"MMmmm Draco," Pansy purred as she collapsed next to him in bed. "That was so good, baby." She whispered, kissing him on the cheek. Draco said nothing.

Pansy was just a fuck toy for him.
She wasn't that great.
He had TONS better before.
She was just what he had to hold himself over til he found some better piece of ass.
But she didn't know.
Pansy thought Draco was deeply in love with her, and faithful to her and only her.
Oh, how wrong she was.

"Yeah it was good," he lied, slapping her ass while he rolled out of bed.
"Where you going, Drakey?" she asked as she sat up in his bed. The sheets barely clung to her body.
"Out," he replied and walked out the door. "You need to leave too. Can't have anyone finding you in my bed." Pansy was left in his sheets, confused and annoyed that Draco had just left like that.

Pansy meant nothing to him. She was way too clingy. All he needed at the time was a functioning pussy, and Pansy was always willing.
He popped a cigarette into his mouth and headed down the dark Hogwarts hallways.

He took a long drag and exhaled. He was thinking about the type of girl he wanted. He could have any girl in the entire world. He was hot, and rich: and he knew it.

But fucking any girl grew tiring after awhile. He wanted someone he had to work for to get into bed. Some girl that would never willingly get into bed with him.

There she was.
Hermione Granger.
Sure, he had always called her a mudblood in the past, and the thought of fucking her seemed crazy. But she had really...grown up. She had to at least have a C cup size by now, an amazing ass, and long curvy legs. She was ideal.

And the fact that she was interested in him made him want her even more. She was hard to get.

She was heading down the dark hallway, probably returning late from the library. She was rushing, afraid of getting caught past curfew. Draco didnt care if he got caught. His father could get him out of trouble in a heartbeat.

She didn't seem to notice him in the hallway. He finished off his cig and tossed it out the window. Intrigued, he kept following her. He tiptoed quietly behind her as to not attract attention. She was too preoccupied with rushing that she didnt even notice.

Much to his surprise, she suddenly stopped and knocked on what looked like the door to a broom closet.
"It's me," she whispered. "Sorry I'm late."
"Get in here. I've been waiting for you forever," the familiar voice said.
She quickly got in the room, closing the door behind her. Draco put his ear up to the door to listen.

He heard kissing, furious kissing. And unzipping. Clothes dropped on the floor. The ripping of a condom.
Draco was hard as a rock.
His dream girl, Hermione Granger, was fucking someone only inches away from him. And he would be able to hear every moan.

He pressed his ear up harder to listen in.
"YES! Ohhh yes! That's right, right there. That's the spot," she was moaning right now.
Draco heard the gushing juices and slapping of a cock against a pussy. Hearing her moan like that got Draco even harder. He whipped out his own cock and began rubbing himself to the sounds of her moans.
He wondered who she was fucking.
It had to be Ron, since they were dating now.

"OH GOD! FUCK ME harder, harder! That's right baby, pound me raw," she begged for more. Draco quietly grunted to himself as she heard her dirty talk.

"Hermione, I'm gonna cum," the boy declared.
Draco heard them speed up their tempo and then suddenly climax. Both of them were moaning and panting.
"Oh god, that was so good," Hermione sighed. "Thank you so much Harry. You are the best."

So Hermione Granger is a cheating whore.
Draco stood there stunned. She was indeed a dirty girl. It got him even more excited.
"Ron still won't put out, then eh?" Harry inquired as he began putting his clothes on.
"I can't get a thing outta him. All he does is kiss me and feel my boobs," she said between muffles, which probably meant she was getting redressed too.

"You do have great boobs tho, Hermione," Harry admitted. Draco heard her moan again, which probably meant that Harry had reached out and grabbed her tits.

"I gotta get back to Ginny. She'll be wondering where I am," Harry said. Draco heard him shove Hermione up against the wall and kiss her hard. "Sorry, gotta go. Let me know if you ever need some again." He continued to kiss her and squeeze her tender tits.

"Oh Harry, I'm always looking for some. I love a good cock in me. I'm tired of masturbating alone. Please talk to Ron, get him to fuck me."

"I'll do what I can," he promised, and Draco ducked behind a curtain as he sensed Harry was about to leave the closet. Sure enough, the door opened and Harry slipped out, covered in his invisibility cloak.

Harry rushed back to the Gryffindor common room, eager for Ginny's pussy. As he rounded the corner, he ran smack into Cho Chang. His invisibility cloak fell off, revealing himself.
"What are you doing out this late, Harry?" She asked.
"Umm nothing. Just couldn't sleep," he lied and folded up his cloak that had fallen to the floor.
"Where are you coming from?" He asked curiously.
"Oh ummm," she blushed awkwardly.
"...Oh. You got some action then eh?" He asked casually, smiling as she blushed.
"Well yeah, I had promised Hagrid that I would help him make cookies and thing led to another..." she continued, blushing furiously.
"You fucked Hagrid?! Good Lord! He's so huge," Harry said, stunned.
"Oh no, I didn't fuck him. Just gave him a blowjob. That's all I let him do. He wanted to fuck me, but he's just too big, ya know? I asked him how big he was...he said 16 inches. I could barely handle Dumbl-" she stopped herself. She didn't want to tell Harry that she had fucked Dumbledore too.

"You could barely handle who?" Harry asked, suspicious.
"Oh um... my friend Damien," she quickly lied. "He was 11 inches!"
"Wow," Harry said.
"You know Harry, I've been thinking about you a lot...About that night we had together. I know we were both drunk, but I loved that. I want that again," she confessed to him.
"God I've been thinking about you too, Cho. I've wanted you again so badly. Ever since that night," Harry agreed.
"What are you doing tonight?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
He thought of Ginny. He really did. He had told her he would come to her dorm room and fuck her hard.
But he really really really wanted Cho again.
Cho was looking great tonight too. She had heard Hogwarts skirt rolled up to barely cover her perky ass. She purposely left open a few top buttons so she could give the guys a good look. Her hair was in braided long pigtails. She even had her sexy black pumps on too.
He could canel on Ginny.
Say he got called to Order of Pheonix headquarters.
That would work.

"I'm not doing anything tonight," he finally decided.
Her big glossy chocolate eyes lit up at the news. "Want to?" She asked seductively, running her hand up his arm.
"You know it," he said, pulling her close and kissing her hard.
"Where at?" She asked, once the kiss broke.
"Can we go to your dorm?" He asked.
"Umm yeah, Kristen is spending the night at her boyfriend's dorm," she said. Harry assumed Kristen was her roomate. He nodded, excited that he would once again be fucking Cho Chang. He followed her into her dorm, and closed the door.
This night would be amazing.

Hermione was still in the closet.
And horny as hell.
This was Draco's chance to get her. He couldn't finally have the girl that was always too hard to get.

Minutes passed by and Draco listened to Hermione finish putting her clothes back on in the closet. He heard her sigh, clearly still craving more cock.

She finally emerged from the closet, still hot and bothered.
Draco took that as his opportunity to step out from behind the curtains.
She gasped in surprise as he popped out.
"DRACO!" She whispered. "Um ummm...what are you doing here?" She tried to act casual.
"Heard you and Potter having some fun in there," Draco smirked. She turned bright red.
"You heard us?" She blushed, looking down to the stone floor.
"I also heard Ron isn't doing his job as a boyfriend," Draco continued. "He should've started fucking you months ago."
"I know!" She exclaimed, surprised by how loud she was. "I mean, I've been dating him for almost 8 months now. And the best I've gotten is him sucking my boobs."
Draco chuckled.
"You need a real man to hold you over until Ron is ready for sex," he led on. "A real man to appreciate how fucking hot you are. How sexy and smart you are. To want you every minute of every hour."
Hermione felt her heart flutter. That was exactly what she wanted. Draco seemed to understand exactly what Ron didn't.

"Yeah I guess," she mumbled nervously.
"I know we've had our differences in the past, Hermione," Draco began. "But I'm willing to move past that if you are. I'm willing to give you the best night of your life." He made his move, he leaned in and kissed her roughly but passionately on the lips. His tongue instantly darted into her mouth which she welcomed. After several moments, he pulled away. She gasped as he let go of her. "What do you say, Hermione?"
He knew she had loved that kiss. It always got girls to go crazy.
She said nothing, but leaned up and kissed him again. He pulled her into him, his hands on her ass, feeling and squeezing them until she moaned into his mouth.
"Yes Draco. Oh god, that was the best kiss I've ever had," she admitted, blushing more.
"Let's go find a place," Draco said, pulling her along, his arm never leaving her waist.

Hermione led him to the room that morphs into whatever you want (AUTHORS NOTE: See book #5, where they gathered Dumbledoor's Army).

When they opened the door, a huge bed was before them, with plenty of sex toys scattered around the room. Draco locked the door right away.
Hermione was nervous. Draco was extremely experienced. She knew that she was going to be in for a wild night.

The room was almost pitch black except for a few candles spread around. It was extremely romantic, everything she had ever wanted.
Draco began kissing her again, pulling off her Hogwarts robe to reveal Hermione in nothing but a dark purple silk teddy, fishnet stockings and black leather boots. She looked amazingly hot.

"God Damn, Hermione. Is Ron gay or something? What man wouldn't want to touch this?" He asked as he reached under her teddy to learn she had no underwear on. "You're such a naughty girl, Hermione. I never expected this out of you."

With that, he sat down with her on the huge bed, pulling off the purple teddy. He was in awe as he watched her marvelous tits bounce out, her nipples hard from the draft. "You like?" She asked, as she signaled for him to look down.
A shaved pussy. She was the hottest piece of ass he had ever seen.
"I want to suck you off, Draco." She said. "Ron has never let me do it to him. Harry has let me do it 4 times. He said I was good, but he was probably just being nice," she said. Draco had no problem with her sucking him off. He already had a raging erection from his fantasy girl naked before him. She climbed off the bed and got down on her knees. In one fast gulp she took him into her mouth, deep throating him at the beginning. Draco nearly cummed right then and there.

"Ohhh Hermione, you are such a pro. Ron doesn't know what he's missing. You're such a fucking great sucker," Draco moaned and thrust himself deeper into her mouth. Her saliva drenched his cock in her mouth, and felt even better as she slurped and nibbled on him. He grabbed her hair and began pounding his rod into her mouth. She met him with every thrust, him going furhter and further down her throat without her slightly gagging. "Ugh OH FUCK HERMIONE! You're so goddamn good. That's right, suck it. It's your lolipop, baby. Just keep sucking until you get to the creamy middle," he urged on, amazed at how good she was.

He didn't even have a chance to warn her. He just exploded in her mouth when she moaned onto his cock. He couldn't keep control of himself anymore. The amount of cum filled up her throat and leaked out her mouth, dripping down to her tits.

"That was so amazing, Hermione. You're the best girl who's ever sucked my cock," he admitted, still stunned at her skill. She was busy licking up the cum, but smiled when he said this.

When she was finished, she stood up.
"Want me to take off my stockings and boots?" She asked, realizing that she still had them on.
"Are you kidding? No way. You look even hotter in them. Now lay down so I can give you the fucking of a lifetime," he said, and she eagerly complied.

Draco reached down to the floor and picked up a dildo that was slightly smaller than his own cock. He saw that it had a vibrate option and grinned. That would get her all fired up.

But first, he wanted to do something else first. He picked up some scarves that were on the floor. "I'm gonna tie you up, Hermione. Trust me, it's the hottest thing in the world," he explained and grabbed one of her wrists, and tied it to the bedpost. He did the same to the other wrist. He then did the same to her ankles so that she was spreadeagle in front of him, somewhat like an 'X'.

"Oh God Draco, this feels so good," she purred as she felt herself bound up. "I feel like your prisoner. It makes me so hot." She moaned and felt juices soak up her pussy.

Draco started at her mouth, kissing her while squeezing her breasts so hard. She was moaning now as he kneaded her breasts, then stuck one into his mouth, bitting gently on the nipple, just to make her moan. She let out a deep moan and urged him to continue. He licked down her tight stomach til he got to her pussy. He stuck one, two, three, and then four fingers into her tight snatch. He thrust them in and out of her until she was bucking against them in ecstacy. He then pulled out, right before her climax and she was in despair. Right where he wanted her.

He shoved his own erect cock into her. Ten and a half inches of pure Draco. She moaned and trembled against the enormous cock inside her, screaming in delight. He then took the dildo, lubed it up from some of her pussy juice, and began to insert it into her ass. Hermione started shrieking in pain and pleasure as she felt the dildo going up her ass. She could barely take notice to it as Draco was fucking her so hard. Once the dildo was good and up her ass, he turned it on vibrate high.

She let out a loud scream and moaned for what seemed like hours. Draco kept fucking her. He couldn't believe how tight she was.

"OH MY GOD DRACO! Fuck me fuck me harder. You're so big. You feel so good. Ugh ahhh UGH UGH AHHHHHHH!" She screamed as he increased his pace. She couldn't breathe she was in so much pleasure, and a tiny bit of pain from being so stretched. "Harder Draco, please. Fuck me till I collapse."

Draco happily obliged, shoving his throbbing cock into her over and over again. He was so happy to finally be pounding the pussy he's always dreamed about. So much better than Pansy. Hermione's cunt was so tight and milked his huge member so well. Her pussy walls were clinging to the massive cock, allowing him to feel every groove of her. Her moans were getting louder now, and he could tell she was going to orgasm. He wanted to get her to orgasm 3 times before he cummed. That would guarentee future fuck sessions from this goddess.

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" She cried and her juices soaked his cock. Draco nearly blew a load right there. But he kept it in. It would be worth it. He kept pounding her, watching her boobs jiggle from the intense fucking. "Oh Draco, Draco. You're so amazing. You're so big." He slammed into her extremely hard again which got a new high pitched squeal from his whore.

Moments of more pounding, she orgasmed again.
Second time.
Draco was desperate to cum, but vowed not to until she did it a third time. He felt the cum begging to burst in his balls, but he wouldn't let it. Not until she climaxed one more time.

"UGH UGH DRACO OH GOD! How are you still going? You're so fucking amazing. That's right, keep going. Fuck me nice and hard. I'm all yours," she cried out in pleasure. Draco complied, continued pounding her swollen pussy. Draco looked down to admire the sight when he realized that the cock in her ass was slipping out.
Without warning he shoved it back in at full length, making her scream loudly and orgasm a third time.

Seconds later, Draco exploded into her pussy. Gallons of cum poured into her, her shaking in euphoria as she felt it coat her insides.
He pulled out of her with a plop, and collapsed on top of her. They were both gasping for air. She still had the dildo in her ass, which was still getting her hot despite the intense fucking she had just had.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Draco!" She sighed happily as he freed her from her bounds. She kicked the scarves off the bed, and then pulled the vibrating dildo out of her ass with a loud moan. "You were amazing, Draco," she said quietly once she caught her breath.

"You were the best fuck I've ever had," Draco breathed, kissing her again.
"Same," she confessed, rubbing her hands up and down his chest, feeling every muscle. "You were so good. I don't think I'm gonna be able to walk for days after that fucking haha. My pussy is so sore."

She noticed he was hard again, and began stroking him gently. "Want some more?" She teased, without waiting for an answer. She climbed on top of him and sat on his cock. She screamed as he went all the way in. Her pussy was already so sore from before but she wanted him again so badly. After she adjusted, she began riding him. She groaned every time she thrust into him. He bucked back, getting his cock further and furhter into her cunt. She was in bliss, rocking up and down on the hugest cock she had ever had.

Draco was beyond thought. He watched, in a trance, as she bounced on him. She was still wearing only her boots and fishnet stockings. Her tits were bobbing with every thrust and when she lifted her head back til she was looking at the cieling. She closed her eyes and kept riding her stallion. The pleasure was unbelievable. She was fucking the hottest boy in school, with the biggest cock she had ever had, and she loved every minute of it.

Finally she climaxed again and he did too shortly afterwards. She stayed on top of him as she collapsed from exhaustion. She didn't let the cock leave her pussy. She loved the feeling of having it in her.
"Oh God Draco, I wish I could have your cock in me all the time. I wish you never had to take it out. It feels so good. I feel so complete with it in me," she said, not releasing his cock from her twat.

"I wish I could be in you all the time too, Hermione. You have the best pussy I've ever fucked. So tight and so hot. You're a goddess," he said as he ran his hands along her thighs and squeezed her ass gently.

"Will you fuck me again?" She asked hopefully.
"Anytime, anywhere."
She kissed him again, her hands running through his hair. His hands remained planted on her ass.
They spent the rest of the night together, fucking in all differnent sorts of posistions...

Ron took another shot of Firewhiskey.
Hermione was supposed to come to his room that night. He wanted to fuck her. He knew she wanted it, and he was finally ready to give it to her.
The clock read 2 a.m.
She wasn't coming.

But suddenly he heard the Gryffindor common room door open and close. Eagerly, he rushed downstairs hoping it was Hermione. It wasn't.
"Ginny? What are you doing up?" Ron asked as he saw his baby sister come into the common room.
"Harry stood me up. I have no idea where he is. Him and I were supposed to spend all night together," she sounded so disappointed.
She sat down on the couch, next to the crackling fire. The dancing flame outlined his sister's amazing figure. He felt himself go hard at the sight of her.

STOP IT! She's your sister. Jesus Christ Ron, keep yourself together. She's your sister. It's incest. Don't think about it.
Ron couldn't control his cock. It continued to grow, creating quite a buldge. Thankfully Ginny didn't see, she buried her face into her hands and began to cry.
"Why did he ditch me, Ron? Am I not attractive? Where could he possibly be? I looked everywhere." She sobbed, feeling heartbroken.
Ron sat down next to his sister on the sofa.

"Oh Ginny, I'm sure he didn't mean to stand you up. He probably got called to the Order of the Pheonix again. You know how much he has to be there these days," Ron comforted her. She stopped crying.

"You think so?" she asked between sniffles. Her eyes were still watery, making her look so innocent. His erection grew.

"Ginny, you're gorgeous. You're funny, sexy, smart...Harry would be stupid to pass a girl like you up," he continued his pep talk.

"Thanks Ron," she said, drying her eyes. "You're so good to me. I don't know what I'd do without you." She kissed him on the cheek.
She kissed him once on the right cheek, then again on the left cheek and finally landed one right on his lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, just his instincts kicking in. She suddenly pulled off.

"I'm sorry Ron, I didn't mean to kiss you on the lips. You were just so nice to me," she said, turning red. He leaned in and kissed her again, his cock doing his thinking for him. His hand was on her knee, then on her thigh, she let out a tiny moan as he reached her pussy.

"Wait, Ron. We're brother and sister. This...isn't right," she breathed.
"We both wanted sex tonight Gin. Harry bailed on you, Hermione bailed on me. We both deserve it. Who cares if it's wrong or right?" He said, as he continued playing with her thong.

She moaned again and then said "Oh, you're right. I want you in me Ron. You've always been the nicest older brother I've ever had," she agreed.

She had been forced to fuck Fred and George before. And she had loved it. Maybe Ron would be just as good. Plus, Ron had been so sweet to her.

"I want you Ron. I want you so badlyyy," she admitted, kissing him passionately. "Let's go to my dorm. Just in case Harry comes home, it wouldn't be good if he walked in on us, since you guys share a room."

Ginny led him up to her girls dorm, stopping to kiss him along the way. She opened the door to her room, her roomate was gone, probably fucking her boyfriend. She pulled Ron in quickly, locked the door and silenced her bedroom so they could scream as much as needed.

"God, Gin, I've wanted to fuck you ever since you started getting those huge tits of yours," he said as he squeezed them. "I knew you'd grow up to be hot. You're so fucking beautiful." He pulled off her Hogwarts cloak and saw that she was in nothing but green langerie. "It was for Harry," she explained. "But I want you to have me in this. You deserve it more than him. You were there for me when I needed someone."

He pulled off his own shirt as they continued kissing. He couldn't believe he was making out with his sister. He was gonna lose it to his own sister. He had wanted to wait for Hermione that night, but she was gone too. Maybe fell asleep in the library or something.

She pushed him onto her bed gently and got on top of him.
"Umm hey Gin, I've never done it before," he told her, before they got too far.
"Oh...really? I thought you and Hermione had been fucking for months now," Ginny said as she unbuckled his jeans.
"I wanted to fuck her tonight but she's missing too. Dunno where she is," he explained. "I want you though. You are someone I can be comfortable with, no matter what."
"I'll make it good for you, older bro. Trust me. I'll have you moaning like Harry does," she teased him as she pulled off his jeans and whipped off his boxers. His cock was standing straight up, so erect from his sister's dirty talk.
"Looks like nearly 9 inches. Not bad. Bigger than Harry's by a little. Should be good," she mumbled aloud. "Enjoy this, Ron. It's gonna feel amazing. Promise."

And with that, she slammed her pussy down onto his cock. Both of them screaming with pleasure. She rod her older brother harder and harder, Ron finally figuring out that he was supposed to thrust too when she landed all the way down. "UhHHHHHHhh GIN!" He cried as she fucked him with full rigor. "You're so tight. This feels so amazing!"

"That's right. Fuck your little sister. Fuck her hard. Be a big older brother and ram your cock into me harder and harder," she moaned out and kept riding. Ron felt himself about to cum. She was so hot and juicy, the tighest thing he could imagine.

To Ginny's surprise, he flipped her over suddenly. He had her on her hands and knees, fucking her doggy style. The bed was shaking like mad, the headboard rocking against the wall. Every thrust Ron got deeper and deeper into his baby sister's cunt. He saw her tits jiggle in the green laungerie. Rocking into his sister like that was the hottest thing he had ever experienced. She was flawless, fucking him smooth and rigorously back against his cock.

"FUCK ME HARDER OLDER BROTHER! POUND YOUR SISTER'S CUNT!" She shrieked as he increased tempo.
Ginny was amazed at how well he was holding up, it being his first time and all. She climaxed as she felt his cock go deeper into her. Ron felt the juices flood in her pussy and got him even more excited.

"Take this cock Gin. You naughty girl, let your older brother fuck you nice and hard," he teased, slapping her on the ass. She screamed in pleasure as it trickled through her body.

"Cum in me. Cum in your little sister. I want your cum all the way in my pussy, Ron. Fill me up," Ginny begged and Ron exploded at her words. The amount of cum filled her up to the brim. "YES YES YES YES!" Ginny screamed as she felt his cream fill her. "I love cum in my pussy. I love you Ron."

The cum poured out of her as he pulled out with a slurpy poping noise. Ginny flopped onto her bed, cum spurting out of her full pussy. She began to scoop up his cum and suck on it. Ron laid down next to her, amazed at how good sex had felt.

"I never realized what I was missing out on," he said in a daze. "Sex is amazing. Best feeling in the world." He kissed her roughly, tasting his cum in her mouth but not caring.

Ron fucked his little sister for the rest of the night. Most of the time it was in doggy style posistion, because Ginny liked that the best. She was constantly bent over her bed with Ron shoving his cock into her different holes.

Ron and Ginny drank up nearly all of his Firewhiskey, getting more horny with every shot. They started getting more erotic with their fucking. He stuck a water bottle into her pussy, and watched fascinated as it grasped tightly around the bottle. He pounded the bottle in and out of her, causing her to scream every time he pushed the bottle in. She loved it. After the bottle, he moved up to an umbrella, then he got a great idea.

"Do you have your Quidditch stuff in here?" Ron asked, drunk and stumbling around her room.
"Yeah, there's a chest in my closet with all my stuff. Why?" She asked. He didn't answer but opened the chest. Bingo. He found what he was looking for.

"Spread your legs Ginny. This is gonna feel amazing," he said and she complied. She felt him stick a cool ball into her pussy. She purred at the touch of cold metal into her hot twat.

When he released the ball and began to withdraw his hand from her pussy, the ball started vibrating intensley in her. She cried out in shock and bliss.
"Oh god Ron," she panted, "what did you put in me?"
"A golden snitch. I turned it on. How do you like it?" He smirked.
Before Ginny could reply, she let out a huge gasp and moan. "It just went really really deep into me," she panted. "Oh! OH OH OH! AHHH! OH FUCK! OH YES YES YES YES!"
Ron watched, amazed as Ginny thrusted and squirmed on her bed. This was the best toy she had ever played with. It was constantly moving up and down her pussy, trying to get out. It went further than any cock could. It rebounded off all the ares of her pussy. Moments later, she climaxed, screaming at the top of her lungs. The golden snitch slid out in her juices when she climaxed. She was breathing so heavy and rolling her head back into the pillow as she cherished her orgasm.

"That was amazing Ron. You're so smart. I'm so glad I fucked you tonight," she sighed dreamily, and cuddled with him. She fell fast asleep to the feeling of him sucking on her tits...

To Be Continued

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