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A guy finds an outlet for his fetish
Pregnant Sex
by Dunchad©

*This is the first of four stories about a relationship with an amazing woman. I hope you enjoy it*

After waking up, Duncan felt his stiff, warm cock on his stomach. He immediately
jumped up and ran to the bathroom and released the floodgates. After taking a
long piss, he was surprised to see that his cock was still hard. With his cock
practically bulging out of his underwear, he went to the kitchen to make a bowl
of cereal. As he poured his favorite cereal into the bowl, he heard female
voices laughing. Running to his apartment window, he looked out. The sun was
shining nicely on the hot summer day. He peeked around until he found his

When he found it he grinned. A redhead with her hair up in a bun stood with her
back to him, talking to a brunette, who was standing by her car. Duncan couldn't
see much of the brunette, so he concentrated on the closer one. She had on a
white tank top and blue shorts so short that her ass cheeks almost stuck out.
Her thick body was tanned and toned, and her high-heeled black sandals only made
her look sexier. Just then Duncan realized he had been rubbing his rigid cock
through his underwear. Not waiting another second, he threw them to his ankles
and kicked them away. Wrapping his right hand around his beefy cock he looked at
the object of his desire and began jacking off.

The two women carried on their conversation, oblivious to Duncan's actions. Just
as he was about to shoot cum, the woman turned and headed for the stairs. In the
process, she revealed a very pregnant tummy. Duncan paused his cock stroking
only for a second, then began again, cumming almost instantly. Cum flew from his
cock every which way, and he moved to watch the woman make her way up the
stairs. After he had milked his cock for all it was worth, he threw himself down
on the couch. He had to have her, and he had a plan that might just get her.

A few days later, Duncan placed a sign outside his door stating that he had a
brand new stroller that had never been used for sale. He had actually gone out
and bought one, so it wasn't a lie. He had also rented a few porno’s, one
including pregnant sex. Hours went by and finally there was a knock on the door
in the late afternoon. Quickly, Duncan removed his shirt, so that he was only
wearing shorts and underwear. He hit play on the VCR and opened the door. The
woman stood there, in similar clothes that he had seen her in before. Her
enormous tits, which weren't very saggy, busted out of her little shirt. Then
Duncan noticed that he was staring and spoke up.

"Hi," he said. "You're here about he stroller?"

"Yeah," she answered, running her eyes up and down him. "So it's new?"

"Yeah, I bought it for my sister and she never used it," Duncan said. "Come in,
I will go get it. Have a seat."

As Duncan headed for the bedroom, he didn't look back, but heard a small gasp
from the woman. He didn't return for a good three minutes, and when he did, the
woman was intently studying the television. "Where did you find something like
this?" she asked, not turning from the television. "Oh, did I leave that on? I'm

"No, it's okay. Kind of interesting." Duncan looked at the screen. A buff stud was
fucking a pregnant girl from the side. Setting the boxed stroller down, Duncan
took a seat on the vacant couch.

"Interesting how?" he asked. "I've never seen a dirty pregnant movie, that's

"Well, you've had sex during pregnancy, right?"

"Oh yeah," the woman said, looking him in the eye. "Your husband?" Duncan asked.
"No. I'm not married. The guy that got me pregnant left me. I have another
boyfriend, but he doesn't like to have sex with me that much."


"I guess because I'm not attractive to him right now," she said, shrugging.
"What a moron. You're hot."

"No," the woman said, pointing to the television. "That's hot."

"I agree," Duncan said. Slowly, he moved his hand to his cock and rubbed it
through his shorts. "Oh, mind if I join you," the woman said, pulling down her
shorts a little.

"Not at all," Duncan said, pulling his shorts and underwear off. The woman
didn't take her shorts all the way off, but pulled them down far enough to allow
her to work her hands over her cunt. She rubbed her pussy with both hands while
looking at the screen, letting out soft moans. Duncan looked at her more than
the porno as he stroked his cock off. Then the woman looked over at him. "Look
at that cock," she said, bringing one hand up to rub a nipple through her shirt.
"It looks so good! Look at that fucker!" She went to the floor and crawled to
Duncan on hands and knees, which he found incredibly sexy. When she reached the
floor beneath him, he stopped touching his rod. "This thing is rock hard!" she
said, squeezing it. She licked it from the balls to the tip, slowly, and then
went back down.

She repeated this several times, and then jerked it off. She stopped with her
hand at the base of his cock, and slowly let a spit wad drop onto the tip of his
cock, then rubbed it in. "Let me see those big tits while you work on my cock,"
Duncan said. Grinning, she pulled the shirt over her head, revealing even more
cleavage. Off came the bra and her tits bounced as they fell from it. Half
dollar sized nipples stared at Duncan's cock. Again spitting on his cock head,
she rubbed it on one of her nipples. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Duncan said.

"Like that?" she asked, licking his cock again. "Yes!" Moving her tongue up the
cock, she finally wrapped her lips around his helmet. She stayed there for a
moment, and then began bobbing, slowly increasing speed. Periodically, she would
stop to stroke it or lick the head. After more than ten minutes of Duncan
moaning, she stopped and wrapped her tits around his cock. "I've got something
to help with that."

He reached under the couch and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. He opened the
bottle and she playfully held her tits up so he could smother them in the oil.
Once her gigantic boobs were shiny and slippery, she sandwiched his cock between
them. Moving his waist, he sent his steel hard cock in and out of the tits. She
even opened her mouth so his head would enter and exit each stroke. When he had
enjoyed fucking her tits for a while, he stood up and kissed her on the mouth in
a sensual kiss. Kissing her neck, her tits, and her nipples he kissed his way
down her pregnant tummy and pulled off her shorts and g-string, leaving her
wearing only sandals. Laying her on the couch on her back, he poured baby oil on
her tummy. He rubbed it in with his hands, but she grabbed his cock and rubbed
it all over her belly. As he moaned, he looked at her pussy, which was hairless.

"You ready to fuck this pussy?" she asked, rubbing her clit. Without answering,
Duncan plunged his rigid cock into her bare pussy. He rammed it in and out,
making her moan and wail. He flipped her over and slid his cock into her pussy.
As he fucked her doggy style, he slapped her big, round, smooth ass. He grabbed
her hairs tie and pulled it free, letting her long hair flow. He pulled her hair
as he continued to pound into her from behind. Duncan wanted to see more of her
tits, so he turned her around again and slid his cock in her. As he fucked her,
he leaned over and sucked on her huge tits. Taking her nipples deep into his
mouth, first one at a time, and then both of them at the same time. After a
short tongue kiss, he pulled back and looked at her shiny body. Speeding up his
rhythm, she moaned.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Cum all over me," she said, pushing her tits together and pinching her nipples.
Duncan pulled his cock out and aimed for her tummy. The first spurt of cum went
as far as her face, hitting her in the cheek. The rest landed on her tits and
pregnant tummy, drenching them in cum. She rubbed his cum into her body as
Duncan slapped his cock on her tummy, getting every last drop out. For no less
than thirty minutes, they sat there on the couch, catching their breaths from
the hard round of sex.

"So what about the stroller," she said, breaking the silence.

Duncan laughed. "It's yours."

"And this is yours," she said, rubbing her pussy.

"Sounds good. What's your name, anyway?" Duncan asked.

"Aren't you supposed to ask that before you fuck someone?" she laughed.

"I suppose. How about if I ask you the next time before we fuck?"

"Deal," she said.

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2013-03-20 09:30:13
I had a similar experience with a neighbor when I was still at home with my parents, our next door neighbor was a 27 year old redhead and her husband din't want to fuck her because seh was pregnant, she was talking to my mother about this and I overheard the conversation and afterward I went over to her house and talked with her and she saw my boner and a few days later she called and asked if I would help her move some boxes and when I went over she was completedy naked and ready to be serviced. I fuscked and sucked her until the baby was born and after that I sucked her overburden of milk for about 9 more months,

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2012-10-16 11:07:51
love sucking milk out their tits, did one who had 50eee, lots of milk

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2012-06-08 01:26:40
pregnant 18yr old hit me up on

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2010-08-24 23:09:49
LOVE IT! I came so hard. I can't wait to knock up my girlfriend so i can get some prego pussy


2010-07-19 14:39:20
pregnant sex is awesome we had 18 months of doggystyle and nothing is better than a hot titty in the summer heat full of milk. damn too bad i am too old to get her pregnant again.

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