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A mother succumbs to her base feelings
I Shouldn't...But I Did
by Dunchad©

After a hard day of work I arrived home. Removing my dress and looking at my 39
year old body in the mirror. Thinking to myself "Becky you can still give the
young girls a run for their money. " My 38DD breasts still very firm and not
much sag, tiny waist but growing hips. That seemed to still get attention when I
wore jeans or shorts. The tightness in my shoulders and neck brought me back.

Looking out my bedroom window at the steaming hot tub in the back yard. Maybe a
nice soaking in the hot tub would help me. Since no one was home I put on my
tiniest bikini and went in. Lying back in the hot tub as the bubbles soothed the
stress away. After a few minutes I heard the sliding back door open. "Hi, mom
can Larry stay over tonight?" Looking over at my 18 year old son and his friend.
"Sure he can, just let me stay in here for awhile. "

"Ok mom, hey can we join you?" Thinking to my self, there goes the relaxation.

"Sure dear, If you like. " When they got into the hot tub I couldn't help but
notice the huge bulge in Larry's swim trunks. I needed to move into a sitting
position to give them room, exposing my beasts straining in the small bikini
top. Both of their eyes quickly moved to them. After a few more minutes I felt a
hand brushing against my thigh. When I didn’t say anything, soon it was on my
thigh rubbing and moving higher. The way both of them was leaning I couldn't
tell who's hand it was and the way my nipples were growing, who ever it was
could tell I didn't mind either.

Sliding down a little and parting my legs. Allowing the hand to slide higher
with more access. I soon felt fingertips brushing my pussy through the bikini
bottoms. As I parted my legs more they came in contact with both my son and his
friend’s legs. I felt a thumb pressing onto my growing clit and a soft moan came
out of my mouth. The thought of not knowing who it was caused my pussy to become
inflamed with heat. Then Larry leaned back in the hot tub exposing both of his

"Oh my god, it is my son that is rubbing me" thinking to myself. My body
quivered with the taboo thought as I had an orgasm. "Ma'am are you ok?" Larry

Smiling back at his "Oh yes. " Slowly I slide my feet up to their crotches. My
son was rock hard as I pressed into him. Larry on the other hand was soft, but
his size was the same as my sons hard. My son’s fingers moved my bikini bottoms
and moved into me quickly. I could feel Larry’s massive cock growing as I rubbed
him with my foot. It was the thickest cock I had ever felt. My foot moved with
the quick pace of the fingers driving deep into my pussy.

I heard moans escape both of their lips as my feet continued to stroke their
young cocks. Finally the heat of the moment got to me and I let lose. I moved
away from my son’s hands and right in between them. My large breasts heaving
with anticipation as I reached a hand into both of their laps. Larry's cock was
fully erect and almost twice the size of my sons. I put my hands into their
trunks and felt the heat of their erections. I started to stroke both of them at
the same time.

Larry and my son's hands came up and quickly removed my bikini top and flung it
out of the hot tub and on the porch. With my breasts exposed they each took a
nipple into their mouths and started to suck on them. Memories rushed back into
my mind of the days that I breast feed my son for almost a year and the great
pleasure I derived from his feedings. I felt that pleasure again as now I had
two mouths sucking on my nipples. Then I heard the front door opening. My
husband was home.

Not sure what to do I quickly pulled my hands from their trunks and extracted my
nipples from their mouths. They both let out sighs of disappointment, but I
wasn't sure what my husband would do if he saw us this way. We hastily left the
hot tub and went into our separate rooms. Like usual, my husband was on his
computer. He didn't even notice that I walked into the room almost naked and
completely horny from the tryst in the hot tub. I asked him how his day was and
he just grunted that it was a usual day at the office. I changed and went down
to make dinner.

At the table he announced that he would have to go back into the office after he
ate and took a shower. I thought it was a little odd, but didn't care, that
would mean that I got another chance with Larry and my son after he left. As my
husband pulled out of the driveway, I put my plan into action.

Looking at myself in the mirror, wearing my short silk white robe with a tiny
white bra and a matching thong. Turning around checking the length of my robe in
the back, smiling to myself since the length was just a few inches below my
cheeks. Sitting on the bed sliding the white thigh highs on and then finishing
it with a pair of white 4" pumps. Then I made my way downstairs and into the
kitchen. I made a quick dessert tray like I always did when Larry stayed over,
but this time the real dessert was me. I went down into the basement where they
were watching movies, probably cheap skin flicks on some movie channel, and made
my entrance. "Well, you boys hungry?" I asked them.

"Yeah mom, we're starving. "

My son replied. "How about some dessert? It’s your favorite. "

"Sure!” He responded.

"Well, come and get it. " I put the tray on the table next to me, and when Larry
and my son came over and got their plates, I told them to wait. I slowly took
off my silk robe. "Eat up boys, " I said seductively.

Neither hesitated as my robe hit the floor. They attached themselves to my tits
through my bra like leeches; I guess they were still just as horny as I was from
the hot tub. It felt great to have them sucking on my nipples, it felt so good
that my pussy got wet almost instantly. While they were sucking on my nipples
their hands explored my body and started to probe my lower openings. One hand
was massaging my clit and pussy while another was massaging my ass. I was so
turned on that I didn't even care which was which just as long as it felt good.
And it did too. Soon a finger was inserted into my pussy and ass at almost the
same time, I exploded with an earth shattering orgasm. I pulled their heads into
my ample breasts even harder and started grinding my hips to get their fingers
in as deep as they could.

Finally I pulled them away and told them it was my turn to finish what I had
started in the hot tub. I got on my knees and unzipped both of their pants,
releasing their raging hard ons. I marveled at the size of Larry's cock. I began
to jerk my son off, while I attempted to take Larry in my mouth. I flicked my
tongue across the head of his penis, and swirled it around. Slowly, I managed to
take all of it in. I moved up and down, up and down, bringing him close to
orgasm. When he began to moan, I pulled out, and gave my son the attention he'd
been waiting for. I took him in the mouth; not noticing what Larry was about to
do. He got behind me, knelt down, and started to eat me. Larry pulled my white
thong aside and started to lick my dripping pussy. It felt so good to have
someone else pay attention to it besides myself. My clit became bigger and
almost the size of a cherry. Larry greedily sucked it into his mouth and started
to flick his tongue over it. He was driving me crazy with his tongue. Meanwhile,
I was sucking my son’s cock. He was built like his father, long and thick, but
hopefully more energy. Because tonight I wanted to be fucked until I couldn't
walk. Larry kept sucking and licking my pussy and clit and then I felt hands
start to pull my tits out of my white bra and play with my ample breasts. My
nipples were tugged on and twisted. I think that both of them were playing with
them, but I didn't care, it just felt so good to have them played with. Finally,
I stopped sucking my son and pulled away. I stood up and told both of them to
strip. Within seconds we were all naked, clothes piled on the floor, with mine
on top. Then I leaned over the couch and told them to fuck me, and I didn't care
who started. Quickly, I felt a large cock push into my tight pussy. And the only
reason it was tight was from lack of use and nothing else. I assumed it was my
son, but I didn't care. As the cock was pushed further into my pussy I saw Larry
move in front of me and offer me his large cock. I eagerly took it into my mouth
and started to suck it deep into my mouth. In this position it was a little
easier to open my mouth and swallow his cock like a small sword. I reached up
and started to play with his balls as he fucked my mouth now. I could hear
groans coming from Larry as I took his cock into my mouth.

I then realized that my son was the one fucking me and I became even more
excited. So much so that as he thrust into my hungry pussy I orgasmed around his
solid member as it was deep inside of me. He started bucking against and I felt
him shoot his load inside of me. I moaned around Larry’s cock and that must have
been the final straw for him, because he started yell and I felt a hot pulse of
liquid against the back of my throat. I started to pull away so that I could
taste some of his cum as it filled my mouth. He continued to scream as burst of
hot liquid after another erupted from his cock into my mouth.

I tried to swallow all of it, but it soon became too much for to swallow and
started to dribble out of the sides of my mouth. Then I pulled completely off of
him and let him cum on my face and in my hair. I didn’t care; I just wanted to
feel like a young slut again. And tonight I most certainly was. I felt my son
start to pull out of my pussy and then lean over me with his hot young body. I
could feel his sweet on my back as he lay over me. Larry’s cock was starting to
soften a little, but not nearly as much as I thought it would for what he just
did. I looked at him and he smiled back.

“So Larry, are you ready to fuck me now?”

He looked at my son then just nodded his head a very firm yes. At the same time
his cock started to get hard again. I wrapped my hands around it and started to
stroke it a few times to help him and was amazed again at the size of it. Larry
moved away from me and then I felt my son move away from my back. I felt hands
grab my sides and pull me up.

As I was pulled up the hands moved around to my ponderous breasts and started to
massage them. My nipples became hard as rocks and ached for attention. As I
stood up erect, my son came around in front of me and took both nipples into his
mouth and started to suck on them. I was rocked with mini orgasms from the feel
of this; he was definitely better than his father so far. Then I felt Larry’s
enormous cock pushing between my legs and rubbing my clit the head of his cock.
I started to grind my hips against him as he fucked my clit.

For a young man, he knew what to do to get a woman hot and wet. Then I felt him
position himself so that he could insert his large head into my pussy opening. I
moved my hand down to help him out and was shocked at just how wet I was. I
pushed his cock into my pussy and started to slowly rock back and forth inside
of me. Not really deep into me, but hitting my g-spot with the head of his cock.
Then he started to push his cock into me and I let out a gasp as he stretched my
pussy wide open with the girth of his cock. I had just had it in my mouth and it
didn’t feel that big to me. My son started to suck just one nipple at a time now
and seemed to remember back to his days as a child and was sucking on them like
he had as a baby.

I orgasmed again and almost expected Larry to cum too. But to my surprise he
didn’t and just kept fucking me with his large cock. My son sucked a nipple into
his mouth and rolled his tongue over the tip and then pushed the nipple against
the roof of his mouth and nipped the base with his teeth and then pulling his
teeth over the tip and then back down again. My body was shaking from all of
this attention and I was starting to feel my knees go weak and collapse. I
panted out that I needed to be put on the floor or back over the couch.

Larry pulled out of me and took my hand and led me around to the front of the
couch and sat down. I looked at him and he just pulled me on top of his cock. He
held it for me as I slide down onto it and buried it deep into my dripping wet
pussy. It felt so good inside of me that I just sat there for a minute
luxuriating in the feel of how much it filled me. He then started to buck his
hips to get my attention and I quickly started to move up and down on his rigid
cock. The look on his face was so good that I felt it was all worth it for that
look alone.

Anymore my husband acted like he was obligated to fuck me, but Larry looked like
he enjoyed it and would die happy tomorrow. Then I was surprised to feel my son
rubbing my ass behind me. I looked over my shoulder and he had his hand wrapped
around his cock, pumping away.

“Mom, your ass is so perfect, I want to fuck it. Can I please?” Right that
minute I didn’t care and just nodded my head. I felt him run his hand under me
and around his friend’s cock to get some of my fluids that were flowing from my
pussy and put it into my ass. His finger felt so big in my ass and hurt. But as
Larry bucked against me, the finger went further in and the pain subsided. I
felt him pull it out and move it around in the opening. Next I felt his body
against mine and then his cock slowly pushed into my ass. He pushed my body
forward so that my breasts were against Larry’s face.

Larry quickly took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it deep into his mouth. I
could my son’s cock slowly push deeper into my. As he stopped I could feel his
cock rub against Larry’s between the thin membranes inside of me. Again I felt
an orgasm rush through my body and exit out my pussy. Larry started to push up
harder as my son pushed deeper into my ass and they fucked my in a weird unison
that was so exhilarating. As orgasm after orgasm rushed through my body, I could
tell I was screaming in pleasure. All I cared about was making them explode
inside of me.

I started moving with the rhythm that they set and could tell that they were
both ready to explode. As I pushed back against my son I felt his cock throb and
grow inside of me this time, and knew that he was going to cum first. As Larry
bite my nipple, I screamed in pleasure and my son let loss his semen and filled
my ass with his precious fluid. I continued to push back him and felt Larry
stiffen beneath me and he lost his load next. Both of their cocks were pumping
their fluids into me and against each either at the same time. The feeling of
having both orifices filled to capacity was amazing.

Finally, my son pulled his cock out with a loud pop and collapsed on the floor
behind me. Larry’s cock was starting to go soft, but it was still big enough to
satisfy me where it was. I looked over my shoulder and saw my son start to fall
asleep on the floor. I looked at Larry and could tell that he was tired too.
Slowly I stood up and felt my knees shack. I stood still for a minute then
walked over to my robe. I could feel their semen slowly ooze from me, but I
didn’t care.

I put on my robe and grabbed my clothes. As I slowly went upstairs I knew that
from now on I would only be fucked by my son and his friend Larry. Who knows,
maybe next time I can convince them to invite another friend so that I can have
all three orifices filled at once.

lil pamReport

2013-03-16 19:33:37
mmmm i love a 3some too

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2012-08-29 16:15:24
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2010-05-11 11:25:05
g reat story made me hard i wish i had fucked my mum i still have wet dreams about her

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2010-04-24 01:15:15
In future episodes fuck only your son and keep Larry out of th picture at least until yuou get pregnant by your son. I fucked my mom for a number of years and we had 4 children together, Neither of us regreted a moment.

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