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WARNING! Extreme scat and humiliation
The coming weeks would be filled with new revelations within the confines of our obscene prison. The new latina Madam had converted the facility into a very lucrative money making venture, and we, as her lowlife slaves, would be expected to produce for her, and bring in the huge amounts of money from the countless private shows presented in the large mansion. Wealthy patrons from all over the world paid large sums of money to see acts of unique scatological eroticism that could be found nowhere else on earth.


After the loathsome degradation from the madam and her well paying friend, my mind went into what could be called a baseline survival mode, in which I gave myself over fully to my extreme craving for the disgusting acts I was forced to perform, and a mindless obedience, and even a simpering, serving loyalty to the countless women who shamed me while I cleaned them of their most intimate toiletry efforts.

Women of great financial means came here to participate in acts of sexual banality that had no equal anywhere, and could not be obtained at any price.

The obscene, dark haired latina Madam was now in complete charge of our lives and actions, and a series of agonizing and humiliating punishments given to many of the male and female slaves eventually broke down all resistance.

All of the captives eventually embraced their disgusting chores, and indeed were physically addicted to them in a way that could only be understood from the perspective of the slaves themselves. We were forced to watch as our fellow inmates were whipped, and electrocuted in their genitals by the cruel punishment implants for disobedience of any kind.

A group of new and even more effective intestinal nullifiers were being used here now, along with the more sophisticated and powerful antibiotics. Each of us required an intensive cleansing and antibacterial enema every several days, and great care was used in treating and eliminating any physical ailment produced by our nameless activities.


Whenever I moved throughout the mansion I wore a dog collar, and was led cuffed and nude by the unsympathetic guards. Anytime the Madam came into view I was compelled to rush to her, as I could, and drop to my knees behind her to worship her ass. She usually wore very tight leotards, but on some occasions she wore a long flared skirt, and I had to work a bit to get my head up under it to fawn over, and kiss her well formed asscheeks.

I ate her shit at least once every week, and was compelled to write a short essay after each session, describing, exactly, the flavor, smell, and consistancy of her bowel movement. These were posted for visitors to read on bulletin boards in the customer and visitor areas, and she insisted that I be quite graphic in my deions.

Unique combinations of aphrodisiacs were given all of us, so that we developed an intractable craving for our work, no matter how corrupt, and after awhile the intense addiction rivaled that experienced by the heroin addict.

I was scheduled for at least two odorous sessions per day, sometimes more, and these, composed of both younger, and older women. The males were used only by females, and the females by males. This was a strict order and was accepted unanimously by the extensive clientele.


One of the more disgusting and humiliating chores here consisted of removing shit stains, with the mouth, from soiled panties laundered here once each week. Ordinarily this odorous project was shared by all the males here, but on the occasion of my disasterous fall into the abyss of the Madam's ill will, I was appointed the task, every wednesday until further notice, a few hours before the underclothing was laundered.

During this uniquely fetid undertaking, I would spend a few minutes on each pair of the stained panties, both softening the dried crap, and eating it off until the stain was both partially removed, and softened sufficiently to aid in it's removal in the clothes washer.

I was told that saliva was almost as effective as stain remover in preparing the nasty substance for washing. This humiliating project took about two hours, give or take, and left one with the most interesting brown mustache that can be imagined. No liquid was allowed during the funky operation so that a repugnant, and for me, unfortunately, highly erotic smear of lewd brown cream encircled the mouth, and covered the nose and cheeks upon completion of the degrading duty.

There were nine femdoms actively engaged here, including the Madam, along with auxiliary personnel, and each had residence in the mansion most of the time. There was the Madam, her two lieutenants, and six other femdoms of approximately equal rank. They worked well together, and were quite proficient in ruling the inmates with an iron hand.

So in total there were probably up to one hundred fifty pairs or more, of soiled women's undergarments to be prepared for laundering each week. Customers were also allowed to have their soiled panties cleaned here, so that there was always a very large number of the stained unmentionables sitting in the laundry cart. Each pair was dropped into a sealed bag hanging on the cart, after thorough cleaning and preparation, and the bag removed to the laundry room at the completion of the raunchy enterprise.

One more little ingredient completed this filthy scenerio... the cleaning was done in the main reception area amid the flurry of customers and vistors to the mansion, and invariably there were gawking females standing around taking pictures and videos of the humiliated slave.


After having been brought to the reception area by dog chain, I was seated in the main lobby and strapped into an anchored chair in way of the main traffic flow. My hands were released and a laundry cart brimming with stained panties was brought up beside me. There were always video cameras busy recording activities throughout the mansion, and one of them was trained directly on me, leaving none of my secrets hidden.

The femdom in charge of me took my chin firmly in her hand and looked into my eyes..."You clean these within two hours you pathetic bastard, or I will punish you personally!"

I jerked my head up and down in fear...indicating a complete lack of pride or self worth. She seemed pleased and left me there.

There were women passing by and the familiar lewd smirk could be seen on most of their faces, indicating their utter disregard for my dignity, and the perverted need to enjoy my abasement, and that of every other slave here.

I dove into my work, grabbing the first pair that I could reach, and flipped to the underside, searching for the nasty residue deposited there. I suspected that some of the stains on the undergarments had been left there intentionally, but it made little difference by the time the job was done. Upon finding the thick hash mark, I shoved it into my mouth and began chewing and licking the dried feces off. I swallowed a few chunks of crap as I softened the stain, and two women had paused and were grinning in disgust as I looked helplessly at them.

I became aroused at once, and began to work my mouth rapidly, ingesting all that I could to the amusement of the women, and a few others nearby. Within a short time I had eaten most of the brown leavings, and threw the pair into the self sealing bag. I groped for another pair, and soon was in a frenzy, slurping and cleaning the shit marks from anything I could lay my hands on. The smell soon became overpowering as I ate more and more of the tainted brown cream, and several women stopped to witness my humiliation.

I was instructed not to eat the pussyjuice soaked into the crouch of most all of the panties, but merely to concentrate on the shit marks. The cuntjuice odor contributed to the overall funk of the task, however, even though I barely touched the crouch area.

The passing women soon became a blur of motion, and I looked blankly at them as I sucked the shit stain off pair after pair of the unmentionables. After an hour my mouth was completely surrounded by a musky, obscene ring of mixed crap, and I had swilled down many tidbits of the rank waste matter.

Two women stopped to look at me in amazement, and one of them leaned down and looked at my face. She was very pretty, and had a sadistic glint in her beautiful eyes. I suddenly regained my composure for a moment, and stopped, licking around my lips in an attempt to swallow the amber paste collected there.

"You're doing a really good job there friend," she said quietly, "I like the little fart sign on your forehead. How can you stand yourself? How can any man do this, and apparently enjoy it. Do you know how disgusting you look to me? You're the lowest piece of crap I've ever seen, and I've seen many. Even after you leave here you'll remember me, and what I said, and you'll cry from shame." She grabbed a particularly dirty pair of skivvies and rubbed them all over my mouth, then shoved them in. I cringed as I began sucking the thick smear of brown debris off, and she gloated as I finished my meal and put them in the bag.

"Tsk...tsk...tsk," she whispered, "You filthy son of a bitch!" She took several pictures and left, and I tried to block the barbaric humiliation from my mind.

After and hour and a half I had finished all of the funky underclothing, and the rancid smell of mixed dried shit permeated my throat and nose. I had orgasmed involuntarily, just as a group of women had stopped to observe, and jerked wildly as a pair of shit stained panties hung from my mouth.

Nothing could describe the deep and personal humiliation I felt at that moment. But they must know that I am forced to do this. How could they not know. Their smiling abhorrence told me otherwise, however, this was a place of entertaiment for them, and I was bound to entertain them.


Soon two of the staff came for me, and I was led behind the laundry cart, cuffed and stumbling awkwardly, as I was taken to the showers. My whole lower face was coated with a stinking film of dried fecal matter, and the hot shower was a welcome release from this pit of filth.

The femdom guards made sure that I scrubbed my face, nasal passages, and mouth thoroughly before allowing me to kiss their ass, and then they led me by my dogchain, out of the showers into the long outer hallway.


After my duties in the main lobby I returned to my daily schedule as the main attraction at private scat parties, these being designed by the customers to fit individual desires. The minimum for such a party was $10,000, and some of the more involved and elaborate productions ran as high as $100,000. Of course the clients were multimillionaires, some many times over, and such rare entertainment was well worth the outlay to them.

The Madam was well known for her unpredictable and kinky nature, and the slaves never knew exactly what would be expected from them day to day.

The cruel Madam delighted in creating each new and humiliating scenario for the slaves, and especially for me, and I lived in fear of her capricious nature.


Two days after my laundry duty she had me brought into her large private meeting room and all of the femdom staff were there. I was shaking with fear already but she tried to reassure me that if I performed adequately, I would not be harmed. I trembled with anticipation as she pinched my balls between her fingers.

"This is a training task that you must complete successfully, or I will be forced to punish you." She smoothed my hair over softly with her fingers and smiled that sweet, beautiful smile of hers. "That's not so difficult is it?"

She put a heavy blinder over my eyes so that I could see nothing at all. Then she spoke to the other women as she adjusted the eye cover. "Ladies, remove your panties please, we're going to let this slave give us each a good asslicking and discover if he is able to identify each of us merely by the smell and shape of our wonderful and fragrant assholes."

"While he is sucking your bunghole state your name so that the slave can learn to associate a name with an asscrack. It's as simple as that." She stood close to me again..."On your knees you unspeakable toilet mouth," she purred,"and wait for instructions."

I immediately dropped down and kneeled in supplication, still puzzled as to the exact nature of what she intended. "We're going to let you smell and lick our nasty rear waste holes, each of us, you lucky slave, and we will state our name while you are doing it." She moved close to me again..."Here's the catch, my dirty dirty slave...if you fail to match each behind with the correct name later I will electrocute your cock and balls with your wicked little implant. Each time you fail a test I will punish you with pain until you have performed the task correctly."

I quivered with fear as they removed their undergarments, and vowed to focus my entire skills in making the right choices. I hadn't felt the cruel shock of the implant for some time and I thought about it with extreme dread.

I heard the women moving around and soon felt the a hairy buttcrack moved against my nose. I immediately began smelling it, and tried to remember the unique fragrance. I kissed both asscheeks all over several times and rubbed my face over the skin to mark any identifying pimples or skin irregularities. She had her asscrack spread wide open and I shoved my nose in deep against it and inhaled.

I desperately wished I had been more observant all the times before when I had worshipped these fulsome asses, and I would in the future, but my concern now was the present situation. I licked the hairy butthole and smelled it as I removed the thin layer of funk deposited there. My object was to focus on the inner recesses and make a note of the ease with which I could probe inward to the heavier residue inside.

The woman moved back just a bit and stated her name for me. "Sandy!" I forced my tongue in deeply and ate out more substance from inside. I became aroused quickly and as my erection became very pronounced I ate the meal and imbedded in my memory the terrain of Sandy's anal area.

I licked her asscheeks and the area next to her asshole desperately looking for nuances for ID purposes. She had a rough area of skin next to her puckered anus and a slight irregularity of the wrinkled skin.

She quickly moved away and another soft butt crevice was fitted over my face. I went first to the soft asscheeks kissing and rubbing my nose against them, and memorizing as much as possible the terrain.

I slid my face and nose inside the obscene rear cleft and smelled the dark odor of a well formed asshole. It wasn't hairy but was tight and bulbous. I made note of this and desperately collected data with each motion. I licked the thick bulb of her anal opening and the smell was unique, and quite pungent. Lapping all around her asshole I cleaned it and swallowed the residue. I attempted to probe my long tongue inside but found unusual resistance and finally propelled it through and licked around inside gathering more fecal residue.

"Vera!", came the clear verbal intonation...and I noted this and matched memories with my oral efforts.

Once again a rustling of movement and a third well formed ass furrow was unceremoniously pushed over my face. I kissed her cheek mounds back and forth, rubbing and memorizing again, and even licked her cheeks to add to my information. She had several pimples on one side and I noted this as I smothered my face in her wide open fart crack and inhaled deeply.

It was quite obvious that she had just taken a bowel movement, and the thin layer of shit cream rubbed off onto my face. I again did the standard study of her asscheeks, kissing them over and over again noting unique irregularities. I rubbed my nose downward inside her crack and coated my face with the smell as I inhaled the heady stench. Her asshole was hairy also but was inwardly depressed allowing easy entry of my probing tongue.

My addiction took over and I shoved my long clacker, deep up her poopchute, finding a nasty meal there, and cleaned it out noting her flavor, and the structure of her inner cavity. One thing I had learned was that each asshole was different, each set of asscheeks unique in their own way, and I was counting on that now to save me in this unpleasant situation.

"Samantha!", came the breathy reply from my attractive recipient. I rubbed my nose against her inner asscheeks finishing my efforts and another woman replaced her within a few moments. I could hear nothing in the room other than breathing and an occasional snicker, and I knew that they would give no clues other than my oral servicing of their exposed behinds.

In an instant I smelled the Madams fetid, and musky asscrack, and kissed her perfect ass mounds with great reverence, licking each cheek clean and lapping my tongue just inside her deep and flawless anal crevasse. I shoved my nose deep into her dark funky anal pit, and smelled the nasty residue that I knew so well. I sucked her fulsome and rancid asshole, being careful not to

suck too hard, and soon was rewarded with a long, and odorous fart.

I inhaled the olfactory wallop with great zest, and rammed my tongue deep into her dark brown crap chute, feeling it pass through her strong anal sphincter with a plop. I pushed forward and shoved it in to the hilt, my nose buried into her velvety skin, and began to twist and undulate my tongue to release the inner cream.

I swabbed it out and gulped several dollops of crap, and she moved her perfect ass back and forth and my head with it. I did't stop until I had cleaned out all detectable rectal stain.

Her voice broke the silence, and my estimation was confirmed. "You dirty, dirty slave, you should know what my shit tastes like by now. You know it is I the Madam and master of this place. I have rewarded you with the ripe shit from inside my bowels, and now you must reward me by continuing to learn the deep secrets of each of my good staff members."

She moved away and the fifth ass was presented to me, and pushed roughly against my face. I quickly lapped deep into her dark foreboding rear gully, and tasted a rank, fermented odor, making me gasp in shock and pleasure. I moaned and licked her inner crack rapidly, slavoring the raw shitcream and swallowing it down with a noticable gulp. The aroma was so nasty I went into a frenzy, savoring the smutty stench, and my face was soon a mess, as I tried to make notes of other, and physical characteristics.

Such a smell served to distract me, but I quickly went to her soft rounded butt cheeks and kissed and licked them clean noting bumps and blemishes.

"Wanda!", came the throaty identification, as I memorized the features of her well formed ass, trying to keep her smell from distracting me from my serious project of the moment.

She moved away and I cleaned the light brown sorghum from around my lips in an effort to remove past shit and prepare for the coming deposits from the next butt crack. There were three to go and I repeated catch words over and over to memorize each woman's characteristics. I was relying primarily on the physical topography of each set of asscheeks and their inner crack area, and I was feeling more confident as I did each of the women.

My knees were beginning to get sore and my back too but this was nothing compared to the punishment the Madam could inflict on me if I failed. Over and over I mentally repeated highly noticable physical marks with names and was holding my own so far.

The next rear shit chasm moved up to my face and I could tell that this was a shorter, more petite woman, and that should make my task a bit easier when it came time to identify them all. Her ass was perfectly formed and her moist, open, rear crack gave out just the right odor, highly erotic noxious fumes of an asshole just cleaned from a bowel movement. I lapped every inch of her ass cheeks, savoring their perfect shape, and slowly lowered my nose into her musty waste hole.

I inhaled deeply and the odor was extremely erotic, not too much, and not too little. I licked all around her anus cleaning the faint and aromatic film off, and then put my nose next to her tight asshole and smelled it, rubbing my nose around slowly. I could not control myself and dove in licking her perfect anus, and found just the faintest bit of shit cream inside and close to the surface.

I placed my powerful licker right at the center of the opening and pushed very hard, and felt the sphincter give slowly to my probing. I gradually shoved it inside and felt her tight anus wrap around it as it moved further and further in. I pushed very hard and my extremely long oral appendage was imbedded to the hilt in her perfect asshole.

I could taste shit on the tip of my tongue and moved my expert lick pole slowly around twisting the tip so that more of the thick crap moved down around my enclosed oral tentacle. I fucked it in and out and I could feel her begin to squirm and her anus began to bulge outward dangerously.

Suddenly a glob of thick shit was forced out into my face and mouth, and I gobbled it down and sucked out the last of the discharge. She was moaning as she said her name and I matched it indelibly to her incredibly erotic excretia hole.

"Natasha!", she moaned, squirming against my face.

She moved away and again I cleaned around my mouth, to prepare for the next bout of analingus.

The seventh smelly butt fissure moved over my face, and a hand reached back to hold my head firmly. My nose was deep in her asscrack and she grunted, and expelled a long, wet fart into my face.

"Wendy!", she exclaimed loudly, "and here's a kiss for you!"

I quickly vacuumed her wet poophole and swallowed the bit of brown liquid there and lapped eagerly all around the nasty oriface as I sucked it. I noticed that she had a bit of skin tissue protruding from one side of her anal opening, and I was pleased, since this was a distinctive identifier.

I continued sucking and she farted several more times, holding my head tightly as she grunted in pleasure. I gulped in the raunchy offerings and the fumes drifted through my nasal passages opening them completely.

When I had cleaned her raw gas chute sufficiently I quickly spent a little time kissing her ass and licking it, just to add to my store of data. She had a scar on her right asscheek, possibly from a removed cyst.

I waited expectantly for the next shithole but there was a pause. The Madam came over and stood near me...I could sense her presense. "Now my disgusting toilet freak, I have something a little different for you. You will lick two nasty anal openings at one time, so I would advise you to be alert."

I sat there listening, a little worried that this might be too distracting, but focused my concentration as much as possible, and continued repeating the names and ass identities of the former doms. I heard a slight rustle and felt two ass cheeks on either side of my face. Both of them pushed against me, and I wasted no time in my efforts.

I first turned my face to the one on the right, and kissed both buttocks repeatedly, slyly acquiring info on the surface. I licked her asscheeks all over and tasted the salty residue on the skin. I found a noticable pimple on the left cheek with a smaller one right next to it. Items like this were of great value. I could feel the heat from her open bunghole.

I sniffed it and pushed my nose up next to her anal opening. This was a relatively clean asshole, and she had probably just taken a shower and cleaned herself well. Not as erotic in one sense, but a pleasant change in another. It was a very well formed and tight anus, and I lapped rapidly all around it trying to find physical markers. The surface around her very tight hole was smooth and I knew that I would probably have a time gaining entry to her rectum with my tongue.

I had eaten all of these asses in the past but it is strange that the things we see everyday often escape us upon examination. I sucked her tight rear oriface , and lathered it with saliva to make it easier to fuck with my tongue.

I moved to the other open feces pit and kissed the inside walls of her large buttcrack. This was a larger woman and her shit gash smelled heavily of fresh rectal excretia, and I began to breath heavily and my libido became instantly charged. The fact that she was large would help, but I also must find some ID markers that I could feel with my face, nose, or tongue.

I forced my whole face into her funky quagmire, and my entire countenance was smeared with a layer of fresh bowel leavings. I licked and ate it off, now in a horny frenzy of lust. I cleaned the inner walls of her large crack, and sucked her very large anus clean of all the brownish sludge.

I knew who these women were by sight, from experience, but was never privy to their names, and especially to identify them by sucking their assholes.

I remember being subjected to a large meal by this particular femdom on a few occasions, and she was the only one who could fill me up with one bowel movement. My tongue slid into her massive butthole easily, and I fucked it in and out cleaning out the remainder of her sewage.

She reached back and put her hand on my head, pulling my hair painfully..."Donna!", she said, forming her words perfectly. She patted my head and I went back to the other crack and licked her asscheeks for unusual marks. I could find none but her smooth tight asshole should help greatly when the time came.

I lubricated her constricted anus again and put the tip of my tongue dead center and began to push. I met great resistance and could not breach her super tight craphole. This worried me since I hadn't run into this problem for quite some time.

I used a technique that I had developed that had always been successful before, and that was to purse my lips tightly around the top inch of my tongue and push hard, forcing it into a non-responsive asshole.

Clamping my lips and mouth tightly I pushed directly into the center of her farthole, and with the aid of the saliva already deposited there I began to force her constrained anal sphincter open. I strained and her super tight anal knob began to part and my tongue painfully slid in.

I had to stop a few times to rest but finally had deposited half of my long appendage up her rectum, and could feel a hard lump of feces pushing against the tip. She wiggled in pleasure and I twisted my talented licker around and felt her sphincter give way and widen a bit. I fucked her open shithole with my adamantine asslapper, and she was shaking in pleasure from the treatment.

Without warning I was gagged by a thick turd, preceded by a sharp fart, forced into my mouth by the pressure in her bowels. I was taken by surprise and paused momentarily, holding the hardened log between my lips, then quickly chewed the thick mass and swallowed it and cleaned around her asshole rim.

"Julie!", she exclaimed, in a squeeky voice, just as she shit in my mouth. I knew I would have little difficulty in identifying her, and by constant, and focused mental repetition, had memorized all of the doms names, associated with their ass and anal characteristics.


The Madam ended the learning period by grabbing my hair tightly, and pulling it back and forth. "Now you pathetic worm, I will have each of my faithful constituents give you your test, and I will make you scream with each mistake. I give you permission to speak in this case only, to say the name of the woman disgracing you, and her name only.

I was still repeating and reviewing names and asses systematically, in my mind, and as the first unknown rear moved next to my face, I suddenly calmed, and concentrated my efforts.

I felt the heat of an open shitcrack next to my face once again, and I quickly licked both cheeks and rubbed my nose over them collecting data. I stuck my nose into the pungent inner area and licked around the anus. I knew in an instant that it was Wendy from the scar on her right asscheek, and stated her name loudly. "WENDY!"

Even though I knew I was correct I still cringed uncertainly from habit, always dreading the punishment of the cruel Madam.

The Madam said nothing, and the next smelly gash was pressed against my face. The funky aroma drew my attention quickly, and I knew it was Wanda, but a small pimple next to her butthole confirmed my estimate. "WANDA!, I screeched, almost without voice, and there was silence again.

Soon a warm smooth asshole rubbed against my face and I knew by the smell it was the Madam. I think it is the Madam," I whispered, shivering in fear.

"AH, you are so right you fucking shit whore, and you have done well so far, but let us see if you can finish your task successfully."

Over the next fifteen minutes The remaining women then presented their obscene backsides to me, and through my great concentration and effort, I guessed each one correctly.

The Madam was not pleased with my success but by her own strange sense of fairness she allowed me to go about my daily business without consequence after the test. Somehow I knew that she would exact a particularly humiliating revenge for her little failure, and the queasy feeling in my gut ate at me each day.

When I had finished, the sense of relief I felt was beyond deion. This had been cruel, since I knew the Madam would have taken great pleasure in torturing me, but I had been successful, once again, in surviving the perils of existance that were rampant in this place.

I was taken back to my room and after a good shower was allowed to sleep in late the next day, and reconstitute my strength and composure.

I received my enema the next day, and though I actually looked forward to it because of the healing and protective process it provided, it was not the best activity I could imagine since it was done while I was bound to a fixture, and after I had been given a powerful natural laxative.



The extremely unique parties and scat events here in the mansion were scheduled with great care, to allow optimum financial gain each day.

The Madam took great delight in setting up and attending the events, and the wealthy customers who came here to do their nefarious deeds knew that they would surely get their money's worth...every penny.


The following weekend, on a Saturday night, I was taken to the glory asshole area, but not for that particular purpose. There were several bathrooms located in that area where a special kind of scat entertainment was conducted, and I became uneasy as I was escorted by two of the doms I had serviced so well during the ass tests.

There were spectator seats surrounding the specially constructed toilets, and professional video and photographic equipment was installed and ready for use.

I was placed in a sideroom and secured to a bench and waited there nervously for quite some time. Eventually I heard people coming into the toilet, and the voices of the Madam and a few of the other doms.

I hadn't been allowed to do oral service in two days and I was becoming extremely horny, bordering on mania. Like the heroin addict I actually began to experience physical symtoms of withdrawal and extreme discomfort.

I hadn't eaten shit for two days or licked a woman's asscrack or cunt, and the deprivation was almost more than I could handle. The Madam and her staff did their work well, and I was at the point where I would do absolutely anything for a fix.

About ten minutes later the door flew open, and two doms released me from the bench and took me through a short hallway into one of the toilets. I was led by dog collar into the room and the sight was impressive.

There were at least twenty spectators present, sitting in the comfortable chairs in front of the three toilets, and they looked at me with great interest and amusement as they caught sight of me.

There were three very pretty women sitting in the front row. They wore scant clothing and and their short shorts gripped their perfect asses tightly. They were grinning and snickering to each other as I was brought up beside the stools.

I was forced to kneel to the side of the toilets, hands cuffed behind, as usual, and I faced the audience so that they could see my embarrassment and anticipation. The video cameras were in operation, and I kneeled there looking at the group of women, feeling a sense of distruction I could not describe.

The Madam came in and stood over me and pulled me by an ear so that I straightened to her painful grasp. She wore tight brown leotards, and a white blouse, and half heels.




Diedra was wet and this slave had angered and perplexed her for some time now. She gloried in her complete control of all the inhabitants here, and had devised some of the most heinous and degrading entertainment possible to exploit them. Though this lowlife was a simpering dog there was, however, an element of defiance in him, and after thwarting her oral name test, she had vowed to exact a most humiliating retribution at his expense.

She held his hair tightly and spoke to the attentive and smiling group of clients.

"Well ladies, welcome to Scat Paradise, and we hope that your experience here will be something that you will never forget. We hope that you return often for more of the same. I know you have expended large sums of money to participate in our, shall I say, incomparable scatological entertainment venue, and I make it my business to insure your full enjoyment."

"Tonight we have a unique treat for you...I know that you are all dyed in the wool scat afficiandos, and the coming event should leave quite an impression on you. Copies of the entire session on video, or full color photographs are available to you all, on request."

The three wealthy and very pretty principals sat looking in great anticipation at the disgusting slave, and wanted only to degrade and humiliate him to the fullest extent possible.

Diedra sat in a comfortable chair nearby, and looked deviously at the eager women.

"Shall we begin," she said quietly, shifting to ease the stimulation in her lower area.

The three women in the front row stood and took off their clothing, and laid them on their chairs. They soon stood there nude, and the mischief in their eyes told a story of complete wantonness.

Diedra would enjoy this tremendously, and savored every moment.

"I trust that you ladies carried out my full instructions before coming to the session?"

They all nodded assent, and slowly massaged their abdominal region as they walked to the toilet stools. The Madam had instructed them on the proper diet for this exercise, so that their bowel contents would be large and firm and easily evacuated.

There were small refuse containers beside each stool, the kind that opened and closed by foot pressure, and a roll of toilet paper on a small stand on the other side.

The women had the most perfect bodies one could imagine, and as they each sat on a toilet, their wide hips flared out seductively over the open stool.




They were beauties, and quite decadent, in part, because of their extreme wealth...they had found a new thrill, a new kick, something they could do and never be held accountable for, it was quite seductive for them.

Since all in the room shared the same filthy obsession, they felt comfortable with the coming show, something they could all enjoy and not feel remorse about, a mutual and disgusting endeavor that all could savor with full enthusiasm.

The spectators area suddenly went dim, the lights adjusted so that the women could comfortably remove their panties, and masterbate themselves, either by hand, or vibrator. This was an essential part of their enjoyment, and was encouraged greatly by the Madam.

Two dom's had me crawl around to the front of the stools and wait...and I now knew what for. I was shaking with lust by now, and the Madam knew this well, as per her denial of my needs for two full days.

The three women on the stools smiled at me with a callous indifference, anticipating the coming debachery.

On cue they began their labors of evacuation, straining powerfully, and it wasn't long before the divinely enticing sexpots expelled the inner waste in their bowels, and as the powerful ventilation fan removed the odor from the room I could hear several loud splashes of fecal matter, apparently lumps of crap of noticable size.

As if this wasn't enough, they continued their efforts, and grinned slyly at me as they discarded additional chunks of feces.

When they had finished they stood and wiped themselves thoroughly with the toilet paper and threw the soiled tissue into the covered trash containers. They stood around me waiting eagerly, and the Madam came over and pulled my hair again and dug in her fingers.

She pushed me to the edge of the first stool and slowly forced my head down into the toilet. The sight that greeted me was incredible, several chunks of light brown shit floated in the water, which had already taken on a brown tint from the crap.

The Madam pushed my nose into the putrid mess and I lost control and started eating the brown loafs with great relish. She pulled my head up so that the spectators could see my face and the applause and ahhh's were spectacular.

"You dirty, filthy whore, lowlife slave," she grunted, "look at him eat shit out of a toilet...he cannot stop himself!"

The three contributors to my foul meal stood over me masterbating and were breathing in gasps as they witnessed the unforgettable sight.

The Madam shoved my head down into the bowl again and into the soft broken waste matter and the shit smeared all over my face as I savored the pungent feces. The smell was overpowering but it drove me into an insane frenzy, the foul nature of it making me even more glutted with lust.

I gobbled most of the disgusting contents in the bottom of the bowl, and she then held my face down in the water while she flushed the toilet. I gasped for air as the water drowned and bubbled up over my ears, and finally she jerked me up so that the viewers could get another good look at the abomination that was my face.

The three shit contributors looked at me with great revulsion and sexual greed, and fingered themselves rapidly, in a trance of insatiable abberation.

The other women who occupied the spectator's area were quite busy also, and though not much could be seen of their activities, their moaning and gasps gave strong evidence of their raunchy endeavors.

The Madam quickly moved me over to the next stool and unceremoniously shoved my face down into it, and directly down into the hardened offal, and as I slurped at the large piece of shit bobbing next to my face, she let up a bit so that I could get it in my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around the brown mass and just when I had it firmly in my jaws the Madam jerked me up again, and allowed the perverse audience to see my complete degradation. I bit into the lump and took a mouthful but it broke in two and the pieces fell to the floor.

Watching me eat the chunk in my mouth was highly entertaining for the yelling women, and when I had finished it the Madam pushed my head down to the floor to eat the other two pieces. As I opened my mouth and took in a smaller blob of crap I looked up at the cheering group of degenerate females and was convinced I had hit rock bottom at that point, there was nothing left of me but an empty shell, emersed in complete and consumate shame.

I was a robot by now, and my lust was more severe than it had ever been before as I gulped down the other lump of smelly crap. The women could see the insane passion that I exhibited before them, and as the Madam pulled me up and moved me to the last toilet, I licked my lips in a berserk hunger, eager for my last meal.

"You have been a dirty, nasty shit whore," she chided sarcastically, now stop wasting my time and eat the filth in this toilet quickly, and get it into your stomach." As she slowily lowered my face into the swampy depths of the toilet bowl I looked up at the three donors and they were shaking with lust, having just orgasmed to my lascivious appetite.

They looked at me closely as my face diappeared below the rim and down into the unspeakable contents at the bottom of the toilet.

The Madam pushed my face into the softened, floating blobs of feces, and moved it around, smearing shit all over my face and head. As pieces of excrement clung to my hair I gulped and grunted in ecstasy as I ate the stinking meal. Just as I swallowed a substantial portion of the brown garbage I jerked violently in orgasm, and the audience, and especially the donors, cheered loudly, clapping with great enthusiasm.

The Madam flushed the toilet with my head submerged below the waterline, and I gagged and sputtered for air as my face was washed with brown liquid, that had been stained by the rancid flotsam.

She brought my head up and held it for the spectators to see, grasping my hair tightly in her hand.

"Look at this dirty bastardo," she grinned, "did he not put on a good show for you my ladies?" She shook my head back and forth. "You may speak now and thank them my worthless crap eater," she said. She looked at me along with all the other women and I smiled a silly smile as the water and shit dripped from my face.

"Oh thank you!", I gushed, "Thank you, thank you!"

Madam shook my head in irritation as she derided me further. "That's enough you stupid shit eating dog, don't overdo it!"

By this time volumes of videotape had been expended on the foul show, and many, many pictures, to be sold worldwide, and given to the clients who paid so highly.

I knew that it was I who had paid highest price, though none here could possibly fathom that, unless, that is, they could be in my shoes here at the mansion for just one day.


The audience filed out and the three shit contributors also, after they had dressed, and I was taken to nearby showers where I was scrubbed with long handled brushes by two of the doms.


This particular 'show' had earned the mansion about $50k, and I was given light duty for a day or two, and had only to participate in one smaller private performance each day.

The female slaves here had it at least as bad as the males, and were doing the same kind of unspeakable things for well paying men. Usually though, the women were expected to eat shit as well as suck cock and eat cum.

What the slaves needed desperately was psychological counseling, since most of us had suffered possibly irreversible emotional damage by now, but such a thing was not possible for us, and our cruel debasement continued on and on.




As Diedra showered herself, many thoughts and ideas played through her aberrant mind, new and even more degrading types of show sessions for her growing clientele. The potential here was nothing less than astronomical, and she planned to exploit this lifetime opportunity to the fullest.

She enjoyed having power over other human beings, besides the huge sums of money involved, and this was an additional and amazing bonus that she savored each day.

She was cruel and enjoyed torturing and humiliating her helpless captives, and she was sure she could devise more and more sophisticated ways to subvert and debauch her filthy little victims in the future.

She fell into a deep sleep masterbating herself with maniacal intensity as she fantasized about what she might devise in this area in the future. The orgasm was so powerful that it sent her into a profound slumber, from which she would not awaken for many hours.


2013-06-29 17:19:25
wonderful and most kinky story i have ever read.
100 out of 100 marks for Aceth the author.

please continue this writing

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2013-01-06 03:10:12
Not bad, actually really if this is your kink

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2011-04-25 15:32:13
magnificient, i love it

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2010-12-22 17:11:15
Well now.. Hear me, Aceith.. Do not acknowledge the squablings of those below me. This piece, as well as all of it's compatriots, was worth reading. I truly hope you will not let the un-adventerous philistines below steer you away from continuing to create stories such as this one. If anyhting, at least create a conclusion to this series of tales. I must know what has happened to this un named fecal crusader..
-The Spectated Spectator


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I loved it! Made me cum just reading about eating all that shit cream. Mmmmm!

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