"No Ron, not tonight," Hermione insisted as he tugged on her tanktop to expose her bra.

Her and Ron were making out on Ron's bed as the first night of Spring Break began. "I don't want to do it in your house. I would feel too uncomfortable," she lied to Ron as she pulled her top back up.

"But I want you so bad Hermione," Ron whined. "Just look at my dick. Biggest erection in the entire world right now. Don't leave me like this."

"Sorry but the answer is no," she said and leaned in to give him a deep kiss goodnight.
She reached down and gave his cock a little squeeze as she got up from the bed.

With that she left Ron and went to her room to go change into something that would make Mr. Weasley cum at the sight of her.

She dug threw her drawer, looking for the sluttiest thing she owned.
She found a silky black teddy and drapped it over herself, no underwear and no bra.

Then she rubbed lotion all over herself to make sure she felt soft and smooth everywhere.

She waited patiently until 11pm when she heard Ron's usual snores through her room.
When the coast was clear, she sneaked out her room and down the stairs. She then headed down the hallway to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's room.

Her heart was pounding.
Did Mr. Weasley want her? Was he going to leave the door unlocked for her?

Her hand trembled as she reached the door and grasped the handle.
To her delight, the door opened with a quiet click.
She could tell he was waiting up for her. He had candles lit about the room.
"Oh Mr. Weasley, this is so romantic," she smiled as she gazed at the roses scattered around the bed.
"I wanted to impress you Hermione," he said. "I want tonight to be special."
"Oh, me too Mr. Weasley."
"Call me Arthur when we're alone, Hermione," he told her as she walked towards the bed.
He was looking very well for his age.

Hermione was so excited to get his cock inside her. He MUST'VE been good since Mrs. Weasley had so many children. She must've really enjoyed herself to go through that.
He must be good.

"You look wonderful tonight, Hermione," he complimented her as she sat down on the bed next to him.
"Thanks," she said and laid back. "Please, do what you want with me Arthur."
Mr. Weasley got rock hard as he watched this young beautiful girl lay down in front of him and tell him that she was his.
Her locks of hair flowed across the pillow as she laid down. Her eyes closed and she smiled as she waited for him to begin.
"You're sure you want to do this, Hermione? Once we do, we can't go back," Mr. Weasley reminded her.
"I'm 100% sure. I want you to fuck me, Arthur."
He didn't need convincing.
He pulled off his robe and whipped off his boxers.
A huge cock hung from him.
Hermione licked her lips in anticipation.

He got up from the bed and went over to her side. She opened her mouth as he approached, well aware that he was expecting a blowjob.

Noticing that she was more than willing, Mr. Weasley shoved his ten and a half inch dick into her soft wet mouth.
He moaned as she sucked and slurped on his cock. "Godddd Hermione, you are so much better than Molly. You know how to work a cock," he grunted as she tugged gently on his balls.

Her saliva drenched his cock as she sucked and nibbled on his shaft.
Within moments he was ready to cum and burst down her throat.
She gulped up every drop like the pro that she was and then rolled over onto her stomach.
"Fuck me, Arthur. Please fuck me," the horny teenager begged.
His cock went hard again as he pulled the goddess closer to himself and inserted his huge cock into her tight pussy.
"Yessssss thank you Arthur. Fuck me hard!" She cried as he began pounding her from behind.
Her whole body was shaking as he pounded into her. She met with every thrust, letting out small screams every time he got in deep.

"You are much better than your son, Arthur," Hermione panted.
"You are quite the little Weasley whore, now aren't you?" Mr. Weasley chuckled as he watched her bounce continuously on his cock.

"I love Weasley cock," she answered simply between her moans.
Mr. Weasley reached up to her bouncing tits and began to squeeze and knead them.
Hermione threw her head back as she continued to ride Mr. Weasley. Her moans were getting louder and hotter, which meant she was near orgasm.
"Yessssss Mr. Weasley! OH yes oh yes yes AHHHH!" She screamed as she climaxed on his cock.

Despite her exhaustion, she continued to ride him, determined to get him to cum in her before she crashed.
Sure enough he emptied himself into her with a loud grunt.
She sighed dreamily as she felt the ropes of cum cake her insides.
"God Arthur, that was amazing," Hermione mumbled as her breathing returned to normal.

"Haven't had a hole that tight in a longggg time," he confessed as he squeezed her ass.
"I got a tighter one," she winked and met his hand on her ass.
"You take it up the ass, too?!' He said in shock.
"Every hole. Want to try?" She asked.
"Hell yes! Molly never let me do her in the ass," Mr. Weasley said with excitement.
"I want you to fuck me doggy style tho. It's my favorite ass posisition," she insisted as she climbed up on her hands and knees on the bed.
With her ass straight up in the air, she said "Take it Arthur."

Mr. Weasley leapt up and immediatly shoved his soaked cock into her ass.
She screamed as he continued to push. The pain only got her hornier.
With a few more painful thrusts, he had his huge cock all the way in her ass.
Hermione was doing her best to keep from crying from the immense pain as she rocked against him.

"Oh god its so tight! Your ass is squeezing my cock. I'm not gonna last much longerrrr," he cried out as he burst in her ass. She moaned as she filled up again.
He pulled out and watched as cum leaked out of her.

Hermione licked him clean and then kissed the tip.
She kissed all the way up his chest until she got to his mouth.
She kissed him rigorously, her tongue slipping into his mouth.
His hands were running up her thighs and tight flat stomach.

Then he scooped her up and carried her to the shower. He laid her against the cool tile wall of the huge shower and turned on the water to hot.

Hermione loved the feeling of the steamy water against her cold skin.
Suddenly Mr. Weasley grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him.
They continued to kiss as he ran his hands all over her smooth young body.
He then pushed her against the wall and slammed his cock into her again.
She screamed in surpise and he thrust himself deep into her.
Hermione was pinned against the shower tile wall and Mr. Weasley who was pounding her twat aggressively. The water cascading down upon them made her feel so good and she orgasmed on his cock right there.

"Oh Arthur. Fuck me harder. That's right oh yesss OH YES!" Hermione cried as he increased his tempo. He pulled all the way out and slammed back into her over and over again.
Her shrieks grew louder as he pushed in further every time.

The slapping sounds of dick against pussy grew louder. The water only amplified the sounds, making their moans sound even more erotic.

Mr. Weasley then pulled out as she climaxed again and he errupt all over her.
His cum splashed her hair, face, tits and even parts of her stomach.
She eagerly licked it up and rubbed herself with his cum.

"God Arthur, I dunno if I can handle your cock again. You're so amazing," she moaned as she leaned in and kissed him.
"You're gonna have to handle it a few more times before tonight is over, Hermione," he told her as he stuck a finger into her pussy.
"Godddd I'm gonna be so sore by the end of tonight," she cried out as he flipped her over and bent her over.
"Yes you will, Hermione. You will be very, very sore indeed," he taunted as he shoved his cock into her pussy again...

One cock in her mouth.
Other cock in her pussy.
Streched across a sofa.
This was the posistion Ginny Weasley was in that night.
Fred Weasley was busy getting an amazing blowjob from his little sister while George Weasley was busy pounding her tight little hole.

Ginny found herself in this place almost daily now.
She never grew tired of the feeling of her brothers' cocks inside her.
"Take it, Ginny. That's right little sis slurp up my cock. Take it all the way down your throat," Fred urged as he pulled her head closer to his dick.
Ginny attempted to swallow as best she could, but his cock was quite large so she struggled.

Plus George was being really distracting because he was fucking her so brutallly.
She was so worked up from their teasing and now the intense fucking was driving her crazy.

Fred pulled out of her mouth and coated her hair and face in his cum. Ginny gasped for air and recived another rope of cum down her throat.
"You're such a whore Ginny. But you know how to fuck and that's what counts," Fred patted her on the head, amused as she wiped the cum from her eyes.

"I'm almost finished up with this cunt," George stated as he increased his pounding on her. She whimpered as he shoved in harder and harder.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and cummed in her pussy.
She gasped as he pulled out of her.
The cum rolled out of her, as she struggled to slow down her breathing.
Fred and George smiled as they watched their little sister collapse onto the bed next to them, exhausted.

"Alright Gin," Fred began. "Time for your punishment for being such a dirty little slut."
Ginny looked at him, confused and scared.
"That's right Gin. We're gonna punish you for loving cock so much, you whore," George added in, slapping her ass.
"Cuff her," Fred told George, who grabbed her hands and cuffed them together.
"W-w-what are you guys doing?" Ginny asked in fear as they chained her to the top of their bedpost.
When they didnt answer, she began to thrust her feet in an attempt to free herself, but then they locked both of her feet to the opposite end bedposts so she was spread for them.

Ginny, her body now locked in an 'X' form on Fred's bed was now quivering in fear.
"What are you guys doing to me?" she whimpered.
"You'll see," George grinned as he pulled out a large 12 inch dildo from under his bed.
Ginny's jaw dropped as she eyed the massive dildo.
"You can't put that in me. It's way too big!" She cried as he began to inch it closer to her.

"We can't? That's interesting. Because I do believe it is YOU who is cuffed up and at our mercy," Fred taunted her.
Ginny struggled against her restraints to no avail.
She felt the huge dildo at the entrance of her pussy and screamed as he shoved it hard into her.
"AHHHHH TAKE IT OUT ITS TOO BIG!" Ginny cried as he continued to push it in further.

Tears rolled down her cheeks like rivers as the twins continued to shove the huge cock up her pussy.
She choked on her tears as the last few inches disappeared into her pussy.
"It hurts so badly. It's too big for me. I feel like I'm being ripped apart," Ginny sobbed to her brothers, desperate for mercy.

Neither of them halted.
That's when George turned it on.

Ginny shuddered as the dildo began massively vibrating in her pussy.
She continued to shriek as it vibed rapidly.
"Ohhhhhhhh GODDDD!" Ginny cried as she adjusted to the huge dildo in her.
Right as she was getting adjusted to the huge dildo in her pussy, she felt something at the tip of her ass.

This time it was only 8 inches, but still enough to make Ginny tremble as they shoved it into her.
She groaned as it went in but took it.
Tears dotted her eyes again with the final shove, but the minute they turned it on vibrate, she calmed down.

Her whole body was shaking from the two massive vibrating dildos in her.
"Enjoy, baby sis," George teased as he kissed her on the forehead.
"Wh-where are you going?" Ginny asked frantically between her cries.
"To Angelina's. Her and Alicia Spinnet are looking for some dick tonight. We are going to oblige her," Fred smiled.
"You can't leave me here like this," Ginny whimpered as the cocks continued to pleasure her.

Fred and George looked at each other.
"She won't be tight anymore if we leave her like this for a while," George reasoned.
They both retrieved the dildos from her, to her relief.
She gasped for air as both of them were removed and her body recovered from the massive intrusions.
"What about the chains?" Ginny declared as the boys were leaving.
"You can stay in those for a while. Hope Harry or Ron don't come looking for us anytime soon. We won't be back til tomorrow night probably," Fred explained.
"YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!" Ginny cried and tugged on her chains.
"I'm pretttty sure we are right now," George laughed as they left.
Ginny began to cry when she realized they weren't coming back anytime soon...

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