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Based on a true story of when I stayed in Alicante
I loved the package holidays to Spain. Staying in a shit hotel, spending the week next to a pool with nothing to keep you company except pissed up holiday reps and free porn in the rooms. Turning up at the airport in a group of families, everyone either over 30 or under 10. I sighed. One whole week of lying on a beach by myself, wanking in my room and forgetting what was going on back at home.

I preferred to spend these holidays by myself, distanced from my parents who were busy sunbathing and getting pissed. I liked to gather my thoughts, be alone with my I-Pod and relax without worrying about anyone else. Except on the third night, I was no longer left to my own devices, as I found myself with a new friend. At one of the discos, I’d met a girl from Manchester. We’d exchanged numbers, primarily as we were the only two teenagers in a group of around 40, and we’d met up to explore the town the following day.

She’d turned up in a tiny denim skirt, her long smooth legs glowing in the sun, and a small low-cut top that promised to hold something special. Suddenly, I couldn’t give a fuck about relaxing. She’d even flashed me a peak at her dark red thong when she dropped her phone at the bus stop – needless to say, I didn’t exactly need the cheap German porn that night.

Then on the Friday, the night before we left, I was at the bar, another wank disco in full flow, getting us both a drink when something beeped in my pocket.

I looked at the message that had just arrived on my phone.

“Hey bbe, just 4 u ;) x x x x”

I scrolled down, to see a grainy image of a girl in a bathroom mirror, one hand holding a camera and the other cupping two of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. Firm, round, and tanned – a look of pure devilishness in the eyes of their owner. The owner – it was her. My cock immediately perked up.

I turned to where we had been sitting, where she was grinning, phone in hand. She nodded towards the deserted pool area outside, a suggestive glint in her dark brown eye. Given the picture I had in my hand, I didn’t hesitate to forget the drinks.

“I’m glad we’re out here,” she said.

I smiled. “Why?”

“Because…” she bit her lip, and looked over my shoulder to check that we were alone. We were. “I just wanted to say goodbye to you properly.” There was a seemingly deliberate tone of innocence in her voice. We kissed, except through no fault of my own, she felt my rapidly rising cock, using the palm of her hand to discover it’s length and it’s thickness.

She pulled away, a knowing smile on her face, before turning to the open doorway of the poolside toilets and leading me in. I liked where this was going.

Inside, the contrast was immediate. The air was considerably cooler, the heat stifling the odour, and the light was a lot less restricted. Flashes of the floodlights used to light the pool poured in from the vents however, allowing us sufficient brightness. The sudden drop in temperature was a welcome release.

Still leading me by the hand, she elegantly moved towards the nearest open cubicle, her sandals clicking on the cold hard tiles (all broken, of course). I realised I liked that she was leading the way, as if she had planned this entire meeting out; it set a precedent for who was in control here. I just had to sit back and enjoy the ride. This was her idea – she was in control.

Inside the cubicle, I took the initiative, if only for a moment. Pushing her against the wall, forcibly enough to assert a shred of masculinity, but with an ultimately playful nature, she giggled as I closed and locked the door behind me. Removing her grin, she pulled me towards her, our two bodies pressing up against each other. My erection was now strikingly obvious – it pushed into her leg as she placed her hands behind my head, running her fingers through the thickness of my hair.

“No-one will come in,” she said in an assuring tone. Frankly I didn’t care.

“How do you know?” I replied, grinning.

She stroked the back of my neck as she spoke. “Because I fucked the waiter here three nights ago.”

I held her close to me as we kissed, the tips of our tongues fervently exploring each other. I made a point of pressing her against the cheap wood, as her tongue enticed the tip of my own, beckoning me into her mouth. Down below, she proceeded to slip a hand inside my shorts.

The feel of her touch on my cock was exhilarating. After a week of chronic masturbation, it was a huge relief to let someone else do the work for me, a different touch manipulating my little man, spontaneous and strange movements providing me with an enormous sense of pleasure. A shiver went through my body. She hadn’t even got it out of my shorts yet.

Pulling away briefly, she did just that. Stroking gently, she forced back the foreskin, her fist clenched tightly against my now solid cock. Pushing and pulling it back towards her, she encouraged it to it’s full potential, not taking her eyes away from mine. I stroked my fingers across her fringe, allowing me to look back into her eyes, and grinned.

Slowly, I drew my fingertips down the side of her face, pushing back her flowing hair with the palm of my hand, settling it behind her neck. She studied my eyes as I did so, her eyelids fluttering as if in anticipation. Leaning forward, I began to suck tenderly on her exposed shoulder line. She closed her eyes and released a sigh of pleasure.

“Jesus”, I managed in between frantic kisses. “I didn’t have you down as a bad girl.”

She leaned her head forward, her mouth next to my ear and began to nibble gently on the bottom of my ear.

“Oh yeah.” Softly, she began to poke her tongue through her teeth, the tip delicately circling my earlobe. “I’m a dirty fucking slut,” she purred, rolling her tongue in conjunction with the sound of the ‘s’. “But I love the attention… it just gets me too horny.”

As she spoke, my assumptions now proved correct, her breathing became heavier. Her hand seemed to grasp my now fully thick member tighter, as she emphasized the rhythmic movement somewhat.

“Mmm,” she continued, the sultriness in her voice prevailing. She’d done this before. This was a tried and tested technique. “You have a really nice member.”

I didn’t respond verbally, intent on smothering her neck with kisses. She moaned slightly, as I pulled on the tip of her ear with my teeth.

She seemed to like this, shivering a little and digging the fingers of her free hand into my back.

“D’you know what I like to do?” she said slowly, letting the satisfaction run through her body. “I like to suck nice big cocks like yours.”

Welcome news. Without waiting for me to encourage her, she kneeled down, pushing her hair back behind her ears. She still didn’t break eye contact.

Squatting, the sarong dropping between her open legs, she adjusted herself so that her head was now level with my waistline. Willing herself on, she re-took my cock with her right hand, jerking it several times, her face now cast into one of concentration and pure desire. Raising my arms, I placed each hand on the top of the cubicle, and thrusted gently and slowly towards her mouth.

She guided me in of her own accord, still jerking with her hand as her head motioned back and forth, taking the first three to four inches with ease. She did this several times, accommodating the thickness of my little man before looking back up at me, a pleasurable grin on her wet lips.

“Fuck, I love sucking cock,” she exclaimed, using the tip of her tongue to explore my full seven inches, starting at the base. “I mean, I really love it. It gets me off sooo fucking bad…”

Still jerking, she slowly proceeded to place her other hand inside her bikini, closing her eyes and sighing suggestively. Again, she bit her lip.

“Jesus…I’m fucking wet already!”

She sounded irritated, as if a tide of submission had engulfed her, and she was now trapped in the ecstasy of fucking herself to the stimulation of gorging on my cock. At any rate, the smile on her face had disappeared.

Angrily, she spat on the helmet of my knob, polishing it furiously with a relentless jerking motion. I gasped at the sudden change of pace, this new primal instinct developing in her. Seemingly in response, she did this again, making sure she had enough lubrication to work with. This had become serious business for her, and I was preparing myself to hang on.

She took me in her mouth again, her movements now becoming more direct. She moved up and down my cock in a vicious sweep of pure lust, taking me all the way to the hairs. My eyes fell back as she gagged, my mouth wide open in joy but still silent, like a man trying to scream but emitting no sound. The only noise was that of her gasping as she released, a thick stretch of saliva sticking to her lips. She swore.

Immediately, she pulled the crotch of her bikini to one side, and the G-string underneath it, furiously working on her clit.

Squeezing my balls, she approached my cock from the side, gently kissing and circling the width, teasing my prick as it quivered uncontrollably. She enjoyed this, moaning to the rythym of her frigging as I silently beckoned her to take me again. But she had other ideas.

She began kissing my nuts, gently nibbling on them and sending a wave of pleasure through my loins. Then, deliberately but with a fantastic sense of subtlety, she began to tongue the bottom of my shaft, slowly working her way back up to the tip where she again proceeded to ravage my member.

She was now fast approaching orgasm. This blowjob business obviously worked for her in a big way, because she suddenly let go of my cock altogether, placing her hand straight over her mouth and almost collapsing backwards as she released a muffled “FUCK!”

And then she came. With a violent jerk, her legs closed together, forcing her to collapse into a sitting position on the cold dirty floor. She grasped the bottom of my t-shirt, pulling it down towards her, almost tearing it into two, and her head flung back, her mouth wide open and her face a distorted grimace of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Over and over, she forced it out: “Fuck! Fuck! Oh god!”

Meanwhile, I stood amazed. This was happening right at my feet. This dirty slut was getting off on my big fat juicy cock, and she had done this to herself while pleasuring me! My sex-obsessed mind struggled to come to terms with it all.

She lay there for what seemed like forever, as I continued to wank myself off. The sleaziness of the situation, the spontaneity of it all was a real turn-on, and I was loving every minute.

Slowly, her breathing returned to a relative sense of normality. She looked up to see me entertaining myself alone, and remembered why we here. The steely determination in her eyes came back, and as if she had passed out, and was just remembering where she had left off, she got straight back to business. Now it was my turn.

Still jerking with her right hand, she slipped her left underneath her top, slowly rubbing her breast. Gently squeezing, she groaned, teasing herself with the terse thrill of her own pleasure. She closed her eyes for a second, involving herself in the moment, lifting her top further and further up before I reached down and helped her to remove it with little difficulty. Beneath this, I was greeted with a prime aerial view of two of the firmest, roundest tits I had ever seen. I swallowed sharply, which she took as an obvious sign of approval.

“You like these don’t you.” She still hadn’t got her voice back since the rush of the orgasm.

I nodded, like a moron. My voice had long since been rendered incapable.

Her bra was a lacy black and red affair, a classy piece of lingerie that held their goods with pride, propping them up as a magnificent centrepiece. They exuded a healthy shine, the skin smooth and perfect, an improvement on the already commendable picture she had sent me.

Placing her hands behind her back, she unhooked the bra. The cups stuck to her breasts, no doubt thanks to the heat, and she peeled them away with a deliberate glance, placing the bra on the toilet seat. She gently flicked her nipples, which by this point, combined with her orgasm, were rock hard, and then took hold of my cock again. She got up, and sat on the toilet.

“This is your leaving present, babe. Ever had a titjob?”

Honestly, I had not. I’d seen them in porno’s – Sara Jay getting her exquisite tits fucked and creamed, and it looked a genuinely sublime experience. I shook my head. “No. But it looks fucking fun.”

She giggled. What had I let myself in for?

Taking my cock in her one hand, and cupping her breast in the other, she began to softly stroke her erect nipple with my bell end, a glistening tint of pre-cum easing the motion. She giggled in anticipation, releasing a lingering stream of saliva from her mouth down on to her chest. It glided towards the tip of my cock like a snake, to which she threw back her head as if being tickled. “Ready?” she purred.

I laughed. “Wait!”

Bending down to my shorts, I pulled out my phone. “Something for you,” I smiled, selecting the camera and capturing the sight before me.

Winking, she placed my cock just above her breasts, letting it slot between the two. She did not have to do much work in regards holding them there, as the firmness more than compensated. She still pressed them together however, as I slowly began to thrust towards her chin. She moaned gently, her hair now loose and covering half her face. She didn’t seem to care.

The lubrication eased the upward motion, as I placed my hands on her shoulders to help guide myself. I was pressed up tight against her, my knees bent, as if I was having sex standing up. I teased myself, inching my full length through the two succulent mounds of flesh, almost edging myself to the limit.

The initial feeling was amazing. There was no other word. Every thrust was like an orgasm in itself, a sensation of numbness all over my body but for my cock. Both our breathing became hushed and frequent, as if restricting ourselves to silence, concentrating solely on the pure pursuit of total pleasure.

As I gathered momentum, she began to moan again. Squeezing ever more on her shoulders, I realised that my cock was now losing its resolve, and I figured it wouldn’t be too long before I’d blow my load. I released a lingering sigh of gratification, my murmurs getting louder with every thrust.

Her breasts were moist with the heat, and the friction of the titjob meant my dick was now very warm, and very sweaty. Covered in saliva, it was also very wet. As I neared orgasm, the sound of my balls slapping against her chest, and the stickiness of the saliva resounded throughout the empty building. I groaned – and then that sweeping climax of pure satisfaction began to possess me. “Jesus,” I sputtered. “I’m fucking coming!”

She immediately took my cock away from her tits and placed it over her open mouth. “God, let me taste your cum,” she begged, jerking frantically. “I want it all in my mouth!”

I absolutely exploded. The first surge shot into the roof of her mouth, the shuddering wave of ecstasy engulfing me. Each spurt provoked an enormous rush inside me, a tingling sensation all over my body as she rammed my cock into her mouth. She wanted to literally suck me dry, and get her lips around every last drop, and I wrapped both my hands around her head, forcing her to take me further.

A thick trail of spunk and saliva poured out of her mouth as she struggled with the thickness of my shaft, dribbling down her chin. Yet she gulped as much cum down her throat as she could, using her tongue to wipe up any last morsel. Her hunger was insatiable, like a girl possessed. Gasping, my balls completely emptied, I finally pulled away from her and stumbled back against the wall of the cubicle. It was all I could do to avoid collapsing in exhaustion.

Fully clothed, her hair tied into a neat ponytail, she pulled a packet of Kleenex out of her bag and wiped away any remaining evidence.

“It was nice meeting you,” she smiled, as she pushed past through the doorway and left me alone with my thoughts.

I smiled. I never saw her again.


2007-12-24 21:42:06
The girl herself was inspired by the reader, in real life she looked nothing like the deion I've given


2007-11-21 03:23:19
Good story! 9/10


2007-09-24 15:52:59
i liked it, but how was it a true story, yet you said it was inspired by a reader?


2007-09-24 10:44:25
of course there can be a part 2 idiots, it doesnt have to be with the same girl.

good job. he couldve entered her though


2007-08-19 05:22:20
Quit saying dumbass readers. quite fantastic, waiting for a second "dave's slutty sister." awesome work.

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