it. Disregard what other pessimistic readers say.

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