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An interlude for a lover
I have this dream that I am in my office. I was supposed to have the day off,
but as usual, I and the rest of my office was called in. However, I have
promised to take you to the symphony, so you know that I'll have the problem
fixed in no time. I know how much you love to feel the music thrumming through your body. I know how listening to the Pops gets you all wound up.

I am bent over my keyboard, when a sudden silence causes me to look up. All eyes
in the room beyond are turned toward the entrance, which I can't see from my
desk. Next, I hear slow measured taps of heels on hardwood. A large grin spreads
across my face as I check my watch. Yep, it's time! I hear the taps getting
louder until your standing in front of my open office door. My eyes run
approvingly over your figure as I get up to greet you.

You lean against the doorjamb in your new dress. It is a full length
form-filling white sequined gown. The bodice is heart shaped and rides low upon
your breasts, leaving my co-workers with no doubt about the wealth of treasure
hidden underneath. Around your throat is a jeweled collar with sparkling straps
that appear to be holding your dress up. Your hair is piled sensuously atop your
head in a sleek twist.

"Hello Lover," you purr.

I walk around my desk and you turn slightly to follow me with your eyes. The
movement directs my attention to your legs and I notice for the first time that
the dress is slit up to the hips on both sides, exposing your long legs and
three-inch heels to my admiring gaze. As I near you, you bring forward the
garment bag dangling from one manicured finger. Reaching for it, I slide my
other hand around your body to pull you close for a kiss. Your arms eagerly
encircle me and you lean into me. I raise my eyebrow when my hand encounters
nothing but the bare skin of your back. Hooking the garment bag over the door, I
turn you around let out a low wolf-whistle. It is quite obvious that the jeweled
collar IS the only thing holding the dress up. There is no back at all! The
dress meets low on the curve of your bottom, and a quick stroke of my finger
assures you that there is no room for pesky underwear underneath.

The men of my office move closer, obviously angling for an introduction, but you
ignore them. I am the object of your adoration! I pull you into my office,
lowering the blinds and shutting the door behind us. I allow my curious hands to
slide up your stocking-clad thighs and cup your naked ass through the slits on
the sides of the gown.

"Oh baby!" I groan, "We'll never make it to the symphony now!"

You chuckle low in your throat. "Yes, we will, Duncan. You promised!"

I sigh, letting my hands drop from your firm flesh, and reach for the garment
bag. The tux was a present from you. It is tailor-made and fits like a glove. Within minutes I look like I just stepped off the pages of GQ. You slink over to me (a dress like this requires that you slink, not walk) and kiss me passionately. My teasing fingers trace the line of the dress and you step back. As I open the door to the office, you slip your arm through mine. Just as you suspect, my co-workers are not far from the door-no doubt listening for something juicy. For a moment, you are tempted to oblige them, until you see the stampede of women coming our way! You tighten your possessive hold on my arm.

My female co-workers have seen me dressed in a variety of ways, but never like
this. That tux does things to my form that should be illegal in all fifty
states! Where we could have ignored my fellow males, the addition of ladies
clamoring for my attention brings out my gentlemanly instincts. You're caught
trying to make polite small talk with women who can't take their eyes off me
long enough to look at you! Smiling tightly, you slide your arm around my back
and lean closer. You are trying not to look like the jealous witch we both
secretly know you are.

I make the introductions and you try not to glare at the pretty Christy I have
lunch with occasionally her eyes laugh at you and I knowingly kiss your ear. You
remind me of our tickets and we leave both conscious of the longing eyes
following us.

The symphony was an electrifying experience. In our private box, no one noticed
you stroking my delicious hard-on through my slacks. Hopefully, they were
equally oblivious that my encircling arm ends with my hand under your bodice,
caressing your hard nipples. We enjoy the music, but we enjoy the rising
anticipation and each other more!

We must have broken several land speed records getting home! We didn't even make
it into the bedroom! We are in the dining room when I finally figure out the
single clasp of the jeweled collar and watch with appreciation as the gown
slithers down your humming body. My jacket and studs fly across the room and
your eager hands are struggling with my zipper. I laugh and push your fumbling
hands away. I deftly undo them and they pool down around my ankles. You quickly
drop down on your knees in front of me and pull off my shoes. I kick them free
of my remaining clothes.

I, as usual, have other plans. I am too excited for a mere suck-off. I want to
feel your pulsating passage clinching around me. I pull on your hair until you
stand up. Regretfully, you let my long, hot, hard, extremely think staff slide
out of your mouth. I turn you around and push. Off balance on your high heels,
you fall over the dinner table. I step behind you and, with no further ado, slam
onto you. Your breast rubs against the unyielding table.

"Duncan!" You scream "Duncan! DUNCAN! OH MY GOD!"

You arch your back and lift your hips against my hands, taking me deeper into
you with each massive thrust. You grab the sides of the table and push back hard
against me until you can feel my mighty tool touch your hungry womb! I lean
forward nipping at the sexy skin of your back that has been teasing me all
night. You explode around me, screaming! You cum and cum and cum!!!!

I keep pounding into you over and over again. WILL I NEVER CUM?!!? In. Out.
Harder. Deeper. Longer than ever before. I thrust into you like I'm never going
to stop! You cum again. Finally, you feel me jerk out of rhythm and you know I
am ready. You push hard against me and I lift you clear off your feet! My own
back is arched with tension and you feel me hit your womb like a jackhammer! I
groan heavily.

"MY SWEET LOVE!!" I cry.

You are so turned on that just the sound of my horse voice calling out to you
sends you over one last, almost painful time. I collapse over your back,
squashing you against the table. We are both breathing too hard to care.

"God Duncan! I'm going to make you take me to the symphony more often!"

I laugh weakly and slowly stand up. You try to follow my example, but your legs
are shaking too hard to hold your weight. I laugh harder this time and sweep you
up in my arms. Once there you find I am almost as spent as you are. I stagger
into the bedroom and dump you unceremoniously onto the bed. You bounce and roll
across the sheet, barely stopped from going over the edge by the dip of the
mattress as I fall in after you. You have just enough energy to kick off your
heels before rolling over to my side and pillowing your breast against my ribs.
You kiss my nipples as you slip into dreamland.

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2011-06-12 13:41:58
Good story. But Duncan? Dun-cin fucking dohnuts. Pick a better name!

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-12 00:05:36
YouÂ’re the one with the branis here. IÂ’m watching for your posts.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-02 04:29:12
purrrsss .. absolutly yummy!

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-24 02:47:32
i loved it - totally turned me on and got me wet...


2007-08-03 10:51:23
it was a dream right? why not have sex right there in the office,have sex with everybody there and still have tyme to go to the concert! oh was good anyway.

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