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It was a cold Sunday night that night, around 7:30 pm in January, and Jay walked down

his street to his neighbors’ house in a pair of jeans and t-shirt with his sweatshirt

zipped all the way up and his hood on. He was supposed to babysit his daughter

Ashley for the night while he went to Washington to take care of some business, and

wouldn’t be back till the following afternoon.

“big screen tv, all the food I want, a nice place to sleep.” He thought as he watched the

steam coming out of his mouth, “This is more of a privilege than a job.”

He got to the house, and Ashley came to the door instead. Jay felt a little weird getting

attracted to this slightly brown eleven-year-old, but he couldn’t blame himself. She was

very mature for her age. She had back-length black hair, deep brown eyes, was just

about as tall as he was, being about 5’5”, with a nice body devoid of fat from playing

softball, and a very mature rack for her age, almost coming to a C-cup. She smiled at

him as he looked taken aback by her beauty standing in the doorway in a semi-see-

through white nightgown. He could clearly see her underwear through the nightie,

sporting a skimpy pair of green underwear and a light matching bra. He couldn’t

understand why she dressed so lightly on such a cold night, and he noticed how cold

she must have been when he saw two small bumps rising from her bra, her hard little

nipples making their mark against it. He barely suppressed a “wow” as she invited

him in with an almost seductive smile. Had she noticed him ogling her beautiful body?

he pushed the thought from his head as her father greeted him quickly, and in a hurry.

“Hey, Jay, how ya doin?” he didn’t wait for Jay to answer, as he pulled on his

coat. “anyway, unfortunately the heater’s broken, but the blanket in my room is very

warm so if you get cold, you know what to do. Ashley, do what Jay says, I’ll be back

tomorrow afternoon. Give me a call if you have any questions, and I gotta run. Be

good.” He yelled as he drove away a little faster than he thought he should have.

“Sooo…” said Ashley from behind him, he didn’t turn around, as he felt her hands on

his shoulders, and immediately jumped on top of him, wrapping her legs around his

stomach and her arms around his neck, “give me a ride to the living room!” he grabbed

her legs to support her weight from falling down, though feeling a little too forward as

he felt her pert little tits squished on his back through her nighty, and he even thought

he felt her squeeze harder with her legs, pressing her warm little covered snatch just

above where his buttcrack was. He quickly ran her over to the couch to end the

moment of awkwardness, as he was starting to get strangely aroused by her


She dropped down on the couch and stretched her body out wide, closing her eyes

and smiling as she did so, almost knowingly. She stretched her arms wide, making

the bra she was wearing squeeze her boobs tightly, and stretched her legs wide,

which speaks for itself what it implied.

he sat down on the couch on the opposite side, picked up the remote and turned on

the tv. As they both sat and watched tv, Ashley kept on trying to get comfortable,

stretching and moving around in oddly suggestive ways, like folding her arms tightly

around her chest, squeezing together and sighing, and folding her legs Indian style,

spreading her thighs wide apart, and he swore she kept looking in his direction. After

about five minutes of this, she took her arms out of the sleeves and kept them in her

nightie, keeping them close to her body, playing with the elastic on her underwear,

pulling it outward creating a hole in which Jay could have easily seen about an inch

above her tiny slit before she let it go again with a loud snap.

“Jay?” she asked him innocently

“yeah, what’s up?” he replied, wondering what she was going to ask him

“I’m really cold.” She said suggestively, scooting slightly towards him smiling. But he

wasn’t going to fall for that.

“hold on, I’ll go get that blanket from your room.” He got up and glanced back as he

walked down the hall to her room and saw her moving around in the nightie. He went

into her room, painted the pink of a sunset, and pulled the covers from her bed, slightly

disorganizing the pillows and moving the mattress that was holding the covers down.

As he turned to leave, he did a double-take. There was something coming out from

under her mattress. He put the covers down and walked back over to the bed, pulling it

out, and staring wide-eyed and shocked at what he saw: there was a Penthouse under

her bed!!! “But she’s only eleven! She’s not even old enough for this sort of thing!!” he

thought of his own room. He, too, had dirty magazines under his bed, but not just one,

nor in just one place. He threw the magazine aside, crouched down, and lifted up the

mattress. He couldn’t believe it. Hustler’s, Playboy’s, more Penthouses, and Young

Vixens, a magazine he hadn’t seen before. He sat flabbergasted at the site of this, and

grabbed the Young Vixens magazine, flipping through it. He half expected to see young

looking eighteen year olds, but he hadn’t seen any notice on the front usually saying

that “all models are eighteen years of age when photographed.” He couldn’t believe

the material in it. Girls who looked his age, younger ones who looked thirteen to fifteen,

even younger ones who looked ten to twelve, and to his astonishment, girls who

looked five to seven years old, all in very sexual poses! To his surprise as he looked at

these illegal little girls, he began to get very hard indeed. He was ashamed of himself,

and didn’t know what to do, so he shoved it back under the bed, and went to her

drawers, where he kept more of his magazines in his room. He opened one, jeans

and shorts, and closed it again. He opened another, t-shirts and sweatshirts, and

closed it again. He opened a third, smaller one and found her underwear drawer,

where every guy and girl he’d ever met (his age) kept at least some of their porn. He

lifted up a handful of assorted color panties, all cotton little girl ones, then another

handful towards the back, and was taken back to find two or three tiny little

thongs. “wow, I didn’t even know they made them this small,” he thought to himself as

he studied the green and white striped underwear. But something he saw also near

the back surprised him even more. It was a medium sized black box with a little lock on

it. He laughed to himself, finding the key to the left of it, and unlocking it, opening the

box. He gasped: several illegal young girl porno dvds and even more surprising, a

small, five inch vibrator. He picked it up and it was slightly damp. “holy shit, she used

this recently!” he picked up a dvd case with a picture of a very familiar looking light

brown eight-year-old girl naked, smiling at the camera with her legs spread and two

fingers spreading her cunt lips apart. He opened it up to find it wasn’t there. He closed

it again and put all of the sex items back in the box, closed it and locked it, and closed

the drawer again, his heart beating fast and hard, and his dick swelling painfully. “I

wonder where that dvd is?” he continued to wonder, and he looked around her room.

Almost as if to answer his question, on top of her desk was a small, color tv with a dvd

player built into it. “no way, it couldn’t be.” He said quietly. He silently closed her door

and turned on the tv, pushing the mute button on it before pressing play and sitting, his

hard-on still raging, on her bedside. A list of options came up on the screen: play,

scene selection, special features, little girls of the world, interviews. He got curious,

selected “interviews” and pressed okay.

Another familiar face came on the screen. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Ashley’s father,

about three years younger looking than he currently was.

“We started doing this together about three years ago,” he began, smiling down at

someone offcamera, “when she saw me masturbating in my room at night after having

a bad dream, and became very curious. She was very forward about it all, asking very

good questions about everything, and showing she wasn’t afraid to be…” he

laughed, “very… ‘hands-on’ about what I was teaching her.” He laughed again, joined

this time by the laughter of a young girl, though still unidentifiable. “she learned very

quickly, and tried everything I taught her, and she did what I said and was very quiet

about it, until one day it slipped out to one of her teachers in a one-on-one talk. She

told me right after school and I thought I was going to jail, but then she told me that he

was very interested if I had made any video recordings of her… special teachings” he

smiled again, “and that’s how we got this started.” The camera finally zoomed out to

reveal the other person who was with him, and Jay’s jaw dropped. A naked, eight-year-

old girl, the very same one who was sitting in the living room waiting for him to bring

her blanket.

Jay felt precum starting to leak from his pulsing cock, and suddenly heard her yell from

the living room.

“Jay! Are you getting the covers?? Hurry, I’m really cold!!” he heard her giggle as he

frantically pressed the power button, calling back to her, his voice breaking as he did


“ye-yeah! I’m comin, gi- gimme a few sex! I-I-I mean seconds!!” he frantically corrected

himself, and he heard her giggle a little more maturely this time, almost soothingly. He

had to get his mind of it, but he just couldn’t. She was banging her own dad and

selling it on video!!! He knew it was illegal, and completely wrong, but in spite of

himself he was very turned on by it deep down. He came walking back into the living

room holding the covers, looking at her very differently now. She still had her arms in

her nightie, but for some reason he could not see the outline of her bra or panties.

“about time,” she joked, “come here and give it to me” she said, seductively

“Wh-What?? W-what do you mean?!” his heart was beating a million miles a minute.

“… the blanket, what do you think?” she laughed.

“o-oh, yeah, of course.” He stuttered, as he threw her the very large blanket.

“oooohhhh,” she moaned as she wrapped herself up in it, “muuucchh better.” She

smiled at him through half open eyes. He sat on the other side of the couch, but

surprised himself as he sat about halfway between her and the end of the couch, his

hard-on still raging from what he had seen only two minutes before. He chanced a

look at her, and her eyes darted away with a smile. they were staring down towards

him. Not just towards him, but directly at the bulge in his pants.

“what?” he said nervously

“hee-hee, nothing, nothing,” she giggled, looking at him. “aren’t you cold?”

“n-no, not really, I’m fine” but this was not true. Even though he had just gotten very

excited and his heart was still racing, he was shaking from the cold, even with his


“oh come on,” she persisted, batting her eyes and smiling at him, her eyes flicking up

to his face, then down quickly, then back up again, “I see you shaking. Come sit with

me in the covers. Oh, but you’ll be too hot and get all sweaty and gross if you’re

wearing that sweatshirt and stuff, why don’t you take them off? The jeans, too. I don’t

mind, my dad does it all the time,” she smiled a little wider.

Jay thought hard, the cold affecting his thinking. He knew he was just asking for trouble

by doing so, but he was so cold he couldn’t stand it, and she knew what she said was

true, it would be broiling in there with all his clothes he had on.

“… alright. But close your eyes while I do, or I’ll just go to bed.” He gave in. He just had

to make sure she didn’t see his hard-on and she would be fine.

“hee-hee, okay, I promise I won’t peek.” She closed her eyes, though not as tight as

he’d have liked them. He zipped off his sweatshirt, and took it off together with his shirt,

and threw them next to the couch. He hesitantly pulled at his belt, then just decided to

go for it, pulling his baggy jeans down and off with his shoes and kicked them next to

his shirt and sweatshirt as he swore he heard an “mmmm” from her direction, but

when he looked back, she still had her eyes closed, and was smiling.

“alright, keep em closed, I’m getting in.” he said not unkindly. He pulled apart the

covers and sat down next to her, being forced very close to her, and closed the covers

back up, and she pulled them together tight, but there was still an opening.

“oh no, it won’t close over us both.” She said sadly, but then her eyes flashed, “wait, I

know!” and before he could do anything to stop her, she had jumped on top of him and

sat down in his lap, her back facing him and not bothering to keep her nightie from

coming quite a ways up as she did, so he could feel quite a bit of her bare legs

pressing against his. A little too much to be reasonable. He should’ve felt the elastic of

her underwear by then it was so far up. So far, in fact, the back of it was hanging like a

coat from his large boner and he felt her bare back press against it.

“there’s no way I couldn’t feel it now,” he thought to himself as she closed back up the

covers and wiggled back, laying down on his chest, and he felt her bottom half move

up quite a bit. That’s when he finally figured it out, as he felt her warm, bare bottom

snuggled up close to his massive boner, separated now only by his boxers which he

felt the button might pop off any minute. She was completely naked under her nightie!!

“aaahhhhh,” she soothed sexily, wiggling her bottom against his cock again,

smiling, “that’s mmuuuucchh better, isn’t it?”

“yeah,” he said before he could stop himself.

“mmmmm,” she said again, equally inviting, with a faked look of disappointment, “it’s

still a little hot in here, is it okay if I take off my nightie? I have underwear on, don’t

worry,” she lied, smiling bigger than ever.

“I-uh-um-don’t think…” he started when she cut him off

“oohhh, thanks. I was starting to get kinda wet… I mean sweaty, heehee” she laughed,

and in one quick motion pulled it over her head and threw it on a pile of clothes to the

side, but they weren’t his own, and she looked at the nightie resting on top of her bra

and panties with complete faked surprise. “oops! I completely forgot, I already took

them off because it was so hot,” she said, smiling sexily and again wiggling back on

his bulging cock about to burst, “you don’t mind, do you? This is reaalllyyy comfortable”

“I-uh, n-no, i-it’s fine,” he gave in. she was quite a sexy girl and he couldn’t hold off any

longer, so he decided to let her do what she wanted to do. In fact… “man, it is still hot

in here, do you think I could take off my boxers too? I won’t if you don’t want me to.” Her

face lit up with excitement.

“no! no! go ahead, I don’t mind at all! Here, I’ll help you!” she reached underneath her

and slid down his boxers to his ankles, where he kicked them to the side, his rock

hard prick now laying in her tight little buttcheeks like a hot dog in a bun. “wow!” she

said, smiling even wider, “you have a big thing! It’s all hard and warm too!” she said,

wriggling her butt back so his shaft was pressed against her warm little asshole.

“thank you,” he smiled back, coaxing her, “speaking of which, I have to compliment you

on your breasts. They’re nicer than some of the girls my age’s are.”

“awww, you’re so sweet!” she cooed, “I like them a lot, they’re fun to play with. Do you

want to try?” she offered sweetly

“are you sure it’s okay? You don’t want anything back?” he asked her suggestively

“well…,” she thought to herself, though she already knew what she wanted, “only if I

can play with yours. Your thing, I mean.” She grinned behind her.

“it’d be my pleasure to let you.” He reluctantly slid his dick out from between her

buttcheeks, but went from good to better as she scooted back as he did, his shaft now

resting on her warm, very wet pussy lips, which let his dick fall back into invitingly, but

not all the way. She let out a small moan, and semi-hesitantly took his seven inch love

stick in her hand. As she did, he, too, let out a tiny moan, and reached around her to

grab her firm, bouncy little girl titties. He figured out quickly that she had very sensitive

nipples when he gently pinched them between his fingers while he squeezed and

manipulated her wonderfully soft breasts.

“ooohhhh, god, that feels good.” She moaned loudly as he did, and she began rubbing

his precum all around his dick, pumping his shaft and occasionally lubing it up more

between her soft, welcoming pussy lips. She faked surprise when she felt his precum,

looking very interested at her moist hand. “hey, what’s this wet stuff on my hand?” she

asked innocently, putting her fingers in her mouth and very sexily licking them off of the

mix of his and her juices. “Mmmmmmm, that’s really good, can I taste some more?

Pleeaassee?” she begged

“hmmmm… okay, only if you let me taste you.” He bargained needlessly.

“okay!” she said enthusiastically as she climbed off of him, pushing him to lie down.,

which he did, and laying on her stomach, her lovely breasts pressing into his groin.

She spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his arms, and she took him in her


He was astounded at how much she could take, swallowing at least five of his seven

inches and actually swallowing his dick like it was a popsicle, almost making him

come down her throat as she moaned along with him.

“mmmmm, ooohhh, it’s sooooo good, like a popsicle, I want it so bad.” She cooed,

and he proceeded to return the favor, staring at her juicy, light brown pussy mound,

completely hairless and slightly lighter colored than the rest of her. He took his thumbs

and pulled apart her wonderfully soft and wet pussy lips, exposing her beautiful pink

labia and cute little love button. “please Jay, taste mine too,” she begged, pressing her

crotch closer to his face and spreading her legs wider, “I need it soooo bad.” He didn’t

question that. He stuck out his very long tongue, but just gave her a tiny sample of it,

licking very lightly from the top of her cunny all the way to the bottom, and spreading her

buttcheeks, continuing down to give her little scrunched up butthole a tiny lick, and she

shuddered and moaned in pleasure, squeezing him harder with her legs, begging him

to do more. He decided not to keep her waiting, as she was going all out on him. He

stuck his tongue out all the way, pressing the top of her pussy on the lowest part of his

tongue he could, and sunk his entire tongue down into her soaking wet pussy, moving

and exploring around, feeling for every single spot he could reach as he put his lips

around hers and sucked on them, determined to get all the juice out of her he could.

This was no easy task as he had to hold on to her juicy ass as hard as he could to

keep her from flailing off, screaming and moaning in pleasure. “OOOHHHHHH


YOUR TONGUE!!!!” she screamed in ecstasy, and sucked ferociously on his dick,

bobbing her head up and down on it like a maniac, completely licking and sucking on

every inch she could get her mouth on. It was like a dream. She was the best cock

sucker he’d ever had, using all of her luscious tongue to reach every spot she could

and wetting it down with expertise.


OOOHHHHH!!!” her scream muffled by the large cock in her mouth as she drenched

his face with her love juice. The vibration from her screams on his cock was all he

could take. His whole body tensed up as he sent a load of hot, steaming come strait

down her throat, and she swallowed every last drop graciously, licking every little bit of

his drenched cock.

They both lay there on top of each other for a few minutes calming down, before she

turned her body around, her pussy resting on his shaft like a chair, wrapping her legs

around his ass, smiling at him and giving him a very long kiss, including, to his

surprise, her entire tongue, exploring his mouth and his, her own. She broke the kiss,

and told him, “I’m really tired. Let’s go into my room and go to bed,” and she smiled

knowingly. He smiled back and got up, grabbing her butt and pressing her close to

him, squeezing her boobs with his chest and rubbing her pussy and asshole with his

cock. He carried her, almost straddling her but not quite, to her room still wrapped in

her covers. When he got there, he sneaked his finger out and pressed play on her tv

without her knowing. The movie started, and she quickly turned her head to watch in

surprise, now knowing he knew all along what she did for a living, and getting very

turned on by it.

“…do you like my videos?” she asked

“oh yeah, I’d pay money to be the guy you do all those things to.” He replied

“hee-hee, don’t worry,” she said, reaching down to grab his cock and place it at the

entrance to her tight, wet slit, “you won’t have to.” And she slid down on it, slowly taking

all seven inches into her hot little cunny, barely fitting it all in. “ooooooohhhhhh,

ggoddd, that’s good, Jay, it’s sooo gooodd,” she began grinding her hips into his,

contracting and relaxing the muscles in her pussy, “please, Jay, I want you to fuck my

little baby pussy. Fuck me hard, please!” she moaned loudly.

He turned around and laid her on the bed, looking back to see her getting her even

tighter than right now pussy getting fingerbanged by her dads long finger, moaning

and gasping like she was now. He looked forward again to see her face straining with

the size of his cock relative to her tiny pussy, as she desperately tried to fuck herself

with him, growing impatient.

“god damnit, Jay, FUCK ME! I want you to fuck me HARD! NOW!!!” she screamed, and

so he pulled it all out just to the head, and immediately shoved it all back in as hard as

he could, grinning devilishly at her as she moaned and squirmed, impaled on his

giant cock, begging for more. He began fucking her fast, faster, as fast as he could and

equally as hard, her moans and screams getting louder with each thrust. She matched

his fucking push for push, forcing his dick in her deeper and deeper with her ass,

squeezing her perfect tits as she screamed for him to come in her.

He couldn’t have lasted long anyway, but what sent him over the edge was the sound

of a younger, tinier voiced Ashley from behind him begging her father to do the same,

telling him to shoot his goo in her private parts, in those words while gasping and

squealing. He couldn’t take it anymore. He slammed his dick into her as hard as he

could, feeling her legs widen to accommodate every last inch of his cock and more into

her pussy as he dumped wad after wad of hot, sticky cum into her hot, tight little pussy

as she too came, her juices flowing onto his cock, mixing with his semen, and creating

a pool of love juices on her bed.

“oh god, that was the best,” she sighed, still squeezing at his fuck tool, “hey, do you

think I could have a few friends over for a sleepover?” she asked suggestively, “there

are some girls on my softball team who would just love to meet you” she smiled again,

picking up her cell phone and inviting over four of her friends with his dick still inside

her. “yeah, Lauren, he’s the one I was telling you about.” She explained, “we just did it,

he’s really big, and really good… yeah, Jessica, Katharine, and Victoria are all coming

over, too. Actually, why don’t you meet Tori halfway. Eleven minutes? Okay, I’ll see you

then. Bye sexy.” She flipped her phone down, wriggling her pussy around his still-hard

prick. “I hope you’re not too tired, there’s four more coming, and they’re all really horny

and really cute,” she smiled and gave him a long kiss. She pulled him out of her and

sat him on the bed, “I’m gonna go clean up, so put some boxers on and watch tv until

they come, okay baby?” she gave him another kiss and walked off to the bathroom to

wash all the cum out of her, shaking her cute little brown butt as she walked.

He turned off the movie and turned it to a baseball game as he put his boxers back on,

his boner finally subsiding, and watched for a good eleven minutes before hearing the

doorbell. He got up and walked to the door to answer it, and there were two equally

gorgeous little girls standing there smiling at him, and his boner came right back,

making them giggle.

“you must be Jay, I’m Jessica and this is my sister Katharine. We’re twins” He was in

heaven. Jessica looked about thirteen, and was a tall and skinny white girl with long,

butt-length blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes, and had a nice set of B cups, her

nipples clearly visible underneath a tight white t-shirt as he knew for a fact she wasn’t

wearing a bra, and he could see no sign of any underwear on her as he looked down

at her loose fitting pajama pants, noticing the lines on her thighs that led down to her


Katharine was equally stunning, about the same height as her sister, and looked very

much like her but with obvious differences. Her hair was light brown and shorter,

coming only to her back. She had green eyes instead of blue ones and had a larger

chest than her sister did, not by much, but more than enough to fill out her t-shirt, as

she also went braless, and was wearing a very short, tight black shirt coming up past

her bellybutton, and a pair of tight white short shorts, barely covering her ass, and hung

very low on her butt. She also neglected to wear any panties, as he could clearly see a

portion of her beautiful buttcrack as she scooted sideways past him inside, making a

point to brush the bulge in his boxers with her barely covered little butt, smiling

temptingly at him, and blowing him a kiss.

Them along with the sexy Ashley was more than enough for him to handle, when he

saw two more girls running down the street, both wearing very long, white t-shirts that

covered their bottom halves as well as their tops, though not by much. He imagined

they must have been in a hurry.

They got to the door and rested for a second, smiling at him and panting while holding

their knees for support, making the front of their shirts open enough for him to find that

not only were they not wearing bra’s or panties, but they were completely naked except

for their long shirts!! A spot of precum soaked through his boxers as he stared at their

almost identical perky B cups, but he knew they could not be related when he looked at

their faces. One of them was Asian, with black hair pulled back in a short ponytail, with

brown eyes and a stunning body just as good if not better than the other two inside, but

she was very short, only coming up to about his neck on him. The other one looked

very similar, but looked like she was half Puerto Rican too. He could see it in her

golden skin, which glowed compared to the Asian girls. She was taller than her friend,

but not by much, only by about an inch or two. She had back-length hair with different

shades of natural looking brown in it, from dark to light. She had green eyes like Kat,

but darker, and had braces, making her that much cuter.

“H-hi! I’m J-J-Jen,” panted the Asian one, trying to catch her breath, “and that’s Victoria.

You- you’re really c-cute.” Jen looked down at his bulge and smiled, “w-wow, Ashley

was right about you! You ARE big!” she slipped past him, giving his dick a nice

squeeze as she did, and Victoria did something equally sexy as she explained their

reason for coming almost completely naked.

“we live right next door to each other and today was both our laundry days, so we had

no underwear or shorts, and all Jen could find was a pair of her dads t-shirts,” she

lifted up the front of her shirt so just her beautiful, lightly golden haired cunt was

exposed. Then she took her other hand and fished out his dick, gasping as she felt his

massive membah cook it out and slid his cock head up and down her slippery cunt,

moaning and saying, “I hope you don’t mind, sexy,” with a slutty smile, mounting his

cock half way with her very tight cunt and holding it there for a second in ecstasy before

she slid down it all the way, slowly fucking him as she threw her leg up into his hand,

and he matched her stroke for stroke, “wow, again, Ashley was right, you are good,”

she moaned and whispered for him to come in her, nobody’s looking. He grabbed her

little ass and she squealed a little with pleasure, finally jumping on top of him, her legs

wrapped around his ass like Ashley had done, bouncing up and down on his cock,

moaning and panting, begging him to come. He couldn’t take anymore and he

unloaded what jizz he had left in him into her tight little snatch. She sighed and

unmounted him, slipping by and kissing him, and walked inside. He was shocked

how forward these girls were at eleven, twelve, and thirteen (Jen being eleven and

Victoria being twelve).

He looked to see if nobody had seen, which they hadn’t, before closing and locking the

door. When he looked on the couch, he saw them all taking off each others clothes

and throwing them on the growing pile. When all four gorgeous girls were all

completely naked, they all turned to look at him.

“so where’s Ashley? Is she cleaning the cum out of her?” asked Kat

“wow! She let you cum in her? She never lets her dad do that, except for that one time,”

said Jen.

“you must have a pretty big dick for her to let you do that.” Kat said again

“he does! Oh my god, he’s huge, I felt him in me for a second at the door, it was sooo

good!” commented Tori

“well come on! Let us see it!” said Jessica as she walked over to him and kneeled

down, grabbing his boxers and sliding them off with a gasp (“I know!” shouted Tori) “oh

my god, you’re huge!” she took it in her hand and began to stroke it, “can I?” she

asked, looking up at him hungrily

“Please do,” he agreed quickly

“Hee!” she laughed and opened her mouth, putting the whole thing down her throat,

moving her tongue all around his shaft and moaning. “Mmmmmmm!”

“quit hogging it, whore!” joked Jen, as she got down on the floor next to her, taking his

balls in her mouth with her tongue, licking and sucking at them gently.

“yeah!” said the other two, as they both got on their knees in front of him, waiting for

their turn, “fuck our mouths, too! We’re really good!”

But he felt less generous this time. “no, none of you get it.” He pulled his cock from

their reach with an evil smile, “you don’t deserve to get fucked by a cock as good as


“No! no! we are good enough, please! Please fuck our mouths, we need you to fuck

them hard,” they all pleaded.

“hmmmm… alright, but you’d all better be good, because if you’re not,” he swung his

cock teasingly back and forth in front of their faces, “no cock for you.”

“oh, I’m really good, pick me first please!” begged Kat

“alright, show me what you can do, sweetcheeks,” he said, as she opened her mouth

and he shoved it hard in her throat, making her gag.

“gooo Kathy! Suck him good!! Woooo!” they cheered her on, playing with her tits and

fingering her pussy, causing her to moan in between the sound of his cock hitting the

back of her throat as he pushed her head farther and farther down his shaft, letting her

off only to take a breath

“Guh! Guh! Guh! Guh! Guh!” she gagged, swirling her tongue all around his head.

“ohhhh, godd, you are gooood, you slutty little girl,” he moaned, “oh god, you gonna

make me come, okay, you can stop, I need that come later. Go lick one of their pussies

while I fuck another one of these whores’ little mouths. Who’s it gonna be, girlies?” he

looked at the remaining three, stopped and stared at Tori, who smiled back ecstatically

“Me!! I have to repay you for letting me fuck you at the door!” she begged

“alright you slutty little preteen, come suck my cock.” She crawled over and he didn’t

even need to hold her head. She took in all seven inches without any help, and he felt

his head going down her throat, squeezed by her esophagus.

“woowww, you’re good, suck it again, whore” he ordered

she slid it out slowly, licking it off with her tongue as she did, and then went into a

frenzy of deepthroating, sucking with all she had. She really wanted to pay him back for

letting her put his dick inside her when they met! He couldn’t believe it!

“oh, god, stop, before I come. You pass, go fist Kat while I face fuck these two sluts.”

He ordered

she crawled quickly over to Kat who was sitting on the couch, squeezing her tits and

fingering herself. She immediately moved her hand away and spread her legs wider

as Tori made her tiny hand into a fist and slowly shoved it in her pussy, making her

scream loudly to fuck her harder.

“alright, you two, get to work as a team.” And Jessica immediately swallowed his entire

dick in one fell swoop, sucking four or five times before taking it out and letting Jennifer

take it in her mouth. She could only take five and a half inches, but Jay wasn’t satisfied

with that. “come on, put some effort into it,” as he took the back of her head and

jammed it hard down her throat, making her gag loudly, but moan at the sametime. He

did this seven or eight times to make her get the point before pulling her off and

grabbing Jessica’s head and forcing it down her throat, though she accepted it much

easier, and he only held her head to have the feeling of shoving it down her throat as

she moaned and fingered herself as he did

“oh you dirty little slut, that’s right, you like this, don’t ya? You like fingering yourself as I

use your mouth don’t ya? That’s right, well, good. You both pass. All four of you get into

Ashley’s dad’s room, now and I’ll fuck you all. Good job.”

They all cheered and ran to his room, their bare asses jiggling as they did, when from

behind him, someone said, “aren’t you gonna force your dick down my throat, too,

baby?” It was Ashley, and she was fingering herself in front of him on the verge of an

“hehe, good girl. Get down on your knees and open your sexy mouth.” He told her,

which she gladly did. He took her by the hair, making her gasp and moan a little as he

did, opening her mouth, and lowering it slowly down. “Ha ha, I don’t have time for this!”

he said and jammed it as hard as he could down her throat, gagging her badly, and

she took over from there, gagging herself with it with that same “guh, guh, guh, guh,”

sound. “yeah, you like big dicks, don’t you little girl?”

“yes, I looovvee big dicks, I love to suck them hard and gobble up come” she said


“good girl” he let go of her hair and stroked her head gently. “suck it like a good girl”

“I want you to fuck me up the ass. Please?” she asked innocently

“… alright, get in the room with the others.” He told her, and she too ran into the room,

her tits and ass jiggling as she did

he walked into the room and they were all making out and fingering each other to keep

themselves wet. They saw him and they all got on their backs with their asses up in

the air, smiling at him and rubbing their pussies at him, except for Ashley who was

fingering her asshole

“okay, the one that I’m fucking has to be held down and either serviced or be serviced
by, alright?”

“okay,” they all chanted

“hmmm, Kat, you were good, you get to go first.” He said to her

she gasped with delight, and immediately spread her legs wider as the other four

sucked her tits and made her eat their pussies. He crawled up onto the bed and

positioned his fuck stick at her dripping wet hole while she had her face in Tori’s

pussy, licking away, and slowly shoved all of it in her tight, yet slippery hole and she

moaned loudly in pleasure. “fuck me jay! Fuck me hard!! Oh god YESS!!” he fucked her

harder and harder until he was about to come, when he pulled out of her. He looked

longingly at Jessica, who understood immediately, and they all changed positions, as

she spread her legs wide to accommodate his dick while he ate her sister out. He

again placed his dick at her entrance which was surprisingly smaller and more

compact, and shoved it in with difficulty as she squeezed and clenched at his fuck tool.

He began fucking her rapidly, faster with harder strokes each time, making her scream

in ecstasy, begging him to come in her, but he would not. He pulled out and pointed

his dick at Jen, who immediately spread her tight, asian, hairless pussy and started

eating Ashley out, but he waited for a minute to let himself calm down so he would not

explode in her. This load was meant for another. She began wondering why he was

not fucking her yet when suddenly, and quite forcefully he rammed his cock in her tight

little twat, making her scream into Ashley’s pussy, making her come all over her face.

He fucked her harder than all the others, brutally destroying her insides. She was so

cute looking she deserved to be punished for it. He stopped before he came and

motioned Ashley over. She smiled wide, got on her back and spread her asscheeks

wide apart, revealing her tiny little raisin asshole. She licked a finger and lubed it all

around, even getting some inside as he held her around her waist, positioned his cock

to her almost painfully tight asshole, and knowing he would not be able to get it in if he

went slow, jammed it in as hard as he could, making her scream louder than any of

them had before as her sphincter clutched and squeezed extremely tightly around his

fuck tool. He took half of it out, held it there, watching her face for the okay, which she

gave with a smile, then shoved it all back in again, making her scream again, though

less. She liked it, she was loosening up, as it was now less painful to bang this

eleven-year-olds tiny little butt. He took it out all the way to the head and without

hesitation pushed it all back in, making her not scream this time, but moan in

pleasure. That was his cue. He began banging her little preteen butt with fast, brutal

strokes, making her come all over herself, lubing up his dick even more to make it

almost as easy as her pussy to fuck, but he pulled out. Now it was time. He grabbed

the sexiest of the five, Tori, and lay her in front of him. she smiled wide and spread her

legs parallel with the bed. He got behind her, and slowly filled her tiny little snatch with

inch after inch of his throbbing cock as she moaned and groaned loudly with each inch

until she felt his ballsack against her tiny little asshole, gasping “oh god, jay, fuck me

ppllleeeeeaaaaaassseeee!” he held nothing back, picking her entire ass up off the

bed to fuck her as hard as he could while pulling her onto his dick with equal velocity.

She screamed and moaned his name as she serviced each one of her friends, letting

him take her hard, squeezing his fuck tool with her little sex pot. “PLEASE, JAY, FILL ME

WITH YOUR CUM," her whole body shuddered and her pussy squeezed his dick hard,

her juices flowing all over his balls, his cock completely in it to the hilt as he unloaded

wave after wave of delicious white, sticky come into her golden haired little snatch, not

letting a single drop come out, filling her belly with as much semen as he could get out

of him as she gasped and moaned, sighing with relief.

He got under the covers, not taking her off his cock, and she lay down on top of him,

resting her pretty head on his chest as the other four lay down next to him, all cuddling

up with him and the rest of the little girls, and they all fell asleep with their pussies,

asses, and bellies full of cum. It was not so cold anymore.

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