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Daughter releives dad's pent up sexual tension
My mom and dad were great parents and deeply in love with each other for over 40 years. My mom was deeply religious and had always told my three sisters and I that sex was made for making babies and not for enjoyment or pleasure. After she had become unable to bear children she stopped having any sexual relations with my dad. Despite the private nature of their relationship she told my sisters and I how she would no longer become intimate with our dad and that he like all men still repeatedly tried to get her to give in on her convictions. She told us how all men were this way and how it was a woman’s place to keep both her and her husband pure. This was one of her ways of trying to teach us girls about what she believed. Once we got married we each found that we enjoyed sex immensely and basically disregarded her lectures. Many times my sisters and I would remark on how despite dad having never raised the issue we felt sorry for him.

My dad was 35 years older than I was and at 68 had just retired from working outdoors all his life. He was still a very strong rugged man who could give most 20 year olds a real run for their money in not only looks but also in strength and endurance. After his retirement he came to visit my husband and I in our new home and to help us get some work done. My mom had stayed behind at home and dad was a huge help the days he was with us. He had helped us build a deck on the back of the house and I had stayed home from work one day to help him with the finishing touches. We had worked all day outside in the heat and once we finished I went inside to shower and get cleaned up. I was out of towels in our master bath so I grabbed my stuff and jumped into the shower in the hall bathroom while dad finished putting up the tools outside. I had dried off and was standing in front of the sink brushing my teeth stark naked when the door opened and my dad took a step inside. I was frozen as I stood feet away from my dad who had never seen me naked and now here I was with nothing in reach to cover myself. I cried out “daddy, I’m in here.” As he backed up in the doorway apologizing like crazy shutting the door as quickly as he had opened it. I rinsed my mouth and wrapped myself in my towel and hurried to my bedroom as fast as I could.

Once inside my bedroom I was filled with feelings of embarrassment and at the same time a feeling of eroticism somehow. I stood in front of my full length mirror looking at myself. At 23 I was 5’4” and weighed 112 pounds. My breasts were the smallest of any of the woman in my family with 34A cups but my stomach was flat and firm as well as my butt. My pussy was trimmed neatly and I was told by many men that I had a great body. I was not bashful to be nude in front of people and my husband and I had visited several nude beaches and I always found being naked around people fascinating. But, this was my father and my head was filled with strange feelings. I called my husband at work and told him what had happened and he laughed and asked if he liked what he saw. I told him it was not funny and he just shrugged it off. I got dressed in a pair of panties and put on one of my husbands large white t-shirts without a bra and slowly made my way out of the room wondering what my dad thought of the situation.

Dad was sitting in the living room watching baseball when I walked in. He started apologizing again saying he thought I was in my bedroom and he should have knocked. I told him it was ok and that I should have locked the door. I bent over and kissed him on the cheek and asked him if he wanted a cold drink. He said yes and I went to the kitchen and got us both a beer. We sat and talked for a while and my dad said that he should probably go back home. I told him no I wanted him to stay and he asked if Ron would be upset with him. I laughed and told him no and then told him that Ron and I shared a very open relationship and that we normally went nude around the house and about visiting nude beaches. My dad seemed very surprised and said that my mom would never understand that kind of behavior. He said that I should not be so honest and open when I spoke to her. I laughed and we opened another beer. My dad helped me with a few more small projects inside the house and I knew that in some of the positions I was in he could clearly see my panties and the thought stirred feelings that I knew were totally strange.

I told my dad that I wanted to clean the fan blades of a ceiling fan in the living room and got a ladder to reach the fan. As I climbed the ladder dad told me not to go so high that the ladder could fall and he held the bottom of the ladder. I looked down and told him I would just take a minute and could tell that from my stretched position that when he looked up my panties and breasts were in his plain view. He did not appear to notice and talked about planting a garden outside as I cleaned the fan. When I started to climb down he braced me and I came down against him holding onto me. I was surprised to feel that my dad had a full blown hard on as I was against him for a second. I could feel my face flush as I moved away to put the cleaning rags back under the kitchen sink and he took the ladder down and took it to the garage.

I guess it may have been the beer in me but after we sat back down I brought up the subject of my mothers refusing him sex for so many years. I could tell dad was uncomfortable with the subject and he shrugged it off saying that was just the way she was. I sat next to him in the large overstuffed chair he was in the way I used to when I was little and pressed further asking if it bothered him. I could tell he was uneasy with the subject and he tried to change the subject several times asking about plans for the house and such. He finally got up and went in to shower and I started preparing dinner for the night. When Ron got home I told him about our conversation that day and he played it off. Dad asked about the nude beaches and our being nude around the house and Ron explained that we both liked being nude and it was no big deal to us. I asked dad if he would be uncomfortable if we went nude while he was visiting and he said it was our home and he did not want to intrude. After we got up from dinner Ron and I both undressed and we watched some TV and just hung out the rest of the evening. I could tell my dad was taking it in and he volunteered that he wished he and mom had the type of relationship and confidence we had.

The next morning Ron left early for work and I made breakfast still in the nude. Dad came out of his room around 8 fully dressed in his work clothes and ate breakfast. He asked if I was going to stay naked all day and I told him not if I went outside unless it was bothering him. He shrugged and said no with a sense of uncertainty in his voice. I decided to stay nude feeling a sense of eroticism about the whole thing. I filled the washer and dad made a comment about not seeing how we had much laundry to do if we did not wear clothes. I asked if he wanted me to throw his work clothes in since they were soiled from the work the day before and offered a pair of Ron’s shorts for him to wear. He said that would be ok and he wanted to get into the pool anyway. He came back out of his room dressed in the shorts and handed me his clothes and went outside to the backyard pool. We had a large fenced private yard and I came outside and got into the water with dad after cleaning the dishes and putting the laundry into the dryer. I could tell that dad again had a hard erection and was surprised at how large and hard he was. He stayed that way the entire time I was in the pool with him. When we got out of the pool finally we dried off and I asked dad to dry my back for me. He did and we went into the house.

Dad went into the bathroom to take off his wet shorts and came out wrapped in a large towel. He asked for his clothes and I told him they would be dry in about 20 minutes. He said ok and said he was going to lay down until his clothes were done. He went into the room and I messed around the house for a few minutes. I then lightly knocked on his door and went inside. Dad was lying in the bed under the sheet and I started talking to him. I sat on the side of the bed briefly asking what he would like to do that day and then lay beside him on top of the sheet. Almost immediately I noticed a tent form in the sheet above him. I slipped down beside him and dad asked what I was doing. I told him that I just wanted to talk to him while his clothes were in the dryer since we did not get much opportunity to talk with the distance we lived apart. Almost trance like I reached my hand beneath the sheet as we talked and I could feel the heat from his cock. I reached and gently stroked the length of his shaft and his eyes opened wide. He told me that this was not appropriate and that we should get up. With my hand still semi grasping his rock hard cock I could feel it twitch from my touch.

Dad was still solid for his age. He stood 6’00” tall and weighed about 180 pounds. His hair was mixed mostly gray but he still had large arms and a firm chest and stomach with muscular legs. I told him it was ok and he lay still as my hand slid up and down his 7” and fat cock. I got under the sheet with him and pressed my young body to his as I cupped his very large balls and kissed his earlobe. Dad repeated that we can not do this and he started getting up pulling his cock from my grip. I followed him out of the bed and he stood up allowing me the first view I ever had of his fully naked body. His cock was standing out straight fully rigid and looking large. He was about an inch longer than my husband and much larger around. His balls were very large and hanging just below his cock. As he began to tell me we should get dressed I slid down onto my knees in front of him and took his cock into my mouth hearing a groan escape his throat. I worked at trying to take as much of him in as possible with the girth of his rod and worked my tongue around the fat cock head. Dad made a half hearted attempt to push my shoulders back from his cock but his male instinct and desire fought him back. It did not take him long before he pulled my head closer to him and he was breathing deeply. I was surprised at myself for what I was doing and thought about getting up but my own desire was boiling over and I could feel myself getting wet and craving the feeling of my daddy’s cock inside me.

My dad finally pushed me away from his cock pulling me from my fixated trance as I heard him say “Honey, we better stop before this goes too far.” I wiped my face and sat back onto the bed behind me trying to figure out what had happened. As I looked up at my dad I could see by the look in his eyes that he was as filled with lust and desire as I was at this point. I scooted back on the bed and my dad followed me getting on top of me. By the time I was fully on the bed and our faces were inches apart I could feel his big cock twitching at the entrance of my womanhood. He shifted his weight and the tip of his cock pressed easily between my engorged lips and into my wet tunnel. I let out a gasp and moan as his length began to fill me and my hips began to rock trying to pull his entire length inside me. Instinct had taken over control of my dad and if I had any hesitation it was too late as he began to pump his cock into my hole with ferocity of a man 50 years younger. The feeling his fat cock was giving me was pushing me to climax as I listened to our flesh slap into each other and could hear him grunt. At this point he was no longer my dad but a wild stud nailing his prey to dump his seed into my womb. Fortunately I was protected by the shots given by my doctor to keep me from getting pregnant.

When dad pinched my nipples I writhed in an intense orgasm and I could feel my tight tender pussy walls milk the large cock that was pushing me over the edge. Dad slowed his pace slightly and as I regained my composure I managed to turn beneath him and get onto my hands and knees. Dad asked if I was ok and I told him between breaths that I wanted him and not to stop. Dad repositioned himself behind me without ever letting his cock slip from my pussy and once we were in the doggy position he started his tempo back. This position did not last long and I felt my dad push himself into me deeper than I had ever felt anyone penetrate me and his breathing became short and hard as he emptied his large balls inside me pushing me into my second major orgasm that matched his. He was holding his arms in a bear hug around my waist tightly and we both collapsed onto the bed as our orgasms subsided. We lay that way for probably ten minutes panting and working to catch our breath. Dad rolled off me and lay on his back and I moved down and took his now soft slimy cock into my mouth cleaning our mixed cum from his tool. Dad just moaned in ecstasy as I worked to try to get him hard again but finally I knew that he was totally spent for now. I moved up beside him and sniggled up close to him breathing in the heavy aroma of our sex that filled the room. We both fell off to sleep holding each other tightly.

My dad woke me an hour later and I could still feel the rivers of his cum run from my pussy. I was lying in a huge puddle of mixed orgasmic juices and I smiled as he gently kissed me. He asked if I was ok and I told him that it was wonderful. Dad told me that it had been almost 20 years since he had sex and that it had always been with the lights out and in the dark. He said that he had never had oral sex before and that this was the hottest he had ever experienced. I thanked him and told him I loved him as I kissed him back. We got up and into the shower together. Dad lathered me up and rubbed my entire body with his large hands. He told me how the sight of my ass while he was inside me was overwhelming and the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. I told him how nice his cock and large balls were. When we got out of the shower we dried each other off and he did not ask for his clothes as we lounged around the house that afternoon. That evening Ron was surprised to find both of us naked when he arrived home. As we watched TV that night Ron got between my legs and started licking my pussy. Even with my shower and washing I was still filled with daddy’s cum and Ron looked up and me and smiled widely.

The next morning I got up late and found dad sitting in the kitchen with a raging hard on again. I asked him what he would like for breakfast and he said he wanted to try what Ron had last night. He helped me to the couch and I lay back opening my legs to his hungry mouth. During the rest of his week with us dad made sure to enjoy his new found passion every day. He also made plans to come back often just to help out around the house and yard.
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