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Albert meets the rest of the gang..
I checked my alarm clock: 4:00 am. Still disturbed, to say the very least, by last night’s events, I hadn’t been able to fall asleep. No matter how you looked at it, Alyssa’s proposition was awfully tempting: She was giving me the opportunity to fuck tons of young, smart and sexy girls at once, all day long. However, no matter how you looked at it, it was complete nonsense as well. How could it possibly be acceptable for a fifteen year old boy to walk in an all girl private school of excellent reputation and bluntly have sex with its students? I was not the least bit reassured by the way she had said things either… “You are our sex slave, now.” Said by Alyssa, it could very well turn out to be true. The immoral perverted side of me was only telling me to stop my lame mental complaints, but I couldn’t help seeing this whole thing as being very “wrong”. Although I was deep in thought, the soccer game had been tiring, and sleep finally put a stop to my psychological dilemma.

I woke up to the friendly sound of my mother bitching about the coffee machine being dysfunctional, my body not satisfied at all by the hours of rest it had received. My day off was done, today was Tuesday, back to school, I’d go. With this unpleasant thought in mind, I suddenly realized the cold air that was brushing my face. Now ready for anything, I opened my eyes to discover my sister Alyssa breathing on my face. I detected a fragrance of maple and concluded she had eaten pancakes for breakfast. Seemingly ready to go, freshly showered, all dressed in her sexy uniform, she was laying over my body, with her hands beside my shoulders. She smiled and whispered:

“Good morning, brother. You look terrible.”

“Always a nice way to wake up,” I grumbled.

“Isn’t it?” Her smile grew larger “I’m just here to explain the plan for today”

All signs of fatigue left me as I realized just how serious she might have been last night.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Don’t tell me you were seri…”

My words were quickly interrupted by my sister’s tongue invading my mouth. Escape was futile (and undesired): She had put her hands on my shoulders and her knees on my thighs. I tried to kiss her back, but she almost instantly stopped, pulled back and declared:

“Stop worrying so much, honey. Crystal and I have everything planned up. All that is left for you to do is give everybody access to your member and enjoy the treatment…”

She winked and reached down where my very erect prick was attempting to break through my sheets and enter the sweet pussy that was hovering over it. Softly rubbing it, she continued:

“At this very moment, your adorable sister is explaining to mom why you can’t go to school for the week. Naturally, you won’t be REALLY staying home, but she’ll never know that, and dad happened to see his business trip lengthened by another week, so there will be no problems.

“What reason is Crystal giving for me not going to school?” I asked, skeptical.

My sister giggled cutely and replied:

“Crystal is explaining that we injected you a substance for a biology experiment at school and that you had a highly allergic reaction and that you should rest for the week.”

“That’s completely ridiculous!” I exclaimed.

“I know, but mom will believe anything Crystal says, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

I wondered who my sisters had obtained their intelligence from. Alyssa was still stroking my cock, and now that the morning drowsiness had left me, I was starting to get very horny. Had mom not been in the house, I think I would have fucked my sister right there. Or at least try. Her smile grew even bigger.

“Hmmm… you seem turned on, brother.” She lowered her head beside mine and whispered temptingly: “Am I pleasing you?” Not giving me time to reply, she backed off and proceeded to explain the plan for the week:

“Mom leaves, perhaps, ten minutes after we do, so simply wait for her departure, and come out five minutes later. All that’s left to do is catch up with us and we’ll take care of everything from there. Clear?”

“I have to catch up to you when you have a fifteen minute head start?” I asked sarcastically.

“God, do you really have to be spoon fed all the way?” She sighed. “We’re not even asking you to think, so stop complaining. Besides, you’re an athlete, aren’t you? I’d be disappointed if an elite soccer player couldn’t walk twice faster than two teen age girls.”

She got off my bed, and walked out of my room slowly, giving me a chance to admire the beauty of her perfect body in her uniform : a simple green short skirt with a short sleeve white blouse and long socks of the same color, with black high heels. What an unusually classy look for teenager uniforms… I stared at her ass until she completely disappeared from my room.

Almost instantly, I ripped my sheets off my bed and pulled off my boxers with the nearly unstoppable temptation of milking my cock dry. Fighting the urge, I tried to calm myself: “I have to leave some for the girls”. An evil grin stretched my face: fuck the morals! If my sisters said they’d take care of everything, I was positive that everything would be fine. All nervousness vanished from my thoughts, replaced by the phantasms of what would happen later on.

The door closed. Mom was gone. By that time, I was literally staring at my watch, every second taking me closer to what would be the greatest day in my life up to now. Thoughts of underage pussy were making me lose all sense of reality; nothing else mattered for now except that school. Tisdale High.

After the longest five minutes of my life, I left the house and nearly sprinted down the street. I soon saw my sisters ahead and sped up until I was walking beside them.

“Good morning, Al,” said Crystal with a huge smile on her face. “Guess what?”

“What is it, Crystal?” I replied, still catching my breath. How could I have never noticed how cute she was?

“I’m horny as hell” She said, plaintively, and proceeded to slip a hand under her skirt, her black eyes closing to form an expression of delight.

Too aroused to stop her exhibitionism, I blurted out:

“If I wasn’t… I am now.”

Alyssa slowly grabbed her arm and pulled her hand away and whispered seductively in my younger sister’s ear:

“Patience, sweetie, the time will come soon.”

She bit erotically on Crystal’s ear before raising her head and slightly speeding up the pace. The little scene that I had just witnessed was enough to bring my cock to life, painfully imprisoned by those god awful pants. How I longed to take them off! I tried my best to walk normally with this obstacle until I finally saw the black fence in the distant.

Our little group arrived in front of Tisdale High’s gate. To my great surprise, Alyssa slipped a hand in her purse to take out some kind of card-key and slid it in a censor, making the gate slowly open by itself. What ridiculously advanced technology for a high school…

“How the hell did you get a personal gate key?” I asked.

“I stole it.” She replied casually, as if telling me the golf course was open. Before I could reply, Crystal hurriedly said:

“Don’t worry about it, Al. We got the situation under control. Lys will explain it to you later. For now, just get your cock ready to make me a happy girl.”

Needing no more encouragement, I obeyed, brushing off my suspicion. We walked across the main alley towards the doors, pushed them open, and ventured in the currently quiet hallways of Tisdale High. Alyssa stopped in front of the room which I had spied on yesterday. She made a gesture to make me stay outside while she entered the classroom with Crystal.

“Good day, girls!” She claimed. “I have a surprise for you today”

Alyssa grabbed my arm and forcefully pulled me into the room, thus making me the center of attention of twenty young, attractive girls. Oddly, they were all of different ages, although they were part of the same class. They had the same uniform as my sisters, with the exception of the skirt being blue rather than green. One of the older ones looked at me, intrigued, and asked quite tactfully:

“What is THAT?”

“THAT is my older brother, Kat,” replied Alyssa in the same tone.

“And why is he HERE?” asked Kat.

“Heh, because I am sick of seeing you chug on plastic cocks, you whore,” said Alyssa jokingly.

“Ohhhhhh…. So he’s going to join the fun, heh?” said Kat, slowly rising from her desk and walking towards me, like a black widow towards her prey:


“Albert,” I managed to blurt out.

“Albert. Don’t you think this is fucking amazing? This is all thanks to your nymphomaniac sister.”

“Shut up, Kat,” interrupted my sister with an expression that left no room for retaliation. “Why don’t you put that big mouth to a better use?”

By now the rest of the girls had started to rise and slowly creep towards the new guinea pig of their crazy fantasies. To be honest, I was more scared than excited at the moment. The girl named Kat, a rather tall blue eyed blonde slowly got to her knees before me, looking at me with a sexy smile and hungry eyes. To my surprise, Crystal finally opened her mouth:

“What are you waiting for, Al! Make her do what you want; she likes it rough anyway. Don’t be a wimp; I don’t want my classmates to think poorly of my dear brother.”

Her words awoke me from my stupid state of fear and astonishment. My primal instincts kicked in. The whore in front of me was going to see who the MAN in that classroom was. I rapidly unzipped and pulled down my shorts, letting my 7 incher spring free, directly in front of Kat’s rather puffy pink lips. With a single hand, I grabbed the back of her head, messing up her long, well brushed blond hair and pulled her forward. 5 inches in, she began to gag. Not that I gave a shit. I still pushed in all the way in her throat. If Alyssa could do it, then that slut certainly could. The blowjob felt warm and excessively wet, so I had no trouble sliding my wang in and out at a quickly increasing pace.

With my penis still deeply buried in her esophagus, I looked around me. The extremely arousing sight of twenty little girls undressing and beginning to caress each other was taking me close to the point of no return. However, I did not want to reach that point so early in the morning, so I swiftly pushed Kat away from my prick, making her fall on her behind.

“HEY! I wanted to taste your semen!” Said Kat with a pouty face.

Her cute expression almost made me reconsider, but a voice rose behind me. It was Alyssa, who was now in a sixty-nine position with her younger sister, her vagina being devoured as she tried to speak coherently:

“..Kat… Only Crystal…ahhh…and I can decide… what my brother does with his load…AHH YES CRYSTAL”

I, for one, ignored my sister’s words. I didn’t intend to be bullied by that bitch today: I was in control. However, the time was indeed not right for a first climax. Looking somewhat disappointed, Kat rose to her feet and headed towards the back of the room, or more precisely to a big set of drawers. I was wondering what she would find inside, but something quickly attracted my attention.

“Hey mister! My name is Danica. Pleased to meet you.”

The girl in front of me was obviously very young. I estimated she was approximately the same age as Crystal. She had the greenest eyes you have ever seen; green like marijuana leaves. Her hair was light brown, approximately butt length. That’s not really saying much though, because she was excessively short. No more than 4 feet. Her naked body wasn’t anything unique: no breasts yet and no pubic hair. I didn’t mind.

“Ummm… Please to meet you too,” I replied after a slightly uncomfortable stare.

She giggled: “I’m only 11, but apparently you still enjoy looking at my body.”

“Yeah, you’re very cute.”
“I only seem cute…”


“To tell you the truth… I love it in the ass… so much! Please, mister can you put it in me? Please?”
She was simply adorable. If she hadn’t been naked and I had been deft, that is the LAST sentence I would have imagined her saying.

“Well… It will be my pleasure to do so” I smiled. “But first, can you explain this situation for me a little?” I thought that this naïve child would lift the shroud of mystery in exchange for a good anal beating.

“Hmm I can’t say much. Mainly because I don’t know much, hehe. I know that Alyssa did a lot of funny business with the administration, but I don’t know what kind. Can we please begin?” Her puppy face and minuscule body sent a spark in my man-steak.

I was getting a little sore from standing up in the same position. Moreover, I felt like an idiot, with my wang sprung forward at the flat chest of Danica. There was but a light rug below me, but comfort was the last thing that bothered me at the moment. Without saying a word, I laid down on the slightly cold floor. At the speed of gamma rays, Danica jumped forward and squatted above my face. As she started to finger her tiny, bald, but clearly not virgin snatch, she said in a loud tone:

“Lube me up, mister, please!”

The mesmerizing sound of girls moaning and screaming around me was almost sending me in a trance. I let my tongue out and started slowly flickering at Danica’s small pink anus. If she’d been moaning before, she was now screaming in ecstasy as 4 of her small fingers banged her vagina at a demonic pace.


Not leaving me the choice anyway, Danica squatted even lower, forcing my tongue a good inch inside her asshole. The taste was just slightly salty, due to a natural bit of sweat. Her pussy was filling my nostrils with its musky aroma and my mouth with its leaking fluids. I kept at it for a minute or so, holding and rubbing her smooth thighs with my hands. When breathing started to become an issue, I decided to go to the next level. I gathered all my abdominal strength and tried to sit up while holding her thighs. As a result, I found myself with Danica sitting on my legs, in front of my penis.

As cute as she had seemed before, I could now witness a sex-crazed, nearly-animalistic little girl. It only turned me on even more. She took her fingers out of her pink canal to free both of her hands. Using them to push on my stomach, she eased herself up and aligned her now very wet little asshole over my fully erect cock. With surprising agility, the eleven year old began to lower herself until she was sitting on my thighs, my wang entirely buried in her asshole, letting out a long moan as she did so :

“aaaahhhHHHHHH! Yessssss…”

The simplicity of the act confirmed my prediction that this girl was used to anal. The warm sensation around my dick was sending me to the ethereal plane. As I thought paradise had reached the earth, the situation improved for the better: Danica began riding me like a wild animal, while clenching her butt hole every now and then to add to the magical feeling.

Ten seconds into the act, the little girl clamped her arms around my chest and began to furiously kiss my lips. I could hear the muffled sounds of her moaning through my own head, as Danica was seemingly trying to insert her entire head into my mouth. Meanwhile, she was still accelerating her pace, and I could only admire the vigor of her legs. Eventually, the speed of motion created a danger of getting my tongue literally bitten off. To prevent any fatal damage, I pushed her down on her back, my penis still caught by the pleasure vortex her asshole had created. Noticing the little girl was nearly exhausted from the workout, I took over. I started ramming her like apocalypse was to happen tomorrow. Without her mouth scotched on mine, her screaming was getting almost out of hand. I was beginning to think she was delirious or something:


Some of the other girls had stopped their own intercourse and started agglomerating around us. It was then that I noticed Crystal, who moved in for the overkill. She laid down on her stomach and pushed her face near the dangerous machine of our intense anal sex and began sucking, biting, tugging at Danica’s clit. By now I was starting to wonder if the windows wouldn’t break from this girl’s incredible emission of decibels. The sight of this ferocious lesbian act combined with the sensations made the tension rise frighteningly fast within my body, bringing me closer to the edge. This girl deserved it. Should I say, she needed it. As Danica’s small body began to shake, I felt my semen being unleashed from the tip of my cock. I think the ejaculation lasted as long as her spasms: a good ten seconds. Her wraith-like voice slowly faded to a whimper. As I looked up from the eleven year-old’s incredibly sweaty body, I noticed every girl in the room was staring at us with either hungry, impressed, or excited eyes. A few moments later, I noticed Danica’s eyes fading and her eyelids closing as the child fell asleep for a well deserved rest.

Crystal looked up from Danica’s vagina, her chin covered with girl-fluids and said:

“Al! You are amazing! Please show me more, big brother!”

I pulled her beautiful face to mine. After a soft kiss, I replied lovingly:

“Of course, honey. I’ll do anything you want.”


2007-09-13 10:39:31
eleven year old girls don't go to high school. you are just a child molester wanabe..


2007-08-30 21:08:51
Great, came so hard my dick hurts.


2007-08-15 20:28:49
When I was a junior in high school I was surprised how horny my 13 yo sis and her friends were. They all hung out at our house because we had a pool. With Mom working there was lots of opportunity to try out their tight teen pussies


2007-08-12 03:38:47
i go to an all guys school and our sister school is all girls... please god i wish it was like this.


2007-08-08 22:56:35
cmon quicken the pace write part 3

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