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Now that Jolyne had been introduced to the wonderful world of fucking,
she couldn't seem to get her mind off hard cocks. Every time she passed
a man on the street, she unconsciously looked for a bulge in the front
of his pants. Now that she was no longer a virgin, she began thinking
more and more about her math teacher's prick. She'd had a secret crush
on him since the first day in class, and now that she was sexually
active, the feeling for him was much more intense.

Sitting at her desk one afternoon, the girl couldn't seem to keep her
eyes off the handsome teacher. As he stood in front of the class, Jolyne
was all hot and itchy between her legs as she tried to visualize the
cock beneath his pants. Watching him as she sat at her desk, the
youngster's desire for him was so strong she could almost scream. She
suddenly realized she'd never be satisfied until she could feel his hard
boner stuffed up between her legs.

When the bell rang at the end of class, Jolyne remained seated while all
the other students left the room. When she and the teacher were the only
ones in the classroom, she slowly walked up to his desk.

"Mr. Andrews," she smiled, her lower lip trembling slightly. "Do you
like me?"

"Of course I like you," he answered, completely puzzled by her question.

"I mean do you really like me?" she whispered.

"Of course I do."

"Enough to go to bed with me?"

"Certainly not!" he snapped.

"Why not?"

"For one thing, you're too young."

Realizing she would have to take desperate measures, Jolyne casually
walked over and locked the door. Slowly strolling back to where the
handsome man was seated behind his desk, the girl began brazenly
unbuttoning her blouse.

"Jolyne!" he gasped as she removed the garment, boldly baring her cute
bra-less tits. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"That's up to you," she whispered, lowering the zipper on the side of
her skirt. "I'm ready for anything you want."

"Stop that!" he shouted as the horny little blonde rolled her skirt down
over her softly rounded hips and ass, leaving her completely naked
except for her brief little panties.

"Take it easy, Mr. Andrews," she giggled, slipping her fingers into the
waistband of her pants. "If you shout again, I'll scream."

"You wouldn't dare," he gulped.

"Just try me," she whispered. "Think how it would look and what people
would say if they found a naked student in the math teacher's room."

"Jesus Christ, Jolyne!" he gasped when the beautiful young blonde
removed her panties. "Have you gone crazy?"

"Nope," smiled the girl, standing completely naked in front of the
stunned teacher. "You have two choices. You can either fuck me or I
start screaming."

"You little slut!" he gasped, staring at her bare flesh. "I can't
believe you could be so depraved."

"Do you want me to scream?" she whispered, kicking off her sandals.


"Then shut up," she grinned.

Afraid of being caught with the naked student, he just stared helplessly
at her luscious young tits with the big turgid nipples thrusting out
from them. Finally lowering his eyes down over her deliciously flat
stomach, they momentarily focused on the soft pink pussylips nestled
within her golden cunt curls. Her cute little cunt glistened with the
juices that shimmered like drops of dew on her slippery cuntlips.

Not saying another word, the horny girl moved behind the desk, and,
facing the seated man, she perched her sweet young ass on top of it.
Resting her feet on the arms of his chair, she spread her knees so that
her open pussy was only inches from his eyes.

Unable to control himself, the man could feel his prick starting to
swell and stir in his pants as he gazed at her delicious little cunt.
The fragrant scent of it was filling his nostrils.

"D'ya like it?" she whispered, seeing the bulge in the front of his

When he didn't answer, Jolyne removed one of her bare feet from the arm
of his chair and began rubbing his crotch with it.

"Guess what, Mr. Andrews," she giggled. "You're gettin' a hard-on."

The teacher's cock had suddenly exploded into a full-blown erection as
her dainty little toes lovingly caressed it through the material of his
pants. Seeing the excitement burning in his eyes, Jolyne hoped she could
get him to fuck her. Sliding off the desk, she knelt in front of the
seated man and quickly lowered his zipper.

"Oh, God, please put your clothes on and get out of here," he begged,
still trying to control the burning lust that was rapidly building in
his loins.

"I told you I'd scream if you don't shut up," she warned, easing his
hard boner out of his open fly.

"Please don't," panted the man.

"Then be quiet," she giggled, starting to stroke his massive boner.

Feeling her teacher's hard meat lurching and throbbing in her hand,
Jolyne knew that seducing him would be very exciting. There was
something about the rubbery hardness and heat of his prick that was
really turning her on.

Her young cunt was creaming hotly between her legs as she peeled the
soft thick foreskin back and forth over his throbbing boner. Thrilled by
the feel of it, the horny little blonde lowered her head and pressed his
hot, hard cockhead against her cheek. The texture and warmth of it was
exciting against her flesh.

Inhaling the male aroma of his drooling prick, she brushed her softly
parted lips over his big sensitive knob. Gently holding his shaft in her
hand, she swirled her tongue deliciously around the head of his dick.

Feeling the man trembling with excitement, Jolyne smiled up at him and
began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his shaft. She
could feel it swelling even larger as she teased her hot wet tongue all
around the rim of his sensitive cockhead. Slowly lowering her lips, the
naughty teenager took all of her teacher's big plum-colored knob into
her hot little mouth. She could feel him trembling with joy as her soft
slippery lips slid down over his dome-shaped cockhead.

"Oh, my God!" gasped the man, staring at the way his meaty hard-on was
buried in the darling youngster's hot sucking mouth.

"Do you like it?" she whispered, temporarily removing his cock from her

"Jesus, yes!" he gasped, no longer wanting the girl to leave him alone.
"It's fantastic!"

"I knew you'd like it," she giggled.

His prick began throbbing even more violently in her hand as she once
more lowered her mouth down over it. The silence in the classroom was
broken only by his panting and the sound of her greedy little mouth
sucking noisily on his spit-drenched shaft. With his eyes closed in
ecstasy, the excited teacher was thoroughly enjoying the erotic smacking
sound of the horny youngster's mouth sucking and milking on his
sensitive cock.

With her deliciously hot lips encircling his bloated meat, she took it
deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel his hard rubbery
knob probing against the back of her throat. Wanting to please the
handsome man even more, she slowly lifted her mouth with such an intense
suction that it caused the teacher to moan with joy. Repeating this lewd
action, she could feel the man thrusting his hips up from the chair to
meet every downward plunge of her soft sucking mouth.

"Oh, my God!" he moaned, half-crazed by the feel of her lips around his
prick. "Suck, honey, suck!"

"Suck what?" she giggled, temporarily removing her mouth from his boner.

"You know," he panted. "Suck my thing."

"You can talk plainer than that," she grinned. "What do you want me to

"My penis," answered the aroused man who always used very proper
language at all times.

"What's the matter?" she giggled, wanting to hear her teacher use
naughty words. "Can't you say cock?"

"Sure I can," he panted.

"Then what do you want me to do?"

"Suck my cock!" he finally yelled.

"Say it again," she laughed, pleased to hear her handsome teacher use a
four-letter word.

"Suck my cock!" he excitedly shouted, grasping the girl's blonde hair
and forcing her mouth down toward his prick. "Suck my fucking cock!"

"That's better," she giggled, once more lowering her mouth down over his

With his breath coming in hot short gasps, he curled his fingers into
her tousled hair, pushing her mouth down tighter over his big throbbing

"Suck it, baby, suck it!" he panted, wildly pumping his cock in and out
of her slurping mouth. "Suck for Christ's sake! I'm almost there!"

Wanting to prolong his ejaculation until his prick was in her cunt,
Jolyne released his tingling boner and hopped up onto the desk again.
Once more facing him with her feet on the arms of his chair and her
knees spread widely apart, she could see the lust on his face as he
stared into her juicy snatch.

"Honey," she whispered, reaching out and unbuttoning his shirt, "I've
got a neat surprise for you, if you'll take your clothes off."

Unable to control himself any longer, he quickly stood up and removed
his clothes.

"Now that's much better," she whispered as he sat down in front of her
again, gazing up between her legs at the steamy little cunt that was
only inches from his eyes.

She could see his thick purple cock throbbing lustily as the aroused man
watched the little droplets of glistening pussy-cream oozing out from
between her hot wet cuntlips. The soft velvety texture of the
youngster's slippery inner flesh could be seen between the slightly
parted lips of her sweet young pussy.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, writhing her juicy little cunt around in
front of his excited eyes. "Why don't you kiss my horny little pussy?"

Frank Andrews had never once dreamed of touching a cunt with his mouth,
but suddenly the thought of it made his prick throb more violently.
Completely mesmerized by the sight of her little oozing slit, the
aroused teacher lost all control of himself and buried his face in the
swampy hotness of the young girl's soft furry little teenaged hole.

"Oh, Mr. Andrews," she whimpered with joy. "You naughty man, I love it.
Shit, I love it."

Excited by the tangy flavor of the youngster's hotly leaking pussy, he
feverishly attacked her open slit with his mouth and tongue. The
handsome teacher's face was completely saturated with the slippery
juices that were flooding out of her deliciously tasting cunt.

"D'ya like it?" she whispered, writhing her cunt up around his slavering
mouth. "D'ya like my hot little pussy?"

"Fuck, yes," he panted, thrusting his tongue even deeper into her hot
little fuckhole.

With his face buried in the fragrant softness of her slippery little
snatch, the teacher was completely enthralled by the feel of her soft
cunt hair against his cheeks and nose as he sucked and slurped on his
beautiful student's deliciously scented twat. The feel and taste of
Jolyne's teenaged slit was driving him wild as his lips and tongue
worked up and down between her spread cuntlips.

Thrilled by the intense pleasure that was radiating out from between her
legs to every tingling nerve in her body, the aroused girl was writhing
in ecstasy on top of the desk. Becoming more excited by the second, the
youngster was further turned on by the obscenely wet sound of his mouth
slurping lewdly between her widely parted thighs.

"Oh, Jesus, Mr. Andrews," she whimpered, grinding her hot crotch up
tighter against his sucking mouth. "This feels so fucking good."

Squealing with joy, the horny youngster began squeezing her deliciously
naked thighs against his juice-smeared face. Her hot wet pussy writhed
against his mouth as the teacher continued drilling his tongue in and
out of the fiery depths of her overheated snatch.

Staring down between his legs as the man lustily sucked and slurped on
her twat, Jolyne could see his thick prick throbbing back against his
belly. Looking at her handsome teacher's beautiful big cock, the young
girl suddenly wanted to feel it buried up between her legs.

"Mr. Andrews," she whispered, pushing his face away from her hot
steaming cunt. "Would you like to fuck me?"

"What?" he gasped.

Not answering, she jumped off the desk and straddled the man's loins.
Reaching down, she grasped his hard prick and aimed it up between her
legs. Then she quickly lowered her juicy little slit down over his
throbbing cockhead.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" he roared as his sensitive prick sank into the soft
slippery flesh of her sucking cunt. This was the first and only pussy
he'd fucked other than his wife's, and the feel of her tight juicy inner
flesh squeezing around his hard cock was blowing his mind.

"Ooooooooooh, shit, Mr. Andrews!" she sobbed, pressing her softly parted
lips to his as she continued lowering her cunt farther down over his
throbbing meat. "You've got such a nice big cock!"

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped, feeling the juicy hotness of her slippery
slit sucking and milking his prick as it sank deeper into her tight
little fuckhole. "I've never felt anything so fuckin' good in my life."

"Then enjoy it," she giggled, "because I'm gonna fuck the shit out of
you before we're finished."

Frank Andrews had always thought Jolyne was the sexiest little bitch
he'd ever seen, and now he could hardly believe his cock was really
buried in her tight little pussy.

"I can't believe it," he panted. "I can't believe I'm really fucking

"Well, you better believe it," she giggled as she slid her slippery
little twat a bit faster up and down over his shaft. "Because I want you
to shoot a hot load of cum into my hot little cunt."

"Do you really mean it?" gasped her teacher. "Do you really want me to
shoot my jizz into you?"

"Fuck yes," she giggled. "Where else you gonna shoot it?"

"I thought maybe I should put a rubber on," the man said.

"Christ, no!" she exclaimed. "I want your big hot load in my cunt!"

Moving up and down on her knees, Jolyne was sliding her cunt wetly over
his thick shaft, sending wave after wave of intense ecstasy racing up
the length of his tingling cock.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" he moaned, thrusting his prick up to meet every
downward plunge of her sweet little pussy.

He could feel every soft ridge of her hot slippery inner passage rubbing
against the bare flesh of his sensitive boner, and the tightness of her
hot grasping fuckhole was almost blowing his mind.

"Oh, shit, it's so good, Mr. Andrews!" squealed Jolyne, bouncing faster
and faster over his juice-slickened shaft. "So fuckin', fuckin' good!"

Rotating her hips as she bounced, she could feel her teacher's lusty
cock twisting and grinding around in the hot depths of her writhing

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she screamed, thrilled at the way his thick prick
was drilling in and out of her sizzling pussy.

Grasping the soft cheeks of her smooth young ass in his hands, the man
began bouncing her up and down more rapidly over his lurching cock.

"Oooooooooh, Jesus!" she shrieked, unable to stand the intense ecstasy
any longer. "Squirt, baby, shoot! I'm coming... oh, shit, how I'm

Writhing through her fantastic orgasm, the young girl felt the teacher's
hot stream of sperm spurting into her belly.

"Oh, Mr. Andrews," she whispered a little later when his limp prick
slipped out of her sperm-filled cunt. "That was the neatest fuck I've
ever had."

"It was the neatest fuck I've ever had in my life," the man admitted.
"I'll have to keep you after school again sometime."

"That's fine with me," she giggled. "You can keep me after school every
night as long as you suck and fuck me."

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