Chapter 5

Kenny didn’t want to wake up at first, he was having such a nice dream he wanted to keep sleeping and enjoying the sensation of having his cock kissed and licked by two young horny girls. Then he grinned and opened his eyes when he remembered that it wasn’t a dream and he looked down past his chest to see his two sisters leaning over his groin as they took turns playing with his shaft.
“What a wonderful way to wake up,” Ken groaned as he watched Mary lick the head of his cock as Dannie turned to give him a sexy grin.
“Morning Kenny,” Dannie said as she bounced up and down on their parents king size bed. “Did you get a good nights sleep? I hope so because we’re both ready for a good hot fuck before we leave for school.”
“If that’s what you want then I’m sure I can manage to shoot off a couple loads before you both leave.”
“There you go, bragging about having the day off from school again,” Mary said as she handed her brother’s prick off to her younger sister.
“It’s not my fault my exam schedule gave me the day off,” Ken said with a groan. “Besides, it gives me a chance to clean things up before dad gets home this afternoon. If I didn’t have the day off we couldn’t have spent one extra night in bed together.”
“I know, I know,” Mary said as she straddled Ken’s stomach and leaned forward so her brother could reach her nipples with her mouth. The thirteen year old groaned as Ken sucked her left nipple into his mouth as he played with her other tit with one hand while he reached down to stroke her slit with his other hand.
“So, whose turn is it to go first?” Kenny asked as he switched his mouth to Mary’s other nipple.
“Mine,” Mary groaned as she rubbed her pussy against her brother’s finger, “as if you didn’t remember sleeping with your cock inside Dannie’s cunt all night. How many times did you fuck her during the night anyway?”
“Twice,” Dannie said, stroking Ken’s shaft as she took her mouth off long enough to give Mary a satisfied smile.
“Three times,” Kenny corrected. “You slept through the third fuck, but you did respond so it must have felt like the sexiest dream of your life.”
“You’re right,” Dannie said as she continued to stroke Ken’s penis. “I do remember that dream, and now I know why it felt so real.”
“So, I guess it is your turn, Mary,” Ken said as he gave his sister a sexy grin. “So why don’t you slide down there and stick my cock in your cunt so I can shoot you full of baby juice.”
“That sounds wonderful,” Mary sighed as she slid down Kenny’s chest and stomach, leaving a trail of pussy juice as she moved down to her brother’s prick. Dannie moved out of the way and watched as Mary raised her hips up until she hovered over Ken’s cock for a couple seconds before she dropped her dripping slit down to rub the tip of her brother’s penis along her cunt lips until the tip was coated with her juices and then she lowered herself down with a groan of pleasure as she sank her cunt all the way to the base of her brother’s shaft.
“Oh God, that feels so good,” Mary moaned as she rotated her hips and milked Ken’s pole with her cunt muscles.
“You’re tell me,” Ken groaned. “Dannie, why don’t you get up here and straddle my face with your pussy so I can do something with my mouth while Mary fucks me.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Dannie said as she moved up the bed and straddled her brother’s head so her slit rubbed against her brother’s mouth.
“Yum,” Ken said as he licked the juice from his sister’s dripping clit as she shivered in pleasure and released a fresh supply for her brother’s thirsty tongue. “The only thing better than eating a cunt is fucking a cunt,” Ken said as he wiggled his hips under Mary’s bouncing pelvis.
“Especially when you’re trying to knock up the cunt you’re fucking,” Mary groaned as she rode Ken’s hard shaft.
“You’ve got that right, sis,” Ken grunted as he tried to hold back his orgasm so Mary could enjoy herself a bit longer, but his two sisters had him so excited he couldn’t hold back.
“I’m going to blow, Mary,” Ken said as he gave Dannie’s quivering pussy one more lick before he pushed the screaming girl off his face so he could watch as his cum filled his sister’s fertile womb with another load of cum.
“Me too Kenny,” Mary screamed as she collapsed on her brother’s chest as her own orgasm shot through her body so her fuck tunnel milked the juice from her brother’s spasming prick.
“Do it, Kenny,” Dannie panted as she came down from her own orgasm. “Knock that slut up as high as a kite.”
“I’m trying,” Ken said as he reached out to rub Dannie’s flat belly, “just like I’m trying to knock you up too.”
“Well practice makes perfect,” Dannie said as she grabbed Ken’s hand and pushed it down to her cunt. “So is it my turn now?”
“I wish,” Ken said, licking his lips as he stuck his middle finger as far as it would go in his youngest sister’s cunt. “But I don’t have that kind of endurance. You’ll have to give me a few minutes to recover, but I’ll make sure you leave for school with a fresh load of baby juice in dripping out of your slip.”
“Good,” Dannie said as Mary rolled off Ken with a satisfied groan.
“In the meantime I’ll get breakfast ready while the two of you shower and get dressed for school.”
“If you say so,” Mary sighed, “but I still wish we could call in sick and spend the day fucking until dad gets home.”
“So do I sis,” Ken said, “but dad will get suspicious if he gets home and finds out the two of you skipped school. Besides, if you did stay home we wouldn’t have time to do much fucking, in fact I’ll be spending most of the day cleaning up from all our fuck sessions.”
“I guess you’re right,” Mary said, giving her brother a tongue filled kiss. “So you go make our breakfast and we’ll shower and get dressed. See you in a few minutes lover boy.”
Dannie looked at herself in the mirror above her dresser and saw the door to her room open in her reflection. For a second she thought it was Mary entering the room the two of them shared, but she took a closer look and realized it was Ken, still naked from their wake up fuck session. He came up behind her and put his arms around her to rub her breasts through her blouse and training bra.
“Does this mean you’re ready to fuck me Kenny?” Dannie asked as she bent forward and pressed her ass against her brother’s thighs.
“What do you think, sis?” pushing his hips forward so Dannie could feel his erect cock against her ass.
“Oh goody,” Dannie said as Ken lifted up her skirt and pushed her panties aside. “Fuck me Ken, fuck me right now so I can feel you cum sloshing around in my pussy all day while I’m at school.”
“I like the way you think, sis,” Ken said as he guided the head of cock to Dannie’s slit so he could coat it with her juices before he slipped it between her cunt lips. As he slid his shaft into his sister’s fuck hole Kenny shifted his hand from Dannie’s pussy to rub his sister’s belly.
“I can’t wait until your belly starts growing with my baby inside it,” Ken said as he slid his hand under Dannie’s blouse so he could rub her bare belly. “I’ve never fucked a pregnant girl, and it’s such a turnon every time I think about watching your stomach swell up when I know it’s my kid in there.”
“I like the way you think too, Ken,” Dannie said. “But are you sure you’ve never fucked a pregnant girl?”
“What do you mean?” Ken asked as he continued to ram his shaft into Dannie from behind. “You and Mary are the only girl’s I’ve fucked so far.”
“I know, but you’ve been fucking Mary for over a month, and me for half a week now and we’re both in our most fertile time of the month right now. For all you know you could have knocked one or both of us up by now.”
“So my baby could be growing in your belly even as we fuck,” Kenny said.
“That’s right,” Dannie said with a smile as she felt her brother’s penis grow bigger and harder in her fuck hole as he thought about his baby growing inside her. But Kenny wasn’t the only one feeling hornier than ever at the thought of his baby growing in her belly. “Fuck me Ken. If you haven’t knocked me up yet I want you to do it right now.”
“Oh yeah,” Ken groaned as Dannie’s slit spasmed around his shaft with enough force to make him scream in pleasure as his nuts cramped hard and pushed his cum through his penis and into his sister’s hungry womb.
“Thanks Ken,” Dannie sighed as she adjusted her clothes after her brother pulled his softening cock out of her cunt. She gave her brother a kiss as she patted her belly, “Any idea what we’re going to name the baby?”
“We still have nine months to think about it,” Ken said with a weak grin. “But now that I’m really trying to knock you and Mary up I probably should think about it. Maybe I’ll come up with a few ideas by the time the two of you get home from school. Let me think about it and I’ll tell you guys what I come up with when you get home.”
“Ok, but it’s my baby too so I get the final decision.”
“Right,” Kenny said with a nod. “Now get down to the kitchen before the oatmeal get too cold. I’ll get dressed see the two of you off to school.”
“Whatever you say, daddy,” Dannie said grinning at her brother’s reaction as she ran off to the kitchen.


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me to i wish i had sisters like these

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i wish i had sisters like these


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Great story, I was taught how to please females by my baby sitters. All of my baby sitters were my sisters.


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