Ginny sat sobbing by the fireplace of the Gryffindor Common Room.
She missed Harry more than she imagined.
Ron was busy fucking Hermione at the moment, and George and Fred were off spending the night in the Ravenclaw dorm with some drunk girls.

She sighed, staring blankly into the fireplace.
She missed Harry's perfect sized cock so badly. It was just the right size. She missed him holding her so close to him. Most of all, she missed the way he would pleasure her when he fucked her.

The door to the Common Room swung open and Ginny quickly dried her tears.
"Hey Ginny," a very flustered Luna said quickly. She seemed to rush to her dorm as fast as possible.
"Hey Luna," she said with a sniffle.
Luna stopped, now aware that Ginny was upset over something.
"What's wrong, Gin?" Luna asked, walking towards the sofa she was laying on.
Ginny noticed that Luna's blouse was unbuttoned at some parts and that her skirt was lopsidded.
Her hair was somewhat disshelved, but in a sexy way.
Ginny noticed that you could see down Luna's blouse, but tried not to stare.

"Nothing, I just hate boys. They don't care at all," Gin complained.
"Oh I know what you mean Ginny. That's why I love doing girls so much," she said casually, reclining on the sofa next to Ginny.
"You....what?!" Ginny cried in surprise.
"...I have sex with girls sometimes. It's amazing. So hot," Luna continued.
Ginny began to get aroused at the thought of her doing another girl.
"You haven't ever fucked another girl before, Gin?" Luna asked in surprise.
"Umm no I haven't. I always thought it would be gross. But now that I think about it, it's kinda hot," she admitted.
"God Ginny it is sooo hot. Girls are such great people to fuck," Luna rambled merrily.
Ginny felt the heat between her legs grow.
"You mean you kiss them and stuff? I can't imagine kissing a girl," Ginny pondered.
"It's not hard. Just kiss me," Luna said.
"What? Kiss you!?" Ginny shrieked.
"It's not a big deal. You'd be surprised how good it is," Luna encouraged.
"Ok fine I'll do it. But it's gonna be so weird!" Ginny agreed, and sat up.
Luna leaned toward her and Ginny's lips met hers.
Ginny was amazed at how soft Luna's lips were and how delicious they tasted.
Luna gently pushed her tongue into Ginny's mouth, who surprisingly accepted it without a problem.

Both of the girls were starting to get horny as they continued kissing. Luna reached up and cupped Ginny's breast.
She gasped in surprise but moaned as Luna began to knead her.
They broke the kiss and looked nervously at each other.
"What'd you think?" Luna asked first.
Ginny said nothing but pulled Luna close to her and kissed her again.
Luna suddenly got more passionate in the kiss. She pushed her tongue deeper into Ginny's mouth and slowly began to climb on top of Ginny.

Luna was now straddling Ginny's lap, both of them furiously making out.
Ginny felt hands on her thighs, and moaned quietly as Luna inched them up further to her waist.
"You want to go upstairs, Ginny?" Luna whispered in her ear.
Ginny was so aroused by Luna that she readily agreed and got off the sofa together.

The two girls bounded up the stairs. Luna's dorm was empty so they headed into there. After locking the door, Ginny climbed onto Luna's bed seductively.

Luna grinned and went to her closet, pulling out a special box from her closet.
She brought the box to the bed and opened it for Ginny.
All sorts of different sex toys from dildos to anal probes were present, in different sizes, textures and colors.
"This is gonna feel amazing, Gin," Luna comforted her as she got on top of Ginny. They both started kissing again, but this time Luna's hand reached under Ginny's shirt and unclicked her bra.

Ginny's C tits popped out from their restraint. She moaned as Luna ripped open her blouse and took one into her mouth.
Ginny unbuttoned Luna's purple blouse and threw it to the floor as she sucked on Ginny's tit.
Moments later her bra was off, soon followed by both their skirts and thongs. Both girls were now naked on the bed, one on top of the other, sucking rigorously on her tit.

Ginny cried out in delight as Luna grabbed a huge dildo from the box and began to rub it at the entrance of her pussy.
"Does this get you hot, Ginny?" Luna breathed onto her neck as she continued to rub the dildo against her entrance.
"Yesss Luna, oh it does!" She cried out. Just then, Luna pushed the ten inch dildo deep into Ginny. She screamed at the sudden entrance but then trembled as Luna began to pull in and out.
"OH OH OH LUNA!" Ginny cried as Luna slammed the dildo into her over and over again.
In the middle of her fucking, Ginny reached over to the box and grabbed a clear ninch inch dildo and shoved it deep into Luna's pussy.
Luna let out a scream as she felt it enter her but continued pounding at Ginny's twat.
Ginny began to pump the dildo in and out of Luna.
Both of the girls were moaning and sweating onto one another as they fucked each other with dildos.
The panting seemed so loud emitting from both horny girls.
Their screams and moans slowly got louder as they both felt their climax building.
"Yes Ginny, god you're such a natural," Luna called as Ginny kept thrusting the dildo into her.
The heat got too much for Ginny, who let out a loud errotic scream as she orgasmed all over the dildo.
Seconds later, Luna climaxed with a deep cry and collapsed onto the bed next to Ginny.

Ginny's breathing returned to normal as she crawled over to where Luna had laid.
Luna's breasts were decently sized, each rising and falling as she continued breathing hard.
Her nipples were hard and up, probably from the cold draft in the castle.
Ginny climbed on top of the exhausted Luna and began to kiss her.
She lovingly accepted Ginny, rubbing her hands down Ginny's back and squeezing her ass.
Ginny inched down to Luna's breasts, licked and nibbled on each one and then continued down. She licked around Luna's bellybutton ring and travled all the way down to her shaven pussy.

Luna moaned as Ginny stuck her tongue deep into her. "Eat me out Ginny, please!" Luna begged as Ginny began to suck tenderly on her clit.
She ran her tongue along Luna's entrance, smiling as she felt her shudder with ecstacy.

Ginny slurped up Luna's juices that were still flowing from when the dildo had gotten her excited.
"Yesss Ginny! Oh yesss Gin! Lick me, eat me out godddd," she moaned as Ginny continued sucking on her twat.
Juices soon filled Ginny's mouth as Luna climaxed once again.

Ginny grinned as Luna pushed her on her back and went down on her too.
Girls are SOOO much better than guys...

"Hermione, you're so tight. How am I supposed to fit this into you?" Ron asked in a kidding way as he shoved deeply into Hermione.
She cried out as his cock slammed into her.
"Fuck me Ron," Hermione whispered. "Fuck me as hard as you want, baby."

Ron took that invitation and pounded into Hermione. She screamed with every thrust but also pushed back onto his massive cock.
"YES HERMIONE OH YES YES YES!" He yelled as she thrusted into him as well.
"I'm cumming in you Hermione," he howled as he exploded into her.
His cock slipped out with a 'plop' and he watched as his river of cum dumped out her hole.
Hermione was red in the face and panting. She looked so hot, covered in sweat and glistening from the cum.

"God Hermione, I love you," Ron confessed.
"I love you too Ron. You're so amazing!" She giggled, closing her eyes as if trying to remember him pounding her.
He kissed her on the lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth.
The wet smacks of their tongues together got them both hot again.
She rolled him over til he was on his back and she climbed on top of him. She took one long slurp on his cock and then planted her pussy right on top.
She shrieked as she dropped down onto his cock.
Ron grunted as he felt his cock get consumed by her tight wet hole.
Hermione began to ride Ron hard.
She lifted herself up all the way and slammed back down onto his cock. She whimpered every time in pain and pleasure but continued penetrating herself upon him.
"Yessss Hermione. That's right. You keep bouncing on my cock you slut," he taunted her and ran his hands up her thighs and around to her ass.
He pulled her ass cheeks far apart to allow her to go down deeper on him.
She orgasmed onto his cock within seconds, but kept riding him, shaking from the pleasure.
The sight of her: her head thrown back, her chest out and bouncing up and down got to him. He pulled her close and burst into her pussy once again.

Hermione could barely breathe but gently slowed down her bouncing.
She fell onto his chest, exhausted from their fucking, but still had his cock buried deep inside her pussy.
Ron kissed her head affectionately, caressing her ass as she gently rocked on his cock.
"I love this Ron. I wish you would've been willing to do this earlier this year. We wasted so much time," Hermione purred into his ear as she eased herself off his rod.
Juices dripped out of her cunt as she rolled over on the bed next to him.
She then cuddled up next to him as he pulled the sheets over both of them.
Ron kissed her deeply on the lips as they both drifted off to sleep...

The next day, everyone packed up and headed back to The Burrow for Spring Break.
Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione all headed back to the Weasley home to spend time celebrating Easter.

It was unusually hot during Spring break, and the heat was unbareable at the Burrow.
Everyone (especially the girls) was lounging in very little clothing.
Mr. Weasley was off in the corner, smoking a pipe and reading the Daily Prophet.
He was in the middle of the economics section when someone entered the den.
Hermione, Ron's little girlfriend, entered from the outside. She was wearing unbelievably short jean shorts and a tight black spaghetti strap tanktop that showcased her perfect breasts.
Mr. Weasley felt himself go hard as he watched her smile at him and head to the kitchen.
Her body was glistening from being out in the heat for so long.
His eyes traced up her long legs to her firm ass that was perfectly noticable in her tight jean shorts.
He watched her open the fridge and grab a pitcher of water. She leaned down to get a cup from the bottom cabinent. Her ass sexily strained the material of her jeans.
She poured her water and took a short gulp of it.
Mr. Weasley developed a tent in his pants as he watched her lick her lips, craving more water. She took another sip, and carried the pitcher back to the fridge.
Hermione grabbed her cup and headed back into the den.
Mr. Weasley desperatly tried not to stare at her amazing figure.
She saw he was reading the Daily Prophet and walked towards him. She sat on the sofa next to him and leaned forward to grab some of the paper he left on the coffee table.
Her black thong rode up past the brim of her jeans and peeked out, taunting him.
He folded the newspaper and put it over his lap to cover up his huge buldge.
"Hmm do you have the economics section? I want to check the stock I invested in," she asked casually.
"No! I don't have the economics section!" He said too quickly.
"...It's in your lap. Can I please see it?" She asked again.
Mr. Weasley groaned on the inside as he handed her the paper and his hard cock attracted her attention.
"Oh um..." she looked down nervously when she noticed his hard-on.
"I'm sorry Hermione. It's been difficult since Mrs. Weasley left to go visit Charlie. I miss her so much," he said. "Sorry for making you uncomfortable."
"It's okay, Mr. Weasley. I understand. You have your needs. Just like I have my needs," she smirked as she tossed the paper to the floor and dropped to her knees in front of him.
"Oh um Hermione, what are you doing?!" He asked, in a panic as she unbuttoned his jeans.
She didn't answer him, rather she pulled off his pants and pulled down his boxers.
His cock sprung out.
She took a big gulp of it, downing almost his entire cock.
"Ughhh Hermione! This is wrongg but it feels so good," he groaned as she sucked on his huge cock.
She stopped sucking and leaned up to kiss him on the lips.
Her tongue slipped into his mouth, catching him off guard as this young girl made moves on him.
"Mr. Weasley, if you want me, I'm yours. Leave your bedroom door unlocked tonight if you want to have me," she whispered in his ear.
He closed his eyes and imagined fucking her sweet young hole.
With that, she climbed off him and walked outside.
Mr. Weasley was left hard as a rock and horny as can be...

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