Hermione kissed Draco passionately goodbye.
"Do you have to go, Hermione?" Draco asked sadly.
"Yes...Ron will want to know where I've been. I'm gonna tell him I accidentally fell asleep at the library. Haha, it's happened before," she said as she clipped her bra on. She slipped back into her thong and slung her skirt around her tiny waist.

"But I don't want you to leave. I want to fuck you again," Draco whined.
"I told you Draco, I have to go soon," she insisted as she buttoned up her Hogwarts blouse.
"Will you come back tonight?" He asked excited.
"Doubt it. Ron will probably want to be with me tonight. He said he wanted to tell me something last night but I never showed up," she said slipping into her pumps.

"Dammit, then when will I see you again? When can I fuck you again?" Draco asked, frustrated that his goddess would be temporarily absent from his life.
"Soon, I promise." She got back onto the bed and gave him another long kiss goodbye.
The kiss soon broke and she climbed off the bed, but not before he gave her ass a nice hard squeeze.
She headed to the door, opened it, gave him one last sad glance, and left.

Hermione bounded down the empty Hogwarts halls, hurrying to the Prefect Bathroom to clean herself up.
She opened the door and saw no one in the bathroom. She locked the door behind her, poured the water and bubbles out, and stripped.
She gasped as she climbed into the steamy waters.
The warm water enveloped her sore body, making her feel much better. She closed her eyes and relaxed.
That's when she heard loud moaning.
Her eyes flashed open and looked in the direction of where the moaning was coming from.
She swam to the edge of the pool and looked at the locker room to the side.
Moaning Myrtle was there, naked and fucking another ghost!

"Oh my god..." Hermione whispered.
"YES PEEVES OH YES!" Myrtle moaned as Peeves the ghost pounded her.
Hermione got extremely hot at the sight of two ghosts having sex. It was perhaps the most errotic thing she had ever seen. She subconciously began to rub herself as she watched the two lovers go at it.

"Take it Myrtle. You like it hard, don't you, you little slut?" Peeves taunted her as he flipped her over and stuck it in her ass. Myrtle complied happily and continued moaning.

So THAT'S how she got her name...
Not wanting to disturb the couple, Hermione quickly slipped out of the pool and dressed quietly.
She scurried out of the room and headed back to Gryffindor.

Ron was reclining by the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room.
Ever since he had fucked Ginny, all he could think about was sex and how amazing it was.
Every girl he saw looked fuckable in some manner.

Luna Lovegood entered the Common Room, wearing a slutty short black skirt, purple leather boots and a violet tight fitting low cut blouse. She looked so hot, it was ridiculous.
Ron remembered when Luna had glasses and brasses and was flat as a board.
She had turned out quite nice in the end.
But she was such a tease.
She sat down in the couch opposite from Ron, leaned back and sighed dreamily. Ron had a perfect view up her skirt to see her black thong peeking out.
He almost got hard at the sight.
Luna smiled, glad to see she finally had this kind of effect on men. She had always wanted it.

"How are you doing today, Ron?" She asked sweetly.
"Pretty good I guess. Had a good night. Drank a lot," he laughed.
"Yeah I heard you. My room is right next to Ginny's and you guys werent exactly quiet last night..." she grinned, crossing her legs to expose almost all her thigh.

Ron gulped as her skirt inched more and more up. He tried not to stare. It was so hard.
"Oh uh," he turned bright red.
"Don't be embarrased. It got me so horny," she admitted, smiling at him.
"Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah that was hot, Ron. You fucking your sister. God its so taboo and totally a turn on," she continued. "Made me want some too, ya know?" She giggled.
Ron's hard on stiffened even more.
She looked down at his growing erection.
"Hmm looks like I got you a little excited," she smiled, pleased with herself.
Ron grinned nervously, "Yeah you kinda did."

The common room door swung open.
Ron quickly pulled a pillow over his raging erection.
"Hey Ron! Sorry I didn't get back last night. Fell asleep in the library again. I was catching up on Magic for Muggles Volume XII. Lost track of time. Sorry baby," she straightup lied and sat down next to him.
"Oh its ok Hermione. I know you are such a little nerd," he teased her and kissed her.
"Hey Luna, love your boots!" Hermione greeted her as well.
Luna smiled her thanks and got up to leave. "I'm gonna go take a walk. I'll see you two lovebirds later."
She headed out of the room, the black mini skirt barely covering her firm ass.

Once they were alone, Hermione asked, "What did you want to talk to me about last night baby?"
"Oh um nothing," Ron said, looking away from her. He had wanted to tell her that he was ready to fuck her.
But then he fucked Ginny...
And that kind of messed up his plans.
"No, tell me!" She begged.
"I wanted to have sex with you last night Hermione," Ron finally said.
Hermione's heart sank. "You what...I thought you weren't ready for it."
"I had been thinking about it for a while and last night was gonna be the big night," Ron said, disappointed.
Hermione straddled him and kissed him deeply. "Let's make tonight the night, then, Ron," she whispered seductively in his ear.
His erection poked through the pillow. Hermione felt it on her ass.
"Or maybe right now?" She giggled as she pulled off his pillow. "Wow, you're really hard Ron."
"You get me so hard sometimes Hermione," he said.
She beamed, grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to her dorm...

Harry emptied his seed deep inside Cho.
She was panting and moaning from the intense fucking.
"God Harry it gets better every time," she sighed as he climbed off her.
The cum poured out of her and formed a sticky puddle around the both of them.
"I know, Cho. It's weird but it feels like you get tighter and tighter every time I fuck you. Sooo wonderful."
She giggled happily as her breathing returned to normal.
"God I'm so happy with you Harry," Cho breathed and kissed his chest.
"Me too Cho. You're perfect," Harry said.
"Oh god! What time is it?!" She suddenly cried out.
"It's a quarter after four," Harry said.
"Oh NO! I have to meet my parents at The Three Broomsticks for dinner tonight. They want to discuss something with me. Wouldn't tell me what," Cho said.
She hopped out of bed, frantically pulled on a fresh white thong and matching white bra.
Harry watched her bounce around her room. She ran to her closet, pulled out a really elegant low cut satin blue silk dress.
"You look beautiful, Cho," Harry complimented when she zipped into the tight but sexy dress.
"Thanks. Gotta impress the parents. Meet me here tonight...9 o' clock?" She asked, slipping into silver high heels.
"Of course baby," Harry said.
She grinned, adding a silver locket as a finishing touch to her outfit.
She ran over to the bed and gave him a deep kiss. He reached and cupped her breast through her dress. She moaned but then pulled away.
"Not now. I gotta go. Wait til tonight, Harry. I love you," Cho called as she rushed out the door.
Harry chuckled to himself as she left.
He got dressed and headed out of her dorm.
The castle seemed to be empty as he found himself walking the halls alone.
He rounded a corner and saw Luna Lovegood looking out one of the windows.
"Hey Luna," Harry said.
His eyes traveled up and down her body. Luna was looking HOTTTT. Every curve was accented perfectly. His dick got rock hard.
"Oh hey Harry," she said, pretending she was more interested in looking out the window than talking to him.
"Whatcha thinking about?" He asked.
"You," she boldly said, taking Harry off guard.
"Wh-what?" Harry asked.
"Oh come on Harry. How could you not know? I've had the biggest crush on you all year. I've wanted you so badly," she told him, turning to face him.
Harry gulped nervously.
"I honestly had no idea!" He defended himself.
"Well now you know," she whispered, moving close to him. Her hand found his dick and she began to rub him. He moaned and got extremely hard.
She leaned up to his ear and whispered, "Do you want me Harry?"
His erection continued to grow. She sounded so sexy and she was so slutty, yes he wanted her! Of course he wanted her! Who wouldn't want a piece of her ass?
"Oh god yes," Harry gave in.
"You want to fuck me, Harry? You want to shove your cock in me and pound me till I collapse?" Her words got him even harder.
"Y-y-yesss," he moaned back as he felt cum building in him.
"You can have me, Harry. You can have all of me," she led him on, pulling him into an empty classroom.
He locked the door and shoved her rougly against the wall. He aggressively tore off her tight purple blouse and ripped off her black minsikirt.
She moaned as he yanked off her bra and freed her C sized breasts.
"You're beautiful, Luna. And you're such a teasing whore," he told her as he took one of her tits into his mouth.
"It was because I wanted to get your attention. I wanted you to notice me," she purred as he continued to suck.
"Trust me, I noticed."
She grinned and he kissed down her tight flat stomach til he got to her thong.
He pulled it off in seconds and stuck his tongue into her shaved pussy.
She squealed in delight. He was thrusting in and out of her wet hole, getting her more excited with every second.
He then suddenly got up, right as she was about to climax and threw her to the ground.
She realized what he wanted, and got on her hands and knees.
"I'm fucking you doggy style you little whore," Harry ordered, as he pulled off his jeans and freed his hard cock.
"Do what you want with me, Harry. I'm your slave," she cried, knowing exactly what to say to get him even hornier.
He slapped her across the ass, causing her to cry out and get her even wetter.
Then he suddenly slammed his cock into her ridiculously tight pussy. She screamed as he quickly inched into her without mercy.
Tears dotted her eyes as the massive cock continued to go deeper into her.
"Harry you're so big! I can barely fit you. You hurt so baddd," she cried out as he pulled out and slammed back in again. She screamed again.
"You wanted it, you slut. And you're gonna get it," Harry said with no sympathy.
This just got her even hotter as she began to thrust back against his massive cock.
It was beginning to feel amazing.
Her pussy was so tight, it was squeezing his cock over and over again. "God I've never fucked a whole so tight before. God damnnnn LUNA!" He cried out happily and continued to pound her.
"YES YES YES YES HARRY FUCK ME HARDER HARDER!" She panted as he kept going.
Her tits were hanging and jiggling uncontrolably with every movement. Harry reached around and squeezed them, causing her to moan.
"I'm gonna cum in your tight cunt, Luna." He warned her.
"Yes please do! I want all your cum in my pussy," she begged.
He exploded at her words and iced her pussy with layers of his cum.
She screamed as she filled up, her pants making her breathing stagger as she collapsed.
Harry fell on top of her, his cock softening up in her pussy.
He gently pulled out with a gooey pop noise, causing a river of cum to leak out of her.
"Get what you wanted?" He smirked as he looked at her exhausted body.
"Oh yes. Thank you Harry. That was amazing," she admitted as she rolled over to face him. "Let me give you a blowjob, pleaseeee?"
"Go for it," he said as he pulled her limp body on top of his.
One quick motion.
Entire cock in her mouth.
It was the fastest thing he had ever seen.
Most girls slowly inched down his cock.
But she just took it ALL down with one gulp.
All eight and a half inches of his rock hard cock down in one swallow.
She sucked and sucked on him, rolling her tongue on the head of his cock.
He was grunting as she licked rigorously on him.
Her tongue was wet and the texture felt amazing on his cock.
His cock got really hot and she knew he was about to cum. That's when she pulled her mouth off him.
Harry angrily groaned when she stopped sucking.
"I want you to cum all over me Harry. I want to be covered in it," she begged.
He stood up and leaned over her. She was laying on her back on the floor, hungrily waiting for cum to drench her.
He jerked on his cock a few more times and then suddenly he burst.
Cum squirted out, landing in her hair and tits.
It splashed onto her face, her lips, her arms....everything.
She was drenched but oh so pleased.
That's when she opened her mouth and he aimed the last few squirts right at her open mouth.
When he finished, she licked her lips lustfully.
She proceeded to rub the cum all over her body, the sticky cream making her body glisten.
Harry had to admit that she looked soooo hot covered in his cum.
He wondered if Cho would ever like to be drenched in his cum like Luna did.
But Luna was one dirty girl.
"God that was so good Luna. You are such a dirty little whore," he said as she finished licking up the extra cum.
She smiled sexily and got up.
"I know," she winked.
"I'm not done with you yet Yuna. One hole I haven't taken yet," Harry smirked.
"Then what are you waiting for?" She played along. "Take it."


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