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I met him quite accidentally, when I was on my official tour. (I am a marketing executive (age 30) of an MNC pharma company) We were old friends – studied in the same School. As it happens in such occasions, there was an initial euphoria, and when it was over, we decided to celebrate the occasion in a roadside bar. He made a call to his wife, telling her that we would have our dinner outside. I was happy sipping a beer and was remembering our old days, when, to my surprise, I found him gulping down almost half the bottle of whisky and still ordering for more. I signaled the waiter to stop as I was an occasional drinker, and I was hungry. We had a heavy dinner and I paid for the bill, amidst protests from my friend. So, after a few good byes, I thought of moving to my lodging house as I had some hectic work to do the next day.

But, when I finally convinced him that he had had enough and brought him out of the pub, he was so drunk that he could not even insert the bike key in its slot. Knowing that if I allowed him to drive, it was a sure act of suicide, I decided to drop him home, before moving to my hole. But I never thought he would be so drunk that he could forget the way to his own home, and after going round and round over a few streets, I took out his visiting card from his pocket, and enquiring here and there, reached his house around 11 in the night. I was happy that light was still burning in his house.

I honked the horn twice and a sleepy face peeped through the window. After a few seconds the front door opened, and a very young girl of around 20 came out. My friend gave that foolish grin as would such drunkards do, and tried to introduce me to her. His mouth opened to say something, but instead of words, a stream of vomit, a mixture of whisky and snacks, sprayed on my shirt before I could react. His job finished, he faltered and started to fall. Even forgetting the stench killing my nostrils, I rushed to stop him from falling. And his wife joined.

With much difficulty, we carried him into his bedroom almost dragging and laid him on the bed. By that time, he was totally gone, quite oblivious to what was happening to him and into the deep drunken slumber. She looked up at me and said in a very low voice “There is a bathroom in the hall; please change your dress and also take a bath. I will wash them up shortly.”

I had nothing to say, so I obeyed. When I returned from the bath room wrapping a towel around my waist (my dresses were in the suitcase), she was standing in the hall looking very sad.

I thought I owed an explanation. “We are friends during school days”. I sounded almost apologetic. “We met again after 10 years gap, and he wanted to celebrate. Perhaps, I should have stopped him much earlier”.

“It is okay” she replied in a matter of fact tone. “I have seen him in much worse condition”. Her words were interrupted by the deafening sound of snoring coming from my friend’s bed room. I was shocked to hear that. A wife so beautiful like her, recently married as was evident from her mangal sutra, there was no reason for my friend to behave like that.

“Why?” I wanted to know, but she ignored my question. “Here is some milk?” she extended a cup of hot steaming milk and asked “Would you like to see some TV news?”. I nodded in assent, as I had that habit of watching late night news before going to bed.

She switched on the TV, changed it to news channel and started moving towards the bathroom. “I may be late. Shall be washing your clothes & others. There is your bed room” She pointed her beautiful hand towards a closed door and I nodded. She went into the bathroom closing the door behind her and I heard the water running. She was washing my clothes, I thought sipping the milk.

She looked very beautiful, and though I felt guilty of thinking like that about a friend’s wife, I could not help remembering her wonderful body. She was very shapely, and from the contours exhibited through her night dress, I could see her breasts very firm and her back intoxicating (you know, I was already slightly intoxicated by that strong beer). She was lean but not skinny, and she had the curves that made her very sexy.

Shaking my head to drive away these thoughts, I tried to concentrate on the TV news which was discussing about the sudden drop in stock prices on that day and I got absorbed in it. I had staked lots of money in the stocks and a 5 percent drop meant a lot of money. Soon I forgot my friend and his sexy wife and was deeply into the stock market news, when I heard somebody screaming. I thought that it was my imagination and continued to view the news item which was saying that I had lost about 30% of my hard earned savings on that day itself. Right at that time, the bathroom door opened suddenly with force, and out she came running, screaming and naked.

I froze in my seat for a second, then rose quickly to receive her. She straight ran into my outstretched hands, shaking terribly, as if she had seen a something dangerous and attacking her. She could not speak and was half hysterical that I had to hold her to my chest very firmly to restrain her shivering body. I was a little worried to see her so frightened, and looked towards the bathroom door to see what was threatening her. I didn’t have to wait for long.

Out came, flying in great speed, brownish colored, a giant sized – you know what? - a Cockroach. Wizzing past with the sound of the propeller of a plane, it flew tentatively towards us, then changed course midway and went straight to the television screen and settled on it. It ran across the TV screen aimlessly and then, as if it had changed its mind, started flying again across the hall. It disappeared somewhere behind me and before I could guess where it went, it came back swiftly from behind me (I could not move, as she was hugging me tightly) and settled on her naked butts. She gave a screeching sound once again, and her body convulsed against me, as if she was experiencing a nightmare.

The cockroach started running on her mosaic back like a little child, and when I tried to catch it, it escaped and again started flying around. She was now totally out of control, her slender body writhing against me like a snake. In that melee, I lost my previous towel around my waist, leaving me very nude like her. Finally the cockroach made its way to their bed room where her husband was sleeping and did not come back.

I thought for a moment, made a quick decision, and lifting her in my hands, carried her to the room reserved for me, and laid her down on the bed.

My intention was purely to make her safe from that terrorist-cockroach. But as I saw her on the bed, lying on her back, with her entire front portion displayed in my view, my mind had gone wild. She looked very sexy to my beer-charged eyes and her boobs were very fleshy and round than I had thought earlier. Her triangular mound between her thighs was puffy, brownish, in quite contrast to her pure white body, making me crazy. I could not resist myself and jumped on the bed, beside her, started kissing her face every where, my hands feverishly working on her breasts.

For a few moments she seemed not to care, still dazed, then her eyes suddenly opened wide, and seeing my face very close to her, she immediately started to wriggle free of me, and struggled hard with her hands and legs to push me off her. But she was no match to my strength and I forced her down, kissing her on her face all the time.

“Please,” she begged me “I am your friend’s wife. Don’t do this to me. Please”. But I was far gone beyond this finer sense, aided by the intoxication of the liquor inside me.

She struggled hard for a brief time, her protests slowing down gradually as she realized my superior strength, and finally stopped fighting. But became very rigid, like a women under sedation, making no movement, lying like a dead body, but still covering her breasts with her hands and crossing her legs tightly thus hiding her golden mound effectively from me.

From the shape of her breasts and her behavior, I had a doubt about her sex life with her husband. Her breasts bore no marks of teeth or finger nails, showing that she was still almost a virgin. She was frightened at my aggression as sex seemed to be very new to her, I surmised, and decided to go slowly.

I kissed her very gently on her forehead, then her eyes, and slowly sliding down to her ears and posted a strong kiss into her ear, which should normally turn her on. She did not show any emotion, was lying like a girl suffering from coma. But I continued my solo play. Her breasts were indeed small and round, but still her hands were unable to cover them completely. I placed my fingers in the gap of her fingers and began my expert work, massaging her breast and using my thumb and index finger, slightly squeezed the nipple, as you would fondle your penis before mastrubation.

She let out a “sssssssssshhhhHH” quite inaudibly, but continued her non-cooperation.

Emboldened, I forced my fingers over her hitherto sagging breasts and continued my usual massage (as I would do to my wife) starting from the lower end, slowly sliding towards the top, squeezing the tiny nipple with two fingers. After a few seconds of massaging, I could sense her breasts and nipple becoming live, hardening and her body slowly relaxing. Then I began to kiss on her breasts (forcing her hands away, which were becoming weak) and started licking her nipple. She held her breath as my tongue played on her, passing all sides, and occasionally teasing her tender small grape-sized nipple with my teeth.

After considerable time spending on her marvelous breasts, I got down to her abdomen and my tongue started playing on her naval, probing into the small opening. Quite unexpectedly, this turned her on, and she moved her torso beneath me, very slowly, giving indication that she was getting aroused. I continued to play with her sexy naval, even as my hands were busy with her breasts.

I could sense that she was now breathing heavily. That was enough for me. My mouth moved further down to the triangle below, created by her two crossed legs, and kissed over it. As if by magic, her hands flew from her breasts, and held my hair very tightly, it hurt me, and tried to pull my head away from her golden mound.

She must have been bathing at the time of the unscheduled visit of the cockroach, as she smelt of pleasant fragrance. I now used both of my hands to force her thighs open up and after some brutal effort she gave in. My God! Once again I gasped at the excellent panoramic view that spread before me.

Hers was a very small light coloured oval shaped cunt, its opening guarded by two harmless lips, separated by a slim line that was glistening with the pre-cum liquid. There was no bushy hair, as it appeared that she had recently shaved clean. Her thighs were simply bright golden colour, and a few purple patches here and there, because of the pressure I applied to pry them open.

I bent down, and gently brushed her quivering lower lips with a slight kiss. At the touch of my lips, her body trembled and she let out a "NOOOOOOOOOO” once again. But she did nothing to ward me off and even reduced the pressure of her thighs I started kissing lightly all around her cunt, careful not to touch it, her thighs, lower abdomen and hip, and I found her getting high every minute..

I felt suffocated, my face buried between her tightly held thighs and I lifted my head up to get some air. You won’t believe it, but she pushed my head down with her hands, opening up her thighs a little wider so I could get more access to her lower lips comfortably. I wondered! How sex changes women!

Emboldened, I started licking the rim of her golden pussy, careful not to touch the centre line, but on the rim of her oval cunt,. Despite her, she began to moan, slowly moving her bottom in tune with the movement of my tongue. All the while, my hands were playing and massaging on her hip, just between the hip joint and starting of the pubic hair – an area, which I found very much arousing the women (especially my wife).

She was now really going wild, with her mouth uttering the moans quite loudly and her butts thrusting upwards, forcing me to take her vagina. Her lower mouth was now salivating freely, I felt her erect clit and rolled it between my lips as you would a tasty cherry. She cried out in pleasure. Then, I started attacking the crack with my tongue, going from the bottom of the opening, slowly going up right through the crack, an inch of my tongue digging through her opening.

“Aaaaaah”, :AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOOO” Ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh! was her rythmic moans as my tongue went up and down that impatient slit God created in women for the use of innocent men like me. She was now shaking all over, and from the sounds she was making, I could sense that she had already started journey towards the orgasm.

It was time, I thought, and moved between her legs, taking position carefully, and placed the tip of my arrogant cock over the opening.

Her eyes opened like she was awaken from a deep sleep, and her eyes caught the view of my throbbing cock, dangling before her like a dark carrot. I took the tip of my steady cock on the opening, and pressed. It entered into her, an inch immediately, thrusting away her protesting cunt walls (because of my size). I paused for a moment, as I saw her mouth opening into a perfect ‘O’, her upper body came off the bed, her head bent backwards, her thighs opening wide and almost breathless. I could see her enjoying the sensation of my cock inside her virgin cunt and pressed further, letting my cock drowning into her very slowly.

As I guessed earlier, she was not used at all earlier by my friend, and she was not getting all the pleasure in having such a monstrous cock insider her virgin cunt.

“Oh! “OOOOOOh! Was all she could say, shaking her head wildly, unable to take in the sensation my cock was creating into her..

Finally, I settled down into her tight and eager cunt, I felt very satisfied. (My wife’s cunt was a little bigger than my prick, and often I doubted whether I was inside her or not).

I felt her inner walls of the pussy hugging and pulsating my cock in a different way I never felt before and I felt like I was doing the fucking for the first time. A new sensation started brewing into me making me very happy and lustful. Which made my cock grow further, bulging like a mid sized banana.

I could not control myself and I began to move, and I found myself making deep thrusts at her. Initially, it was measured as if I was dealing with a fresh flower, afraid that Imight hurt her, but as I lost myself in that new sensation her cunt was creating to my cock, I began to make powerful thrusts into her. I could feel my entire length riding through that slim opening like a race car, smashing into the end of her cunt tunnel, making her scream like a little school girl on a roller coaster ride for the first time. Her moans were making me mad and I increased my speed further.

I did not, could not, stop and started making long and powerful thrusts into her sweet cunt, with uncontollable vigour. Somewhere in the distance I heard her calling me “Raaja, Raajaaa, Raaajaaaaaaaa, Come da, still deep into me, come on da; yes yes like that, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, go go go go gooooooo deep into me, deeeeeeeeeep, aaaaaaaaaaah yes, yes, aaaaaaaaaaaaa go go I want you still deeeeeeeeeeep, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. She didn’t stop and chattered like a little girl proud about her new found toy.

For any man, who finds his women below him getting thrilled with his cock, such a wonderful sounds will make him further mad, and confident, successful and strong and would turn into a monster who would do anything to satisfy that girl below.

Like that I felt very happy at her acknowledging my strength and my techniques, which gave her so much pleasure between her thighs! She was now lifting her butts up every time my cock assaulted her, receiving my entire length into her, as if eating me fully. I was completely out of mind then, making some of the powerful strokes that I never made before this, my hips moving like a express train,.

I was now working between the outstretched “V” shaped legs and still going strong, when I saw her going frenzy, her entire body moving up and down as if she was having fits, her fingers buried wildly on my back, her nails biting my flesh, and in a flash, her cunt began squirting warm sexy liquid in spurts on to me. She had hit the orgasm quite violently and her entire body was on fire, moving wildly below, all the time careful enough to receive my thrusts within her. She breathing very heavily, through mouth, deep and long, gasping for breath, making inaudible moans in between.

As she was half through that shattering orgasm, I felt my dam cracking and I flew into a mind shattering orgasm, and jets of happy liquid spurt into her enthralled cunt, drenching her thirsty pussy, going further deep into her womb, spilling over her thighs, and I was still pumping into her non stop……. I heard her still calling me something, shaking like a mating snake and my body was beyond my control, making deep strokes, still powerful jabs….

I didn’t know when we stopped. When I woke up, it was morning already and she was standing there with a cup of hot coffee in her hand, and a pleasant wife-smile on her lips.

“Good morning”, she cooed “Everything ready. Come on”.

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2008-07-07 14:35:03
Well, what an exhilerating story, but isn't sex bad, I like to have earlobe sex better

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2008-07-03 23:37:22
is it a guy or a chick? coz it starts off like she's a chick with the whole let me wash ur dress and so on but then in the love making seen it keeps goin on bout "(my wife)" so wats goin on there?

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2008-06-25 21:26:07
DAMN, even if it is from another site it made my get a borner right away!

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2008-06-04 09:41:53
Nice story, too muck broken English though


2008-05-27 14:52:42
whether it is fake or true, or picked from another site.......the story is worth reading.
Regarding my friend fucking my wife is least concerned.....since I fuck my friend;s wife regularly........
Once in a while such a fuck is really awsome as it helps us to enjoy variety........which my wife fails to understand

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