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Brad and Jeff join the fun
I wondered if last night had been a dream when I woke up. I remembered the whole night especially the reuniting with Jenny, and the makeup sex. I guess you could call it that I mean what else could it be?

I opened my eyes, and let my eyes adjust to the sunlight pouring into the room. I looked to my right and saw Jenny, curled up next to me, still naked from the night before. I raised my left hand, made a fist and pulled it down whispering a silent yes to myself, and my room. I wrapped my left arm around her now, and kissed her forehead gently. I fell asleep next her a smile on my face.

I woke up to a poke in my right side. I looked over to see Jenny sitting cross legged, poking me. "Im hungry" She said. She smiled at me as I grinned and stuck out my arms as I dove at her. I wrapped my arms around her playfully as we laughed and wrestled, still naked by the way.

When I pinned her she cried out "Come on Steve let me win just once!"

I smiled at her half of my tongue in between my teeth. "Nu uh" I replied and laughed as she rolled me over. She had been working on flipping my heavy ass!

"I win now, bitch!" She yelled out laughing. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose

"Let's eat" I told her. I easily pushed her to the right of me and she yelped, knowing I let her win. I put on just some boxers and walked out of my room laughing as Jenny, playfully angry, that I flipped her.

She came out in a t-shirt of mine, and some of my basket ball shorts that I use for working out. "Those are dirty." She looked down and shrugged. I laughed as I pulled out some eggs.

We had a nice hot breakfast ready to eat, enough for the six of us. But I knew the four would be hungover. I purposely made their food greasy and not pleasent for someone with a hang over. I kicked Jeffs' door open and shouted as loud as possible, "Wake us ya fuckin' drunk!"

Jeff shot up awake but put his hand on his face because of the lights. I began flicking the switch on and off and his girl from the night before groaned. "Breakfast!" I said with a smile. Jeff stood up out of bed and helped the girl out of bed as he held her hand and walked her to the bar where their food was.

I walked into Brads' room. I saw his guitar jacked in and turned it on. I turned up the volume on the guitar and amplifier as loud as it would go. I struck a chord and nearly went deaf. Brad and Amy both shot up and put their hands on their heads. Both looked like hell. "Breakfast!" I told them. I put the guitar down and walked out of the room, Brad shouting at me as I left.

"You really are a fucking asshole man!" He shouted.

"Your welcome!" I yelled back.

Hangovers suck. I dont get them often but when I do it always helps to have a greasy meal. Its hard to get down but in an hour or two you feel okay. A little, but it helps. I help my friends with it alot. They kind of thanked me for the food, but knew I made it extra greasy, Brad gently shaking his head at me.

Later on that day the hungover hoodlums were finally feeling better. I finally got Jeffs' girls' name. It was Diane. She was a real looker. Around 5' 6" blonde, blue eyes. A walking talking barbie doll.

Amy was one too. She had red hair to her collar bone, green eyes, and was about the same height as Jeff, 5'8". Amy chatted to Jenny calling her short stuff. Jenny was the shortest one there at 5'4".

Diane was with Brad kissing on MY couch. MY FUCKING COUCH. God, I hate it when he does that. Well it doesn't matter. I have two spares. There were two on opposite sides of the walls of the living room. One in the middle facing the TV. All three Black and leather. Behind us was the bar/ kitchen. Under the bar was the liquor and beer in a mini fridge with the "big fridge" to the left when facing th living room. To the right of all that was the master bathroom/ the only bathroom in the apartment. Then the three rooms went past that, first mine, then Jeffs' , Then Brads. It was actually clean too. It didn't look like a guys apartment. I love my well paying job.

Anyway, back to the middle of the day. Amy and Jenny on the left of the room, talking, Jeff and Diane on the right side on my goddamn couch, and me and Brad in the middle of the room. I was smoking his ass in Gears of War. Even though I was gone for 3 months I could still kick his short little ass.

"Haha take that you little bastard!" I called out laughing. He shook his head and turned off the game after I beat him the third time in a row. He turned on the TV and began watching it, angrily flipping through the channels.

I looked to the left, and saw Jenny and Amy now even deeper into a conversation. Both of them giggled when the saw me. My curiosity was going to get the better of me. I wasn't going to be curious for very long.

Jeff came over and sat to the right of me. Brad and I looked at him. I pointed at the couch he was just on as Diane walked by to sit on his lap. "Your not contaminating this one too" I told him. "Go back to your fuck couch and leave the non-fuck couch alone" Brad laughed a good long laugh as Jeff gave me the finger and went back to the "fuck couch."

Amy and Jenny walked over to us and sat in our laps. I put my arms around Jenny as she lay back on me, her right arm around her neck pulling me in.

Amy gave her a glance, Amy seated in the same position Jenny was. Both leaned in at the same time and told us both the same thing. "We want to try somthing."

Brad shut off the TV. "Shoot." We both said. I moved to the right and both girls squeezed in with us.

"We would like to know, if you boys would like to try something new. It involves nakedness" Amy told us. I saw Brad lean in Diane also doin the same. Both had an eyebrow raised. They were made for eachother.

"This involves you two, also" Jenny said. Both looked at eachother and raised their eyebrows a little more.

"We would like.."

"To try something we both have been wanting to do" Jenny finished.

"And that is.." Amy stalled.

"What?" Brad asked.

"This isn't easy" Amy replied.

"Sure it is. We want to have a group fuck." Jenny said, not caring if anyone was offended. Brad and I had our jaws dropped. Jeff was standing unbuttoning his pants. Diane pulling off her shirt.

"Whoa shit!" Brad yelled. "Keep your clothes on!" He shouted at them.

"I'll do it. I'd like to try something wierd. But it doesn't leave this room" I said to them. "If we all promise that I'm in."

"I'll do it if he does it" Brad said, pointing his thumb at me.

Jeff and Diane stood. "We're gonna get naked, whether you like it or not" said Jeff. "We're in. Our lips are sealed"

"We won't tell anyone." Said Jenny. I scratched my head and looked at Brad. We both shrugged, and too off our shirts standing and holding our girls.

After an akward minute or so we all had our clothes off. Brad and I feeling nervous, Jeff going to work on Diane. Telling her how he wished they could have fucked the night before. Amy was kissing on Jeffs' neck, I getting a handjob while both of us were standing up.

Amy began to move down Brads' body going to his cock and kissing it swirling around the head of his erect 7 inches. I didn't care if he was bigger than me. I had nothing to be ashamed about. He let out a moan as she went down half of him.

Jenny jumped on me her legs around my waist arms around my neck. She began grinding into me and got me inside of her. I held her and let her rock on me.

Jeff had Diane on one leg, holding her left leg in the air, his right arm around her waist, pumping inside of her. She was crying out for more. I looked to my left and saw Jeff pumping away as well focusing on pleasing her.

I began to rock too not wanting Jenny to feel left out. I grinded back now just fucking her with force and experience with her pussy. I knew her spots I rubbed her clit and went faster, my friends following. "Jesus Christ! Steve you feel so good" She cried out. My friends began working harder. Moans of pleasure and acceptance followed.

I went to Jenny's breasts and sucked on her left tit. She moaned as I fucked her, rubbed her clit and sucked on a breast. Jeff pleasing Amy by using the "shocker" technique, also while grinding. Two in the pussy and the pinky in the ass. Amy cooed in pleasure.

Jeff was having the most trouble, being with this new girl he aimed for the usual spots with his mouth. She begged him to go harder and she moaned as thanks.

Soon all six of us knew it was going to happen. Jeff and Diane began moaning in unison and cried out many fucks, and Jesus's. They fell on the couch entangled in themselves.

I began to feel it after the fell on the couch. I went as fast as possible, making Jenny cry out with eagerness. "Oh my God! Oh cum in my pussy oh do it baby! Mmmmfuck!"

I went faster and the building erupted like a volcano into her snatch. The incredible orgasm made her erupt as well and we both fell back, enjoying the show Brad put on expertly with Amy.

He continued rocking in and out and fast then slow almost teasing Amy. Then in a final thirty seconds her kept going at an extremely fast pace making Amy go limp and cry out. He grunted and pulled out as Amy went to her knees and swallowed his cum after her orgasm. He fell back on the couch and pulled Amy to her feet and set her down on his lap both panting. I applauded.

Brad shook his head and looked at Amy. Amy smiled and nodded. "Yeah," He said in a quiet tone. He threw some pillows on the floor and Amy went on them, on her hands and knees. He again had an erection. He spat on his hand twice and rubbed up and down on his cock. He got to his knees and aimed for her ass.

Jeff picked up Diane and positioned her over his lubed cock. I heard him spit when Jeff did I just didn't see. She slowly went to down and paused. She kept going until she was all the way there. I guessed she was a virgin at anal.

Jenny and I however had a different idea. She stood on her knees and went straight down, nothing as lube. She began to bounce up and down moaning. "Call me your slut. Oh I want it!" She cried. I pondered on the thought as she fucked me.

"You like this cock in your ass? Oh I bet you do. You like this dick. Oh be my slut." I said. My friends shocked at our talk. "The fuck you lookin' at?" I said with a laugh.

"Oh I love your cock Steve. Im your fucking bitch, yes I fucking am."

"I know you are. Keep fucking this cock. Oh you love it" I replied.

The tightness of her ass still amazed me. It was so tight and warm, wrapped around my cock. I watched as my dick dissappeared in her ass.

Brad was fingering Amy as he pounded her ass doggy style on the floor. Amy moaning sounding like she was being shaken. "Oh I love your dick baby!" She cried out.

"Go Brad, go Brad," I said in a chant laughing as he told me to shutup.

Jeff was taking it slower than Brad and I were. He had a face of pleasure as Amy moaned. Taking it slow she pleasure herself on his cock. Filled with his 6 inches, the perfect way to start in my opinion.

Soon we all began to moan. Brad began pounding harder, Jenny and I moaning and talking dirty, and Jeff moaning as Diane rubbed herself. "FUCK" I cried. I felt her ass milk me of my cum, shooting inside of her she began to explode on top of me. I felt it run down her leg onto mine as she slammed onto me.

"Mmm yeah, baby I love it in my ass! Oh fuck yes!" Jenny moaned.

Jeff began grunting as Diane exploded into something I had never experienced. She began squirting into her hand letting it shoot back onto Jeff as she cried out moaning and shouting as Jeff moved her up and down a few last times while moaning as well.

Brad, once again, was last to finish. "Oh!! Oh my God!" Amy began to shout. "It's so fucking good! Oh fuck my ass, oh yes!"

"You fuckin' got it!" He replied, pumping harder and harder with each thrust. He grunted loudly and Amy moaned and cooed as Brad collapsed after she was silent.

We were exhausted, satisfied, and all starving. But most of all.. We were dirty.

We all took turns taking showers two at a time, only 10 minutes a piece. When I finally went last with Jenny I scrubbed her whole body, especially her breasts and round ass. She cleaned my chest and cock, admiring my body. I whispered "I loved what we did today, and I love you."

"Oh baby! I love you too!" She said, kissing me. We turned off the water, clothed and walked to the living room.

When I walked out, my friends were sitting at the bar, waiting for me to cook some grub. I baked some chicken breasts, nicely seasoned, and made some sauteed mushrooms, and green beans. We treated ourselves, and polished off this akward, sex filled, amazing day with a trip to the movies.

Later on at night after we had all went to bed, Jenny woke me up. She turned on a lamp on the nightstand next to my bed.

I squinted my eyes. "Augh... Hey.. what's goin' on?"

"How did you like today? I mean all of us.."

"Fucking?" I finished with a laugh. "It was wierd. At first I mean. Later on I got used to it and kind of liked seeing my friends having a good time. How erotic it was was a big turn on too."

"Good. I liked how you kind of took lead. When you went fast so did Brad and Jeff. Amy and Diane thought it was sexy."

"I'm not going to have sex with either of them." I told her. That wouldn't be right.

"That wasn't what I was going to ask. I wanted you to go down on me. I'm so horny right now! I need it."

I pulled down the blankets and sheets and moved to her pussy quickly, suprising her. I slid down her thong and saw her already moist. I inhaled her scent. "Mmm... Yeah." I said deeply. I dove right in.

I licked up and down and occasionally put my tongue deep inside her. I purposely missed her clit, going around it teasing her. She moaned and squirmed aching for it. I switched my tongue for two fingers and licked up and down repeatedly on her clit. Causing her to coo with pleasure.

"Oh yeah baby, eat me out!" She moaned. I continued going at it for only a minute more. She began moaning louder and I went faster, deperate to make her cum. I pounded my fingers in and out of her and flicked my tongue as fast as possible across her clit.

"Oh Jesus! Oh my God! YES!! Oh yesss!" She moaned. I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers and felt a wave of her cum on my hand, licking up what I could, enjoying the sweetness of it and the scent.

She was panting when I came back up to her.She looked over at me with those beautiful brown eyes, murmuring "Thanks," She raised her voice. "I needed that. Like you need this."

She sank down to the large tent in my boxers, pulling them down and rubbing my dick. She opened her mouth and pretended to suck but pulled away at the last second. I shook my head. Karma's a bitch.

Jenny moved her head down again, only this time actually going to the tip of my dick and down. She sucked hard, only pulling up to get a little air and going back down. She went to the base of my cock and moved her hair back so I could see her open her mouth some more, and stick her tongue out to lick on my scrotum.

"Ohhh yes... Right there." I moaned.

The feeling was incredible. The warmth and wetness of it and the hard suction. God it was amazing! I felt my balls tingle, and began to moan. "Oh Jesus! Here it comes."

She began to suck harder than before and my legs bucked as I shot my first rope of cum into her mouth. The pleasure was incredible as she continued sucking on my head and swallowing the rest of the cum. She finished by cleaning off my dick and sucking on the head of my cock, which was now alot more sensitive.

She came up and rubbed my chest. "That was incredible!" I told her.

"Thanks" She said with a grin. She raised her eyebrows and kissed me. I kissed back ignoring my own taste.

When I pulled away I lipped the words "I love you" To my girlfriend. I was glad for this day. She replied with an "I love you too" and I turned off the light. I fell asleep satisfied and happy as can be.


2007-09-14 22:56:18
Don't do any swapping =/ Good story though ^^


2007-08-27 01:22:16
the group sex killed it, it woulb be better if you kept it to just two people (sometimes three)


2007-08-21 21:30:48
Great work.


2007-08-07 03:06:16
Hooray, a truly erotic story at long last that does not contain incest, or other extremely weird sex acts. Looking forward to more such as this one.


2007-08-05 01:03:59
Nice.Keep it up.Make a whole series.

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