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A fantasy written for a friend
She walked down the street of her neighborhood. She had just gotten off of work
and was thinking of how miserable she had been recently. With work and with her
private life. She didn't have anything exciting happen to her, around her, or
near her. The only excitement she had had recently was sending some very
revealing photos to an adult web site that she had recently stumbled upon. And
some to a gent that she had meet on the same site.

So far he seemed a decent enough guy, lived across the pond, but seemed okay
besides that. He had showed an interest before some of the others. So much so,
that she actually gave him her email address to continue things outside of the
web site. So far he hadn't pushed for anything that no one seemed to want. And
that was more revealing photos of her. She felt a familiar tingle between her
legs just thinking about him and the photos she had already taken.

On her last posting on the web site, she sent in some more revealing photos of
her and one of her favorite toys. It was a big hit, and not a single negative
remark, unlike some of the others posting had been getting. This made her really
happy and thinking about sending in some more. And then she remembered the
comments from the other members. They were pretty much suggesting a massive orgy
with her as the only female. And the gent that had been emailing her even made a
parameter of seven men and her. The mere thought of it made her shiver with lust
and desire. And boosted her ego, the fact that seven men wanted to have sex with
her at once was amazing. She had always been shy and a bit self-conscious too.

She finally arrived at her flat and went. She looked around and decided that
this weekend she was going to be adventurous no matter what. She changed into
some sexy clothes and got onto the Internet. She checked her email accounts and
say that there was an email from the Yankee gent. A smile crept across her
face as she read his words. He told her that he was being sent over to London
for a weeklong meeting and would be arriving later that night. He asked if she
would pick him up at the airport and take him to his hotel.

She sat there, not sure what to say. She looked at the time the email was sent
and realized that he was probably already in the air and on his way over to
London. She didn’t know what to do. She closed his email and read some more that
she had, still trying to decide what to do. And without realizing it, she was
actually rubbing her nipples through the sheer material of the outfit she was

She got onto the web site and started asking people if they knew this guy that
called himself William. No body seemed to know him personally, but a few said
that he seemed like an ok kind of guy. She sent out messages to the administrator and a few others that she saw he had posted about. She got a few responses and they all seemed to give him positive reviews and good tidings. The administrator wrote her back saying that he always behaved himself in the board and never did anything wrong in her eyes. She asked for a reason behind all the questions.

So she told Cassie that he was flying into London and wanted her to pick him up
at the airport and take him to his hotel. Cassie responded back with her
personal number and permission to call her. So off the Internet she went and
called Cassie. They talked about the web site a bit and then the big question
came out. Cassie asked what she thought of the guy and what feelings did she
have about the whole thing?

She wasn't quite sure. She told Cassie that ever since she got his email that
she had been extremely excited and was even massaging her breast thinking about
it all. Cassie seemed to smile on the phone and told her to go for it. Cassie
said that she had had a few others hook up from her site and that it seemed to
turn her on hearing about what happened. Cassie even told her that if she wanted
to meet him but not alone that Cassie would meet her at the airport and they
would go together. And if this William seemed okay, that she would leave them
alone and wait to hear all about it later.

So it was decided that they would go together to meet this yank at the airport.
She got off the phone and realized that he would arrive in about four hours and
she needed to get ready. She hoped into the shower and took a really nice long
hot shower. She washed everywhere, even had to masturbate to orgasm she was
getting so excited about the whole thing. She then shaved and powdered. As she
went into her room, she then had to decide what to wear. Did she want to come
across as the British slut that felt at that moment, or try for the casual

She finally decided on a happy medium. She wore a casual skirt and loose fitting
blouse, and underneath she wore her sexiest lingerie. She jumped into her car
and realized that she didn’t know what this guy looked like and he didn’t know
what she looked like either. She ran back into the house and grabbed a felt tip
pen and a big piece of cardboard to write his name on. Then she decided to
change her clothes too. Since she was going to be acting like a chauffeur, why
not dress like one, or as close as she could.

She changed into a more business-oriented suit with her lingerie on underneath.
She grabbed a hat she had that looked like the ones that the chaffers wore and
ran back out to her car. She looked at her watch and knew she had time, but she
had to pick Cassie up first. As she pulled in front of the small bistro, she saw
a very attractive woman stand up with flaming red hair and a rather casual
outfit on. She walked over to the car and stuck her head into the window,

It was Cassie, she hoped. "Yes, are you Cassie?"

“Yeah, nice to be able to put a face to a name now. Shall we go or do we have time still?" Jackie looked at her watch and wasn’t sure really. Her mind suddenly drew a blank as to when his flight was to arrive.

"I honestly can't remember when his flight arrives but I think we should go though. We will need to make a sign for him, so he will know I am there. We never exchanged pictures." She blushed a little, but Cassie seemed not to notice and climbed into the car.

They talked about all the possibilities, even the unpleasant ones. But mainly
concentrated on all the positive ones though. By the time they got to the
airport, Jackie was ready for anything. They quickly made up a sign, simply
saying Mr. William. Cassie checked out Jackie's outfit and made sure she looked
nice and proper. After all, they were British if nothing else. (LOL) Cassie
agreed that she would stay with Jackie until his flight landed and people
started to exit the plane. Then she would step aside like she was waiting for
someone on her own. If a guy approached Jackie, Cassie would be close enough to
hear their conversation and then go from there.

They went to the info booth and discovered that there were three flights arrive
around the same time from the USA. It was then that Cassie remembered that he
came from Colorado, which then narrowed it down to the correct flight. As they
walked to the terminal to wait for the plane, they heard an announcement that
the flight was delayed another twenty minutes. They looked at each other and
headed over to the nearest coffee shop for something to drink. As they waited
for the flight to get closer, they chatted some more and realized that they had
a few things in common and agreed that if nothing else this had brought them
together and they would probably continue to be friends afterwards too.

As the time got closer, they got ready and headed to the gate where the plane
was to arrive. As Jackie looked out the windows she saw the plane get closer.
She looked at Cassie and had a panicked look on her face. "What if he is really
ugly or something?" Cassie looked at her and laughed, then said "Then act like a
chauffeur and take him to his Hotel and then go home." Jackie just smiled and
watched the doors open. Cassie stepped a couple feet away and started to look
for someone to come towards them.

In a rush several men got off the plane almost at once, and every one was
British. Then she could tell that the Americans started to exit the plane. Most
of them looked like business types, and none that looked like what she imagined
this William to look like. Then a lone man stepped out of the doors. He was not
dressed like the others; in fact he looked like a college student coming over
for a summer trip or something. He had brown hair down to his shoulders that he
had pulled back into a ponytail. He was wearing black jeans and a T-shirt with
some comic book character that she vaguely recognized and a backpack over his

He looked around the terminal and then headed straight towards Jackie and her
sign. Jackie didn’t seem to notice she was looking for a man dressed in a
business suit or similar to the others. Cassie quickly brought her attention to
the man walking towards them. As he got closer, Cassie and Jackie both saw that
he had the most radiant blue eyes that they had ever seen. It almost made
Jackie think of the pictures that she saw of wolves. He was a bit heavy set, but
nothing too bad. In fact, he carried himself like it was all natural and the
world just had to adjust to him and not the other way around. Definitely a
confident person.

He stopped in front of Jackie, looked at Cassie and smiled. "I see that you
brought a friend. I don't blame you one bit. After all, if some strange man
asked me to pick him, well, I am not even sure if I would even show up to be
honest and the fact that you did is really good." His smile seemed to radiate
confidence and pure joy. Jackie quickly returned his smile and shrugged her

Then William stepped forward and gave her a big hug and a smell peck on the
cheek. "Well, are we to stand here all night? I know that I am not what you were
expecting at all huh? I still need to grab my luggage and then we can head over
to my Hotel. And grab your friend too. The more the merrier, and I am sure the
safer you will feel too." Jackie offered her arm and lead William to the luggage
claim area. Cassie followed behind, looking around to see if anyone else might
show up and claim to be William.

After getting his luggage they went to Jackie’s car. William opened the door for
Cassie and then sat in the back seat himself. They all talked on the way to his
Hotel and got more comfortable with each other. Cassie revealed that she was the
administrator of the site that they visited and had offered to join Jackie to
help her through and to add some moral support. Jackie blushed again, and knew
that William saw it too.

They arrived at William's Hotel and saw that it was one of the nicer ones, but
not what most businessmen stayed in when they came to London. Jackie asked and
William just explained that he preferred to take a much less popular route then
others. Not to mention it usually was more relaxed and more comfortable then the
fancy executive type of Hotels. After checking in William invited them up for
something to drink before they went home. Jackie looked at Cassie and Cassie
said that she had things planned for the morning and needed to leave. She winked
at Jackie and went outside to get a cab home.

William and Jackie went up to his room and she was amazed at the size of it. It
was almost as big as her apartment. He put his stuff into a separate room like
he knew his way around. Then he came out and went into the mini kitchen and
pulled out a bottle of wine from the cooler. He poured two glasses and sat down
across from Jackie. While he was away from her she had decided on her course of
action for the night, she waited to see if he would pick up on it or not.

As William looked into her beautiful face he said, "I am glad that you picked me
up. But why the outfit if you don't mind me asking?"

"Well, I figured that we didn’t have pictures of each other so I brought the sign. Then I figured that it would be kind of fun to play the part of a chauffeur. And if you were not what I imagined you to be like, then I could just play it off as a chauffeur. Cassie thought it was a safe way to handle it too. But I am sure that I am not like any chauffeur that you have ever had before though."

She couldn't believe that she just said that. But after all the attention that
he had poured onto her in the web site and the emails, she felt that she was
adventurous enough to try anything tonight. Plus he was her type too. They
looked into each other's eyes and he seemed to pick up on her mood. He put his
glass down and moved next to Jackie on the couch. He took her glass from her and
kept eye contact the whole time. She was amazed that he was able to do and that
his eyes changed colors at least twice when he moved next to her.

He took her hand into his and lifted it to his mouth. He kissed the back of her
hand and then looked her in the eyes again. She could see a pure passion and
lust broil in his bright eyes. He asked her if this is what she wanted, she
simply nodded and leaned forward to kiss him. He accepted her kiss and returned
it with a passion and fervor that she had not felt in a very long time. He
covered her entire face in gentle kisses. Sucking her lower lip into his mouth
and gently running his tongue over it and nipping it gently and playfully. She
felt that long lost tingle return to her body as she suddenly felt so wanted and

He kissed her eyes gently and then her cheeks and then over to her earlobes. He
took her earlobe into his mouth and rolled her small earring around in his mouth
and tongue. She felt herself relax and totally give in to him. He released her
ear and stood up. He took her hand and led her to the other room. When they
entered, her breath was taken away. She saw flowers of all kinds through out the
room and candles lit on all the tables and dressers and even the small desk by
the window. She saw the bed and was amazed, it was so big. There was enough room
for at least six people to sleep in it, without touching each other.

As he pulled her into the room he turned all the lights off and allowed the
gentle glow of the candles to embrace them. He guided her to the bed; once again
asking if she was okay with the way this was proceeding. She turned around and
took his head in her hands and kissed so passionately that it even shocked her.
He wrapped his big arms around her and lifted her easily off her feet and
carried her to the bed. He laid her down and started to kiss her face again.
This time more passionately then before, and with more fervor too. She could
feel herself start to get wet between her legs and she also felt him start to
get excited too. She looked him in the eyes as he kissed her and made his way
down to her chin and neck.

As he covered her neck in kisses, he started to unfasten the blouse that she
wore and reveal the treasures beneath. He saw the silky material of her lingerie
and that seemed to drive him even more to get her undressed. As he slowly
unfastened the rest of the buttons with his teeth, Jackie knew that she was in
for a treat. He opened her blouse up and looked at the breast that he had only
seen on the web site. She knew that approved of her breasts and her lingerie. He
quickly moved down to remove the silk pants that she wore. As he undid the clasp
with his teeth, he gently pulled the pants down with his hands as he gazed at
her in her lingerie. She saw a grin spread across his face and she felt a love
that you can only get from someone that is totally ready to have the best sex
with you in the world.

She raised her hips up so that he could pull her pants off. Then he lifted her
gently and pulled the blouse off. "Well, you were right about one thing, I
definitely never had a chauffeur like this before." She giggled like a
schoolgirl as he started to plant delicate kisses all over her chest and
breasts. She started to moan with pleasure and approval and she could feel
herself get wetter by the kiss. Then she felt him take her nipple into his
mouth, through the silk and lace of her lingerie. He swirled his tongue around
her nipple as it got harder and more erect with each touch of his tongue. He
then pulled the material aside and took her bare nipple into his mouth and
rolled it around in his mouth and pushed it against the roof of his mouth. She
started to moan again, and she could feel her entire body start to move like a
wave of passion had suddenly engulfed her.

As he sucked her nipple deeper into his mouth he started to fondle and knead her
other breast. He rolled her nipple between his fingers and gently pulled and
twisted on it. She gasped out in pleasure and pushed her chest closer to him to
let him know that she liked all the attention. He released her nipple from his
mouth and moved over to the other one. The cool air wafted across her wet nipple
and made it even harder. She shivered as he took her other nipple and freed it
from her lingerie. He sucked on the nipple and pulled it into his mouth. As he
drew it deeper into his mouth she felt an orgasm approach, something that she
had never experienced from someone sucking on her breast before.

Just as her orgasm got closer, she felt him take the tip of her nipple into his
teeth and gently bite it, at the same time flicking his tongue over the tip. She
felt her orgasm explode inside of her and rush out of every pour. She let out a
scream and he didn’t even stop. He continued to suck and knead her breast for
several more minutes. She was in ecstasy. No one had ever treated her this way
before. Most men just wanted to play with her large breast, usually roughly too,
and then fuck her until they were done. She felt that this was going to be much
better than anything she had had in a very long time.

He finished sucking her nipples and started to kiss his way down her belly. He
licked and kissed all of her flesh until he reached her pubic area. He ran his
tongue over the sparse hairs until he was between her legs. She didn’t even
realize that she had spread her legs at all, he was just suddenly there. She
could feel his hot breath against the material covering her pussy. He worked his
tongue over her encased pussy. He started at the top and in one fluid motion
licked all the way down to her ass with out stopping. He licked and sucked at
her lips through the material and got her wetter and wetter with each flick of
his tongue.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled his head from between her
legs. He looked at her like he did something wrong. She stood up and in quick
movements removed her lingerie. She laid back down, grabbed his head and put it
back in between her legs. Without any hesitation, he started to lick and suck
her bare pussy lips. His hands roamed all over body, touching her gently and
with a purpose. He kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between fingers
that seemed that they knew exactly what she needed. She could feel her juices
flowing like a river was inside of her pussy. She just knew that her juices
covered his face. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth and she clamped her
legs around his head and came so hard she was afraid that she had hurt him.

But it didn’t seem to effect a thing he did as he continued to suck her clit
deeper and deeper into his mouth. Rolling it across his tongue and pushing it
against the roof of his mouth. He gently nibbled her clit, not too hard, but
enough to make it feel really good. She had never cum like this before. He
concentrated on sucking her pussy next. Taking her lips into his and licking
them inside and out with his talented tongue. Then his tongue entered her pussy;
she felt her inner muscles grab at it like it was a small cock. She was having
orgasm after orgasm and couldn’t feel anything else.

Just when she thought that she had felt all that she could, he slowly pushed a
single finger into her. He moved it around, just inside of her until he found
what he was looking for. As he touched her g-spot, she felt the greatest feeling
imaginable wash through her entire body. Wave after wave of pleasure rode
through her. She felt parts of her body tighten and relax that she didn’t even
realize could be effected by sex. Her entire body became super sensitive and he
was touching all of her, almost at once it seemed.

Then he stopped massaging her g-spot and started to move his finger out of her dripping wet pussy and push it slowly into her anus. She had had guys fuck her there once or twice, but this was completely different. He was still sucking and licking her pussy as he did it and the pleasure was beyond belief. As he gently eased his finger in slowly, she felt herself orgasm yet again. My god, how many was this man going to get out of her? She had never cum this many times this close together, and he hadn’t even entered her yet.

Finally, she could take no more. She realized that she must have been screaming, because her throat was so sore. She begged him, “Please enter me, please put your cock into me and fuck me now. Please I can’t it anymore, I need to cum with your cock inside of me.” He looked her in the face and she could see her juices covering his entire face. “As you wish milady.”

He stood up and pulled his clothes off and she saw his cock. It wasn’t very large, but it was very wide and round. It was red where he must have been lying on it the whole time. Before he could position himself to enter her, she grabbed his waist and pulled him to her. She took his cock into her mouth and slowly licked and sucked on just the head of it. As she swirled her tongue around the tip, she felt him slowly buck his hips, but he seemed to control the urge to just push all the way in. She let her tongue trail all the way down to his balls, and realized that she could probably take all of him too.

She then pushed further down his cock and licked his balls with his cock in her mouth. He moaned and bucked and pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. She was grateful that he was not too long, but also was filled with his width. She started to stroke his balls with her hands and suck up and down on his cock. He didn’t move much, but that was fine with her, it meant that she in control of how much of him she wanted and could take. Finally after several minutes of it he started to pull away and told her, “If you don’t stop I won’t be of anymore use to you.” She understood what he meant and let his cock go.

He moved between her legs again and licked and sucked her pussy some more. She wasn’t sure why, but didn’t argue either. Then he got between her legs and slowly pushed his bulbous cock into her waiting pussy. Her juices covered his cock head as he slowly parted her lips. He ran the head of his cock over her clit a few times and then pushed into her. Slowly her lips parted and he filled her with his cock. She spread her legs to let him get into her better and then she wrapped them around his body. Slowly, he started to move in and out of her. Pushing his cock into her deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust. He leaned forward and kissed each nipple and then kissed her passionately on the lips.

She could taste herself, and she didn’t mind a bit. As he rocked into her, his pace started to quicken. She wrapped her legs around him tighter and pulled him as far into as she could. She wanted all of him no matter what. He stopped and grabbed her legs and pulled them over his shoulder. A position that she liked when done right. He started to slowly pump into her again, and this time much deeper with each stroke. He was leaning over her and she rose up to kiss his face and lips and suck his lip this time.

Now he started to slow down, and then pull almost all the way out. She knew what was coming next and couldn’t wait for it. As she figured he slammed into her and filled her completely. She could feel his cock head hit the deepest part of her pussy. She screamed as an orgasm flooded her body and lifted up to meet his. He plunged deeper into her then she thought was possible. She was having orgasm after orgasm. She had never had so many and so intense of ones before in her life.

Then she could tell that he was getting ready to cum as well, he started to pound into her pussy. A sign she knew was common with most men. She was suddenly worried, she didn’t remember him putting a glove and she was concerned that he would cum inside of her. He started slamming into her harder and faster and the thought flew from her mind. Then he pulled out and moved quickly. She looked at him as he started to release his cock and saw his cum spurt out and cover her breasts and nipples. She was relieved, but also a little disappointed too. She almost wanted him to cum inside of her.

As he collapsed next to her, she looked into his face and saw that he was smiling back at her. She rolled over and pulled him into her arms. She hugged him close and he seemed to nuzzle into her chest, even with his cum all over them. Neither one seemed to care at this point. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. She awoke once during the night and looked to see where she was, and saw a few candles were still lit and saw him curled up next to her, their bodies touching. She looked down and was amazed that his cock was still erect and seemed to glisten in the faint light. She smiled and chuckled to herself. His cock was covered in her juices. She had just had some the best sex in her life with a complete stranger. Her life was exciting now, and she had enjoyed every minute of it. She wondered what was next with this stranger.

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2009-05-26 23:29:57
Good story.


2009-05-11 00:18:44
A very good story,my tongue is still stiff my girl is sitting on my face hard to type this way so far she has has cum three times,I have her cum in my mouth trying to swallow.


2007-09-16 17:06:08
This story was REALLY GOOD!! And, speaking for myself, the most I have cum is 18 times in 2 hours.... and he went three times!! we had been looking forward to each other for a while and stayed escalated for hours....


2007-08-11 18:10:35
Now I know why England won the big one... with that kind of energy they can stillrule the world.... When will she visit the USA?


2007-07-31 04:14:12
Women can cum like that. I know from experience and what me and my girlfriend have done together. A lot of the reason multiple orgasms like that could ever occur is because of atmosphere. The excitement was something that she was yearning for and definately increased how horny she was. Trust me, in the right situation you can make a woman cum untold amounts. I believe the most my girlfriend has come w/i maybe an hour is 7 times. And we only stopped so we could make it to a movie. If you get in their heads it makes the sex way better. Give it a shot.

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