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The conclusion to this series
They drove around England. She showed him all the sights that she thought was
worth seeing. They drove by the major landmarks and he took a few pictures from
a disposable camera. As the sun started to set he leaned towards her and kissed
hr check.

"I'm getting hungry, how about you babe?" She looked at him and just smiled.
Then said, "Yeah I am hungry too, for your cock again. Call me addicted but I
want it again." He just looks at her and smiles back. "Well, I was referring to
food, not sex. But now that you mention I could go for some bare nipple or juicy
pussy right about now. BUT, lets get some food first, so that we can fuck all
night long babe."

"Well, if you insist. Where do you want to go?" He looks at her and grins,
almost evilly. "I heard about this place from some co-workers. They said it is
pretty wild and the food was really good. A bit pricey they said, but worth it
though. Want to give it a try?"

"Sure why not. You only live once. Where is it?" He smiles back and pulls out a
piece of paper with an address and directions from a couple of different places.
She looks at it and frowns a little bit. He looks at her concerned and says,
"What's wrong babe? Have you heard of this place?"

"Well no, but the location is not the best in town though. It is were all the
bad elements hang out. It is known for drugs and violence." He looks genuinely
concerned and replies, "Well, if it is that bad we can always go somewhere else.
But I am sure that my co-workers would have said something though. It is up to
you though."

"Well, I do have a well built man with me. So I guess it can't be too bad really
though right. So let's go. What the hell huh." He stared into her eyes and knew
she was sincere. As they pulled away from the curb, she looked around to get her
bearings and then head down the street. Within a half-hour they were in front of
a darkly lit building. She pulled her up to the building and looked it over as
she stopped.

She looked over at William and grinned a bit sheepishly. She looked back at the
building and then at Duncan. "Are you sure that this is the place my dear?" "Not
really, but if this is the address I gave you babe, then I guess it is. Do you
want to go in or not?"

"Well Duncan, I don't know. I kind of want to, but I also am getting this feeling
of something, just not sure is all."

"Tell you what, let me go in and see what it looks like. Close and lock the door
until I get back and then we will decide okay." He smiles wanly at her and she
smiles back. He slowly gets out of the car and pushes the door closed. She leans
over and locks it behind him and watches him walk up to the building.

He knocks on the door and a small bar opens. A dark face looks out and sees
Duncan. They speak to each other briefly and the door opens. William looks back
at the car and waves at Jackie. She waves back and he enters the building. She
watches at the light disappears with the closing door. She nervously waits for
him to reappear through the door. Finally, after ten minutes of waiting, he
walks out the front door with a thin man at his side.

William walks up to her window and motions for her to roll the window down. A
touch of fear crosses her face as she rolls the window down only a little bit.
She looks at the man and then at Duncan. "It's okay babe. He is the Valet. He
will park your car in their secure lot below the building. I think you will like
the inside, I know that I liked what I saw. Will you join me?" He reaches his
hand out and she realizes that he is telling the truth.

She opens the door and lets the Valet take her car down a ramp a little ways
past the front door. William takes her hand and leads them back to the door. The
door opens as he knocks on it. She is momentarily blinded by the change in the
light, but realizes that it is not brighter, but just different then she

William looks back at her and smiles. He pulls her closer to him and wraps his
big arm around her shoulder. He squeezes her to him, and they keep walking. They
walk past several tables with couples and groups as well. But she doesn't see
any servers yet. She tries looking for them, but then William turns them down a
small hall and then walks into a large room.

She looks around the room and sees a few tables in it and a group of people in
one corner. William takes her hand and leads them to the table in the opposite
corner. It is nice and dark and only a couple of candles are on the table. A
long tablecloth hangs over the table, hiding the table legs and anything that
might be under it. She knows that she is being paranoid, but she has heard a lot
of weird stuff happens in this area.

As they sit down she notices that there are no chairs, but benches that circle
around and under the table itself. She sits down and is surprised again by how
soft and warm the seats are, almost like someone was sitting in them before they
arrived. She looks down and sees that the benches are covered in cushions.
Leaning back the wall feels soft as well. She looks at the wall and sees that it
is covered with material to make the room appear darker and to absorb noise.

William delicately takes her hand in his and looks perplexed. She leans in to
him and whispers into his ear, "I don't like this. It just feels wrong. You
haven't heard some of the things that I have heard. Can we go?"

"If that is what you want to do. I think this place is okay. I don't feel
anything bad is going to happen. But if you want to leave I will understand." As
she starts to say something, a server walks up to their table. She looks at him
and sees that he is scantily clad and has a well sculpted body. He looks to be
about 20 years old and fresh from his mother's womb. He leans close to Jackie
and she can smell a musk from him that starts to make her wet suddenly. She
looks at William and sees a big smile on his face.

"Would milady like a drink? We have anything that you could possible think of."
She thinks a minute and orders a drink and watches as he leaves. She then
notices that he didn't take Duncan's order at all. Just then a lady approaches
and she is also wear nearly nothing. She approaches the table and says, "Would
milord like a drink?" William places his order and then looks at Jackie as the
female walks away. Jackie then notices that she felt the same towards the female
as she did the male.

As they talk while waiting for their drinks, she continues to express her
discomfort about being there and wanting to leave soon. William just looks at
her and smiles and agrees to leave, after they have finished their drinks. The
servers return with their drinks, and Jackie can't help but feel aroused in the
presence of the servers. She feels like a teenager with her hormones raging and
surging and needing something.

As the drinks are put down the servers lean in and whisper into the ears of
their guest so that the other does not hear. As Jackie listens carefully,
intrigued by her current feelings and not wanting to leave, the young man
recites the menu into her ear.

" Would milady care for any of the following: Cunnilingus, sodomy, intercourse,
multiple intercourses, masturbation, mutual masturbation, or something cruder.
Say for instance... a gangbang, or maybe a specific fantasy fulfilled. Or maybe
milady would like to experience our fully prepared and stocked dungeon with
several amenities?"

Jackie sits still and feels her face and chest blush with the words the young
man utters. She looks to William and imagines that he is hearing something
similar. But he starts to talk with the young woman earnestly and looking over
at Jackie and smiling. When he is done the young lady steps away and then steps
over and talks to the young man before Jackie he leans back in and whispers,
"Your gentleman seems to have ordered for the two of you. I certainly hope you
enjoy your time with the Pleasure Cafe." Then he steps away and walks off with
the young woman. Jackie then realizes that she is extremely wet from the entire

She looks over at William and again sees a Cheshire grin. She leans over the
table and asks him, "What have you done. I thought we were leaving after our
drinks?" He looks back at her, smiles broadly, and replies, "But of course we
are dear. But we have a few minutes to wait for the car to be brought up and to
finish our drinks. But patient my sweet. All is well, just sit back and enjoy."

And with that she sees five young men and a lady approach the table. The lady
leans in and whispers to William and then smiles as he smiles. The lady steps
back to the group of men and whispers into one's ear. He smiles and does the
same. Before Jackie knows it all the men and the lady are smiling. Then one of
the men, actually her waiter, steps forward, and with out warning kisses her
squarely on the lips.

A bit taken aback by the action Jackie starts to protest when William is next to
her and whispers into her ear, "Remember when we first started talking on Pixies
and you posted your first nude pics. You received a lot of feedback and even an
offer for a gangbang. You replied that you wanted it and I proposed at least
seven needed to be involved. Well, here is the other six. Including the young
lady, it seems that one of the other gentlemen is busy and she was asked to step
in. I hope you don't mind sexy?"

A grin quickly spreads across Jackie's lips as she realizes what is about to
happen. Her waiter then takes her hand and helps her to stand. The lady grabs
Duncan's hand and they are lead away to a secluded room. When Jackie and William
enters all they see are large pillows and several soft, furry rugs that could be
used as blankets. As they step in the door is closed behind them and latched
from the inside to prevent any intruders or added company.

Jackie is then escorted to the center of the room and lowered to a very large
pillow. Music starts to play a slow gentle tune. It sounds vaguely familiar, yet
Jackie's attention is quickly pulled away from the music as her waiter removes
his shirt. He is well defined and rather muscular. Jackie then feels a bit self
conscious until she feels hands running all over her body.

She looks around and sees that everyone in the room is surrounding her,
including Duncan. The woman then sits next to Jackie and leans in and gently
kisses Jackie. It is like an electric pulse shooting from her lips to her
nipples and then down to her clit. The hands continue their soothing motion as
the woman starts to remove Jackie's clothes. The young man is standing before
her now, completely naked and his cock starts to harden as more of Jackie is
revealed. Jackie forgets about being self-conscious as she sees his cock get
engorged with blood and stiffen until it stands straight out from his lithe,
young body.

The next thing she knows she is completely naked along with everyone else. She
feels as though in a daze, but also very much alive. Hands are touching her
everywhere. Soft, delicate hands rough callused hands, and large strong hands.
She no longer knows whose belongs to who's except that it feels good to her.

Then it happens, someone is between her outstretched legs and sucking on her
pussy. She can not tell who it is and starts to not really care. She lets her
body fall into the spell of pure sex. A cock then appears in front of her face
and she gladly takes it into her mouth. She guides the long thin cock to her
lips and swirls her tongue around the tip. The man behind the cock moans out in
pleasure as she takes his cock into her mouth. He doesn't push forward, but
allows her to take what she can.

She slides his cock into her mouth. She guesses that he is probably about 7 or 8
inches long and takes as much as she can. Then she starts to pull it out and
then lick the head of his cock. She tastes his pre-cum ooze out and it is sweet
on her tongue. Then she feels hands lift her arms and guides them to waiting

She falls into the trance of the moment and starts to stroke and rub the
stiffening cocks in her hands. Then she feels the mouth leave her wet pussy and
someone move in between her legs. She feels a hard cock rub her pussy lips and
get his cock head lubricated from her wet pussy and then slowly slide his cock
into her waiting pussy.

She feels hands all over her body still and doesn't even try to register how
many but enjoy the feeling of being the center of attention for a change. The
cock in her mouth starts to slide in and out a bit and she opens her mouth to
take as much as she possible can. The man moves with just the tip in her mouth
until he is over her head. She then feels a pair of hands massage her breasts
and then push them together.

Warm oil drips onto her generous tits and pools in her valley. She feels hands
rub the oil into her breast and massage her nipples extensively. She moans
around the cock in her mouth as her nipples get harder. She also feels the slow
accent of the cock in her pussy stop at her cervix and then start to pull out.
She moans again and tries to pull away from the cock in her mouth but instead
manages to take him deeper into her mouth.

She feels his short pubic hairs tickle her nose and can smell his aroma from his
testicles. She breathes in deeper and feels herself pulse with sexual energy.
She gobbles the cock in her mouth as the cock in her pussy starts to set a
steady rhythm of penetration into her. She bucks her hips a bit to get the cock
deeper into her pussy. She continues to stroke the cocks in her hands and
briefly wonders how she is keeping up with everything that is going on.

Then just when she can't imagine what else could possible come next, she feels a
cock slide between her ponderous tits. The oil allows the cock to easily slide
in between her massive jugs. Her nipples are also being played with as the cock
slides back and forth. She can't believe how incredible that this all feels. As
she starts to feel that everyone has entered a supernatural like rhythm, she a
set of hands running the length of her body. The hands are soft and delicate.
She imagines that they belong to the only other woman in the room.

The hands run up her legs, stops at her clit and massages it with her own
juices. The cock in her pussy slows for a second and almost pulls out then
suddenly slams into her. And from no where her first orgasm races through her
body and forces her hips to buck up and away from the precariously positioned
cock. She falls back to the pillows and then starts to feel her entire body buck
and jerk with the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced.

The hands continue to move up her body, over her tummy. She feels one of the
cocks in her hand start to throb and instinct tells her to pump it harder and
tighter. As she reacts instantly she feels a hot fluid land on her left breast
and another. She continues to pump the cock until it starts to soften in her

The hands of the woman continue until they are at her now covered tit. The hands
work the cum into her tits. Circling her nipples with it and then pushing some
onto the cock that is fucking her tits. The hands then trail up her throat.
Jackie's hips are bucking with the thrust of the cock in her pussy as she
tightens her pussy walls to make him cum too.

It seems that her whole body is working off of her primal instincts. She pumps
the cock in her right hand harder and then she feels it explode in her hand. As
cum shoots out of the cock and lands on her tummy and right tit. She feels the
cock squirt once more than it starts to ooze cum over her hand and wrist. She
feels so wanton and brazen and even sluttish. But she is enjoying every second
of it.

The cock in her mouth starts to pump harder and a little deeper now. She is not
gagging on it, only trying to take more of it. Then she feels the head expand
and she knows that it is about to cum in her mouth. She forces her mouth as far
onto it as she can and feels the explosion of cum hit the back of her mouth and
slide down her throat.

At the same time, the cock in her pussy starts to spasm and shoot its load into
her. She wraps her legs around the body of the man and pulls him into her. She
feels another orgasm wash through her body and build. As the cum shoots down her
throat and into her pussy, her orgasms intensify and she feels like her whole
body is one giant nerve.

Then she feels something hit her face and remembers the cock in between her
tits. Obviously, the man is cumming also as it hits her chin, her throat, and
then onto her face. The cock in her mouth slowly starts to pull away and she can
feel cum dribble out of her mouth as she can only swallow so much. She feels her
body covered in cum and moans as an electric current fills her body and the
resulting orgasm feels as though she is going to explode from the inside out.

The cock in her pussy starts to pull out. The cock in hr mouth is withdrawn and
leaves a trail of cum and saliva on her chin. It mixes with the cum from the
cock in between her tits. The delicate hands start to run all over her body
again and is now rubbing all of the cum into her flesh. She feels sticky, and
dirty, and naughty. And wanting more of what has just happened.

She looks up and sees Duncan's face above hers and realizes that he was the one
fucking her tits. She smiles at him and he smiles back. "How do you feel my
sweet?" She smiles again and tries to talk. Her throat is a bit sore from the
cock that was servicing it, but she squeaks out that she wants more.

William smiles again and it looks almost sinister. She chuckles and releases the
cocks in her hands. He lies down on top of her and kisses her face. He takes his
cum from her chin and deposits it into her mouth. She swallows it and moans in
pleasure. "So you want more huh? And why should you receive more?"

She looks up at him, ponders his questions and then replies, "Because I am a
slut and need more please. Please fuck me more; cover all of my body in cum. I
want all of these men to cum all over my body as much as they can. And then
bring in more. I want to be your slut. I want you to remember this forever."

He smiles and simply says, "As you wish." He rises from her and stands above
her. She sees his cock enlarge and get hard again quickly. He looks around and
motions for one of the men over. They talk and nod at the same time. Then they
separate. The woman continues to rub the cum into Jackie's skin. Then she starts
to lick and nibble Jackie'' flesh. Taking some of the precious cum from her.

Jackie moans in pleasure as a wave of orgasms rush through her again. Her body
seems to have become so sensitive that the mere touch illicit an orgasm or two.
Jackie can never remember this feeling before in her entire life, but she likes
it! She sees William again as he sits next to her. He lifts her head and pours
some liquid into her mouth. She realizes just how thirsty she is and drinks all
of the fiery fluid he pours into mouth.

When he is done he leans over and gently kisses her face. Sending a pulse
through her again. She then feels someone between her legs again and realizes
that it is the woman. Never having been with a woman before she feels a bit
reluctant. Then all of a sudden an earth shattering orgasm expands from her
pussy and she feels herself arch her back and lift off of the pillows. The only
thing touching is her head and her feet.

William smiles and Jackie tightens her thighs around the woman's head. She feels
the woman's tongue snake into her pussy and take the cum from inside of her.
Jackie releases a moan of pleasure and disappointment. But doesn't do anything
to stop the incredible feeling of being eaten out by another woman.

Then she feels hands all over her again. But these are rough, big hands.
Obviously the hands of men. She is lifted off of the pillows and into the air.
As she feels a cool breeze waft across her delicate flesh, she spasms with
another orgasm. Then she is lowered back down. She then feels a body below hers
and a stiff cock brushing across her pussy from below.

The mouth pulls away from her pussy and Jackie feels the woman's hair brushes against her inner thighs. Then she feels a cock head being moved up and down her ass. She knows what is next and tries to relax. She knows she is willing and able to take a cock in her ass, but she needs to be ready for it. But to her surprise, the cock slides into her ass with very little resistance. She feels that the cock is well lubed, and rationalizes that with all the sex that she is lubed and relaxed beyond belief.

The cock feels rather fat, yet not too big. She smiles and hopes that it is the cock of her new lover Duncan. As her body naturally lowers itself onto the cock, she pushes down with her hips and pushes it deep into her ass. She moans with feeling of pain and intense pleasure. As another orgasm rockets through her, she starts to set the rhythm herself and it is rather fast too. She wants him to cum in her ass so that she can take another in her ass. Then she feels a cock start to open her pussy lips and enter her. This cock feels rather large as well, but not that short. She thinks it is from one of the men that she was stroking off.

Once again her hands are moved to waiting cocks. She knows now what is to happen. She opens her mouth and sure enough a cock slides. Her hands are filled with a cock each, her mouth is filled with a cock as well as her ass and pussy. She waits for the cock to slide in between her breast, and realizes that only the woman remains. But to her surprise and joy, she feels a hot cock slide in between her tits.

And her body succumbs to the pleasure that is being given to her. She feels intense pleasure as she is filled in every orifice, including her hands and tits. Quickly, Jackie loses track of time. All she knows is the extreme pleasure she is receiving from the numerous insertions. She stops trying figure out how have fucked her as she experiences new levels of pleasure and orgasm.

Finally, she begs them all to stop. William slides up next to her and wraps his arms around her. "How do you feel?" She smiles and says, "Wonderful!!!"

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