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Just something that I
I never heard her come into the house so I had no reason to stop what I was doing.

What I was doing was surfing various porn sites with my pants around my ankles while I stroked my cock. Not an easy thing to do might I add as I tend to jerk off with the same hand I use for mouse moving!

The pic that was on the screen when she walked into the room was of a beautiful blonde about my wife's age taking a huge load of cum onto her face and tits. Which, I might add, is something I love doing to her on the rare occasion she is in the mood for a face full of cum.

Now normally when she catches me surfing porn she gets pissed off and tells me log off and do something useful. But this time was different.

She walked up behind me and put her arm around me and said, "That's a nice looking cock and he's sure dumping a huge load on that sluts face".

"Glad you think so." I said looking up at her and smiling. "Don't stop on my account ' she said. "I'll be right back"

I had no idea what she had in mind and just sat there wondering what was going to happen next. I didn't have to wait long.

She came back into the room wearing nothing but black thigh high nylons and six inch heels and said. " I'm going to suck your cock and I want you to dump your load on my tits and face just like in that pic you were looking at."

I was blown away ! She knows I'm crazy about how she looks in thigh high stockings. I have loved her legs since the first day I laid eyes on her over 20 years ago and nothing has changed in that respect. She has a nice firm ass that belies her age and I love fucking her from behind when she is dressed in the manner she was now.

"I'd like that but before I do that I'm going to fcuk and suck that fine pussy of yours."

She smiled and sat down on the desk in front of me, speard her legs, and said "Eat this cunt you nasty fucker, eat it now."

Now I was confused as my wife had never used the word cunt in her entire life and I asked her what had gotten into her? "I'm done being the proper wife " she said. " You seem to like looking at sluts and whores on the net so rather than fight you over your desires I'm going to make them a reality for you". " Now eat my fucking cunt if you want to cum all over this face and these tits!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I buried ny face between her lucious legs and licked and sucked on her clit. She reached down and grabbed my head and started to say "Eat me you fucker eat my cunt until I cum".

I did my best to make that happen. As I licked and sucked on her clit I slid first one then a second finger deep into her now very wet pussy and began to massage her G-spot.

"Oh yes" she moaned "I like that so fucking much. Finger my cunt while you suck my clit". Her language was turning me on almost as much as the fact that my face was buried between her legs and my index and middle finger were deep inside her cunt.

Afte what seemed like just a few minutes of cunt lapping she began to shudder and I knew if I kept on sucking her and fingering her she was going to cum in a very brief amount of time.

"Yes baby, yes baby, I'm going to cum. Oh fuck eat me and make me cum on your face, make me cum on your fucking face baby." Soon after that she tighened up and let out a very long groan and pulled my face deeper into her pussy. The groan soon turned into an all and out scream as she came. I licked her juices and drank her nectar down into my throat.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and offered them up to her. She took my hand into hers and licked her juices from my fingers. "Ummm I sure taste fucking good today don't I?" she said. "Yes you do baby you taste fucking fantastic" I responded.

"Now stand up and bend over so that I can fuck that sweet fucking pussy of your's".

"It's all your's baby. But, no cumming in me I want you to shoot your load all over my face and tits just like that pic you were looking at o.k?"

" You don't have to ask twice now bend over my loving slut"

She bent over my desk and speard her long nylon covered legs. I stepped up behind her and slid my up to now negelected but still hard cock deep into her wet cunt.

She turned and looked back at me and said, "Do you like fucking my cunt baby? Do you like sliding your hard fucking cock deep inside of me and fucking me?"

"Oh yes baby I love fucking your hot wet cunt".

"Then fuck it hard and slap my ass while your doing it you nasty fucker. Fuck me hard and fast and cumm all over my face and tits when your ready baby I want your hot fucking cum all over me."

As I fucked her I couldn't help but wonder why she had suddenly turned into such a verbal slut. She had never talked like this before but I liked it and whould wait for another time to ask her to explain it to me.

I was now slamming my cock deep into her and occasionally slapping her on the ass. Again something she had never asked for before today.

"Yes that's it baby slap that fucking ass while you fuck me slap it good".

I gave her two more good slaps on her ass and she once again began to cum.

I held her by the hips and pushed my cock into her as deep as possible as she screamed in delight.

A breif moment later she was on her knees in front of me telling me she wanted to lick her juices from my cock. She took my cock deeper into her mouth than ever before and at the same time was playing with her nipples with her free hand.

She continued to deep throat me and I could tell that it would not be long before I too would be cumming.

"Baby I'm going to cum". I said.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and said. " I want you to jerk off all over me while I play with my tits."

"your wish is my command" I said and began to stroke my cock mere inches from her face.

"Cum all over my face you nasty fucker. Jerk that cock and cum all over my face and tits baby. I want to feel your hot fucking cum all over me."

Hearing that was all it took!

The first glob of cum landed right on her lips. She immediately began to lick it up. The second shot hit her on the chin and the third I aimed at her tits. I then took my cock and began to rub it all over her face as she rubbed my cum into her tits. Her face was soon coated with my cum and I looked at her and saw her smile at me through her cum covered lips.

"Next time maybe we should take some pictures so that you could jerk off to me rather than someone else when I'm not home." The sight of my wife of 20 plus years on her knees covered in my cum was the most erotic thing I have ever seen and sharing that sight with others made a twisted sense to me.

I smiled at her and said that would be fine with me. She then stood up and kissed me deeply. The saltiness of my cum was very apparent on her lips.

"I hope you saved that picture you were looking at. That was a really nice looking cock on that guy."

"So now you're going to be looking at cock pics on the web" I said.

"Baby, our life is going to be about pleasure from now on. Now come into the bedroom and lick my tits clean before you fuck me again."

It has only gotten crazier from that day on. If interested I'll write more. Zabbo.


2009-02-02 05:38:38
Been there!LOL The writer did a good job. Direct an to the point, nice short story


2008-07-24 17:03:44
Your wife has broken out of her shell. Now fuck her every day b are back and get her pregnant. Keep fucking her during pregnancy and ever get her mother into the act.


2008-01-03 14:48:07
The right hand dilemma has plagued me for years.


2007-12-22 17:51:05
You know I Think your the first author I've heard, since the history of the mouse, to constructively bring up the "right handed dilemma". I'm glad glad the Ms's could take matters in hand and ease the frustration.


2007-11-10 14:30:33
her eyes and was full of joy and she continued to fuck withat man and for the past 8 yrs this is continuing and that man is fucking my ass also and suck his penis and drink his seman directly from his penis and lick from wif's veginal cavity. Now other 2 sister-in-law's husbands have also started fucking my wife and thia is going on for the past 3 years ans happy in giving my ass to three penis and drinkingmoree seman of three different tastes.Some times all the three will fuck at a time one after another and drink more and more seman now i feel very strong and healthy than those three penis

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