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I didn't name this story based on physical contact, but either way, here is the chapter everyone wants.
----- 7 --

Four weeks in the hospital was a nightmare. But finally; finally, I got to leave.

The first two weeks were so lonely, just me, me and a bunch of adults. The last two weeks, well, after Camryn decided to get a little carried away, I got in trouble. For the life of me, in a single hospital room that was cleaned daily, I could not find a good hiding spot for her panties.

I spent nearly half an hour pleading with the nurse for top secrecy when she found them. She said she would keep the reason a secret, but from then on, I wasn’t allowed unsupervised visits with Camryn or Corey.

Surrounded by people, but nothing to talk about; not with the adults around. If Camryn, Corey, and I were just friends, it would have been fun. But, but it was different; we all knew there was more between us, we wanted to be secluded, it was our relationship. Nobody else was welcome to listen to our conversations.

We had almost developed a language with only our eyes. We laughed when one of us would tell a joke using our traveling eyes - look to one person, then another, then reproduce a memory in the movements. The adults thought we were crazy. I didn’t care about them though. To the left of my bed, Camryn always sat, my hand hanging over, holding hers tight. Hours.

She began growing uneasy though. I caught her looking at me with fear a few times. I’d look over and see those scared eyes shift back to the TV, away from my face.

Finally though, I was out of the hospital. A giant scar caked the underside of my right arm, and I still had a splint on my pinky and ring fingers. Corey often felt around the scar; it was tender and warm. It didn’t hurt; I didn’t really feel much of anything there.

Things were falling back to normal. My parents did buy me a lot of new stuff for my room though. I guess they figured I would be traumatized by my old stuff.

I knocked on Camryn’s front door. Finally, I could be alone with the two girls again. Corey opened it.

“Camryn’s in her room. I think you should talk to her, she’s really depressed for some reason.”

Well, not a warm welcome from her, but it would do, I guess. I walked past her and up the stairs. I knocked on Camryn’s bedroom door. After a few seconds, I just entered.

Camryn was lying face down on her bed. She rolled her head to the side and looked to me. Tears ran rampant down her cheeks. I closed the door behind me and walked quickly to her, kneeling down by the bedside.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Do you love me?”


“Do you love me no matter what?”

“Nothing in the entire world will make you not love you.”

“What if I was pregnant?”


“Would you love me if I was pregnant?”

“How can you –?”

“Would you love me?!” I had to think a few seconds. Was this a test? Was this real? I didn’t care; I never wanted her to leave me.

“Yes, I’ll love you no matter what.” Silence.

“I’m almost three weeks late.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I was supposed to have my period three weeks ago, but I didn’t, I think I’m pregnant.” I couldn’t count the number of emotions falling onto me.

“How? When? Where? How? We never had sex; you said you were a virgin.”

“I am. The last time you had sex with Corey. She came home from the woods; she said you were mad at her. She said that you were going to treat me real good the next day like you did to her. She pulled some of your cum out of her and pushed it inside me so I could feel what it was like. It felt so good knowing that your sperm was inside me. That can be the only way I know of. I swear, I never had sex before, you are everything to me; I would never consider anybody else. I’m so scared.”

I was speechless. I didn’t doubt her loyalty, but, she was fourteen. Was giving birth safe for her? Was it safe for me? Our parents were going to flip and I knew that I would be blamed for it all.

“What are we going to do?” I asked. Maybe she had a plan or something. Camryn looked to me and smiled. “What?”

“You said we.”

“Well, it is ours. A little bit of Corey’s too since she was the one who impregnated you.” Now I was just confusing myself. How could this be happening? She was having the baby, she might get pity. I was a guy, my dad would beat the shit out of me, her dad would kill me. She smiled again at me. “What?”

“My little sister got me pregnant.” She giggled a little.

“I don’t think your parents are going to buy that line.”

She rolled onto her side.

“Let’s have sex. I don’t want to be a virgin.” Her voice broke through me so innocently, almost sad. I showed reluctance in my face. She found it and replied, “I’m having your baby, we both know we’re going to get in a lot of trouble; please, I don’t want to have to go through with this without even actually feeling real sex. I love you, if just being with you can make me feel so happy, having sex with you will make all our problems worth nothing.”

I smiled to her. She had a point. If I was going to get in all the trouble for getting her pregnant, I might as well actually have sex with her. I climbed on top of the bed. She had the biggest smile on her face, looking up to me.

She immediately curled up, pushed her shorts and panties over her legs, and kicked them to the foot of the bed. We both simultaneously pulled our shirts off. Her hands immediately bounced to my belt after she dropped her shirt.

What took me an entire minute to put on that morning, she had unlatched in seconds. Putting on a belt with one and a half hands was pretty annoying. As I stood over her on my knees, she pulled her body up and tugged down my pants and boxers. I had to roll onto the bed and free the weight on my knees so she could pull them the rest of the way off me.

Down by my hips now, she gripped my penis in her small hand as it finished growing to its full length. Her face glanced up to me and smiled. She looked about to put it in her mouth but I pushed my left hand to her face and motioned her up to me. I wanted her mouth on my lips, and only on my lips, right then.

All either of us had on us were our socks. She pulled up to me and sucked her mouth to mine. She pulled back and just admired the feeling of hovering over my sideways body, naked. Her face showed no lies.

“Can I be on top for a little while?” she asked.

“You can be on top forever, as long as we’re together. Besides, I can’t put any weight on my hand so I can’t be on top this time anyways.” Her face brightened so much as she slid her warm, tender hand down my back.

I shifted my body onto my back and into the center of her mattress. Her lips pushed back into mine; soon after, her tongue was forcing its way into my mouth. Her hottest, softest mound of pure heat was gyrating just below my naval.

I groped my left hand across her perfect butt cheeks. Running my fingers into her crack, I pulled up and rode her spine up to her shoulders. Her vibrating tongue in my mouth was magic. Her moans were killing me, I wanted her so bad. I had her right there, was about to have sex with her, finally; but it wasn’t enough. There was too much to this perfect thing on top of me and no matter what I could ever do, I would never be able to grasp even half of her power. She was too good. One lifetime would not be enough with her.

I felt one of her hands grab the shaft of my penis and pull it up a bit. Then she back up. This time, I moaned uncontrollably as the head of my nervous system wedged itself into the girl’s slit. I was going to devirginize God’s first perfection. Everyone else in the world was just a prototype, failed trials in attempt to create this, and she was mine.

My mouth broke open around Camryn’s as she continued pushing herself onto me. Both our breathings quickened. Our eyes were locked onto each others. Her spherical green eyes looked beyond amazing. Her pupils grew in size, almost as if they were imitating her vagina’s stretching.

Her free hand guided itself down my scared arm. Her shivering fingers gripped around the two of mine that were unbarred and my thumb. Her tongue withdrew from my mouth. Our mixed saliva’s pooled in the back of my throat.

Slowly, she squinted and I felt a faint increasing pressure around my penis. It was only a few seconds long before I was bumped about an inch further into her. She squeezed her fingers tightly into my hand. Her eyes were watering.

“Are you hurt?”

“No, it’s just some stinging, not as bad as I thought it would be,” she answered, quivering.

I moved my free arm to her neck and pulled her face to mine. Her chest dropped a little more and the little nipples on her tiny budding breasts pressed into my body. We kissed for a few more minutes, no tongues, just shifting our lips onto each others. A tear every now and then ran down her nose onto my face. Slowly, her eyes dried up.

I felt a familiar slathering muscle press into my lips just as my penis began being inhaled by a vacuum sealed tube. As her tongue broke into my lonely mouth, my penis pushed through her body’s organs. One by one, as I entered into a cave no other person had ever been, my penis readjusted her organs to accommodate itself.

We were both now fighting each other for the small amount of air circulating between our noses. I felt the trunk of my shaft grind into Camryn’s overstretched slit. The black dots in the center of her glossy eyes almost enveloped all the beautiful green.

So much life had flowed over me in such a short time. With only one stroke inside Camryn, all of Corey’s sex was like a quick peck on the cheek.

Camryn pulled up slowly, releasing my penis from her almost dangerously tight hole. I glided my left hand off her neck and between our bodies as she impaled herself again onto me. We moaned in unison.

I pressed my thumb between her breasts and slid it down gently to her belly. She pulled up again. Her mouth was a leach on my lips. We were an unopened jar, a vacuum of saliva and humming tongues.

Again, she impaled herself downwards. My thumb holding in place, pressed into her belly button. She inhaled. I felt the socks on her feet curl onto my calves. Her naked body shivered under the room temperature evaporating the sweat off her body.

My thumb pressed and in the tiniest motion, felt and memorized all the intricate detail inside her belly button. The tiny creases, the smallest pad of skin. She pulled back up. Her eyes were wide, staring directly into mine.

As she dropped down onto me again, I pressed my thumb up into her belly. She inhaled, arching her back, and grinding my penis more straight up into her body. Her moans showed without a doubt that she was loving it. Her fingers still gripping my injured hand squeezed harder on this impalement than on any of the previous ones.

One more time as she withdrew and dropped back onto me, I pushed my thumb into her. Selfishly, after that time, I popped out of her and grazed my fingers down to her girl opening.

She was slowly beating me with her movements, that hole of hers was torturing me. I guided my index finger down the soft new hairs upon her volcano. It was burning hot; liquid magma forming deep inside her body slowly spilled out onto my probe. Eruption was nearing.

Gently to feel the movements of the slit, I pressed my index finger at the tip of her crack as she floated into the air. She was increasing in speed.

Following my shaft up to the head, my finger slipped into her body’s fissure of life as she fell down with growing force. I wiped past a soaking, smooth bead inside her. Her lips broke from mine in surprise and inhaled. I had just stumbled onto something very fun.

As she lifted back up, I made a point to find that bead again. When I did, I shook my finger up and down over it. Camryn’s entire body lost its muscular control. She fell limp onto me.

I pushed my thumb up onto her bulge for stability and kept rubbing her little nub thing between the two fingers. She was involuntarily humping me now. Her hand was wrenching itself into mine. Her face fell to the side of my head. She was inhaling the perspiration of sex my body was making. Her lips pushed into my neck. Her mouth was open; she breathed me in.

Her hips began bouncing up and down on me. Her canal started its revenge on my intrusion. It felt like all the organs I had first pushed to the side were now pounding into my penis. The muscles inside her were like ocean waves as they rolled up my shaft onto my head. She was erupting, fluid rolled from inside her, down my penis, and onto my balls.

She was worn out, she was panting. Her vagina was screaming, salivating, pounding me from three hundred and sixty degrees. Slowly, but not too slowly by any means, it died down.

Camryn laid almost lifeless on me, breathing in my neck’s sweat. Her small breasts were smashed between us; her vagina was still split open, impaled upon me. She spoke.

“I didn’t feel you, did you go too,” she said breathlessly.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to do it so soon, you wouldn’t stop.” It was clearly hard for her to talk. I rolled over pushing her below me.

“Don’t start thinking that I’m going to stop now.”

She looked up at me as I propped myself up onto my elbows. The biggest smile covered her face. It was hard to break from that most beautiful sight but I did somehow. I looked down to where we were joined.

Still half inside her body, the shaft of my penis was coated in a watered down pink liquid.

“Let’s go fast and hard this time,” Camryn said to me. Then she whispered, “I can hear Corey outside the door enjoying herself. Let’s show her how big kids do it.”

We both smiled. I complied to her wish.

Slowly, I withdrew from her mound. Just before my head slipped out, I stopped and pounded back into her. Camryn actually grunted in the surprising pleasure. I continued. Camryn’s eyes became more and more buggy as her mouth formed into an O to breathe as efficiently as she could.

I continued my onslaught. I could see that Camryn was dying in pleasure but after so much teasing before, I selfishly wanted all the pleasure I could get.

I stared down to the tiny breasts under me. They bounced up and down. The entire body under me bounced up and down. Camryn was moaning loud. So was I. This was so good.

Camryn lifted her arms over her head and grabbed my free hands. She wrapped her fingers between mine and squeezed. Her moans began breaking. Shorter, faster; like a solid tone breaking through an inconsistent noise.

I jammed harder and harder into her, I was so close, this was so good. One last stab into her body. My cum poured in like a super soaker filled with hot milk deep into her vagina. The searing liquid pounded and broke apart into hundred of boiling drops at her cervix.

The broken tone of her voice fixed itself as she almost screamed from the feeling. Her back arched off her bed sheets and her vagina sucked me into her. A drumming choir of vaginal muscles covered in lubrication secreting tissue, pounded and rolled over my penis in mid cum.

Camryn’s hips pushed up and down into her mattress as magma like girl cum oozed from her girl hole. A few shots of my sperm more into her body and I was out. Her reproductive organ did not understand this though. It was a continuous onslaught inside her. She would not relent in her efforts to suck every last drop of my liquid from me. I think her hands were somehow connected as well.

I began losing feeling in my fingers as she kept squeezing my hands. I began pulling out of her but her legs lifted up and wrapped around mine. She pulled me back in with another hard pound. She jumped a bit at the feeling of the abrupt movements inside her.

Slowly, the rolling hills inside her fell into plains. We were both dripping in sweat. I dropped to her body, pushing her arms up higher above her head.

I followed Camryn’s face to the doorway. The door stood ajar with Corey in the nude sitting against the wall with her knees in the air spread wide. She looked to be attempting to finish up what she was doing. Her hand thumped up and down just above her vagina as her middle finger drove in and out of her slit.

“Must have gotten tired of just listening,” Camryn breathed out shivering.

Corey’s body tensed as she pushed the top of her head back into the wall. Her hand stopped moving and pressed hard and deep into her body. She was quivering and breathing rapidly.

Camryn and I stared at her motionless, tense, panting body for about a minute before she moved her head back down to look at us.

“If you’re going to get sex like that from him, then it’s only fair that I get sex from him a lot more times than you,” Corey squirmed out. Camryn smiled big.

“I don’t care; Daniel will always love me way more than anything else.”

I was so worn out. I rested my head behind Camryn’s, over her shoulder.

“I love sleep,” I sighed.

e.l. hanes


2010-06-06 20:30:09
you have a flare to keep the interest for the reader good job. I just hope that you continue down this path. I wish that the parents would get involved with some of your fictio.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-09 18:57:54
great man 10/10


2008-04-04 03:18:04
one question, what inspires you to write these stories?
I have wondered this for awhile, and I would like to know, because the detail in the characters indiviuality, is really good.
well I may have worded that wrong, but my point is, dude, writeing is a talent, and if I were you, I would write love novels.


2008-04-01 21:55:57
great job u can actulally write a good story 10/10


2008-03-30 14:51:23
this is the best chapter of the best story on this site. you are up with the best of the pro wrighters whens the next story coming out? 10/10

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