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It was a warm October evening, and Anne was sitting alone on her front
steps. Jolyne was spending the weekend with her father, and Anne was
wishing she had someone to fuck her. She'd been sitting there about ten
minutes when Burt Foster, her neighbor, came ambling over with a can of
beer in his hand.

"Hi, Burt," she smiled as he sat down on the step just below hers.

"Hello, Anne," he grinned, taking a sip of his beer, "D'ya mind if I
join you for a little while?"

"Hell, no," beamed the beautiful brunette. "Jolyne's spending the
weekend with her dad and I could use some company."

"I'm alone, too," he smiled. "My wife's gone to visit her sister for a
couple of weeks."

Sitting on the step just above Burt's, Anne crossed her legs, exposing a
nice portion of naked thighs beneath her short, tight skirt.

Burt had often thought what a hot piece of ass she'd probably be when
he'd seen her walking with her softly rounded ass wriggling
provocatively under the tight skirts she habitually wore. Now, sitting
on her steps and looking up between her legs, he wondered how hard it
would be to make her. With his wife out of town, he'd sure like to get
into this beauty's pants.

Seeming to read his mind, Anne slowly recrossed her legs to give him a
lingering view, pleased that because of the warm evening she wasn't
wearing any panties. A delicious little tingle rippled through Anne's
loins when she saw the wild lust in his eyes as he stared at her
blatantly exposed cunt. There was nothing that the attractive slut
enjoyed more than a brand new cock, and the prospect that this big burly
neighbor might fuck her was making her cunt churn with desire.

"Oh, Burt," she whispered, her eyes glowing with mischief. "You have
some naughty thoughts on your mind."

"What do you m-mean?" he stammered.

"You want to get at my hot little pussy," the pretty woman giggled.

"What makes you say that?"

"I can tell by the way you're staring at it," she grinned. "Do you like

"I sure do!" he blurted, nervously licking his lips.

"I'll bet there's not a hotter cunt in town," she giggled, pulling her
skirt up around her hips and spreading her legs wide apart to give him a
better view. "Why don't you touch the little devil and find out how hot
the fuckin' thing is?"

Unable to believe what was happening, Burt was trembling with excitement
as he reached up and inserted his fingertip into the slut's lewdly
exposed twat.

"Stick it all the way in," she panted. "Twist it around in there."

The man couldn't believe the sucking hotness of her slippery slit when
her moistly clinging cunt-flesh closed deliciously around his deeply
embedded finger.

"How are you hung?" she whispered, moving down next to him on the step
when he pulled his finger out of her sopping hot cunt slit.

Before he could answer, she reached down and cupped her hand around the
big bulge that was throbbing in the front of his pants.

"Jesus, Burt," she giggled, giving his cock a loving squeeze. "There's
nothing I like better than a big new cock, and this one feels like a
real beauty."

Shivering with excitement as the hot juices leaked out of her pussy,
Anne lowered his zipper, and after a short struggle, she finally hauled
his big blue-veined prick out of his open fly.

"Oh, Burt, baby," she whispered, leaning down and swiping her wet tongue
across the bulbous surface of his lust-swollen knob. "Are you gonna
stuff this big hard thing into my hot juicy twat?"

"You're not shittin'," he panted. "You're gonna get every fuckin' inch
of it."

"Then let's get in the house," she giggled, stuffing his cock back into
his pants and taking his hand. "I've never felt so fuckin' horny in my

When they entered the house, Anne felt her throat so parched with
excitement that she hurried into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Watching her as she stood with her back to him by the sink, Burt stared
excitedly at the soft roundness of her lovely ass and the bare flesh of
her legs beneath her extremely short dress. Not only was she a beautiful
woman, but she was probably a real wild fuck. He could certainly have a
good time screwing her until his wife came home.

Walking up behind her as she stood by the sink drinking her water, Burt
felt his cock throbbing violently in his pants. Putting his arms around
Anne's waist, he pulled her sweet ass back against the big bulge in his
slacks. Moving his hands up, he cupped her big full tits, squeezing her
succulent flesh, feeling her nipples harden under the material of her

Realizing the neighbor was really hot for her body, Anne was getting
hotter and wetter between her legs. Wanting to arouse him even more, she
squirmed back against the man's slightly moving loins as he continued
caressing her warm tingling tits. Gazing out at the dark night through
her kitchen window, Anne felt her breath coming in jagged gasps as her
nostrils flared with lust.

Aware that the horny woman was his to use as he pleased, Burt took the
hem of her dress and lifted it off over her head. Her full bare tits
were rippling and her belly quivering as she excitedly ground her hot
naked ass back against his hard loins. Once more cupping her luscious
tits, he began tweaking her hard nipples.

"Does that feel good, Anne?" he hotly whispered into her ear.

"Yes... yes it does," she panted, almost weak from the delicious
feelings that were invading her horny body. God, how she could hardly
wait for this man to fill her hotly aroused cunt with his big thick
prick. She could almost visualize his cock pumping in and out between
her legs and the thought of it further excited the horny slut.

Unable to wait any longer to fuck the woman, Burt lowered his zipper
right there in the kitchen. When Anne heard Burt's pants and shorts drop
down around his ankles, she excitedly rubbed the cheeks of her ass back
against his naked boner, totally consumed by the powerful lust seething
deep in her pussy.

Staring down, Burt could see the lush whiteness of her soft buttocks and
the little tuft of dark damp pussy hairs peeking out beneath them.

"Anne, I'm gonna fuck you hard and deep," he hotly whispered into her
ear as he massaged the soft pliant flesh of her ass, dipping his
outstretched middle finger into her slippery slit from behind. "I'm
gonna fuck you to death."

"Oh, yes," she whimpered, grinding her cunt back around his thick
exploring finger. "That's why I brought you in."

As he stood close behind the woman with his hands on her hips, Anne
could feel his hotly throbbing prick pressed tightly against the fleshy
crack between her asscheeks, leaving a trail of slippery seminal
stickiness on the quivering flesh between her smooth soft asscheeks. She
could feel his big lust-bloated cockhead throbbing against the naked
flesh of her sweet hot ass, making her tingle with wanton desire. The
thought of him drilling his nice thick cock up into her dripping twat
from the rear only seemed to further arouse the depraved woman.

"Okay, baby," he whispered to Anne as he guided the tip of his cock up
between her juice-slickened cuntlips. "Here it comes, honey... all nice
and hard."

Anne excitedly held her breath, her curvaceous body trembling with
anticipation. She spread her legs a bit farther. Leaning on the counter
top of the sink, the woman raised her ass to help his entry. She could
feel her steamy cunt open and secrete a flood of hot juice around his
probing cockhead as it made initial contact. Pressing forward, his thick
pole nudged the soft sensitive flesh of her open twat, sending shivers
of joy racing through her loins. Then almost without being aware of it,
his thick warm cock slid slowly up into her hot slick fuckhole. Moving
an inch or so at a time, it was soon completely buried in her warm
clasping cunt.

The feeling of his thick throbbing cock filling her pussy reduced Anne
to nothing but a quivering piece of inflamed flesh. The bigness of his
swollen boner was the most fantastic thing the horny woman had ever
experienced, and his entry had been so nice and gentle.

Thrilled with the feel of his big cock embedded in her cunt, Anne began
writhing her ass back against the length of it, forcing his boner still
deeper into her feverishly aroused fuckhole.

"Oh, Burt," she passionately whispered, her eyes glowing with lust.
"Fuck me good, honey. Fuck me good."

Smiling triumphantly, Burt thrust forward, his huge bloated prick
surging through the hot slippery tunnel of her lust-slickened cunt,
spreading the soft tingling walls as his prick drilled back and forth in
her cuntal sheath.

His big bloated knob was pounding mercilessly at the very end of her
pussy while his huge balls slapped noisily between her shapely thighs.

He was soon pounding brutally into her, and Anne had to suppress screams
of anguish and ecstasy as her glazed eyes stared out through the window
at the dark night. Enjoying the mild pain he was inflicting on her, she
was slamming her tormented ass back, forcing more of his thrusting boner
up between the petals of her passion-heated cuntlips, trying to take
more and more of his rigid cock into her aroused fuckhole.

"Fuck, honey, fuck!" she squealed with joy. "I've never felt anything as
shittin' good as this!"

"Nor have I," he panted. "That's gotta be the hottest damn cunt in the

He thrust savagely again, fucking into her with long swooping plunges,
his hard cock tingling from the intense pleasure it was receiving from
her horny little slit.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, biting into her forearms. "Fuck me harder,
honey! Oh shit, that's good!"

She'd wanted his thick hot prick in her cunt the first moment she had
felt it out on the steps, and she certainly wasn't disappointed in his
performance. The bigness of his prick vibrating along the widely
stretched walls of her passion-slickened pussy was pure ecstasy.

Burt was ramming his thick cock harder and deeper into her quivering
pussy, the intense pleasure almost too much to bear at times, but he
continued his relentless fucking. His hairy loins were pounding against
her soft wiggly asscheeks as his massive sperm-laden balls slapped wetly
between her inner thighs. Panting and gasping for breath, Burt was
drilling his passion-thickened shaft into her writhing twat with
increasing fury.

"Oh, sweet Burt," she whimpered, feeling his huge cockhead pounding
against her womb. "Keep fuckin', honey, just keep fucking!"

For a brief moment she felt nothing but a numbness in her pussy, and
then the wild rapture began slowly returning until it was more intense
than it had been before. Wild jolts of wanton joy were once more filling
her belly, the jolts becoming stronger until the waves of lusting desire
were completely consuming her scorching body.

Her ass was churning around his deeply lodged boner as he slammed his
thick shaft even deeper into her wildly writhing cunt. With her slippery
hot pussy undulating back around his rock-hard boner with increasing
fervor, wild mewls of pleasure were coming from deep in her gasping
throat. With her head lolling from side to side and her long dark hair
flying wildly around her face, the woman was squealing with delight as
her rugged neighbor fucked into her from the rear like a wild animal.
The way the top ridge of his stiff tool had set up a friction against
her erect clit was driving her wild. The ceaseless way his big hard cock
was pounding into her cunt was setting up a delicious vibration that was
beyond her comprehension. It was total joy for the woman as she rode his
thrusting rod to new heights of ecstasy.

Anne had done a lot of wild fucking and sucking in her life, but this
man's fantastic prick had awakened her to joys she'd never attained
before. It was a disgusting perversion to be fucked dog- fashion like an
animal, yet the base depravity of it added pleasure to the whole obscene
act. She humped her ass back at him, her big over-ripe tits swinging
heavily beneath her, the big nipples swollen hard as rocks. He'd
awakened something within her that had brought on this insane passion
she'd never experienced before.

The raven-haired beauty was more aroused than she'd ever been in her
life, and she was responding wantonly. She felt no shame for not only
allowing, but for blatantly encouraging this married neighbor to use her
body like an animal.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" she moaned, screwing her hot dripping pussy
back around his plunging prick. "Just fuck me deep and hard!"

"Don't worry, honey," panted Burt, clutching her hips as he increased
the tempo of his deep thrusts. "You're gonna know you've been fucked
when I'm through with you."

Anne's ass and loins were swirling in ever increasing circles, enhancing
the feel of the hard strokes being drilled into her hot clasping
fuckhole by his gyrating hips and throbbing cock. It was so good, and
each thrust felt better than the last as she lewdly rotated her scalding
slit back against him, trying to take more of his pleasure-giving dick
deep into her wildly churning hole.

Suddenly feeling an ejaculation building up in his balls, Burt stopped
all motion. Clutching her hips, he just let his excited prick throb
crazily in the hot softness of her motionless fuckhole.

"Oh, Burt!" she screamed with frustration. "Please don't stop! Keep
fucking me, honey!"

Not wanting to shoot his wad until the beautiful slut climaxed, Burt
just clung to her without saying anything. His balls were aching to
unleash a hot stream of sperm into her writhing belly, but he knew he
had to hold back.

"Please keep fuckin', honey!" she sobbed, grinding her hot cunt all
around his motionless cock. "For shit's sake, start fucking!"

"Just a minute," he whispered, still trying to keep her under control.

"I'm not waiting one fucking second!" she screamed. "Finish screwing me
now or get the hell out of here!"

Firmly grasping the woman around the waist, he raised his loins, and
with his stiff cock deeply embedded in her pussy from the rear, he
lifted her up.

"Trust me," he panted, grasping her hips. "You're gonna love what I'm
gonna do to you now."

When the woman skewered onto his steel hard shaft, he started moving
toward the living room. It might have been almost laughable if both of
them hadn't been in such a wild state of sexual excitation. It was
ludicrous the way his thick boner was rammed up between Anne's legs, her
feet dangling just off the floor as Burt slowly moved, making sure his
throbbing shaft didn't slip from her hotly clasping cunt.

When they reached the sofa in the living room, Burt eased her forward
until she was on all fours. She knelt on the couch, her long dark hair
flowing beautifully down her back. With his luscious dick still buried
deep in her clasping twat, her smooth soft ass was raised like a pagan
offering to the man's burning lust.

Panting from exertion and passion, Burt dug his fingers into the
heavenly warmth of her softly yielding asscheeks, spreading them wide
apart. Then pulling back until only his bloated knob remained in her
overheated slit, he once more drove forward, driving the thickness of
his steel-hard dick deep into her quivering belly.

"Oooooooooh, God!" whimpered the cock-filled woman as the delicious
rapture burned through her loins. "Oh, God, oh God... oh, sweet God!"

She was really getting it now as he increased the tempo of his long deep
lunges. Anne could tell how much the man was enjoying her hot naked
body, and she was happy his wife was away so she could have his
magnificent prick for the next two weeks. Thinking about all the wild
fucking she was going to enjoy in the days ahead, she began wildly
rotating her oozing cunt back around the base of his deeply embedded

Drawing his lust-thickened cock almost all the way out again, he once
more slammed it home with all his power, and then drawing it back out,
he drilled back in with demonic force. He was once more close to
climaxing and he knew she was, too. Her hands digging into the cushions,
she was sobbing and mewling, her big over-sized tits dancing crazily
beneath her lurching torso. As Burt's cock fucked and twisted into her
while his hands kneaded the soft flesh of her smooth asscheeks, she was
feverishly squeezing her hot slick cunt tighter around his thick
drilling shaft.

Almost out of her mind with the all-consuming rapture flooding through
her body, she was moving her ass back crazily against his heaving loins.
Getting closer to her climax, it felt as if a string of firecrackers was
going off in her belly, the wild sensations signaling the approach of a
massive orgasm, an orgasm that would consume her entire body and mind
with total rapture and bliss. This was going to be the most fantastic
climax of her life, and it was only a few breathless moments away.

The wild anticipation had her slamming her sweet ass back, matching his
plunges with her own perfectly timed thrusts.

"Oh, Burt, honey!" she sobbed. "I'm gonna come, baby... gonna come...
gonna come!"

With her cries of rapture ringing in his ears, Burt could no longer hold
back. Without even realizing what was happening as he drilled and rooted
into her with maniacal force, a hot stream of frothy jizz gushed out of
his cockhead. He clutched tightly to her quivering asscheeks, his hard
throbbing prick shooting his creamy juices into her, filling her cunt to
overflowing with his slippery sperm.

Feeling the wonderful sensation of his hot spurting jizz splattering all
over her cuntal walls, Anne exploded into a wild screaming orgasm that
she'd never forget. With his big strong body pumping over her like a
wild animal, the joy of her climax seemed to increase.

"That's it, Burt, honey!" she falling flat onto the sofa. "Fill me,
honey! Keep squirtin'! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

A few moments later they slowly recovered from their unforgettable fuck.

"I've never felt anything so wonderful in my life," Anne gasped.

"Neither have I," he sighed.

"Will you stay here and sleep with me tonight?" she whispered. "I need a
lot more fuckin'."

"I intended to," he smiled.

"And will you just keep fuckin' the shit out of me until your wife gets
home?" Anne asked.

"How about your daughter," he said. "Isn't Jolyne usually around?"

"Don't worry about that hot-assed little kid," giggled Anne. "She enjoys
fucking as much as her mother does."


"Really," laughed Anne. "We'll take her to bed with us some night and
it'll be a party you'll never forget."

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