Chapter 6

Part 3

Dannie Goes To Camp

Dannie swallowed hard as the camp bus jostled over another pot hole and made her stomach lurch. To take her mind off her belly Dannie turned to look at the other campers in the ancient school bus. Across the aisle was one of the counselors from the camp, riding along as chaperone for the dozen campers. From the way Britney Smith was watching her Dannie was sure the counselor had noticed the way she held her stomach every time the bus lurched over an uneven section of the road. Of course she wasn’t the only one affected by the buses rolling motion, just by looking around she could see that two more campers were green faced and sweating and two other campers were obviously sedated.
Of course Dannie was sure that those campers were only dealing with motion sickness - something she never had a problem with until this ride. But then she’d never been pregnant before, with a quick glance to make sure Miss Smith wasn’t looking her way Dannie put a hand on her flat belly and gave it loving pat. She hadn’t had a chance to test herself yet but between the fact that she’d missed her period two weeks earlier and the fact that she’d been suffering from morning sickness for almost a week she was pretty sure she was carrying Kenny’s baby in her stomach. She’d wanted to say something to Ken as soon as she suspected the truth, but when she saw Mary’s disappointment when she had her own period she felt sorry for her sister and decided to keep quiet until she knew for sure.
It was a close thing when she’d rushed to the bathroom Saturday morning and slammed the door in her mother’s face but she’d been able to convince her parents that she had a touch of stomach flu and when she’d managed to keep her food down for the next two mornings they’d allowed her to go to camp in spite of their misgivings. But now the buses bouncing had set off her stomach worse than ever, she just hoped her story would hold up if Miss Smith became suspicious.
The bus lurched again Dannie turned to look at the rest of the campers before her stomach joined the bus. Two seats in front of her Dannie recognized Kathy Evanston full head of coppery hair and she wondered if the other girl would remember her from when they were bunkmates the year before. A couple other campers looked familiar but Dannie thought they were in other cabins because she couldn’t remember their names. Dannie turned to look at the campers in the back of the bus and froze when she recognized the boy sitting in the last seat before the cargo area.
She hadn’t seen Ben Garrit since the end of last years camp and was surprised to see him now since she knew he was a year older than her which should have put him in the next months camp with his own age group. The boy looked just as geeky as he had last year but as soon as she saw him she forgot all about her stomach as her pussy spasmmed and shot a load of juice into her panties. At first she was surprised to realize how horny she felt when she saw Ben. No one had affected her like this before except her brother, but she had to admit her interest in the other boy and wondered if he felt the same way about her. If he did, Ben might make a good smokescreen for her pregnancy when her parents noticed it.
The bus slowed and Dannie turned back to the front of the bus in time to see the driver turn into camp entrance. Dannie watched as the bus passed the camps sports fields, horse pasture, barn, and offices before it came to a stop in front of the dining hall.
“Ok everyone,” Britney said, stepping to the front of the bus and turning to address all the campers at once. “Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. If you’ve visited us before and you know your cabin assignment feel free to take your luggage to your cabin and check in with your cabin councilor. If you’re new to the camp please wait here for the camp’s head councilor and he’ll give you a tour of the camp before giving you your cabin assignments.”
After her announcement Britney hopped out of the bus and counted the campers as they exited the bus after her. When Dannie exited the front of the bus with her two bags in tow the older girl caught her shoulder to get her attention. “Dannie, I noticed you were looking a bit sick during the ride,” she said as she pulled the blonde off to the side. “If I remember correctly you never had a problem with motion sickness before, I think you should go see the camp nurse. You’re in my cabin so I’ll make sure your bags get there.”
“I can take care of your bags,” Kathy said as she joined the other two girls. “How do you feel about being bunk mates again, Dannie? I’ll even let you have the top bunk this time.”
“Sounds good,” Dannie told the redhead, “but I think I’d prefer the bottom bunk if you don’t mind.”
“No problem,” Kathy said with a half-hearted smile that made Dannie wonder if the other girl had wanted the bottom bunk so it would be easier to sneak out at night - as she intended to do.
“Beth,” Dannie said as she turned to her cabin councilor, “I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. I had a touch of stomach flu a couple days ago and the rough ride just hit me a little hard is all.”
“Maybe so,” Beth said with a shrug, “but I still want you to check in with the nurse.”
“Yes ma’am,” Dannie said giving the older girl a mischievous smile before she bounced off toward the nurses office. She didn’t get far before she stopped to talk to Ben.
“Hi Dannie,” Ben said as he slipped the strap of his bag over his shoulder. Under his arm was a smaller bag that he held tight, from the shape Dannie guessed it had to be his telescope.
“Hi Ben,” Dannie said, giving the older boy a sheepish grin. “Sorry I didn’t write you lately but I was pretty busy for the last month or so.”
“I understand,” Ben said. “I’ve been pretty busy myself.”
“Oh,” Dannie said with interest, “did you discover some more comets?”
“No,” Ben admitted with a wistful smile, “I was too busy to get out since the last comet I told you about.”
“I’m a little surprised to see you here for this month,” Dannie said thoughtfully as she felt a small gush of pussy juice escape her cunt lips to soak her panties. “I mean, this month the camp is for nine to eleven year olds, shouldn’t you be here next month when they have the junior high camp?”
“Actually I’m still eleven until the end of August so I qualify for both camps,” Ben explained. “And since the camp is far enough from the city lights to give me a clear view of the night sky I decided to take advantage of the technicality and take in both months of camp.”
“Dannie,” Beth called, “I told you to go see the camp nurse.”
“Ok, I’m going,” Dannie called back as she turned toward the nurses cabin.
“Dannie,” Ben said as she started to leave, “I’d really like to catch up with you. Why don’t we get together for dinner?”
“Sounds like a plan,” Dannie said as she gave Ben a broad smile before she trotted down the path toward the nurses cabin.
As Dannie rounded the meeting hall on the way to the nurses cabin she took a quick look around to make sure no one was around to see her and then she put her hand between her legs to feel the damp spot in her jeans. She shifted her hand up to her nose to inhale the scent of her own arousal and then stuck her fingers in her mouth to lick her fingers. With a low groan of pleasure Dannie headed up the dusty path once again, wishing she had a cock in her fuck tunnel right now.
When she reached the door to the nurses cabin Dannie pushed it open and walked into the nurses waiting room. “Well hi there,” George Trent said as he entered the waiting room from his office. Dannie Jamison, right?”
“You remembered,” Dannie said with a surprised grin.
“I try,” George said with a shrug, “but it’s easier to remember names when it’s a sexy little girl.”
For a second Dannie couldn’t believe she’d heard George correctly then she saw the way the man was looking at her and she felt another gush of pussy juice shoot out of her cunt as he licked his lips.
“So, what seems to be the problem?” George asked as he gestured for the young girl to follow him into the examination room.
“It’s nothing really,” Dannie said with a shrug as she jumped up on the examination table. “I had a touch of stomach flu a couple days ago and the bus ride into camp must have aggravated the symptoms.”
“I see,” George said thoughtfully. “Well I hope you won’t mind if I examine you instead of trusting your opinion on the matter.”
“Go ahead,” Dannie said with a shaky smile as she wondered if George would manage to figure out the truth.
George went through a quick checkout, taking Dannie’s temperature and checking her pulse and blood pressure before he asked her to remove her shirt so he could examine her stomach. The pressure George put on her stomach made Dannie horny and she felt another gush of pussy juice soak her jeans.
“So what do you think?” Dannie asked as George stepped back from the table with a thoughtful frown as he pushed his stringy black hair up out of his brown eyes. “Was I right about the stomach flu?”
“Maybe,” George said with a false smile as he licked his lips, Dannie couldn’t help but notice the way George’s cock made a tent in the front of his khaki pants. “I still have one more test before I tell you what I think. Now hold out your finger for a second.”
“My finger?” Dannie said in surprise as she held out her hand so George could take her index finger.
“Ouch,” Dannie cried as George pricked her finger and drew a drop of blood. “What are you doing George? I didn’t say you could draw blood.”
“You didn’t have to,” George said as he put the drop of blood on something that looked suspiciously like a pregnancy test. “Your parents signed a permission slip allowing us to run basic tests and treatments in case of an emergency.”
“Well I’d hardly call a case of motion sickness an emergency,” Dannie said, trying to frown at the man in front of her but grinning instead as she looked at the nurses cute face and found herself wondering what kind of fuck he’d be.
“Hardly motion sickness,” George said, giving Dannie a lust filled smile as he held up the stick of the pregnancy test so the girl could see the plus sign. “And I’m guessing you’re not surprised about the result.”
“No I’m not,” Dannie said with a sigh. “So what happens now? Do you tell my parents or what?”
“There’s no need to go to such extremes,” George said. “In fact I don’t think this test result needs to be known outside of this cabin. But I am a little concerned your overall health. I can keep you supplied with prenatal vitamins while you’re here without gaining anyone’s suspicions and I can on things to make sure things are progressing normally, but I will expect some compensation for my silence and help.”
“What kind of compensation?” Dannie asked suspiciously.
“Something you might like as much as I do,” George said with a crooked grin. “You see Dannie, there’s only one thing I like better than fucking pregnant little girls, and that’s knocking them up. Since it’s too late to knock you up I’ll settle for fucking your tight pregnant pussy.”
“I think I can agree to those terms,” Dannie said with a quick grin. “In fact, why don’t we take care of the first payment right now? I know I’m wet and horny enough to fuck, and from the way your pants are poking out I’m guessing you’re ready to fuck too.”
“I sure am,” George said as he removed his lab coat and tossed it to the floor. As George removed the rest of his clothes Dannie jumped off the examination table and tossed off her own clothes before she hoped back up.
“Come up here with me lover boy,” Dannie said as she lay back on the table. “I want to suck that big cock of yours while you eat my cunt.”
“Just what I was thinking,” George said as he climbed onto the broad examination table and straddled Dannie’s head before he buried his face in the girl’s crotch.
As George started licking her hairless pussy lips Dannie took the time to examine George’s penis as she stroked it with her hand. The shaft didn’t look much longer than her brother Ken’s, but it seemed to be twice a thick and she couldn’t wait to feel it in her cunt. As George sucked on her clit and stuck his tongue deep in her pussy Dannie sucked his thick prick down her throat until the pole was all the way down her throat and her lips were brushing the hair on his balls. George pulled his mouth away from Dannie’s quivering pussy lips and dragged his penis out of Dannie’s mouth with a low groan.
“I’m so fucking horny I’m going to cum in your mouth if you do that again,” George moaned. “And right now I want to fuck that tight pregnant cunt of yours.”
“And I want you to fuck it,” Dannie moaned, opening her thighs even wider as George shifted his position to bring the head of his prick up against the young girl’s quivering fuck hole. “So stop teasing me and slam that fat cock in me right now.”
“That’s what I wanted to hear,” George said as he slid his prick between Dannie’s tight cunt lips slow enough to let the girl adjust to his thick shaft as he leaned forward to play with her tits.
“So what gave me away?” Dannie asked with a moan of pleasure as her tits and cunt sparked with sexual energy. “How did you know I was pregnant and not just suffering from motion sickness?”
“Well you’re not the first pregnant girl to come to camp,” George groaned as he started to slide his shaft in and out of the girl’s slit. “I’ve seen the clues often enough to know what to look for when a girl comes to my office with a tummy ache, tender growing tits, and a hard belly.”
“I knew about my tits, but what was that about my belly?” Dannie asked as her head started to swim from the pleasure that was rushing up from her fuck hole and her swollen tits.
“It’s simple really,” George said giving Dannie a grin as he started fucking her faster now that his cock was sliding in her tight cunt until his balls slapped into the girl’s bare ass. “Even though your belly isn’t noticeable yet it is starting to swell and if you feel your belly it’s starting to get hard.”
“I see,” Dannie said thoughtfully, “so the pregnancy test was just to confirm what you already suspected?”
“Yes,” George gasped as he slammed his cock in and out of Dannie’s fuck hole with enough force to make the girl scoot across the examination table with each thrust. He could feel his balls starting to contract and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer before he shot his load but he could feel Dannie’s cunt clamping around his shaft and he thought he’d be able to get the girl off before he came. “But there are some things that can cause the same symptoms so I wanted to make sure you were pregnant just in case.”
“Oh God, George,” Dannie screamed, “I’m cumming?”
“So am I, Dannie,” George yelled as her cunt caught him in such a tight grip that he couldn’t pull out of her fuck hole if his life depended on it. Once Dannie’s cunt milked all the cum out of his cock and deep inside her belly George managed to pull his prick out of her and rolled onto his back to lay next to the little girl.
“Dannie, I haven’t fucked a pussy that tight in a long time,” George sighed.
“And I’ve never been fucked by such a large prick,” Dannie giggled.
“I think we’re both going to enjoy your month here at camp,” George said.
“And I think you’re right,” Dannie said with a contented sigh as she snuggled up against her new lover.

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